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Character Name:
Actual Age: How old is your character (Hollows can live for hundreds of years)?
Physical Age: How old does your character appear to be?
Race: Arrancar (Natural/Created)
Hollow Type What type of Hollow were you prior to breaking your mask? (Vasto Lorde/Adjuchas/Gillian/Regular Hollow)
Aspect of Death: (Typically for Espada, they will have priority on choosing an aspect.)
Birthday: Timeline will be A.D.
Gender: Male
Blood Type:

Affiliation: Las Noches/Forest Of Menos/Other/Unaffiliated.
Title: Arrancar Queen or King/Espada/Números/Privaron Espada
Numero: (Earn your number though defeating opponents.)
Espada: Which Espada do you serve(For Fracción Only)
Former Espada: If you once served a former Espada.
Partner(s): Who do you mainly work with?
Fracción: Name your Fracción.(For Espada Only)
Base of Operations: Urahoro Town/Human World/Las Noches/Los Perdidos/Forest of Menos/Catacombs/Hueco Mundo Desert


Notable Features: What physical features or traits stand out about your character? (i.e, do they appear as an animal? Are they missing a limb?)
Hollow Void Location Where on your body did your chain of fate erode, leaving a hollow void?
Numero Location (For Espada only) Where is your number located?
Personality: How does your character behave? What sort of habits does he or she have? How are they perceived by others?
Relatives: Does your character have any relatives?

Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength:
A power aligned with the spiritual sensitivity and willpower of the user. It is used by Arrancar to provide power for their various feats and to effectively channel the powers of their Zanpakuto. It can also be compressed to fire Bala and Cero. Reiryoku can even be coalesced into a physical form and thrown or shot as a projectile. As a display of potency, spiritual beings have the ability to incapacitate the opponent's movement and simultaneously frighten them, by means of dispersing Reiryoku into the air. The aforementioned ability is known as Reiatsu (Spiritual Pressure), possessing power that could be literally felt within the atmosphere.

Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), Iero; Spanish for "Iron", Japanese for "Steel Skin";Viz "Iron Skin") is a defensive Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block even a Zanpakuto. This allows users to confront some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded.

Basic Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing a level of spiritual power that is minimal. This level of power is common among those who may or may not be spiritually aware to a small degree but otherwise have no real spiritual power. This is also a common level of power for a regular human.

Average Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an average level of spiritual power. This level of power is common among those of significant spiritual awareness and may even possess powers of their own but the power levels can vary among individuals. This is also a common level of power for weaker Numeros. Those with this level of Reiryoku have a relatively weak Hierro, attacks of those with the same Reiryoku level affecting them at reduced strength.

High Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an above average amount of spiritual power, which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is common amongst those of an average Numero. Hierro of those at this level can shrug off attacks of those with lower Reiryoku Levels while dampening low through high attacks of one with the same level.

Great Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing a large amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is common amongst the 10th-6th Espada and some Fraccion. Attacks of those with lower Reiryoku may be shrugged off while those at the same level will find their attacks to cause less damage.

Immense Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees. 4th and Higher Espadas hold this level of Hierro, easily being able to sustain repeated attacks of those beneath their level with little consequence. Furthermore, attacks of those at the same level affect them less that they would otherwise.

Vast Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual energy which is wild and untamed. This level of spiritual power has a possible tendency to leak from a person or when released can affect the surrounding area in a destructive way. Those of this level have no actual masterful control over their massive spiritual power, as it can affect those around them unintentionally. While holding a near unbreakable Hierro, those of this level find its defensive abilities unreliable at best as their control is lacking. One powerful attack may be shrugged off while the second, of much lower caliber, easily causing fatal damage.

Sensing Reiryoku:
basic ability that beings with higher-than-average levels of Reiryoku possess is the ability to sense other spiritual beings without relying on their five basic senses. This is possible because every spiritual being emits a certain amount of his/her own Reiryoku in the form of Reiatsu, which can be sensed. This ability apparently requires some innate skill, but can be increased with training. Arrancars specifically are proficient in this skill through the use of Pesquisa (探査回路; Lit.[/] Inquiry), a technique that allows the user to send out a radiating pulse which reacts to signatures of reiatsu in the given area. The technique is best utilized to not only identify the location of a target, but to gauge its overall power level as well. More skilled users of this ability require less concentration and can sense more accurately.

Novice- Refers to one who has little to no ability in sensing or detecting the spiritual power of others. Though sensitive to strong sources of spiritual power they may find themselves unable to locate or track its source. More than likely, they are unable to use pesquisa at all, or must focus for a considerable duration to even pick up the slightest cue of someone’s signature.

Basic-- Refers to an individual with rudimentary understanding and talent regarding this skill. Users are able to detect and locate the spiritual powers of beings like Pluses, Jibakurei, Tsukirei, as well as basic souls, hollows, and low-seated Shinigami. With the proper surroundings and an impassable degree of focus, this individual may utilize pesquisa to identify signatures in a small radius but may find themselves disrupted by one or more above-average signatures entering their field of sensory.

Expert- Refers to a person able to greater detect and track the spiritual powers of others over greater distance and with much more accuracy, while also being able to read and differentiate between the various Reiryoku Patterns of Spiritual Beings and gauging their strength and reiatsu level. Such individuals are able to capitalize on this ability during combat, detecting attacks from enemies faster and with much more ease than those beneath their skill level. When using pesquisa, they may adequately detect signatures in a large radius by simply closing their eyes and/or concentrating for a very brief moment, even with conflicting surroundings. Experts also have the ability to utilize Indice Radar (捜指法; Lit. Mark Radar) or another unique Pesquisa variant.

Master- Refers to the most talented and/or those who have trained and honed their ability, refining it over time. These individuals are able to detect and track the spiritual power of beings over vast distances, able to follow their movements even if not within their field of vision. Masters are also able to detect and categorize the various Reiryoku Patterns, and are even able to detect the subtle nuances of beings such as Visoreds. When utilizing pesquisa, masters are able to sense signatures in a massive radius with just a single glance with no intense concentration. In addition, they also can inherently surmise the amount of reiryoku someone has precisely, while being able to monitor their movements even when out of sight.

Reiryoku Control:
The aforementioned emission of spiritual power is a common and natural phenomenon, but a spiritual being can also control the degree of this emission, this usually requires a certain amount of skill and training. By completely blocking his/her Reiryoku "pouring out", one can completely hide his/her presence from other spiritual beings and spiritually aware humans. On the other hand, amplifying this emission is known as Reiatsu (霊圧, Spiritual Pressure), is considered a show of force, a means of intimidation or can even be an attack in itself. It can indeed paralyze opponents and cause direct damage to the surrounding individuals and inanimate objects alike. Aside from controlling the amount of emitted Reiryoku, most spiritual beings are capable of performing many superhuman feats with the help of their Reiryoku. These feats usually require a certain level of concentration, and they tend to tire the person after some time, or after performing some of them in quick succession. It is also known that after excessive usage of Reiryoku, Shinigami need food to replenish their strength, while on the other hand, the regular souls that dwell in Soul Society that do not use their Reiryoku do not need to eat.
No Control- This refers to those who are incapable of properly controlling their spiritual power. This generally applies to those who have yet to learn to properly harness their abilities, or those with more Reiryoku than they could properly manage. Those with the weakest Cero.

Novice Control- This refers to individuals who, though they have learned to channel their Reiryoku still lack the necessary skill to capitalize upon it for long durations. Such users may find their Cero deflected or their Hierro pierced.

Average Control- This refers to those individuals who have learned to harness their Reiryoku with minor concentration. They are able to cast more powerful and unique Cero such as the Bala (虚弾 (バラ), bara; Spanish for "Bullet", Japanese for "Hollow Bullet"). They are skilled practitioners in terms of using their spiritual power to enhance their speed and strength, though may generally require outside aid in properly suppressing their Reiryoku.

Great Control- This refers to those who have trained to properly manage and harness their spiritual powers. Such individuals may find enhancing their abilities demanding less concentration on their part, able to perform them in quick succession for longer durations of time, and may even suppress their Reiryoku from leaking out, blocking it from being detected from spiritually aware humans, individuals with no or poor control, and generally standard Hollows and seated Shinigami beneath 5th seat. Some such individuals may be powerful enough to perform the Gran Rey Cero (王虚の閃光 (グラン・レイ・セロ), guran rei sero; Spanish for "Grand King Zero", Japanese for "Royal Hollow Flash"; Viz "Hollow Kings Lightning") and may isolate Fracción within a Caja Negación (反膜の匪 (カハ・ネガシオン), kaha negashion; Spanish for "Negation Box", Japanese for "Anti-Membrane of Negation")

Mastered Control- Refers to individuals who have mastered the control over their Reiryoku. Such individuals are able to enhance their abilities with little to no concentration for prolonged periods of time. Some such individuals may display such control that they are able to cast a powerful Gran Rey Cero (王虚の閃光 (グラン・レイ・セロ), guran rei sero; Spanish for "Grand King Zero", Japanese for "Royal Hollow Flash"; Viz "Hollow Kings Lightning") or even further, the stronger Cero Oscuras (黒虚閃 (セロ・オスキュラス), sero osukyurasu; Spanish for "Dark Zero", Japanese for "Black Hollow Flash"), and may even suppress their Reiryoku from being detected by Captain/Espada Level individuals. These Masters may prove to be able to use Caja Negación on fellow espada (though only for a short duration).

The physical force/pressure that a person’s Reiryoku creates when released. Most Shinigami and Arrancar, and Quincy can manipulate the release of their reiatsu. The difference between spiritual pressure and spiritual energy is simple: Reiryoku is the amount of energy a being has stored within their body or soul, whereas Reiatsu is the pressure that a person’s Reiryoku exerts. The difference is much like energy and power. Power being the amount of energy exerted per unit of time. Reiryoku is potential while Reiatsu is energy in use. In general, those with high levels of Reiryoku will often have the highest levels of Reiatsu also. A skilled warrior can overcome a person possessing greater Spirit Energy by possessing greater Spiritual Pressure.

Novice- You are more than likely a high numbered Números, a new Arrancar having yet to be recruited into anyone’s Fracción. You can barely manage to properly harness your spiritual powers, and as a result being unable to resist the spiritual pressure exerted by other spiritual beings such as Fracción or seated Shinigami officers from sixth seat and up. You probably have low reiryoku, or at the very least, very low control.

Specialist- You are most likely a mid to lower numbered Números, having joined an Espada’s Fracción while having further trained their abilities to the extent that you are able to exert your spiritual powers in the form of a pressure. Your pressure is able to restrict the movements of lower spiritual beings and seated Shinigami officers and has at least one effect to it. You are more capable of resisting the spiritual pressure of others, being pressured by Espada, Captains, Privaron Espada, Vice Captains and at the very least Shinigami third seats. You more than likely have an impressive pool of reiryoku.

Expert- One with a great pool of reiryoku and who has seen a variety of battles, or consumed many hollows to further your own evolution. You are trained in exerting your spiritual power in the form of pressure, affecting the immediate environment around you. Spiritual beings equivalent to a Fracción or Shinigami third seat and lower are more likely to be intimidated and affected by your pressure. You are able to resist the pressure exerted by most Vice Captains level Shinigami and, to some extent, some Captain level opponents. Your reiatsu most likely has at least two effects.

Master- You are a veteran with a large pool of reiryoku. You are perhaps an Espada or, at the very least close to one or a former one. Your reiatsu when released can be felt over vast distances, and can easily damage and affect the environment around you and those within its reach. No one below Espada or Captain level is your opponent, other challengers finding themselves hard pressed in resisting the force of your reiatsu. It is not uncommon to have three or more effects to your reiatsu.

Reiatsu Colors: Different Spirits have different colors of reiatsu, solely determined by the Character's personality.

Reiatsu Shape: Some Characters have a shape or manifestation of their energy whenever they release enough of it.(Only fill this portion out if it applies to you, if not omit this from your bio)

Reiatsu Effect(s):
(These effects are found only in the Reiatsu of Espada, Privaron Espada and some Fracción)
Fear- Reiatsu at its most basic level can instill fear in others when it is very high.
Stunning- High level spiritual power can cause those of lower power to be stunned by simply being in the presence of a high level spiritual being.
Paralysis- When a spiritual being of high reiatsu chooses to they can paralyze an opponent just by focusing pressure through their stare or presence.
Phantom Pain- High Level of Spiritual pressure can make an opponent feel as though they are being attacked though nothing is physically happening to them.
Damage- In some instances releasing enough reiatsu in one burst can cause burns, cuts or shockwaves.
Killing- In high enough quantities, spiritual pressure can be lethal to others, especially those with weak or no reiatsu of their own.

Reiatsu Type:
Standard Type- The type most spiritual beings have that can hold any of the aforementioned effects, along with its unique color and feeling.
Dual Type- All Visored and Arrancar have this specific reiatsu. For Visored they feel more like Shinigami, while Arrancar feel more like Hollows. When releasing their Hollow powers Visoreds feel more like Hollows.
Element Type- Unique type of reiatsu that holds elemental properties

Zanjutsu Level:
Zanjutsu (斬術, Swordsmanship; Viz "Art of the Sword") is the fighting style for the Zanpakutō (i.e. sword fighting) and is one of the four basic fighting styles of Arrancar. It is shameful for an Arrancar to not master at least this technique.

Practitioner- A practitioner holds only a basic understanding of swordsmanship, having little to no skill in the art. These are generally newly created or weak Números, novices at best.

Specialist- Swordsmanship specialists are those that specialize in the use of swords during combat. Someone of this level has to have basic skills in swordsmanship as well. All Fracción are expected to be at this level.

Expert- An Expert swordsman is highly skilled using their Zanpakuto while sealed or in Resurrección if applicable. Fracción and Espada which do not use their Zanpakuto regularly in combat are typically of this level.

Master- Master Swordsmanship Specialists vary greatly by power and technique. The criteria for a master is simple; one must have masterful skill in swordsmanship above all else. The attainment of this level of skill is a testament to the wielder's power and determination. Most Espada are found to be Masters of Zanjutsu as they are the strongest Arrancar in Las Noches. As use of the Zanpakuto is the Arrancar’s primary form of combat, it is preferable to have mastered skill in order to achieve the rank of Espada.

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Sonido Level:
While somewhat similar to Hoho in regards to function and speed, Sonído (響転 (ソニード), Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound", Japanese for "Sound Ceremony") appears to be more instinctual, seemingly requiring no previous knowledge to perform. It also produces a different sound; rather than the swishing or sometimes silent Shunpo of the Shinigami, Sonido makes a booming or static noise. Though the technique is exhibited by most Arrancar, the proficiency with which it can be performed is limited only by the individual.

No Sonído- Those in this category possesses no skill for Sonído and instead rely on walking to get where they need to be or have trained extensively to enhance their natural speed to a level allowing them move considerably fast though decidedly under that of Sonído.

Practitioner- Practitioners of the technique can maintain fast movements for a short period of time, by seemingly taking only moments to bridge what would normally be a large distance. Those who are practitioners commonly use their knowledge of Sonído while engaging in combat to close the space between combatants. Números generally exhibit this speed level along with some Fracción.

Expert- Experts of the technique are considerably fast and are capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time. While not as fast as a master they can keep up quite effectively. Some holding the title are faster than others but nonetheless their application of the technique is highly advanced. Higher level Fracción and some Espada generally exhibit this level of Sonído.

Master- Masters of the technique are by far the fastest beings within Hueco Mundo. They are capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time while crossing vast distances in little time. A master can possibly create new techniques but it is most likely a rare occurrence. Rarely, the ability to create afterimages (Gemelo Sonído) is exhibited though their number is limited. Most Espada and on rare occasions a Fracción or two will find themselves at this level.

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Hand to hand Combat Level:
A close-combat style of fighting in which one is unarmed and uses only ones body. High-speed Taijutsu (Body Skill) attacks are used to overwhelm the opponent. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class. It also seems to be a combination of several martial arts. Unlike Hakuda used by the Shinigami, the Arrancar are able to engage in more offensive maneuvers as their Hierro will protect them.

Novices- Hand to Hand novices are those that have just began to learn the basics of the art such as newly created Números.

Practitioner- Casual users of this art can take on average armed opponents. Those of this level are among the weaker arrancar, using their hierro to protect them from harm. Practitioners aren't the most likely to engage in hand-to-hand combat on average but they can use it as an option.

Combatant- Average users of this art can take on average armed opponents and put up a pretty decent effort against those many times their size. Those of this level are among the stronger Números and Fracción. Well versed in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they are lacking in a weapon or need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle.

Expert- Experts of this art can take on average armed opponents and those many times their size easily, and as mentioned before. Those of this level are among the Fracción and Espada who prefer other forms of combat over this. Well versed in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they are lacking in a weapon or need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle. While not masters, an Expert is more than capable of handling themselves in a physical altercation.

Master- Masters of this art can take on average armed opponents and those many times their size easily. A level of mastery normally held by Espada and Fracción which prefer this form of fighting to others. Using their harder Hierro, they are easily able to take on an armed shinigami.

Skills and Abilities: Any noteworthy attributes about your Character shall be listed here

Equipment: What does your character carry on them?
Inventions: Have you invented a device or perhaps a unique type of kido or unique kido spell?

Zanpakuto Name: State the name of your Zanpakuto
Zanpakuto Appearance: Describe the appearance of your Zanpakuto in its sealed state(unless your Zanpakuto is a constantly released type). Include information such as wear and how it is worn, size and blade type. Also state the name of your Zanpakuto here.


Release Word: What is the Word used to release your Resurrección?

Resurrección Appearance:
Resurrección Abilities:
[NOTE: Only Espada numeros 0-4 may have access to this ability.]

Segunda Etapa:
Segunda Etapa Appearance:
Segunda Etapa Abilities:

Cero: Describe the color of your cero and how it is fired

Facts & Trivia: What if any, interesting facts do you have about your character?
Personal Relationships: Non-Mandatory
Likes: Non-Mandatory
Dislikes: Non-Mandatory
Hobbies: Non-Mandatory
Favorite Food(s): Non-Mandatory



Character Appearance:





“I'm not much of a 'hard-working' type of guy.”
“My life's work is not to make you happy; it's to keep my stomach happy.”
“I'll be damned if I go out like a bitch. Kill me with everything you have.”
"I'm not picky about my food, but you look fuckin' disgusting!"


Insaciable (飽くなき, "The Insatiable") | Pereza de Infierno (地獄のナマケモノ, "Sloth of Hell") | Príncpe del Desastre (災害の王子, "Prince of Disaster")Character Name: Nicolas Presagio
Actual Age: 214
Physical Age: Late Teens
Race: Arrancar - Natural
Hollow Type: Adjuchas
Aspect of Death: Gluttony
Birthday: November 18th
Gender: Male

Height: 5'10" 177.8 cm)
Weight: 166 lbs (75.30 kg)
Blood Type: XX

Affiliation: Las Noches | Forest Of Menos
Title: Espada
Number: 9
Occupation: Roamer
Espada: NA
Former Espada: Vincent Bautista
Partner(s): NA
Fracción: N/A
Base of Operations: Las Noches | Forest of Menos | Hueco Mundo Desert

Notable Features:
Nicolas's unruly sky-blue hair is surely notable, along with the clashing rustic orbs that somehow come together nicely. Unlike most of his peers, Nicolas' body is leaner rather than built and rippling with unnecessary muscles. The boy's hair has shifted from the clean undercut to a wild mop after his many experiences. His eyes consist of an inner ring inside of the iris that was much closer to the pupil, and the bags beneath his eyes are dark and heavy. Possessing sharp incisors, Nicolas's bottom set tends to poke out of his mouth. For his ranking mark, it's settled against his right shoulder blade. The remnants of his mask lie along his jawline, a row of sharpened teeth, and the two closest to his mouth longer, and protruding like tusks.
In his first appearance, Nicolas was seen with an open jacket, with black strips lined along the length of his arms. Then, he'd also worn a traditional white hakama held up by a black sash. His Zanpakuto was worn on his back, attached by a string that rested across his upper body. His disheveled hair was once styled in an undercut fashion, but after his bout against the King of the Forest, his appearance changed.
The wild mop of light blue now cascades and rests in gentle curls. He still possesses an open jacket, the designs of the thin coat changed just slightly. As for his bottoms, the Ninth Espada now dons baggy white pants that end just at the middle of his shins before the black wrapping begins, only to stop at his ankles. On his feet are the type of sandals and socks that the Arrancar of the past wore. His blade still rests where it originally sat, against his back.
Hollow Void Location:
Nicolas's Void Location is around his abdominal area. Having been glutton in his life before his stomach was the thing that ultimately failed him.

Nicolas is brash, lazy, and a tiresome individual. He doesn't care if what he does ends up affecting others. If he gets out of it unscathed, he could care less. The loathsome individual only cares for his survival and will do anything to stay that way. He tends to avoid trouble as many times as possible. Dealing with things himself is tedious and time-consuming, regardless of him not doing a damn thing all day. He roams about aimlessly, simply looking for entertainment that he didn't have to participate in. Though not having been this way for no more than two centuries, Nicolas has seen many battles and even participated in some. Having seen so much bloodshed, Nicolas is quite bored of it, the sight becoming rather disgusting.
During his time as Vincent Bautista's fracción, Nicolas had been on the sidelines, only watching as his Espada tear through common enemies and revolters like they were nothing. Always lagging behind the fat lug, Nicolas would spend his days under the pale skies wondering just when he would be forced to lift a hand to protect himself.
However, in the event of participating against an unrelenting obstacle, Nicolas will do nothing more than what is necessary for the complete destruction just so he doesn't have to deal with them ever again. He finds himself merciful, taking the lives of these minuscule morsels out of the food chain so they don't have to scavenge any longer. Instead, he finds himself to be some sort of savior to the poor and weak hollows and adjuchas.
Not exactly a religious figurehead, Nicolas acts as a sort of demented reaper, using what left of these estranged souls to strengthen himself for the next foe. After Vincent's disappearance into Hell, Nicolas was often forced into a rut and the violence around him brought out a side that just puts a bad taste in the Espada's mouth. Fierce and unrelenting becomes the lazy beast, that at times, Nicolas loses himself in the throes of battle and loses just exactly who is on his side.
Relatives: NA

Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength: Immense Spiritual Power
Quote:"Ah? Another broken blade... Can you fight without it?"​
Thickheaded and thickskinned, Nicolas's abilities prove to be much more than what he appears to be. Possessing high spiritual power, the lazy glutton holds within him a tremendous underlying power that most think that he doesn't deserve. Unfortunately, Nicolas finds there no use to exert his powers, considering he avoids confrontation at all costs. However, if need be, he has enough knowledge of exertion that would not tire him during bouts against the enemy, be it Shinigami, Quincy, or other Arrancar. In terms of his Hierro, it's as if a newly sharpened blade would grow dull upon touching his flawless skin. Nicolas's quality and quantity control create a solid outer layer of protective skin that dulls most assaults to the point of it resembling the buzz of a fly.
Even during his time as an adjuchas, his hardened skeleton that caged his ribs and the solid bone plate could crack and split open the bodies of his opponents and meals while his remained unscathed. The power that dwells within Nicolas' body is constantly brewing inside of him.
Upon the final consumption and push for Nicolas to break his own mask, that energy flared and practically decimated seas of sand and broken structures that littered the dunes. Those adjuchas and hollows that roamed aimlessly became engulfed and swallowed by the entity that came to become Nicolas Presagio. This new humanoid body was lean and durable. Mobility and evasion were more than what he was once capable in his animal form. The glutton had gotten his fill and yet he still craves for more.
Sensing Reiryoku: Expert

During his time as an Adjuchas, Nicolas had a more exceptional ability to smell than to see.
Even after becoming an Espada, Nicolas' determination for survival has always been a must. While his nose may be his strength, the mint-mopped boy has spent his time honing his other senses in other aspects. His primary need for flight instead of fight, Nicolas has forced himself to learn to the ability to detect others with high spiritual prowess that seem to be looking for trouble, and that meant even the other Espada. Being an expert, Nicolas, if engaged in combat, can use this ability called Pesquisa and its sub ability, Indice Radar, to gauge an enemy's spiritual power and general location.
Always hungry, always in search of his next meal, Nicolas uses his enhanced sense of smell in order to see those out nearby.
As of lately, since Kouka had made an appearance, the scarcity of food has been at an all-time high. Using the aforementioned abilities allow Nicolas to seek prey that wouldn't give him any trouble. Locating individual bodies by smell, or sight, Nicolas can then follow up from a distance before gauging them instead of approaching haphazardly. While he possesses the innate skill to use Pesquia as he pleases, it takes him a bit of more effort to gauge their levels of spiritual energy.
However, his misjudgment on several occasions had the cowardly Espada running for his life rather than fighting for it. Putting forth little effort in his actual survival, it was questionable as to whether or not he possessed any skill in seeking or hiding with as much trouble as he finds himself in.
Reiryoku Control: Great Control

Nicolas builds up his pool with consistent consumption of food and then spending his time to hone his control. Though most of his time is spent running away, he has managed an average amount of control of his reiryoku thus far. After the rift in dimensions, things had gone out of order, and without a king or queen to keep things in order, Nicolas was forced to put forth effort much quicker than he intended to.
Day in, and day out, the tiresome Arrancar forced himself to get his shit together and quickly. No longer under the protection of the God-King during these times of peril, Nicolas had no choice but to better himself in any way possible, and it all began with controlling what was inside of him. Since the disappearance of Vincent Bautista, Nicolas has come to hone his inner prowess to the point of being able to destroy acres of land with a single concentrated cero in his base form.
As he gains control and speed in his ressureccíon, the damages that Nicolas becomes capable of are tremendously multiplied, turning this lazy individual into a powerhouse in his own right; he becomes someone with the right to bear a number of the Espada's scale.

Reiatsu: Master

Possessing a large pool of reiryoku, the exertion of Nicolas' release would reveal a large output that can be so controlled so finely, it almost seems hard to believe that such a sloth would be capable of such a feat. In general, those with high levels of Reiryoku will often have the highest standards of Reiatsu also. A skilled warrior can overcome a person possessing more top Spirit Energy by maintaining higher Spiritual Pressure. His reiatsu, when released, can be felt over vast distances, and can easily damage and affect the immediate environment around him and those within its reach. All enemies are opponents, but Nicolas chooses to stray far from trouble, yet finds himself forcing his abilities to grow more now from then on.
The absence of higher powers, Nicolas had to create his own wave to keep those from approaching him and keep his prey trembling in fear of his presence. Looking at Nicolas, the first reaction at the sight of him would be that he's simply cannon fodder. Using this to his advantage, the sly Espada uses his cowardly presence to lure in foolish individuals close enough before he catches them in his range of exposure.
The expelled reiatsu will cause them to suffocate at the pressure alone, but the sight of what looms within... a beast locking down its mighty maw on its next meal.
Reiatsu Colors: Dark Red | Reiatsu Shape: Beast
Reiatsu Effect(s): Hunger and Suffocation
With Nicolas releasing his spiritual pressure, the range always varies, but the young Espada has made it apparent that he s nothing to trifle with. Under the guise of a weak-willed Arrancar, having his number hidden from sight plays well into the hands of the manipulative Nicolas Presagio. The moment Nicolas finds himself in the grasp of his potential offenders and meals, he then begins feeding them a morsel of his rather violent reiatsu into their bodies, sending them into a sort of shock at the sudden infiltration that is anything but appetizing. Their faltering then causes Nicolas to bleed out the ominous power that dwells within his body, forming this beast with tusks that looms over him by several feet, encasing them in the thick, bloody red aura that begins to feed off of the life force. This pressure causes those in close contact to become unresponsive to anything outside of the stated range, and so long as they lie within his grasp, they will feel themselves slowly losing any way of breathing. Suffocation from the process of being assimilated into Nicolas' body as he begins to feast on his latest catch.
To those not exactly caught in the center, those affected become rabid, the effects of this acting as a way to drive a person's sense of hunger. Once cast upon, the person begins to have a huge drive for hunger and their mental state starts to become twisted, mistaking others as food. While Nicolas may be focused on a certain person at the time, those around them would begin to tear each other apart, leaving Nicolas with less to personally handle himself, and then feast on the remains. Being picky isn't so healthy in this already scarce world.
Reiatsu Type: Standard Type

Zanjutsu Level: Expert

Using the least amount of effort, Nicolas holds enough skill to execute his abilities properly. His body flows elegantly when engaging in combat, so finely tuned that he can stop his attacks at a moment's notice, and subsequently execute lethal attacks with absolute precision. Because of his low ability to perform Sonido without the use of his ressurección, Nicolas had learned to perform eloquently with the use of his blade.
Even before the rift in dimensions and the appearance of Kouka, Nicolas' zanjutsu skills were top-tier. Not as adept in evasion nor hand-to-hand combat as he would like to be, the use of his blade has been proven to be more than necessary against bouts between other Arrancar or Shinigami. The motions that Nicolas provides in his battle sense almost seem foreign to the body attached to the blade. Swift and calculated clashes, nothing as wild as the name of his blade suggests. The little glutton attacks with everything and then nothing, the randomization of his powerful blade and movements thus bringing his wild persona to life.
Known Techniques: Senmaioroshi | Shitonegaeshi | Ryodan
Sonido Level: Practioner

In the beginning, despite always being one to run away, Nicolas cannot actually run away. He walks everywhere he goes or adds a little jog here and there if he's in a hurry. He possesses no aptitude to learn to be faster. In his head, he finds learning tedious enough, but sooner or later, Nicolas would prove to find himself training to be a bit faster now and then. These boots were made for walking.
However, after the most recent battles that he participated in with or without his consent, Nicolas had finally come to the conclusion of learning this pesky evasion tactic despite his unfathomable hierro. Now taking into account that the once sonido-less Espada now possesses the ability to move distances away from his opponent in short bursts, Nicolas' evasion tactics have skyrocketed from just as much as a beginner would have.
Crossing the sandy dunes with his newfound prowess is little work in short bursts. Not yet having the ability to cross half the distance in one go, the amount of reiryoku that resides in Nicolas is capitalized upon mostly for this technique. Not adept so much in the use of sonido, Nicolas' natural speed when an effort is put forth is startling.
Known Techniques: Chōkasoku
Hand-to-Hand Combat Level: Combatant
Quote:"Ah, I'm hungry."​
Nicolas has honed enough skill to hold off an opponent with just his hands alone but does not overly rely on it because he doesn't wish to prolong the fight. However, being only a practitioner of hand to hand, Nicolas is not versed enough to be entirely dependent on close combat. He is fast enough to parry fist-to-fist and even deck out a few kicks here and there. With no intention of climbing up the line of destructive individuals at the time, Nicolas spends his time idly punching the walls since he isn't looking for any trouble.
With his enhanced hierro, Nicolas would be able to take on many powerful hits back to back. Even with his small stature compared to his peers other than Vincent, the strength residing in the lower Espada is destructively violent. When used against opponents, carelessly tossing them around and picking up beings hundreds of pounds over his weight class almost seems like child's play.
Known Techniques: Kagamibiraki
Skills and Abilities:
Descorrer | Gran Rey Cero | Bala | Cero Doble
Enhanced Hierro: Nicolas's iron skin has proven time and time again of just how much of a tank that his frail-looking body is. Nicolas can be struck against his hand and shatter a zanpakuto to absolute pieces. Overpowered punches and even a cero will leave his skin spotless, however, that can't be said for his clothes.
Highly Perceptive Combatant: Nicolas is able to discern from simple observation. He can pinpoint just how many limits an opponent may have when it came to large scale attacks and gauge the depth of their inner pool of spiritual energy. Though not directly in the line of fire, Nicolas could consider himself a strategist of sorts that never got his hands dirty in battle.
High-Speed Regeneration: With the lack of speed and strength unlike his peers, Nicolas still possesses the innate ability to regenerate at high-speeds upon losing a limb, even outside of his ressureccíon. As he transforms, the time it takes is even lesser time and energy consumption to reform nearly half of his body, if destroyed of course. Reformation proves to be almost instantaneous.
Quote:"You'll be a part of something greater: me."​
Depredación: Consumir (捕食・消費, "Predation: Consume")
In the aspect of his death, gluttony powers through. Touching upon his aspect of death, Nicolas has the ability to expands his mouth into something monstrous. Pulling at the corners of his mouth, his skin begins to tear away down the center of his lip and down his pectorals before stopping at his navel. From within, multitudes of teeth begin to appear from within, lined along the edges of his extensive opening. While most would usually see the other side of a hole, Nicolas' self-inflicted opening is blood red. Often used in close-quarters-combat, anything that falls into Nicolas' opened stomach will be absorbed into his body, adding onto his strength and replenishing him so long as it possesses energy within it. Abiotic and biotic, it matters not. Nicolas' use of this particular technique is hardly seen outside of his reiatsu mask due to the hideous nature it possesses.
Equipment: NA
Inventions: Have you invented a device or perhaps a unique type of kido or unique kido spell?

Zanpakuto Name:
(イノシシ, "Wild Pig")
Zanpakuto Appearance:

Nicolas's zanpakuto is a katana-made blade form. Its sheathed form is a black cover; red bandages tied a third away from one another. The guard is golden and parted in a flower-like formation almost. Attached to those red bandages is a goldenrod string that allows Nicolas to straddle his weapon around his chest. Unsheathed, Nicolas's blade is both rustic red and silver with a sleek curve and shine.

Release Word:
(荒れ狂う, "Rampage")
Nicolas' resurrección is activated with him holding his blade in between his teeth and biting down in the middle so hard that the exterior cracks and splits in two, positioned at his mouth like two large tusks. His body then becomes encased in a dull red glow as he changes.
Resurrección Appearance:

Resurrección Abilities:
Enhanced Speed and Agility:
Having slight prowess in his sonído in his base form, while in his ressurección, Nicolas can move as well as a Sonido practitioner so long as he stays this form. The ability to cover vast distances in short bursts for a much more substantial chance of evasion and destructive purposes.
Monstrous Strength: His strikes pack enough power to accidentally destroy massive skyscraper-sized pillars in Las Noches via collateral damage during his many self-practices. He is also able to send opponents through several structures with one strike, as well as send them flying hundreds of feet with a few light punches and kicks.
Enhanced Pesquisa: While any Arrancar can learn it, Nicolas possesses impressive skill with it in his ressureccíon. From a single glance at his opponent, Nicolas can immediately determine how powerful his opponent is. He can comprehend the flow and concentration of the person's energy, instantly noticing fluctuations between his opponents easily and without hardship.
Proyección de Onda de Bala (弾丸の波の投射, "Bullet Wave Projection")
Nicolas can charge a series of Bala, three with every wave, and expel them out simultaneously in short bursts. One from his mouth, and two from the tips of his elongated tusks. Each bala is the size of a baseball, and the only true purpose is to deter the opponent and continuously bombard them enough to where they have no choice but to defend or evade.
Bombardeo Esquelético: Taladro Óseo (骨格影響・骨ドリル, "Skeletal Collision: Bone Drill")
Stemming from his Adjuchas form, Nicolas's ressurección possesses several spikes, or bones, that he can break off and regrow. Concentrating his reiryoku into the broken stake, he can wield up to two at a time and fight with them in a similar state to zanjutsu. If he also chooses, these spikes could be used as projectiles capable of piercing a hole right through a solid slab of concrete with no problem. As it travels through the air, it begins to spin and build up spiritual energy. When it reaches its target, it acts as a drill, inflicting extreme piercing damage. These projectiles can also be recycled if he can find them during the battle.
Bombardeo Esquelético: Reduciendo Fragmentos (骨格衝突・フラグメントを削減, "Skeletal Collision: Reducing Fragments")
A second level that requires less precision when being executed. It can be performed in the same manner as the Bone Drill, using the same amount of strength and spiritual prowess. However, there is not much of a need to hit the said target. So long as the projectile lands within a meter of the intended receiver, Nicolas can cause the projectile to implode and cause fragments to shoot out and pierce the opponent with several shards instead of a single mass. It might not cause as much harm as the Bone Drill at first if one were to be caught in the initial explosion. However, so long as shards exist, especially if they have been embedded into the skin, Nicolas can trigger the shards of bones a total of three times, counting the first initial explosion. Though the power of these explosions may dull after each release, the damage to said intended would be severe.
NOTE: Only Espada numeros 0-4 may have access to this ability.
Segunda Etapa: NA
Segunda Etapa Appearance: NA
Segunda Etapa Abilities: NA

Nicolas's cero is a faint rustic red, and he expels them in a concentrated force that begins on the inside of his mouth, forms in front of his tusks, and shoots out in a horizontal crescent formation.

Facts & Trivia:
⦿ Nicolas likes to go to the Human World to eat the delicacies.
⦿ He likes to sleep in unconventional places
⦿His hunger never fails him. Therefore he is hardly seen anywhere within Hueco Mundo.
⦿Always one to run, despite not being very fast, Nicolas has never won nor lost a fight.
Personal Relationships: Non-Mandatory
Likes: Non-Mandatory
Dislikes: Non-Mandatory
Hobbies: Non-Mandatory
Favorite Food(s): Non-Mandatory


Nicolas spent his days roaming around in Adjuchas form, always in search of his next people, whether it be fresh or a time's old. He ate and ate and ate, and ate endlessly. Like hell, the Adjuchas was going back just to become a Gillian again. He had no intention of power growth. Nicolas just wanted to consume everything, and then he found himself like he is now. A ghoul in human skin with a neverending appetite.
Quote:"My deepest apologies, but I'll be devouring you now."​

Character Appearance:
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“The all fathers favor is a fickle thing; Impressing him with your audacity, and he will see you through to victory. But let audacity let grow into overconfidence and he will deliver you to your enemies.”
“aut neca aut necare.”
“potius mori quam foedari”
“Ad mortem, inimīcus!”

Character Name: Fabius Magnus Eques
Acutal Age: 1794
Physical Age: Not shown due to hollowness.
Race: Hollow
Hollow type: Adjucha
Aspect of death: None
Birthday: Dec 29th
Gender: Male
Weight: 680LBS

Affiliation:Forest of the Menos
Espada:: N/A
Former Espada:N/A
Base of operations:N/A

Notable Features:When meeting Fabius the they are greeted to a full grown tiger, surprisingly he still has fur, and its colours although inverted still show golden red stripes and ivory white fur, along with black stripes all across his face.
Hollow Void Location:His right eye is replaced with a hollow hole it was the same spot in which he list his eye in a previous battle.
Numero Location:N/A
Personality:Although a hollow he has gained much of his consciousness back he prefers to stalk his opponents, watching and observing their habits. Waiting patiently till they think their safe, then striking. When in conversation, Fabius seems to be rather intelligent, speaking highly and courteously; Though its rare he speaks to Hollows and even rarer to Arrancars, since he’s deep in the forest. He likes to watch battles, from a safe distance, learning their patterns in a fight, when they extend themselves too far; any wounds he can exploit, but that is rare among hollows due to their natural high speed regeneration. He views both Shinigami and quincy with indifference, wanting to consume them for their souls, and not for a hatred that seems to run in some hollow and Arrancars. He can be what some call a smartass at times, picking at people with some quick wit when one actually gets to know him.
Relatives: Reincarnated Centuries ago.

Hierro: None
Hollows do not possess any form or Hierro, what sever, making them highly breakable but thanks to being hollow they are given a high speed regernation, allowing to heal almost instantly with the exception of their head being sliced off, or vital Organs.
Great Spiritual Power - Being around for so long allowed Fabius consume and gather many a hollow; becoming stronger with each feast. Chasing and cutting his oppoents down to gaining higher power, he knew not as to why but only knew that it was primal.
Sensing Reiryoku:
Over the years of being a hunter of hollows, he has begun to hone his skill in sensing, spiritual pressures, measuring them gaging if they were a worthy meal or if they were just merely to small to be considered a snack; gaging if their the same level before choosing to fight or not. If they were he would fight but only if the area was clear from other hollows due to the fight.
Reiryoku Control:
Average – this is impart of him being a hollow, he does not like using cero as it obliterates his enemies though he has used it against others to either to entrap others or to fight against another Cero. He prefers to use his Reiryoku to amplify his leaps, running, bites, and slicing into his opponents. Though also attempts to hide his presence when stalking his prey or observing things from afar.
Reiatsu Effect(s) : N/A
Reiatsu Type:
Standard type - colour red.

Zanjutsu Level: None due to being a hollow.
Sonido Level:
None as a hollow he mostly relies on his speed in his four legs, to either run and or leap at his opponents. Or to dodge, out of the way of things, flee his opponents when needed or to carry someone or something away to either rescue or to consume.
Hand to hand Combat:
Expert- He does not possess a humanoid body to fight properly against people, he is able to keep up with most hollows and some Arrancar themselves in a “Hand to hand combat” using his Reiryoku sensing abilties against those who use Sonido’s along with keeping track as to see if their on blind side of his eye sights. Allowing him to use his speed to quickly jump or prepare a defensive move against the opponents. If they do they are met with ferocity, that would other wise not be observed if you were to watch him.
Skills and abilties
: Cero A basic ability that becomes instinctual for all hollows, to not learn but rather develop, he has on occeasion used it, but he fears his prey might be obliterated by the cero, leaving no food for him to consume, to this he uses sparingly.
Percutiens est Tigris:
By concentrating his Reiryoku into his claws, sharpening them down to a molecular level though in doing so his claws would become weaker, more easy to break, leaving him with only one strike each for his front paws
Floret Silva furore:
Fabius pours a great amount of Reiryoku into his muscles, expanding them greatly to allow him to hit harder, hitting with enough speed and power to have a burst of air follow his punches, aiming to hit the opponent, causing surface damage, hoping to help crack them.
High speed regeneration:
All hollows are born with a high-speed regeneration, All limbs would regrow in an instant, with little to no effect on the user, however vital organs take a longer time to regenerate, depending if they’re still their or not, if not it would most likely go unhealed and cause long term damage or death.

Zanpaktou: N/A


Facts & Trivia: He fought for the Western Roman Empire before his death.
Personal Relationships: N/A
Likes: Rome and latin speaking people.
Dislikes: Romes enemies.
Hobbies: Hunting
Favorite foods: all meat products

To say he lived a long life would be both right and wrong. He fought in the wars to quell rebellions, across romes boarders in the west, fighting off Persians and goths alike, quelling small rebellions all as came along. Each battle he fought in, had him come out with more and more experienced in war, each battle had him hardened, each battle had him filled with hate for his enemies like no other. His fame grew on the battlefield and at home, as a Centurion who would be in the front of the formations; acting as the spear of the western Roman empire, him and his corhorts fought with a fury like no other, each victory bringing fame; with this fame it became clear that enemies started to brew out from both inside and out. As he was returning from a campaign against the Persian armies, he was betrayed, be several higher-ranking officers within the army. They had felt that their glory was robbed from them; Fabius along with his cohorts were killed by both goths and Romans alike, as they were led into an ambush. Even though it was uneven battle, Fabius and his men fought, with valor and the will to live, though wave after wave of goths combined with the physical exhaustion of the battles against the Persian armies, had brought them down, before being executed. Though that wasn’t the end of the battle, with his anger carrying with him into his grave, along with the hollows that followed them due to their wars bringing out souls like no other to feast upon; This caused him to become a hollow, in a fit of rage he began to kill hollow and human alike, not knowing friend from foe with each kill. After all was said and done he had followed a hollow into the Hueco Mundo. To where his new life began.​
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(Biography Format by Taichou and Thanatus)
NOTE: During a Combat interval between Aragon and Tiran, Tiran's mask was partially broken.
“What I would do to be better than you....”
“I might not be a King, but I sure as hell will fight like one!”
“Will you just leave me alone?.”
“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…. Well you don’t even like me now.”


Character Name:
Tiran Basilios
Actual Age:
Physical Age:
Late Teens, Mid Twenties (18-25)
Arrancar (Broken)
Hollow Type
Aspect of Death:
August 12

6 feet 3 inches
1,098 pounds.
Blood Type:

Hueco Mundo
Trying for 8
Former Espada:
Base of Operations:

Human World/Las Noches

Notable Features:
Tiran’s most Notable feature is his Jaw strength, which is over half the pressure of an actual prehistoric Tyrannosaurus (8,000 pounds) but the strength in his mouth and teeth taking away the man’s arm strength to near pointless levels. He can dislocate his bottom jaw like a rattlesnake, and it can separate at the tip for easy mouth carrying too. For this, the skin underneath his jaws can come apart, for easy maneuverability. He can still use his arms to do harm, but attacks from the arms and hands won’t be as forceful or strong as ones from his mouth.
Hollow Void Location
In the neck, where both collar bones connect.
Tiran is a Tyrant, a ranting, cursing, sometimes roaring, fool that on more than one occasion can’t keep his mouth shut. However, that’s not his fault, he’s an arrancar with a human affliction that followed him in death, like a curse. Tiran displays Turret’s Syndrome like mental features, he’s always erratic and twitchy, constantly on guard and nervous, and often has a stuttering fit before going all out in a violent rage saying some of the most dirty words anyone could possibly imagine. Because of this, often times other Hollows will think he’s picking a fight, but run once they see his massive size. They easily become meals if he can catch them. Not many have been able to outrun him, but those that do have a chance at learning this adjucha’s mental problems, doesn’t always define who he is.
On that note, besides the mental problem, Tiran is a rather peaceful individual that enjoys his solitude and studies. He enjoys taking trips to the world of the living to look peacefully in museums, often times at night when not many humans are around. Sadly, this means he’d deal with more Shinigami on a daily basis instead, because they just won’t leave the big guy alone. Often times the fights lead to breaking things in the precious to Tiran museums, and that just pisses him off. You wouldn’t like a rampaging T-rex Adjuchas slamming into your home, so why crash what makes him feel at peace?

Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength:
Immense Spiritual Power-
Most of Tiran’s Spiritual energy goes to his Hierro, having some of the toughest hide. As an Adjucha, having little arms and a big head, Tiran couldn’t swing his body or protect his back very well from back attacks, the Hierro on his back protects him from those types of attacks, where his front end can’t reach. As an Arrancar however his Hierro has become twice as tough, enough to where Tiran can leave huge dents inside of buildings he flurls or gets thrown into, and come back out nearly unscathed and calm as can be if he's not angered. With this tough hide, as well as the acidic effects of his reiryoku, it's very tough to land a vital hit on him.
Sensing Reiryoku:
Expert- Tiran is capable of watching from a distance, which for an ambush predator it comes in very handy. He can sense when others are coming near, and prepare himself by hiding in the shadows or under the sands of Hueco mundo, and lie in wait for the unsuspecting person or hollow before giving them a loud roar and the scare of their life. Despite his glasses, his eyesight is strong since becoming an Adjucha, and as An Arrancar, his heightened sight is enhanced even further by a sense of smell that allows him to make out silhouettes of others with their colors based on their reiryoku/reiatsu energy.
Reiryoku Control:
Great Control- Tiran's Rage can get the better of his judgement in battle, especially if the enemy is an "annoying little fly" to him. This spikes his Reiryoku and makes it harder to bring himself and his mental state back down. He raises his reiryoku in a threatening manner for people and beings who bug him and won't leave him be to his studies. His rage is connected to his reiryoku, the more angry he gets, the harder it exerts. To the point it feels like the target is melting in acid. It's not heat induced, however they will feel a tingling sensation upon it's release.
Specialist- Tiran uses his potential exponentially to get the point across he doesn't want to be messed with, by anyone. If you poke and prod at him you may get more than your bargained for, he does not like to be touched. Simple communication and jokes usually do not set him off. If you really want a fight with him, keep annoying him. The same could be said about his Reiatsu, the more his anger point is tested, the higher his energy gets, the higher it gets, the more toxic it can be.
Reiatsu Colors:
Teal Green/Blue
Reiatsu Shape:
Two Teal Green Giant Jaws.
Reiatsu Effect(s):
Tiran’s Reiatsu exerts a level of fear that one is being hunted.

When exerted in high amounts, Tiran's Reiatsu begins to melt or corrode those around him, those with higher spiritual pressure feel it less. (3rd seat and above)
Reiatsu Type:
Dual Type-
Zanjutsu Level:
Tiran's Arm strength is not as great as his Jaw strength, often times his blade practice reflects this. Three sword style attacks with two swords in his hand, and his Zanpakuto in his teeth. The Sheath and handle of the Zanpakuto is made of granite, to keep his teeth from breaking the blade so easily. The Zanpakuto is Immune to his acid breath and saliva.
3 sword style
Tiran's style reflects the use of three swords, two in his arms, one in his mouth, in a flurry of Rapid and physically strong attacks.
Known Techniques:
Sharp Tail Slap - Similar to a twister, Tiran Twirls around and flings enemies and debris in the air before jumping up and slamming the foes back down with the blades, similar to being hit by a truck, only this truck has an object that'll rip you to shreds in the front.
Unnamed attack - Tiran uses the two swords in his hands as a distraction and/or shields against an opponent's attack, then turns his head so that his Zanpakuto's blade will face his opponent at the end, then quickly jab it forward in an attempt to skewer his opponent's head.
Sonido Level:
Tiran is not very fast, his body designed to be a heavy tank, so sonido hasn't come naturally to the fellow. He can do a couple of the most simple abilities before his weight counters attempting more of them.
Known Techniques:
Hand to hand Combat Level:

Tiran barely uses his arms in combat, relying on his thick heavy skull, his hand to hand his mostly biting attacks, and headbutts. However it is still considered physically attacking someone, even if he barely uses his hands in hand to hand combat. His punches are physically weaker than the rest of his body, so to counter, or use it as an advantage, Tiran will comically whap someone else with his incredibly weak arms via slap or punch, then when they think they can win against him and let their guard down, he will show them the full force of his Hakuda. A drop headbutt, even grabbing one's opponent and chomping down hard on vital areas like the neck and shoulder as they get close.
Skills and Abilities:

Acidic Saliva ~ Because of his Reiatsu largely focused around his mouth, it gives off an acidic property to his Saliva and breath, making him capable of Eroding flesh, bone, materials, even steel beams bend at it’s fiery touch. If he drools on you or spits at you, it eats through your clothes fast, flesh slower, then bone the slowest. In large quantity, this Saliva can be very deadly.
Toxic Breath ~ this breath of horrifying teal green gas can incapacitate beings with lower spiritual energy rather easily, as well as create a gassy green fog that blurs vision and makes it hard to breathe for higher level spiritual beings caught in the mist.
Two Standard Katana

Zanpakuto Name:
Rey Derretidor "Melting King"
Zanpakuto Appearance:
A pale green, Pale brown granite sheathed blade, that when unsheathed, appears as though it's made with Sharp, strong, heavy bone rather than steel. The hand guard is white, almost like carved bone, with bone like protrusions pointing out like spikes going left and right.


Release Word:
"Erode and Corrode, Rey Derretidor!"
Tiran's Ressurection doubles his body weight, makes him larger, and his jaw strength that much more powerful.
Resurrección Appearance:
Lizard-like man, a bone helmet on his head, Drooping Lizard arms, and a large tail. Half man half lizard, this ferocious form ignores his previous forms slow speed, and raises his physical attack tremendously.

Resurrección Abilities:
Acid Secretion - in this form Tiran's scales secrete the same Acid liquid his bites and mouth produce, causing his physical attacks to melt skin and clothes upon contact, as well as increase his defence, for nobody wants to dip their hands in Acid.
Acid Splash Whip - as Tiran's scales leak acid, he whips his tail in the air, spraying it everywhere on the Battlefield, causing everything around but Dirt to melt. Anything metal, concrete buildings, people, will all melt to the acid.
Acid rain - Tiran's Spiritual Energy skyrockets with this ability, a mighty roar follows a shift in weather in a 60 foot radius around him, causing Acid Rain weather, extremely Toxic rain that can melt buildings, vehicles, and even skin from bone.
[NOTE: Only Espada numeros 0-4 may have access to this ability.]
Segunda Etapa:
Segunda Etapa Appearance:
Segunda Etapa Abilities:
Appearance: Teal Green beam of energy fired from Tiran’s mouth.

Facts & Trivia:
Tiran wasn't Evil when he was living, he was a Victim of Circumstance.
Tiran was a world renown Paleontologist in his time alive in the living world
He was attacked by hollows as a soul, and thus turned into one himself as a result.
Personal Relationships:
Eating, Going to the world of the living to look at museums, inventing things, Education
People, other hollows, being told what to do, being pestered
Picking up Fossils or Rocks, Stealing pieces from Museums for his personal Study, then sneaking them back
Favorite Food(s): Souls


Character Appearance:

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"There is not much brighter than me. Right?"
"Unlike the Sun, I don't go to sleep at night."
"The light and shadows cannot be without the other? Let me show you why you're wrong."



Name: Helliodoro ”Gift of the Sun”
Physical Age: Late 20s to Early 30s
Actual Age: Roughly 2100
Race: Arrancar (Natural)
Hollow Type: Vasto Lorde
Aspect of Death: Instability
Birthday: 28th of July
Gender: Male

Height: 175cm / 5’9”
Weight: 90 kg / 198 lbs
Blood Type: AB+

Affiliation: Hueco Mundo | Arrancar | Espada
Title: El Sol de Hueco Mundo ”The Sun of Hueco Mundo”
Occupation: Roamer
Partner(s): N/A
Base of Operations: Hueco Mundo Desert | Las Noches

Notable Features:
Helliodoro obviously changed greatly in appearance with his evolution, even so there are features that clearly stuck with the Arrancar. With the Arrancar’s ombre purple mane as a striking visual, it is quite defining of him but it is not the only feature. Aside from his hair, Helliodoro displays a rather prominent Estigma, the markings of black and purple that decorate his face and in a similar vein for some reason, this Arrancar’s forearms seem to fade to black down towards the hands.
Hollow Void Location:
Helliodoro’s hollow void is located directly at the top of his sternum. It is mostly hidden by his cloak
From Hollow to Arrancar, Helliodoro’s personality has changed to a degree but it is clear that he is still the same being. With a less than stellar intelligence, the dull creature believes himself smarter than he is. Quite often using words and phrases he misunderstands or even mistaking words for one another as he speaks, in his eyes, he is correct in every one of these cases, it’s everyone else's fault that they don’t understand.

Where his intelligence hasn’t changed, his demeanour has, sort of. Where once he believed himself to stand over everyone else, an unmatched being akin to a god, after suffering a rather offensive defeat when facing the current God-King this has changed. Being taken down a few pegs, Helliodoro has come to be more understanding and respecting of those that prove themselves, to this day, there are two and excluding these two, it is as it always was, the Vasto Lorde is beyond them.

Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength: Vast Spiritual Power
Vasto Lorde are the pinnacle of the Hollow race, they should be beyond the normal Arrancar and matched only by the strongest of Arrancar. Of course, there will be those who fail their kin, in the future and in the past, Helliodoro however, is no such being. In his centuries of life, he has consumed countless lives, Hollow, arrancar, human and shinigami, anything. In these millenia he has existed, his power has only grown, as a Vasto Lorde, before becoming an Arrancar he possessed a Reiryoku that was incomparable to any Hollow with only the pinnacle of Arrancar coming close. This gap only widened with the consumption of the previous God-king’s remnants, the power that once coursed through Vincent becoming his own and invigorating everything about the Vasto Lorde to a new height. Which proved ineffective and insufficient in the face of something greater.

For the last hundred years that have passed, Helliodoro has gone unseen, that time has come to an end and with that, Helliodoro returns in a new form, emerging as an Arrancar. With his ascension to an Arrancar, it is only natural that the strength of the Vasto Lorde would be exponential, something unlike anything witnessed within the last hundred years, strangely however, on the surface level there is no absurd increase. To those with a more perceptive sensory skill, the difference is clear and overwhelming. Within the form of the Arrancar Vasto Lorde, there is an undulating and endless source of Reiryoku. Unstable, increasing in intensity and volume but always kept under control by Helliodoro, forcing it to return to it’s usual state, so long as he deems it necessary.
In regards to his Hierro, the once seemingly impenetrable defence that coated the Vasto Lorde is hardly present, being traded away for something else it seems. In this state, Helliodoro is relatively open to being wounded by even those far below his strength, should they manage to get the opportunity.
Sensing Reiryoku:Expert
By no means is Helliodoro a sensory type of any sort, lacking a masterful touch with this skill, his Pesquisa leaves a lot to be desired had he intended to be referred to as a master, this however is simply a supplementary skill to this Vasto Lorde. A decently refined skill, but by no means a pinnacle of technique. Helliodoro mostly makes use of this sensory as a method of hunting down those who may have prevailed in escaping their initial demise, scouring the landscapes for the stragglers as this ping reflects off of sources of Reiryoku for miles at a time, relaying the information back to the hunter. Along with location, he has been able to deduce the general strength of the target as well as their Reiryoku levels with quite an impressive accuracy.

Of course, detection is not the only perk acquired with this maturity in his sensory. A more, active, ability is his capability to sense changes in the flow, potency and surges in Reiryoku of those within a closer proximity. This facilitates a method for Helliodoro to capitalize on what information outside of the physically visible, detecting and predicting attacks before their conception. This of course also allows this Hollow to track and maintain a knowledge of those who he cannot visibly keep track of.
Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control
In the wake of Helliodoro’s awakening into an Arrancar, the necessity for an unparalleled control of his Reiryoku was made abundantly and painfully clear. Once, Helliodoro was a concentrated star, exuding heat that eradicated that which attempted to sustain its wrath. Now, the power undulates and shifts wildly, bursting out without warning and beyond Helliodoro’s control should he decide to ignore the constant combustion and eruption within. These uncontrolled upsurges would often cause damage to Helliodoro himself, having shown his ability to burn himself to a crisp previously, this was on an entirely different level.
As such, the fresh Arrancar was forced to commit himself to the control of these internal firestorms. Being forced to contain and restrain the abnormal amplitude of spiritual energy within him constantly would eventually lead to an extraordinary level of control. Beyond that of even his prior abilities that allowed him to form his excess vented Reiryoku into a third skin of incinerating heat. This uncanny control is what leaves his Reiryoku resembling that of his previous form. Even still, something does remain from before his evolution, he remains a glowing beacon of light, unwilling to conceal himself and preferring to shine as he was intended to.

Aside from just controlling his Reiryoku and denying these outbursts, his physical abilities as always are innately bolstered beyond their already immense abilities as an Arrancar born of a Vasto Lorde. Helliodoro boasts an already impressive physical potential. Foes of builds greater than his in the multiples are dwarfed in strength, naturally. His mobility and speed matching that of most practitioners in their own respective techniques, once again, naturally. Once enhanced, by the instinctive surge in power provided by his Reiryoku, these are accomplishments no longer. His physical prowess boosted to levels where physical contests with even those of seemingly impossible strength are broken down like any other prey. Barriers, shields and other forms of physical protection designed to hold great threats at bay, becoming nothing more than a delay for mere seconds, if even that. Those of any expert in these skills, be it in shunpo, sonido or whatever they may utilize, find themselves being matched by Helliodoro in both speed and mobility. If not overtaken completely. This is his birthright as the peak.

Reiatsu: Master
Much like his Reiryoku, Helliodoro’s Reiatsu is an irregularity, an irregularity that needs to be controlled and kept in check. With the excessive increase brought on by his development into an Arrancar, in the beginning his Reiryoku would flare up with devastating consequences, turning a wide area to cinders in a moment as well as incinerating his own flesh. The repercussions of losing control of his Reiatsu is far more destructive, obliterating a grand majority of his body as well as miles beyond the nucleus of the explosion. Much like his Reiryoku, Helliodoro went on to develop a greater control over his Reiatsu, out of pure necessity.

Concurrently with the abundant and seemingly endless supply of Reiryoku possessed by this Vasto Lorde, comes a great deal of power in the form of Reiatsu. This is something that the Arrancar once abused oh so gleefully in order to deal with those who were unexpectedly resilient. These exploits of his over time have become so ingrained in his way of life that he eventually developed a greater affinity with his Reiatsu, becoming a keystone and great asset to his combat abilities. With the motions of his body, this Arrancar is capable of exerting his Reiatsu out as what seems to be extensions of his body. In the event that one of his strikes would miss it’s target, or even if it does impact, Helliodoro could shoot forth this pressure like a wave from that limb, incinerating that which was once present, removing it from existence.
Helliodoro’s Reiatsu is one so potent and brutal that in it’s presence there would be but a handful of individuals capable of withstanding such effects, treading only barely along the line dividing life from death. Where his Reiryoku in its purest form would show such an impressive feat with the heat it naturally holds, his Reiatsu is in an entirely different league. A volatile, sudden explosion as though a solar entity had collapsed in on itself, and within that same instant, released an outburst of unimaginable scale. Robbing everything and anything of it’s place in reality. Unlike most Reiatsu which would enforce its pressure like gravity, pushing the victims to the ground, Helliodoro’s radiates outward from him, as an all consuming inferno. The very moment of its release it is as though the even Hueco Mundo has been introduced to a newly birthed star, exuberance unmatched by any star as even they seem like dull lights in its presence. Truly and utterly blinding, turning the retinas of those that watch on into nothing but dust.
Reiatsu Colors:
Helliodoro’s Reiatsu colours are somewhat of an oddity, not unlike himself. The majority of the Reiatsu is consumed by a searing white that leaves onlookers blinded while the outside edges take on a darker grey colour which strangely still seems to emanate that flare of intense light.
Reiatsu Effect(s): Incineration & Destabilization | Reiatsu Type: Elemental Type- Radiation
As it has been mentioned beforehand, Helliodoro is a being that has attained a Reiryoku and Reiatsu that expel a temperature unlike that of star or any combination of these stellar beings. This is something far beyond such pitiful bodies. Where the sun and it’s brothers and sisters may turn items and those to venture too close, to ash and dust, Helliodoro relinquishes their bond to a material existence. Escaping with mere wounds is a miracle and escaping unscathed is an impossibility. Unlike those celestial bodies, this heat is not present in waves of fluctuating heat but instead, a constant heat, capable of increasing in temperature with a greater effort on Helliodoro’s part.
However, in his evolved state as an Arrancar, much like the rest of his nature, it has all become unstable. Those that survive and sustain through the star's heat, find their body weakening as the radiating heat begins to sabotage the very core of one’s being. Cells wither and fall apart as they destabilize, the body becoming irradiated and sick rapidly. Blood begins to pour and spill from every orifice, constantly being coughed and vomited up as the body deteriorates at astounding speeds. With only moments left in their life, the body is left as no more than a husk of their former selves. Even the mightiest of foes may succumb to such eventuality, should they allow themselves to remain in such conditions for long enough.
This destabilization brought on by the radiation of this star’s heat is not limited to living beings, even Reiryoku, Reiatsu and even Reishi succumbs to this sickness. While under the effects of Helliodoro’s Reiatsu, the collection and control of the three becomes almost entirely disrupted. The casting of Kido spells, the use of Cero and Quincy spirit weapons becomes increasingly challenging as they become completely unstable before exploding violently. While this effect is not the same for Reishi platforms and Reiatsu, those two become unwieldy, unstable and possibly even unusable for those less practiced.

Zanjutsu Level: Practitioner
In Helliodoro’s eyes, Zanjutsu is a useless art. His body itself is a perfect tool of carnage. A blade that requires precision and control of it’s edge is hardly worth using when the Vasto Lorde could simply crush most of his foes between his fingers. With this mindset, Helliodoro has only once laid his hands upon his Zanpakuto as a weapon, and only for a test trial.
Being disgusted with the sensation of using a weapon other than his body, he discarded the idea of using his Zanpakuto as a tool and instead hides it away, keeping it out of his sight as much as possible, feeling that the blade is no more than a burden on him as a whole. Even with his inability and lack of practice with the blade, it is likely that he could very well use the blade, as a baton and little more.
Sonido Level: No Sonído
Helliodoro is one who naturally, exceeds the speed of most expert Sonido users through physical effort alone. That is not why he does not possess such a skill as Sonido however. That all lies in his unique ability. His body itself has become an engine, capable of exerting focused and continuous jets of Reiryoku which propell the respecting portions of his body at speeds which are unmatched. The reactions of the environment around him, delayed. Fractions of a second after his arrival at his location, that was when the reality of what had occurred would present itself, the path taken being exposed to the same heat his Reiryoku would exude, the same effects being displayed.
Such an undertaking is not without issue however. Where Helliodoro is capable of feats of speed to such a degree, he loses the fine control most would demonstrate when utilizing their own forms of high-speed movement. In terms of speed, there is nothing short of instantaneous teleportation that exceeds his capabilities.
Hand to hand Combat Level: Master
This form of combat has become Helliodoro’s main weapon, and through the millenia he has existed, it has been rectified and polished to a point of perfection, although there is an oddity present in his method of combat. There is no form, there is no technique, rather it is all instinctual. Whatever suits the situation at that very moment is what will be used, this is the way of a beast. As one without a form of training in specific martial arts, Helliodoro manages to maintain an impressive awareness of movements and positioning, both his and the opponent. Although primal in approach, this is not to say that there is no resemblance of tactics and knowledge. Where the opportunity is presented by his prey, he will take full advantage. A deep rooted knowledge of his own limits, and a perceptive eye allow him to gauge the possibilities of the micro-fractions of a seconds worth of action. Keeping tabs on the effective range of his opponent while also noting his own range. The same goes for every other factor, strength, speed, durability, and so on.

There are obvious preferences displayed in his primal approach. Shying away from blocking strikes entirely, Helliodoro prefers to evade them to the best of his ability, where blocking mitigates damage, a successful evasive maneuver eliminates that possibility and potentially reveals new avenues for counter attacks. A display of a potential tactical thought somewhere within his below average mind.
Despite Helliodoro’s mastery in his formless and animalistic form of hand to hand combat, there will always be those who possess refined techniques and skills in hand to hand combat. This will undoubtedly prove to have the upperhand on Helliodoro’s methods. Once again, however, his unique ability allows the Vasto Lorde to take it a step up, or multiple, with a speed unmatched, countless blows find their target, erasing life from their very being with each and every strike.
Skills and Abilities:
Estrella Voladora (流れ星, “Shooting Star”)
Since Helliodoro’s step forward in the evolution of a Hollow, from Gillian to Adjuchas he has shown his unique ability to be a formidable one. Essentially allowing the Hollow to function as a propulsion system with any point of it’s body. Through exerting a focused stream, or rather, a jet of Reiatsu from any part or multiple parts of their body, they are capable of propelling themselves in a multitude of ways at seemingly impossible speeds. These jets of Reiatsu of course harness the same properties of his Reiatsu. As an Adjuchas, this ability was heavily limited, allowing only for short bursts at a speed that would match not even that of a Master in their respective art of high speed movement. However, through an unknown circumstance, even to Helliodoro, he transcended this point toward the epitome of a Hollow’s existence, to a Vasto Lorde and further even now, to an Arrancar born of a Vasto Lorde.
With this grandiose step, his ability evolved immensely, allowing for continuous and extended use. Losing it’s limitations, and Helliodoro’s evolution overall would boost this Arrancar to a peak above any Hollow and a majority of Arrancar. The speed boost which this ability offers is one that can not be ignored, allowing the Arrancar to exceed the speed possessed by masters of their respective techniques with great ease. This unimaginable speed brings is not perfect, due to the absurdity of its limitless velocity, Helliodoro is only capable of travelling in straight lines with Estrella Voladora.
Over the multiple centuries in which this Vasto Lorde has existed, he has come to perfect his use of this ability, allowing him to execute movements unthinkable to most with uncanny precision.
Tonatiuh Nakatl (太陽の肉, “Sun Flesh”)
As stated previously, Helliodoro is a creature of excessive Reiryoku and with that, there is a constant flow of Reiryoku that seeps out of his body regardless of how much he contains the overwhelming spiritual energy. Instead of allowing this energy to go to waste, the Arrancar, since his time as a Hollow, has moulded the leaking energy around his body as a third skin, a sort of antithesis to Hierro, designed solely for an offensive use. Due to the absolute heat produced by the Vasto Lorde’s Reiryoku, this third ‘skin’ leaves all of Helliodoro’s body to be considered a major threat. An immeasurable inferno being embodied by the Arrancar, turning what he touches to cinders and then nothing.
High-Speed Regeneration
While previously present and quite a potent but situational regeneration, this version of Helliodoro has attained a regeneration that is on an entirely different scale. Having sacrificed essentially all of his Hierro, the Arrancar instead gained a regenerative capability that seems to render him immortal to those who bear witness to it.
With his own Reiryoku and Reiatsu wreaking havoc on his own body, Helliodoro has grown accustomed to the new and improved regeneration of his rather quickly. Multiple times now, the Arrancar has been turned into no more than a limbless husk of burnt black flesh before regenerating, completely rejuvenated as though nothing had happened but a moment ago. The same can be said for the times when his Reiatsu went berserk, leading to his eruption and his body scattering into countless pieces leaving no more than half a torso and a head, all before rapidly composing himself once more as though the wounds were naught but a story and a lie.
This regeneration is likely on par with the regenerative abilities of the peak in this area, being able to regenerate major organs albeit with a longer process than simply recovering limbs or flesh wounds.
Energy Absorbing Physicality
Helliodoro is a unique creature, an oddity among oddities and the reason for this is his body. Much like a nuclear reactor, when more fuel is added, the output increases and as the output increases, everything become less stable, incredibly dangerous, Helliodoro, becomes like a dying star, threatening to collapse and take everything with it.
With each energy based attack that impacts the Arrancar, the damage is taken, but the energy behind the attack is absorbed into Helliodoro, adding fuel to the fire. As this continues on, he begins to lose control over his own Reiryoku and Reiatsu which are only exacerbated by the energy absorbed. This continues on, the star getting hotter and hotter with each morsel of power absorbed by the Arrancar, all the way until critical mass is reached.
At that point, it is far too late to turn back. From his shining white radiance, Helliodoro grows brighter still, something that seemed so unachievable, bright enough that he himself becomes blinded by his light. Hot enough that he begins to feel the torment others are faced with. And then there’s nothing. In a final and cataclysmic burst, Helliodoro erupts, leaving no more than an irradiated wasteland in and crater where he once stood. The remains of the Arrancar left to recover on their own.

Zanpakuto Name: Estrella Vacía (空の星, “Empty Star”)
Zanpakuto Appearance:

Helliodoro’s Zanpakuto is hidden underneath his cape, strapped to his shoulder.

Release Words: Disappear among the Light!
Ressureción Appearance:


In a flash of wild flash of brilliant light and excruciating heat, Helliodoro blinds those who look on towards him as a new form is taken. Those whose vision can recover, find their eyes gazing at a rough mirror of what the Vasto Lorde previously was.
Ressureción Abilities:
Upon entering his Ressureción, much like most of those who enter their own Ressureción, Helliodoro is given the boon of a greater physical presence. His strength heightened further than it has any right to grow. In single blows, the foundations of the earth beneath him is blown apart, leaving no more than a gaping fissure. His speed too benefits from the unleashed potential of his Ressureción. With a motion, his movements appear to take the form of teleportation, instant travel. As is to be expected of course, what seems impossible is shattered once more as his potential sky rockets, his Reiryoku and Reiatsu seeming to take on a greater limit still, with this, comes both boon and bane. With the unrestrained ability of Helliodoro now released, his control over his own energies and pressure begins to wane and he becomes instead far more unstable than before as it all runs wild. In this form, his unique physicality that allows the Vasto Lorde to absorb the energy of attacks is heightened too, allowing it to function at a far more efficient rate, further pushing the Arrancar towards the final breaking point. In order to delay what is likely inevitable, Helliodoro resorts to something possibly far more destructive. With the exertion of his spiritual form, novas of otherworldly magnitude become a common occurrence with Helliodoro. Helliodoro has become a walking cataclysm so it seems. He can sustain it, the question is whether or not others can do the same.
Hand in hand with his Reiryoku and Reiatsu taking a delightful and drastic empowerment comes his own abilities, Estrella Voladora, previously unmatched, now completely torn into a different category. As energies flare and Helliodoro flies as before, he threatens to tear through time and space, pushing the limits of reality to it’s brink in order to keep up with the intensity of what the universe had created.
La Luz (光, “The Light)
In this form, Helliodoro is given reason to believe he is beyond everything and anything.
If there is any time to prove such a thing, this would be it. With this unending spring of power in his possession, Helliodoro adapts a new form within his own Ressureción. For but a moment, the released Arrancar seems to curl up into a ball, condensing his form down tightly against himself and as he does so, a darkened pitch black sphere begins to take form around the Vasto Lorde. Like a shield, a carapace or protective shell, this sphere encapsulates Helliodoro with immense durability, rivaling and exceeding the defensive abilities of even the greatest barriers in the Shinigami realm; he is safe in his little egg. Of course, this egg is only visible for a brief space in time. Soon after its formation, a new star is born. Exploding forth like the beginning of the universe, an avatar of Helliodoro, a gargantuan humanoid shape that very vaguely resembles Helliodoro.

In this avatar form, Helliodoro does not gain any physical strength, instead, his form becomes one of pure energy. In a visual display unmatched, and a show of power of an equal caliber, the birth of a new being is mashed into a single moment, blinding and awe inspiring, terrifying and magnificent, all at once. In the moment in which Helliodoro gives form to this avatar, the heat and energy that once fluctuated so greatly within the Arrancar is all released in that fraction of a second, whatever once stood around him, now gone without a trace, be it cities, rural land, the very sands of Hueco Mundo or Las Noches, all, gone.
In this form, Helliodoro lacks a physical form at least that of a regular body, instead, his physical form is that of a core of a star. Buried within the head of the avatar is that sphere which Helliodoro himself resides in. With no limitations set by a physical form, Helliodoro is offered a freedom that cannot be ignored as every ounce of his spiritual being is put forth into this avatar. This freedom elevates everything that makes the Vasto Lorde the star he is, the intensity of the heat and radiation. These are of course not the only boons granted by La Luz. As stated before, Helliodoro is for the most part, untouchable, whatever section of his body might be assaulted would remain unphased as the incarnation phases through matter without a thought or effort, in turn turning what he passes through into a void as it burnt from existence. Regardless of his lack of a physical form, the Vasto Lorde is still very much capable of physically assaulting his foes, with each strike, Helliodoro is capable of utilizing his Reiatsu as an embodiment of his physical form. These Reiatsu based assaults carry the effects that are expected of them and accompanying those effects, an impact that far outweighs what he was previously capable of as his full potential is released.
Celestiales (天体, “Celestials”)
Once Helliodoro enters this manifestation of his inner self, La Luz, there another aspect of his Ressureción that harkens back to his days as a Hollow. Accompanying the Vasto Lorde in this gargantuan state are six individual radiant orbs, stars if you will. These stars are simple extensions of Helliodoro, following the Arrancar’s will perfectly as his own arms would. As extensions of Helliodoro, these orbs also retain the properties Helliodoro does, able to use the abilities and traits of the Arrancar in this state. In truth, these orbs are no more than ticking time bombs, awaiting their final bravado much like the Arrancar himself. Six calamities waiting to happen.


Cero, a technique used widely and feared just as equally. Rightfully so. Through the years, many have come and gone, and some have stayed, Arrancar and Hollow alike with a devastating skill behind their usage of the Cero. Helliodoro, a simple creature, is quite fond of using this technique and has done so to great effect in the past. With the beyond masterful control of his Reiryoku and Reiatsu he now possesses, the Arrancar is capable of releasing Cero’s that far out match his prior efforts. While the power and speed behind this technique have definitely and wildly risen, the true danger is the aspects drawn from his Reiryoku and Reiatsu. As volatile as everything is for this Arrancar, so too is his Cero. Upon coming into contact with anything else, the beam erupts at the point of contact, taking with it an immense chunk of the area and leaving a sickening and radiation ridden crater. These Cero of his, despite being a regular Cero, adapting only to his Reiatsu and Reiryoku, their potential matches that of a Gran Rey Cero used by lower ranked Espada. One can only imagine what a Gran Rey Cero being used by Helliodoro would do.
Of course, sheer destructive effort is not the only positive going for his Cero, in fact, the charge time required for his Cero is basically null and void. Of course, with no deeper focus on the Cero, the speed and power mentioned before would be reduced but even still, the weakest of his Cero are capable of annihilating foes in an explosive white and grey plume of energy. This lack of charge time allows for Helliodoro to integrate the beam technique into his blows occasionally to devastating effect, even if he himself is caught in the blast.
The points in which this Cero can be expelled are numerous, hands, elbows and his mouth, his feet and knees.
Known Techniques: Cero, Gran Rey Cero, Bala
Vagido is a bestial technique of the Hollow and Arrancar. Simple in function and equally as basic in usage. A technique most would do away with, one that seems to pale in comparison to the likes of the Cero and Bala. Despite this, Helliodoro has grown accustomed to enforcing his power among the ranks of Hueco Mundo with specifically this technique. Used from either afar or at a close range, Helliodoro has displayed uses for both ranges.
At a close proximity, this Vasto Lorde has been noted to display the destructive properties of this ability with a rate far more frequent than that of the defensive nature. Unleashing his unique roar as close as possible to the head of his victim in an attempt to pop the head as though it were a grape between his fingers. As this roar or screech, as some would describe it, wracks the internals within the victim’s head, the eardrums burst instantaneously, sight becomes blurred as the vibrations shake the internals. Blood begins to seep from the ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Moments following the hemorrhaging, the struggling ceases as the brain splats along the inside of the skull, leaving nothing but a limp corpse.
Even with multiple miles between himself and the ground below, this roar effectively reaches and disturbs the earth below. A force not too dissimilar to that of a weaker Reiatsu pressing against those below and the environment itself. The weaker of entities such as basic hollows and unseated shinigami would struggle under its effects, those above such strengths would definitely feel the force, but they would not be impeded by any means.

Facts & Trivia:
•Despite Helliodoro’s passion and desire for carnal violence, there is a part somewhere inside him that despises the solitude wrought by his addiction-like tendencies.
•A Hollow is a rather primitive creature but even so, they harbour emotions of their own, desires of their own. One such desire Helliodoro has always kept was to spend but a night watching the skies above, riddled with the stars he destructively emulated. An impossibility within Hueco Mundo. Where naught but a moon reigns in the sky.
•In the past there have been those who have interacted with Helliodoro as perhaps compatriots, Hollow who have grown on Helliodoro for their personality. However, there is always a certain wedge that is driven between those that could be potential friend to the Vasto Lorde, his stupidity. Driven away by the utter lack of potential real conversations or analysis, those who do find themselves on Helliodoro’s good side soon depart, their regret worn on their skin.

Helliodoro, a creature of simple mind and desires. A beast through and through, nothing more and nothing less. He could never be considered a master of combat, or brilliant mastermind or a genius inventor. No, Helliodoro was simply a beast that held very little of importance in his life and very few priorities, the single true ambition held by the Vasto Lorde, was supremacy. And for a few centuries, he believed he had attained this status, he believed he was the absolute apex among the Hollow.
For years, Helliodoro roamed the skies, a predator in their most honest form. Picking their prey and striking in a flourish of blinding light. A flare, a message to others. This was his day to day. Hollow and Arrancar alike were targets for the Vasto Lorde, making examples of those he hunted in order to assert his dominance as effectively as he could think of. It was something he relished in. Until his fateful encounter with someone who seemed to pride themself on the exact same thing he had. Had he been one of a more intellectual nature, perhaps then, Helliodoro could have avoided the treatment he received that day. Had he taken the King’s beacon as a warning rather than a challenge, he might have remained unscathed and his ego unbroken. Having taken the opportunity to prove himself once more, he found nothing but complete and utter defeat before retreating in a fit of rage.
Eventually he would return with a vengeance, first claiming the life of an Arrancar and a remnant of a king lost, unknown to Helliodoro. Soon following his return, there was a call, the call of a being of impossible strength was far too tempting not to seek out and so he did. To his dismay, Helliodoro would once again find another who would leave him battered and broken, this time however, the Vasto Lorde would fade out of the limelight for far longer.
A century would pass and eventually, Helliodoro finally resurfaces, a new form to display.

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