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  1. reveli

    [BSD-RP] The Valley of Screams

    The blade drives just above his liver, halting immediately once he grabbed her wrist. 'Surprised' would be a major understatement; he caught her off guard completely. She expected him to fight fire with fire, to brute force, and surpass his limits by shattering her power in whatever improvised...
  2. reveli

    [BSD-RP] The Valley of Screams

    I expected this. I expected such strength, and yet . . . "An honor to meet me? I truly can't tell!" There's no time to think or breathe. Blown back by such destructive force, Kisara refuses to let her mind slow. With the little timeframe she was given to work with, she immediately...
  3. reveli

    [BSD-RP] The Valley of Screams

    The Valley of Screams. That was what the missive plainly stated with no room for error. Kisara had reread the contents of the manila folder over and over, unable to believe what she was seeing. Her request for Captaincy was approved. She has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show all that she can...
  4. reveli

    [BSD-Rank] Rankings and Requests

    Application: Kisara Reizei “... And there you have it.” Kisara twirls her Zanpakutō swiftly between her fingers until the pommel is millimeters away from the Plus’s forehead. “Sunset. You promised me you’d be ready to go at dusk.” The Plus boy nods, lips twisting into an unsure frown. “I...
  5. reveli

    [BSD] Shinigami Biographies

    “You’ll be useful for me, right?” “How cute.” “Feeble power squabbles between angels and demons interest me not. Show me a god with true ambition, and I will make them kneel.” “Human lives are fragile and fleeting, always threatened by something beyond what they are. Who gets to decide if...