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Kiku could feel Captain Oda's reiatsu more and more, the closer he got. Upon finally landing in the division he wasted no time. As the first group of backup went through the Senkaimon Kiku would flash step behind Captain Oda and present himself on his knees. The constant thought on his mind of he needed to tell The Oda what he had witnessed and what had been recorded on their devices. His lack of perfect vision impeded him not, as he purely would go off the sensation of reiatsu around him. The buildings made of reshi formed a foggy yet clear structure in his mind.

This same fog-like structure now made up Captain Oda as he formed behind the man kneeling.


The scuffs and marks of battle were still fresh upon his body and his clothes were still tattered from the ambush of hollows. He would at once lower his hands to his thighs and speak up.

" Captain Oda, Please! Before you go!"

There was frustration in Kiku's voice as he nearly shouted the man known as the Buddha down.

" Please, the recordings and readings we received from our Denreishinki X Devices tells more of what you will be facing. I fear the Espada have pulled an attack on the living world and the Quincy nearly made matters worse until... " He froze for only a second.

"Captain, there was a phenomenon that occurred, I felt a massive loss of life as reiatsu spiked throughout the city, and then in a flash of a moment, it was back... as if time was rewound, a second chance was given. This is when I was ambushed by a large group of hollows and I only retreated so I could return the members of the task force you sent with me before returning to active duty.

Kiku wasn't panting because of his fight or because of the Captain's reiatsu, not even because of the rush to get over here. He was panting out of fury over his own inaction and failure to perceive the correct course of duty while out there in the living world.

"Whatever the case, even if you wish not to entertain me with things you must already know or can assume, I wish to accompany you to the Living World, I have much to prove in my failure."

Kiku would slam his fists against his legs before lowering his head







"I could try it. Guess it would be catholic... Cart... cathartic. That's the word. Thank you as well."

Asahi raised a brow as the student struggled to find the word she was looking for but did not intervene in her progress of manifesting it. He didn’t believe there was a need to interject for he knew what she was trying to convey nonetheless. The youthfully appearing instructor gave an affirming nod to the expression of appreciation from Shiori. It was important for the students to find constructive means to facilitate their growth. The teachers that were appointed to nurture growth within the prospective reapers need only to provide the information and the structure needed to establish baseline proficiency, it was up to the students to seek for possibilities beyond that.

”Absolutely no problem at all!”

His response was followed with the turning of his body to go to join his fellow officer who had taken to the training grounds. His feet made it but a few steps from where he stood before being called back by the trainee. Asahi’s toes protruded over the edge, while his head turned back to hear the request of Shiori’s.

"Oh, wait! Sir! I mean, shit. Sensei, I had a Kido question! If you have a moment, that is. There's something about Sōkatsui that just isn't making sense. Either I'm messing the incantation up or... I dunno, maybe I'm just not getting the feeling of it right.""

An inquiry into the usage of a specific spell was formed. The Clown was surprised by this. Not in regards to her seeking for his aid, but that immediate turnover from what before appeared to be a moment of sulking. It was certainly good to see even with that sudden shift. Asahi rotated back to face her but remained with half of his footing loose along the roof’s boundary. She would be met with his near unending smile, but it was coupled with a wink this time.

”Sōkatsui, eh? I love that one!”

His exclamation had a giggle shadowing behind it.

”I’d be happy to help! But I’d like to see exactly what it is you are trying to do. How about we go over there?”

The Clown gestured over his shoulder pointing towards the training space that was occupied by a few students, as well as Zhou.

”Probably isn’t the best idea to potentially burn down the building. I’ll meet you down below! ”

And with that closing remark he gave a wave to Shiori before falling backwards off the structure. He free fell until he neared the ground before recovering from the drop by pushing off from an angled Reishi plate and landing upon his feet. Was such an action necessary? Absolutely not. But it sure was amusing!

Asahi took the remaining steps needed to find his place near the center of the external space, facing the direction of a set of training dummies stationed about two dozen meters away. He would gauge exactly what his pupil would do. Could her display of previously struggling to find the right word reflect in her incantation? Or maybe her Reiryoku control was not stable enough to construct the spell? It was yet to be seen but either way he’d provide her with a solution.




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Perhaps it was a tiring thing, all the references the Soul Society had already made to the Academy of Seireitei. History had proven the Gotei 13, who almost all had their roots from the Academy, endlessly fascinating as a subject. Either because of the obsession of all individuals in Soul Society believe what the Academy teaches to become a Shinigami was bound only by imagination, making Captains appear as Gods with abilities they possess. The knowledge to become a Shinigami was exclusive, forbidden and only permitted when receiving a formal acceptance to join. Tired or not, there is always something for someone to long for when it comes to Seireitei and the Academy just as much. It is a distant unknown to ordinary Souls.

The Academy is rumoured to contain monumental amounts of knowledge, thousands of papyrus scrolls from a bygone error, and even computers with an archive on History, Science, Engineering, Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Kido, Hoho and also Reiryoku. Many people incorrectly assume the Academy's job is just to produce Shinigami, but in reality, it's a school for those accepted to have the opportunity of life far, far from ordinary. Opening up pathways to occupations and jobs within Seireitei and learning secrets kept from the general public.

The Shinigami—graduates from the Academy—are permitted to use the knowledge they gained so long as they accept an obligation to guard the souls going through the circle of transmigration. Every time the Academy recruits a new class of potential Shinigami, they must spend six years in training, learning how to control their Reiryoku and what would eventually become their lifelong craft. For six years, each individual is selected for the Academy to live, eat, sleep and breathe the learning and what the institution offers. Students rigorously pursue an independent course of discipline that they feel an affinity for; this ends up eventually being provided with an opportunity to join a special squad that suits their style or, out of their own volition, join one they think aligns with them the best or have the most interest in. Are you interested in espionage, stealth and subterfuge? Then Squad 2 might be your interest. Do you prefer to support, heal, tend and nurse others back to good health again? Then Squad 4 might be better suited for you. What awaits a Student after their graduation is power, prestige, glory, fame, and knowledge beyond their wildest dreams--and thus, to be chosen as a Student is the first in a lifetime of endless opportunity.

This is how Kiyobu feels in his final year, competing for a position as a Shinigami. Like his classmates, he discarded the person he might have been and the life he might have lived—which would have been more ordinary in comparison. He would have had a profession of some sort, a lucrative one, folding into the economy of Soul Society in some helpful way, but witnessing nothing like what he'd seen by virtue of his acceptance of the Academy's offer. Alone, he might've explored his immense Reiryoku and done exceptional things but kill himself in the process from lack of control & knowledge, and thus falling shy of extraordinary. Eventually, because of his family's wealth and social status, he would've left his father without an heir and tarnished the Kouken name--but now, because of this, he wouldn't. The pittances of a smaller existence to the one he has now would count among the many things he would never again risk since he took his seat in this room 5 years prior.

Kiyobu remained seated in the Library of the Academy, ruminating again on the life he might have lived, the lives all the students might have lived, had they never been offered such... opportunity. Eternal glory. Unparalleled wisdom. Here they would unlock their souls' secrets and the world around them that had been kept hidden. Things that no ordinary eyes would ever see and that no lesser souls could possibly understand.

Here, at the Academy their lives had changed. Here their former selves would be repurposed, only to be moulded into Shinigami.

Kiyobu fully understands that greatness isn't easy, but he understands being in this place means the offer of greatness was bestowed upon him because Seireitei feels he can stand to bear it. Turning his gaze back onto a papyrus scroll, Kiyobu resumed reading it; he preferred reading in print rather than on screen as most students do nowadays. He digested texts and information on Hollows, and whatever he was permitted to read, still finding it fascinating how they exist and how his future role is to maintain the balance of souls.

However, what would otherwise be serene in the quiet area of the Library, subtle vibrations in the earth beneath his feet and echoing sounds leaked through ground and air. The quiet room was interrupted by the vestiges of a roaring and booming crowd from the centre of Seireitei. While Kiyobu focused well enough, he could sense and hear the spectators' extreme emotional experience, pure joy, and the quaking ground vibrating to match the electrifying atmosphere which resonated throughout the centre of Soul Society. For one, it was liberating... because at this moment, it felt like the pinnacle, eclipsing every other cheer and passionate outburst since the games had begun... which only meant to Kiyobu... the games had finally ended. And with that, classes & training can finally resume, and he could continue as usual. A smile painted the prior blank canvas of his face, wondering who is now the new Kenpachi. His Denreishinki was placed beside the scrolls and books he had on his desk facing up, waiting for any news or alerts that might pop up regarding the schedule of his Academy and where he's required to go next. At this moment, he felt a compelling desire to do even better and perhaps, eventually, reach that same glory he just felt the victor of the Kenpachi Games received.
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Aiya kept her signature smile on her face while watching Masahiko become a beautiful shade of red, dumbfounded for any sort of words from her sudden peak on the cheek.

"Now go have fun, don't be late for your job Masa-Kun."

She adjusting the books in her hands before shaking her head in response closing her heterochromia eyes before reopening them

"You know where I'll be. I will see you later, I really need to get these books back to the library and get ready for classes today, Have a wonderful day! Tell my sister, I will see her home on the holidays."

She spoke backing pedaling a bit while raising a hand up as she waved at him before turning on her heels, darting into the school. She ignored the glances and chuckles of the gossip that would ensnare the school for sure. People love dramas and unfortunately, Aiya always seem to get dragged into them by being in the wrong place wrong time.

Moving through the academy was easier today then most days. Most of the student body was in their clusters chit chatting about the Kenpachi games. Aiya never understood the longing of having the title of Kenpachi. Kenpachi is the title that is only given to the strongest Shinigami. It is an ironclad rule that there can be only one Kenpachi per generation, meaning that the predecessor must die for the killer to succeed the title. Aiya could not imagine the amount of training and insanity one needed to have to want to hold such a title as the strongest Shinigami. To her the Kenpachi was someone to respect and uphold because they were the literal standing might at the top of the pyramid all Shinigami fall upon to stay at some height of strength. It couldn't be her. Such a title meant strong evil people wanting a fight, she preferred no fighting if possible. such a dream wasn't real and she knew it.

On her way to the library she heard the announcement of who won the Kenpachi games. She was kind of surprised and kind of wasn't. it was a coin flip. She absolutely love the 4th and it's captain was just amazing from all she had read, however Omoni was a literal figure of strength. Aiya could only imagine how many scars covered the woman's body from her longing of battles and the drive for the title. Such a pretty Captain, even with her scars.

She slowed her stroll to the library moving through it's doors, taking in the smell of old paper and knowledge just waiting to be soaked into the cotton candy haired female's head. She slowly moved to the main librarian desk's, checking in the book as she smiled, offering to return it to it's rightful home for the older woman, getting a nod as a acknowledgement.

Slowly she turned around examining the dead silent room that held only one other occupant, a male she knew from one of her classes. A Kiyobu Kouken, a fellow Nobel upholding a tradition just like her. She formulated a good thought process and decided it was best to just get a conversation going, it wouldn't be long before they would be graduated and off to their own squads. She took a deep breath, allowing a expression of determination to rest on her face as she took the first steps forward, quickly closing the gap before stopping infront of Kiyobu.

"Hi Kiyobu, why are you sitting here all alone and not hanging with all the various groups , gossiping about the games and it's victor?"


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”Sōkatsui, eh? I love that one!”

Oh? Shiori was a bit surprised that she'd get that quick of a response. Hell, he even seemed excited about the opportunity to teach her something one in one, though that giggle was just the slightest bit off-putting. Oh well, take the good with the unsettling.

”I’d be happy to help! But I’d like to see exactly what it is you are trying to do. How about we go over there? Probably isn’t the best idea to potentially burn down the building. I’ll meet you down below! ”

The place that Sensei had pointed to was down in the training yard, right near where Zhou was meditating or whatever it was he was doing. Shit. If she was gonna be that close to another instructor that taught a subject she was actually passionate about, she really couldn't afford to mess up this incantation.

"Oh, right. Hey, do you have any pointers for going down stairwells quickly? When I try I sometimes run into... People..."

Shiori watched as Asahi simply walked off the building entering a freefall as a method of reaching ground floor. While she would love to show off and stick the same landing he made, she wasn't entirely confident that trying to do the same wouldn't result in an opening in her class roster. In a mild panic, she turned and sprinted towards the roof access. The goal was to touch the ground as little as possible, her feet only touching the floor to help make the turns at the bottom of each flight of stairs before she pulled herself airborn down the next flight while hoping some poor soul wasn't trying to use the stairs as well.

On the way out, she caught a glimpse of Aiya. Nice girl, if not nauseatingly kind and understanding. Made a habit of trying to prevent Shiori from fighting, while at the same time trying to be  friends with her. She was also a noble, but wasn't exactly in your face about it, so Shiori could handle her in moderate doses. It was actually probably her influence that had kept Shiori from getting kicked out of the academy or even killed. Overall, nice girl but seemed to hate confrontation. Shiori was gonna need to talk to her later.

Of course by the time her slow ass made it down the stairs, Asahi was already waiting for her. If she could just get his help with the incantation, then she could focus on this spell until she didn't need the damn words to be a threat. Whoever wrote them seemed to have a weird obsession with weird phrasing and big words, so she had some trouble initially learning spells for that reason. Without that, she was actually pretty damn good at Kido. Shiori finally closed the gap between her and instructor, snapping to attention.

"Sensei, I'm here! Sorry, stairwell was a little cluttered and uh... I didn't run into anybody. Anyway, uh... So I'm pretty sure the problem I'm having is in the incantation, but I can't figure out where. Hand motions, stance, everything else is perfect, but something's just wrong."