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The Kenpachi Games!
“A victor decided, a tradition restored!”
Article by Otsukai Mayakasu

What a time to be alive, to have the honor of witnessing something like the Kenpachi Games! Anyone and everyone was given the chance to watch, from the highest nobles to the furthest districts, thanks to the technology provided by the Twelfth Division. Well, watch we did, most of us on the edge of our seats! Ninth Division reports that nearly 900,000,000 souls tuned in to the broadcast, not to mention those who attended the Festival itself. Seventh Division reports a steep drop in criminal activity for the day, specifically violent crimes and theft, however, property damage, riots, and arson did see an increase as the games went on. Safe to say, the majority of souls in our precious society all participated in one shared experience, uniting class, station, and ability, as we routed for and against our favorite competitors!


Kyomu Mukuro: Captain of the Second Division, Chief of the Onmitsukidō. A trained assassin and the foremost Hohō Master, responsible for slaughtering the Oki Clan, and attempting a coup against Shobatsu Murasaki.

Honoka Oki: One of the few survivors of the Oki Slaughter, former Head Lieutenant turned criminal after siring a son with convict Murasaki. A powerhouse in her own right, yet even more deadly when paired with her all-encompassing shikai.

Hiroka Ikari: A fiery veteran from Eleventh Division, with a burning ambition and explosive ability.
Yu Nakamoto: Captain of Fourth Division,and the Seireitei’s Head Doctor. A skillful healer and pacifist, with mastery over Kido and Hohō. Known for the medical miracles he performs, as well as helping subdue the Togabito.
Tenzen Oda: Captain of the Fifth Division and Chief of the Kido Corps. A hollowified Vizard with unparalleled mastery over Kido, known for bringing an end to the Kuchiki Killer’s rampage, and his assistance during the Kōtotsu incident.

Omoni Hageshi: Captain of the Eleventh Division, former Lieutenant of Fourth. An absolute brute and brawler, who can mend as much as she mangles. Known for putting down the Togabito called Swordeater, and for the lives she’s rescued.

Yasu Yugure: Captain of the Ninth Division, Editor-In-Chief of the Seireitei Communication. A vizard as well, trained by Mukuro in the assassination arts. Known for her parts in the Onmitsukidō Coup and Kuchiki Incident.

Nibui Ueki: Lieutenant of the Eleventh Division. Possessing a Reiatsu rivaled only by the Commander, with a vampiric Shikai and zanjutsu skill to boot. Known for his assistance during the Kōtotsu incident.

Shinotori Hitsugaya: A lower seat from the Second Division, possessing an adventurous spirit. Apparently having defected from the Onmitsukidō to participate.

Suiyo Kusotare: A complete unknown, even his name was only given to him so he can participate. Possessing an uncanny skill in Zanjutsu, and unpredictable drunken personality. An urban legend from the rukongai, who claims to have forged his own zanpakuto, and was allegedly placed into the tournament to kill Captain Mukuro.

What a roster it was! After one hundred years of training the Vizards, Commander Kagayaki put out the challenge for the entire Soul Society to answer. Participation was mandatory from the Captains, but there were still many others who heeded the call! Shusuke Kiyoshi’s betting pool saw a profit of one trillion Kan, receiving bets from attendants, nobles, and even Captains. It really was anyone’s game, especially with the few unknowns thrown into the mix. Captain Yugure acted as MC, interviewing the contestants and herself in the pre-games. To some, this was their very first introduction to the Captains, finally putting faces to the legendary names, while others showed up with signs and fanfare for their favorite competitors. Other contestants, such as Ikari, and Ueki, made their first impressions, showing they were serious business. While Kusotare’s confusing demeanor endeared himself to the Rukongai audience.


After an open ceremony filled with confetti and cannonfire, and a riveting speech by Commander Kagayaki, the Kenpachi Games officially kicked off! The atmosphere in the festival that day was like fireworks, the cheers from the central districts echoed out in unison with the cheers from viewers at home, and the entire Rukongai seemed to celebrate. Then just like that, the brackets were announced, and the contestants were swept away to their respective battlefields.

First Bracket: Nakamoto-Oki-Ueki

Taking place in the Valley of Screams, this fight opened with a bang, literally! Casting out a powerful Kido, Captain Nakamoto decimated the battlefield with an original spell. Going all out in the opening gambit, it was still expected that the other contestants would survive the blast. Yet to the surprise of everyone watching, Honoka Oki was incapacitated! Someone of her strength and reputation should not have fallen to a single Kido spell, and yet the facts were right there on the screen. Ninth Division speculates that Oki’s defeat was premeditated, and that her participation in the games may have been a self-inflicted punishment after the events of the Oki Slaughter. Yet still, the battle raged on, with Nibui Ueki’s Zanjutsu going toe to toe with Captain Nakamoto’s kido. The Captain was the first to go Bankai, his mysterious ability not clear even when broadcasted to the public. The Lieutenant respond in kind, and activated his own bark-clad bankai, gaining the unique ability to generate vampiric tree-roots. As the Captain continued with a Bakudo barrage, Ueki responded by surrounding them in a wooden cocoon. When this defense finally crumbled, Ueki was revealed to be caught in Bakudō #79. Kuyō Shibari. With this, Ueki conceded, and Nakamoto moved on!

Second Bracket: Yugure-Hageshi-Ikari-Hitsugaya

Out in 78th District, Ichirin (一輪; One Flower), this swamp of a battleground lived up to its name. The only bracket to have four contestants, Hitsugaya was quickly swatted aside by Captain Hageshi. Following this, an all out battle of Ikari’s explosion’s and Hageshi’s reiatsu erupted against Captain Yugure’s whip-like Shikai. Yugure ended up caught in the tendrils of Hageshi’s own shikai, who in turn remained unphased by the powerful explosions of Ikari’s. Captain Yugure escaped by releasing her Bankai, coating the battlefield in an obsidian swamp of her own making, one composed of a black-tar substance. Hageshi’s response was to release her own bankai, and coat herself in obsidian armor. Ikari, lacking a Bankai of his own, put forth all of his power into a singular massive explosion, Adding to this, Yugure donned her Hollow Mask, and used her Vizard power to release a Cero! Yet both of these blasts were somehow absorbed into Hageshi’s armor, before being converted into an explosion of her own. The resulting blast decimated Yugure’s Bankai, cracking her mask and taking both of her arms. Hageshi turned to Ikari, asking if he was ready for me, but Ikari subsequently yielded, and Hageshi moved on!

Third Bracket: Mukuro-Kusotare-Oda

The line up of this bracket required close attention to the Muken fight. Oda and Mukuro are considered by many to be two of the most dangerous Captains, and they were fighting a complete unknown, perceived to be a drunken bum from the Rukongai. To the surprise of all, this fight opened with a zanjutsu strike from Kusotare. Captain Oda continued with an opening act of his own, casting Hadō #63. Raikōhō at the swordsman. As the explosion blinded the broadcast, viewers assumed that would be it from the bum, but were surprised to find that the blast had been redirected harmlessly around Kusotare with zanjutsu. Captain Mukuro, utilizing his absolute mastery over speed, was imperceptible to the broadcast, but seemed to hit Oda with some form of lightning. It was after this that Oda’s arms and legs suddenly exploded into a red mist, having been unknowingly caught in Kusotare’s original Zanjutsu attack. Yet, like Captain Yugure, Oda overcame this obstacle by releasing his Vizard mask. Only, Oda went above and beyond, demonstrating to the world that it is possible for a Vizard to exceed their masked state, and take on a controlled Vasto-Lorde form. After Mukuro and Kusotare engaged in a skirmish between Shunpo and Zanjutsu, Mukuro sought an exit to the battle, while Kusotare then fought the Vasto Lorde. Kusotare severed one of the creatures arms and unknowingly triggering the spell planted within, Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō. With the swordsman caught, Mukuro placed his intangible shikai through Oda’s heart, until Oda transformed back into his regular state. With this, Mukuro dropped out, causing Kusotare to concede in turn, and Oda moved on!​

With the first round of the games concluded, the rukongai went wild. The Festival itself burst out into thunderous applause, the betting table turning into Chaos as the masses came to collect. Many were glad to see that only the Shinigami Captain’s had moved on, while the Nobles were pleased to see the Oda name up represent them, even if they are disgraced. However, citizens of the outer districts were furious to see Kusotare drop out due to being arrested. Having begun to see the drunken bum as a champion of the people, forming a sort of underdog story. Accused of killing former Seventh Division Captain Itsuki Asakura, Kusotare was apprehended by Captain Oda. However, no interrogation was needed, as Kusotare openly diverged on national broadcast that he had been tricked by the Oki Matriarch to compete, so that he might kill Captain Mukuro. What’s more, he divulged that he had reforged a Zanpakuto, and even unlocked Shikai, without the oversight of the Shinigami. Yet despite this, he was released, and encouraged to test for Captaincy.

Honoka Oki was rushed to the medical tent, her condition on the forefront of many viewer’s minds. The Oki clan were always charitable to their neighbors and community, and their violent end only served to garner more sympathy for the former Head Lieutenant. The revelation of her Grandmother’s machinations did little to deter the Oki’s reputation. Achieving a full recovery, both Oki and Kusotare gave post-fight interviews to our very own Kazumi Fujioka, before both set out to enjoy the festival and watch the conclusion to the games. Captain Mukuro, Ikari, and Ueki however were quick to return to their duties as Shinigami, providing no insight to their thoughts on the games. However, being a true professional, Captain Yugure continued hosting the games, providing key commentary and conducting post-fight interviews with the finalists.


The Soul Society watched with bated breath as they anticipated the return of the Kenpachi title. Since the Twelfth Kenpachi was taken during the Shattered Dimensions event, along with the other captains, no one was left to inherit the title. Now, nearly four hundred years later, the entire world was challenged to take the title for themselves. This meant that nobody could question the validity of the next Kenpachi, as the entire Rukongai and Seireitei bore witness. Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for had come, the next bracket was decided, and the next Kenpachi was soon to be crowned.

The Final Bracket: Nakamoto-Oda-Hageshi

Arriving upon Sōkyoku hill, the final fight of the Kenpachi games ensued. To everyone’s shock, Captain Oda forfeited the moment the fight began, infuriating Hageshi and confusion Nakamoto. Perhaps his fight against Assassin and Swordsman placed a larger toll upon the Captain, one not easily healed by the medics on scene. Or perhaps Oda fought only to gatekeep the title, to prevent anyone but a Captain from moving on. Regardless, the fight continued with Hageshi activating her Bankai right away as she charged her previous Captain. The die was cast, the moment was nye and the legendary feud to decide whom among them was The Kenpachi had finally begun!


Yu responded to the assault with a Bakudō 99. Kin, followed up with a slice of Hadō #78. Zangerin, and topping it all off with an assault from Hadō #57. Daichi Tenyō. Ensnared, Hageshi’s reiatsu incinerated her bonds, yet still she was sent flying, for the first time, before being buried in rubble. A mere moment later, an explosion of reiatsu would send this rubble flying back towards Nakamoto, while revealing that somehow…Hageshi disappeared! Taking advantage of the brief moment of peace, Nakamoto activated his own Bankai, evening the playing field, only to discover that Hageshi had been hiding amongst the flying rubble the entire time. Simply grazing him with her Zanpakuto, somehow Hageshi’s bankai was able to transfer all the damage she had received to Nakamoto himself. However, Nakamoto’s own Bankai seemed to perform a similar function, transferring the damage Omoni wished to inflict back to her. The end result would be an incapatiated Nakamoto on the battlefield floor, and a frenzied Hageshi standing over him deprived of her limbs. Finally, Nakamoto uttered those conclusive words, “I surrender”, and a new Kenpachi was born!

With that, the games had reached their conclusion, Captain Omoni Hageshi now crowned the Thirteenth Kenpachi. The festivities raged on for two more weeks, while Seventh Division ran security detail, quelling riots of both anger and celebration. Somewhere in the chaos, Lieutenant Atsuko Ise went missing, along with the Ise Heirloom, a legendary Zanpakuto in her possession. Still, Western District Sōshō (創傷, Wound), which suffered from the rupture of the Soul King’s Blood only a century ago, continued to celebrate until the end of the month, and declared that very day to be Hageshi Day. to celebrate the Thirteenth Kenpachi. Captain Mukuro returned to his duties along with Captain Oda, and Captain Nakamoto. Ueki and Ikari were dispatched to the world of the living, while Captain Yugure was ordered to monitor the situation with Twelfth. Honoka Oki went on to test for Captaincy, becoming the Captain of Third Division and Headmistress of the Shino Academy, redeeming her criminal record and performance in the games, while bringing her one step closer to uniting with her son. Finally, Suiyo Kusotare, the drunken bum, was encouraged by the Shinigami to test for Captaincy, and after some convincing, he soon became Captain of the Eighth Division. With this, Commander Kagayaki’s plan was a success, demonstrating the strength of the Seireitei to the Rukongai, increasing its strength by bringing in new Captains, and upholding a respected tradition by crowning the strongest warrior Kenpachi. Not to mention, the food was good too.

Congratulations to the 13th Kenpachi!

Captain Omoni Hageshi!


Return of the God King
“Arrancar wreak havoc in the world of the living!”

Article by Otsukai Mayakasu

It starts with the death of a Lieutenant, one Katsuo Toshiyuki, in district 3600, known in the human world as Karakura Town (空座町, Karakurachō; lit. Empty Seat Town). The details surrounding the sudden disappearance of the former Thirteenth Lieutenant and his team remain a mystery, according to the reports of one Nana Nokoribi of Thirteenth division. However, what is known is that shortly after his readings stopped coming in, a series of Garganta began to open up in both Karkakura town and the neighboring Naruki City. The patterns of the portal’s appearances, their frequency and number, correlate with the usage of Hollow bait, theorized one member of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. Hollow bait is forbidden by Shinigami, due to the increased rate of hollows that the scent attracts. The Arrancar are unlikely to fool themselves, rather than outright invade, and the denizens of Hell utilize their own Togabito for human world expeditions. Additionally, the historic use of hollow bait traces back to the days of the Quincy. While this may lead to some speculation, no direct action has yet to be taken against the quincy, as there still remain unknown elements such as the Fullbringers, who are just as likely to be responsible for this horrible act of destruction.

With Lieutenant Toshiyuki out of commission, the Thirteenth Division was hit hard by the first wave of hollows. Nokoribi rushed to Head Lieutenant Kasumi for orders, only to find that the Tenth Division had already requested backup from the Eleventh. As Nokoribi hurriedto return to the fray, Yūrei Shiroi held down the fort, taking command of the Thirteenth Division. Gravely outnumbered, with human and shinigami casualties only increasing, Shiroi was forced to delegate the Thirteenth’s resources towards disaster relief rather than combat. This allowed the first Arrancar to step through, attracted by the bait. He cast forth a black cero, and engaged in combat with two unknown Quincy signatures. Shortly after a new garganta opened, one significantly more worrisome than the rest. Pouring from this single garganta were two reiatsu signatures that were, according to Twelfth Division, literally off of the charts, dwarfing the original arrancar threat. The location of the first signature immediately shifted, as though teleporting, to the outskirts of the city; while the second signature continued to increase right in the city's heart.

Returning to Karakura Town, Nokoribi immediately approached a resisting Quincy, named Amanda. The Quincy in the past have been reported to assist Shinigami against mutual threats to the city, and that appeared to be exactly what Amanda was doing. However, upon concluding introductions, the two were accosted by the arrival of the second Arrancar presence. Before Nokoribi could act, she was struck by some sort of tendril, which took the front of the woman’s face, before striking through her blocking form and sending her crashing into the ground below.

While this ends Nokoribi’s report, Shiroi claims to have witnessed the whole thing. Following Nokoribi’s dispatchment, Amanda fled, shooting a hole through the Arrancar’s head. Yet the creature appeared unphased, his form returning to that of a tall, muscular, blonde man with a single eye and sinister smile. In response, the Arrancar clapped his hands, and sent a wave of destruction rippling through the entire city, claiming untold lives.
The massive loss of life did not appear enough for the Blonde Arrancar, who then leaped into the air, crashing through another forty city blocks before he finally took to the skies. From here, reports get murky, as the Twelfth Division reports an unprecedented influx of reincarnated souls, or in layman's terms, a complete loss of life from the humans in the district. Something like this could only be performed through a special technique, perhaps an unknown aspect of death, or even a record-breaking Gonzui. Yet just as quickly as the life signatures disappeared they suddenly returned to status quo, as though being undone. This could be a glitch in Twelfth's monitoring systems, but such a thing has never occurred before. What's more, reports from the Thirteenth Division don’t claim to have witnessed any abnormalities, or sensed any sort of undoing.

What occurred next may have been tied to the strange readings, as a massive influx of energy burst out above the outskirts of Karakura, one which rivaled those of the Arrancar. Energy, rather than reiatsu, is the best way to describe what Tweflth Division’s monitors were picking up, pure, unlimited, energy. Those in the field witnessed a glowing blue figure rise into the sky, illuminating the night, composed of pure light. Upon further inspection, it is theorized that what was seen may have been none other than a Quincy Vollständig, the byproduct of a schrift, the warning signs of an emperor. It is a power not seen since the Thousand Year Blood War. What’s more, witnesses claim to have seen a young woman in this energy-beings hands, could she have been the Quincy Empress, or perhaps the figure that held her may have been the Emperor himself!

The Quincies in the sky had to have been important somehow, as the two massively powerful arrancar both converged on their location. Not much was scene of the first source of reiatsu, other than that his spiritual energy consumed the Quincy woman for a moment, and then both her and it disappeared. In the sky, the Blonde arrancar, the second source of reiatsu, hurdled himself towards the energy being, seemingly cutting the entity in half, before crashing into the mountains outside the city and disappearing too. With the Arrancar threat gone the energy being appeared to release his Vollständig, and suppressing his reiatsu from there on, disappeared amongst the masses.

It is theorized that what occurred in Karakura town was some sort of inter-racial war between Quincy and Arrancar. While the initial Arrancar appeared to be a threat, he was only a few categories below the whale-commanding invader from one hundred years ago. The other two who arrived however, made no effort in hiding their presence, their level of spiritual power causing experts to believe that these two were of the upper echelon of the Espada, an organization of the tens strongest arrancar in Hueco Mundo. Such an elite force as the Espada can pose a great threat to the Soul Society, and is only supposed to be able to form under the command of a God King. The two invaders in Karakura were powerful enough that either one of them could have been speculated to be the God King, and yet we know for a fact that this is not the case, due to the horrifying, yet simultaneous, events in Naruki City.

In Naruki City, the hollows rampaged, held back initially by the efforts of the Tenth Division’s Living Task Force. Soon Lieutenant Jinnosuke Ueku and Shoumetsu Takahiro were dispatched by the Eleventh Division, to meet up with then Lieutenant Hyouzoku and Izanagi Kiyoshi. At this point, the hollow readings were diminishing in Naruki city, despite an increase of Garganta opening. The Living Task Force reports seeing Hollows suddenly receive lethal wounds the very moment they stepped out of their portals. For a period of time, The Twelfth Division Reports, there was zero hollow activity in Naruki City. Something like that is nearly unprecedented, even during the shattered dimensions event there were hollow presences, even now in our very own Soul Society hollows scurry away hiding in their crevices. So what could have been responsible, then of all times, in the middle of an onslaught of invading hollows, for this period of peace?

During this period of time, Lieutenant Hyouzoku and his team had a sudden encounter with an Armor-Clad fullbringer, who fled after being threatened by the Lieutenant. The teleportation like powers that this human possessed are theorized to be what was protecting the city from the hollows. Could there be a defender of Naruki city, hidden amongst the opposition? Yet before they could pursue the human and ask, they were suddenly accosted by an entirely new entity.
A pale stranger arrived, naked, spare platform boots and a black shawl around his head. His arrival obliterated the building that the shinigami were standing on, causing them hurdling down through the city. Experienced in combat, Lieutenant Ueku and Shoumetsu Takahiro were unphased by the collapsing debris, and rushed the entity. Lieutenant Hyouzoku, the veteran commander of the Living Task Force, was quick to save his comrades, from the building, from the entity, and from themselves. Yet it would seem that despite all of Hyouzoku’s speed, he was not fast enough to rescue everyone, choices had to be made, and he chose to let the strongest fend for himself.

As such, Lieutenant Ueku, with all of his might, and a history of unwavering stubbornness, chose to test the entity’s strength, allowing the pale man to strike him in the face. To the shock of all, the once considered immovable Lieutenant was struck down with a single blow, his conditioning and metallic bones, his physical strength and spiritual denseness, helpless against the power of the pale man. There was no more time to fool around and test the waters, whoever this opponent was, the Shinigami could not afford to underestimate him. Izanagi Kiyoshi attempted to blast the stranger, but had his own track redirect back at him, placing him into critical condition. Lieutenant Hyouzoku, responsible now for the lives of his team, was quick to activate Bankai, switching from defensive to offensive. Yet, just as his bankai would obliterate the entity, the pale man removed the scarf from his head, which had seemingly been suppressing his reiatsu. Fully exposed now, the Arrancar’s reiatsu completely engulfed the city, on par with the two signatures previously located in Karakura town. Displaying a level of power that no living Shinigami has yet to face.
This stranger, introducing himself as Maximiliano Zacarías, announced that he is the God King, and declared himself God. The God of Arrancar, a title bestowed to only a single hollow, one who stands above the ten strongest, the commander of the Espada and Lord of Las Noches.
A figure like this has not been seen since before the Shattered Dimensions event. Upon becoming Commander, Shobtasu Murasaki halved the population of Hueco Mundo, crippling their power and plunging the realm into chaos. It would seem after nearly three hundred years, a new entity has risen to unite the Arrancar. This would certainly explain the organized force that was seen nearly a hundred years ago, who were quick to arrive in the aftermath of the Togabito incident, seeking to scavenge what was left of the Soul King’s blood. It also lends credence to the theory that the two who attacked Karakura were Espada, neither being the God King themselves.

After this revelation, the God King used his power to unravel Hyouzoku’s bankai, destroying it and rendering him powerless. Watching as Hyouzoku was grabbed by the skull, Shoumetsu Takahiro refused to watch another lieutenant die, and activated his bankai. Yet, just as everyone before Shoumetsu had failed to make a dent in this God King, so too would the Eleventh Shinigami's bankai fail. A singular release of Reiatsu was all that was needed to negate Takihiro, followed by a single, deadly punch from the Godking, which obliterated the shinigami and the city block behind him. Fortunately, Hiroka Ikari, fresh from the Kenpachi games, arrived in time to save the fallen shinigami, and carry their bodies back to the Soul Society.

All that was left was a struggling Hyouzoku, caught in the palm of the God King. Yet, according to Hyouzoku, he had seemingly impressed this Maximiliano, enough to not only be spared, but experimented on. A pulse of red energy found its way through Hyouzoku’s body, and the lieutenant was dropped to the floor. When he rose up, his figure was ensnared in a white-bone-like substance, his soul chain corroding as he underwent hollowification. Just like the Vizards of old, who were once put down by former Commander Murasaki, Shizuka continued to hollowfy into his physical and spiritual form were completely corrupted. Transforming beyond his shinigami form and into a Vasto Lorde state.


Hyouzoku had lost not only his comrades, but himself. In his primal instincts, the territorial Vasto Lorde charged the God King, kicking the deity in his abdomen and sending him flying into a nearby building. With this, the God King finally seemed satisfied, declaring his retreat. He made his exit, rising from a Negación, which pulled him into a Garganta, disappearing once again into his realm , but not before firing off two final Bala’s. No further info was able to be gathered about this mysterious Maximiliano, including why he was hiding in the World of the Living in the first place, or where he managed to obtain a Gigai capable of suppressing his power. All that was left of his path of destruction was the revelation of his name and title, the domination of the Lieutenant he spared, and the final attack threatening to destroy Naruki City.

With the Shinigami forces completely obliterated, and the Captains occupied by the Kenpachi Games, there seemed no hope for backup, no chance of regaining control of the situation, and nobody to stop the rampaging Vasto Lorde. The Balas arrival upon the city was imminent. That is, until the reappearance of the human Fullbringer, the one who had been keeping the hollows at bay. Somehow he managed to deflect both attacks skyward, away from the city, Now it seemed his fight was taken to the Vasto Lorde, whether he knew the creature was our own Lieutenant or not is unclear. What is clear however is that the two battled, the Human taking the Vasto Lorde into the sky, high above the clouds and nearly out of the atmosphere.
The battle raged in the sky, while members from Tenth, Fourth, and Eleventh arrived from Soul Society as a third wave of support. This tertiary front consisted of Tenth’s Tosu Shohei, Sango Tsutsui, and Fourth Division medic Kaisou Tsunoda. Shortly after Eleventh’s Lieutenant Nibui Ueki and Hiroka Ikari returned to assist in confronting the Vasto Lorde, while events were recorded by Tenth’s Hashidearu Kanojo. It would appear that in the sky, the Vasto Lieutenant released some form of massive Cero, pushed to the brink by the Human Fullbringer. Lieutenant Ueki appeared to confront Vasto head on, while Ikari assaulted it from the ground. This allegedly bought time for the Fullbringer to deliver a decisive blow to the Vizard, shattering the Lieutenant’s mask. From there the task force of Tenth and Fourth were able to retrieve Hyouzoku, stabilizing him until he could be brought in for treatment.

Lieutenant Hyouzoku went on to make a full recovery, and has since become Captain Hyouzoku, training with Commander Kagayaki to control his Hollowification, much like our other Vizard residents. Funeral preparations were made for Lieutenant Jinnosuke Ueki, with his death acting as the catalyst for the Eleventh Veterans to transfer division. Shoumetsu Takahiro, once he recovered, and after having his blade repaired by the Eighth Division, went on to transfer to the Tenth Division, and become Lieutenant under Hyouzoku. Hiroka Ikari transferred into the Ninth Division, to become Lieutenant under Captain Yugure. While Lieutenant Ueki, and the rest of the Tenth and Fourth task force, returned to their duties as Shinigami. After being in a coma for over a month, Izanagi Kiyoshi too went on to recover, dropping from the seats of the Tenth Division to focus on increasing his power, and obtaining Bankai. Repairs to the four city blocks that were destroyed in Naruki are early complete, while the quarter of a city that remains in Karakura is remains heavily guarded by the Thirteenth and Eleventh divisions. As for the human that appeared to defend the city and rescue Lieutenant Hyouzoku, as well as the Quincy who activated Vollständig, no sightings of either have since been reported. While the God King Himself remains secluded in Hueco Mundo with his Espada, no doubt planning their next assault.

What occured in the Human World during our festive Kenpachi Games can be described as nothing other than a Declaration of War. The Central Forty Six has granted the Captain Commander wartime authority, who has in turn ordered every division to prepare. His first decree? To put a stop to the Shinigami in-fighting, and focus on presenting a unified front to what threatens us all. We at Ninth will be ready when the enemy is at our walls.

Will you?



Interviews with the Gotei Thirteen!

Once again I find myself in charge of the interview portion of the SCC, and once again it cannot be at a more turmoil ridden time! While we celebrate the success of the Kenpachi Games, it would seem that disaster has struck the world of the living. With the gaining of a new Captain for the Seventh Division, we are met with the loss of three lieutenants. It seems the balance of souls affects us all in many different ways. Do we celebrate, or do we mourn? Perhaps these interviewees will have our answers!

My first interview is with the star of the hour, the new Kenpachi herself! I was meant to meet the Captain at her quarters, but was instead greeted by a poorly written note pinned to her door. “Gone Fishing” it said. I can’t say I’m surprised, but the question becomes….where exactly did the Captain go? I request a list of waterfronts inhabited with fish within the Seireitei from my Division, and after visiting about three of them I finally seem to find the right spot. Although, commencing an interview in such a strange setting was without a doubt odd, it made sense considering it was the unpredictable and preferably solitary Captain Hageshi that I sought an audience with. Even if the exchange had been agreed upon earlier in the week, I couldn’t possibly rely on her to remember it. Then again…maybe she had wandered off to avoid me and this process entirely.

“Hello Captain Hageshi, or should I say Kenpachi? It's good to see you again.”

I say gingerly as I approach, seeing the woman lost in thought, her eyes deep in the creek.


Genuinely startled by my arrival, the Captain jolts to attention. For a brief moment a very rare and serene look crosses her face, but is instantly hardened into an expression of irritation and shock. Perhaps she was wondering how someone would have tried to find her, seeing her message intending to keep them away for another day but still discover her nonetheless. Not to mention, that I would have to be brave enough to completely ignore her obvious statement that she wanted to be left alone. Instead of rising to her feet, the Captain remained seated with her marred hand tightly grasping a rather long fishing pole with the line left in the water. Fortunately, once she recognized me, that grimace only softened a little. Guess she couldn’t hide forever.

“Yo. The camera guy. So I gotta do more talkin? Kenpachi. Sounds weird when people say it. Wonderin’ when that stops.”

I chuckle as I take out my camera.

"Ha, probably never. The whole world watched you take the title after all. I was hoping to ask a few questions if you don't mind."

I snap my picture, just as the new Kenpachi yells out her response.

" Well ya' found me n' I aint' goin' anywhere so let's have it!"


Q: "Well the first question on everyone's mind is, how does it feel to become the Thirteenth Kenpachi?"

A: "Tell ya the truth, feels like nothin's changed ta' me. Everyone's sayin' its a big deal. I knew I was the strongest before the games happened and nothin's different. Eh, that ain't true I guess. Lots more people wanna fight me now, stead' a' me huntin' to find some, they find me!"

Q: “"You're already being challenged? I suppose that makes sense with the amount of publicity surrounding the event."

A: “ Yea, but when they don’t cut it I offer em’ a spot in the eleventh. Got a crazy amount a’ people wantin’ to join since the games ended. Hell…I didn’t do this for all that though. I was just havin’ a good time fightin’ some really powerful opponents.”

Q: “"They probably think it's easier to face you than enter the Kenpachi Games, but I'm sure that none of them compare to the competition you faced. Tell us, what was it like to compete?"

The Captains excitement is palpable upon hearing this question, forgoing any sense of intimidation, she is almost like a child talking about her favorite hyperfixation.

A: “Fun! First, I got ta’ fight Su! Man, she was tough as nails! N’ did ya see!? She showed me her Hollow Vizard side and even her Bankai! Fought Ikari too, y’know hes her LT now? Wild. He was a sick match too, lotta heat. Wish they hadn’t backed down though, wish none of ‘em had. Almost forgot, that second guy died. Guess Hiroka thought he’d lived long enough. Then,…Got to fight the kid. Hey- is he okay? I aint’ heard much ‘bout his recoverin’.”

The excitement fades, giving way to a concern I didn’t know the Kenpachi possessed.

Q: “Captain Nakamoto? I'm sure he's fine, if anybody can make a quick recovery its the Seireitei's foremost medical practitioner. Would you say Nakamoto was your toughest opponent?"

A: “He’s somethin’ alright n’ no offense ta’ the other three but I’d say he was. Sorta got a little excited n’ went at im’ with all I had cause we NEVER really fought before then. Not like that. Gotta say tho, If I’da been dumber in that battle, you’d prolly be talkin’ ta’ him ‘stead a’ me. Way that ended…we ain’t meant to fight each other but I want a rematch one a’ these days.”

Q: "Was there any animosity there, being that he is your former Captain? Any hesitation perhaps?"

A: “Nah, none a’ that but I’d say I was really happy ta’ see him after so long. I missed him, I miss bein’ in the fourth division n’ how he remembered me n’ that’s why I had to go at him like I did. Had ta’ show him how strong I was now, wanted him to show me how strong he was too. Didn’t hold back n’ neither did he.”

Q: "Speaking of your finals fight, how do you feel about Captain Oda's forfeit? Why do you think he dropped out last minute?"

A: “Tch…Magic Monk Man. What dya’ mean?! I’m pissed! I think he got scared n’ ran away! S’okay though, I’m gonna get him.”
Q: "I'm sure you will! So how has Eleventh been following the Games?"

A: “Busy as hell! There’s a ton a’ recruits n’ ever since I started bein’ Kenpachi they’ve all been under goin’ my new extreme training regime! The eleventh’s tough but always open ta’ those lookin’ ta’ get as strong as they can.”

Q: "What about those who transferred out? Hiroka Ikari, Shoumetsu Takahiro, both went on to become Lieutenants after their excursion into Naruki City. What can you tell us about that?"

A: “Ya ask me, they both decided they wanted more in life then to roll around in the dirt n’ fight all day. I don’t get why they wouldn’t just wanna beat each other up over n’ over but it is what it is. Gave em’ my blessing n’ Wished em luck n’ sent em’ on their way. I think they’re gonna make great LT’s.”

Q: "I'm sure they will. How do you feel about their reports from Naruki? That the God King has revealed himself, and turned Captain Hyouzoku into a vizard?"

A: “What.”

Genuine confusion comes across the Kenpachi’s face, and I regret that I am the one to have to share the news. Though I suppose that is my job afterall.

Q: "You didn't read your own division's reports?"

A: “ Uh…Not yet, but I damn sure will now! The God King?! If he’s active then that’s gotta spell some nasty trouble headed our way. Hang on, think someone told me about this. Bastard killed Ueku. Hm, Hope that idiot rests in peace, I’m gonna mess that God King guy up. But—HEY! That’s ANOTHER vizard! I gotta fight Hyouzoku!”

There’s that signature excitement again, it’s almost contagious. I can see why her division is so eager to follow her into battle.

Q: "Bahaha! You're the same old Captain. Any message for those aspiring to join the Eleventh?"

A: “ Heh, yea. If yer’ wantin’ ta’ get with the eleventh then ya’ better be ready ta’ give it yer’ all! Don’t matter who ya’ are, once we’re done with ya’ yer’ gonna be usin’ all ya’ got ta’ protect the Soul Society and ta’ be built into the best damn fighters the Seireitei’s ever seen!”

Q: "Finally Captain, with the God King's declaration, war is imminent. Do you feel the Eleventh Division is prepared?"

A: “ We’re always ready for whatever evil gets spit out at us n’ I’ll never stop pushing my division beyond their limits so no matter what, we’ll defeat it.”

"We'll be counting on you then, Kenpachi! Thanks again for your time, and good luck with the fishi-"

It is then that the pole that had been dormant during our conversation began to writhe and shake with abandon. The Captain turned her sights on the stick and instantly knew what needed to be done. The Kenpachi stood up with a great grunt and in one single yank of her arm, a titan was torn from the water high into the sky where it flailed ferociously on the end of the hook. The sheer size of the mammoth was enough to leave both her and I in its shadow. Thank the Soul King I hadn’t yet put away my camera!

With a second skillful jerk of the pole, she simultaneously removed the hook from the monster’s gaping fang filled mouth and allowed her prized catch to dive back into its home where it could swim unimpeded so that they might meet again.

What a Catch!​

Usually it would be difficult to follow a headliner like Kenpachi, but for the third time in my career, I am granted the opportunity to interview a Vizard of all things! Not only that, but one who has survived a fight with the God King Himself, and not only managed to NOT be banished, but actually promoted to a Captain! That’s right, none other than Captain Shizuka Hyouzoku! I meet him in the Captain’s office of the Tenth Division barracks, a place I haven't seen in over a hundred years, since Commander Kagayaki left the role.

"Hey there Captain Hyouzoku, it's been awhile. Thanks for agreeing to see me, and congratulations on the Captaincy!"

“Thank you, and yeaaaa ‘bout a century ago, huh?”

"That's right, the last time we spoke was after the Togabito Incident. A lot has changed since then."

“Ahh yes. Seems like you only pop up during turmoil.”

He lightly chuckles, dissolving his cool-guy exterior for just a moment, a small relief of friendliness. I can’t help but chuckle as well, his assessment is an accurate one.

"Disaster and Puff pieces, the only things that sell. Shall we get right into it then?"

As I pull out my camera he puts on a smile I can only describe as fake, there is a sadness in his eyes, and I realize this interview may be one of my hardest yet.

“Sure. Get right into it.”


Q: "Well to start, can you tell us about what happened in Naruki?"

I decide to start with the elephant in the room. The Captain lets out a loud sigh, hesitating for about ten second before he finally speaks.

A: “Well while the Kenpachi Games were commencing, we were assaulted by an unexpected visitor. Proclaiming to be the God-King of Hueco Mundo. We fought valiantly, but we had our losses as well. Jinnosuke Ueku fell, Shoumetsu Takahiro and Izanagi Kiyoshi also fought bravely and were dispatched with grievous injuries. All in all we suffered a major loss against his power.”

He grimaces slightly, seemingly from the slight recollection of events

Q: "My condolences, I'm sure its unpleasant to look back. Have Takahiro and Kiyoshi made a recovery?"
A: “Yea, they’re fine. Back better than ever”

Q: "How about yourself?"
A: ““I’m perfectly fine. As you see regained my strength. Worthy of a Captain’s spot now!”

Q: “"That's true, but what about that other part of you? Is it true that when fighting this God King you underwent hollowification?"
A:“You couldn’t help yourself asking, huh?”

The fake smile fades and turns into a distant cold stare, I’m finally breaking through into the reality of events.

Q: "Well it's what we're both here for. Reports from Eleventh, Fourth, and your own division all corroborate the same thing. That a Vasto Lorde rampaged above the city after the God King had fled. Allegedly, this was you. Reports stop after Ikari took Takahiro and Kiyoshi to Fourth, and resume once Shohei arrived to support the Living Task Force, when the Hollow was already engaged. Between these times, you're the only witness. What can you tell us about the experience?"

Now he lets out an even longer sigh, and I begin to fear that he may walk out of this interview, or at least decline a future request.

A:“No info escapes you”

He mutters under his breath, before collecting himself, reluctant to answer.

“Well.. yeah after Shoumetsu was dispatched. The Arrancar proceeded to destroy my Bankai. Afterwards he tried to turn me into a Hollow, for some reason I still don’t know why. The rest is shaky after that from me, but I probably was that Vasto Lordes in the reports. I didn’t mean to attack everyone but it was all out of my control.”

Q:"I'm sorry to hear that. Is it still out of your control?"
A: “Yes. I’m definitely a raging Vasto Lordes Hollow right now.”

Irritation replaces hesitation. He looks into my eyes and I freeze, unsure if this is where I’ll die.

“Are you blind?”

For the first time I struggle to form words, luckily I don’t have to, as the Captain continues.

"The last Shinigami to undergo hollowification were put down by former Commander Murasaki, and then had to train for a century with Commander Kagayaki in order to control their afflictions. I'm just asking what's on everyone's mind sir, please calm down."

He lets out a long exhale, different from his earlier sighs, as though releasing the pent up anger.


I realize my demeanor is stiff, likely my eyes are wide with fear, and I make an effort to relax. The Captain’s voice is gentler now, his eyes less cutting.

“It’s just, we’re not too far removed from that day. The lives lost that day, still stick with me. The injuries. Everything, it sucks. Especially since, I caused even more pain and havoc afterwards. Endangering my own division in the process. So sorry if I’m on edge with the topic. I understood this was going to get asked eventually, especially now that I’m a Captain. But yeah, it seems im not ready completely…..I’ve been training with the Commander, day in and day out. To control this affliction. So that when I can resume my duties as a soldier, I can use this power for MY purposes. Similar to how Captain Oda and Yugure were able to during the Games. Sidenote, their performances were insane! I’m still watching the replays almost every day.”

Q: "Ah so you got to see the Games still then? What did you think? How do you feel about our new Kenpachi?"

The Captain perks up, displaying an energy that can only be described as relief.

A: “Ahh, yes a much better topic. OMON-….. I mean… KENPACHI HAGESHI! Is amazing! I knew she was strong but sheeeeesh. The name perfectly suits her, I should’ve known this was coming all along.”

Q: "I don't think anyone's surprised by the result! The Commander's intention with the Games seems to have been a show of the Seireitei's strength. Having faced our enemy first hand, how do you feel our strength compares?"

I know I’ve made a mistake when the Captain grimaces once again.

A: “I don’t mind saying this out-loud because we need to be aware. The enemy that’s coming….. is…”

His eyes look through me, past me, at something else, somewhere else.

“Almost greater than anything we can think of”

Q: "Greater than the Commander? Than the Kenpachi? Are you serious?"

I can’t contain my shock at this statement, and see the Captain shake his head left and right as if he was disappointed

A: “Just know we are not safe. It’s going to take everything we can to win. Even if I have to embrace these powers to their fullest extent, I’’ll do anything to protect the Seireitei.”

Q: "So what do we know about this God King?"
A: “His name is Maximilliano Zarcarias. His power alone while he was sealed, without the use of his Zanpakuto. Warranted my Bankai.”

Q: "What do you think he was doing in Naruki? Do you think it correlates with the other Arrancar who invaded Karakura?"
A: “Yeah, I haven’t looked at the reports in detail but I can already tell. This was a coordinated attack, probably the ones behind Katsuo Toshiyuki’s death.I know it’s terrifying to speculate but, it’s the sad reality.”

Q: “There hasn't been a God King since the Shattered Dimensions event, why reveal himself now?"
A: “Probably because they’re ready now. Last 11th Division expedition into Hueco Mundo ended in somewhat of a failure. There was no force strong enough to quell the incoming threat. Now that they’ve had time to rebuild and revitalize. They’re stronger than ever.”

Q: "And what about the Fullbringers? There are plenty of rumors surrounding this mysterious sub-set of human."
A: “Well from anonymous info. I think i’ve gotten the ring leader of these humans. When I get back into the field, I’ll scour the depths of the city to investigate further”

Q: "Good to hear. Do you believe that they are a threat?"
A:“If influenced wrongly yes. There’s one of them, free from malice but…. That’s all I know. As of right now they’re still an enigma”

Q: "The one rumored to have rescued you from your hollow state?"
A: “Yeah I heard from Sango, that he helped alot! I’m still skeptical from my initial encounter with him, but I trust my division mates words. As of right now, still have to treat the situation with caution. Try not to the stir the pot too much.”

Q: “The Arrancar are stronger than ever, and the Fullbringer's are an enigma. As for the Quincy, reports show that a Vollständig was activated in Karakura for the first time since the Blood War, a power that can only be given by an Emperor. Do you think one exists? Could the God King and his Espada have invaded in pursuit of him?"

His eyes close, and he refuses to look up properly.

A:“Well, yeah if there was a Vollständig activated. Obviously that means an Emperor exist, they’re probably starting to move now as well in response. Quincies have been known to exist after the war so… it might be remnants of Ywacht’s power. Hard to tell.”

With eyes still closed, the Captain only shakes his head. I swallow at the name of the Soul King, even now all these centuries later that name still sends a chill down the spine of whoever hears it.

Q:"Fortunately now we have you as a Captain, protecting our front line in the Human World. Tell us, what are your future plans for Tenth Division?"
A: “When I get back, we’re going to establish our presence in the World of the Living harder than ever before. Along with establish ourselves as the strongest division!”

Q: "I'm sure you will! Do you have any message for those aspiring to join the Tenth?"

Finally the Captain opens his eyes, taking in a deep breath as he crosses his hands together triumphantly.


For a moment he sounds just like Commander Kagayaki.

Q: "Finally Captain, with the God King revealed, an Emperor established, and a Fullbringer able to take down a Vasto Lorde, war is imminent. Do you feel that Tenth Division is prepared?"
A: “Most definitely. With 3 of our members able to perform Bankai, we’re more than capable! You’ll feel just as safe as when Higen and Fuyuko were here!”

His positivity in the face of the all the emotional turmoil he is going through is a welcome sign. I can tell that this newfound Captain and Vizard takes his role seriously, he is a good leader.

"Well I feel safe knowing you're in charge, and I'm glad to see you back in full spirits. Thanks again for your time Captain Hyouzoku."

“No problem. Also… please come on during lighter times”​

My final interview is a new face, one who has taken the Seireitei by surprise with her promotion. After so many years of turmoil, the loss of a Captain, and a Lieutenant, the Seventh Division has finally found someone eligible to don the haori. I am curious to meet this Nao Murakami, and am happy to journey out into the Rukongai to see her.

"It's nice to meet you Captain Murakami. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed, and congratulations on the Captaincy."

She smiles warmly, overseeing the construction of a new building.

"Ooooh, that's so kind of you, thank you! Nice to meet you too, and it's no bother. I've always got the time for working folk."

I’m surprised by her manners, especially after my last two itnerviews turned out to be such characters.

"Of course! Shall we get right into it then?"

I saw, taking out my camera, not wanting to waste the Captain’s precious time, despite her kind statement.

"Yes, of course. Ask away!"

Q: "The Seventh Division has always been relatively secretive, especially when it comes to members in the field. Can you tell us a little about yourself, and your history patrolling the Rukongai?"

A: "Oh goodness, going straight for the hard hitters!" Nao claims as she laughs. "Well, I wouldn't say we're secretive by choice...but I suppose it may seem that way from the outside looking in." She gestures at herself, curious eyebrows rising. "Me? Oh I'm nothing special, you know, just doing what I can for the people of the Rukongai. I know how hard it is out there, lots of people struggling."

The Captain grins playfully, her single eye closing, before she exclaims:

"There's some scary stuff out there!"

Q: "Lots of people struggling indeed. Do you have any aspirations for helping these people, or do you intend to keep them in line like your predecessor? Can you tell us what sort of scary stuff you've encountered?"
A: "Mmhmm...too many struggling, poor things. And of course!" she proclaims, playfully pretending to be offended. "We at the Seventh aren't heartless! It's a top priority, and I'm taking a direct involvement in the process. But things take time, and tackling the beast that is the Soul Society will require much of it."

She smiles confidently.

"My methods are my own. The late Captain Asakura had his, bless his poor soul, so you can rest assured it'll be a different approach." At his final question, Nao plays around the question. "Well...you know, scary hollows, scary bandits, rebellions. You name it, the Rukongai's got it."

Q: "Rebellion? Your predecessor outright refused to acknowledge any threat to the Soul Society."

Nodding solemnly, she responds:

A: "Oh yes, they're still out there. Captain Asakura had his reasons, whatever they might of been. I wish I were able to elucidate,"

She says taking in a deep breath through her teeth.

"But unfortunately for us both, I'm no mind reader!"

Q: "Is this the same rebellion that allegedly harvested the Soul King's Blood? The one responsible for the Garganta that destroyed Western District Seventy Seven one hundred years ago?"
A: "Honestly? I couldn't tell you. The Soul Society is such a big place, so many little cracks to hide in. I mean...it's definitely a possibility."

Q: “Do you think they are the threat former Lieutenant Ise warned about prior to the Kenpachi Games? Could they be responsible for her disappearance since?"

A: "Yes, I think so..."

A brief yet palpable sadness befalls her expression.

"...I believe the former...Lieutenant's warnings held truth, yes."

She sighs deeply.

"The details surrounding her disappearance are still under investigation, so I truly am sorry, I can't speak much on it at the moment."

Q: "Ah of course. My apologies, so many questions have arisen about the Rukongai, with very few answers until now. So tell us, what inspired you to become a Captain?"
A: “It's okay my dear, I understand. There's a lot that goes on out there, and those within Seireitei want to know. You know, I haven't had to verbalize the answer to that question until now...and it was the Seventh. The Seventh Division is what inspired me. I love my Division; the people, the work, the Rukongai, everything about it. It's a part of me. Not many know this, but I didn't always agree with the late Captain Asakura, and I simply couldn't sit back and watch the Division fall to pieces, even after his death. Former Lieutenant Ise did her best, which I am very grateful for."

Q: "I'm sure we're all glad to hear that. What are your future plans for Seventh Division?"
A: “Well, the future of Seventh is very bright! I've been working tirelessly to lay the foundations to ensure both the needs of both the Seireitei and the Rukongai are met. Oh, and if you can get this out there, we're always accepting transfers! No matter where you're from, we'll gladly have you!"

Q: "I'll be sure to spread the word! Tell me Captain, did you get a chance to watch the Kenpachi Games?"
A: "Ah, aren't you just a peach! Thank you kindly."

The Captain points at me excitedly, then laughs sheepishly.

"You bet your bottom-dollar I did! But first, I forgot to ask when we started this interview, what's your name?"

I feel my face flush, as I bow my head a bit in embarrassment.

"Otsukai Mayakasu, Ma'am."

The Captain waves her hand, as though dissipating the air, a genuine look of concern on her face.

"I'm soooo sorry I didn't ask earlier, but thank you Otsukai. Right, about the Kenpachi Games. They were a blast! Who wouldn't love to see the greatest fighters in the Seireitei go at it?!"

Q: "It's perfectly alright Ma'am. How do you feel about the new Kenpachi Hageshi?"

To my surprise the Captain’s very existence seems to shrink, a bead of sweat forming at her temple, before she laughs nervously.

A: "She's a frightening woman. Very fitting title, the things she did in that tournament..."

Q: "Haha! You're not alone in that opinion. What do you think about Captain Oda publicly accusing Kusotare for Asakura'as death? You went on to test the man for Captaincy correct?"

At the utterance of that man's name, a flicker of seriousness washed over the Captain, so brief that half a blink would miss it, the joyfulness that preceded it returning.

A: "I sure did. Captain Oda has his reasons. He's an astute man, one of the brightest we have. We should always heed his council. And I must say that I can't corroborate such a claim at this moment."

Q: "Even if it wasn't Kusotare. First Captain Asakura, now Lieutenant Ise, are you concerned that someone is targeting Seventh Division?"
A: "Even if it wasn't Captain Kusotare, we should all be concerned with a Captain's death, a Lieutenant much the same. Specifically the Seventh? I've no reason to believe that the Division itself is in danger."

Q: "With that said, do you have any message for those aspiring to join the Seventh Division?"
A: “"Like I said, we''ll have you if you're looking to work! There's lots to do, but we always find a way to have a good time!"

Q: "Finally Captain, with the God King revealing himself, war is imminent. Do you feel the Seventh Division is prepared?"
A: "My, what a question..."

The Captain doesn’t hesitate to think, but instead smiles confidently.

"We'll do our best."

I find myself unable to look her in the eyes, instead I glance around at the workers taking what appears to be their lunch break, my cheeks still red.

"Thank you for your time Captain Murakami, it's been a pleasure."

"Anytime my love, thank you for such thoughtful questions. Be sure to grab some lemon cakes on your way out! They're delicious!"