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My name is Oso! I’ll be your Guide!
Thank you for joining!

[BSD] is the third iteration of the Bleach: Shattered Dimensions group. Set 1600 years after the finale of Bleach, this is a roleplaying group dedicated towards bringing you the greatest Bleach experience. Combining the best of Story and Combat roleplay into a single open world, open choice environment. Here, your character is free to do whatever you choose, but choose wisely, as every action has a reaction. What you do in character will impact and affect the world around you, whether for better or worse is up to you! Do you wish to become the strongest, and claim the title of Kenpachi? Do you seek the Hogyoku, and the destruction of the Soul Society? Will you rise through your ranks, and establish yourself among the upper echalion of Shinigami as Captain? Do so! Here in Bleach: Shattered Dimensions!

—Getting Started—

Oh no! I forgot to tell you where to go!

Start by heading over to the Rules and Regulations Thread. There, you can read the general rules for the group, combat, and character creation
Make sure you’re ready for a fight!

The story of Bleach consists primarily of combat-oriented plotlines. As such, Bleach: Shattered Dimensions will consist primarily of combat-oriented roleplay. While story remains a huge part of the group, each arc will progress through combat. Though it’s ok not to fight, your character’s abilities will still be geared towards combat to some degree, even if that simply means healing wounds or protecting others with barriers. The very reason Shinigami exist is to fight Hollows. Further, your rank and title will have to be earned through your combat prowess, and maintained by defeating any challengers for the same spot. This means that before you can roleplay in [BSD] you need to be familiar with the rules of T-1, even if you don’t intend on fighting.
You’ll also need to get caught up!
Before you can start roleplaying, or designing your character, you’ll first want to know what has happened in the roleplay so far. You can catch up on the story by checking out The Seireitei Communication. There you can find in-character articles summarizing the events of each main plot. You can also read interviews with other characters, articles written by your fellow roleplayers, and advertisements for clubs and activities. The Seireitei Communication Magazine will update after every arc. If you’re interested in contributing towards it, speak with the Ninth Division!

—Character Creation—

First, make a decision!
Choose your Division!
Once you’ve read up, you’re ready to start the process of creating a character! First, check out the Rankings and Requests Thread. There you will find a list of all the rankings for each race. Take your time and read through the descriptions of each Division. In [BSD], every Division within the Gotei Thirteen has been assigned duties crucial to the protection of the Soul Society. Once you find one you like, start thinking up a character!. It’s encouraged to center your character’s themes and abilities around the duties of your division. When you choose your division, if it already has a Captain, make sure to have their approval in order to join. For this reason, it’s important to have a back up division you’d like to join in case it doesn’t work out with your first choice. If you want your character to be a former member of another Division, make sure to seek that Captain’s permission as well!
To become a Captain, you must pass the Captaincy Test detailed in the Rankings and Requests thread, and to become a Lieutenant you must be selected by a Captain. Regardless of whether or not your Division already has a Captain and Lieutenant, you will automatically fill the last seat available. Your automatic rank will last until you can prove yourself and climb the ladder through roleplay! This means that if there are no seated members, you automatically start at Third Seat. However, this also means that if someone else joins, they can take a crack at surpassing you. In [BSD] rank doesn’t grant you superiority or power, it only represents the position or power you already have both as a character and a roleplayer. That means that ranking is a fluid and fluctuating thing. Any position you claim, you must be willing to defend!
♫ Now you feel like number one! ♫

You’ve read the rules and done your research, now you’re ready to create your main Shinigami! Since the Shinigami are the main focus of Bleach, and the race that actively drives the story along, here in [BSD] you are required to have at least one active Shinigami in order to roleplay in the group. This Shinigami character will be your linchpin, that way if any of your other characters die off, you still have a way to continue roleplaying. You’ve already chosen which Division you’d like to join, now you get to make a character centered around the themes of that division! Create your Zanpakuto, and it’s Shikai ability. Develop an inner world and a Zanpakuto spirit. Collaborate with your Captain to make the perfect character to fit their squad. Then, once you’re ready, move on to the Shinigami Biographies Thread. There, you can create and publish your character bio for the Captain Commander to approve, and the whole group to see! Your bio is your character’s introduction to the group. It’s important to make a good first impression, so [BSD] encourages you to take as much time and effort as you need to make it really shine!
Explore all of your choices!
Now that you’ve created your Shinigami to defend the Seireitei, you can create an antagonist to defend it against. So long as you have one active shinigami, you are allowed to make one new character per race! In [BSD] we have a wide array of races to choose from, including Hollows and Arrancar, Quincy, and Fullbringers. If your Shinigami is the linchpin to the roleplay, then the other races are the driving force! Create your arrancar, and strive to become an Espada! Form your Quincy, and rise through the ranks of the Sternritter! Master your Fullbring, and join the Xcution! But be aware, each of these races brings imbalance to the flow of souls, and as such each is marked an enemy of the Seireitei. This means that any character of another race will have a higher chance of being hunted and killed by Shinigami, let alone the threats that their own kin already pose. As such, be prepared to have your characters killed off, or at the very least be prepared for a higher level of combat. However, do not despair! Don’t view the death of a character as a waste of your effort. Rather, view it as a chance to branch out and create something new! Since [BSD] is a combat roleplay, death will be a large aspect, and role playing other races may become a proverbial rotating door of character creation.
As for Hollows, you can roleplay a Hollow at any stage from a Plus to an Adjuchas! However, their main function as a race will be to pose immediate threats to Humans and Shinigami. Hollows exist in this roleplay to be killed, and so are considered more disposable than any of the other races. In fact, while it is encouraged, it isn’t required to even have a biography up before roleplaying a Hollow. Further, if you want to be adventurous, and intend on becoming an Arrancar, you can roleplay a Hollow up to the point of breaking their mask. It is already required for anyone wishing to have their Arrancar be a former Vasto Lorde, to first be approved to roleplay as a Vasto Lorde, and then after an adequate amount of time, roleplay through breaking their mask. If you want to create Hollows to function as enemies, but wish to remain anonymous, simply send your Hollow posts to the Captain Commander, and he will use the [BSD] Hollow account to post them to the thread of your choice.


You are finally ready!

You have done it all! Now, you are finally ready to start roleplaying! Though, where do you make your first post? For your Shinigami, a good place to start is at your Division Barracks. However, you can always discuss the roleplay ahead of time with your Captain, to plan for your grand debut! Naturally, any other races should start the roleplay in their respective realms. Either Karakura Town or Naruki City for Quincy and Fullbringers, and of course Hueco Mundo for Arrancar. If roleplaying a Hollow, you can start in either the Human World or Hueco Mundo, your choice! When you’re ready, click the Senkaimon below to be sent back to the main group page. From there, click on the roleplay thread where you wish to start, and begin your journey!





電話 告知
Introducing the Denreishinki X


Today, we announced for the first time a family of products that brings people the best of the Danreishinki, through hardware and software made by the Twelfth Division. We're excited that the lineup features the first phone made by the Shinigami Research and Development Institute inside and out—Denreishinki X. Through the X, the goal was to work with the various Divisions to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a Denreishinki. We’ve now decided to take the next step and provide our take on the best Denreishinki experience, by bringing Shinigami technology and Human world design together under one roof.

Premium Performance Built to Last

With the X, we obsessed over every detail, from the industrial design to the user experience. Built for the heaviest and intense use whether it’s working, training or fighting —all of which requires advanced performance. Packed with powerful hardware, the Denreishinki X is more than up to the task. We carefully sculpted the surfaces of the phone, and rounded the edges to make it easy to grip. We used a high end reishi-resistant glass on the front display and back glass to accent the Asauchi grade aluminum body designed by the Eighth Division. The glass on the back also features X Imprint, our fingerprint sensor, which is placed on the back of the phone where your finger expects it. You can even swipe it to access your notifications, or submit a request to remove your limiter when in the Human World, keeping your free hand free to wield your zanpakuto in the middle of combat! And no matter what you’re using your Denreishinki for, you’ll need a battery that lasts all day and charges fast. Well have no fear! As we here at the SRDI have designed a battery fueled by your very own reiatsu! This means as long as you have the Denreishinki X on your person it will never run out of battery life!

Do it All with Denreishinki X

The X is more than a mobile device. It’s a portal to an entire dimension of connected devices and services that we have developed over the years to make it easier for Shinigami to do the things that they couldn’t do before. Equipped with all your favorite features, the X offers a new, updated, take on the classic Denreishinki software. No longer restricted to direct two-way communication, the X now offers Squad Calls and Video Chat features, allowing you to have a conversation with your entire Division. Where previously communication was limited between the Human World and the Seireitei, we’ve now been able to expand our network and reach Hueco Mundo and the Valley of Screams as well, thanks to advances in our communication, broadcasting, surveillance, and monitoring technologies!
Our Most Versatile Radar Yet: With an amplified GPS, tracking and surveillance has never been easier! Thanks to feedback from the Tenth and Thirteenth Divisions, the X features an advanced radar technology like never before! Doubling the radius of previous designs, the X is the go to for any Shinigami in the field. Connected to the Twelth Division’s Hollow database, the X will not only track any resident Hollows in the area, but classify them as well. In cases with a familiar face, the X will even identify the Hollow, listing its name and abilities ahead of time to allow an appropriately ranked Shinigami to be dispatched before ever confronting the creature! Not just limited to Hollow and Shinigami patterns, the Denreishinki X will also detect any Reiryoku signatures coming from Quincy and Fullbringers in the area, telling you exactly what threats are around, and where, making the Denreishinki X the ultimate in sensing technology!
Do More: Representing the best of spiritual technology, the Denreishinki X is the one stop shop for any of your Shinigami needs. Find yourself in the Human World without a physical form? Simply open the app on your X and a disposable Gigai will be inflated for you right from device! In need of a quick escape? Thanks to a collaboration with the Fifth Division, all it takes is the press of a button, and a Senkaimon can be sent right to your location! Forget your Gikongan dispenser? Every Denreishinki X comes preloaded with Soul Candy, all you need to do is open the app, then open your mouth! Preloaded with a plethora of practical features created by the Twelfth Division, the X was designed with efficiency in mind.
Ultimate Multimedia Experience: If we’ve learned anything from our patrons at the Shinigami Women’s Association, it’s that the Shinigami life isn’t all work and no play. With this in mind, the X is designed to be the absolute best, whether you’re in the field, or at home in your barracks. Connected to the Twelfth Divisions closed information network, known as Soulnet, Shinigami are free to browse the relays of information all across the virtual net! Using Soulnet as a platform, we were able to collaborate with the cultural connoisseurs of the Ninth Division, and create an all new Societal Medium platform, Flutter. Based off the messages carried between us by Jigokuchō, Flutter offers an instant way to relay thoughts and experiences shared by Shinigami. Simply sign into the app, make an account, and post your first Flit! Browse the daily flutterings of your fellow friend and Shinigami, and see what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s what in the Soul Society!


Buy yours today!

The Denreishinki X is available to Shinigami everywhere! Soon to be a standard issue device, simply have your Captain submit an official request to the First Division, and they’ll place an order! Is your Captain too frugal, too set in their ways, or simply nonexistent at the moment? Well have no worries! All you have to do is hurry on over to Twelfth Division for registry and you can purchase one for yourself! Soon you too will be on the forefront of innovation, the hottest ticket item since the Zanpakuto itself. Don’t be behind the times while behind enemy lines, get on up and buy the Denreishinki X Today!
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