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Character Name:
Physical Age:
How old does your character appear to be?
Race: Quincy
Quincy Type: Pure-Blood/Mixed-Blood
Birthday: Timeline will be A.D.
Gender: Male

Blood Type:


Affiliation: Human World/Wandenreich
Title: Emperor/Sternritter/Jagdarmee/Soldat
(For Sternritters only) What Letter were you assigned?
Who do you mainly work with?
Base of Operations: Karakura Town/Kagamino City/Naruki City/Silbern

Notable Features: It is here where you will put down any notable features about your Character

Personality: How does your character behave? What sort of habits do they have?
Relatives: Does your character have any relatives?

Reiryoku Level:
A power aligned with the spiritual sensitivity and willpower of the user. It is used by Quincy to provide power for their various feats and to effectively channel the powers of their Spirit Weapons. Reiryoku can even be coalesced into a physical form and thrown or shot as a projectile. As a display of potency, spiritual beings have the ability to incapacitate the opponent's movement and simultaneously frighten them, by means of dispersing Reiryoku into the air. The aforementioned ability is known as Reiatsu (Spiritual Pressure), possessing power that can literally be felt within the atmosphere.

Basic Spiritual Power-

Average Spiritual Power- This level of Reiryoku corresponds to those possessing an average level of spiritual power. This level of power is common among those of significant spiritual awareness and may even possess powers of their own but the power levels can vary among individuals. This is also a common level of power for Soldats.

High Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an above average amount of spiritual power, which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is common amongst those of Jagdarmee.

Great Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing a large amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is common amongst those of an average Sternritter

Immense Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees. These are typically veteran or established Sternritter, Mixed-Bloods who have trained arduously, or the gifted Pure-Blooded Quincy.

Vast Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual energy which is wild and untamed. This level of spiritual power has a possible tendency to leak from a person or when released can affect the surrounding area in a destructive way. Those of this level have no actual masterful control over their massive spiritual power, as it can affect those around them unintentionally.

Sensing Reiryoku:
A basic ability that beings with higher-than-average levels of Reiryoku possess is the ability to sense other spiritual beings without relying on their five basic senses. This is possible because every spiritual being emits a certain amount of his/her own Reiryoku in the form of Reiatsu, which can be sensed. This ability apparently requires some innate skill, but can be increased with training.

Novice- Refers to one who has little to no ability in sensing or detecting the spiritual power of others. Though sensitive to strong sources of spiritual power they may find themselves unable to locate or track its source.

Basic-- Refers to an individual with rudimentary understanding and talent regarding this skill. Users are able to detect and locate the spiritual powers of beings like Pluses, Jibakurei, Tsukirei, standard Hollows as well as basic Souls and low seated Shinigami.

Expert- Refers to a person able to greater detect and track the spiritual powers of others over greater distance and with much more accuracy, while also being able to read and differentiate between the various Reiryoku Patterns of Spiritual Beings and gauging their strength and reiatsu level. Such individuals are able to capitalize on this ability during combat, detecting attacks from enemies faster and with much more ease than those beneath their skill level.

Master- Refers to the most talented and/or those who have trained and honed their ability, refining it over time. These individuals are able to detect and track the spiritual power of beings over vast distances, able to follow their movements even if not within their field of vision. Masters are also able to detect and categorize the various Reiryoku Patterns, and are even able to detect the subtle nuances of beings such as Visoreds.

Reiryoku Control:
The aforementioned emission of spiritual power is a common and natural phenomenon, but a spiritual being can also control the degree of this emission, this usually requires a certain amount of skill and training. By completely blocking his/her Reiryoku "pouring out", one can completely hide his/her presence from other spiritual beings and spiritually aware humans. On the other hand, amplifying this emission is known as Reiatsu (霊圧, Spiritual Pressure), is considered a show of force, a means of intimidation or can even be an attack in itself. It can indeed paralyze opponents and cause direct damage to the surrounding individuals and inanimate objects alike. Aside from controlling the amount of emitted Reiryoku, most spiritual beings are capable of performing many superhuman feats with the help of their Reiryoku. These feats usually require a certain level of concentration, and they tend to tire the person after some time, or after performing some of them in quick succession. It is also known that after excessive usage of Reiryoku, Shinigami need food to replenish their strength, while on the other hand, the regular souls that dwell in Soul Society that do not use their Reiryoku do not need to eat.
No Control- This refers to those Quincy who are incapable of properly controlling their spiritual power. This generally applies to those who have yet to learn to properly harness their abilities, or those with more Reiryoku than they could properly manage. Such individuals have unstable Spirit Weapons.

Novice Control- This refers to individuals who, though they have learned to channel their Reiryoku still lack the necessary skill to capitalize upon it for long durations. Such Quincy may find themselves with low success in maintaining their Blut.

Average Control- This refers to those individuals who have learned to harness their Reiryoku with minor concentration. They are able to maintain and empower their Blut and fire off a larger quantity of arrows. They are skilled practitioners in terms of using their spiritual power to enhance their speed and strength, though may generally require outside aid in properly suppressing their Reiryoku.

Great Control- This refers to those who have trained to properly manage and harness their spiritual powers. Such individuals may find enhancing their abilities demanding less concentration on their part, able to perform them in quick succession for longer durations of time, and may even suppress their Reiryoku from leaking out, blocking it from being detected from spiritually aware humans, individuals with no or poor control, and generally standard Hollows and seated Shinigami beneath 5th seat.

Mastered Control- Refers to individuals who have mastered the control over their Reiryoku. Such individuals are able to enhance their abilities with little to no concentration for prolonged periods of time. Some such individuals may display such control that they are able to cast the Sankt Altar and may even suppress their Reiryoku from being detected by Captain/Espada Level individuals.


The physical force/pressure that a person's Reiryoku creates when released. Most Shinigami and Arrancar, and Quincy can manipulate the release of their reiatsu. The difference between spiritual pressure and spiritual energy is simple: Reiryoku is the amount of energy a being has stored within their body or soul, whereas Reiatsu is the pressure that a person's Reiryoku exerts. The difference is much like energy and power. Power being the amount of energy exerted per unit of time. Reiryoku is potential while Reiatsu is energy in use. In general, those with high levels of Reiryoku will often have the highest levels of Reiatsu also. A skilled warrior can overcome a person possessing greater Spirit Energy by possessing greater Spiritual Pressure.
Novice- You are more than likely a Soldat, a new or low ranking Quincy low within the Quincy army, many which are considered Mixed-Blood. You can barely manage to properly harness your spiritual powers, and as a result being unable to resist the spiritual pressure exerted by other more powerful spiritual beings such as Sternritter, Schutzstaffel or seated Shinigami officers from sixth seat and up. You probably have low reiryoku, or at the very least, very low control.

Specialist- You are a Quincy having further trained your abilities to the extent that you are able to exert your spiritual powers in the form of a pressure. Your pressure is able to restrict the movements of lower spiritual beings and seated Shinigami officers and have at least one effect to it. You are more capable of resisting the spiritual pressure of others, being pressured by Sternritter, Espada, Captains, Privaron Espada, Vice Captains and at the very least Shinigami third seats. You more than likely have an impressive pool of reiryoku.

Expert- One with a great pool of reiryoku and who has seen a variety of battles, or consumed many hollows to further your own evolution. You are trained in exerting your spiritual power in the form of pressure, affecting the immediate environment around you. Spiritual beings equivalent to a Jagdarmee, Fracción or Shinigami third seat and lower are more likely to be intimidated and affected by your pressure. You are able to resist the pressure exerted by most Vice Captain level Shinigami and, to some extent, some Captain level opponents. Your reiatsu most likely has at least two effects.

Master- You are a veteran with a large pool of reiryoku. You are perhaps a Sternritter or, at the very least equivalent to one or a former one. Your reiatsu when released can be felt over vast distances, and can easily damage and affect the environment around you and those within its reach. No one below Espada or Captain level is your opponent, other challengers finding themselves hard pressed in resisting the force of your reiatsu. It is not uncommon to have three or more effects to your reiatsu.

Reiatsu Colors: Different Spirits have different colors of reiatsu, solely determined by the Character's personality.

Reiatsu Effect(s):
Fear- Reiatsu at its most basic level can instill fear in others when it is very high.
Stunning- High level spiritual power can cause those of lower power to be stunned by simply being in the presence of a high level spiritual being.
Paralysis- When a spiritual being of high reiatsu chooses to they can paralyze an opponent just by focusing pressure through their stare or presence.
Phantom Pain- High Level of Spiritual pressure can make an opponent feel as though they are being attacked though nothing is physically happening to them.
Damage- In some instances releasing enough reiatsu in one burst can cause burns, cuts or shockwaves.
Killing- In high enough quantities, spiritual pressure can be lethal to others, especially those with weak or no reiatsu of their own.

Reiatsu Type:
Standard Type-
The type most spiritual beings have that can hold any of the aforementioned effects, along with its unique color and feeling.

Element Type- Unique type of reiatsu that holds elemental properties


Marksmanship Level:
The fighting style for Quincy revolve around their spirit weapons in which they fire off their Heilig Pfeil Heilig Pfeil (神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・プファイル), Hairihhi Pufairu; German for "Holy Arrow", Japanese for "Sacred Destruction Arrows") most commonly using the bow though firearms are shown to be used as well.

Practitioner- A practitioner holds only a basic understanding of marksmanship or archery, having little to no skill in the art. These are generally the common Quincy who have just become spiritually aware. They can only create standard Arrows made of Reishi, the form crude and most times unstable.

Specialist- Marksman specialists are those that specialize in the use of bows or firearms during combat. Someone of this level has to have basic skills in their spirit weapon, their Heilig Pfeil more stable and refined those still holding a standard arrow motif.

Expert- An Expert marksman is highly skilled using their spirit weapon. Most Quincy are at this level and have a high success rate when firing their spirit firearm. An expert’s Heilig Pfeil is no longer bound to the standard shape or form of an average Arrow. Experts are able to customize their Heilig Pfeil’s appearance to suit their tastes and may even grant it special or unique properties or elements.

Master- A Master marksman is a are experts of the highest regard in terms of marksmanship. They possess an Eagle’s Eye, able to strike multiple targets with pinpoint accuracy over vast distances. Their Heilig Pfeil are the most powerful and lethal, generally appearing more customized than a standard Heilig Pfeil, unique and powerful attributes infused with their arrows.

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Hand to hand Combat Level:
A close-combat style of fighting in which one is unarmed and uses only ones body. High-speed unarmed attacks are used to overwhelm the opponent. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class. It also seems to be a combination of several martial arts. Unlike Hakuda used by Shinigami, or Arrancar using Hierro, Quincy typically utilize the skill Blut in corresponce with their hand to hand combat prowess.

Novices- Hand to Hand novices are those that have just began to learn the basics of the art.

Practitioner- Casual users of this art can take on average armed opponents. Those of this level are among the weaker Quincy. Practitioners aren't the most likely to engage in hand-to-hand combat on average but they can use it as an option.

Combatant- Average users of this art can take on average armed opponents and put up a pretty decent effort against those many times their size. Those of this level are among the stronger Quincy. Well versed in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle.

Expert- Experts of this art can take on average armed opponents and those many times their size easily, and as mentioned before. Those of this level are among the Jagdarmee and Sternritters who prefer other forms of combat over this. Well versed in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle. While not masters, an Expert is more than capable of handling themselves in a physical altercation.

Master- Masters of this art can take on average armed opponents and those many times their size easily. A level of mastery normally held by Sternritter level Quincy which prefer this form of fighting to others. Using their harder Blut, they are easily able to take on an armed shinigami.​

Hirenkyaku Level:
Hirenkyaku (飛廉脚, Pure Flying Step; Viz "Flying Bamboo-Blind Slide") is an advanced Quincy movement technique, allowing the user to move at high speed by riding on the flow of Reishi created below their feet. Essentially, it is the Quincy equivalent to the Shinigami's Shunpo and the Arrancar's Sonído.

User- A user is one who has little to no ability in using Hirenkyaku. Their lack of skill is to a degree that they may very well abandon its use altogether in favor of using their natural strength and speed to move.

Practitioner- Practitioners of the technique can maintain fast movements for a short period of time. Though fast their movements are not completely untraceable and are the least impressive users of the technique in comparison to those above them.

Expert- Experts of the technique are considerably fast and are capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time. Having practice the technique for quite sometime they are even capable of certain techniques such as creating platforms out of reishi for which to travel or even form a number of after images. In terms of speed they are equal to the average Captain level shinigami.

Master- Masters of the technique are by far the fastest Quincy and above all others who employ the technique. Their movements are nigh untraceable and can keep up with even high Captain level Shinigami, Espada and Master's of Shunpo or Sonído.

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Blut Level:
Blut (血装 (ブルート), Burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise"; Viz "Blood Dress") is an advanced Quincy technique. By making Reishi flow directly into their blood vessels, users of this technique can drastically increase their attack and defense power to inhuman levels. However, despite the significant danger this potentially presents to one's opponents, Blut possesses one major flaw: because the independent forms of the technique for attack and defense operate using two different Reishi systems, they cannot be employed simultaneously. The acquisition of Blut depends on the blood of the Quincy. Pure-blooded Quincy are able to obtain it naturally, while mixed-blooded Quincy need to learn it through training.

Novice- A neophyte in the art or one lacking any aptitude in the ability. A novice may struggle to maintain the technique, finding it pierced or broken through after only a small number of attacks. Its defensive properties are equal to the Hierro of an average Números.

Practitioner- Typically a Mixed-Blooded Quincy, while capable of performing the technique it requires far more concentration and has a marginally higher success rate in fending off enemy attacks. A practitioner may more than likely, be capable of only the defensive properties of Blut.

Expert- Average users which can range anywhere between a Pure-blooded Quincy or a highly trained Mixed-blooded Quincy. Experts require far less concentration and are capable of deflecting and negating damage from most shinigami's shikai and even the Bankai of average Captain level opponents. User’s are more than likely capable of performing Blut Arterie, the offensive technique of Blut.

Master- Masters of this skill can almost effortlessly switch between the offensive and defensive forms of Blut. Master's are not undeserving in their title as only heavy repeated blows from an Espada in their Resurrección or a Captain's Bankai are even capable of breaching the defensive capabilities of their blut. Through repeated assaults even a Captain's Bankai can be damaged from a Master practitioner. A Master may employ the Blut Vene Anhaben ability.

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Reishi Manipulation Level:
Reishi (霊子, Spirit Particles) is the main component material of Souls and all spiritual matter. Reishi composes the spiritual bodies of Hollows and Shinigami, and the two planes of existence, Hueco Mundo and Soul Society in their entirety. Reishi is invisible to mortals, with the exception of spiritually aware ones such as the Quincy; they can, however, still interact with normal matter and produce physical effects. It is noted, however, that Reishi and atoms do not mix well. There is also a certain amount of Reishi in the Human World. Free Reishi tends to be found in places closer to nature. Quincy collect this Reishi to use for combat in the form of Spirit Weapons. Reishi in the atmosphere is also able to be controlled freely, allowing a person to gather it under their feet so that they can stand on air.

Novice- Young Quincy who are either Mixed-blooded or are Pure-blooded but lack the confidence or aptitude necessary to pull the skill off.

Practitioner- While more skilled than novices practitioners still lack the refined skill and ability to properly manipulate reishi without great concentration, usually folding under distress, in the heat of combat.

Expert- Experts are typically your average Pure-blooded Quincy or a seasoned Mixed-blooded quincy, more than capable of subjecting the surrounding reishi. An expert in this regard will typically be an expert or greater in other fields regarding Quincy techniques that require the manipulation of reishi.

Master- A seasoned Quincy, one who has more than likely Mastered most if not all Quincy techniques. Masters are able to effortlessly collect and solidify ambient reishi at will, some may even be capable of creating powerful reishi composed blue flames.


Skills and Abilities: Any noteworthy attributes about your Character shall be listed here
Inventions: Have you invented a device or perhaps a unique type of kido or unique kido spell?

Equipment: What does your character carry on them?
(Note: All Quincy should typically have the Quincy Cross with them. Most if not all Sternritters will have a Medallion in their possession as well)

Sanrei Glove: What is the design of your Sanrei Glove?

Spirit Weapon Name: Spirit Weapons are armaments that Quincy can create by gathering the Reishi in the air. State the name of your spirit Weapon.

Spirit Weapon Appearance: Describe the appearance of your Spirit Weapon. Is it a sword, gun, firearm?

Heilig Pfeil Variant: How has your character customized their Heilig Pfeil (and the bow that creates and fires them)? What unique shapes and abilities do they have?

Spirit Weapon's Special Ability:

Quincy: Vollständig :

Quincy: Vollständig Appearance:

Quincy: Vollständig Activation:
How does your character activate their Quincy: Vollstandig?
Quincy: Vollständig Special Ability:

Facts & Trivia: What are some interesting facts about your character?
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Dislikes: Non-Mandatory
Hobbies: Non-Mandatory
Favorite Food(s): Non-Mandatory
Theme Song: Non-Mandatory




Character Appearance:




"A Round of mead for the table!"
"Out numbered? Out gunned? Surrounded? Perfect they won’t run away from us. "
"It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is I can’t remember if it’s the fourteenth or fifteenth one."


Character Name: Fredrick Elbeck
Physical Age: 25
Race: Quincy
Quincy Type: Pure-Blood
Birthday: July 22nd
Gender: Male

Blood Type:0-

Affiliation: Human World/Wandenreich
Title: The Solider
Occupation:Bar owner
Letter: N/A
Base of Operations: Karakura Town

Notable Features:

To say Fred stands out from a crowd would be accurate, after all he stands at a height of six foot five inches. His hair Natural red, with a beard that connects up to his side burns, to which he maintains it, never allowing it to grow out fully or wanting to shave it. his eyes are a natural green, complimenting his hair colour. His body is one a body builders would be envious of, over the years he developed them through the gym and other methods he does not wish to discuss. He assumes being quincy had also helped him progress faster than a normal human would, and he does not complain about it either as he is always willing to flex. Though he has to be careful when flexing as often he can rip right through his shirts, though it seems it like he is not embarrassed such an action does embarrass him, though he hides it behind a smile and a laugh.
He is often seen wearing a black T-shirt that seems a little too tight around him, though it is to show off his physic, as he is proud of the body he has worked to get. Along with him wearing blue jeans, with black Gortex boots. He often carries various quincy items upon him, Seele Schendiers, and gintos around his belt, while his cross wraps around him. Though he knows it will attract attention from those who know what those items, he welcomes them less they be hollow.

When the time comes he will wear clothing that is of the standard quincy colours, though they appear to be a bit tight, and ready to rip, they are more durable than most. Though to combat this he wears a heavy jacket that can hold his Drum magazines and weapons.
On the surface Fredrick is a proud person, always smiling, and often seen having a giant pint of Mead with anyone who is willing to go toe to toe in drinking with him; He is often happy whenever he beats someone, or excited when someone can keep up with him in drinking. Though its often rare for someone to keep up with him. He never displays anger outside of combat and even then its rare for him to display it; heinous acts such as harming the innocent, or using them as shields are what would case him to become angry, such actions are what will cause Fred to lose his thought process and proceed go on a constant attack.
He considers himself a solider if only due to his family conditioning him to follow orders, and for the most part he will unless he deems it too immoral to follow through with. He does however risk his life when ordered to do so, without a second thought. Though after leaving his family he sees himself free from following most of their orders; though one in particular. Do not trust other Quincies when meeting them, for they would more than likely trap him in their games; though he bends this rule when it comes to meeting another quincy when fighting for the same cause.
Fred is for the most part an observant fellow, one to use trickery when it comes to meeting a quincy, and will hide his true weapon, often creating a spiritual bow to make one think he is of a weaker quincies. Studying every movement of them before pulling the wool over their eyes and transforming the bow into its true form The Singende Säge ((Singing Saw)). Through victory or defeat he does like to have a drink, as something to put him in a good or better mood.
He bares no hatred towards the Shinigami, despite the more than rocky path both sides have towards one another, infact he’s excited to meet Shinigami, if only cause he heard stories of them saving humans against hollows. Along with wanting to know how long a Shinigami can last against him in terms of drinks. As for fullbringers, again he holds no ill will against em if only due to him not know much about them, Though he is weary of them when coming to physical contact, or reiatsu release, if only to avoid a churning in his stomach;Though he will more than likely have a drink with em and treat them like any other human.
Relatives: Far off elsewhere in the world

Reiryoku Level:
Basic Spiritual Power-
High Spiritual Power-

Through training with his parents and friends he had begun to develop higher spiritual power than was projected, he had been brought in for more rigorous tests to see where he his limits lie.
Sensing Reiryoku:

Hide and seek and hunting for animals was a fun and natural way of honing his Sensing abilities; while his brothers and sisters attempted to suppress their reiryoku. Over time he began to pick out where they were at faint signatures. As he got older he had applied this same ability to help hunt down animals.
Reiryoku Control:
Great Control-

as his power grew, he had learned the hard way of controlling it, too much power in his abilities and he would cause physical harm to his body. Along with some mental damage as well, that he would over come. Now he has a better control over the abilities.

As soon as Fredrick reached the age of 14 he was brought into a special quincy training facility, one more adaptive, for training against various simulations, to fight against Arracars, Hollows, Shinigami, Fullbringers and other Quincy. These simulations seemed to have ranged far and wide, invading, defending, being ambushed, to ambushing. All of which helped him grow and prepare for battle, in which it did, as he had to fight off a hollow invasion of his home town, then a small rogue faction of Shinigami, that stumbled upon his hometown.
Reiatsu Colors: The colour in which his Reiatsu eminates would be a bright red, for how energetic he is most of the time.
Reiatsu Effect(s):
In some instances releasing enough reiatsu in one burst can cause burns, cuts or shockwaves.
Reiatsu Type:
Standard Type-
Element Type-
Unique type of reiatsu that holds elemental properties

Marksmanship Level:
As he likes to hunt Fredrick found that it was another way to practice with his bow, each shot he took was able to hit a deer, before long he begun to practice more and more in the training facility. As he continued his training he had been informed that he would be able to form his bow into another object; being a bit of a history buff he had fallen back on darker times in Germany, using an MG42 as the form for his weapon.
Hand to hand Combat Level:
As far as hand to hand combat comes, he is at best mostly dealing with normal human opponents. Using brute force and no martial arts or formal training of any kind to fight hand to hand.
Hirenkyaku Level:
Dodge ball, tag and fighting have all been ways to develop as a child, encouraged by his parents to continue their practicing. He grew he had begun to develop well with his Hirenkyaku, beating out his siblings
Known Techniques: Reshi Platform
Blut Level:
Dispite not being proficient in hand to hand combat, he understands that defence is an extremely important into surviving battles; to which he focuses on a defensive style; pulling back so he has distance from his opponents and applying Blunt Vene when they get close.
Known Techniques:
Blut Vene
Reishi Manipulation Level:

Both being a pure blood and training had helped out greatly, but he understands that he is not a master of it just yet, in which he wishes to become one soon, hopefully more real world action against other beings would help him out greatly.

Skills and Abilities:
Hellig Pfeil
Licht Regan
Reshi bullets:
Rather than wasting Reiryoku into gathering Reshi and forming it into Arrows or this case bullets. Fredrick had created Reshi bullets, far more packed with Reshi, but highly unstable while outside of its Magazine; in which lays liquid Reshi to help stabilize it.
Reshi Magazine:
In order to contain his Fredrick had to design round drum magazines, that contains Liquid Reshi; in which helps stabilize the Reshi bullets, while in storage.

Equipment: 6 Seele Schneider and 6 Gintō capsules
4 round drum Reshi Magazine, designed to hold 100 rounds of Reshi bullets each.
Sanrei Glove: His sanrei glove is a basic white base with blue trim, across the middle, though he does not wear it, he keeps it close by him, in case he finds himself up a creek without a paddle.

Spirit Weapon Name: Singende Säge
Spirit Weapon Appearance:

His choice of Spirtual weapon was one that stirred a bit of converse amongst his family, as he chose a weapon from long ago, a Machine gun that had been famous for firing so fast, and often that the barrel often overheated and had to be replaced. Thankfully he doesn’t have to deal with occurrences as his Reshi bullets can fire just as fast if not faster if he chooses. His choice of this weapon was simply because it was iconic to him, he valued its speed and power it provided and not for side that it had been used on, instead of its black he had changed it to a gunmetal white, and applied the quincy symbol onto the butt of his weapon.
Heilig Pfeil Variant:
His gun is able to accept the Reshi bullets, making it just as effective as quincy arrows, however he does not need to use up his own Reiryoku reservatioins up, allowing him to fire off more rounds than a normal quincy. Once he has expended his guns bullets he will have to tap into his Reiryoku allowing him to continuously fire.
Panzerschuss (tank shot): When in possession of a fully charged Seele Schneider he is able to open up the top barrel portion of Singende Säge, in which he could slot in the Seele Scneider, before firing it off as one massive shot, enough so to cause a shock wave once its fired. The power will melt through anything in its path.
Spirit Weapon's Special Ability:
Rüstungszerkleinerung (armor shredding): While Fredrick contains his Reshi bullets, inside his gun, he is able to apply small walls of Reshi into the barrel of his gun; firing off his round he is able to create armor shredding bullets, designed to not pierce the armor, but to shred the armor off of the opponent; to which they can not regenerate their armor while Singende Säge is out.

Quincy: Vollständig :
Arsenal-Ausrüstung (Arsenal Gear)
Quincy: Vollständig Appearance:

Quincy: Vollständig Activation:
Ich werde die Wut der Toten brauchen, um mich zu beschützen
(I’ll need the fury of the dead to protect me)
Quincy: Vollständig Special Ability:
When activated, Fredricks armor surrounds him, allowing him to become more of a miniature tank, able to shrug off high level Kido spells and take strong physical attacks, almost as if they were nothing at all. Although extremely durable he will lack, the ability to dodge properly as he is weighed down by the armor. Along with providing him with an arsenal of weapons, at his disposal, from clearing out groups of enemies, to holding down a postion. The armor it’s a two layered base, one with Reshi plating with a high density, allowing it protect him greatly; while the inside is thinner layer of Reshi, designed to keep the elements out, to prevent overheating. Along with filtering out any smoke or poisons gasses. While his lenses provide a Heads up display, allowing him to lock onto Reriyoku signatures and track them. He has 12 pouches half of which contain larger box magazine, each box contains 400 rounds of Reshi bullets, while the other half of his pouches contain the smaller round drum magazines, and Reshi grenades.
His Singende Säge has been increased from one gun to two that seemed to have been fused together, but upon closer inspection, one would notice that there is lays the option of pulling the two apart to allow him to better shoot in two different dicretions.
If he did not use up all his Seele Scneider, he will have them already placed into forearm portion of his armor; in which if he if presses his fingers against his palm; the blade portion of the Seele Scneider will slide out while still attached to his for arms allowing him use it a close quarter combat situation.
If he feels more destruction is needed, he has on his back a grenade launcher, carrying Six rounds, with each round able to blow up a 30-meter radius. Once his six rounds are spent, the grenade launcher will disintegrate for the duration of the battle.
Although he is heavily equipped and well armed his armor bogs him down, preventing him from ever really chasing down an opponent, instead he is best positioned at either a defensive choke point, or serving the tip of a siege. That being said even in a one on one fight he is still a hard fight as he is able to focus his entire arsenal of weapons upon the opponent.
Current he has yet to unlock his volstandig.

Facts & Trivia:
Personal Relationships:


Avillio De'Lafette:
A friend he met long ago, though never met in real life if only due to him meeting through the internet, thankfully his parents allowed that to happen. He did not know of avillio’s powers but he would be willing to set his life down for this man, even when finding out, he still would put his life on the line for this man.
• His family hails from Germany
• He owns a bar called Haus Der Aufgehenden Sonne
• He the first born of his family branch
• He speaks German, English, And Japanese
• He came to Japan to both study the people culture
• He also came to Japan to observe the Shinigami activity
• Bit of a history buff
Likes: Mead, drinking mead from his stein, his bar and the beer and mead he creates.
Dislikes: 0% beer
Hobbies: On his spare time he likes to come up with different recipes of brewing, or working out to maintaining his muscles.
Favorite Food(s): Steaks, Ribs, Sausages, Nachos, and various other meat products.
Theme Song:
Haus der aufgehenden Sonne

As a young child Fredick had not been brought up to both act as polite as he can, while studying anyone and everyone he can. as he grew up his brothers, sisters and cousins were all encouraged at a young age, to practice their quincy abilities, All the while they were monitored closely by relatives; it became pretty obvious that he was already standing out, whether it be due to age or who his parents were, he was able to develop faster than his relatives. As he grew he found himself among the older relatives, learning advance moves.
Although he was able to learn with the older kids he was encouraged to still play games with children his age, being able act as a high standard for the children to want to become, just by merely catching them through various games. Slowly bringing them up to be better than expected, Along with mentoring them in school, protecting them bullies, and preventing them from acting out, by using anything that could give that they weren’t normal humans.
As he made it into his teens he was brought into a facility, that was designed to stimulate battles long fought, to the point where it felt like the longest time, he couldn’t tell the difference between the simulation and reality. Though as time went on he began to harden, becoming cold and emotionless as the simulations came on, each battle seemed to have made him more effective as a killer. This was put to the test, as a rogue Shinigami had located the families hide out, in which he was dispatched along with several older members of his family to go and kill them before they would attract more attention. In doing so Fredrick, and his cousins had surrounded their hide out, placing barriers around the area to trap them inside. It wasn’t long before him and his cousins moved in, killing and destroy all of them with brutal efficacy.
It was this action that made him want to leave his family’s hide away. The interaction he had with the shinigami’s fascinated him so much so that he wanted to explore around for Shinigami activity. To which his family seemed to have supported the idea, as they could use his information to look around for a new place to stay. As he traveled around the world he sent several reports back to his family, stating that these locations had little to no activitiy what so ever. In doing so he had spread his families across the world. While he settled down in Japan’s Naruki City opening up his bar, and serving the locals fresh german beer; along with observing the area around him.

Character Appearance:

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What I seek is beyond what a simple man can fathom.
To conquer fear, I must become fear.
When your world turns to ashes, you have my permission to die.
Come, let us thrive!.
How I act isn't on coincidence or good will. I act on what's needed.


The Harbinger of Dreams (夢作家, Yume Saka; German for: "Vorbote der Träume", VIZ: Dream Maker"), Undershaker (下動く, Shifuru; In German for: "Unterruck"), The Architect (建築家, Kenchikka; In German for: "Architekt")
Loki Sól (太陽ロキ, Taiyō Roki) is a Quincy and descendant of an unnamed member of the Wandenreich's Sternritter (星十字騎士団 (シュテルンリッター), Shuterunrittā; German for "Star Knights", Japanese for "Star Cross Knight Band/Order"). As one of the rarest Quincy to be classified as the Echt (純血統 (エヒト), Ehito; German for "Real", Japanese for "Pure-Blooded"; Viz "Pure Bloods"), Loki seeks to learn more and all that he can of his lineage. A few months into his quest, Loki has become apart of the Sternritter with the designation "T" for The Trickster.
Name: Loki Sól
Physical Age: 28
Race: Quincy
Quincy Type: Pure-Blood
Birthday: June 19♊
Gender: Male

Height: 171.2cm (5’7)
Weight: 52.1kg (115lbs)
Blood Type: A
Notable Features:
Loki is a slim-build young man that his has black hair with silver eyes, which further picks him apart from various crowds. Such a feature had given him attraction from individuals around him. As a descendant of a member who was apart of the Wandenreich's Sternritter, Loki takes pride in his ancestors and dons himself in the traditional Wandenreich attire.

Prideful to his lineage, Loki is also insightful, humble and knowledgeable towards others. He can be sympathetic and in the least judgemental. Raised and spoiled as an only child, Loki can be very selfish with things that rightfully belonged to him. During his early pre-teens, the latter experienced recurring dreams of an individual who would change the scenery in his dreams and show him a place he had never seen before; the unidentified place one minute depicted as a quiet, intact building and then the next, destroyed. Such a recurring dream led to Loki voicing out his concern to his parents, asking if they knew of the place he’d refer to. He’d draw it down and his parents explains to him that it was just a tale, just like the fictional song,Kaiser Gesang (聖帝頌歌 (カイザー・ゲザング), Kaizā Gezangu; German for "Emperor Song", Japanese for "Praise-Song of the Sacred Emperor"; Viz "King's Hymn"). Accustomed to the world of the living, being his place of birth, Loki has in a sense adapted to the modern culture and appreciates the praise when it's given to him. He can also be very carefree when given too much of it, noted during his Quincy training with his parents, despite their strict policies. The latter boasts about his skills being superior to theirs, as they lost their Quincy Powers years ago, with Loki in actuality unaware of this. The dreams is what helped Loki progress even further.
Such idealism does not affect his usual thoughts ; he’s able to keep his head clear and proceed with his usual social life. He also wishes to reunite the scattered Quincy to fulfill the calling of his dream and rule in his own unique image. Observant and knowledgeable, Loki often researches on his lineage as far as he can, studying the use of alchemy and various combat styles of other Quincy from the archives his parents kept. At some time during his 20th birthday, where he dons himself in the traditional Sternitter attire, his parents instructed one last lesson, a ceremony that was implied to bestow their stored Reishi within him. In truth, they attempted to extract his Quincy powers and then distribute it among themselves. Seeing through this, as Loki had a premonition, something he had denied this very same intent. Ultimately, he disposed of his parents with a Heilig Bogen.
Maturing into a young adult, the dreams he once kept having had once become recurring thoughts in his mind, even during most mid-days, accepting his calling as a Sternritter should the time come when he’s needed, or even the emperor.
Relatives: Schörner Sól (Father), Viktória Sól (Mother) Bertram Sól (Great-Grandfather)
Voice Actor(s): English (Matt Kaminsky) || Japanese (Shigeru Nakahara)

Affiliation: Human World, Loki’s Team, Sól Family, Wandenreich
Occupation: College Student, Analyst, Alchemist, Activist
Class: Middle Class
Epithet: "T" - The Trickster
Base of Operations: Karakura Town, Kagamino City, Naruki City, Sól Corp.
Annual Income: ¥75,272,368 (Japan)
€637,866 EUR(Europe)

Sól Corp: Is a mass weapons company based in Germany, founded by Loki’s Great Grandfather, Bertram Sól. There are several branches world-wide, and one is stationed in Karakura Town. Loki may not have prestige within the company, but he is still welcomed in. There, he created an underground facility underneath the building. It houses past Quincy Information, dating back 3,000 Years, Old Shinigami Data (that may be of no use) and information on most living Quincy.
Unique Ability: Key of Reality, Inverted Objection

Quote:“Strange, I thought, how you can be living your dreams and your nightmares at the very same time?"​
Key of Reality (キーの現実, Ki no Genjitsu, VIZ; “Key of Existence”, German: Schlüssel von Wirklichkeit): Is Loki’s signature ability and deemed one of the most powerful among Quincies.
Loki can exist in planes outside of reality, as such he can become incorporeal and virtually unharmed by anything that occurs in the plane of existence. Anything he experiences in this plane is absolutely ineffective, making him aware of the situations that transpire without being there. Should he become physically harmed, or in danger, Loki can simply negate the effects by switching to the non-existent plane, though doing this makes him appear as if he never left—only to fade and reappear if harmed, deeming it an illusion. After one realizes their attack was evaded, Loki can determine where he’d like the distance between he and the opponent to be. This is not to be confused with a pocket dimension or anything of the sort, but rather deemed as an in-comprehensive place by those who cannot perform a similar feat. In addition to this ability, Loki can travel in between planes; not existing in reality makes him existing in various worlds— imaginative worlds and dreams. In dreams, Loki can travel to different planes within them, accessing any form of knowledge or clues that can be of his benefit. This can grant him short term premonition of events up to a week before they happen; the time, duration, location and day. Loki believes that the voice and person he sees in his dreams is someone whose composed of a spiritual physiology in its entirety, and was once a member of the Wandenreich's Sternritter 300 years ago. Furthermore to the technique is that Loki can bring forth what he had seen in these dreams, be it when one is sleeping or daydreaming, clouding one’s senses and view of Loki as something that cannot be defined, rendering one useless in battle.
The Bridge: After being able to naturally detect familiar spiritual power of Spiritually Aware humans, Loki can manifest his voice in their psyche, should they allow it. This technique usually is effective on fellow Quincy that he can bond with, or people that follows his idealism. After acknowledging it, Loki is able to visibly manifest in their mental state and thus appear physically in their location.

Immense Spiritual Power:, Loki possesses abnormal levels of Reiryoku. As such he is capable of detecting other beings with little to no effort, along with their intentions. This benefits him into controlling his Reiryoku to various degrees, scaling many high-level attacks accordingly and accurately, in addition to being able to absorb spirit powers and spirit energy alike. A native to Karakura Town, Loki in his younger days was amateurish at best at attempting to control his energy, resulting in failure to exert it. With age and practice, his control had become much more efficient. The mastery of this practice allows him to distinguish nearly anyone he interacts with over a short period of time. Exerting his pressure whenever he pleases , the latter can do so without even signs of it actually being emitted prior to succumbing to it. In truth, his Reiatsu is one that can be responsible for cyclones, immense pressure that causes victims to experience temporary quadriplegia. He can even cause this feat ever so effortlessly and can even generate his pressure during ongoing battle. Being silver color, it only seeps out of his body like in a distorted-like motion. To the opposing eyes, it views Loki as a distorted-like figure that could vanish at any time, along with any nearby objects. It also weighs them down to where even the air gets dense. His refined control over his high spiritual energy can even target specific people should he choose it.

Intellect and Spiritual Awareness: An honor student and often scolded for even getting the second highest results in tests, Loki intellect had only benefited his overall abilities as a Quincy. He became aware of spiritual entities at just eight years old, and since then has been able to detect many spiritual energies unique to someone he had already come across and interacted with. He is more aware than even mid-skilled Shinigami, being able to not only detect someone by their spiritual energy, but even pinpoint their exact location. Loki’s perception oftentimes allows him to rid hollows within areas before Shinigami can arrive. He often finds weak points in his opponents and makes them their disadvantages. His intellect isn’t just of grace to thorough research, but rather obtaining insight on various things and people due to his ability to premonitions and information that occurs within his dreams or others. Such insight was proven to be useful to him physically as he gained the upper hand to defeat his parents without them being aware he knew of their sacrificial intent. As a full-blooded Quincy, the German language was the most used in his household and to direct family members. He speaks English and often changes terms and words in between languages. He also can understand most Japanese terms well, making him multilingual.

Reishi (霊子, Spirit Particles)
Reishi Manipulation: Like many related to his lineage, Loki is able to absorb spiritual energy from the atmosphere and can combine it with his own to manifest weapons. The more he accumulates allows whatever is formed to have an increase of either offensive and/or defensive power. The latter has managed to somehow manipulate the reishi to act as a healing factor to aid the wounded by placing one or both hands on their heads.
-Blut: As a pure blooded quincy and with mastery over reishi, Loki is able to easily switch in between the offensive style and defensive style of blut. When not wanting to use his weapons, Loki resorts to the offensive style, allowing him to single handedly kill many hollows alone. His use of the Blut comes in handy when fending against most Shikai and Bankai techniques, countering many of them with ease.

Blut(血装 (ブルート), Burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise"; Viz "Blood Dress")
Binding and Defense:Loki’s refined Reishi control gives him a better use of his Blut. This had not occurred naturally, as Loki is not in the least a prodigy in with his Quincy Techniques, he trained to further get control over it. Being capable of extending his Blut Vene outside of his body, he can use it the absolute defensive and also a way of binding. On the defensive, he’s capable of creating a force field around him. It forms Though it won’t be seen until contact is made, one that understands Blut and its functions will note that if Loki does not attack, he’s on the defensive. Extending in a six foot radius, the force field glows light blue when touched and veins appear on its surface. It fends off well against mid-level kido, completely negating it, albeit it weakens if the same number of mid-level kido is performed once more, doubling its power. He’s unable to move out of the six foot radius and can only keep it active for several minutes. Like his force field, Loki is capable of summoning an alchemy-like pentagram on the surface that glows blue, however no veins are made if it comes into contact with several targets.
Known Techniques: Gerechtfertigt Netz, Blut Arterie, Blut Vene, Blut Vene Anhaben

Gerechtfertigt Netz (“Justified Net” in German, 強制入札, Kyōsei Nyūsatsu, VIZ; Forced Bidding): is a Reishi Technique that’s in a sense classified is either both Offensive, Supportive, or Defensive or neither. Loki is capable of summoning an alchemy-like pentagram on the surface that glows blue. However no veins appear if selected Targets come in contact with it as it’s performed the same way as his Blut’s Defensive Barrier. Those that are in within a six foot radius are unwillingly bound by the pentagram, making them paralyzed for several minutes. Having an advantage, Loki can either move to them and strike them, or heal them of minor wounds. He’s unable to heal Shinigami unless they submit their energy to him.
Hirenkyaku: Such great use of his Reishi allowed him to extend it to even greater heights; riding on the flow of reishi, Loki can move at blinding speeds that rival many captains of the Gotei 13. He can do so in his on fashion, showing the greatest difference between Sonido and Shunpo; disappearing in a distorted like frame to where one can mistaken it as teleportation. He also makes use of platforms composed of Reishi should it benefit him in battle or for his peers.
Known Techniques: Platform transportation


Marksmanship: An expert at the use of Heilig Bogen in his pre-teens, Loki has become one of the most skilled marksman of his generation. By training to learn how to use these arrows and perfect marksmanship, the latter has gained a vast knowledge of them as well. Even without the use of his bow and arrows, Loki is capable of launching normal weapons such as darts, needles and knives with pure accuracy, rarely missing a target unless he had underestimated them. His skill of counterbalance with other projectiles manages to not only deflect them from hitting him, but can make them strike multiple people in the area he’d like. His keen accuracy and reflexes allows him to even cut through other incoming projectiles, even at the size of a bullet to where they’d break in halves. In addition to his accuracy and reflexes, Loki is capable of making his desired mark from over fifty miles without needing to focus on the target entirely, to avoid the drawback of being vulnerable while attempting to fire his shot. Should he desire it as flare, Loki can pull the string on his bow back with tension, creating gusts of wind behind him and when he fires, the arrows can create destructive after-effects within a twenty yard radius. The latter’s speed of launching the arrows are notoriously superb, releasing them at blinding speed in conjunction with his Hirenkyaku, making many targets only see it as a light before their eyes before being struck.
Master Weapons Specialist : Though he is not a weapons dealer or of military personnel, Loki as an overall combatant allows him to make use of almost anything as a weapon, and with great use. In the human world, he stopped armed crooks from assaulting a homeless man with just a shopping cart. He’s also well aware of many weapons that he comes across; how they operate and how he can dismantle them.
Master Archer: Prior to honing his Quincy techniques, Loki’s childhood activity consisted of hunting with his Father. They would go to forests and hunt deer and whatever animal they wished. This made him more adept at using objects and projectile-weapons with ease in the first place.
Unarmed Combat and Reflexes: Rarely using hand-to-hand combat, Loki is still very adapt to it. He can fend off street gangs with ease and capture many normal projectiles with just his hand. When fighting on the offensive, he exhibits tremendous agility and dexterity where he can execute accurate counter-strikes. When detecting multiple opponents and should they strike him at once, Loki’s superb awareness allows his body to intuitively evade them.
Remarkable Charisma:As a student who has gained popularity from his recorded fights in high-school up to college, such as him leg-sweeping jocks from the parking lot Loki has already gained local praise from those who had seen these videos, not to his intention. After realizing he has the ability to show people his idealism and doing so rather successfully, he became a staple figure of admiration and devotion. Little by little, he tends to unite all scattered Quincy since the Thousand Year Blood War with an objective to simply build up their status once more. Furthermore, his range of success in doing so makes even non-spiritually aware humans follow his beliefs and being able to woo the police force of Japan. Should none follow or reject his ideas at first, he does not force them, but gives those he had presented it to time to think

Equipment: Quincy Cross, Loki’s Javelin, Bow and Arrow, Quincy Medallion

Quincy Zeichen (滅却印 (クインシー・ツァイヒェン), Kuinshī Tsaihyen; "Mark" in German, Japanese for "Destruction Mark"; Viz "Symbol"): Is a five-pointed cross which appears in various aspects of Quincy powers and culture. One must outline a Quincy Zeichen on the ground with Seele Schneider in order to perform Sprenger


Spirit Weapon Name: Alle Dinge Beschlossen (“All Things Decided” in German, すべて物事決定しました, Subete Monogoto Kettei shimashita, VIZ: True Piercer, also simply known as “Loki’s Javelin”)
Alle Dinge Beschlossen is a large solid javelin that’s roughly half Loki’s physical height that he can manifest. It’s his signature weapon and is used in short-mid range combat, as he can use it as a projectile. Its sharp, two sided edges helps in blocking blades and Zanpakuto, or capturing them. As his primary weapon, Loki can fire arrows from it, as well as gaining control over his opponents after pressing the tip of the javelin against their chest, bringing them under his will.

Loki’s concept is influenced on both Loki of Norse Mythology and Loki of the Marvel Universe as far as his form of fighting is concerned
The Pronunciation of his name is a pun on the English Pronunciation, “Lucky Soul” because of his ability to seemingly avoid sudden death-situations and rewrite them.
His Favorite Food is Ramen and Egg Flower Soup
He loves to share his vision with spiritually-aware people, considering them to be the “most woke”
He wishes to be the ruler of the Quincy, or acknowledged as a modern legendary figure.
Theme Song:
The Harbinger of Dreams(Loki’s Theme)

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"Breathe or you'll miss your mark."
"Death is only a coward's escape."
"Lucky me, unlucky you."
"You'll never see someone fight their hardest until they have nothing left to lose."

Kogane no Kōgō (黄金の皇后, "Golden Empress") | Kyūshū-tai (吸収体, "The Absorber") | Tenshu (店主, "Shopkeeper")Blume Diamante is a pure-blooded Quincy, and the third and youngest daughter of the Diamante Family. Descended from the female family lineage, only one person in each generation has been granted a position as Sternritter for that generation until it is time to pass on the opportunity. Blessed due to the nature of her prowess, she had gained her chance to claim the title of Empress, and has been officially recognized over the course of a decade.
Character Name: Blume Diamante
Physical Age: 28
Race: Quincy
Quincy Type: Pure-Blood
Birthday: 8/08
Height: 6'5" (187.96cm)
Weight: 220 lbs (99.79kg)
Blood Type: AB+

Affiliation: World of the Living | Wandenreich
Title: Almighty Empress–– (天皇全能, Ten'nō Zen'nō)
Occupation: Wandenreich
Letter: A -- The Absorption
Partner(s): Dominic Kaiser, Lukas Diamante
Base of Operations: Karakura Town, Naruki City, Silbern

Notable Features: Blume Diamante could be described as an Amazon, standing at the height of 6'5" with a rather full figure. She also possesses shoulder-blade length hair that begins at a dark, red tone at the roots before fading into a lighter shade of purple that frames her face in a gentle wisp that clashes against such dark tones as her cerulean orbs that never fail to shine. In her casual wear, Blume tends to possess simple black, muscle-top, and white pants, perforated with Quincy blue streaks. Any other time, she wears the flower shop uniform or her Wandenreich uniform, additional armor, and a case that holds her special utilities. Blume can also be seen wearing gloves at all times. Under the guise of a germaphobe, Blume limits physical touch at all costs with other humans, to avoid the slimmest chance of absorbing their energy by accident.

On the surface, Blume Diamante is fierce, independent, and pugnacious, but beneath her tough exterior, she possesses a strong loyalty toward her friends and duty as Quincy. Since the day Blume learned to walk and talk, she's always been optimistic and endearing to those around her. Despite the fear of what she was capable of, she was always treated kindly, but that may be due to the Council of Elders. Raised as a weapon of war, the typical outcome would be someone far more vicious and cold-hearted, but the young Diamante is far from any of the stereotypical outcomes. Even after nearly a decade of abuse to hone her skills to absolute perfection, Blume has bloomed to become a loving and kind girl to all that cross her path until her patience is tested.
Blume can be surmised as someone intelligent and mature with her prim and proper agenda. She excels in academics and physical education. During her years in school, her bubbly demeanor was popular with the other students around her, usually found herself crowded around most times of the day; the crowded feeling around her sometimes proves too much for the "germaphobe". While avoiding physical contact with others, her good graces give her a pass. After having been hidden away for most of her childhood, and out of the fear of possibly taking another life, Blume has made it adamant about keeping herself from that neck of the woods as far as possible.
Often finding herself miserable while working at the flower shop, Hanaben (花弁, "Petals"), due to the silence reminding her of days of old, the leeches that usually attempt to grab at her in a flirting session that ends with a bouncer-toss out of there give her some form of entertainment. As kind as she may be, Blume returns what she thinks they deserve. As much as she dislikes the flower shop, the Diamante heiress can be found upselling flowers at the most inappropriate times. What Blume may think she has forgone and subsided completely is revealed in the midst of a battle; a rebellious, cocky attitude emerges from the serene being. Her confidence skyrockets with the luck she gets during her drawings that aid her during a fight. As calm and relaxed as Blume wants to be, her energy skyrockets due to adrenaline rushes. This way, she gets louder, boisterous, adventurous, and maybe even a little touchy if she's daring enough.
Getting closer to her end goal, Blume has become more adamant in her position and securing it by any means. She becomes pushy and hardly takes no for an answer if the reason isn't good enough. However, even Blume can understand that not everybody can be convinced like others before them. Giving them reasons to join or aid her cold beliefs of becoming the Empress to unite the Quincy rather than to be divided are only the beginning of it all. Proud, gentle, and slyer than any fox is what Blume becomes as she gains allies through power, fear, or complete trust.
Relatives: The Diamante family has existed for several centuries. However, the main family consists of five bodies, including Blume. Her mother and father, Lilie and Kuno Diamante, and her two elder sisters, Kosmos and Kamelie Diamante are what make up the pure-blooded members of their family. There were other mixed-bloods conceived out of fear due to Lilie's deteriorating health during her pregnancy with Blume, but Blume hardly considers them as family. Lukas Diamante had recently come back from his banishment after twelve long years and has tried to involve himself more in her life.

Reiryoku Level: Vast Spiritual Power

To those without the ability to sense reiryoku in the least, the impending suffocation of possessing a vast amount of reiryoku can be palpable even to the most airheaded individual. A young Quincy that possesses such a large pool of energy who can present it just as eloquently as she holds herself is a threat. However, her beginnings weren't the best. The sickness that Blume suffered from since birth was the accumulating reiryoku that her frail, infant body could not handle. However, the doctors' said that she was falling ill instead of reiryoku depletion like Lilie had since she had gotten ill during the last term of pregnancy.
Such was not the case when the people who cared for Blume had begun to grow weaker with time. The longer they had aided her, the frailer they became. Soon enough, it was brought to the attention of the elders of the Diamante. With the possible sickness out of the equation, the elders had come to discover the overflowing consumption of spiritual power that came from Blume's small frame. The influx of energy that Blume possessed earned the envy of her elder sisters, but the pride of her parents. In need of immediate care, Blume was sent to the isolation unit, almost directly after birth, stayed there for nearly five years before her body began to accommodate appropriately to containing the reiryoku inside of her.
To keep from having any further complications, Blume was gifted a set of gloves with sealing properties embedded into the stitching and a single hairpin that absorbed the extremities that leaked out from her body unknowingly and is still collecting the spiritual essence to this day. Blume possesses nearly absolute control in her reiryoku release, elevating the formation of spirit weapons with ease and expelling concentrated reiatsu with the precision of a sniper to destroy her opponents in one go. So long as she wears at least two of her limiters, Blume can go about her day without the worry of harming anybody. Blume continues to train day in and day out to compete appropriately with her spiritual powers.
Sensing Reiryoku: Expert

During her time in the isolation unit, Blume could only rely on herself most times before the elders could work with her. While suffering from the overwhelming sense of spiritual pressure on her body, Blume had begun to release it once she had grown conscious of what she was capable of. Releasing her pressure had brought the ability to her attention that anyone who came into her range of spiritual release could be sensed so long as they crossed the radar. Doing so multiple times a day during the five-year hospital lockdown, Blume had already honed her skills that she could be considered at an intermediate level at the age of eight. Letting out these spiritual waves allow Blume to accurately pinpoint and gauge an opponent or an ally's person and correctly respond. As of now, Blume also possesses the innate ability to differentiate the patterns of each person that comes across her path. Anyone can be pinpointed and examined thoroughly, so she may either approach cautiously or retreat for the time being until a plan is made.
Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control

The emission above is a common and natural phenomenon. Still, a spiritual being can also control the degree of this emission; this usually requires a certain amount of skill and training. The large pools of reiryoku that leak out of Blume have to be controlled at all times. Before learning any offensive tactics, Blume's teachings upon release of her unit had begun with learning to control her overflowing reiryoku. While she could do fairly well in containing it when conscious, the damages that she can cause during sleep alone had proven to be too troublesome to be left alone so haphazardly. Even after having been gifted limiters and specialized seals, Blume can find herself caught in a state where her body feels unnaturally sore.
Mimicking the time before her treatment, Blume is unable to move for hours out of the day until she can get her control of what she can, and allow the limiters to do the rest. Having the ability to release her energy into a perfectly concentrated weapon and be able to fire off attacks that begin small and turn almost minuscule before bursting from the amount of overwhelming power that was placed into the offense is a feat in itself. The suffocating release can indeed paralyze opponents and cause direct damage to the surrounding individuals and inanimate objects alike. And with the ability to control it so finely, Blume can enhance her physical skills alone should she show off.
In complete control, Blume's performance on the field matches someone of a veteran level. Suppression-wise, Blume's ability to be able to shield herself well from her opponents is heavily extensive. By completely blocking her reiryoku from "pouring out," she can completely hide her presence from other spiritual beings and spiritually aware humans. These feats usually require a certain level of concentration, and, though not one to start a fight, tends to tire her after some time, or after performing some of them in quick succession. Depending on the luck of the draw, it can multiply her range of exposure and intensity that can disrupt their flow and then proceed with her offensive tactics. Blume's avid control has even been shown in her skill and use of Ransōtengai.

Reiatsu: Master

Reiatsu is the physical force/pressure that a person's Reiryoku creates when released. Blume's conscious release is less severe than that of an unconscious choice but is nonetheless proven to be suffocating and unbearable to those with less than equal to her embodiment. Upon release, Blume's reiatsu comes rising in like a violent tsunami, waves of unadulterated power kissing the heavens only to come crashing down to shake the earth's core. Those within the surrounding area may get the feeling of being washed away from the intensity of her presence alone.
However, if forced for drastic measures, Blume's reiatsu could prove to harm those much closer to her upon the release, giving the sensation of suffocation like drowning should they grow closer to her. The ocean is a frightening place. Go in too deep, and you'll find yourself unable to feel the sand beneath your toes. Even with resistance, the ocean drags you back with every wave they make until you become completely consumed. Where cerulean blue turns black when the storms arrive, disturbing the still waters and hiding the light of the heavens, that is when it is too late to escape. Too far from the physical plane, the continually crashing waves thunder against your body. Without the will to survive, Blume Diamante's reiatsu will take them down immediately. Blume can also fall victim if her power proves to be far too much to handle. However, it has yet to happen.
Reiatsu Colors: Golden
Reiatsu Effect: Absorption

Since her birth, Blume has been absorbing reiryoku at a rate far too quickly for someone of her size. Her mother Lilie was the first to nearly fall from the absence of reiryoku that she so desperately needed, the separation between the both of them was imminent, and soon enough, Lilie began to heal, but Blume's caretakers were withering away at the same rate before the Elders were forced to step in. To the Diamante line, Blume was an anomaly that only appeared as an omen. Still, after a long battle with Lilie, Blume was granted a chance to hone her abilities and utilize them to advance the Diamante Family. While her mother had no qualms with her once she got older, her father, and sisters, loathed her presence until she had managed to learn to control her intake and output of reiryoku and reiatsu. Depending on the luck of the draw, it can also multiply her range of exposure and intensity that can disrupt their flow and then proceed with her offensive tactics.
A killing effect was one she hardly had to worry about honing. Once she had gotten old enough to understand the teachings placed upon her, Blume was proven to be quite intelligent, quickly catching on, and responding accordingly and near perfect. Holding in her spiritual prowess and releasing it in concentrated bursts took the longest in training, and while not perfect, has made it to the degree that can damage surrounding opponents with cuts and aching as if they'd gotten pummeled since their emergence. Damage and paralysis can even be brought down upon those with no spiritual awareness, though on those occasions, Blume's outbursts are accidentally triggered through impending rage.
Reiatsu Type: Standard Type

Marksmanship Level: Master

Confidence is key. When Quincy becomes more skilled using their Bow and Heilig Pfeil, they gain more power and precision with their arrows. This is similar to how a marksman gains skill and hits the target more frequently. One bolt alone has all the ability to take down a single Gillian. Power and Skill come into play with Blume's marksmanship. Always one for tradition, the majority of her arrows pulled from the air are original, slick, and with a sharp end to pierce the skies. However, after a time, Blume has familiarized herself with being able to throw pretty much anything to hit the mark: pens, coins, needles, cards. And the strength behind them is nothing short of deadly to those with no spiritual presence. Covering distance is no difficulty.
Blume has been recorded as reaching up to fifty meters with smaller handheld projectiles, and then up to fifty miles using the traditional Heilig Pfeil. If desired, Blume gives her shells a spin, allowing the vicious rotation to create a drilling-type of a weapon that does more than pierce through the skin with a small arrow, also known as her specialized Drilling Shot (refer to skills and abilities).
Known Techniques: Licht Regen, Klavier
Hand-to-Hand Combat Level: Expert

A close-combat style of fighting in which one is unarmed and uses only one's body. High-speed unarmed attacks are used to overwhelm the opponent. This class determines physical strength and skill. It also seems to be a combination of several martial arts. Unlike Hakuda used by Shinigami or Arrancar using Hierro, Quincy typically utilizes the expertise of Blut in correspondence with their hand-to-hand combat prowess. Compared to the rest of her abilities, CQC is not one of Blume's favorite methods. Not one for physical touch, Blume had focused on more long-range perspectives when it came to the battlefield. Despising the need for going head-to-head in close quarters combat, Blume has undoubtedly forced herself to at least learn enough so that if the time comes, she can give her something to fall back on. Avoiding confrontation, the Diamante Heiress has some proficiency in hand-to-hand but does not rely on it as much despite edging close to mastery in the just of Blut, defensive, and offensive maneuvers. As an average user, Blume can take on average armed opponents and put up a pretty decent effort against those many times her size.
Hirenkyaku Level: Master
Blume likes to keep things at a distance. The more room she has, the more relaxed she can move freely without having the worries of being touched or remotely hit so long as she is quick enough. While her predecessors may have used Hirenkyaku similar to that of Shinigami's shunpo and an Arrancar's sonido, Blume has created her method of using the reishi around her for the swift movement known as Quick Skate (refer to skills and abilities) and use of Shadow. However, she still possesses the ability to move fast enough where images can be created, along with modes of transportation. The unprecedented power used to sense the area around her, further allows Blume to apply the expertise she has gained since her individual with the Elders. Possessing little reishi in the human world, Blume had to rely on those around her; some even perished because of it. Though saddened, she had no choice but to continue her training to surpass her past self. In turn, her control advanced along with her use of reishi manipulation.
Blut Level: Master

Blut (血装 (ブルート), Burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise"; Viz "Blood Dress") is an advanced Quincy technique. Blume is not as dependent on the use of Blut as others may be. In the past, Blume was only able to use Blut Arterie, and her use of the ability was close to never because of her hatred of physical touch with another body, even with her gloves on. Taking into account that she may be damaged from using her Heilig Bogen, or taken down a couple of pegs, Blume can perform the offensive technique with precision and dooming power. Even though her mastery of hand-to-hand combat does not compare to the mastery of her use of Blut, it is only because Blume does not depend mostly on close-range combat. Using Blut could catch any opponent off guard should they have the idea that all Quincy are too fearful of getting close.
Though disliking physical contact, Blume has no qualms about dishing out bone-shattering punches to win the battle, and maybe, even the war, should there be one. Blume also can use her spirit weapon and ability to deal with the unpredictable blows that it can when using her Heilig Bogen. However, after much consideration and training with Dominic, the young Empress has come to take plenty of hits from the one who was meant to protect her the most. It was because of his order to protect her that the young Quincy took it into his own hands to properly train the Empress in hand-to-hand combat in the unlikely outcome that the two would be separated, Blume would have the ability to protect herself without him. As such, since most of her time was spent defending, rather than being on the offensive, Blume and Dominic have both managed to work together and take their Blut a step further and perform Blut Vene Anhaben, a technique that once belonged to the former Almighty Emperor.
Known Techniques: Blut Arterie, Blut Vene, Blut Vene Anhaben, Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger
Reishi Manipulation Level: Master

Reishi (霊子, Spirit Particles) is the main component material of Souls and all spiritual matters. Reishi composes the spiritual bodies of Hollows and Shinigami, and the two planes of existence, Hueco Mundo and Soul Society in their entirety. Reishi is invisible to mortals, except for spiritually aware ones such as the Quincy; they can, however, still interact with normal matter and produce physical effects, and Blume has beena ble to perform the skill known as Sklaverei. A master in her own right, Blume has made it possible to master her own set of skills and abilities that put her at the top of her list. Granted, she has yet to pursue a larger-scaled enemy but has no use in searching for a fight when they could come to her. Not commanding or being commanded, Blume has led a free life to do as pleased -- other than dealing with the Diamante Elders -- and is unbothered by events that don't involve her. However, that does not mean that she isn't prepared for the worst at any time. While taking notes of her predecessors and what they were capable of, Blume has created multiple uses that aid her in training, and what can aid her in further altercations with friend or foe.

Skills and Abilities:
Marksmanship Extra:
Path Control:
After gaining adequate control on her reiryoku and reishi manipulation mastery, she was able to begin curving her arrows' path after firing them, putting stress on her opponents. This effectively makes Quincy's Heilig Pfeil similar to miniature heat-seeking missiles, but instead of locking on to heat, they target the specific type of reiryoku present. In her present stage, Blume can control up to six arrows at once and control them uninterruptedly. In turn, the damage can also be multiplied if hit with an arrow one after another consecutively, effectively doubling with contact.
Attack Negation: Blume can fire her arrows with pinpoint precision to the point where they negate another attack on impact. To do this, she charges the Heilig Pfeil with a sufficient amount of power and fires them to strike an incoming projectile. With the amount of energy amassing in her body, Blume can negate the strength of many with ease, causing an implosion, or backfire of sorts. This can also be amplified by the Energiekarten.
Hirenkyaku Extra:
Schnelles Skaten
(速いスケート, "Quick Skate")
Having a platform to glide across the skies is amazing; so is being able to create after images from such highspeed movement. However, Blume is more for graceful and fluid momentum, thus allowing her to create these reishi-collected plates at the bottom of her soles directly and allow her to glide across the field like a skater on ice would. Fluid movement, and unbreaking, her athleticism and flexible limbs let Blume reach and bend in the most unnatural ways possible to hit her target while moving. Though not as fast to create after images, the incredible speed and continuous movement don't exactly make it hard to predict where she may go, but there's no telling in which way the rest of her body may fare against the direction of her feet.
Excellent Intellect & Athleticism: Aside from her Quincy powers, Blume is well-trained in both body and mind, having strong athletic abilities and a genius intellect. She uses her intelligence to find weak points in her opponents, even overcoming the disadvantages she has through thinking on her feet. Due to keeping her physical abilities at their peak, Blume can easily hold out against all but the most resilient opponents during a battle. Her stamina could match a captain-level shinigami or Espada. Blume is also capable of speaking multiple languages, switching from German, Japanese, Spanish, and English with ease.
Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Even before learning Hirenykaku, Blume is a speedy and agile fighter. Blume possesses excellent reflexes, dodging a strike with no wasted effort and immediately counterattacking. She can strike quickly, without warning, and in rapid succession. Her speed allows her to follow the movements of faster opponents to analyze their actions better, and block otherwise fatal strikes.
Unnatural Reishi Absorption: This technique uses the most basic ability to gather Reishi most effectively: by enslaving it inside of her body. It can tear away the components that make up spiritual objects, such as those that make Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, as well as the bodies of spiritual beings. What is released can be absorbed back into her body. While she may not run out of reiryoku, if her body is unable to catch up to the rate of absorption, her body can shut down, and she may go unconscious from exhaustion, but as she grows, the effects of destroying her own body lessen, turning her into a monster into the making.


Equipment: Quincy Cross, Medallion, Sealing Gloves, Seele Schneider, Gintō
(エネルギーカード, "Energy Card")
Being alone during forced imprisonment meant that Blume was lonely for the majority of her childhood. As for keeping her powers in check, she was blessed with holy seals in the form of a hairpin and gloves. Even with these sealing extremities, Blume still had excess reiryoku that leaked out since her inner chambers were overflowing from the unnatural absorption she is capable of. In turn, Blume had come up with the idea of holding onto the leaking energy instead of leaving it to waste. Using a specialized deck crafted under the guise of ordinary playing cards, Blume had poured a certain amount of leaking essence that proved to be useful in a fight. These cards act as attachments capable of latching onto the host and absorbing their reiryoku into the card and then assimilating it into Blume's body afterward, or as detonation devices that can be set off with an arrow or any of her reiryoku-concentrated methods.
Sanrei Glove: Blume's Sanrei glove is unlike the traditional blue and white. Switching between a wrist-glove or a half-glove, the standard blue embellishment now stitched in the lining of her glove centered in the palm of her hand before dividing in between her index and middle finger, and the pinky and ring finger. The pads of her thumbs and index fingers give her away to grip her Pfeil more accurately.
Gottes Verschönerung (神の装飾, "God's Embellishment")

A gem farmed at the Diamante Forge. Blume knows well of those unable to absorb reishi at a rate as fast as she can, let alone manipulate the scarce spiritual particles to create weapons. Because of that, Blume had created this embellishment that can sit directly on the bodies of those who bear it. Its creation acts as a part of Blume with its likeness in absorbing abilities. Most individuals that carry this particular garment have pledged loyalty to her cause on her rise to Empress. Bearing this luminous blue jewel would symbolize their devotion, as once placed on their person, a sharp pain would ring through their bodies, but only for a moment. This act could be seen similarly to one's devotion to Yhwach, by drinking his blood. From its creation, the gems have been accumulating the spiritual particles that cross its path, from nature to the Souls that roam the World of the Living, including Shinigami and Hollows alike. The more gems that are worn by users, the faster the accumulation of spiritual particles to make Spirit Weapons. There is also a secret function made regarding the gems. While there seems to be no limit to its accumulation, the more that the gem's contents are used, the darker it becomes until it becomes exhausted, and the jewel turns obsidian. When it comes to this point, the gem will shatter and reveal the metal casing that bears the Quincy Zeichen (滅却印 (クインシー・ツァイヒェン), Kuinshī Tsaihyen; German for "Mark", Japanese for "Destruction Mark"; Viz "Symbol") that mimics the design on Blume's gloves. The perforated crest possessed the abilities of their creator, and upon its reveal, would siphon away the reiryoku of their bearer and seal it away as the embellishment had been created using a part of Blume's "soul". Damaging the jewel in any shape or form would result in the death of the bearer, and return both her soul and the power gained to her body to strengthen it further.

Spirit Weapon Name: Heilig Bogen
Spirit Weapon Appearances:

Heilig Pfeil Variants:
Bohren Schuss
(掘削ショット, "Drilling Shot")
Not only can her special ability advance the destruction capable from a straight shot alone, adding spin can create a drilling effect with the intent to forge a large, more mortally wounding attack. The arrowhead is shaped into a cone. The size of a hole can reach up to the size of a baseball, and hit with enough impact to send an unsteady body flying up to fifty meters back from where they stood. While it is leaning more towards the use of arrows, in the slim chance that Blume will have to perform close-quarter combat. Using the immense power of Blut and her expertise can create the same type of attack but at a much larger scale. Due to the size of her hand being larger than an arrowhead, the hole can become as large as a softball.
Erdschnitzer (土地彫刻家, "Land Carver")

A massive upgrade from the normal Heilig Pfeil, or even from her Bohren Schuss. With the ability to be seen from above the clouds, Blume's devastating shot is multitudes above what a simple arrow can do. Per its violent name, this massive arrow of accumulated reiryoku from within and the surrounding area can carve a path of destruction through land and sea as if it were butter. Anything and everything in its path become destroyed and assimilated into the properties of the vicious element until it comes right back to Blume for her continuous use. The limit of size and destruction hardly exists, and with Blume, possessing such a vast amount that lie internally and externally with her, the number of uses is also undefined.
Spirit Weapon's Special Abilities:
Verstreute Sterne
(散乱した星, "Scattered Stars")
For those who have been affected by her absorption prior, they have ultimately placed one foot into the grave. The effects of this special ability are instantaneous. With the ability to perform Klavier, released a volley of arrows with one hand alone is a feat in itself. However, in addition to Blume's massive absorption power, the accuracy that which these arrows are fired is one-hundred percent accurate and will always find their target straight through the chest cavity. So long as Blume has ever absorbed a piece of someone's reiryoku, their fate is inevitable.
Heimkehr (帰国, "Homecoming")
Returning to what is rightfully hers, Blume can perform the Verstreute Sterne technique and capitalize on the accurate contact system, so that absorb anything it makes contact with and leaves nothing left behind. The effects are adamant upon contact, making this completely lethal to her enemies. Anything remotely containing reiryoku, such as natural formations and scenery, or kidō spells, can also be assimilated back into Blume's body for reuse over and over again.

Vollständig: Vermögen (神の幸運, "Fortune of God")
Vollständig Appearance:

Vollständig Activation:
Der Himmel gibt dir Gesellschaft
(天国はあなたに交際を与えます, "Heaven gives you companionship.")
Vollständig Special Ability:
Adding onto the incredible ability of reishi and reiryoku absorption from the area around her and even the people, Blume's Vollständig form creates a sort of balance that allows her body to keep her body from breaking down as it would in her natural form. However, the absorption rate also increases, and it is hazardous to both enemies and allies to be around Blume during this time. Yet, with this unhealthy absorption comes a violent release that can be controlled depending on her state of mind. Compared to Blume's usual range of power damage, in the Vollständig, that set power becomes three times the damage instead, without her special ability.
In this form, the wings granted can act as a defensive mechanism and an offensive maneuver, unlike Blut Vene, since both offensive and defensive properties can be used at the same time. As a Vollständig user, Blume can use the wings generated by the technique for high-speed flight, enhancing the swift movement that she already possesses when using Schnelles Skaten. The wings can be used for sharper turns and quicker recovery time should she somehow falter and get knocked off of her feet. With the Vollständig activated, Blume can also produce a Spirit Weapon made entirely of Reishi, from the gauntlet on her wrist, enhancing her Schrift to greatly amplified. The amplification of power and range are raised to unknown bounds than what is already capable due to the influx of raw power.
While it is known that the Quincy have no "anti-bodies" to defend from Hollows and are poisonous to Quincy, Blume's designation of A the Absorption allows for the Almighty Empress the capability to even absorb the reiryoku produced by hollows and use it as she pleases, as it perfectly assimilates it to conquer all that stand in her way. Blume's innate epithet is solely profiting to her, as no other Quincy would ever be able to do such a thing because if Quincy is infected by a Hollow, not only does their Reiryoku weaken, but their soul itself is destroyed, and they die; as such, Quincies are unable to even undergo things such as hollowfication.

Facts & Trivia:
⦿ Blume’s favorite flavor of ice cream is orange sherbet.
⦿ Despite being named "flower," Blume dislikes being around them for too long.
⦿ She prefers the cold over the summer heat.
⦿ Even though she hates it being done to her, Blume often finds herself flirting with people she's interested in.Likes: Breezes, the sound of a Koto, and not feeling bound to a certain duty.
Dislikes: Touching, crowds, enclosed spaces.
Hobbies: Botany, meditation, acrobatics.
Favorite Food(s): Rice Porridge Theme Song:
Diamante's Arrival
Diamante's Rise
Diamante's ChargeRelationships:
Dominic Kaiser:
After the successful meeting at a gathering within the Diamante Household, Blume has hired Dominic to be her bodyguard and the only one that she finds to be worth her time. She enjoys his company, finding his bluntness and straightforward personality to be quite charming and something that she desperately needed. Not one to sugarcoat things herself, the young mistress has developed a sound relationship with the boxing fanatic. Blume trusts him with more than her life, Dominic being the closest in her for well over a decade now. The two have endlessly worked together, and Blume has even picked up some of his lingo and fighting techniques to her benefit.
Fredrick Elbeck: Between the two of them, their beginnings are rather rough considering the burly redhead had fired an arrow at her within her own store, and she, in turn, sent him sprawling back and out of the said store. At the misunderstanding, the two reconciled and discussed very briefly on plants of a joint partnership. After observing his performance during the Naruki Incident, Blume finds him to be a wildcard, as his loyalties are still undecided between her and another Quincy. Unfortunately, the fellow Quincy's life was cut short in an intense battle that Blume held most of the blame for, and his death haunts her more than most.
Lukas Diamante: Lukas is her mother's eldest brother. For the majority of her childhood and adolescence, Lukas had been absent from her life. Neither had been able to contact one another until Blume had made the first move and contacted him after learning of what had happened regarding his expulsion from the Diamante. Unlike the elders, Blume was more understanding and sympathized with him. Over the last decade, her uncle had done the most to assist her on her path to Empress. Much like Dominic, Lukas has been by her side for the last decade or so, constantly upgrading the Quincies and their arsenal.
Shizuka Hyouzoku: Not the first Quincy-Shinigami friendship, but the first in what could be said three hundred years or so. Shizuka came across Blume's path after the Naruki Incident was resolved, and she found him to be rather cute with the way he spoke. The two exchanged numbers over a few drinks within Fredrick's bar and at any given time, Blume will send a message to the little shinigami and discuss a variety of topics. The two share many conversations, and with time, their friendship slowly became more intimate, much to the chagrin of her elders, but Blume had no intention of stopping their contact. While her first idea was to gather all the information she could from the lovestruck shinigami, the Diamante mistress slowly developed these forbidden feelings for him and the fear for his safety crawls in her consciousness.
Stephania: The relationship between these two is strictly business. Being one of the main consumers from the Diamante Forge, Stephania and Blume exchange products. For the gems, Stephania supplies uniforms made to order at Blume's request. Many of the Empress' outfits come from the woman's company, all hand-made from the owner herself.

There is an anomaly other than the giving child among the Quincy, but this anomaly strikes one of the few, pure-blooded lineages. The Diamante family is known for its matriarchal rule. Men married into their families. Every woman of each generation is allowed to become a sternritter or the next head of the Diamante. In the central family, there are no less than three pure-blooded children. That was until Lilie Diamante fell ill to an unknown cause towards the end of her third pregnancy. Strange until she had finally given birth, and the newborn child began to absorb what little reishi there was in the delivery room before she began to feed off of the reiryoku within their bodies. Spending a short time with her mother, the elders were alerted after further investigation, and the newly-named Blume Diamante was sent to an isolation unit.
They tested it out with multiple characters, young, old, the strong, the weak, and all were weakened once they'd come close into Blume's vicinity. There was the possibility of ridding of the infant as a whole, but Lile argued against letting Blume die, despite her husband and two older children being against the idea. Lilie was nearly taken from them by this anomaly, and she wanted to save it? Preposterous. Blasphemous. But Lilie had argued a good point.
The Echt are scarce as is. She had said. She could be a blessing to the Diamante; to the Echt. Lilie fought for Blume. Teach her to control her powers. Show her what it means to be an Echt, and I guarantee, she will fight for the cause.
Blume was spared decidedly after that. Lilie was relieved. They were proud, and the Diamante Elders were greedy, so they'd have anything that possessed the ability to turn the tides in their back pocket. From that day on, Lilie was allowed her time with Blume. However, the moment she had begun to falter was taken away again to replenish her strength. Kuno, Kosmos, and Kamelie Diamante could only watch in disdain, seeing Blume as nothing but a monster that nearly took away their matriarch's life.
At the age of five, when she became coherent with what she was, and what was needed from her, Blume could do nothing but comply. She wanted out of that room. While they had piled up her room with toys and books and other materials, Blume yearned for freedom, and when she had gotten it, she basked in it. They took her out to the stream, and she stood at the bank of the river before dipping her feet into the cold waters and felt the rush of natural power against her skin.
From a distance, the central Diamante family had been keeping eyes on her as she trained to keep her absorption underneath the wraps. That process had taken the longest, but she was determined not to take from anyone that was of her blood. Soon enough, she began to grow in body, skill, and mind. It wasn't until years later that Blume's two older sisters began speaking to her. They saw how hard she had tried to keep from harming those around her. As did Kuno, but he was still wary. Their relationship was also a slow starter, unlike Blume and Lilie's.
After the consistency in holding back from taking everything in, they were practically inseparable. Blume was seen as a prodigious child. No longer an omen, but a gift from God, Blume lived her adolescent years in tranquility, but continued her training alone. Knowing she still had farther to go before she could breathe freely, she hid away after her schooling and returned to the riverbank, repeating that process even now. At the age of eighteen, Blume graduated and has been working at a small flower shop as a source of constant replenishing that harmed no one. She lives peacefully, and untroubled in Karakura.


Character Appearance:
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"I maybe a little drunk, it’s nothing another glass couldn’t fix."
"Just make 'em count."
"You know what you really are? A bunch of sellouts, just like your boss."
"If you think about it, fighting and dancing aren't so different."


Character Name: Silas Mikoto
Physical Age: 34
Race: Quincy
Quincy Type: Pure-Blood
Birthday: 9/27
Gender: Male

Height: 6’6”
Weight: 210
Blood Type: O negative

Affiliation: Human World/Wandenreich
Title: Sternritter
Occupation: Chef & Ceo of Section 88
Letter: D “The Devastator”
Team: N/A
Partner(s): N/A
Base of Operations:Karakura City

Notable Features: Despite his ebony skin and white hair his eyes carry an electric blue coloration. Some may even consider his appearance merely unnatural. His eyes often times than not during a moment of excitement or thrill can take on a glow.
Personality: Silas is often known to be rude, blunt, and silver tongued to some. However he is most notably known by his closer peers as an alcoholic as one of his subordinates has gone out on a limb to say “He’s always drunk.” Even amidst his drunken state however Silas is known to be quite the leader when it comes to conducting business accordingly. Often describing his personality as transformative when it comes to social encounters on his own behalf. While he is essentially a functioning alcoholic he has no problem keeping things direct or even more so attempting to manipulate things to be in his behavior. His drunken state often lends itself to the aspect of his silver tongue looking to make deals when and wherever he sees fit even amidst combat. However when his glasses are broken or even remotely damaged it leads to an explosive behavior if you will. He can become angry, calculative, and more importantly ruthless a hunter of men and hollows alike.
Relatives: Yann Mikoto (Father), Aster Mikoto (Grandfather), Unknown Mother (Deceased)

Reiryoku Level:
Vast Spiritual Power-

Silas is a third generation quincy and more importantly he has wasted no time ensuring that his studies and understanding of quincy techniques is vast. Even as a child, his father made sure to train his body and mind without remorse, taking him before his grandfather and working him to the bone. His understanding of both reishi and the bodily make up of spiritual beings is without fault.
His body radiates a sense of stature unrivaled by most. His spiritual power functions in two separate iterations as he has since learned to hide his spiritual pressure behind his glasses at times coming off as merely a bookworm in the presence of those he wishes to deceive. His spiritual power much like his awareness for the spiritually aware comes from his family's lineage being apart of a long line of Quincy leaders. This has led to him being capable of enhancing his body without hesitation using techniques like Hirenkyaku in combination with his affinity for using reishi in unorthodox ways. He is among several individuals that understand the perfect balance between the reishi based constructs that make up the world the shinigami call home and the very things that make up the human world known as kishi. While many quincy herald themselves as among the strongest or even boast a power to rival that of kings. Silas is a man of rich heritage, while individuals in the world such as the Sol family boast a power to rival that of his own family.
The Mikoto’s have had several quincy leaders in their past with both Yann and Aster both having led forces all their own at one point. This in turn has led to their effective heir to the name being among some of the most formidable with two generations of strong quincy blood flowing through his veins as well as the training they often provided throughout his childhood. They ensured the blood and sweat they poured in their family name held strong training him to harness his power even as a drunkard. They were quick to train him to harness the power coursing through him, even amidst the training they had taken it upon themselves to ensure he knew what it meant to be truly exhausted. His spiritual awareness as a result is a rival to even the hounds of human hunters allowing him to seek out hollows and other spiritual based beings out without much issue. As for his willpower if his affinity for drinking is any indication of how easy it is for him to continue going even when his body is in a state of perpetual shock. He is a bulwark in terms of making sure he is always pushing himself to the ends of the earth for those he considers a comrade or an associate.

Sensing Reiryoku:
Silas has the nose of a dog when it comes to seeking out other spiritually strong individuals. Unlike most quincy or even shinigami it often times doesn’t come off as a tingling sensation or one to make him break his neck. It's a neglected sixth sense that he often attempts to bury booze. When he isn’t drunk however even in the presence of his now deceased grandfather or even his father he stands strong and can become immediately aware of people who boast strength without needing to speak a word. His steeled nature can occasionally be rattled especially when caught off guard or in drunken sleep. Despite being a drunk or more so a well functioning alcoholic to the point that it's hard to tell when he is. His means of sensing reiryoku is easily likened to that of a dog. As for when he is sober the means in which his body recognizes the presence of a greater spiritual being he has no problem picking them out of a crowd. Often times making it known when he can sense an individual worth admiration. His body welling with excitement which in turn causes his eyes to glow.
As for why his father and even his grandfather refer to Silas’ sense of spiritual awareness in a sense to that of a dog is due to the means in which he goes about it. Unlike most quincy or even shinigami where it can merely be a sensation within one’s mind or even their heart. Silas tend to quite literally smell the difference in strength. This smell is far from nauseating but it can at times cause him to pinch his nose or merely enjoy the smell in question. The scale in which this occurs is often with lower level hollows being taken in as rancid smells and those of great strength coming off as a smell akin to his favorite food.
Reiryoku Control:
Great Control-

His control of his Reiryoku maybe great but it can very easily become sloppy when in a drunken rage or his glasses have been removed. He boast a strength set to rival his father during his time in power as a leader. Even amidst hiding his reiryoku behind his glasses or even more so naturally suppressing it when he is sober. His glasses function as a medium to regulate his reiryoku when he isn’t exactly sober.

Silas doesn’t consider his spiritual output impressive but he knows that it can incrementally grow over time increasing and decreasing with his emotional state. He often tries to keep a level head in order to keep it under control and not shake to the core those he intends to interact with who don’t hold the same level of skill such as his subordinates around the company. Amidst this he uses drinking as a method of suppression in times of intense emotions. This has in turn led to him being a functioning alcoholic over the years, but since his grandfather's passing he has tried to slow down on such a habit.
Reiatsu Colors: Blue
Reiatsu Effect(s):
Damage & Paralysis

Much like a quincy of old when Silas reiatsu slips through his limiter or his glasses are broken the ground often cracks under its wake. Resulting in the splintering of concrete or the sudden shattering of glass. His reiatsu is just as often seen emitting a certain amount of ambient static electricity, like rubbing a balloon on a cotton surface and hovering it over a person’s hair. As for when this affect isn’t subdued by his glasses or his own sober mindstate when the aforementioned is broken. Silas’ reiatsu can be likened to a violent squall. It presents itself as lightning striking out violently when not reigned in by any other medium. To those caught in its presence and incapable of withstanding they feel as if they are caught in a violent storm. Their body immovable due to be struck by the aforementioned lightning as if making their body a lightning rod. Those of the weaker variety may even be completely fried by the aforementioned electric shock giving some heart attacks and others having their nervous system completely fried.

Marksmanship Level:

Silas’ eagle eye comes from somewhat of a mental disorder. In which he fews the world in segments and pieces of a single whole. This means when looking at a target he is visualizing parts of the world to make the perfect shot. Taking into account things like windage, the coriolis effect, and even altitude. Fitting all of these things together like pieces of a puzzle. Some say this is due to his low latent inhibition meaning he sees the world in pieces every waking second of the day. This means even in terms of his marksmanship he breaks the world down into pieces rather than seeing it as a whole. Seemingly performing complex calculations on the fly to ensure his marksmanship is pristine above all else. They say this is due to his low latent inhibition meaning he sees the world in pieces every waking second of the day. This means even in terms of his marksmanship he breaks the world down into pieces rather than seeing it as a whole. Seemingly performing complex calculations on the fly to ensure his marksmanship is pristine above all else. So much so that he is capable of ricocheting arrows in a manner that seem rather uncommon even for the most skilled of human individuals.
His skill with a traditional bow and more importantly his reishi manifested equivalent is quite exceptional. Many within his family’s company have referred to him as the boy with the eye of a lynx. Of course this only lends itself to the fact that he has always loved archery as a child starting from a young age up until now, silas has always had the idea of being a great archer in mind. Some of the family pictures even show him pretending to be robin hood with a cheeky grin on his face. His playful nature as a child aside Silas is almost always known to hit a target being sure to make it happen by nearly any means possible. This has intern led to his development of being able to ricochet an arrow off a surface or two in order to bend its trajectory. A skill many find fascinating and others find horrifying. Despite arrows comprised of reishi being effectively weightless Silas has a vivid understanding of flight paths and the appropriate measures to take when an opponent or target finds themselves fleet of foot in an attempt to escape or merely throw off his aim. This comes from his profoundly calm breathing while sober only taking shots in between breaths when his body is at its most still. Akin to a military sniper or an olympic athlete, he knows that the best opportunity to take a shot is on the downswing of his breathing. Often planting shots on their mark even amidst the heat of battle.
Known Techniques: Heilig Pfeil , Licht Regen

Hand to hand Combat Level:
Although he is well versed in close ranged combat using his compartmentalized thinking to break down the motions of his opponents. Almost as if dictating the flow of combat between another and himself. This is merely done by recognizing openings in his opponent's own actions. However his close quarters combat is only second to that of his marksmanship. His training as a whole comes from the series of martial arts he chose to apply himself to as he grew older. His most recent is greco roman wrestling. His hand to hand combat is second only to that of his marksmanship and third to his hirenkyaku. The former and the latter being skills he prefers to use in conjunction with one another. As previously stated he conducts himself in close quarters in the same way he does when dictating his means to take on a target at a distance. His compartmentalized thing still allows him to pick apart people on equal footing with him and completely dismantle those who lack proper training at all, as any true combatant should be able too. Of all his means of combat this one by far excites him the least often keeping a cool head during such close quarter encounters almost always sobering up, upon the first strike to ring true.
Hirenkyaku Level:
Silas has only studied his father's method in terms of hirenkyaku meaning he doesn’t quite have variants of his own. In fact he isn’t very fond of using the technique at all feeling he wasn’t raised to be a coward. While he views it as a cowards technique he boast a unique usage of the technique leaving behind residual traces of himself with reishi like a cloud of flammable gas in order to cause explosions or even clones. His usage of the technique aside from creating a clone of himself due to his father’s own technique is no different than the average well trained quincy preferring not to create plates of reishi to carry others. Amidst this he seems rather handy with the technique as a whole using it to accelerate other objects rather than himself. This is among one of his specialties in exchange for opting to carry people and other things he instead employs this technique.
Known Techniques: Kasane Awase Hirenkyaku

Blut Level:

His father and grandfather, even those that came before them left behind many things to guide his path. Given the combined era’s of both Aster and Yann Mikoto who lived lengthy lifespans. Although they left behind their teachings it left Silas a decade or two to study. His expertise in Blut is finite in its application meaning he is hardly ever seen practicing things like Blut Vene, but he knows how to flare it in moments of need. Even in regards to Silas being a pure blooded quincy he has applied himself to learn of the things his father and grandfather have developed over the years. His primary usage of blut is defense prefering to harden his body in order to take the blunt of strong blows produced by hollows in the event they come in contact with him at all.
Known Techniques: Blut vene

Reishi Manipulation Level:

Expert- Silas’ understanding of reishi extends beyond the basics of simply bending it to one's will. He understands its make up to a T. This of course means he is capable of breaking down any substance made purely of reishi(i.e. Objects in the seireitei). His understanding of reishi extends as far as being able to understand the break down of kishi as well. This understanding of Kishi allows him to carry around an object such as Reishi Henkan-Ki and use it in conjunction with his natural ability to bend reishi to his will in order to draw from effectively unnatural sources such as trees and the like within the living world. This keen understanding of both kishi and reishi lends itself to his rigorous study as a pureblooded quincy. His lineage as strong as it may be could never compensate for a lack of understanding in such an important area. His father was well known for his use of non-solid reishi construct being one to adapt on the fly in order to better combat the opponents of his time. It is one of the few things that as a child Silas enjoyed watching his father do. As a member of the mikoto family while he is capable of manipulating reishi in a number of ways he does have a prefered weapon and as such it is one of the completely solid constructs he is capable of creating.

Skills and Abilities:
Silas is no slouch when it comes to his pure lethal ability behind an arrow, he has no problem adjusting to a moving target or even moreover being sure not strike any vital organs when it comes to hunting someone down. Due to his understanding of quincy techniques and abilities a whole he understands what it takes to make an object created of reishi heavier or lighter to alter the station of its impact. Meaning heilig pfiel’s can easily be altered by him without issue.
Athleticism Silas may be medically considered a drunk these days but he is still capable of running a mile in a reasonable amount of time. His conditioning from his childhood hasn’t waned in the light of his drinking problem. He still opts to exercise even when he is feeling lazy to the point that he is quite well toned underneath that suit he wears. He can often be seen taking a morning jog or working out in his office when he isn’t completely swamped with his security firm to stay in shape.
Kasane Awase Hirenkyaku,[Heilig Hund

Equipment: Seele Schneider, Ginto, Quincy bangle, Reishi Henkan-Ki

Silas’ quincy bangle is an heirloom of sturdy construction having been passed down from his father to him. The coin is double faced with both sides adorning the ohm symbol perfectly embellished on both. Despite it being old it seems to perfectly function lacking rust or even blemishes.
Sanrei Glove: Silas’ sanrei glove resembles a typical archery glove for the more enthused. A simple three fingered glove with the typical quincy blue on the inner palm of the glove, extending to the underside of both the index and middle finger, as well as the thumb. To accent the aforementioned quincy blue is a simple black. Simple, effective, and most importantly useful.

Spirit Weapon Name: Bravura
Spirit Weapon Appearance:

Heilig Pfeil Variant: Silas’ heilig pfiel is fairly simple aside from its physical appearance being similar to that of a corkscrew. Unlike most arrows rather than simply using the corkscrew pattern that wraps around the arrow for spin they also allow for Silas to project his reishi based electricity over a large area. This is easily likened to the idea of a tesla coil, allowing him to blanket an area with only a few arrows and perform techniques in similar scale to sprenger. As for Bravura, Silas uses this bow to devastating effect making the arrows appear as if they were homing missiles with deadly accuracy. The bow itself takes the form of a simple long bow with a golden coil as an arrow rest. Once an arrow is slotted within they seem to carry his residual presence in terms of imparting them with more reishi than normal allowing them to be sped up and charged with electricity.
Spirit Weapon's Special Ability:

Silas’ bow seems to be quite the capable weapon in his hands due to his knowledge of quincy techniques overall. As such his bow is quite unique in its design allowing for the perfect charging of an object. Much like quincy of old and new being able to completely nullify the effectiveness of a ranged attack Silas is capable of completely decimating a person’s nervous system through electricity. The design of Bravura allows Silas to fire an electrically charged arrow without issue in fact upon impact a lightning bolt is manifested in the desired location as if each arrow has been turned into a lightning rod. The name of the ability comes from how rapidly the charge is upon impact as they often come across as seemingly instantaneous. Simple but effective by design.
Aside from rapidly charging an opponent with an arrow he can also use their point of impact as a sort of homing beacon. Allowing other arrows to further seek out their prey without hesitation. It can easily be likened to turning a nail into a magnet by first charging it with a preexisting magnet. The latter of which would be the arrows fired from Silas’ bow that are charged with electricity.

Quincy: Vollständig :
Barachiel (バラキエル (ברכיאל), Barakieru; English for "Lightning of God", Japanese for "Lighting of Divinity")
Quincy: Vollständig Appearance:

An upgrade from Silas’ once subtle Letz stil going from a well concealed single angel wing to something more prominent. Silas’ Volstandig takes the form of a pair of wings along with the formation an archery chest guard on the right arm and his sanrei glove on the left. Along with the sanrei glove on his left hand it is accompanied by a pauldron. The pauldron on Silas’ shoulder dons three total quincy emblems along its accompanying strap which joins with the aforementioned chest guard. Aside from these attire changes Silas also dons a more traditional quincy garb of white and blue in typical fashion. The quincy emblems that decorate his pauldron further conduct his electricity beyond normal means.
Quincy: Vollständig Activation:
Möge Gott dich niederschlagen
(神があなたを打ち倒しますように “May god strike you down”)
Quincy: Vollständig Special Ability:
The quincy emblems that decorate his pauldron further conduct his electricity beyond normal means. Rather than a simple lightning strike when an arrow is fired and impacts a designated target they provide a greater impact. The single bolt of lightning instead reforges itself as a massive arrow as if fired from sankt bogen. Its impact crater vast and its sheer power alone enough to strike down some of the mightiest of hollows and humans alike. As for what it brings to the table in regards to Silas’ near natural use of lightning is that this technique blankets a far greater area as if erecting pylons to encase an opponent in a subsequent raging maelstrom of electricity at any given moment. Buildings, weapons and even the very earth people walk on become an electrified hunting ground for the heir to the mikoto name.


Facts & Trivia:
Silas is a partially recovering alcoholic now only drinking as a method of suppression and less for addiction.
Likes: Cooking for others, Archery, chess,
Dislikes: impatience, failure to see potential,
Hobbies: chess and cooking
Favorite Food(s): maple glazed pork belly
Theme Song: Deal with the devil

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Character Appearance:
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