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Within minutes Masahiko & Aiya would find themselves standing beyond the grand gated entrance to the Shinōreijutsuin. The famed institution in which since it's establishment had seen Shinigami of all various kinds receive knowledge of the role they played in maintaining the soul cycle. And more importantly the place wherein all Shinigami were instructed in the art of combat. One could only imagine all the countless souls who had already risen to become a thing of legend from this one institution. Masahiko could still hardly believe that despite his abilities he would be amongst the crowd that would manage to receive an early recommendation from from one of the Gotei 13's most active Division's.

I might not be considered a student any longer, but while I'm here I suppose I could work on that. Before that though...

"Lady Aiya..."

The young noble would bow his head deeply towards the Munetoshi heiress, bending at the waist in a gesture of apology.

"Do forgive my earlier statement. It was rather arrogant of me to make an assumption of your priorities based upon your nature. I fully understand the ramifications on the power in which a name can hold and I'll be better about being more considerate in my actions"

Masahiko would then promptly raise his posture once more before reaching into his Shihakusho to produce a couple of notes that he would slip into Aiya's books.

"These are some of my old notes from my Kido classes. I've never been much able to utilize that skill, but I made sure to at least continue to study the theory behind it. I also have all of my personal Zanjutsu notes in there as well along with some detailed observations of the different styles our instructors prefer to utilize. Consider it my gift to you for working so hard"

Masahiko would then proceed to bow to Aiya in the same manner for a second time before passing Aiya's books back to her with both hands as proper manners would dictate. He had hoped that this small gesture would be enough to put his past trangressions behind him as he was not the type to wrong someone and leave the situation uncorrected.

Further emphasizing proper custom he would maintain this same posture until Aiya chose to acknowledge it. After all it wasn't much time left for them to communicate this freely so he wished to stay in good standing with her until they were both full fledged members of the Gotei 13.



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The sound of flesh being eviscerated violated the sacred hill in a way that had not been done before. In the beginning, the battle had begun as a test of skill amongst those who intended to be recognized as the most powerful. It was a fun competition bringing out the best of the best that every participant had to offer and it was the coveted last round! It should have been exciting, inspiring and a cacophony of other exhilarating sensations. All of which are completely normal feelings that would visit both those in attendance and those taking part. Captain Hageshi felt every ounce of them but in the worst possible way.

Common joy was lost to the potency of her undying obsession for violence and battle. Suitable for that woman, Omoni had lost control once again in the heat of the long awaited fight with her trusted friend and former leader. Behind every god-awful unyielding strike there was no malice. There was only the overbearing enthusiasm of a wild beast that had been let off of it’s chain so that it could prance around and have fun! It was so much FUN! Running, spinning, jumping! Slashing, breaking and SHREDDING! With every second that passed from when she arrived on the field to greet her opponents, Hageshi’s passion had become unhinged and the longer the battle persisted the more impossible it would have become for anyone to stop her onslaught. On that note, the same logic applied to herself.

Watching the fairy crash to the ground after her Bankai’s punishment was inflicted, Omoni had seen the perfect opportunity to swoop down and dive into the merriment of the moment. Indisputably, Omoni was unaware of the stipulations of the boy’s own Bankai just as he had been in the dark about hers and she would feel the repercussions of that. The eleventh’s captain was far too enamored by the animalistic ferocity around her to notice that her armor had been spirited away. Even as her bare hands took hold of the kid’s broken body, she didn’t notice. Even as her nails and fingers with a grip capable of breaking through steel and foundation dug into his supple skin and began to take away chunks of it with each manic grasp, she didn’t notice. Blood and gore splattered atop the earth in mounds far more than what Yu’s small frame was worth. It was not until she saw centuries old scars that were very familiar to her joining the massacre that she registered what had actually taken place.

“ I…..”



Cerulean eyes searched around her person, looking at her arms but all that she could see was a sea of red, tendons barely holding on by a thread to stark white bone and mutilation perfectly resembling that which had befallen the younger captain below her. Together, the two of them were engulfed in one another’s blood with no portion of them an exception to its ruby stain. In the midst of the numbness, there was no pain. That monster of a woman felt no pain. What kept Hageshi fighting? How did she keep coming no matter what was thrown at her? This was a question that played on the minds of those who were watching and couldn’t take their eyes off of the unseemly scene, those she had conquered in the past and those who desired to get into the ring with her in the future. Most hypothesized that when she started a fight, she became possessed by an insatiable demon that could only be satisfied by infinite carnage. Other’s rumored her to be insane, after all she had no idea where she was most of the time and could be found talking to herself now and again whilst she fished. What no soul really knew was that Hageshi was very literally built differently. In her body the receptors that acknowledged pain were wired so that pain became pleasure and pleasure gave her pain. Pain was so foreign to her that when she did feel it, during her favorite bouts of destructiveness, she had no idea what it was. The damage done to her limbs was such a rare sight for her to see that she was not only thoroughly enjoying it but she didn’t want it to stop. More…she needed more! Swiftly, Omoni moved to set upon him again without having taken the time to determine WHY she was being torn asunder just as he was or how to avoid it- she didn’t WANT to avoid it, she needed to feel it again! Even if she couldn’t move anymore, even if she couldn’t speak…even if she DIED




There would be no more.
The words that she most desperately yearned never to hear, came. The proverbial whistle had been blown and the warfare she had been trying to commence was instantly over. Panting, Hageshi stood to her feet which caused more life force to spill out of her onto the runner up of the contest who couldn’t hope to avoid its cascade. All at once, her senses returned to her and she lifted her eyes to the skies. In all directions, torrential gusts of wind kicked up. Her morbid vision of the Sokyoku Hill vanished only to instantly part and trigger a much more light-hearted environment. Where once there had been the silence of a solemn battlefield there were now ear-piercing shrieks from cheering fans standing to their feet roused in a mania of applause. All of the colors, the music and the scents of the Rukongai’s Kenpachi Festival hit Hageshi like one of the land of the living’s trains. She was not ready and not the kind of woman that appreciated the celebration in the first place, hoping to get on with the battles so she could escape the crowded atmosphere. Shouts amongst the people ranged from being angry they had lost their money with the wagers they’d made to being overjoyed they had backed the right horse in the end. Everyone was Euphoric, except for Omoni.

Regardless of whether she’d won, What she’d vowed she would never let happen again…had. For the fourth and final time, her adversary had chosen to give up rather than to fight to the bitter end. Throughout it all, although she had enjoyed her time in the games and her matches against some of the best that the Seiteitei had to offer, she felt hollow. To many, a surrender would mean a win and this included those who determined the standards of the competition but to her…it didn’t feel right. It felt like she’d been handed her victory rather than to have fought hard and won fair and square. There was nothing that anyone could have done to avoid her feeling in such a way, naturally Hageshi was severely hard on herself with no one brave enough to correct her.

Packs of medics rushed in to begin work on their captain and some attempted to do the same for Omoni only to be brushed off, growled at and after many attempts barely able to stop the bleeding to the point that what was left of her arms listlessly hung at her sides. Her tattered white Haori was now completely red, drenched in her and Captain Nakamoto’s blood. Suddenly, she turned to look at Yu. In her frenzy she’d overlooked that he was her friend and she didn’t want to kill him! Was he going to be okay?!





The ecstatic crowd began to chant the name of the winner of the games. Hearing her name shocked her back to reality. Its being recited by so many people was strange and she did not like it at all. Yet, it persisted. Unable to shake the disappointment and worry she was feeling, she was not capable of experiencing all that should be experienced by the new Kenpachi in that instant. In fact, it had yet to dawn on her that she, Captain Omoni Hageshi was now and would be known first and foremost as...

Kenpachi Hageshi.
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Aiya kept her eyes ahead of she walked beside him soon making it back to the academy. For about six years now the academy has been a sense of a home away from home. It certainly reminded her of her home. containing and following daily schedules, day in and day out. She just didn't have to go into the many lower Rukongai districts to continue her routine within her family.

She stopped in her tracks before turning as she heard Masahiko speak her name. She watched him bow in apologetic respect towards her. She listened to him asking her forgiveness for her earlier actions and his words to trigger them. She smiled watching him then return to his former stand before presenting some notes of his academy days into her books.

"Masahiko, how many times must I say it. Its just Aiya, you don't need to add the lady silly."

A smile rested on her face while lifting her hands up, accepting the books before puling them to her chest as she moved forward closer to him before lifting herself on her tip toes, planting a quick peck on his cheek.

"Also there is no need to apologize to me. You simply didn't know how much my name means to me and the weight it holds on me and my destiny."

She smiled reaching into her own robes pulling out a note pad and pen, writing down something before holding it out to him.

"Go find my older sister, Yua Munetoshi. She is now of the fifth division and from what she told me Tenzen's own pupil as of recently. She is all about kido and the understanding and studies of that realm, if you are wanting to know such things go find her on your free time when you are not busy. Oh and her twin brother Ketsu, I believe is also squad 10. So you will get to meet him. He can be a hot head but please bear with him. He isn't the brightest."

she spoke with a smile while she adjusted the books with one hand, taking note of the odd glances of a student changing notes with a Shinigami.​


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"Masahiko, how many times must I say it. Its just Aiya, you don't need to add the lady silly."
"Also there is no need to apologize to me. You simply didn't know how much my name means to me and the weight it holds on me and my destiny."


Being able to have that mishap entirely removed from his conscience made him feel as though he could proceed naturally now. Masahiko in the past had always felt a bit awkward if whenever he felt he unjustly offended someone. Resuming his normal posture he would also proceed to let himself adorn the faintest hints of a smile, and all whilst letting out an equally faint sigh.

I'm glad that she was willing to accept my apology. She has such a good heart. I don't wish to ever be the reason that changes.


Masahiko's ability to speak suddenly became non-existent as he felt the sensation of Aiya's lips on his cheek. The face of the young noblemen visibly showing shades of red as his emotions were suddenly now all over the place. He didn't expect her to return his earlier affection, let alone in the presence of her classmates. His hand would slowly rise to his cheek as he then proceeded to observe the Munetoshi heiress prepare a note for him.
"Go find my older sister, Yua Munetoshi. She is now of the fifth division and from what she told me Tenzen's own pupil as of recently. She is all about kido and the understanding and studies of that realm, if you are wanting to know such things go find her on your free time when you are not busy. Oh and her twin brother Ketsu, I believe is also squad 10. So you will get to meet him. He can be a hot head but please bear with him. He isn't the brightest."

A still obviously flustered Masahiko would simply nod his head in response in acknowledgement as he placed the note in his Shihakusho, never once moving his eyes from his betrothed. After a few split seconds of awkward silence and noticing a few snickers around them, Masahiko would try to regain at least a semblance of his former composure he cleared his throat before speaking.

"Y-Yes of course"

He managed to fumble out before making a couple light bows to her for the third time that day.

"In any case let me not keep you from your studies. I'll be nearby if you need anything"



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Incoming Rage

They could all feel it in the air as he approached, the two teams gathered together to provide relief in Karakura and Naruki, stood outside of the Senkaimon waiting for his arrival. They had gotten word that he would personally be joining them but in the back of their minds they had hoped he would change his mind, and hoped that a higher up would tell him not to go. In a matter of moments Fifth Division was under the furious Reiatsu of their Captain, to call these groups teams would be an understatement as each group consisted of one hundred Shinigami, half of them belonging to Fifth Division and the other half belonging to the Kido Corps. These men almost broke their stature when he arrived before them, his Reiatsu wasn’t strong enough to render anyone unconscious but the pressure surely made it difficult to move.

”C-captain… Your Reiatsu…”

A brave soul speaks up to the best of his ability to tell the Captain that his Reiatsu is affecting them all, although he couldn’t finish the sentence. Tenzen looks in the man’s direction and in an instant the pressure is gone.

”My apologies. As you are all aware we are going to be providing reinforcements to Karakura Town and Naruki City, the situations in both places are dire. We have lost Lieutenants in both areas with multiple heavily injured Shinigami. Your orders are as follows: Cast barriers to close off the city from further Human intervention, replenish damaged structures and any human you come across is to be aided and then use Kikanshinki to replace their memories, performing Konso on the souls goes without saying. Considering the scale of the damage and lives lost it is best to replace their memories with a natural disaster that took place. Furthermore, obliterate any Hollow, Quincy or Fullbringer you come across, especially Quincy and Fullbringers as one offers nothing to the Balance and the other should have never been born to begin with.”

He begins walking between both groups, in his mind he tries to paint a picture of the sort of enemy that could have felled Katsuo. As cruel as it is to say he at least has a bar set on how strong this person is and so he knows exactly how much power he himself will need to produce to eliminate them. Arrancar attacked Karakura shortly after Katsuo’s death, they are a likely suspect considering the Quincy have tried to be cordial with the Shinigami, despite that Tenzen will not abide the existence of those who disrupt the Balance of Souls. If that is the case, where were they? Why didn’t they defend the town the Gotei Thirteen has allowed them to inhabit? Were they so weak that they were overrun by the sheer number of Hollow and Arrancar? If that is the case then it is a good outcome, it means they lack numbers and if a few hundred Quincy die, who would honestly care? Tenzen finally reaches the end of his walk, ending up on the opposite side of the two groups, facing the Senkaimon.

”Naruki City team, you move out first. There may still be fighting going on there so keep your heads on a swivel and perform your duties. Failure will not be tolerated, do you understand?”


”Good, now move out.”

The Naruki City team moves out, one hundred Shinigami in total. Fifty of them trained to be quick response warriors for a variety of situations and the other fifty being composed of the most talented Kido users in the Gotei Thirteen. Hailing from a warrior clan, Tenzen believes in pure militaristic might and will ensure his Division matches that to a “T”. Once all one hundred of the Naruki Team Shinigami have moved out Tenzen and his Karakura Town team are left waiting for a moment while the Senkaimon is adjusted for travel to their designated location. During this time the Captain continues to think about how he wants to approach this situation. Far as he knows Karakura is devoid of any Shinigami presence currently as they had been deployed and heavily injured right after. A surprise attack is warranted if there is still a threat there; the sudden and undetected appearance of one hundred Shinigami should be enough to rattle them long enough for Tenzen to decapitate them. The Captain releases his Shikai and covers the entirety of the team in his golden mist, their signature has been completely erased.

”When we arrive, perform your duties as you have been directed to, leave any and all fighting to me, is that clear?”


Tenzen looks towards the gates of the Senkaimon as it begins to open. “Wielding one's blade out of duty alone is what it means to be a captain. Wielding one's blade out of hatred is nothing more than petty violence. That is not what we would consider battle.” This is something all Captain’s understand, however, that notion means nothing to Tenzen. A fight for your life is a battle no matter how honorable or underhanded it may be. Who dictates what is and isn’t a battle? The philosophers who sit with pen and paper and romanticize about the act and “art” of battle or is it the warriors who tread life and death everytime they exchange blades with someone? Those that ponder what is and isn’t a battle, what is or isnt petty violence are better left in the shelter of their homes to romanticize about violence and battles. Because to fight Tenzen is to experience violence and battle. When he arrives in Karakura the enemy will experience this in full. His blade is swung with joy, excitement, hatred, and sorrow and at the end of the day he will still remain a Captain of the strongest military force in all the dimensions, The Gotei Thirteen.

”Let's go.”

100 Shinigami to Naruki City & Tenzen + 100 Shinigami to Karakura Town