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For a split second the two were within touching distance and looking into one another’s eyes. Rage was all around them in the destruction, in the air and in the power resonating betwixt them. The cataclysmic destruction of her advance was deafening. So much so that all that she could register was silence and the slow of the flow of time. Omoni gazed at the kid she’d grown to treasure more than any soul she’d come across in her lengthy lifetime and then he was gone. How long had it been since they had been able to get so close to each other? There was not a soul who was unfamiliar with her terrible memory least of all, him. It’d come as no surprise that she couldn’t remember. Her gauntlet closed with the intention of snatching a hold of the doctor’s skull but even in light of her furious speed brought on by the birth of Namakizu’s armor coupled with her insurmountable disgruntlement, her maneuver was not enough to capture the fairy. Something else she had yet to recognize had attempted to take his place but she rejected this without closing her claws and threw herself far away from the unknown anomaly. The end result of her charge was a miss of grave proportions that triggered a chain reaction of punishment onto the back of the giantess.

”-dō 99. Kin!”

At once, the feral beast found herself and her movement seized by two straps. Not only that, she was abruptly lifted into the air left to hang with her only view being the horizon. It was a veritable representation of the phrase “Taste of her own medicine.” as this was coincidentally one of her own personal tactics she utilized against a handful of her past opponents with Namakizu’s malleable Shikai. Enthralled with his assault, the dangling captain was given no time to acknowledge that she was baffled; however she did manage to pine over the thought that she didn’t know what her adversaries had complained about. Swinging around was a blast!

“Hadō #78. Zangerin!”

Speaking of blast. The next domineering enchantment connected with a resounding explosive thrust. Hageshi combusted into a ball of ferocious blue fire when her reiatsu detonated and combated with Yu’s own. The ribbons meant to entangle her were incinerated, its conjuration unable to withstand the heat and overwhelming concentration of Omoni’s spiritual power’s volatile expulsion. Starkly surpassing his command of the Kido. Granted, this did nothing to repel or hinder the arcs cast which then sent the titan careening into the earth below resulting in a gigantic plume. Thus far, none of the competitors that had faced her had been able to move the mountain that was Captain Omoni Hageshi and yet, before the eyes of the thousands of spectators at the edges of their seats, the fourth division’s leader appeared to have achieved this feat. Unsatisfied with knocking the behemoth down, a menagerie of detritus turned ammo of her own thoughtless making plummeted mercilessly into the monstrosity’s extremity.

The magical performance of Kido had always escaped Omoni. Since day one, the brute had been unable to harness it traditionally because she’d deemed it too complicated for her to understand and therefore she showed no interest in learning how to properly wield it. Many had tried and failed to get that woman to apply it to her arsenal in her days at the academy until that very day on the sacred hill. Nine-hundred and sixty nine years had passed with the woman knowing only two spells and most of the time she forgot those! The only Kido she was versed in was her own particular kind by way of her Shikai’s special ability enabling her to heal whatever damage she did while in its state. It went without saying that Omoni had fought countless opponents over the span of time, some of them being pesky wizards with the same kind of enchantments they knew she could never hope to replicate. Whether they came from amateurs or masters, in each case their spells were at the most irritating and regardless of the level of their caster’s proficiency, Kido could do nothing but collapse beneath the strength of Hageshi’s overbearing broiling reiatsu.

Deep in the recesses of that shroud, the burning flame did not go out. Instead it’s incandescence swelled just as he presumed that it would but it did so faster than anyone could have predicted. Where a pack of rubble had been dropped, a horde of comets retaliated forth immediately. Hageshi’s colossal landing had caused more of the foundation to be disrupted. Each piece of residue was enveloped in vibrant blue fire, some larger than others with the reservoir of spiritual power spread out equally amongst the conglomeration of barnstorming floor.


Like everything in her experience, if she wasn’t able to do it she was still gonna do it no matter what anyone else said. The kid needed Kido to send all that debris at her? Well, she didn’t! In the hands of a master of control over such an immense amassment of Reiryoku, reiatsu had been known to do astounding things ranging from creating obstacles like shields to being capable of explosive force. The latter, Omoni had chosen to put on display. The outburst rapidly fanned out, cradled various herds of sediment and sent them flying haphazardly into the sky. Everything was there for the talented perceiver to see. The young captain’s attacks had hit their target, scores of deposits soared by him and…hang on.

Where was Omoni?

He knew better than anyone that it wasn’t uncommon for Omoni to literally lose her way and end up miles from wherever she intended to go. Sometimes, that could even happen during a battle or two much to her own disdain. One minute she’d be knee deep in blood and gore and the next…she was somewhere absolutely unfamiliar. In all of the chaos and obscurity of their encounter, visually both by raw eyes and those enhanced by sensory precision, the woman often thought far too large to lose had been lost. Hageshi’s signature disappeared, nowhere to be detected amongst the trove of her reiatsu but there was a conclusion that could be made.

Captain Omoni Hageshi was missing.




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Eizoku does not respond to the things “Tenzen” is saying to him. As perceptive as the young man is, why did he not question the fact every time “Tenzen” spoke he looked away from him? How come everytime he did look it was with the same still, unmoving face? At this stage of their encounter it matters very little as his defensive measures have been set up around “Tenzen” any move the Buddha makes will be countered by this defense. However, what if his defense is targeting the wrong man?

”Deception is an easy thing to do and those who seek power do it best.”

Words spoken by Tenzen long before he was known as the Buddha, long before he even walked the path of peace and tranquility of the mind and soul. These were his words while still in the academy, spoken to a fellow student who was beaten by him in a spar due to an underhanded tactic. Yes, there was a time where this man craved more power as all Shinigami do, he wanted to be strong. His strength came about not from overpowering his opponents but from deceiving and outsmarting them, this is how he had to fight growing up in his home. Everything Tenzen has at his disposal currently comes from that ideology and since becoming captain he no longer seeks power, but he has not let go of using deception. If he were asked to repeat that phrase now he would reword it to…

”Deception is an easy thing to do and those who seek victory do it best.

For the second time today Tenzen is caught in a battle of deception, which warrior's deception is greater? But this time it will not be an intense game of chess as the conclusion of this battle comes swiftly and abruptly.

Seeing Double

The effects of Kokuzo are absolute, what is erased can never be returned such is the nature of destroying matter itself. Eizoku believes he can sense Tenzen and his Zanpakuto, his senses are proven wrong as what he is sensing is not Tenzen but instead, a construct of Kido energy standing in that position. From the get go this thing was never Tenzen, its attack on Eizoku, slashing at his jaw, was a rudimentary strike used to distract or bait out any defenses or traps the young man had set up. Tenzen himself had been displaced this entire time, using Kokuzo to mask his presence entirely, speaking for his double while its head was turned away with the aid of Bakudō #77. Tenteikūra. But as of right now, the real Tenzen makes his move striking from the back and would be entering Eizoku’s field of Time Control… If said field still existed. Kokuzo produces a golden mist that erases all inorganic matter Tenzen wants to erase. Wreathing his Honzon double in the mist was a simple feat, enough to make Eizoku think it is the genuine article. The blade ceaselessly produces this mist so even if an amount is left lingering somewhere more can always be made.

This info is meaningless unless it is taken into consideration that Eizoku’s bubble of control and his Reaistu are actively being erased from existence and thus no longer hold power over time itself. Not halting, the Captain, wreathed in the golden mist, pushes the blade through Eizoku, running him through. This is an easy wound to survive, Shinigami are very durable entities after all, however, what laid beneath this strike was something far worse. This attack was not laced with Kido, there is no deception in this strike, just a blade running him through. What made this strike worse than an ordinary impaling is the location, it struck one of two pressure points on the Shinigami body, namely the Hakusui (魄睡, Soul Sleep). The Hakusui is the source of Spiritual Power, it works in conjunction with the Saketsu (鎖結, Binding Chain) which boosts Spiritual Power. Eizoku, so willing to jump back towards a Master Swordsman who wastes no time thrusting his blade forward and accurately, a blade that was already firmly pressed against his back, will find his world shattering before him.

A Power Sealed

The golden mist of Kokuzo rapidly expands and encases them in a thick golden orb in an instant. Eizoku would feel it as his connection to his Zanpakuto leaves him, with no more spiritual power he becomes nothing more than an ordinary soul. The power of time is stripped from him whatever plan he had set for the double is triggered, none of it will reach the golden orb both he and the real Tenzen currently inhabit. His twin blades consolidate back into a single one, the Zanpakuto once named Kuronosu becomes nothing more than an Asauchi. Even if he attempts a spell at this point nothing will happen, all that would leave his body are words and words alone. Even if he could within this thick mist the spell would fail before it can even form.

”Eizoku, I will not kill you, but I will seal your power forever. You are too immature to be a Shinigami, furthermore, you are too immature to wield power. I wanted more for you… Had things gone differently today I would have made you my Lt in place of Arashi.”

Tenzen removes the blade from the spiritually broken man’s body and just for good measure he runs the blade through his Saketsu, destroying it as well. Tenzen does not proclaim victory in this situation, if Eizoku were to turn his head he would see the expression of a truly disheartened man.


”I truly wish we could have parted as friends, rather than… This…”

Again Tenzen does not see this as a victory, he waits for Eizoku to speak, to reply to everything he has just said. This makes him feel as if his division has lost their path, that some haze of overconfidence has swept through them. He will need to break this before another young hopeful ends up like Eizoku.


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Perception vs Perspective

There had always existed a thin line between the two, often blurred and misconstrued by confidence and assuredness in the like. As perceptive as the young man had proven himself to be time and time again, it would have been more out of character for him not to question a blatant outlying inconsistency in his former Captain's actions. The boy who questioned everything and took everything into account, would surely not overlook such a thing, despite how subtle it may have been. However, when one is presented right before him, he seems to pay it absolutely no heed. Why?

Deception vs Strategy

Surely as the Buddha had been assured that he had successfully deceived the Chronomancer by negligence of noting his actions, he instead had fallen prey to the same tactic. The dragging of metal along the surface of the ground had not been an intimidation factor, but rather a "shift" in the boy's typical strategy and utilization of his Zanpakto. Just as Eizoku apparently knew nothing of Tenzen, the man also equally knew nothing of him. A strongly desired bond of admiration and pseudo warmth had found itself being revealed as nothing more but a deceitful facade and a shattering of dreams for a particular Shinigami. As if wiping away a veil of dust across a glass table, clarity would soon be transparent.

Had he not found it suspicious that Eizoku had not responded to anything he was saying? How he had appeared to have been a "husk" of his former self? Both distant, and unreactive?

The dragging of metal the man had noted earlier had been in fact Eizoku utilizing a solidified medium in order to actively transfer a portion of his domain of influence away from his actual body.* Dragging his blade around a vast circumference of the area which they initially resided in, and connecting it full circle, had allotted him the ability of creating a lingering pillar of influence, rather than simply a dome. The boy had played his cards well without revealing the entirety of his hand, taking into account everything that he indeed knew about the actions of his former mentor. His direct strikes for one, were never simply straightforward or without contingencies, nor would he place himself in a predicament of uncertainty out of sheer confidence and power alone. It was because of this factor and the speed of displacement that Tenzen wields so proficiently, that had been the very reason why Eizoku himself hadn't been focusing on the "Tenzen" before him, but rather, the entirety of area in which they occupied. The very reason he predicted a striking from the most common blind spot and underhanded approach of most shinigami - from behind.

From the outset of his strike, his mist was still slowed, and unbeknownst to him, his speed and his perception as well. Similar to how the effects of Kokuzo are absolute, so was the same for Kuronosu. Tenzen's own Zanpakto would prove ineffective in its attempts to erase "inorganic" matter, as he misunderstands the actual mechanics of the boy's Zanpakto. Eizoku does not "create" time nor make it his own property in any way, shape, or form, but rather, he absorbs and manipulates the already existing "organic" natural incorporeal construct known as time itself. The same way Tenzen's own Shikai was unable to erase the natural flow of time itself around its own direction, he too would be unable to do so with Eizoku's own domain. What would have happened effectively, is he would find both himself and his mist halted to a near stagnant flow with his only option being suppression to escape the influence - however that was only should the boy's dome of influence have remained. Which had not exactly been the case in this particular scenario.

The boy whose powers Tenzen desired to seal away so coldly, would be the very components that he would use to prove both himself, and his right to wield them. From the outset, Tenzen would find that he had been placed in a figurative checkmate by his own accord, as his baited attempt of misguiding Eizoku proved futile.

The reasoning behind the Blighted Fog's failure to achieve its typical instant erasure, had been simply do the fact of Eizoku's pillar of influence being present shrouding the entirety of both it, and the man itself, initially actively targeting the speed of erasure instead of the speed of its movement. How long had the Buddha remained under the influence without his own knowledge? By time he comes to realization of the actual situation, he would have completely followed through mercifully piercing through what he was convinced to be Eizoku.

The moment the man pierces what he perceives to be his former student, he would soon come to find that such had not been the case. The boy's body fades away along with his shadow as they had both been suspended in time to deceive Tenzen, convincing that the boy's presence still remained based from simple visual verifiers - a successful endeavor. As his own initial look-back and sense of peering had been ignored in the like. *A trail of spiritual pressure now forming a trail seeming to lead back into the barracks of 5th Division, before trailing off into nothingness. *

Hs movements and perceptions were nearly halted. His strike is without purpose. Eizoku's strategy was revealed.

Where he waits for Eizoku to speak, he would instead only be met with the same Echo that he once attempted to utilize against Eizoku for his own communication. A lingering Bakudō #77. Tenteikūra now taking effect.

"When our paths cross again, I promise I'll show you my growth. I couldn’t become your Lieutenant nor thrive in these barracks. However, when our paths cross again, I assure you I’ll have climbed the ranks. And I promise...I'll eventually battle you as your equal. Captain Oda. But as of now, I refuse to die or lose my path as a Shinigami…even to you.”

With his mist slowed and his perception halted, along with the rate of the speed of erasure nearly stagnated, Tenzen would find that amidst the fading image of Eizoku, had been the second hairclip the Chronomancer had left in place. With his defenses down, he would experience a restrictive stiffening of his entire vessel as not 6, but 12 pillars of light erected from his body. The light reflecting off of the clip had made contact with his body the same moment he pierced the image of Eizoku, and simultaneously the clip that had been suspended previously would fall doing the same capturing the man in a double incantation of Rikujōkōrō. A harmless act of sssurance as if to dissuade any attempted chasing of the man. The clinging of the clips against the ground echoing as if the force attention towards them after their use.​

The boy’s active presence fades altogether, unable to be detected as he had long since transverse the Seireitei away from the man who continuously desired to blight him and destroy all he had to live for. However, should the Captain return to his quarters, he would find that the charred message scorched upon the grounds of his Division had been cleaned. The only thing left lingering in the area being a portion of his Spiritual Pressure as if noting and penning that this was his final act of penance for Fifth. Perhaps a sign of respect for the man who finally revealed his true nature. Or a hinting that their paths would soon cross again.​

”Deception is an easy thing to do and those who seek redemption do it best.”

Arashi Suta

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In hopes of starting to mend the bad blood between the two, Arashi’s efforts were in vain. Too far gone, the pain Eizoku suffers holds him back from ever reconnecting. What had he truly learned under the Captain’s ire after all this time? Though the blame is placed on Arashi, was it truly all his doing? Unable to reach the young man, Arashi does not pursue him, instead, the now made 3rd Seat stands alone in his own failures, with Jizakai being the witness to it all… His rational thinking saves him from any punishment from Captain Oda.

While he begins to make up his mind to leave, to consult with his Zanpkuto and follow through with his orders as well, he heard a noise. His eyes peel open, searching the ceiling as it begins to crack and give away. The structure of the building began to crumble as its pillars had been severed cleanly. Little time is wasted, Arashi activates his own Shikai without a word to spare and a sliver of his sword being drawn. He and Jizakai are swarmed by light and with masterful control, an orb is formed around the two. Before the building could finish collapsing upon the two, this orb made of light flies upward, smashing through the falling ceiling and debris carrying its inhabitants.

Now they float above the destruction, Arashi watching the flames begin to grow, he begins to raise his hand in order to act accordingly until the Captain shrouded by his Shikai comes to erase the flames that would begin to ravage this area of the Division. The orb descends slowly, while the Captain begins deducing what or whom may have caused this, but it is for Arashi to realize that he and Jizkai are among the three he would hold guesses for. However, Arashi could only bring one name to the forefront of his mind… The closing of his eyes and the momentary disappearance of his smile would have said it all…

Before too long, the Captain biomes the wiser, and eventually makes his leave to go after the one who Arashi believes to be Eizoku… The orb finally touching the ground at this point, such light would have dissipated and returned to the blade, thus deactivating his Shikai, unless Jizakai requested to be released earlier than this, and in that case, he would be set free…

Clean this up.

The Captain’s final words before he left. Unfortunately, Arashi could not stay to help with the cleaning. It is also clear he would not have the chance to consult with his Zanpakuto and train as he wished to. Removing his soul phone from his Shihakusho, he’d notice that he do not receive a response from the Head Lieutenant, while he did not truly expect one, he still had his orders…

Jizakai, I will return as soon as I am able to help. I must head out to confirm that my report has been received by the Head Lieutenant.

With a nod towards him, he’d take one last look at the building where they once resided, and he realized that the Lieutenant badge that once adorned his arm is gone… Perhaps this is a sign… Arashi leaves swiftly, performing Shunpo.

At the top of a roof of the many walls that line the Seireitei’s pathways, he’d search for the Head Lieutenant’s signature to see if she was located at the 1st Division’s barracks. Outstretched his reconnaissance would allow him to locate the Head Lieutenant at her barracks. Hopefully, she would remain as she is once he arrived for a brief discussion… Once again, he disappears completely, hiding within the speed of his Shunpo as the distance of each step barely touched the rooftops before he pushes off into yet another Shunpo.

It wouldn’t be too long, due to his skills Shunpo allowed him to propel himself great distances with minimal effort. He now stands at the front gates of the 1st Division. With no badge to assert his former rank amongst the Gotei, he quickly re-aligns his thoughts to fit his current rank…

3rd Seat, Arashi Suta of Squad Five, requesting permission to speak with Head Lieutenant Kasumi.

At the announcement of his rank, surely the guards would either be surprised or soon become the wiser of his old rank. However, he was sure that the Head Lieutenant would be surprised as well as possibly disappointed at the same time… Regardless, if she allowed an audience in her presence she’d see the same old expression. Forever The Smiling Swordsmen…



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Eizoku’s power is formidable, that is certain, as there are few in the Seireitei who can overcome this ability. His power latches on and clings to time itself allowing him to do as he pleases with it. Tenzen easily overcame this power through traditional methods by exhibiting a greater Reiatsu than Eizoku, but this time he wanted to test the waters, try a new method. While Eizoku was focused on defending himself Tenzen was focused on other ways to break down his control of Time that he was ever so fond of. The mentality of all Oda is that there is NOTHING they cannot destroy and the head of the clan possesses a power that personifies that very mentality. Wherever Eizoku is watching from he will witness a cruel reality that will loom over his head for as long as he lives.

His zone of influence, left around yet another clone of time, is erased. Time has no shape, no form, nothing it is anchored or tangibly linked to which is what puts it out of reach of Kokuzo’s destructive grasp. Eizoku must give Time shape and form in order to manipulate it, he must bring it into the tangible world, a world that Kokuzo destroys at will. Time itself is nothing more than a thing, a concept, it does not live, it does not breathe, it has no soul. In Shikai Kokuzo is limited to destroying inorganic constructs, things that do not live or breathe, things that do not have a soul. Giving shape to the concept of time, once again, brings it down to a level Kokuzo can destroy. This has more-so been a clash between Kokuzo and Kuronosu rather than a clash between Tenzen and Eizoku.

The dome, a manipulation of time brought into the physical world, is washed away. The double vanishes into nothingness before Tenzen’s eyes. Twice now, in a row, has Eizoku employed the use of doppelgangers to escape from Tenzen. At this moment the Captain looks around, some sigil marked upon the ground encompassing a large area. Another technique where the man materialized time itself to affect its surroundings in a specific way. The mist and Tenzen move unhindered, Eizoku misunderstands the terminology of the word absolute. All objects in this world fall to Kokuzo, the indestructible crystals of the Captain Commander, the Hierro of Arrancar, all constructs created and controlled by Quincy, and even the Fullbring of spiritually aware humans.

"Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Form is not other than emptiness, emptiness is not other than form." –– The Heart Sutra

Flooding his mist outward he destroys what remains of this sigil and materialized time and any other lingering trinkets or maneuvers left by the now fled Eizoku. It is then he hears his voice by way of the same spell he used earlier for his Kido clone, which was also erased.

"When our paths cross again, I promise I'll show you my growth. I couldn’t become your Lieutenant nor thrive in these barracks. However, when our paths cross again, I assure you I’ll have climbed the ranks. And I promise...I'll eventually battle you as your equal. Captain Oda. But as of now, I refuse to die or lose my path as a Shinigami…even to you.”

Tenzen stands silently as the message plays out, his head shifting to look towards the direction of Seventh Division. He deactivated his Shikai and following the deactivation comes a torrential downpour of Reiatsu, crushing and breaking the walls and buildings around him. Just as soon as it arrived it vanished, the man had forgotten just how much of his Reiatsu he was letting slip out at the moment. To call it a release of pressure due to anger would be incorrect, as always he was caught up in the enjoyment of battle and lost track of his control. With his blades sheathed he turns on his heel and vanishes. He will not chase after a target who has chosen to relentlessly flee from him, it isn’t worth his time. But what is worth his time is his student, he hopes that she has made headway into figuring out what had happened to Itsuki.

To Seventh Division