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The chaotic events of the day refreshed the Clown of the Third. A lot of days bleed into one another without much variation, even if they have their own ways of being fun, but this day was certainly unique. The Games that were the talk of the entire Soul Society, the introduction of two division members that he had not previously been acquainted with, and the experiment by the hands of the Twelfth. It was not like every other day, that was for sure. Where some may find it all exhausting, Asahi never felt more ready to take on the remainder of his day.

After the restoration of the affected students had been completed and restrictions could be lifted, the starry-eyed soul found himself making his way on top of the school’s rooftop. His peculiar orbs looking down upon the courtyard. At first his mind only basked in the high brought about from the Twelfth’s visit, but soon those thoughts twisted into something else. He had first been overtaken by concern for the students during what transpired, but soon enough that worry faded and all he could do was dig deeper into that one particular scientist. Curiosity clouded his necessity to contain the situation. That gluttony for information was something that he did indeed shared with the troublesome pair. That very trait certainly added weight to Kai’s inquiry of why Asahi aligned himself with teaching students rather than the intellectual company the members of the S.R.D.I could offer.

Maybe that was something he’d consider for the future, but for now, he was an instructor. For one reason or another. He paused his mental digestion and withdrew his Denreishinki from within his attire, the charms that hung from it jangling as he did so. Powering the screen he noted immediately that he had a few missed messages from different parties. The first of which was from the Lieutenant he had invited to the Academy, Junko Izumi.
"Kajiyashiki-san, I was hoping to speak with you about the events that occurred earlier today.”

She wanted to speak with him? Was it about how he did not aid Zhou and herself beyond his initial actions? No. Unlikely. Why would she care? It all worked out anyway. Maybe it was simply to cross notes and fill in the blanks between what they saw independently. Another curiosity that was something that would be humored by the Clown. His fingers pressed rhythmically upon the device.

"Hiya, Lieutenant Izumi! I appreciate you sooooo much for stopping by the Third!!! ✰
I’d be more than happy to discuss whatever you want regarding today. Just name the time and the place! It’ll be a blast I’m sure.(*´▽`*)"

And with an excited jab at the “Send” button it was time to attend to the second of messages that was requiring his attention. This one from a more familiar individual, that particularly stoic man.
“Oki is going to the Academy and she is intoxicated. By the time she arrives at the gates, please meet her there. I have some work that needs attending to. Please watch over her until I return. Thank you in advance, Kajiyashiki.”

The former First Lieutenant returning so soon? When she did arrive he’d love to probe her brain on what it was like to have participated in the tournament, even if it was for only a short time. What compelled her to risk it all for a simple word before her name? It may very well be something as simple as the restoration of some meaning to her tainted name.

Asahi did not reply to Zhou with words but simply sent an emoji that resembled a teddy bear giving a big thumbs up. An obvious choice with how unbelievably cute it was.

Ulterior Motives

As his fingers slipped the customized device back to where it formerly rested, a subtle buzz sounded near him as something moved by his ear and pathed to float in front of him. He raised his now emptied hand towards the tiny creature, allowing for it to land upon his primary digit. The steel plated insect flapped its metallic wings in a rhythmic pattern. Asahi looked at the small friend, giving it a nod as if it were speaking words. He could see within its body a pink gaseous substance. This observation brings a twisted smirk to the male’s face. Not only did this day bring with it a breath of fresh air but also something more.

The Clown had released his zanpakuto to aid him during the action, but it was not solely with the intent of the potential suppression of the Academy’s invaders. That very secondary objective played out in the background of his exchange with the slime riding woman. He had maintained the initial release of his weapon to ensure the security of the grounds for a period of time, observing every hallway and classroom with at least one fragment of his Shikai. While most played sentinel, a few came to the instructor bearing with them the fruit of their independent mission. The same one that the first hornet had been tasked with.

"A new opportunity has come our way, Mina. I’m going to have to thank Kurotsuchi-sama and Kai-kun for their visit. But for now."

The short reaper repositioned himself so he sat along the edge of the roof, his legs kicking at the air slowly as he looked up to the sky. His eyes narrowed but that grin remained.

"Let’s keep an eye on the Academy grounds. At the very least until our friends come back to give us some company.”

Today, with all things considered, was a day for science.




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While he had faith in his own abilities, the fluid performance of his near simultaneous kidо̄ execution had seemed to have done exactly what was intended even in the face of such overwhelmingly dominant strength. In a staggering crash, the woman is launched into the ground below, sending waves of stone in all directions in response. Doused in the azure flames of Omoni’s reiatsu, the flying debris that is launched upwards threatens to catch the Fairy unaware. But with a great enough distance between his own current position and the site of impact, enough time is allowed for the boy to stylistically flash step to evade the barrage of varying debris; In one instant his blurred frame flees to the left, in another to the right, and another even further over, as he simultaneously descends to stand atop a patch of the slowly settling rubble.

Seconds pass before the roars of the chaos that had transpired begins to dwindle- and then the realization that something is terribly amiss strikes. While the remnants of Omoni Hageshi’s presence litter the stone he stands atop of and pollute the air he breathes, her actual signature is virtually absent. An opportunity he had been just hoping for only a short moment prior suddenly makes itself present now. To his great surprise, he had actually been granted something he thought wouldn’t come— at least not so soon.

A moment to even the odds.

Despite the sudden uncertainty of the precarious situation he finds himself in, the Captain wastes no time and jumps into action to do his best in leveling the playing field. Standing unevenly on the setting rubble, his zanpakutо̄ still remains in his grasp, stinging hot from the reiryoku that fired from the metal only moments ago. With a delicate flick of his wrist, his hilt twirls atop his fingers to direct his blade from the ground to now point towards himself; His free hand now moves quickly to meet the other with Ichikо̄ in tow. Yū’s delicate teeth protrude as his lips part and with a subtle growl, barely audible as a mere whisper…

“... Bankai…”

… the Fairy thrusts his zanpakutо̄ into his breast. Synchronous with the illuminated blade disappearing into his chest, his trademark wings now sprout in equal haste. While in regular display they are hardly larger than the boy himself, their size in this moment is monumental in comparison to his own frame as a result of his cascading Reiatsu with his zanpakutо̄’s final release. The debris he stands on, already defeated and crumbled in the wake of his assault and Omoni’s own unleashing of her power, begins to tremble even further— Pebbles are reduced into fine gravel and begin to swirl around his frame; In contrast to his muffled call of Ichikо̄'s power, his own domineering energy bursts forth relentlessly like a deafening howl. Yet while his Reiatsu is released in a wild nature uncharacteristic to his own style, his real focus is fixated on locating his adversary.

Yū's brow remains furrowed and his eyes stare blankly ahead, seemingly spaced out, focused on nothing... but in actuality, it is clear what the Fairy is doing. She wouldn't be too far out of his reach for long.

‘I see…’




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An Unexpected Visitor

Deducing the wisest course of action with all of Soul Society in the hype over the Kenpachi Games, instead of bulldozing his way through crowds take his usual path. Skipping all the annoying traffic of shinigami in his way he made one big leap up onto the nearest building to him and continued this method of traveling across the rooftops. Each footstep that gracefully landed on the roof of the building was left with small cracks in it, as Shoumetsu did not care to move with control like he normally did. Building by building he picked up more momentum with every hastened step he took only focused on covering as much ground that he could, and not giving a shit about minor things like minimizing small damage to the buildings. Despite Shoumetsu's usual aggressive demeanor, he is not afraid to show or hold back one key trait that always remained at the core of who he was as a fighter: honor and respect. This very trait is why he willingly choose to remain on the battlefield to continue his fight with Lt. Hyozouku even with the severe injuries he sustained. The warrior code Shoumetsu lived by didn't allow him to turn his back on those who fought with their lives on the line. He knew the state of everybody else he was on the battlefield with except for Shizuka, and he couldn't rest easy knowing he was still battling for his life against his comrades. Especially, when he fought so hard to try to protect his fellow shinigami against the assaults of the God-King even going as far as taking him head-on alone to buy others time.

The first thing that welcomed Shoumetsu was the lingering scent of blood he learned to detect fairly easily like a hound dog from all his years of experience. Immediately following the roaring cheers from many citizens of Soul Society and Shinigami alike celebrate the archaic gladiatorial entertainment known as the Kenpachi Games. Spotting the televised screen he was shocked to see his Captain Omoni Hageshi contending against her former Captain Yu Nakamoto. This also answered one of his questions if he was responsible for healing him back to a healthy state. Soon Shoumetsu reached the final building before it entered the clearing where everybody clustered together watching the Kenpachi Games finals.

Before jumping down into the chaos of the fans he took advantage of his higher perspective looking for Head Lt. Fuyuko. Then it actually dawned on him that he had absolutely no clue what she even looked like leaving him to imagine so scar battle ridden woman possibly. With the option of not being able to just contact her with his Denreishinki broken during the fight which also reminded him that is another thing he will need replaced. He scratched his chin for a second before the obvious situation came in mind to him knowing exactly what the Captain Commander looked like and how he stood out from the others. Once he begin searching around it didn't take him long to spot the sights of the Captain Commander Higen, and the most brilliant plan he could think of came to mind. Knowing that other 1st division squad members would most likely step in to stop him from approaching Higen, instead of trying to figure out where 1st division members where at in this crowd, he would make them come to him. Entering into the fray of cheering fans Shoumetsu began to enact his plan to either get the attention of the 1st division members or if lucky possible the Captain Commander himself, as he started to recklessly bulldoze a path directly to there whereabouts with a resolve.


Arriving from 4th Division Barracks


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Amongst the chaos of the kid’s relentless enchantments, Omoni had chosen to withdraw. Not from the battle of course, but literally withdraw. An undisputed master of controlling her spiritual power down to her very signature, that woman had suppressed and spread all remnants of herself besides a potent yet familiar scent throughout the whole of the battlefield resulting in her abrupt disappearance. This included the floor that she had crashed into as well as the shower of debris that the kid expertly navigated around so as not to be knocked out of the sky by its masses. This was where Omoni laid in wait with every inch of her secured in her concealment, nestled in between two large shards of the disrupted airborne bedrock. Enhanced vision permitted Hageshi to watch as her adversary flashed around rapidly while dozens of rocks sped by him. Some missed him by yards or centimeters due to his clever maneuvering. In actuality, not one collided with his body but in light of this, his downfall would become inevitable as well as a matter of utterly rotten luck.

Captain Nakamoto’s assaults had hit their intended target dealing unhindered and unmitigated damage. Before his eyes, the giant that dedicated her life to his name and his cause was sent hurtling into the demolished earth with no foreseeable way to avoid him or get close enough to retaliate. Confidence in his ability to see the final round of the games end in his favor was rightfully his to feel as there was no getting around the fact that speed and Omoni were not at all well acquainted with one another. By all accounts, she was at a grave disadvantage. The magnanimous woman was a terrifying force to be reckoned with but if she was unable to catch her opponent, what good was all of that unbridled strength, truly? This was a standard realization that had played on the minds of the hundreds of thousands of those with exceptional agility who had the misfortune of facing Omoni and may have even visited the innermost thoughts of the doctor himself momentarily. Anyone else would make the assumption that as long as they made a point to avoid her, victory was in their grasp. This was, however, a foolish conclusion to come to and in every case ended with her enemy’s devastating defeat when they were climatically unable to escape their violent fate. But he KNEW her. He knew who Omoni was, he knew how and why she was such a horrifying encounter...How strange it was that the astute Captain Yu Nakamoto would be unable to get away from her just the same.

Hageshi was waiting for the opportune moment to strike and it came when in his swift fluttering, he happened to manifest directly beside her. Her attack would succeed because instead of choosing to do away with any of the rubble surrounding him, he’d opted to avoid it whilst remaining in the vicinity of it. In addition to this, there would be no question as to whether she would have been able to see where the kid teleported to and from nor her ability to be able to strike fast enough to hit him. Concerns of that sort could derive explanation from a pair of used butts buried in the crater where Hageshi’s body had initially crash landed. Normally, Omoni took her sweet time enjoying the taste of her signature enlightenment cigars during a fight but she’d made an exception in this case and had inhaled all of the contents of both Kaigen Hameki with one mighty breath. The first had bestowed her exceptional sensory ability so that she would be capable of tracking Nakamoto’s movements without requiring him or her to be in direct line of sight of one another and the second blessed captain Hageshi with embellished speed. Furthermore, there was no impedance from the stone she stabbed through to get to him for it crumbled away, crushed to dust by the effects of her volatile reiatsu. In the mere fraction of a second before the fairy took advantage of the perceived opening that Hageshi had left for him and had descended to the ground, Namakizu struck. It would have been a simple tap on the outside of his ankle invoking no semblance of pain or wound that in his adrenalized state of mind would likely go unnoticed.

"... Bankai…”

Illustrious wings opened in succession of the boy impaling himself with his Zanpakuto. All eyes were glued to the screens broadcasting the final round to countless viewers and the revealing of Captain Yu Nakamoto’s sacred Bankai earned a chorus of gasps and wild cheers from the crowd. Without a doubt, this was what they had been waiting for! Finally, it was to be a battle between Bankai that would determine who among the last contestants would become The Kenpachi! Throughout the competition, both Omoni and Yu had amassed a growing number of their own fans each vying for the leader of their team to win. Some watched with bated breath as the odds of their significant bets rose and fell like an unruly tide. Many bragged they were right that Yu would need to unleash his final level of a shinigami’s power in order to be able to stand against Hageshi.

Scores of others were stunned that Omoni was nowhere to be found while some of them swore they saw something. How could someone so big and powerful just vanish like that?! All eyes watched as the boy searched quietly for his missing opponent.

‘I see…’—-



The captain was torn violently away from his pondering, suddenly filled with a monumental amount of agony coming from what would feel like every direction with no visible enemy to blame. A pack of colossal impacts showered him from above stretching from the back of his skull to the tips of his heels. Every hit was annihilating with a weight that amounted to more than a few tons which reduced his skeletal structure to fragmentized pieces of bone and shredded muscle. Simultaneously, a distinctly different but mortifying pair of synchronized blows drove directly through his spinal cord leaving behind an unforgiving burn in its wake that lasted only a single second before his paralyzed body could no longer feel at all. Attempts at evasion would prove futile as would fleeing, after all, he could not run away from himself. The empress dealt her punishment in what damage had been done to her dark armor accrued and returned it in full when she got her hands on him. Even if it were just a touch, it was enough to warrant her vehement vengeance.


Omoni’s voice sounded like an alarm and shook the very rafters of the heavens above. The dark soldier exploded forth descending upon him like a circular saw with wildly increased momentum alongside the incorrigible heat of her rampant reiatsu's flames. A demon raining down her hell. Namakizu's great sword at her side and an open palm with razor sharp talons began to rend whatever limbs she could get a hold of from his body; tearing him asunder. Stopping her from doing away with his arms and legs was implausible considering the staggering trauma of his own design he’d be forced to endure that he’d have been caught completely unaware of to begin with. In her elation that he’d considered her a threat worthy of exposing his Bankai and the legendary conflict this would ensue and something she had yet to have ever seen before, it seemed that she’d lost control over her impulses and elected to celebrate by dealing as many blows as she could to him before he’d be able to recover from the shock of her Zanpakuto’s outburst.


The two entangled in the fight were the best known healers existing in the Seireitei. Their abilities and skill were overshadowed by no one other than their respective adversary and so, Omoni knew it was only a matter of time before the kid would put his medical prowess to the test and save himself. Not to mention the unknown affinities of his own Bankai. Meanwhile, the suit was no longer pristine and now riddled with a cacophony of gleaming cracks across her back. The oddity of this went ignored by Hageshi in favor of persisting with the exhilarating brutalization of her friend, a most treasured act to be sure.

However, this would not come before she could show him why he was lucky that she had been his subordinate and why she deserved to be named the strongest warrior in the soul society.




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It was a wonder that Shiori hadn't noticed anyone else up on the roof when she emerged into the light of the sun above. Then again, she hadn't been sleeping particularly well. This was largely her fault, both in terms of stressing over things that weren't worth stressing over and doing things that would only get her in trouble. She shoved in her earbuds as she gazed with glazed over eyes over the grounds beyond the academy, thumbing through her music playlist by memory for the specific grungy song she needed. Acetone by Cone of Shame. Good song, if not a bit industrial for her usual tastes, though something about it's heavy but slow beat helped slow her thoughts in times like these. Sludgy garter filled her ears as Shiori dropped her phone into a pocket, her other hand digging through another pocket for one of the few cigarettes she'd grabbed from her room on the way up here. If she couldn't smoke in the bathroom anymore, rooftops would have to do.

"Darkness drips from your tongue, breath like acetone.
Ignites my mind, my heart, burns up all I know."

With a muted Kido spell, she conjured a small flame above her thumb, inhaling deeply as she used the ember to light her cigarette. A fait cloud of smoke wafted from her nose as she made her way to an unoccupied spot of roofing. It was here that she noticed one of the Kido instructors on the roof as well. He seemed to be busy, however, writing some kind of message to someone. Maybe another member of the school faculty? Eh, maybe if she made herself smaller, he'd ignore her and leave her alone. Her social battery was pretty much empty at the moment.

"If you're going to stay up all night training without permission, at least practice something you actually need to improve on. Why, when I was your age, my Zanjutsu skills were so good I could shave a cat blah blah"

"How many times do we need to have this conversation, Ms. Ashina? And here I keep thinking you're attitude is improving."

"Eat shit. At least I was training."

Shiori curled up in a ball, resting her chin on her knees as she drew in another puff of her cig, wrapping her arms around her shins. The voices were drowned out easily enough by just cranking up the music volume. She let the overwritten lyrics full that void instead as she picked a strand of her hair off her pants. The words were getting hard to focus on. Maybe a nap was a good idea. The roof wasn't the worst place to take a nap, so long as she didn't roll off. She pushed her way backwards up the roof a few more feet before leaning back with her hands behind her head. Time for some peace and quiet.​
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