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Hiroka inspected the tattered remains of his shihakusho. Impressed that his performance in the Games led to the uniform’s thermal resistance cracking under the pressure. The material it was made of could typically handle whatever heat Hiroka managed to put out but in that confrontation its limits were made clear. Yet to be fair, it was rare that he even removed the seal placed upon him. Which left little chances to test its maximum durability.

As he looked away a bit annoyed that he would have to deal with the damaged attire for the time being, he saw that a familiar face was headed his way. It was Mizu Sayuri, an individual who was of extended family to those that took him and his sister in after the death of their parents. Although their bond was not forged in blood, Hiroka still found those of and connected to the Higasa to be his own family.

"There you are Hiroka! How's my favorite cousin doing? How was your first placement in the games, how did they go?"

And so the Fourth Shinigami spoke, initiating in the exchange, to which the taller male bestowed the other with a smile.

"Hey Mizu. Long time no see."

He spoke, realizing not only that it had been so long since their last interaction but also that it had been a while since he had visited his adoptive parents. He had been so caught up in his personal training to really make time for anyone other than himself. His expression became something more serious as he formed a response to the inquiry Mizu expressed.

"I made the decision to forfeit the match. Which was not a choice that came lightly. Though… I do feel as though I learned better where I stand because of this tournament."

The words of the Burst Prince came with a return of a softer visage. He had his own things to think about and honestly he was sure that perpetuating the same habits would not be what is needed to grow himself. There had to be a change. And it was time for him to do what needs to be done to take the next step.




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Like an old, grumpy man resting on a century-old couch, the Commander relaxes and stretches, his massive frame taking up most of the seating area in itself. While he welcomes the site of his Lieutenant–his lifelong friend and partner—he rebukes the reason for her appearance. It was unfortunate, that in the stage of their lives, even on a celebratory day such as today, her interrupting him here could only mean ill-tidings. Higen groans under his breath a bit, not at Lieutenant Kasumi directly, but as a protective preparation for whatever she had intended to say. Fuyuko was not one to engage in idle banter or enjoy the prospect of the games like her Captain; instead, the woman had become like a bad omen to those around her, due to both her dark demeanor and how often she has been the bearer of bad news.
”I-I honestly don't know where to even start in all honesty. However I will just begin because it's my duty to keep you apprised of anything’ going on.”

Before she’s had the opportunity to even get to her report, the Commander can feel her disdain. Even more so, he can feel a reluctance and perhaps even the Lieutenant’s fear of the unknown.
”I was visited today by someone from the Thirteenth Division…a woman who, now that I think about it…I don’t recall truly getting her name. Still that’s besides the point, what is important is what she had to say.”

”According to her, Lieutenant Toshiyuki along with a team led by himself in Karakura Town…they’re all dead. We currently have no real leads. The woman believes that young Saiko, you remember that girl who was with Katsuo during that incident? Well the red head believes Saiko may potentially know something given the girl’s loyalty to the late Lieutenant. Apparently she was spotted coming from Naruki City but, they haven’t been able to extrapolate much given their…method of approach. That’s been handled though.”

Up until this point, Higen was admittedly half-listening, his gaze still shifted on the many screens covering the multiple brackets of the games. A Lieutenant, murdered? By what? By Who? Lieutenant Toshiyuki had been patrolling Karakura Town unimpeded for centuries, capable of dealing with threats and maintaining the order of the city in the absence of a Captain. What could be the cause of his sudden, untimely demise? A gaze of ocean blue locks onto Fuyuko’s purple orbs, who had undoubtedly realized the severity of what she just relayed. Under no circumstance could this be accepted, or left unanswered. Higen’s demeanor is one that becomes defensive, disgruntled, and confused. A slew of emotions overwhelms him albeit for a brief moment, as he processes what exactly it could mean. The timing itself could not have been worse; had it begun? Had the encroaching darkness finally begun to tap its brooding claws against the glass?
”As Saiko was seen coming from Naruki City, our former stomping grounds, she wanted to…”speak” with Shizuka, though it seemed more like she intended to interrogate him for some reason. That too has been handled. I’ve advised her to continue investigating the scene in Karakura Town where Katsuo and those with him were last monitored to be alive, and to report any findings to me.”

Things had become even more strange. What did Shizuka have to do with this? His weird activity towards the end of Higen’s 10th Division tenure couldn’t be ignored–but he couldn’t possibly contribute to something as grave as this.. Could he? The Commander was unfamiliar with this Saiko character, but it appeared she knew too much about the ongoing situation so her name was soon tattooed into the giant’s skull. He remains vigilant, listening, his fingers twiddling against the material on the large chair.
”Not even ten seconds after the meeting with the red headed woman I received a call from Izanagi. Curious as he and I have not spoken for a century, when I accepted the call I found my ears bombarded with words and his voice. Originally I was annoyed but he sounded somewhat…distressed perhaps? Anyways, he is in Naruki city, he said something about a strong Arranacr and requested the release of the Gentei Reiin (限定霊印, Soul-Limiting Symbol)....and the stop to the Kenpachi games.”

”I granted the Gentei Kaijo however I of course informed him not to count on or expect the games to end simply because they’ve encountered a troublesome Arrancar. With Katsuo dying in Karakura, and an opponent in Naruki powerful enough to cause Izanagi to urgently call and request the limit removal and the end of the games…no doubt encouraged by Shizuka…I can’t help but feel..anxious. What’s going on in the World of the Living?”

Lieutenant Kasumi has not often expressed the feeling of anxiety, usually able to see the silver lining in any situation–or in most cases–not care at all. Her worry, in turn, worried the Commander, as it was not something to be taken lightly. The death of a Lieutenant in Karakura town by an unknown assailant, and now the appearance of an Arrancar in Naruki City that was powerful enough to cause a Third Seat to urgently plead for a limiter removal. The more Fuyuko went on, the more dire things seemed, all-while Soul Society’s strongest fighters fought for glory and entertainment. He couldn’t consider himself foolish, not yet. The Kenpachi games were far more meaningful than empty, barbaric entertainment. They were a representation of strength itself, of the might that would be conjured to foes who have assumed the Gotei to have become weak and decrepit. They could not end; not now. Those in the field would have to remain strong, if not for a short while longer.
”Before I forget, I received a message from Lieutenant Suta. They discovered something strange in the Dangai and have somehow oddly concluded that because of this there is a traitor in Twelfth and-here, you can see for yourself sir.”
The Head Lieutenant reaches for her denreishiki and gestures it towards the Commander. Like the geezer he feels he has become, he squints as the small phone is swallowed by his massive hand, attempting to read the messages sent through by Lieutenant Suta.

---" Head Lieutenant Kasumi Fuyuko, Lieutenant Suta Arashi of Squad Five reporting... We recently conducted an investigation into the Dangai, hoping to find answers on how a Hollow was able to reside within the Precipice World, and possibly additional answers on how the Kokotsu was truly able to become free. We discovered an unidentified substance within the Dangai and we were able to contain it within a small container. From what I've been told, it has properties that allow it to resist or completely nullify the properties of the Dangai. However, this is the least of my concerns...

We have come to the agreement that there may be a mole within Squad 12, considering that the Dangai is to be monitored 24/7. While it is likely to have been a past suspicion due to the Kokotosu incident, I fear that this matter has become much worse and could potentially be catastrophic in the future. A hollow found living in the Dangai and this substance is present, it promotes the question of how this Hollow got there and how this substance was dispensed, or rather, by whom.

Currently, I am avoiding any contact with Squad 12, due to the possible chance of a mole being within their ranks. Alerting the individual or individuals may not benefit a solution or feasible outcome. Then again, they may already know... Whether this matter is connected to the Kokotsu incident or not, I am not sure, but I will be keeping the container within the custody of Squad Five Head Quarters. I will monitor it closely, until Captain Oda returns from the game, but should he not, then I will cross that bridge when it comes. Perhaps these details will be valuable to the Commander..." —

Another groan escapes the Titan’s lips, a hushed breath brushing through his teeth and coming out like the snort of a raging bull. His attention, now, fully shifted away from the games, clearly unable to continue enjoying the festivities. Something was afoot, though it was not in Higen’s nature or ability to immediately deduce what. Not being the greatest mind himself, he has simply surrounded himself with the greatest minds. Yet, according to these reports, it could be those very minds that are the cause for chaotic events that transcend our world, and threaten the integrity of the Dangai. The Commander recollects a single memory, an integral and core part of the path that led him here. The Kōtotsu (拘突, Wresting-Surge) Event could not repeat itself under any circumstance, and perhaps this potential tampering in the Dangai was responsible for that event as well? What did it all mean, when would the faces seen in between the cracks come to the light, as opposed to pulling strings and stretching the wool over all of their eyes?

Fuyuko is given her Denreishiki back with haste and immediately leaves the Commander to ponder on the events that were taking place. The clamoring of the crowd had not died down at all as of yet, acting as background noise while his thoughts take the forefront. His Lieutenant seems to be in equally deep thought after another message is sent through to her device. Her immediate emotional response seemingly reads the message for her, explaining it all to the Commander without him having to read a word. Things were continuing to get worse; this he was sure of.​

He is not given the opportunity to draw further detail from Fuyuko, as the laundry list of issues seems to only grow in size. A familiar presence, Munehisa, appears before them both. The Nihilist was not without respect—more than most—bowing before them both before allowing words to roll off of his tongue.
”I, Fifth Seat Munehisa Kobayashi, have information that may require further investigation.”

”Lieutenant Izumi elaborated in a brief report that the escalation of the situation had been a tad unnecessary, due to it being a bit of a misunderstanding. Nyuraku Kurotsuchi, one of the Twelfth present, apparently meant no harm in his experiment. Though Lieutenant Izumi expressed that she had felt a bit of unease in something he had said. He had expressed that he would be in attendance during the next Lieutenant’s meeting. She was unaware if this was something pre-established or simply something of his own volition. As of now I only have her perspective from the inside, though, Third had two seated officers present. Fourth Seat Zhou Fēng and Fifth Seat Asahi Kajiyashiki. They too could go on record for any further information should that be necessary.”

The Commander stares intently into the serpent-like eyes of his subordinate who had no reason to be dishonest about this string of events. The timing of everything was so odd, just what was at play. Nyuraku was an individual who had never listened to a single person, The Commander was no exception. But his research and dedication to science had given them advancements they could have previously only dreamt of. While his methods were, unorthodox, the man was a valuable piece on the chessboard. Even so, events like this shouldn’t be tolerated, but Higen still trusted Lieutenant Izumi’s judgment. If the situation was assessed by her and deemed harmless then maybe it was so. Even still, coinciding with the information from Lieutenant Suta, with the information now that was being presented by Officer Kobayashi, perhaps 12th who—had a watchful eye on us all, needed to have eyes on them as well. The question remained, how do you outsmart Soul Society’s greatest minds?​

The Knight places both palms on both knees, pressing against them and leaning forward to propel himself upward to his full, towering height. His gaze shifts, down toward Munehisa and Lieutenant Kasumi. The living, breathing crowd is rendered hush behind his oppressive voice, but while the bass of his tone can be heard by the pedestrians, to anyone besides Fuyuko and Munehisa the words he says are simply indistinguishable noise.

“Lieutenant Kasumi–I want you to closely monitor everything happening in both Naruki City and Karakura Town. The situation has become delicate, and we cannot allow it to spiral out of our hands. The games will continue, this I’m sure you know, but I will not leave our soldiers to the wolves. Something is wrong–I’m not entirely sure what, but we can’t be caught off guard. I need eyes, ears, and bodies in The World of the Living. If they are not alerted already, any reserves from the Tenth, Thirteenth, and Fourth Divisions are to be deployed immediately. Any information you gather prior to their arrival needs to be sent to my Denreishiki post-haste. If need be, I will handle this situation personally.”

He pauses, knowing that Lieutenant Kasumi would take this time to go and accomplish the things he delegated to her. It was not often that The Commander offered his own services, but with the Captains indisposed their options were limited. He had not employed them all to go and strength, only to be picked off at an opportune moment for whichever enemy.

“And Lieutenant—Make sure Akarui and the children are still safe.”


“Fifth Seat Kobayashi, monitor the Twelfth Division situation closely. While I trust Lieutenant Kurotsuchi, I know there is nothing that he would not do in the pursuit of knowledge, or for the greater good of science. His motives elude me, discover them. Oddly enough, you might need only to ask.”

The Knight inferred, knowing that despite Nyuraku’s nature, he is painstakingly honest. It is both a gift and a curse, unable to hide the truth of his exploits, in fear that someone else would dare to claim his greatness. In the totem pole of issues they were facing, Lieutenant Kurotsuchi was at the bare bottom but was still worth looking into regardless. Munehisa too, would be dismissed shortly after.


It appeared that in the time it took for Higen to receive his reports and relay his orders, the first of the three brackets had concluded. The fanfare continued loudly in the background, as the combination of trumpets and lutes invaded the ears of all those present. From the further reaches of the Rukongai Captain Yugure, The Burst Prince, and Captain Hageshi had returned, though only one was victorious. Above them all, Captain Hageshi rose to the challenge and with the might of her Bankai, conquered her foes until they conceded to defeat. While they have been physically battered, exhausted, or tired, their spirits still seemed riveting, bursting at the seams with the same energy they walked in with today. While the crowd cheers for Captain Hageshi the loudest, the cheers are for all of the participants, thanking them for their strength, and most of all–giving one hell of a show!

Captain Yugure resumes her host duties as if nothing occurred, the same tents used for onboarding now shifting their purpose to be used for post-battle interviews. She salutes toward the Commander, before going to conduct one of those interviews herself. To the Commander’s right, Kojishi still stands, his readiness evident in the fact that he was still in his Shikai state, Haruichiban (春一番; “First Storm of Spring) and its bright fuchsia ribbons dancing in the subtle breeze. In the distance, the sun is taking its course, tucking the entirety of the Rukongai in a blanket of grand orange. The once impoverished streets were filled with shops, vendors, dancing, and music. This event was an attempt to bring the Rukongai back to its form splendor, in a firm and unbreakable partnership between the Rukongai and the Gotei 13. The second bracket’s end was also, soon broadcasted onto the screens, no longer covering the first bracket since its conclusion. All the attention was on Nibui and the Fairy, which soon concluded as Captain Nakamoto seemed to continuously cheat death. The effort by Captain Hageshi’s Lieutenant, however, would not go unnoticed. The clash of two prodigal shinigami became a battle for the ages, one that would be remembered for centuries.

As Honoka is lifted from the rubble, all three of them would feel the sudden pick up of a breeze in the barren valley of screams often devoid of weather. Its irregularity becomes only further enforced by its velocity, picking up in speed and force until the rubble that they left behind is all swept into a rogue wind. A cyclone forms, surrounding them, limiting them from view of each other. They begin to feel light, weightless, like a leaf falling from a tree. The cyclone rages on, enveloping them completely, consuming them, swiftly bringing forth a spring storm. Dust and dirt tint the twister’s color, almost completely erasing its golden glow. Everything around Nibui, Captain Nakamoto, and even Honoka would fade to black, before the silence of the Valley was replaced with the screams and roars of adoring fans. The wind breaks, dispersing to leave tiny dust devils scurrying about in the central area where they had appeared, back where they started in the Rukongai Festival grounds. Higen’s orbs dart down from the stage, looking at the victor, Captain Nakamoto, with a single, affirming nod. What was asked of him from not one, but two Commanders was finally being realized. His potential, his strength, was hidden behind the veil of a frail and timid boy. He then looks to Honoka, still confused about her inevitable entry but, knowing now that this was just another avenue of self-torture. He hated to see her like this, in this state, but perhaps he had an.. Alternative method to save her fall from grace.

As those who are able would begin their interviews, the final, and perhaps the most interesting bracket would too, come to a close. The uninterested Phantom seemed to maintain his demeanor throughout, unable to see the big picture or even remotely care about the games or their purpose. Higen was sure the man loathed him for even forcing his participation. He concedes, ending the torture for himself, wanting to get back to performing his Captainly duties. The Omnitsukido were a strange bunch, and the Mukuro man was the best at leading them, perhaps his exit in this bout was for the best. The Drunken Sword Saint, a stranger to seemingly all who were present today, made his debut against two captains. Regardless of Captain Mukuro’s disinterest, and the Oda’s lust for a battle of any kind, getting into the ring with those two individuals and living to tell the tale was not the makings of a random Rukongai citizen. No, this man was something else, and displayed skills that many in the Gotei-13 even lack on the most basic, fundamental levels. Furthermore, perhaps he showed a bit too much–garnering the attention of the two Captains in his bracket, questioning his very existence and how he came to be. How could a man as skilled as himself evade the Gotei 13 for all of these years, and how, above all else, does he have a Zanpakuto? While his potential crimes had yet to be assessed, Higen himself could not fault the man’s participation. The Kenpachi games served several purposes; one of which was finding and identifying souls that could further bolster the Gotei 13’s forces. Barring the white-haired male’s possible consequences, perhaps this endeavor was successful. The Mad Buddha himself, remained as the victor, expending his resources to conquer his foes, even teetering on the line of control before coming back to. Sports such as these, deemed barbaric by most, are things that the Oda Clan, and many others from Higen’s generation are made for. This was on full display; though Tenzen’s attention toward the tournament had also waned. His focus seemed to be more so on his apparent suspicions against the drunk, who he made sure to keep bound.

As his dialogue with the white-haired man concluded, the three swordsmen would find themselves enveloped in the same wind that carried them there, before being the last to appear back within the festival grounds. Multiple tents remain standing for any and everyone to finish their interviews before the next round begins, while members of the Fourth Division remain on standby to treat any of those that are fatally injured. Once everyone has arrived, the Captain Commander does nothing but clap, his large palms creating a deafening thunderclap over the roaring crowd to congratulate all of the participants, their efforts, large or small, did not fall to blind eyes.​


After those who needed it sought medical attention, and the interviews were concluded, the time had finally come. The three remaining: Captain Nakamoto, Captain Hageshi, and Captain Oda; one of them would be named, Kenpachi. As they stood before him, he needed not to say a word, leaving it all to the master of ceremony, Captain Yugure to take it away in her usual fashion. Every scratch, every bruise, and every cut had let them to this moment, to discover which of them was the strongest among us. A bout such as this needed a stage, a stage above all others, one that would undoubtedly catch the eye of the masses.

“Good Luck.”

The only words the commander speaks, before the massive gust of wind sweeps them away once more following the sound of a cannon. It bursts loudly, confetti raining down upon the crowd as they relish in intoxication and full stomachs. Even the famished were full today. As the remaining participants–should they choose to proceed–were being swept from view, the visual and audio feed seemed to recollect itself after cutting off from the empty former arenas. As it reestablishes, it displays a sight familiar to all, even from the furthest reaches of the Rukongai, individuals can see this one point, the pinnacle of Soul Society only eclipsed by the Soul Palace itself. Sokyoku Hill, in all its glory. The massive mountainous structure was the perfect venue for these warriors to go all out. Their forms bleed from view, before manifesting on the hill, just as they had in the arenas prior. They knew what this meant—No one had to tell them to begin, no bell had to ring and there was no overseer present. Only one of them would remain standing at the end of it all, only one of them would become Kenpachi.



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"I made the decision to forfeit the match. Which was not a choice that came lightly. Though… I do feel as though I learned better where I stand because of this tournament."

Pondering what the taller Shinigami was thinking he noticed right away something was off, his facial expression went from a softer yet familiar smile to something more of dramatic seriousness. Preemptively, Mizu could tell something was off based on hearing his cousin decided to "Forfeit" his match when he knew what such a strong fighter Hiroka was.

Pushing off a leaf that fell from the sky onto his shoulder he could tell that his cousin was now a different man coming out of these games than what he was before going into them. Something in the air smelled different and Mizu couldn't tell if it was going to be the outcome from the first round or something going to happen going forward.

"Well hey! That's all that matters. As long as you yourself know coming out of this a better Shinigami than something was learned! Although I know you and it must've been hard to forfeit when I know how much fighting means to you! But hey, sometimes only you yourself know when it's time to call it quits. But it was great seeing you again! I'll see ya around I gotta head back into the tent for my new orders."

With a soft smile he nodded to his cousin put his hand on his shoulder and turned away back towards the direction of the medical tent. Walking back he thought to himself "It isn't like that for Hiroka to just forfeit a fight I wonder if he's okay deep down." Shrugging his shoulders he knew whatever decision his cousin made was the best choice for him.

With the sun beating down on the Rukongai, Mizu looked up and rubbed the back of his head letting out a deep breath. He felt the energy within the air and got a quick shiver down his spine. Every time this has happened in the past something bad happened following, granted it could just be a coincidence versus a true foreshadowing of the future. He got closer to the medical tent and ducked under appearing back inside seeing the smiling face of Junko he smiled back and waved.​

"Well hello there ma'am! I hope I didn't miss anything important yet! I just happened to step out and saw my cousin. How was your travels?



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Shiro darted through the streets of the rukon, dodging and darting past many of the pedestrians as he let his instincts take over. He knew these streets well having wondered them in his youth and if he remembered right. He should be close to where the first round of the games had been held.


He let out a gasp for air as his lungs burned, the cold air like ice as he took a few deep breaths. He had to reach a seated officer or the captain. This was the place he had seen them fighting and it bore the signs of battle. He closed his eyes and felt for any spiritual pressures. A ping in his mind told him the direction he needed to head in. As he darted around searching for anyone his mind drifted towards thoughts of being called a coward.

Shiro shook these thoughts from his head. As he had entered the senkaimon, he saw a form drift lifelessly away from the monster currently in the world of the living. That was why he was running as fast as he could. All those shinigami were lieutenant level and were being picked off with ease. WHAM!!! Jarring him out of his thoughts was the sound of him colliding with someone.

As he looked up, he saw someone who he recognized. He stared into the mismatched eyes of his fourth seat, Ikari Hiroka. Shiro felt a lone tear of joy fall from his eye as he got to his feet.

"Sir, I have urgent news from the world of the living. An extremely powerful arrancar has appeared in Naruki City. It engaged with at least 3 lieutenant level shingami and last I checked, at least one of them had fallen."

Shiro bowed his head, as if to say that was all he had to report. 'Well it is the important stuff anyway.' He waited there for his next orders. Silent and ready to respond with the location of the monster he had run away from.
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"Well hey! That's all that matters. As long as you yourself know coming out of this a better Shinigami than something was learned! Although I know you and it must've been hard to forfeit when I know how much fighting means to you! But hey, sometimes only you yourself know when it's time to call it quits. But it was great seeing you again! I'll see ya around I gotta head back into the tent for my new orders."

Hiroka gave a nod to Mizu as he expressed his sentiment towards the news of his match. There wasn’t much to say in such a response and the attempt at comforting fell on deaf ears. He knew that he meant well but praise or consoling were rarely worth anything to Hiroka. Evidence of his own feats were the only thing that managed to cement a shift in his emotional state. Regardless of how he felt in the moment, it wasn’t something that would deter his pursuit in further growth.

"Yeah, alright. See you around, Mizu."

A simple good-bye as the Sayuri drifted off to return to his duties. A short lived reunion but one that was not without appreciation. By no means did his cousin need to go out of his way to greet him and that was certainly nice of him. Hiroka’s attention shifted to the screens about the area, catching the fact that the matches had all reached their resolution. They all had followed in suit after the completion of his own grouping. He looked at those in proximity that made their varied responses to the final results. Some rallied behind their desired winner, others disappointed either in the losses themselves or the new hole in their wallets. Any further observation on the opinions would not be allowed to be had for something unexpected happened.


Something or someone collided with the Fourth Seat. Whatever it was made no grounds to even remotely displace the male. It was as if it met the most sturdy of walls. Hiroka’s orbs flicked towards the source of the impact, meeting the gaze of the individual in question. It was Shiro Kashitoji, a member of his own division. Their expression seemed as if they were going through something that was yet to be known to the Burst Prince. That was until Shiro spoke before any words could escape his own mouth.

"Sir, I have urgent news from the world of the living. An extremely powerful Arrancar has appeared in Naruki City. It engaged with at least 3 lieutenant level Shinigami and last I checked, at least one of them had fallen."

Three Lieutenants? Were there that many of them dispatched to the World of the Living? All he had been aware of was that Lieutenant Ueku and Shoumetsu had been dispatched to locate and rendezvous with Lieutenant Hyouzoku. Their mission had been to deal with ”humans with spiritual power”, likely Fullbringers, yet they had encountered an Arrancar? One that could combat multiple highly ranked officers nonetheless… What did that spell for his own comrades?

"I see…"

Hiroka closed his eyes for a moment in thought before opening them again only to look about the surrounding area. Once his focus returned to the white-haired shinigami before him, his lips parted once again.

"Thank you for making haste with this report. Captain Hageshi should be wandering through here shortly. Recount to her the situation to the best of your memory, spare no detail. I’m going to head towards the Senkaimon and see what further information I can gather."

Of course he could sit here and pick Kashitoji’s brain about whatever minor details could aid him but the matter seemed too pressing. It was evident on his ‘last I checked’ comment that what became of the conflict was unknown to him and that was a rather important bit. It was not his fault for not having the whole picture, afterall it was clear he rushed here to relay what he knew.

"I’ll be off. Don’t go about letting anyone other than her know for now. We don’t need to cause any panic."

The half-blinded male gave Shiro a single pat on the shoulder before heading out from the event grounds. He traveled as quickly as he possibly could avoiding any route that could amount to him being slowed. Once he would breach through the boundaries of the Senkaimon, it'd become pretty clear as to where the battle was taking place. It was just a matter of getting there in time.

Yasu would have to wait for that apology dinner. There was no rest to be had.

Rukongai ———————————— traveling to ———————————— Central Senkaimon