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Character Name:
Actual Age:
How old is your character (Shinigami and Spiritual beings can live for hundreds of years)?
Physical Age: How old does your character appear to be?
Race: Soul Born/Deceased/Human/Vizard
Birthday: Timeline will be A.D.
Gender: Male

Blood Type:


Affiliation: Visored/Gotei 13/ Seretei/ Soul Society/Onmitsukido/Human World/ Urahoro Town
Profession: Shinigami/Substitute Shinigami
Title: Captain Commander/Captain/Vice-Captain(Lieutenant)/Seated Member/Kido Corps Commander
Position:Guard/Scientist/Medic/Reporter/Head of Noble Family/Kido Corps Member/President of Research and Development Institution/Head of the Onmitsukido/Head of the Detention Unit/Shino Academy Instructor
Division: What Squad or Division are you in?
Previous Division: If you’ve changed Squads what was your previous Squad?
Partner(s): Who do you mainly work with?
Previous Partner(s):
Base of Operations:
Seretei/Soul Society/Visored Warehouse/Urahoro Town/Human World/ Division HQ/Maggots Nest/Dangai/Shino Academy

Notable Features: What physical features or traits stand out about your character? (i.e, do they appear as an animal? Are they missing a limb?)
Personality: How does your character behave? What sort of habits does he or she have? How are they perceived by others?
Relatives: Does your character have any relatives?

Reiryoku Level:
A power aligned with the spiritual sensitivity and willpower of the user. It is used by Shinigami to provide power for their various feats and to effectively channel the powers of their Zanpakuto. It can also be used to cast Kido, magic spells created by the Shinigami. Reiryoku can even be coalesced into a physical form and thrown or shot as a projectile. As a display of potency, spiritual beings have the ability to incapacitate the opponent's movement and simultaneously frighten them, by means of dispersing Reiryoku into the air. The aforementioned ability is known as Reiatsu (Spiritual Pressure), possessing power that could be literally felt within the atmosphere.

Basic Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing a level of spiritual power that is minimal. This level of power is common among those who may or may not be spiritually aware to a small degree but otherwise have no real spiritual power. This is also a common level of power for a regular human. (Below Average-class)

Average Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an average level of spiritual power. This level of power is common among those of significant spiritual awareness and may even possess powers of their own but the power levels can vary among individuals. This is also a common level of power for a low ranking seated and non seated members of the Gotei 13 or lesser power individuals.

High Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an above average amount of spiritual power, which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is common amongst those of an average lieutenant rank and high ranked seated officers.

Great Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing a large amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is common amongst those of an average Captain rank.

Immense Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees.

Vast Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual energy which is wild and untamed. This level of spiritual power has a possible tendency to leak from a person or when released can affect the surrounding area in a destructive way. Those of this level have no actual masterful control over their massive spiritual power, as it can affect those around them unintentionally.

Sensing Reiryoku:
basic ability that beings with higher-than-average levels of Reiryoku possess is the ability to sense other spiritual beings without relying on their five basic senses. This is possible because every spiritual being emits a certain amount of his/her own Reiryoku in the form of Reiatsu, which can be sensed. This ability apparently requires some innate skill, but can be increased with training.

Novice- Refers to one who has little to no ability in sensing or detecting the spiritual power of others. Though sensitive to strong sources of spiritual power they may find themselves unable to locate or track its source.

Basic-- Refers to an individual with rudimentary understanding and talent regarding this skill. Users are able to detect and locate the spiritual powers of beings like Pluses, Jibakurei, Tsukirei, standard Hollows as well as basic Souls and low seated Shinigami.

Expert- Refers to a person able to greater detect and track the spiritual powers of others over greater distance and with much more accuracy, while also being able to read and differentiate between the various Reiryoku Patterns of Spiritual Beings and gauging their strength and reiatsu level. Such individuals are able to capitalize on this ability during combat, detecting attacks from enemies faster and with much more ease than those beneath their skill level.

Master- Refers to the most talented and/or those who have trained and honed their ability, refining it over time. These individuals are able to detect and track the spiritual power of beings over vast distances, able to follow their movements even if not within their field of vision. Masters are also able to detect and categorize the various Reiryoku Patterns, and are even able to detect the subtle nuances of beings such as Visoreds.

Reiryoku Control:
The aforementioned emission of spiritual power is a common and natural phenomenon, but a spiritual being can also control the degree of this emission, this usually requires a certain amount of skill and training. By completely blocking his/her Reiryoku "pouring out", one can completely hide his/her presence from other spiritual beings and spiritually aware humans. On the other hand, amplifying this emission is known as Reiatsu (霊圧, Spiritual Pressure), is considered a show of force, a means of intimidation or can even be an attack in itself. It can indeed paralyze opponents and cause direct damage to the surrounding individuals and inanimate objects alike. Aside from controlling the amount of emitted Reiryoku, most spiritual beings are capable of performing many superhuman feats with the help of their Reiryoku. These feats usually require a certain level of concentration, and they tend to tire the person after some time, or after performing some of them in quick succession. It is also known that after excessive usage of Reiryoku, Shinigami need food to replenish their strength, while on the other hand, the regular souls that dwell in Soul Society that do not use their Reiryoku do not need to eat.

No Control- This refers to those who are incapable of properly controlling their spiritual power. This generally applies to those who have yet to learn to properly harness their abilities, or those with more Reiryoku than they could properly manage. Such individuals are incapable of performing Kidō.

Novice Control- This refers to individuals who, though they have learned to channel their Reiryoku still lack the necessary skill to capitalize upon it for long durations. Such users may find themselves with low success in casting Kidō, the spells having a high chance of exploding or backfiring on them.

Average Control- This refers to those individuals who have learned to harness their Reiryoku with minor concentration. They are able to cast Kidō with slightly higher success, though needing to chant the entirety of the incantation to guarantee a successful execution of the spell, ensuring it does not dwindle in power or backfire. They are skilled practitioners in terms of using their spiritual power to enhance their speed and strength, though may generally require outside aid in properly suppressing their Reiryoku.

Great Control- This refers to those who have trained to properly manage and harness their spiritual powers. Such individuals may find enhancing their abilities demanding less concentration on their part, able to perform them in quick succession for longer durations of time, and may even suppress their Reiryoku from leaking out, blocking it from being detected from spiritually aware humans, individuals with no or poor control, and generally standard Hollows and seated Shinigami beneath 5th seat.

Mastered Control- Refers to individuals who have mastered the control over their Reiryoku. Such individuals are able to enhance their abilities with little to no concentration for prolonged periods of time. Some such individuals may display such control that they are able to cast powerful Kidō Spells, foregoing their incantations while losing very little of the spell’s actual power, and may even suppress their Reiryoku from being detected by Captain/Espada Level individuals.

The physical force/pressure that a person’s Reiryoku creates when released. Most Shinigami and Arrancar, and Quincy can manipulate the release of their reiatsu. The difference between spiritual pressure and spiritual energy is simple: Reiryoku is the amount of energy a being has stored within their body or soul, whereas Reiatsu is the pressure that a person’s Reiryoku exerts. The difference is much like energy and power. Power being the amount of energy exerted per unit of time. Reiryoku is potential while Reiatsu is energy in use. In general, those with high levels of Reiryoku will often have the highest levels of Reiatsu also. A skilled warrior can overcome a person possessing greater Spirit Energy by possessing greater Spiritual Pressure.

Novice- You are more than likely a student still within the academy, having yet to properly harness your spiritual powers, and as a result being unable to resist the spiritual pressure exerted by other spiritual beings such as seated officers from sixth seat and up. You probably have low reiryoku, or at the very least, very low control.

Specialist- You are most likely one who has graduated the academy joined the 13 court guards and/or trained their abilities to the extent that you are able to exert your spiritual powers in the form of pressure. Your pressure is able to restrict the movements of lower spiritual beings and seated officers and has at least one effect to it. You are more capable of resisting the spiritual pressure of others, being pressured by at the very least third seats and up. You more than likely have an impressive pool of reiryoku.

Expert- One with a great pool of reiryoku and who has seen a variety of battles, or trained for many years within the 13 court guards. You are trained in exerting your spiritual power in the form of pressure, affecting the immediate environment around you. Spiritual beings equivalent to a third seat and lower are more likely to be intimidated and affected by your pressure. You are able to resist the pressure exerted by most Vice Captains and, to some extent, some Captain level opponents. Your reiatsu most likely has at least two effects.

Master- You are a veteran with a large pool of reiryoku. You are perhaps a Captain or, at the very least a Captain level shinigami. Your reiatsu when released can be felt over vast distances, and can easily damage and affect the environment around you and those within its reach. No one below Captain level is your opponent, other challengers finding themselves hard pressed in resisting the force of your reiatsu. It is not uncommon to have three or more effects to your reiatsu.

Reiatsu Colors: Different Spirits have different colors of reiatsu, solely determined by the Character's personality.

Reiatsu Shape: Some Characters have a shape or manifestation of their energy whenever they release enough of it.(Only fill this portion out if it applies to you, if not omit this from your bio)

Reiatsu Effect(s):
(These effects are found only in the Reiatsu of Lt. and Captain level Shinigami)
Fear- Reiatsu at its most basic level can instill fear in others when it is very high.
Stunning- High level spiritual power can cause those of lower power to be stunned by simply being in the presence of a high level spiritual being.
Paralysis- When a spiritual being of high reiatsu chooses to they can paralyze an opponent just by focusing pressure through their stare or presence.
Phantom Pain- High Level of Spiritual pressure can make an opponent feel as though they are being attacked though nothing is physically happening to them.
Damage- In some instances releasing enough reiatsu in one burst can cause burns, cuts or shockwaves.
Killing- In high enough quantities, spiritual pressure can be lethal to others, especially those with weak or no reiatsu of their own.

Reiatsu Type:
Standard Type-
The type most spiritual beings have that can hold any of the aforementioned effects, along with its unique color and feeling.
Dual Type- All Visored and Arrancar have this specific reiatsu. For Visored they feel more like Shinigami, while Arrancar feels more like Hollows. When releasing their Hollow powers Visoreds feel more like Hollows.
Element Type- Unique type of reiatsu that holds elemental properties

Zanjutsu Level:
(斬術, Swordsmanship; Viz "Art of the Sword") is the fighting style for the Zanpakutō (i.e. sword fighting) and is one of the four basic fighting styles of the Shinigami. It is shameful for a Shinigami to not master at least this technique. It is the specialty of the 11th Division.

Practitioner- A practitioner holds only a basic understanding of swordsmanship, having little to no skill in the art. These are generally the common academy students upon first entering into the academy, novices at best.

Swordsman- Swordsmanship specialists are those that specialize in the use of swords during combat. Someone of this level has to have basic skills in swordsmanship as well. All seated officers of the Gotei 13 have to possess at the very least this level of skill.

Expert Swordsman- An Expert swordsman is highly skilled using their Zanpakuto while sealed or in its Shikai. Most lieutenants are experts, since they must know Shikai and have mastered it to a degree, so as to be promoted. This applies also to some higher seated officers as well and in some cases to captains who even though possibly having attained their Bankai, don't commonly engage in swordsmanship as their desired form of combat.

Master Swordsman- Master Swordsmanship Specialists vary greatly by power and technique. The criteria for a master is simple; one must have masterful skill in swordsmanship above all else. The attainment of this level of skill is a testament to the wielder's power and determination. Most Shinigami Captains are masters, since as the heads of their divisions, they are the true military power of Soul Society. As use of the Zanpakuto is the Shinigami's primary form of combat, it is preferable to have mastered skill in order to achieve the rank of captain though mastery is not excluded to them or even to Shinigami.

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Hohō Level:
The name given to one of the four combat skills of the Shinigami and relates to footwork. Hohō (歩法, Step Method; Viz "Fast Movement") is a defensive style of fighting which relates to footwork. Hohō is an important skill for most Shinigami, and is one of their four basic fighting styles. The agility and speed of Hohō can be enhanced and improved through mastery of it, concentration, and training. The foremost practitioners of this technique are those assigned to the Onmitsukidō. Shunpo (Flash steps) is the greatest expression of the Hoho technique. However, there are variations even within Shunpo that only master Hoho practitioners can use.

No Shunpo- Those in this category possesses no skill for Hohō and instead rely on walking to get where they need to be or have trained extensively to enhance their natural speed to a level allowing them move considerably fast though decidedly under that of Shunpo.

Shunpo Practitioner- Practitioners of the technique can maintain fast movements for a short period of time, by seemingly taking only a few steps to bridge what would normally be a large distance. Those who are practitioners commonly use their knowledge of Hoho while engaging in combat to close the space between combatants. Those practitioners that maintain these high speeds for too long tend to become winded.

Shunpo Expert- Experts of the technique are considerably fast and are capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time. While not as fast as a master they can keep up quite effectively. Some holding the title are faster than others but nonetheless their application of the technique is highly advanced.

Shunpo Master- Masters of the technique are obviously by far the fastest beings within Soul Society. They are capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time while only using the least amount of steps to achieve those movements. Masters are capable of using Advanced steps which are considerably harder to initiate. A master can possibly create new techniques but it is most likely a rare occurrence.(Note only those who have trained and achieved mastery either stated or shown, outside any advantage they gain from Shikai, Bankai or otherwise are included in this listing).

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Hakuda Level:
Hakuda (白打, White Hits; Viz "Hand-to-Hand Combat") is a close-combat style of fighting in which one is unarmed and uses only ones body, and is one of the four basic fighting styles of the Shinigami. High-speed Taijutsu (Body Skill) attacks are used to overwhelm the opponent. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class. It also seems to be a combination of several martial arts. The foremost practitioners of this technique are those assigned to the Executive Militia of the Onmitsukido.

Novices- Hakuda novices are those that have just begun to learn the basics of the art such as Academy students and those that are not versed in the fighting style.

Hakuda Practitioner- Casual users of this art can take on average armed opponents. Those of this level are among the seated and unseated officers of the Gotei 13. Capable enough in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they are lacking in a weapon or need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle. Practitioners aren't the most likely to engage in hand-to-hand combat on average but they can use it as an option.

Hakuda Combatant- Average users of this art can take on average armed opponents and put up a pretty decent effort against those many times their size. Those of this level are among the seated and unseated officers of the Gotei 13. Well versed in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they are lacking in a weapon or need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle.

Expert Hakuda Combatant- Experts of this art can take on average armed opponents and those many times their size easily, and as mentioned before, the Onmitsukido are the best-trained Shinigami in Hakuda. Those of this level are among the seated officers of the Gotei 13. Well versed in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they are lacking in a weapon or need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle. While not masters, an Expert is more than capable of handling themselves in a physical altercation.

Master Hakuda Combatant- Masters of this art can take on average armed opponents and those many times their size easily, and as mentioned before, the Onmitsukido are the best-trained Shinigami in Hakuda. The 2nd Division captain and their 3rd seat, or head of the Detention Unit, are most often the premier masters. In particular, the Detention Unit head must prove their mastery of Hakuda to even be considered for the position. This is because the Detention Unit's prison, the Maggots' Nest, is a weapons-free zone. Anyone who enters must be able to, or be under the protection of one able to completely protect themselves with only their bare hands.

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Kido Skill Level:
Kidō (鬼道, Demon/Spirit Way; Viz "Demon Arts") is a form of Shinigami combat based on advanced spells. These spells are produced with strong Reiryoku and fall into two categories: Hadō for direct attacks, and Bakudō for battle support. It is one of the techniques in the Zankensoki, the group of Shinigami primary combat skills. Kidō spells are triggered by an incantation. Experienced users can trigger them without an incantation, though the effectiveness of the spell may be diminished. The Kidō Corps is a branch of Soul Society's military which excels in the mastery of Kidō.

Novice- Academy students and those not talented in the use of Kido. They generally require absolute focus as well as the repetition of a full incantation in order to produce the desired effect. Those at this level of mastery, or lack thereof, results in as many successful Kido as it does unsuccessful attempts.

Kidō Practitioner- More skilled than a Novice, this is typically an expected level of a lower seated member of most Divisions, the exception being the 11th Division. Failures drop significantly while the concentration needed is less than that of a novice. While the incantation is still needed, some are able to cast severely weakened Kido without one. At this level, only lower ranked Kido are available for use.

Kidō Specialist- One who specializes in the use of Kido, those at this level are able to pull off powerful Kido with incantations as well as cast fairly strong versions without. Generally speaking this level is for higher seated officers of most divisions(11th again being an exception). Lower ranked Kido are stronger while mid ranked kido are able to be used.

Kidō Expert- A Kido expert is one able to near flawlessly cast powerful kido without an incantation. When an incantation is used the power of their kido increases noticeably. Low to mid ranked kido increase in effectiveness while higher ranked Kido become available for use. Usually limited to Lt., Captain and Kido Corp members.

Kidō Master- A true master of Kido is able to shirk off the limits of incantations, able to cast even higher level Kido with little to no effort. All level of Kido are available for use, several times more effective than that of the previous level. When incantations are added to their Kido, a Master is able to perform devastating and awe-inspiring feats. Typically only captain ranked individuals or high ranking members of the Kido Corps are found to be of this caliber.

Known Spells: What Spells does your character know?

Skills and Abilities: Any noteworthy attributes about your Character shall be listed here

Equipment: What does your character carry on them?
Inventions: Have you invented a device or perhaps a unique type of kido or unique kido spell?

Zanpakuto Name: State the name of your Zanpakuto
Zanpakuto Appearance: Describe the appearance of your Zanpakuto in its sealed state(unless your Zanpakuto is a constantly released type). Include information such as wear and how it is worn, size and blade type. Also state the name of your Zanpakuto here.
Zanpakuto Spirit: Describe the appearance of your Zanpakuto and its personality

Inner World: Describe the appearance of your Inner world and its inner workings

Release Phrase: What is the Incantation used to release your Zanpakuto into its Shikai?


Shikai Special Ability:


Bankai Special Ability:


(NOTE: The following portion of the format applies only if your character is a Vizard, if not one omit from your bio)
Inner Hollow: Describe the appearance and personality of the hollow restrained within you.
Hollow Mask: Describe the appearance of your mask and how you don it.
Cero: Describe the color of your cero and how it is fired
Hollow Augmentations:

Personal Relationships: Non-Mandatory
Likes: Non-Mandatory
Dislikes: Non-Mandatory
Hobbies: Non-Mandatory
Favorite Food(s): Non-Mandatory
Seretei Communication Column: Have you Submitted any columns in the SCC? If so what were they about?



Character Appearance:























































































































































"Fear is your shadow. You are cloaked in it."
"Everyone's got a weakness, that's my target."
“When your enemy is certain you cannot act, victory is within your reach.”
“I know your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, and the little things you do behind closed doors. Even when you believe yourself to be safe...that is when you're most in danger.”


Phantom Walker Kyomu (虚無の幻歩, Genpo no Kyomu; Viz, “Kyomu of the Phantom Step”), Non-Person (無人, Mujin; Viz, “Null-Man”), Killer of Killers (殺屋殺しの, “Koroshiyagoroshi no”), The One Who Wears Death (死を纏う者; Lit. "Shi o Matou Mono"), Young Head (若頭; Lit. "Wakagashira")

Character Name: Kyomu Mukuro
Name Translation: Kyomu (虚無,”Nothingness”) Mukuro (, “Corpse”)
Actual Age: 315
Physical Age: 24
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: October 15[sup]th[/sup].
Gender: Male

Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)

Affiliation: Gotei 13, Seretei, Soul Society, Onmitsukidō
Profession: Shinigami, Assassin
Title: Captain (隊長, Taichō; lit.Unit Commander”)
Position: Captain of the 2nd Division
, Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō, Corps Commander of the Executive Militia Corp
Second Division (二番隊, Nibantai; "Squad 2"),
Executive Militia
Partner(s): Yasu Yūgure (Tatsu)
Base of Operations: Soul Society;Seireitei - 2nd Division Barracks



Notable Features:
Despite his unique appearance, Captain Mukuro is a difficult man to take notice of. One is generally unaware of his presence until he willingly reveals himself, or after he has already come and gone. When one does become aware of Kyomu, they immediately take notice of his dark skin, and spiky head of blonde, and most notable, his lack of distinctive eyebrows. When combined with grimace or look of indifference permanently masked upon his face it is no wonder the man is one of the least popular of the Captains in the Gotei 13. The coldness of his demeanor and the callous manner in which he conducts himself, creates an invisible perimeter that seems to act as a natural ward against all others, fending off those who would draw close consequently ostracizing himself from most of his peers. Foregoing the wearing of the traditional Shihakushō (lit. "死覇装," Garment of Dead Souls”), Kyomu’s half worn haori reveals a tightly fitted top exposing a well sculpted body, built and trained to kill.

”The night is dark and full of terrors...Captain Mukuro is the night.” 一 Member of the Onmitsukido

A product of selective breeding, Kyomu grew up burdened with great power and an even heavier responsibility. Burdened with the greatest of expectations from his clandestine clan of ruthless assassins, those same burdens are the seeds that bore the fruit of pride and arrogance persisting in the young man to this day. Having been robbed of and denied an actual childhood, Kyomu from a young age was groomed and nurtured to become duty incarnate; a living weapon void of what the Mukuro considered useless such as empathy and morality.

Forged into a peerless blade, he inherently adopted the coldness of steel. Made to be the most potent of poisons, Kyomu’s personality was corrupted, becoming equally toxic. Calm, callous, cunning and ruthless, the fact he became incapable of forming normal bonds with those around him seemed to be an inevitability. He remains dismissive of others and their opinions, while arbitrarily disregarding anyone and anything that does not pique his interest. Among the Captains of the Gotei 13 he is spoken of in the lowest regard.

Still, despite these shortcomings and ill traits, Kyomu is perhaps the most misunderstood out of his peers. While some would paint the man a shameless and vile villain, he is in truth a devoted agent of both duty and honor, albeit in his own way. His ability to use any and every shameless, underhanded and cowardly method to accomplish his tasks and goals, is a testament to the lengths he will go to ensure the successful completion of those tasks entrusted to him.

Greater still is perhaps, his unspoken love and devotion to his subordinates, especially his second in command. While he may appear overly harsh and verbally (and at times physically) abusive towards them, he in truth performs many covert acts to ensure their protection, both directly and indirectly. This fact is proven from his willingness to leave his entire squad in the dark regarding the mission entrusted to him by the Central 46, all to ensure they held genuine plausible deniability to his seemingly traitorous performance.


Sometime after his birth, Mukuro was separated from his birth parents to immediately begin his training and indoctrination into the clan’s tenets . As such, he is unaware of the names or even the faces of his mother and father, having only ever had the clan’s elders to raise him.

”A very small man can cast a very large shadow”

Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Power
Like a shadow at sunrise and sunset, Kyomu’s reiryoku is as large as it is subtle, quiet and unimposing. As a byproduct of the Mukuro clan’s selective breeding process, even as a small child, Kyomu’s pool of reiryoku rivaled that of a Captain’s. As odd as it was, despite having such overwhelming reserves of power compacted in so small a frame, it aided the young child in hiding himself rather standing out. Where others with massive levels of reiryoku would stand out like a beacon, Kyomu’s spiritual power instead seemed to smother the very air around him. Due to the excessive depths of his reiryoku, he was able to remain undetected for years even prior to learning to master the control of his reiatsu, as a vast majority of those around him, even those spiritually aware and trained, were inferior to the young child in terms of Reiryoku, and were therefore, unable to sense or detect his presence.

After his failed attack on the Captain Commander, and having his abilities and skills halved, Kyomu’s reiryoku reserves became less impressive than they once were. A fact that ultimately caused him to return home to re-hone and re-find himself, using the teachings* of his clan over the passing months.​


Sensing Reiryoku: Master
As an Assassin and master of all things covert, Kyomu’s Reikaku (霊覚, "Spiritual Sense"), or Reiatsu Chikaku (霊圧知覚, "Spiritual Pressure Perception"), has always been one of the strongest and most impressive within the Gotei 13. One of his greatest assets, Kyomu has trained and honed this ability to allow him to detect the characteristics, emotions, and even the intentions within the spiritual pressure of others. Captain Mukuro is, at nearly all times passively processing and utilizing his spiritual awareness, so much so that he is able to actively determine the development of one’s reiatsu and recognize when one is making use of their reiryoku, even if done covertly.

This ability is able to be used over vast distances, allowing him to perceive others through their reiatsu as if he were standing directly in front or beside them. His Reikaku has been refined to the point that those fixed and magnified beneath the scrutiny of his spiritual gaze are none the wiser to being watched. Showing nary a sign of his silent observation to both friend and foe alike, Kyomu determines the strength of those around him, while discreetly synchronizing his own spiritual pressure with those within the compass of his detection, further veiling himself from their view.​


Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control
When it comes to controlling his spiritual power, Kyomu without question stands in a league all his own. Every ounce of power is contained and bottled up with the greatest of ease, and guided with surgical precision with equal, if not greater effort, or lack thereof, ensuring not an ounce of power is wasted or abused. The Captain’s line of work demands anonymity, and it is that demand that secured his focus on being able to effortlessly hide and blend his own presence and power from people, objects, and spells able to or meant to otherwise detect him.

Like a ventriloquist, Kyomu is able to disguise, and “throw” or project his own spiritual pressure, appearing to be traveling in another direction or standing far from his actual location. It is an ability that is indispensable in deceiving the Reikaku (霊覚, lit. “Spiritual Sense”) of both his observers and any would be pursuers alike.

Further still is Kyomu’s ability to mould and shape his spiritual power, most notably into the likeness of a serpent. Using just his spiritual power alone, Kyomu is able to extend the reach of his blade, allowing him to whip his sword around in impossible and inconceivable angles. To most observers it may appear as a form of telekinesis, but should Kyomu will it or one find themselves able to visually observe and detect spiritual power, they can perceive the glowing serpentine body, extending from the assassin’s hand to the handle of his blade. In a similar method, Captain Mukuro binds the bodies of his targets utilizing his reiatsu, halting and hindering their movements, pulling them closer to his strikes, or anchoring them in place, leaving them victim to whatever cruel devices he may subject them to.​

“The unseen blade is the deadliest”

Reiatsu: Master
True to his Epithet and namesake, Kyomu is very much like some ominous specter or phantom conjured from the depths. Surrounded by an air of mysteriousness, moving and approaching without casting a shadow, while leaving without a trace. Like a phantom, Kyomu appears to perpetually exist while lacking a discernable presence, his spiritual pressure respectively, appears equally nonexistent. This is a fact that speaks volumes to the level of both conscious and subconscious, almost instinctive control he has over his reiatsu. So rare is it for one to actually feel or detect it, that its existence and level of strength has become a topic of much debate, and subject to many a whispered rumor. When it does make an appearance, it is like a vapor appearing for the briefest of moments only to then vanish and fade away, as if never having existed to begin with.

Still, its almost permanent absence, is certainly not an indication of lack of strength. Like a serpent camouflaged in the earth, Kyomu’s spiritual pressure at a whim, quietly and inconspicuously seeps and bleeds out, coiling slowly around those targeted by the silent phantom, invisible to all eyes unless Kyomu himself wills it otherwise. Like a python, his spiritual pressure constricts the bodies of the subjects of his present ire, crushing through spiritual pressure, armour, flesh and bone alike of even the most durable of contenders before they’re any wiser to what has taken place. Kyomu may, at times allow his reiatsu to coil about his own body, though rather crushing himself the massive invisible serpent’s form acts as a defensive ward against that which would harm him, reiatsu composed scales deflecting blades and obstructing piercing and penetration of his defenses.

Having mastered his spiritual pressure, Kyomu has a tendency to exploit its use at time, leading others to perceive vivid images of him attacking them from one of several or even multiple angles while he himself remains stationary and observant of their actions and behavior, acting and moving with impunity.


Reiatsu Colors: Midnight Blue


Reiatsu Shape: Serpent
Though a rare occurrence as it is, when Kyomu does exert his reiatsu it has been noted, at times, to take the likeness of a large winding serpent with fangs bared and venomous eyes aglow. Though its appearance slightly alters when seen, it is mostly likened to a viper, given the Captain’s very nature.


Reiatsu Effect(s): Torturous
Though rarely ever felt Kyomu’s reiatsu has become an agent of fear and torment. So intimately intertwined with his Bloodlust or Killing intent (殺気, Sakki, Viz.Murderous Intent”), that those subjected to it have all given varied testimonies regarding their experience. There are those who felt they were being strangled to death, as if a garrote was wrapped tautly around their necks, others felt themselves being stabbed repeatedly. There have been some who testified having had their heart or skull pierced by some projectile, while others swear their throats were cut or necks were snapped. Each account a vivid painful death, and each one worse than the other. As an assassin, an agent of death, Kyomu is skilled and outfitted with killing and disposing of a person a countless multitude of ways, a fact closely reflected and mirrored by his reiatsu. Those exposed to the Captain’s reiatsu, inadvertently find themselves experiencing a rather lucid and graphic assassination. Every assassination an inexplicable success, and each one different from the last, growing crueler and more traumatizing with everyone experienced. Due to this unorthodox experience, no one is able to truly determine what his reiatsu genuinely does, the pain and death all registered as unquestionably genuine, bringing with it paralyzing fear and a type of “death” that one must endure and live through again and again.

Reiatsu Type: Standard Type
As unnerving as it is, his Reiatsu is no less standard than a typical shinigami born or transported to the Soul Society.


Zanjutsu Level: Master Swordsman
Zanjutsu (斬術, Swordsmanship; Viz "Art of the Sword")

A formidable Master Swordsman with blemishless strength, considered a prodigy of the blade seen only once every few dozen of centuries. As a swordsman, Kyomu is known to have a rather extensive Maai (間合い, “Interval”), an imperceptible “field” that represents the distance between himself and his opponents, time, speed, angle and rhythm of both their attack and approach. This perimeter seems to, at the very least be equal to the length of both his arm length, and the length of his blade combined. Anyone and anything that enters this invisible field of influence is subject to being indiscriminately cut down without fail, ensuring not even rain may breach this barrier of sorts.

Though trained and mastered in the arts of Kendō (剣道, lit. "Way of the Sword"), Iaijutsu (居合術), and Iaidō (居合道) among many others, both his allies and enemies alike have noted that when in battle, Kyomu himself adheres to no actual stance belonging to any school of discipline. It is because of this, that any perceived opening within his stance (or lack thereof) ultimately cannot be trusted.

The uncertainty within his stance does pose a viable threat to any would be enemy as it makes it impossible to gauge exactly when and how Kyomu may attack or counter-attack, forcing one to tread and probe the inescapable depths of the unknown, a frightening concept for any combatant. More frightening still perhaps, is the speed in which his blade moves and cuts down his foes. Every strike is incontrovertibly lethal and precise, ever aimed at the vitals and weaknesses of whatever falls beneath the swing of his blade, cutting down all obstacles with the utmost certainty.

The moment one perceives either the drawing or sheathing of his blade, Kyomu has long since already delivered over a dozen attacks. So swift and clean are the strokes of his sword that opponents cut down by his blade are able to generally continue moving for several minutes, as if the swing of his sword has outpaced the actual damage itself. This ultimately means that several minutes later opponents begin to fall apart, as lacerations mysteriously begin to etch themselves along their body before they finally collapse and come undone, the unregistered attack finally taking its toll. As the swiftness of his sword swing ensures clean cuts, when the lacerations finally make their debut, the victims in question are none the wiser as no pain is accompanied with these surgically precise cuts, falling into a state of terror and panic as they watch their body unravel and collapse into finally cut parts.

Further testament to his mastery of the blade, is his ability to completely eradicate the deficiencies and openings that inherently made the Hōzan Kenbu (崩山剣舞, “Fallen-Mount Sword Dance”) impractical in actual combat. So intune with his sword that he is able to stop and alter the course of his attacks mid-swing with no conscious effort on his end.

After his skills and abilities were halved by The Great Judicator, Kyomu was forced to stop, and reflect to reacquaint himself with the essence of the sword. With every swing he felt the weight of his movements, and noticed the uselessness in many of those very same movements. This forced him to toil away focusing on the correct and necessary breaths and movements, all in an effort to release his maximum strength with minimal movement, to force his mind to become invisible so he may rend asunder all before his blade

Known Techniques: Shitonegaeshi, Hitotsume: Nadegirii, Hōzan Kenbui


Hohō Level: Shunpo Master
Hohō (歩法, Step Method; Viz "Fast Movement")

There are many who claim that Kyomu is indisputably the fastest soul in both past and present within the history of Soul Society, and even those such claims do very little to paint a picture of the Phantom’s mastery, underrating the full extent of his capabilities. Considered the foremost practitioner and master of Hohō within all of Soul Society, Kyomu is able to, without any actual effort on his end, cross tremendously exaggerated distances while evading and eluding visual, spiritual and other forms of detection both orthodox and otherwise, all within a single step.

At his slowest, the young Captain still easily outpaces even his own shadow, no ripples are produced upon any water or liquid he treads upon, appearing to erupt into a dark mist when he moves. With the slightest of effort his movements create friction that generates both heat and electricity, produces near tangible after images and short sonic booms and shockwaves in his passing, capable of altering the very trajectory of projectile styled attacks. When choosing to display a glimpse of his full mastery, Kyomu appears at nearly several dozen separate locations,his simplest of steps producing seemingly vivid and tangible images capable of bleeding if attacked and wounded, even while each “speed clone” is hundreds of thousands of miles separated from the other. At the height of his skill, the Phantom truly dons the mantle of his title, outpacing his shadow, presence, sound, and even light becoming essentially invisible as he moves; his shadow, image, presence and any sound willingly allowed to be produced all arriving and manifesting several minutes after he himself has already come and gone, making it impossible for one to tell if one has truly spoken with Kyomu himself, or merely the ghost of his image in passing.

This speed becomes an indispensable weapon in combat, especially in close quarters as it becomes next to impossible to actively perceive his movements or attacks, and if one does catch a glimpse then it is likely because he himself has permitted it. It is an obvious and well known fact that, as the Corps Commander Kyomu has mastered every Onmitsukidō speed-oriented technique, each one a hundred folds faster and more efficient when executed by him.

Being forced to step back, Kyomu strove and still strives to reclaim that which he has lost. To compensate for his now, lowered speeds the Phantom had studied and trained in the darkest and most secret of arts within his clan, temporarily detaching his very soul from his reishi composed shell of a body, traveling invisibly at imperceptible speeds, pulling his body along in a manner that causes one to mistakenly believe Kyomu holds the ability to teleport. It is an ability that allows Kyomu to easily and swiftly travel anywhere his soul can reach, regardless of rather or not his body could, under normal conditions, be capable of doing so.
Known Techniques: Speed Clones, Utsusemi, Senka


Hakuda Level: Expert Hakuda Combatant
Hakuda (白打, White Hits; Viz "Hand-to-Hand Combat")

Contrary to his predecessors, Kyomu is no Master when it comes to Hakuda. While used less often than his Zanjutsu or Hohō by far, he is still considered highly proficient in this area of combat. Familiarizing himself with the vital areas of Shinigami, Humans and Arrancar alike, his every strike is swift, fluid and meant to incapacitate them. Well studied in Aikidō (合気道), Jūjutsu (柔術), and Jūdō (柔道), he has repeatedly shown great agility, dexterity and coordination in his attacks, being highly proficient in counterattacks, takedowns, and body locks. His preferred fighting style is considered extremely versatile, aiming at dealing the maximum amount of damage to anyone and anything deemed his opponent or enemy, in the shortest time possible, striking critical points and making ample use of lightning-fast submission holds to incapacitate or kill them.

While unarmed he will opt to keep his distance when faced off against an actual Master of hand-to-hand combat, or if unable to neutralize the threat in a single, critical strike. While growing up within the Mukuro Clan, he was taught a wide array of defensive and escape tactics. After realizing his own shortcomings, Kyomu trained in one of the plethora of styles collected by his clan, the Jakōken (蛇咬拳, “Biting Snake Fist”). Little is known about the style, even within the various districts of Rukongai and the libraries of the Shinōreijutsuin (真央霊術院, Spiritual Arts Academy, “Shin’ō Academy”). What little is known is, it houses a number of immobilizing techniques along with rapid hand and palm strikes. So far no one beyond his Lieutenant is aware Kyomu is training in the style, least of all having seen it.
Known Techniques: Takigoi, Taketonbo

Kidō Skill Level:Kidō Specialist
Kidō (鬼道, Demon/Spirit Way; Viz "Demon Arts")

According to Kyomu, Kidō had always been his weakest skill-set, he has admittedly never invested much time or effort into furthering his ability in this area. Despite his questionable ineptitude in the area, Kyomu is proficient enough to cast low- to mid-level spells without their incantation. Bakudō appears to be the only area of spells that the Captain has ever shown any interest or talent in, and even in regards to those he is selective of the spells he has learned. So rarely is it ever used, that when he does seek to employ the use of spells it is typically unexpected, and offers him a window of opportunity to exploit any gaps it might present in his opponent’s guard, capitalizing on it to ensure his victory in combat. To date, Kyomu has never used, or practiced a single offensive spell. To compensate for his weakness in spellcraft, he will at times use them in conjunction with his tools carried on his person, converting them into mediums for his cast spells to further catch his opponents off their guard.

Known Spells: Sekienton, Shibireyubi, Tanma Otoshi, Inemuri, Hakufuku, Kyokkō

Skills and Abilities:

Master Assassin: Since old enough to walk he was trained to hold a blade, and ever since holding a blade he was trained to use it. The act of killing, of taking a life is an art, and he the greatest of artists, producing masterpiece after masterpiece with every swing of his blade. Kyomu has familiarized himself with the anatomy of Humans, Shinigami, Hollow, and Arrancar alike, memorizing their most intimate and vulnerable of areas for which to strike. Trained and disciplined in the Mukuro Clan’s art of Silent Killing (無音殺人術, “Muon Satsujin Jutsu”), completely muting his breathing, his footsteps rather in a light gait or a full sprint, to the movements of his very attire, all while erasing his presence and suppressing what little of his reiatsu is unable to be contained by the unique fibers of his ensemble, makes him the deadliest of assassins. When he strikes it is always swift and with certainty, always towards a weak or vital point, and always with the intent to kill with that very same strike and in that very same instant. As the Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō, he has trained and studied all the disciplines of the punishment force, including poison and has thus, developed an impressive resistance towards most forms of poisons and toxins. While still a very young and relatively small boy, he was exposed to a variety of torture techniques at the hands of his clan for training purposes, and as such, has developed a rather high tolerance for pain.

Shurikenjutsu: During his time being raised in the Mukuro house, and even from his time in the Onmitsukidō, Kyomu was thoroughly trained in the ways of the hidden blade, especially in regards to Shurikenjutsu (手裏剣術). He has become a Master in the technique, combining his speed and reflexes with highly advanced sleight-of-hand techniques to launch the bladed projectiles with unprecedented speed. When he throws them it is generally impossible to notice or catch the movements of his hands, able to fling them with preternatural accuracy using just his fingers from a casual stance. Aside from the speed and frightening accuracy of his throws, is his ability to alter the trajectory of the shuriken, causing them to arc mid-flight and even further redirecting them by deflecting the shuriken off one another or other nearby surfaces, targeting an opponent’s blindspot more often than not. At the height of his mastery, opponents are generally unaware that anything has been thrown, the projectiles seeming to simply appear at the most inopportune moment for his opponents, and at the grievous of angles.

Master Strategist & Tactician: Kyomu is an extremely perceptive combatant, having impressive instinct and intuition for battle. Despite his arrogance, he is extremely analytical both in and outside of combat, able to accurately deduce an opponent’s attack patterns and weaknesses, and using that information to effectively counter them. Through his training and upbringing Kyomu has developed the ability to read people's expressions, intentions, and most of their actions' reasons with relative ease. He has been shown able to detect if a person is lying or not being entirely truthful, by simply looking at them. He describes the feeling as "wavelengths" or "wavelengths of consciousness" of people that represent their breathing, line of sight, facial expression, body language and much more. This essentially allows Kyomu to find a person's "gap in consciousness" or "openings" where they unconsciously let their guard down, allowing him to exploit those gaps. He is generally aware of everything within his presence, and is able to see through most deceptions.


Gigai (義骸, “Faux Body”), Denreishinki (伝令神機, “Divine Messenger Machine”), Razor Wire
[Kyomu uses both the standard Gigai as well as a unique variation of the Reiatsu Concealing Gigai that he can freely exit from.]

Razor Wire • Razor-sharp wire which Kyomu carries on his person. He can trap an opponent in a field of it instantaneously, and use it to manipulate the course and trajectory of his Anken. According to Kyomu it is sharp enough to easily cleave through an Arrancar’s Hierro.


Reiatsu Kakusu Cloth • (霊圧隠す, “Reiatsu Hiding Cloth”)-The entirety of his wardrobe is composed of Kuroro (黒絽, LitBlack silk”), special fibers made to completely suppress and hide the spiritual pressure of the wearer at nearly all times, custom made by the Mukuro clan’s Master Weaver (達人織工, “Tatsujin Okō”). Kidō was used in the weaving of the attire, when fed the wearer’s reiatsu it causes them to fade out of notice, diverting perception away within five meters of themselves to the point where others would simply overlook them in proximity, all without being consciously aware of it. This ability effectively renderers the wearer virtually invisible. The unique attire seems to also reward its bearer with greater resistance towards reiryoku, an added defense against attacks composed of such power. It was designed to greatly assist him in his missions, and as such every outfit he owns was custom tailored using the special cloth.

Inventions & Signature Techniques:
Genpo (幻歩, Phantom Step”),
Trackless Step (抜き足 ''Nukiashi''), Jamon Iwatsurugi (蛇紋岩剣, “Serpentine Blade”), Fudo Kanashibari Jutsu (不動金縛りの術, "Secret Paralyzing Technique")

Zanpakutō Name: Genzōken (幻像剣, “Phantom Sword”)

Zanpakutō Appearance:
Genzōken at first glance and even on closer inspection appears as little more than a mere Bokutō (木刀, “Wooden Sword”), an odd appearance, especially for an assassin. In reality, the true finely polished and sharpened blade is hidden within the wooden blade shaped scabbard, not unlike certain sword canes. Kyomu states it is meant to give his opponents a false sense of security, making it easier to cut them down. The blade is simple in design, and is often easily overlooked given its mediocre presence.


Zanpakutō Spirit:
Genzōken’s physical manifestation takes the form of a person dressed in dark colored clothing covered by a layer of body armor. Fingerless gloves with forearm and hand protectors lined with small spikes along the knuckles adorn their hands and forearms. A Gold and Crimson colored mask hides the face beneath, while their left arm is covered in a type of armor equipped with a long sword blade extending from the bottom of the elbow. Genzōken is fiercely loyal to Kyomu, always addressing him with honorifics. Genzōken’s gender remains a closely kept mystery and secret, Kyomu switching from addressing the blade as “she” or “her” to having at times referred to it as “this guy”.

Inner World:

Kyomu’s inner world takes the form of an expansive dark room lined with multiple stylized traditional Japanese sliding doors, a pair of double doors marking the very end, a fine mist creeping along the floor throughout the space. According to Genzōken, the entire space is a death trap, the room shifting in subtle and exaggerated ways each time the sliding doors open and close.Guillotine blades swing from the ceiling like a pendulum, blades and arrows jut and launch themselves from behind the doors at varying intervals. At times gravity seems so intense one can barely crawl along the ground, at other times it is so light one cannot help but to float. One can pass through the sliding doors only to come across the opposite end of the room, or even along the ceiling. Genzōken has told Kyomu that when his heart is troubled or in disarray, the world spins into chaos, the doors become rotted and riddled with holes, dangling off their hinges, while some simply float and linger in the air. When Kyomu first entered into his inner world to learn to control and utilize his Zanpakutō, he claims to have nearly lost his life a hundred times over at Genzōken’s hand, the spirit able to blend into the darkness and use the mist to further veil its movements, attacking him from his blind spots.


Release Phrase: Genzōken’s shikai is triggered by the command ”Whisper” (囁き, “Sasayaki”), though Kyomu is able to release his blade without its command phrase.


Unlike most Zanpakutō, Genzōken does not change its physical form in anyway while in Shikai making it nearly impossible to tell when Kyomu has actually released the seal on his blade. Simplicity at its finest, the blade remains as unimposing in shikai as it does in its sealed state.

Shikai Special Ability:
Genzōken’s special ability is called Muei-Tou (無影刀, lit. "Shadowless Sword"). Once released Kyomu has the ability to make Genzōken’s blade incorporeal, allowing it to pass seamlessly through anything. Kyomu is able to switch the blade between physical and its intangible state, effectively allowing him to cleave through any substance regardless of its strength, durability or resistance. According to Kyomu, Genzōken postpones the dimension in which they exist, enabling it to pass through all matter, creating the ultimate blade which cannot be stopped. Kyomu has displayed such fine control over the ability that he is able to isolate its ability, using it on merely part of the blade while leaving the rest otherwise unaffected. This ability when combined with the fact it’s appearance never changes along with Kyomu’s ability to quietly release his Zanpakutō makes Genzōken all the more frightening. While postponing the dimension to become immaterial, the blade becomes unable to produce a shadow, an ode to the ability’s namesake.

Hyakūji Ryōran (“Profusion of One Hundred Blades”): A technique that stems from Genzōken’s ability where Kyomu performs multiple slashes, ultimately creating and launching a myriad of transparent, nigh invisible blade arcs. These traveling slashes all possess an incorporeal edge, allowing them to pass and cleave through all matter and even barriers. Due to the blades being translucent in nature, it often misleads opponents to mistake both the technique and Genzōken as a wind type Zanpakutō and ability.



Bankai: Genzōken Jūkyo Gaki Bun'ya (幻像剣住居 餓鬼分野; “Phantom Sword Dwelling in the Hungry Ghost Realm”)
Kyomu’s Bankai is a wide-range technique, normally initiated from him pointing the blade towards the ground. The surrounding area turns dark, heavy fog-like mist seeps into the affected field, obscuring one’s vision in front and around them while a blood colored moon is temporarily perceived lingering in the darkened sky before it too becomes obscured, fading altogether. Within this field Kyomu is able to produce “shadows”, realistic clones of himself. These clones bear his exact likeness, down to his very reiatsu.

Bankai Special Ability:
Within Genzōken Jūkyo Gaki Bun'ya, the Kyomu Shadows are completely impervious to harm, all manner of attacks passing harmlessly through them without exception. This aspect of themselves often causes others to casually dismiss them as mere illusions, a misconception often leading to the death of his opponents. While no harm may befall the shadows, their attacks are able to inflict actual harm on the opponents, forcing one to be wary of not only the shadows attacking them, but of the original Kyomu lurking in this obscured dark world, whom they must be ready to fend off as well. Kyomu is able to produce up to a total of four shadows at any given time, the number of shadows materialized based on his will, conjuring and dismissing them at his leisure. These shadows possess all of Kyomu’s abilities making them even more formidable, and as an extension of his zanpakutō are incapable of harming him. Kyomu describes it as drawing his Zanpakutō’s inner world out, and encapsulating his opponent within it. Attempting to leave the boundaries of the world is considered impossible, passing through one end only causing the opponent to pass through the opposite end or to mysteriously fall from above back down towards the ground, still entrapped within Kyomu’s Bankai. The only known means of escape is for the opponent to defeat the real Kyomu. This task alone is considered overwhelmingly difficult given Kyomu’s speed, reflexes and his ability to completely hide his presence and reiatsu. Kyomu’s blade maintains its abilities from its Shikai state, and he has been noted being able to track and detect the movement, presence and reiatsu of everyone and everything within the boundaries of his Bankai. As the Shadows are a part of the Bankai their movements through the spectral fog-like mist purportedly do nothing to disturb it, in stark contrast to the actual Kyomu.

Mibun Tenkan (身分転換, “Role Reversal”): Should Kyomu take sufficient enough damage he can send one of his Shadows into himself, the Shadow acting as his surrogate taking on all the pain, damage and fatigue of Kyomu leaving him completely replenished. Doing so causes him to lose that Shadow for the duration of the activation of his Bankai, and should he do so a total of four times, his Bankai will automatically end.

•Kyomu is ambidextrous, proven to be equally proficient with his sword regardless of which hand he uses.
•Kyomu has memorized the names, faces and habits of every member of his clan, division and the Onmitsukidō, and is even aware of the names, faces and identities of their family members, lovers and close friends and associates.
•Kyomu is secretly what one might consider an Otaku, his love for sweets and snacks rivaled only by his love for manga, and as a result is a closet fan of any manga that debuts within the SCC.
•Kyomu shares voice actors with the character Naofumi from the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero.
•It is rumored that Kyomu has killed at least one Vasto Lorde in the past.
•Kyomu has never lost a staring contest.
•Both Kyomu and Yasu, ever since the Kototsu attack, have constantly worn special spiritual cuffs for training to strengthen and raise their reiryoku and reiatsu.[/url]

Personal Relationships:
Yasu Yūgure • Kyomu’s second in command. He considers the girl little more than a brat, repeatedly reprimanding and berating the girl, chastising her both physically and verbally at almost every hand. He constantly complains the girl is more trouble than she’s worth, yet has never been known to actively make any actual attempt to remove or replace her. Despite his rather cold and callous demeanor, he usually forces the Lieutenant to become an accessory on what he has dubbed his ‘snack runs’, dragging her along. Though he states he doesn’t care what becomes of her, this is often disputed from his acts of interfering with anything that might truly endanger her, casually and coincidentally safe guarding her from any true mortal danger.

Honoka Oki • Though now the Vice-Captain to the Captain Commander in the First Division, she was once the Lieutenant of the Second Squad. He met Lieutenant Oki when he was still rather young, operating in the Stealth Force. Due to the indoctrination of his Clan’s methods he was ignorant to many things that children of his same age group had already experienced and enjoyed, such as sweets. Lieutenant Oki, noted the boy’s sour disposition and lifeless eyes became rather annoyed at his apathetic demeanor, force feeding the boy some strawberry flavored pocky she had recently purchased. It was the first time he had ever tasted such a thing, and hails as the hallmark for what would become his love of snacks, especially Strawberry Flavored Pocky. Though often seemingly aggravated at her words, and even her actions and familiarity with others, himself included, he still begrudgingly gives in to her requests.

Shobatsu Murasaki • The Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. Kyomu has never been shy about voicing his aggravation of the man, especially given his air of superiority. Swift to argue and debate the words of the Commander, growing noticeably frustrated at even casual exchanges. For one reason or another, he always remains on guard around the man, though when asked about it he simply dismisses it as his distrust of someone so shady.

Likes: Manga, Strawberry Pocky
Dislikes: Paper Work, Taking Orders, pets
Hobbies: Reading Manga
Favorite Food(s): Sweets, Creamy Chicken and Dumplings Soup
Theme Song: Samurai Champloo: Sneak Chamber


Kyomu was born into the Mukuro Clan, a lesser noble clan amongst those within the Seireitei. They were the darkness of the Seireitei, the shadow that lurked within the shadows of the Onmitsukidō, their deeds and misdeeds spoken only in passing whispers. It is because their less than reputable acts and missions that they trained the way they did, an environment not suitable for things such as love or friendship.

Kyomu spent his entire childhood training, studying and being subjected to many forms of agonizing torture. He practiced until sweat poured from his body like blood, studied until his vision blurred, he was starved just shy of death, he was whipped, beaten, poison, suffocated, day in and day out. There were no acts of love, no soft or gentle touches, no soothing words and certainly no time for laughter or games, there was only duty. To call it a living hell was still being lenient in describing such an environment, especially for such a young child...but it was all he knew.

The Shihōin clan had already shamed the role through the careless and whimsical acts of their previous head all those centuries ago, while the Fēng clan’s head was brash and still tied by her obsession to her previous lord, ruled by her emotions. The Mukuro Clan made it their mission to create one suitable to head the Stealth Corps. To that end they located five of the most promising children who were born through the clan’s selective breeding process. The children once born were removed from their parents, some willingly surrendering their infant as their duty to the clan, others less than willing, though their protests did nothing to protect the family that would never be.

Kyomu was one of the five children taken and placed into the program, they would eat together, sleep together, and train together. The moment the children began even attempting to stand on their own two feet, a blade was placed in their hands, their training would begin. Kyomu like the other children was guided on how to swing the sword, they were so young, so foolish, so ignorant. As little more than babes they thought it as nothing more than a mere game, and treated it as such. Ten times, fifty times, a hundred times, a thousand times. Over and over they swung the sword, the number of times they repeated this daily ritual growing alongside them. The blade was them, and they the blade, one indistinguishable from the other. Should any of them drop their blade during training, the dominant hand was crushed, the bones broken as they were forced to continue swinging with the remaining hand, doubling the number of swings required. At the end of the day, after all the pain and torture they were tossed into the scalding regenerative waters of the hotspring, closing up wounds, mending bone, and restoring stamina and vigor. They were broken, repaired, and broken again in an inescapable cycle.

The children were not permitted to speak to one another, nor were they allowed to offer each other any form of aid or assistance, though they knew this rule they could not abide by it. They were young, with no contact with the outside world or children their own age who else could they turn to? Who else could understand their pain, their suffering? They secretly formed a bond, consoling and encouraging one another. It was the only solace they had in the pit of darkness they were drowned in.

Several years had passed, Kyomu had become exceptionally close to two of the five children, a young girl named Ayane and a boy called Hideki. Talking with them, laughing with them, it was some of the best times he ever had growing up. Somehow or another Kyomu had become the de facto leader of their little triumvirate, Ayane declaring he was the boldest and the strongest out of them, despite her excellence in Hakuda and Hideki’s superiority in Kidō. Though he’d never admit it, he had developed a crush on Ayane. How could he not? She was cute, sweet, and always seemed to see the good in everything despite the hardships they were put through. If it meant seeing that smile, if it meant protecting her he’d be strong, even if he had to fake it, he’d never allow her to see him weak.

The clan’s first elder arrived on the eve of their birthday. He gazed over at the children, he said nothing as he scrutinized each one, by then they had gone from five to four, one having simply disappeared. They didn’t ask where he went, they dared not ask. Stepping aside the elder made way as a cart was rolled in covered in a heavy sheet. He turned his back to the children and placed his hand atop the cart, snatching the veil away to reveal an assortment of small animals, a puppy, a kitten, a bunny and a bird. They were each ordered to select one, it would from that point forward become their partner. They were to raise it, to feed it and care for it as they would themselves. The children hesitated before each making their selection, Kyomu chose the puppy, Ayane the Bunny, Hideki the bird and the last boy chose the kitten. Once their selection was made the elder left the children once more, ordering them to prepare for today’s training after settling the animals.

That day’s training seemed harsher than any other, but as always they suffered and endured. Returning to their quarters Kyomu collapsed, tired and drained despite the powers of the hotspring. As he lay there, he felt a warm tongue against his face, opening his eyes he stared at the little pup he had selected and smiled. ”Shinkiro..your name is Shinkiro.” He muttered before slipping into his slumber. Weeks passed into months as the children trained themselves, returning to the comforts of their pets. Kyomu, Ayane and Hideki would secretly slip away with their pets running and frolicking about. Slipping in and out swiftly and quietly was the only practical use they ever saw for all the training they were enduring.

After a year had passed the First Elder called for the children once more, bringing them into the courtyard, they were ordered to bring their pets along. Once all had arrived he scrutinized them just as he always did, looking from owner to pet. ”Very good.” He told them. ”You’ve raised them well, I can see the bond between you.” They stood straighter, smiling inside brimming with pride. ”Now, kill it. Each of you are to snap that animal’s neck.” The children stared, lost in the words spoken to them. Kyomu stared down at Shinkiro just as the others stared at their own pets, horror in their eyes. ”Hurry, kill them within the next five seconds...or forfeit your own lives.” He could hardly comprehend what was happening, there was a tightness in his chest, he could hardly draw breath. Shinkiro barked up at him, nudging him with its nose out of concern, wagging its tail.

A second passed, his body trembled. Another second eyes watered, his vision blurred, the third second passed and stiff hands were raised and before the fourth second could pass he grabbed Shinkiro and as ordered killed the tiny animal. Though he did not see it, he could hear it, the simultaneous sound of bones snapping, and bodies collapsing. He bit down on his lip until it bled, suppressing the cry that clawed at his throat. ”Well done.” The elder spoke, ”You all are weapons. You have no need for love, no need for attachments or things like petty sentiment.” With that he left the children standing, the bodies of the animals lying lifelessly at their feet.

They never spoke, not to one another, not even in solitude, for weeks they remained devoid of voice. Even the light in Ayane’s eyes had grown faint, dimming in splendor. After a month or so the trio returned to their games and antics, as if seeking to put that horrid day behind them. They had all grown noticeably stronger, faster, they were certainly a match for seated Shinigami. To graduate from their program before being officially dispatched to the Stealth Force for further specialized training they were tasked with passing a particular trial. Abandoned out into the world, secretly doused with something akin to Hollow Bait. The trial had a period of three months, Kyomu was the first to finish...completing his in just under a month’s time.

He waited, but no one else ever came. A second month passed and still the others had not returned. The Elder approached young Kyomu at the peak of his concern. ”Kyomu, prepare to dispatch immediately. The individuals known as Ayane and Hideki are in grave danger. They’ve been swallowed whole by a Hollow.” Before the elder could continue Kyomu had sprung up, grabbing his blade he faded from the Elder’s sight, slipping well beyond the man’s field of perception. He clenched his teeth, begging them to hold on. He knew the general area they should be at, after all, their locations were disclosed to them prior to transport. Faster, he ran covering several miles repeatedly with a single step before finally he located it.

The hollow was massive in size, resembling a Koi Fish in shape. Eyes sharpened like blades he thrust himself into battle against the hollow. Despite the Hollow’s tricks it was a short lived confrontation, the boy successfully killing it, retrieving his friends from the creature’s gut. Bruised and fatigued, but none worse for wear they hugged one another, grateful to be alive, grateful for Kyomu who saved them. Before they could relish in this brief moment of reprieve the three found themselves surrounded by members of the clan. Bodies parted as they made way for a single man, the First Elder. With arms poised behind him he gazed down at the three children with cold eyes, turning his focus to Kyomu. ”Kyomu, I believe we told you all this before. A weapon has no need for something as foolish as sentiment.” His words chilled him to the bone, a shiver dancing up his spine. ”When you heard they were defeated that should have been the end of it, you should have left them to their fate. But, due to some misplaced sense of friendship you rushed over without hesitation, defeating an opponent that was theirs to defeat.” The Elder approached them, his reiatsu pouring out from him, suffocating them, crushing them beneath its pressure. ”Did you think we were unaware of the friendship between you three? Did you think us ignorant everytime the three of you snuck off somewhere?”

Beads of sweat trickled down their bodies, they could hear their bones creaking beneath the weight of the elder’s spiritual pressure, and for the first time...they were truly afraid. They were careless, no..not just careless, stupid. It was foolish of them to believe that they had completely evaded detection, they were being watched the whole time. ”Koymu Mukuro, kill those two.” Though still buried beneath the Elder’s reiatsu he still raised his head. ”We have no need for those who cannot even protect themselves. You will kill Ayane and Hideki, for the crime of being so weak that they needed you to come rescue them.”

The world around Kyomu shattered as if made of glass, the fragmented pieces submerging into the darkness that consumed his mind. ”That is an order Kyomu, kill them or all three of you shall die together.” The words echoed within the cavern of his mind, his head slowly turning to gaze at his friends. Tears poured from his eyes, just as it poured from theirs. They were terrified, they didn’t want to die just as much as Kyomu did not wish for them to, least of all being the instrument of their deaths. Regardless of his choice they would die, if he did nothing he would die with them, if he agreed they would die by his hands. Every path led to their end. He rose to his feet, and picked up his blade, every act felt foreign to him, as if it were someone else moving his body. He watched in horror, but could do nothing to avert his gaze. With tears in his eyes he drew his blade, slashing them across the throat, returning the blade to its sheath all in one swift motion. It was a merciful death, but their eyes remained opened in horror, in fear and in pain. ”Well done.” The elder praised him, motioning for the others to disperse as he too turned to leave. Kyomu remained their before their corpses, the tears never ceasing as he clung to his blade. He came to an understanding after that day, they died because he chose friendship over his duty. He vowed to never again abandon his responsibilities, killing off his heart.

He would eventually come to join the Second Squad, securing a place as its Fifth seated member. Shortly after he had his run in with the Vice Captain at that time, Honoka Oki who introduced him to sweets. He would quickly work his way up to the position of Third Seat, a position he maintained up to the events that led to the disappearance and loss of many of the Seireitei’s Captains and seated members. Due to his abilities he would come to be promoted to the Captain of the Second Division, while also inheriting the role of Commander of the Stealth Force and Executive Militia.

Character Appearance:





“Ah... Did you say something to me, lowly bastard?”
"Uwaaa. I'm so hungry."
"It seems that you don't understand the difference between us. Then allow me the courtesy to show you why."
“Blood does not mean loyalty. Loyalty means loyalty.”
"Fear is natural. If you don't fear anything, you're just a complete moron."



Tayorinai (頼りない, “Uncredible; Unreliable") | Gaki (ガキ, "Brat") | Yakkaimono ( 厄介者, "Troublemaker")

Character Name: Yasu Yūgure
Name Translation: Yasu (, "Peaceful") | Yūgure (夕暮れ, "Evening")
Actual Age: 113
Physical Age: 20
Race: Deceased
Birthday: August 24[sup]th[/sup]
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 173 lbs

Affiliation: Gotei 13 | Seireitei | Soul Society | Onmitsukidō
Profession: Shinigami
Title: Vice-Captain | Kojō (小尉, "Lieutenant")
Position: Lieutenant of the 2nd Division, Kyomu's Nanny, Head of Patrol Corps (警邏隊, Keiratai; lit "Security Force")
Second Division (二番隊, Nibantai; "Squad 2"),
Executive Militia
Previous Division: N/A
Partner(s): Kyomu Mukuro (Thanatus)
Previous Partner(s): N/A
Base of Operations: Sereitei | Soul Society | Second Division


Notable Features:
If not for her mop of bubblegum pink hair, then the fact that Yasu does not wear the Shihakushō (lit. "死覇装," Garment of Dead Souls) the black kimono worn by Shinigami, or the customary white undergarments would sure be notable. Instead, Yasu dons a black and white gi, fitted to properly stretch and shrink with her petite frame with a purple skintight undershirt beneath it and white gloves that reach up to her biceps. Such attire allows Yasu to move around more fluidly and with lesser restriction than a hakama would. Not only that, but usually, a lieutenant would wear their squad badge somewhere visible at first glance. Instead, Yasu has hers hanging from the backside of her purple obi-sash.

After the events of the Kokotsu incidents, among other things, Yasu has decided to finally grow out her pink hair, the ends reaching down just past her shoulders as of now. Her white gloves are cast away, replaced by a shorter and specially designed black pair. Her sleeves have been rid of, and she now dons a black hood, matching the sleeveless fad. Still wearing elastic pants, Yasu's legs are now fully covered, a white-weighted ensemble resting from the knee down to her feet. While they put a strain on her for training purposes, a simple kick from her could send you flying across the courtyard.

Upon the release from her two-month prison sentence after the violent events between the late Shirogane Kuchiki, Captain Tenzen Oda, Arashi Suta, and the Captain-Commander, Shobatsu Murasaki. One of the most substantial changes the young lieutenant has gone through the extreme growth of her pink hair. No longer the curly mop it was long before, the wild locks frame her delicate face and are usually held up in a ponytail unless stated otherwise. Still holding her childish air, the vice-captain holds a gentle smile upon her face, but it no longer holds the warmth that it once possessed. Lately, there's been a shadow over her eyes as she performs all her duties at the lack of help. As for her clothing choice, again, foregoing the traditional top and bottom, Yasu bears a cropped, long-sleeve shirt and matching cut-black blazer with white trim. Exposing her abdomen, Yasu's bottoms hang low on her hips, held up by a thick purple sash where her lieutenant's badge hangs visibly on the right side of her hip. Unlike the usual skin-tight bottoms from before, this little pinkette struts in baggy pants and wrapped shins before the closing attire ends with black flats that just compliment the rogue-ish look.


Naturally, Yasu is a peaceful one, always wanting to solve things with a slightly less assertive approach, which is something strange for someone in the Second Division. She's very wordy, talking her way out of ideas, and it works on all but one: Kyomu Mukuro, Captain of the Second Division. He’s somewhat hardheaded, and honestly, she thinks that he would be well off leading the Eleventh Division with his constant need of action and cold demeanor if it wasn't for his ghostly persona. Yasu pushes on, dealing with his antics and the outcomes of his one-way of thinking on things which usually drain out whatever revenue they come up with every month, all while keeping up with her happy-go-lucky demeanor.

However, being the vice-captain of an assassination unit doesn't exactly mean that she's carefree all of the time. Yasu's attitude changes indefinitely depending on who and what type of environment she's around, or the contents of her assignments. Wanting to be a peacekeeper, Yasu has realized that not all individuals deserve to be taken care of in a gentle manner, and nothing but absolute assertive nature. In one of these moods, Yasu becomes a bit unapproachable and aggressive, much more than what you would expect from someone usually so lighthearted. With that said, if pushed to the limit, Yasu takes on a darker approach when it comes to assignments. If things can not go along smoothly, Yasu has no choice but to do as she was tasked to do as the Second Division was made to do.

After the events of the kokotsu and the indirect trial against the Second Division, Yasu has concluded that the majority of those around her don't deserve the kindness and air of ignorance. Those suppressed feelings that only come out during desperate times are now in full volume, much to several's chagrins. Capability evolved Yasu has adapted to become more of a hardass to those that she finds completely invalid. She wears her heart on her sleeve and, regardless of those around her, speaks freely, both in grace and disdain. The happy-go-lucky airhead still shows face; however, being forced to grow up much quicker reveals it less and less. Once having respect for all of those around her, Yasu has been forced to show the exact difference between her position and lower seats. Less talkative, cocky, frightening clashes with kindness, humility, and boisterous.

Becoming a vizard was not in the plans, but Yasu has no other choice to adapt. As she steps further into the cruel shinigami world, Yasu can do no more than to match that same ferocity. The constant badmouthing of her division and captain especially have dug deep under Yasu's skin, but for the better of them all has not chosen to act out in retaliation until provoked personally. Attached to her captain after the many hardships they face, she finds herself often doting on him more than usual. As she proceeds her daily life, the air around Yasu has once again shifted. Still the occasional airhead, Lieutenant Yūgure has been rather abject in her emotions, tossing them around, but that may be due to her inner influences. While she recognizes her faults, Yasu ultimately finds herself in the right of all things, seeing as that she performs things without a thought. Against her captain's better judgments, she has a large problem in holding her tongue.


Yasu, like a handful of souls, were born at the short end of the Rukongai stick. Settled in at the 64th District, Sabitsura (錆面, "Rusted Face"), East Rukongai, Yasu waved her flimsy ticket around and found herself a family of outcasts, varying from several ethnicities, whom she loved very much, and they loved her in return. There were five children in total and two adults who acted as their caretakers. Uekibachi Eri, and her sister, Uekibachi Mei, housed and fed five children from all walks of life. From oldest to youngest, there was Kusagi Rin, Souichiro Toru, Yasu Yugure, Watanabe Hotaru, and Fujimoto Aoi. The seven of them lived peacefully more or less in one of the impoverished districts. Yasu was the only one to have gone to the Academy and become a proper Shinigami.



Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Power
Since her younger years, Yasu has possessed an incredible amount of reiryoku. With no ability to control it, she could accidentally end the life of those around her without so much as lifting a finger. Upon that happening, she had gone to Shino'o Academy to hone her abilities properly. As of now, Yasu possesses a higher amount of reiryoku than necessary to be recognized as a vice-captain. Though due to her usual airheaded ways, Yasu can hardly pick up on her capabilities, and as such, limits herself unconsciously. She doesn't seem to find the need to express her abilities any further than what they are now, simply because she doesn't feel like advancing any further in her line of work for the time being. As a young soul, Yasu still has a while left to see just how far she can go. However, in a more focused state of mind, Yasu understands that she can disable only a handful of those around her rank and several more beneath that.

Taking heed of the difference between her position and that of a captain, Yasu has concluded that she is no longer satisfied where she stands. And seeing as that those beneath her ranking have tried to exude a sense of superiority because of their massive containers, she has made it clear that meaningless strength could prove little against honed skills. Even so, tired of the indirect glances in that regard, Yasu has given herself an ultimatum: stay where she was and be challenged, or rise and become a challenger. Choosing the latter, she is currently in the process of moving towards an enormous container to keep herself moving.

Sensing Reiryoku: Expert
Yasu holds no candle to any other lieutenant when it comes to this field, but she has enough knowledge and skill to keep her out of harm's ways from lesser beings. Having a now greater aptitude in this line of work than before, it still makes things difficult for her when those who can dull or completely erase their presence exist. However, unnaturally, Yasu's five senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste) are pushed to the highest limits of perfection. This advancement shows that she is capable of seeing further, acutely touching ink on a page, hearing small sounds, having a smell capability similar to an animal's, and tasting more accurately than a normal shinigami. Such examples would include the way that she can easily find Kyomu when he is hiding snacks from her because he doesn't wish to share. What an inconsiderate captain.

Falling behind her captain, Yasu possesses the capability far clearer to distinguish the number of individuals within a set vicinity. Though, still using the ability to differentiate persons by scent will always be much easier for her. Unable to yet discern between enemy and ally, this is where the natural scents to those she's encountered will come into play for aid. With limited movement, Yasu has concluded takedown first and ask questions later.


Reiryoku Control: Great Control
Neither the near the best nor the worst, Yasu is smack in the middle when it comes to controlling her spiritual essence. Because of the incident from when she was younger, Yasu has forced herself to balance the amount of reiryoku in her body at all times. There have been plenty of times in which Yasu has been physically exhausted. For this reason, Yasu would instead take her opponents in close range, hand-to-hand combat, or zanjutsu. During the private sessions with her captain, her unusual bashfulness prevents her from asking any help, but eventually, she will go down that road if she wishes to succeed.

Currently, in a state where consistent release matters, Yasu has come to terms with asking for help and has sought others to advance herself all around. With her close encounters, she has come close to falling ill from over-exerting herself several times. While her control is excellent, it is yet not enough for her to release less than what is necessary. The need to rush things to a quick end has proven to hurt her more than help, but her stubborn nature has yet to recede.


Reiatsu: Specialist
With great control as of this time, Yasu can exert reiatsu to the extent of little exhaustion. However, this does not mean that the bubblegum-haired vice-captain does not fall ill. At some points in time, her reiryoku level can prove to be too much for her to handle. The over-release of her stunning release or consistent use of kido could prove too much for the small stature of her person. Only in dire circumstances can Yasu be forced to break her chains and instill a severe chill down her opponents' spines, or when she is need of voluntary exposure therapy to compensate for the large pool that resides within her body. In times like those, Yasu won't be seen for at least days, but those with even acute sensory would be able to feel the overwhelming strength that dwells within her body. Now with an overwhelming sense of power swelling within her body, Yasu needs constant exertion; otherwise, the quelling prowess would become far more damaging to her lithe frame. Those around the area can see the ominous violet glow that exudes off of her when in total concentration.

Reiatsu Colors: Violet
Reiatsu Effect(s): Crippling
"How does it feel? Suffocating, right?"

High-level spiritual power can cause those of lower power to be stunned by simply being in the presence of a high-level spiritual being. Yasu possessing such a feat is amazing in consideration of her child-like demeanor. Though when not amid something life-threatening, the easy-going lieutenant has enough prowess and pressure to bring those of her level and below to their knees from sheer presence alone. There have been many experts and masters that have had their interests piqued by the strange sensation. Those near and far have all either heard the tales or experienced its horrors first hand. Exposure of all ranges induce a sense of distortion and find themselves feeling suffocated and disturbed in her line of sight. The unnerving smile never wavers and only strengthens the longer they stay. Weak-willed individuals often find themselves stuck in one place and unable to properly flee, succumbing to the crippling of the mind. Without much of a need to lift a finger, Yasu has found it more entertaining to watch as they tear themselves apart. Her reiatsu holds an effect similar to fear inducement, or paralysis, or even killing all in one despite her just simply sitting still. Put, it's just paving ways to her opponent's self-destruction.

Reiatsu Type: Standard Type


Zanjutsu Level: Expert Swordsmen
Zanjutsu (斬術, Swordsmanship; Viz "Art of the Sword") is the fighting style for the Zanpakutō (i.e. sword fighting) and is one of the four basic fighting styles of the Shinigami. It is shameful for a Shinigami to not master at least this technique. It is the specialty of the 11th Division. An Expert swordsman is highly skilled using their Zanpakuto while sealed or in its Shikai.

Yasu possesses a small tanto, so traditional bouts with a longer blade are out of the question. Being a close-range combatant, Yasu is both quick and agile enough to close in and take down an opponent with ease. However, when on the defensive, and in need of an extension of herself, Yasu can defend herself with her sealed zanpakuto. Concealing such a small weapon, sometimes it would seem as if she bore no zanpakuto in the first place. While her Shikai is adept at all ranges, Yasu prefers not to abuse her abilities unless necessary. Her confidence in zanjutsu stems from the multiple bouts of those demanding a spar from her to take her seat as a lieutenant. Yasu, never wanting to disappoint, proceeds in battle using her sealed form and hakuda, the two of the most basic fighting styles as a shinigami.

Known Techniques: Hōzuri | Suikawari

"Found you."

Hohō Level: Shunpo Expert
The name given to one of the four combat skills of the Shinigami and relates to footwork. Hohō (歩法, Step Method; Viz "Fast Movement") is a defensive style of fighting which relates to footwork. Hohō is an important skill for most Shinigami and is one of their four basic fighting styles. The agility and speed of Hohō can be enhanced and improved through mastery of it, concentration, and training.

Yasu reaches that of an expert level when it comes to Hoho, and only holds a certain amount of skill to this despite being lieutenant to the Second Division. The only reason being as fast as she is now is because of the number of times she has to chase after her captain over paperwork. Not as depending on running away from opponents, even if she knew better, Yasu uses both speed and precision for a quick takedown during a spar or battle or otherwise stated. Nowhere near the level of her captain, Yasu uses the daily bouts with him as an extent of her training, and with every passing day since her admittance to the Second Division, her Hohō skills are beginning to become polished.

Her confidence in her strength and hand-to-hand combat overpowers her need for movement, though she has come to terms that both speed and power can become a great asset to her body. While she isn't as small as others nor as large, her medium frame gives her special adaptivity to continually break down and build up skills and other assets that could aid her in the line of duty. Now with a fire burning inside of her, Yasu has all the capability to match her captain in this range eventually, but this distance to close it is quite trying. Self-restriction makes it even more difficult due to limited movement. However, it is necessary to execute any action without wasting energy properly.

Known Techniques: Senka | Utsusemi


Hakuda Level: Master Hakuda Combatant
Hakuda (白打, White Hits; Viz "Hand-to-Hand Combat") is a close-combat style of fighting in which one is unarmed and uses only one's body, and is one of the four basic fighting styles of the Shinigami. High-speed Taijutsu (Body Skill) attacks are used to overwhelm the opponent. This class determines physical strength and skill. Having the ability to surpass her captain in this field, Yasu takes pride in her ability to disarm and take down an opponent, regardless of size, by just hand-to-hand combat alone. With unnatural gorilla-like strength and the precision of a struggling artist, Yasu has trained her skills in this specific area only because it's the thing that she knows how to do best in both the human realm and back in the 64th District, Sabitsura, against the other children. Having a nimble and agile body like hers, Yasu practically moves around like a viper, slithering and sliding as she moves with fluidity. Along with her secret strength training with the Head Lieutenant, Honoka Oki, Yasu could quickly become a powerhouse in her rite.

Known Techniques: Simple Kick | Takigoi | Raiōken

"Bakudo #39: Enkōsen!"

Kido Skill Level: Pracitioner
Kidō (鬼道, Demon/Spirit Way; Viz "Demon Arts") is a form of Shinigami combat based on advanced spells. These spells are produced with strong Reiryoku and fall into two categories: Hadō for direct attacks, and Bakudō for battle support. It is one of the techniques in the Zankensoki, the group of Shinigami primary combat skills. An incantation triggers kidō spells. Not adept in this line of fighting, Yasu has taken the liberty of learning little to nothing about kido. If needing to put distance between herself and an opponent, or cause a small delay in things, Yasu performs one of the easiest - and only - offensive she knows, Shō. While her captain is a specialist, Yasu does feel compelled to advance herself in the other fields of the basic shinigami fighting styles. Yet to balance the unproportionate skillset of possessing a large amount of reiryoku within her body and having an ample amount of control over it, she tends to fire off a series of kido unintentionally. Because of her incompetence, Yasu has found herself taking lessons from Captain Nakamoto to improve on control, release, and several spells to advance.

Known Techniques: Senkeiton | Shō | Enkōsen | Tsuriboshi | Tenteikūra


Skills and Abilities:

Berserker Strength:
During her younger years, Yasu has always proved herself to be stronger than the average female in life and death. As the current lieutenant for Division Two, Yasu's lanky limbs are always on display, however, the power within her says otherwise. After creating Shizen na Soukou, Yasu has used her armored skin to deal out deathly blows. Without the buff, Yasu can easily shatter solid stone pillars and burst through walls on a quest for snacks. Her opponent's bones can easily shatter, and depending on how she executes it, she can tear holes straight through skin, muscle, and bone. In between training with both Kyomu and Honoka, Yasu's body has been honed to where she sits soft and squishy when she isn't threatened but has the ability to turn as hard as a rock and shatter someone's skull with a headbutt.

Mastered Athleticism and Flexibility: Yasu's body is able to bend and sway every which way with ease and little resistance. A fan of gymnastics since her human years, Yasu has been able to twist and turn her body into rather diabolical contortions that seemed as if had just come out of a circus freak show. And to be completely honest, her less than endearing smile just sends a chill down your spine. Useful in combat situations, Yasu tends to hop around more than most to get herself pumped or to deter the opponent with an unnatural look before she strikes. Her stamina on regular terms can go for long distances when on foot, and even longer when swinging from rooftop to rooftop using her Shikai.

Advanced Senses: Yasu's senses have been proven to be more potent than any other individuals. Her sense of smell allows her to discern individuals apart from one another easily. She can hear a pin drop as far as fifty meters away from her current location. As for sight, she can also reach about fifty meters away. However, while taste and touch do little in a battle situation unless she's going to eat them, her sense of touch allows her to navigate properly through the majority of the Gotei 13 during her nightly snack raids so she doesn't stop anywhere that would make a sound. Her tastebuds are just amplified so she can enjoy the food she eats to the fullest, though it isn't very sensitive.

Akuma no Sashi ———————————— Sōryū no Kata ———————————— Dokuja no Musibime

Akuma no Sashi: Saisho no Kata (悪魔の刺し:最初のカ, "Devil's Stab: First Form")
An unarmed technique that uses the index and middle fingers to strike to block off the nerves in his opponent's body. Doing so puts the opponent in a situation that is equivalent to losing an arm or leg, and it requires a lot of time for the effect of fading.
Akuma no Sashi: Daini no Kata (悪魔の刺し:第二のカタ, "Devil's Stab: Second Form")
It's a thrust performed while using the rotation of the whole body to increase the penetrating power of the hand, transferring all the strength to the tip and turning it into a drill. Thanks to this enhancement, the sword can now pierce even chainmail with ease. It's a sure-kill move.
Akuma no Sashi: Daisan no Kata (悪魔の刺し:第三のカタ, "Devil's Stab: Third Form")
An unarmed technique that Yasu calls her ultimate technique. By using her extraordinary finger strength, she focuses all her weight onto her needle-like fingertip. Doing so creates a highly destructive technique that allows Yasu to thrust her arm into someone's body.
Akuma no Sashi: Daiyon no Kata (悪魔の刺し:第四の型, "Devil's Stab: Fourth Form")
Yasu's final form. Putting her fingers in a formation remarkably similar to nukite, she then stabs her opponent with it. Due to Yasu's fingers being abnormally sturdy and tough while looking graceful and frail, she can easily punch right through solid concrete and human flesh with this technique; in this manner, Yasu can easily kill a human with this technique by stabbing them in the heart.

Sōryū no Kata (操流の型, "The Redirection Kata"): involves seeing and manipulating the "flow of power," using minimal motions to turn the opponent's attacks against them. As a result, this kata requires incredible kinetic vision and delicate physical control.
Midare (乱れ, "Disturbance"): The most basic move of the Redirection Kata, the user can make their opponent's attack miss by altering the trajectory of their strike through flow redirection. Redirection can also be used to make an opponent lose their balance, allowing an opening for an attack.
Zankyou (残響, "Reverberation"): A move that goes one step beyond the Weeping Willow. By not only altering the trajectory of the opponent's attacks but grabbing onto them while doing so, the user can redirect the power back into their opponent. This can cause dislocation of the joints.
Heni (変位, "Displacement"): A defensive form of the Redirection Kata that deflects a strike's trajectory by applying power to its side. It can even be used to deflect projectiles by calculating the angle of incidence of the projectile and creating an angle to deflect the projectile off of the hard bone to change the projectile's trajectory.

Dokuja no Musibime (毒蛇の結び目, "Viper's Knot"): Yasu wraps her legs around her opponent's arms in such a way that they are pinned tightly to their torso, completely immobilizing her opponent, while also putting them in a rear-naked chokehold. In this position, Yasu strangles their neck with extreme force, putting pressure on their carotid artery and forcibly shutting down blood flow to the brain. As a result, it causes unconsciousness in around seven seconds.


Shizen na Soukou (自然な装甲, "Natural Armor"): A primarily defensive technique that works by tightening all the muscles in the body at once to prepare for impact, drastically increasing the Yasu's durability. Stemming off of ability similar to that of an Arrancar's Hierro, Yasu has branched off with an ability that has or can generate a natural armor as a part of her body, which is resistant to attacks, harm or pain, and temperature extremes. As such, Yasu can take on a heavy blow of a blade with heavy resistance. A blade may not cleave through her, maybe cause a slight incision similar to that of a papercut. As for direct blows from kido, the pressure and sear may destroy her clothes, but her skin may state completely unblemished or slightly scorched as if she were left outside for too long. Meager hand-to-hand combat would feel as if pillows were being smashed against her at a great velocity. Though the pressure may differ, Yasu's Natural Armor ability is nothing to be trifled with.


Inventions: N/A
Gigai (義骸, “Faux Body”) | Denreishinki (伝令神機, “Divine Messenger Machine”)


Zanpakuto Name: Kurosawa (黒澤, "Black Marsh")
Zanpakuto Appearance:

Dressed in black, laced in purple and guarded by gold, Yasu’s zanpakuto is a tantō (短刀, "short sword"). It is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords that were worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan. The tantō dates to the Heian period, when it was used as a weapon but evolved in design over the years to become more ornate, designed for piercing or stabbing.

Zanpakuto Spirit:


Yasu's zanpakuto spirit refers to herself as Odei (汚泥, "Sludge") of Kurosawa. With a completely black silhouette, Odei's physical appearance completely contrasts against the usual bubbly dunce that Yasu is. As dark and malicious as she looks, Odei's personality is rather quiet and reserved. During Spirit gatherings, Odei lingers in the back, away from the others. When addressing Yasu, it is usually in a friendly demeanor. The relationship between Yasu and Odei is as if the two grew up as childhood friends. The two are very close and work well to bring out the best of one another in a fight. Yasu becomes more fierce, focused, and breathtakingly intense. Odei turns into a sinister being, quick and ruthless with her attacks and follow-ups.

Inner World:

Yasu's inner world resembles that of a swamp. It was a supposed absolute reflection of her mind and the way it works. The water is never clear, always dark, thus her jumbled thoughts and usual blanks. There is little light that peeks through the extensive and overwhelming trees. Yasu usually finds herself stuck in the deep marshes and consistently held down during her first of many attempts. Her inner world is suffocating when under extreme stress and pressure. The feeling of being enclosed so tightly has caused Yasu to become claustrophobic in both her Inner World and in reality. With Odei's first experience with her wielder, their exchange was destructive and damping on both of their moods. However, as Yasu's moods shift from one to another, it could vary the clearness of the water or the light that flows in through the tops of the trees.



Release Phrase: Shōhi suru, Kurosawa. (消費する, 黒澤, "Consume, Black Marsh")


Hikouzaka Buchi ———————————— Numa de Chirashi ———————————— Hōi-tai

Shikai Special Ability:

Kurosawa's special ability is called Hikouzaka Buchi (非構造化鞭, "Unstructured Whip"). Now, most zanpakutos possess some handle to wield them, however, once released, Kurosawa's form is diminished, and it is almost as if it becomes nonexistent. This ability shields itself within the palms of her hands as a black dot, and has a wide range of motion, switching in between close-range and long-range. Upon release, black tendrils of sludge can shoot out and either pierce or grasp the target. With no form to take, Kurosawa can harden or liquify completely by Yasu's command. Yasu's control over this ability exemplifies the quick adaptability in maneuvering between opponents at any given time.

Numa de Chirashi (沼でチラシ, "Swamp Flyers") is a sub technique of Kurosawa's unique ability. Taking a child's rope game and conforming it into a confinement move, in its full glory, Kurosawa spreads around and creates a heavy net that damages the target and by attaching sludge to their bodies and stretching itself across their bodies until the sound structure and containment halt their movements. With that, should the captured persons move, the sludge around their bodies would only grow thicker and constrict the chest cavity to lower the ability to circulate air in and out of the passageways properly.

Hōi-tai (包囲体, "Enclosure") Yet another sub technique available and executed by the young vice-captain. In this ability, Odei's dark mass begins to shield Yasu's body with the substance of her likeness, acting as a second skin similar to that of Yasu's Natural Armor. However, in this form, Yasu can manipulate the slimy masses at her beck and call, giving her complete control off her second skin. This second skin can extend, retract, soften, harden, expand, consume all while being linked to her body. Bot Odei and Yasu are linked in both physical and mental means, thus driving the extent of this sub ability to be the bane of her opponents. Even her captain finds her Shikai to prove quite difficult to deal with.



Bankai: Hasasaku Kurosawa (蓮咲く黒澤, "Black Marsh Where Lotus Blooms")
Yasu holds her zanpakuto in both of her hands as if it were a child, and it begins to bubble and melt in her hand and drip on to the floor. For the size of her blade, it creates a small puddle yet gradually expands out into a wide range, spreading across the field around both she and her opponent. Around the field consists of lily pads, budding, and fully bloomed lotuses. However, if already in a Shikai, the simple release phrase is enough. Once spoken, tendrils spill from her hands and begin whipping around her.

Bankai Special Ability:
Unlike Yasu, who can stand on top of the marsh's surface, staying stagnant for too long would allow the marsh to swallow the opponent whole if they didn't move fast enough. If already caught by the marsh, expect to have one's moments slowed down indefinitely. The essence of the marsh would begin to claw up one's body unless properly rid of in one way or another, and this is as offensive as the marsh could get without Yasu's direct involvement. In defense, the marsh would create a flurry of tendrils to form a protective shield that could take on most physical attacks from harming her. Yasu's Bankai also can transfer her body through the marsh and find her emerging from budding lotuses. There are ten buds in total in which she can transfer to back and forth any time. However, the only way to rid of the Bankai itself is the destruction of the lotuses or Yasu. Using the constricting prowess of her Shikai, the wide range of marsh allows Yasu to conjure up a larger variety of tendrils that empower the mesh and put heavier pressure on the opponent. The pressure of the mesh possesses the ability to shatter limbs and compress down on their chest and throat to suffocate them.

Hanei no Kajo (沈積物の網, "Flourishing Inflorescence"): A bubbly, air-headed girl surely would never be paired with such killing intent. Fortunately, Yasu is by no means an ordinary shinigami. With a knack for quick adaptivity, her usual one-minded thinking comes to aid her as she becomes a simple-mission kind of girl. So long as she has a goal in mind, she would finish it, regardless of the damages that follow. As a close-range combatant, Yasu's Shikai ability is amplified when in use during her Bankai. The significance of a bloomed lotus means that an opponent from before had been consumed. As a close-range combatant, if Yasu gets close enough to touch her opponent and force the essence of the marsh into an open orifice, the fallen will become consumed by the mass and materializes into another lotus in her collection.



Inner Hollow:
Similar to the true Yasu and yet slightly different in appearance. This familiar woman also appears to be made of inverted colors, and her hair is much longer than Yasu’s current style. Long, wild and full locks, Yasu's Inner Hollow is more aggressive, potty-mouthed, and unnaturally mature, clashing against Yasu in every way.

Hollow Mask: Skeletal in appearance, her Hollow mask sports a forever-smile, curved slits for her eyes to peek through cut down the middle. Upon donning her Hollow mask, the sclera of her eyes turns black, though her irises become a golden brown color.
Cero: Yasu gathers energy that is displayed beginning as a small spark from her mouth. She then releases a spherical orange blast, that expands quite quickly with fierce heat and devastating force. The heat from the cero is powerful enough to melt sound structures and send the ground caving into itself by stories.
Hollow Augmentations:
Enhanced Strength: Possessing enough strength to shatter solid stone in her base form, Yasu's Hollowfication has practically made the young lieutenant into an unmatched powerhouse. Training and honing with the other two victims of the Kuchiki Incident, she, Captain Tenzen Oda, and Third Seat Arashi Suta, Yasu has been able to let loose against them than her other sparring partners.
Enhanced Speed: While wearing her Hollow mask, Yasu is able to move much faster, which she uses to overwhelm her opponents or even her captain during their training sessions.


Personal Relationships:

Kyomu Mukuro | A troublesome captain to deal with, let alone to take care of during the day. However, despite the back-and-forth quips picking at one another's bad qualities, the duo surprisingly works well under difficult circumstances. Though not the most healthy relationship, Yasu and Kyomu could both rely on each other at a second's notice. At times, Yasu finds herself in a troubling situation, and Kyomu comes to her aid, fighting first, and then berating her later. As much of an annoyance she can be, he has yet to strip her from her position. Yasu can be seen butting heads with her captain one moment and then raiding the other barracks for their snacks with him the next. Even with the hardship that she experiences in the Second Division, Yasu could hardly see herself anywhere else or by anyone else's side. After the incident with the Captain Commander and Kokotsu, their relationship has undoubtedly grown more with all of their intense training and snack raids.

Honoka Oki | The First Division's lieutenant and her senior. Yasu looks up to Honoka, despite being ridiculed for following in her captain's mischievous footsteps with his snack raids. During the SWA (Shinigami Women's Association) meetings, Yasu is usually somewhere by Honoka, zipping back and forth with her hyperactive demeanor that only the girls could bring out. Wanting to become the type of woman with both beauty and grace, Yasu observes Honoka closely, but some things can never change, physically or mentally. Regardless, Yasu respects the older lieutenant and does as asked more or less.

Tenzen Oda | Meeting under strange circumstances, Yasu has developed a sort of relationship with the Fifth Division Captain similar to her other shinigami associates. Taking snacks after every visit, Yasu and Captain Oda have become quite the acquaintances after their mishap in the Kuchiki incident. Wanting to improve her kidō mastery, Yasu has begun her training under this master's watchful eye.

Arashi Suta | Like his captain, Arashi and Yasu have also become close since the Kuchiki incident. Often running into one another entering and exiting the Fifth Division for snack runs and training, Yasu often spends her breaks in between sipping tea with Arashi. Their joint training sessions with Tenzen using their hollow-powers are always taxing.

Likes: Gymnastics | Carousels
Dislikes: Paperwork | Crowded areas
Favorite Food(s): Nikuman | Lollipops
Seretei Communication Column: N/A


Theme: Warmth
Battle Theme 1: Intensity
Battle Theme 2: Your Resting Place
Battle Theme 3: Hiding in Plain Sight

• Yasu enjoys raiding the other division's fridges and is often found passed out next to one, if not her own. Some say that she has a refrigerator in each division's barracks.
• Among her earthly possessions, her stuffed animals, food, and carousel all rank high in the things she enjoys the most.
• Yasu goes by the F.O.E. rule: Food Over Everything.
• Inside of her new hoodie, Yasu has pockets filled with assorted snacks. At one point, one of the lower seats watched her pull a pizza slice out.
• On Soultube, Yasu is one of the trending vloggers for her pranks, interviews, and food runs that more or less capture the scene of discovery and chaos.




Yasu spent most of her life in the 64th District, Sabitsura, with four other children as siblings around her age, and two elder sisters that took care of them all. Given a semi-short end of the stick after she had passed in the human world, Yasu made the best out of a bad situation and lived as peacefully as possible with her family. However, Yasu felt estranged from the lot of them. She wasn't exactly good at noticing the atmosphere and always went a bit too far on certain things that ended up with somebody hurt and her getting punishment. There were days where Yasu would be left to play by herself and then forgotten about until it was time to come home.

The orphan child didn't blame them. She knew that she was strange. She heard things whisper and call out to her. Most nights, she wouldn't sleep because she was trying to communicate with this foreign being despite not knowing where it came. Soon enough, word got around of her odd behavior, and it caused the other children around Sabitsura to avoid her at all costs. When Eri or Mei came to find her, they always found her by water. Eventually, her siblings began to follow in the footsteps of the other children, and Yasu was left alone. "I don't know who you are, but one day I'll find you, whoever you are!" Yasu called out into the open, particularly to no one, but she knew that no one might be listening.

The days grew longer, and Yasu found herself wandering further and further from Sabitsura and deeper into the depths of East Rukongai, pushing past the limits of each district, passing the 65th until her feet stopped at the 79th District border. Yasu didn't exactly know how she got there, or how long she had been roaming, but when she became more alert of her exact circumstances, Yasu began the trek back home but stopped after just a couple of strides. Looking around frantically, Yasu began to hyperventilate, the darkness seeming to wrap around her and consuming her whole. She panicked and took off running into the night, the stones cutting into the soles of her bare feet, leaving bloody footprints behind her.

She didn't stop, but she wished that she had, finding herself on solid ground and then down into the depths of a nearby river. Clawing around for something to grab, Yasu could only see the distorted ripples of the surface above her as she sunk deeper into the depths of the water as it rushed her down its body and into a large lake. Her consciousness slowly faded, but she could feel around her, something pressing against her back, and she began to drift back up towards the sky. It almost felt as if she were floating before she finally succumbed to this hazy sleep. What lifted her from the water was a black, oddly formed figure that moved at a snail's pace. It settled her down gently back on the bank of the river's edge. The sopping black mass pressed gently on Yasu's stomach and chest several times before the water that had seeped into her lungs came sputtering out like a clogged faucet. Yasu blinked rapidly as her consciousness came back to her, seeing the looming silhouette looking over her.

The figure above her continued to observe the girl and looked alarmed with its glowing red orbs when a soft and gargled "I found you," came from the girl, and she was out once more. The being could only stare in awe before its eyes squinted in a way that revealed a joyous expression. "You did find me, you odd little soul..." And it sunk back into the dark depths. Once morning broke, Eri and Mei had nearly reached the end of the 78th District with the other children in search of Yasu. It was Toru that found Yasu, muddied and cold from the earlier fiasco. Taking Yasu up into her arms, Mei made way back home first, and Eri and the other children were hot on her heels. They cleaned her up and buried her in warm blankets just so a little color would come back to her.

From what she was told, Yasu had been asleep for nearly four days. Unsteadily making her way out the door, Yasu was met with massive impact from Hotaru and Aoi. Not recalling what had happened at the river, Yasu was just confused and lost. Rin and Toru looked at one another, but remembering their promise to Eri and Mei to keep quiet about that day's events just gave Yasu a small pat on the head and went about the rest of their days as if nothing had changed at all.

Several years had passed since that incident, and Yasu had grown into a boisterous young woman. Rin was seventeen, Toru was fifteen, Yasu was thirteen, and Hotaru and Aoi had both just turned nine. However, Yasu was the only one out of the five to age physically. Yasu didn't know or think about how her life worked now that she was dead. She didn't know there was anything else to it other than being dead. However, when brought to her attention, Yasu didn't know how to respond other than a shrug. It wasn't much of her problem, or so she thought. Yasu didn't know a thing about her reiatsu, nor how to control it in the slightest. Because of this, Yasu had found herself shaken awake to find her younger siblings clawing at their throats because of how constricting her powers were overwhelming them. Rin dragged her away, and Toru stayed with Eri and Mei as they tried to help the younger two.

She spent days outside of the house, and out of Hotaru and Aoi's sight, in fear of what she could do to them without even being aware of it. "You know, if you don't get yourself under control, you'll kill them." Rin had told her. It was straightforward and crude, but it was the truth. Toru was much softer with his tone, but it still hurt nonetheless. "You're different than all of us, Yasu. You need people who can help you, and staying here won't do that." Soon enough, she concluded to enroll herself in the academy. If there were anyone that could explain to her what exactly was happening, it would be them. Leaving in the night, Yasu bid farewell to Eri and Mei. No words, but just a look of determination. When she came back, she would be able to stand with them without fear of hurting any of them.

Yasu was accepted into the academy with little trouble. Never having an aptitude for learning, even though placed high in her classes, her studies were terrible when it came to academics, but the area in which she excelled the most was Hakuda. Being in Class One, Yasu's survived on her prestige aptitude for hakuda alone. However, an unexpected turn of events played out during a lunch period where Yasu minded her own business, casually filling up her mouth as full as it could get with pocky when she felt eyes on her and met the eyes of 2nd Division Captain, Kyomu Mukuro. Behind him were subordinates of the second division. She blinked. One second, he was there, and then the next, him standing before her, and a rough hand against her head.

"You. You will do." He had said to her, and Yasu could only look at him quite stupidly, wondering just exactly what was happening. Not long after that, Yasu was recruited into the 2nd Division after graduation, and quickly worked her way up in rank from unseated to the lieutenant, which was a feat for the young bubblegum haired dunce. Still having a lot of life left to live, Yasu tends to her duties as diligently as possible, or as much as she can before having to find her captain.


Character Appearance:





"I would take a life lesson from plants, they are tenacious and resilient, growing anywhere despite their circumstances."
"Learn from your loss, and you'll figure out how to win."
"If you want to be the best, you'll have to train like the best!"
Your fate became mine the moment you crossed my path.


Character Name:
Honoka (ほのか, Lit. "Harmony Flower") Oki (大 木, Lit. "Great Tree")
Actual Age: 1,038
Physical Age: Mid 40s
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: November 10th
Gender: Female

Height: 6'1'' ft.
Weight: 189 lbs.

Affiliation: Gotei 13, Seretei, First Division, C46
Profession: Shinigami, Vice-Captain, Supervising Chairwoman of the Shinigami Women’s Association

Head Lieutenant
Position: Vice Captain of First Division
Division: First Division

Previous Division: Second Division, Eleventh Division
Partner: Shobatsu Murasaki
Base of Operations: Seretei, Soul Society, First Division Barracks

Notable Features: A statuesque woman standing at 6'1'', Honoka towers over most, seldom having to look up to but a few. At first glance, she seems slim, despite being top heavy, but upon closer inspection or when she actually decides to flex her muscles, it becomes obvious that she's quite muscular. She has an olive skin complexion, with a minimal amount of cosmetics on her face; lipstick and mascara. Her long, wavy hair is a deep tone of dark blue, nearly black, with a stress-induced white streak. She typically keeps it tied back into a bun with a metallic hairpin skewered through. Her outfit consists of a custom-made sleeveless, black dress-style one piece, with a long slit that reaches up to her thigh. Over that, she wears a simple white vest, with a violet trim, and dark, metallic buttons. Strapped to her waist, her very own lieutenant's badge hangs at her hip, clearly portraying her squad number and emblem. She wears simple designed wooden platform sandals, which add two additional inches to her height, putting her at 6’3”.

Personality: The first impression Honoka gives is that of a very warm, affectionate, and kind person. She's very empathetic to the emotional states of others, often sharing in their joy, grief, etc., and often uses this to make serious decisions. She's very understanding to their concerns and grievances, often going out of her way to help anyone in need. Which in itself has resulted in nearly everyone seeing her as a very motherly and wise figure within the Gotei 13; often seeking her out for advice. Despite this maturity, she also happens to have her bouts of childishness, where she'll partake in silly shenanigans in good fun, many times the ridiculous fundraising schemes the Women's Association conjure up to keep the group running.

With as many emotional highs, Honoka also has many lows, as her temperament is incredibly volatile due to her empathy. She is constantly, and unwillingly, absorbing and processing through the emotions people radiate around her, in addition to her own, and is prone to quick mood shifts. Be they good or bad. Because of this, she will occasionally lock herself in her room for a day or two to recuperate from the emotional exhaustion.

Her avoidance to engage in violence does not signify she is incapable of eliminating any threat to the peace. While a master of deception, hiding her true motives, and simply maintaining nearly everyone on a need-to-know basis; she is capable of disabling her empathy and completely disconnecting from her emotions, allowing her to carry out missions without her judgement becoming clouded, or her convictions compromised. Even so, after the purging of the corrupt Central 46, she's adopted a more lax and expressive demeanor, especially when annoyed, or in battle. She's seen more aggressive, even confrontational, if her politeness does not yield desired results.


Sumire 菫 Oki 大 木 (Great-Grandmother; Deceased), Naoki 直樹 Oki 大 木 (Mother; Alive), Miki 美樹 Oki 大 木 (Sister; Alive), Yasu 康 Yugure 夕暮れ (Sister; Alive), Masahiro Murasaki (Son; Alive), Kohaku 琥珀 Oki 大 木 (Cousin; Alive), Ten'yuu Oda 織田 (Aunt; Alive), Tenzen Oda 織田 (Cousin; Alive)
A noble family gaining prestige and status within the Seireitei due to the renowned and respected amount of botanists and herbalists through the Sereitei. Members of this clan are most often seen with plant-type zanpakuto and are well versed in the benefits and uses of plants and their components. They're seen scattered through the Gotei 13, from medicinal use in Fourth Division, plant-made poisons for use in Second Division, as well as research and development in Twelfth Division. The Oki follow a strict matriarchy, currently headed by Honoka's mother, Naoki as Honoka's priorities remain with the Gotei Thirteen, she has little interest as the next matriarch; a mantle she will eventually bear.

Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Power: Honoka's Reiryoku has always been higher than the average shinigami, even during her academy days, she really came to learn the potential of it, and thus honed her abilities of controlling it, by not only taking up, but mastering, Kidō; giving her the prowess to not only cast in quick succession, but to cast several at the same time, and even going so far as to combine it with Hakuda, to exchange blows that release bursts of damaging reiatsu that completely overwhelm an opponent unlucky enough to have come close enough to receive such attacks.


Sensing Reiryoku: Master: From the moment Honoka gained the ability to use her shikai, her Reiryoku sensing capabilities skyrocketed exponentially. Prior to this, she was completely inept at sensing reiryoku that was weaker than hers, at least during her time in Eleventh Division. After her transfer to Second Division, her sensing abilities not only grew, but flourished. With her reiryoku sensing training greatly elevating her skills to unparalleled levels, she became able to even discern the smallest fluctuations and differences of reiryoku. Honoka also possesses the innate ability to communicate with plants, in addition to an acquired technique through her training with her zanpakuto, granting her view of the exact location of her target.

Reiryoku Control: Master: With surgically precise control over her own reiryoku, Honoka has the capabilities to enhance her own strength, to perform Kidō with little expense. She will take a simple spell to an entirely different scale than the average shinigami, and is even able to cast several powerful spells in quick succession, or at the same time. Her ability to completely mask it, making it completely undetectable, or to release it, all of these variations of control have simply become second nature to her, after her innumerable years of arduous training.



Reiatsu Colors: White; Red Outline
Reiatsu Shape: Flower
Reiatsu Type: Elemental
Reiatsu Effects:
Fear - Stunning - Damage

From her days in the Eleventh Division, anyone weaker than her immediately stepped aside, as her inability to control her reiatsu at the time, meant she was constantly releasing it, thus keeping those weaker than her in their place. Since then, Honoka underwent centuries of personal growth and training, resulting in her constantly keeping it in reigned and completely subdued; seldom releases the entirety of her spiritual pressure. She tends to release it when she feels she must. This being when her anger surpasses her threshold, to stun or damage an enemy, or to subjugate subordinates. While she won't release everything in an all encompassing blast, the surrounding plant life is still affected the woman's power.

In a single instance Honoka released reiatsu to affect past her barracks, reports were submitted of unusual plant growth beyond the Rukongai. When this happens, it's been noted that seedlings sprout, saplings grow, and flowers bloom. All the plant life that comes in contact with her reiatsu undergoes a growth to it's most vibrant or strongest stage of life. She tends to comically use this to make flowers sprout atop of people's heads when she lightly strikes them with her fan. Her mental stability is a weighing factor in how these plants grow, and while she will not ouwordly acknoweldge thim she's noted that in her darker times, the plants seem to grow aggressively, jagged, and even darker in color.

Now because very few know, when she does does release it, those affected tend to succumb under its sheer force, leaving them completely stunned, being unable to withstand the powerful effects of her spiritual pressure. The affected victims have stated that they feel such tightness in their chest, that it becomes difficult, if not impossible to move, even those slightly stronger have stated that there is such an unnerving factor in her sudden release of reiatsu that leaves them winded and unsettled. And while Honoka is able to make great use of the damaging effect of her spiritual pressure, she's stated that those in close proximity become riddled with so many small lacerations, as if they fell into a thorny bush, that their movements become hindered the longer they are in the presence of this reiatsu effect, as the cuts will continue appearing over themselves, going deeper and deeper into the skin.




Zanjutsu Level: Expert Swordsman: Once a master of this art, Honoka has certainly lost her edge after achieving shikai and training in, and shifting her specialization to, different arts. Despite this, she's still very capable of holding her own, even with an asauchi in her hand; and can easily strike down many a foe. She still does keep up with an intense level of training, but she no longer considers herself a master of the art.

Known Techniques: Hōzuri, Onibi, Senmairoshi, Ryōdan, Shitonegaeshi, Agitowari, Suikawari


Hohō Level: Shunpo Expert: While this was never a focus of hers, Honoka became surprisingly adept at the practice of Hohō. Enough so to have caught the attention of a certain squad, which would later on train her and hone her skill in it's precise execution.

Known Techniques: N/A


Hakuda Level: Master Hakuda Combatant: A master of the art, Honoka's Hakuda capabilities are second to none. With no discernible style, Honoka tends to switch and mix from a wide array of styles she's learned in her near-millennium lifetime; knowledge which she continues expanding. Her adaptability and vast knowledge of different styles makes her difficult to keep up, leaving no openings and her opponents on edge. While many have forgotten her capabilities, due to her current temperament, Honoka continues to undergo nearly impossible daily training regiments to uphold her own standard of mastery. Her proficiency in this area is so high, that she's developed two distinct fighting styles all her own. The first, Nejire ken (ねじれ拳; Distorted Fist, Twisted Fist), incorporates her masterful reiryoku control to release in reiatsu in conjunction with her already powerful physical attacks, for devastating results. Honoka's second fighting style combines her unparalleled capabilities in Kidō with the Matoi (鬼纏, Lit. "Demon-Clad") Style.

Known Techniques: Tesshō, Tsukiyubi, Kagamibiraki, Panty-Flash Tornado, Oni Dekopin


Kidō Skill Level: Kidō Master: A master among masters, Honoka stands at the pinnacle of expertise in this field. She is unparalleled in her execution, control, power, and even aim of her Kidō. Her capabilities in spell casting alone are stated to be on par with that of an seasoned elemental zanpakuto of a high seated member. It is often assumed that Honoka completely forgos incantations, and while she is able to for sake of speed, but in actuality, she masks her incantations, adding to her unpredictability. She does not shy away from support Kidō, despite Hado being her specialty. Her creativity and flexibility with spells has led to her gaining the unique ability to cast multiple spells at the same time, regardless of them being the same spell, or different ones. With her ability to cast spells in an entire league of it's own, it becomes nigh impossible to predict what spell she actually casts; increasing the difficulty when attempting to defend against her. The Head Lieutenant's capabilities shine even brighter when she combines her spells with Hakuda, in a style all her own dubbed, Matoi (鬼纏, Lit. "Demon-Clad") by the Kidō Master.

Known Spells: Shō, Shakkahō, Ōkasen, Haien, Tenran, Sōren Sōkatsui, Zangerin, Goryūtenmetsu, Kongōbaku, Gaki Rekkō, Hyōga Seiran, Ura Hadō: Sannodō - Teppūsatsu, Jūgeki Byakurai (Kaizō Kidō)Sai, Hainawa, Seki, Hōrin, Shitotsu Sansen, Enkōsen, Rikujōkōrō, Hyapporankan, Sajō Sabaku, DankūHako Okuri, Fūsatsu Kakei, Millón Escudo
Jikanteishi, Shireyubi, Noren Mekuri, Sentan Hakuja, Hanki

Skills and Abilities:

Unparalleled Physical Condition: Honoka undergoes intense training regiments, and is meticulous when requesting her healthy meals, she states sweets and snacks don't count. She takes care of her body to maintain it at its current peak condition. She trains and spars on a daily basis to keep her senses, reflexes, and instincts in tip top shape, and is never shy to share her tips and tricks with anybody that asks her. She is strong beyond compare, easily able to overpower those foolish enough to challenge her strength. Honoka's physicality is so strong, she's been seen to even tear hollows appart with her bear hands. In an interview, she's attributed her strength to her need to keep her muscles strong, all to handle the physical strain of her very own fighting methods.
Cunning and Strategics: Whilst she's often seen as someone nice and approachable, Honoka tends to keep her darker or more dangerous abilities under wraps. She can be coy and cunning to get what she wants, or figure out plans to get there, by any means necessary. She's lived many a year, and where many are barely going, she's been and returned. Her long lifespan has helped to add to her underhanded methods through experiences and lessons.
Weapons Expert: Honoka can pick up any weapon and wield it without any issue, an ode to her shikai-less time in the 11th Division, she went through weapons like there was no tomorrow, picking up and instinctively adapting to the newest extension of her body. In doing so, she became adept at double wielding, and thus became ambidextrous through her rigorous training, albeit, only with weapons.


Equipment: White Fabric, Clipboard, Gigai, Denreishinki X
Metal Fan: A metal fan Honoka is always seen carrying on her person, honoka has had it custom made to be entirely out of metal, making much more durable and battle ready than it's wooden counterparts. She's had a modification added to it, allowing to open a full 360 degrees, to take the shape of a disk. Honoka capitalizes on the fact that nearly everyone mistakes the fan as her Zanpakutō.


Zanpakutō Name: Higanbana (彼岸花, Lit. "Cluster Amaryllis")

Zanpakutō Appearance: Higanbana, as a shikai, takes the form of an ornamental hairpin. Fabricated in its entirety of metal, this hairpin appears to have a fanning, pink detail at it's top, with a decorative hold to encircle it's base and keep it secured. This top piece is sharp enough to cause lacerations. It's length, nearly at the length of the blade of a tanto, with a small accent at it's bottom of a flower bud. Honoka has stated that it's not beyond her to use her own hairpin as a weapon.

Zanpakutō Spirit: Higanbana shows herself as a woman dressed in an "A" silhouetted light-pink dress that leaves her shoulders exposed, while sleeves cover her arms, and half of the back of her hands, leaving her palms and fingers unobstructed. This dress has a darker pink hem, with golden accents and accessories that pop against the pale pink of the silken fabric of the dress. Her pine green hair falls down to her hips, is adorned with two multi-colored lily flowers at the sides of her head. Her eyes Are as bright green as emeralds, deep and mysterious, like the ominous entrance to a darkened forest. Her skin, softer and tan, while natural color to her, someone would think she spends much of her time basking under the sunlight. Occasionally she will manifest With a golden, intricate crown on her head, with a circlet, and a cape that falls down to her feet and drags along, while never getting soiled, or torn. As if her choice in wardrobe didn't make it obvious enough, this particular spirit's personality exudes poise and pride, as if she were a deity incarnate. She's difficult and childish, leaving her at constant odds with Honoka. According to Honoka, that's how she shows affection. Higanbana constantly denies these allegations, as she's as untruthful and cunning as Honoka. Despite this, the spirit is incredibly protective of her wielder, and will even act on her own if need be.

Inner World: Honoka describes her inner world as a quiet and somber place. She states there's a heavy weight on one's heart in this spirit world. A never ending river, riddled with millions of candle lit paper lanterns, akin to those in Tōrō Nagashi ceremonies, that seem to eerily illuminate the surface of the swift, flowing waters.The banks of these rivers have wooden fences that create a border between the waters and large fields of seemingly infinite red spider lilies. Beyond that, in the far off distance, dark mountains obstruct the sun, casting an eerie effect on this world by illuminating the clouds in the sky with it's ominously reddened rays.

Release Phrase: Motsure, Shioretahana. (もつれ, しおれた花 Lit. "Entangle, Withering Flower.")

Weakened Zanpakutō: Honoka purposely limits her power, and that of Higanbana's, on a daily basis by constantly addressing her as Shioretahana (しおれた花, Lit. "Wilting Flower"). Higanbana takes great offense to this, and withholds much of her power, leaving Honoka with the simple, but highly versatile ability to create vines. These vines are able to absorb reiatsu, using it as food to grow bigger and stronger. The shikai form of Shioretahana is a thorny vine cascading down from Honoka's bun.


Shikai: As a constant release type, Higanbana remains as a metal hairpin.
Shikai Special Ability: As a shikai, Higanbana, is unbelievably powerful, having the ability to shape, manipulate, and even create plant life. This includes all trees, shrubbery, vine, moss, and even parts of plants, such as flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds. Higanbana bestows Honoka the ability to make plants to move, attack, as well as accelerating their growth, heal those sick or withering, and finally, the gift to revive dead plants. Not only this, Honoka and Higanbana have gone through such arduous training, that even advanced fusions or growths are within their capabilities. These otherworldly plants have been seen to have the ability to move freely outside the soil like animals, fuse and operate as a reitasu cannon, even grow unnaturally large bulbs that heal and restore those within. Like all plants, this zanpakuto seems to be affected by the effects of the weather. This will usually manifest itself by granting both Honoka and Higanbana an exponential boost in power, strength, speed, durability, and even regenerative capabilities.


Hana Michishirube (花の道標, Lit. "Flower Guidepost") - Kufukuhana (空腹花, Lit. "Hungry Flower")


Oshaberihana (おしゃべり花, Lit. "Chatty Flower") - Memimihana (目耳花, Lit. "Eye-Ear Flower")



Iyashino hanadama (癒しの花球 Lit. "Healing Flower Dome")



Bankai: Daijigokuhana Higanbana "大地獄花 Lit. "Great Hell Flower Cluster Amaryllis"

Bankai Special Ability: Though a well-kept secret shared only between the Captain Commander and herself, Honoka does possess a bankai. Daijigokuhana Higanbana has been stated to have a frighteningly powerful ability. And while it has never been seen, and continues to remain a total mystery to all but Captain Shobatsu, this bankai is strong enough to guarantee Honoka's position as Vice-Captain of First Division. Honoka despises the idea of having to use it, so much so, that she took an oath to only ever activate it when under the direct order of the Captain Commander himself.


Personal Relationships:
Shobatsu Murasaki: The only person she has stated she would die for willingly. She respects and admires his power, while his black-and-white approach on life tends to give her the occasional headache, she will often speak up, much to the dismay of everyone else, and give her two cents on the topic at hand. She hopes to win against him one day, as their countless spars typically end the same way their first fight did the day he took the mantle of Captain Commander, she fell in defeat. During his imprisonment in the Muken, Honoka would covertly visit him, and through this, they developed a new sort of entanglement. These rendezvouses ultimately resulted in the two becoming parents, and while Shobatsu pays little mind to his son, she does not hold that against him.
Masahiro Murasaki: The apple of her eye, and pride and joy. Honoka's first born son, and while she insist on going him going by her surname, Oki, for his own protection, it is blatantly obvious as per his features and power who his father is. Though no one dare make mention of this be it in fear of the father, her, or respect. She dotes on him like no other, and will go to hell and back to protect him, even if he's embarrassed by her relentless smothering. Despite this, Masahiro's a mama's boy and the two are practically inesperable.
Kyomu Mukuro: A child in her eyes, she tends to toy and tease him, all in hopes of getting a reaction out of his usual deadpan face. Even as an actual child, he seldom expressed emotions, or any interest in the "little things" in life, Honoka took it upon herself to introduce him to the delectable eats that are sweet and tasty, and other mundane activities children his age often partook in. She'll never tell him outright, but she thinks highly of him, and is quite proud of his accomplishments.
Higen Kagayaki: Her friend and rival, she and Higen have been at odds since they took over their respective shinigami association. They constantly bicker and argue about the better association, but at the end of the day, they share a cup of tea or sake like the old friends they are. They enable each other's shenanigans, as they usually partake in harmless but silly pranks. After succeeding Shobatsu as Captain Commander, they've grown closer as they share the responsibilities, Honoka, for one, is grateful that he can do his own paperwork. Granted, she will nag him and remind him constantly about it. Nevertheless, she respects him greatly, and will go out of her way to help him, but she won't outright offer to help.
Nibui Ueki:A former squad member of hers from her time in Eleventh Division. A friendship kindled through the violent ways of Eleventh, later solidified through their shared interest in gardening and plants. She gets a laugh out of his clear lack of a green thumb, but thinks highly of the uncharacteristically unshakeable moxie he has for his bonsai keeping hobby; and, of course, she's always happy to help. He's one of the few people in her life to see a more relaxed ad expressive Honoka. She sees a great deal of potential in him, even if he doesn't, and knows he's capable of achieving great things... if he got serious.
Yasu Yugure: Having known Yasu since she was a young girl, Honoka was always one to mother her. And while the woman won't always voice herself, she is visibly proud of Yasu's accomplishments and growth throughout her life. She offers her ear and wisdom. Honoka seems have an immense level of trust and affection for Yasu, so much so that it swayed her own mother to make the decision to adopt Yasu, admitting her into the Oki Clan. To the disdain of Honoka, as her sister. This does not change the relationship of the two, as she remains a motherly figure to Yasu.
Likes: Masahiro. Tea. Tending to plants; and the daily sounds of chaos through the Seireitei. Sleep. Souvenirs.
Dislikes: Acronyms. Prying.
Hobbies: Gardening. Exercise.
Favorite Food: Anything cooked by somebody else; sweets and junk food. Her weakness is konpeito.
Seretei Communication Column: "Honoka's Helpline" An advice column where Honoka accepts anonymous questions from the readers, offering them questionable advice.

Character Appearance:
(Biography Format by Taichou and Thanatus)







“Oi, do you know much about plants?”
“Ah.. There goes another one..”
“You're wrong.”
“You should respect the cycle, it might end pretty quick y'know..”


Character Name: Nibui ("鈍い", Blunt) Ueki ("植木", Potted Plant)
Actual Age: 820
Physical Age: 18
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: 31st of July
Gender: Male

Height: 173cm / 5'7"
Weight: 77 kg / 170 lbs
Blood Type: AB+

Affiliation: Gotei 13/ Seretei/ Soul Society
Profession: Shinigami
Position:3rd Seat
Eighth Division (八番隊, Hachibantai; "Squad 8")
Previous Division: Eleventh Division
Partner(s): N/A
Previous Partner(s): N/A
Base of Operations: Seretei/Soul Society/8th Division Barracks

Notable Features: A previously bland faced and generic Shinigami, Nibui has been branded with an expansive scar. A reminder of a loss in one aspect, and a victory in another. This scar stretches along a decent portion of the man’s upper body, even peaking up past his chin and running along his lips. This mark serves Nibui as a reminder and motivator.

Personality: On the surface, Nibui’s character and mannerisms have not changed all too much as time has passed. The Shinigami remains as blunt as possible, what he thinks, he says. To some, this odd honesty comes across as Nibui being just plain rude. To others, it possesses a charming quirkiness.

However, beneath this apparently unphased persona of Nibui, some things have in fact shifted and changed. The once distant and cold Nibui has warmed up to the idea of simply interacting with others, outside of what is required for his work. Finding comfort in what conversations he can hold, the Shinigami now puts in the effort to speak to those around him and even attempts to strike up chats here and there.

The ever present lack of confidence that tormented him so heavily, is never truly gone but instead, it is kept under control. Like that of chains and rope, the words of his comrades seem to have slipped their way into his psyche, keeping the ill thoughts of his own self locked away.

Relatives: Being a soul born Shinigami, Nibui does have a family, albeit a comparably small one in comparison to those of note. His family consists simply of himself and his parents. None of them coming from a unique or high-class upbringing, a humble little family. His father, Sasaki, a simple man with little in his possession and even less required or desired. His mother, Kusabana, a woman devoted to her cooking and little hobbies. A quaint little household. Not much can truly be said of this family. Though their lifestyle is simple, the area they have grown used to calling home is perhaps the roughest of the lot within the Northern Rokungai, District 80.

Reiryoku Level: Vast Spiritual Power
Birthed of a simple family with no true merit to strength or ability, Nibui is an unlikely vessel for what tremendous expanse of spiritual energy lies within. An ocean of vibrant and precarious Reiryoku swells and sways without end. Every moment passing, the depths energy within this soul launches itself at barrier after barrier in monumental throes, the threat of a breach looming over Nibui’s conscience without pause. As stated, the imposing potential within Nibui is subject to barriers, a total of ten external barriers that lock away that which threatens this Shinigami’s way of life and that around him. These ten seals come in the form of rings which adorn the digits of the Shinigami. With each individual seal in place and untampered with, there are still only a few who may hold a candle to the vitality untethered by those onyx seals.

With a restricted supply, Nibui has proven to be extremely capable in keeping control over the heaving Reiryoku, so much so that on occasion he forgets the reality of what else hides beneath these covers. On the opposing hand, in stark contrast to this carefree mood, once these anchors are lifted, bit by bit, as each ring is removed, the true nature of his Reiryoku is shown. The once perfected control begins to wane and falter as the dams break and unleash a torrent of destruction. With the first layer of confinement lifted and each following, the reality of the situation before those who look on is set as bright as day. A single soul of Soul Society stands above this sole Shinigami in terms of Reiryoku alone; Shobatsu Murasaki, the previous Captain Commander of the Gotei Thirteen.

Sensing Reiryoku: Expert
Previously no more than a mess of, Nibui was barely capable of sensing the spiritual energy of those around him with only those of immense spiritual pressure being registered to his supposedly faulty sensory. No longer is this true, for the most part. Over the passing of these last one hundred years, Nibui has undergone constant training with assistance and without. Be it through focusing directly on his Reikaku (霊覚, "Spiritual Sense"), or as a byproduct of another process, this Soul has finally attained and even refined his sensory to an impressive state in comparison to where he once stood.

It is clear that Nibui is no master with his Reiryoku sensory, but even so it is a much valued and useful ability to have finally acquired. With his sensory spanning for quite the distance, he is capable of registering the many souls of whatever section of the Seireitei he is currently at, and with quite the precision as well. From their generalized power to the exact location, Nibui is capable of grasping all of this with impressive efficiency.

Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control
With the grand expanse of Reiryoku within, this soul has no choice but to develop and maintain a perfected control over such power. With the potential of such a vast pool of Reiryoku as material, one’s control over the energy acts as the method of forging. Shaping and manifesting these depths as a weapon of immense power. With hundreds of years of focus and dedication to controlling his Reiryoku, through day and night, whether it be in his waking hour or as he lays asleep, Nibui now constantly maintains an unbroken mastery over the depths of energy within. This focus over time has become passive to him, no longer an active effort and that alone is a feat to behold.


Beyond the aforementioned ability, there are two other more active displays of this mastered control. Due to his abnormally deep well of Reiryoku, this Shinigami’s physical attributes are given new vigor in all aspects. From the sheer strength possible by his body to the speed at which he is capable of moving and anything in between, this allows Nibui to match those who would otherwise have him overtaken naturally. In a more external display of his Reiryoku, he is also rather impressively capable of expelling this energy in reflections of his Zanjutsu. From piercing ‘beams’ to razor-like arcs, Nibui is capable of weaponizing his Zanjutsu well beyond the reach of his blade with lethal efficiency.


Reiatsu: Master
Parallel to his Reiryoku Control, Nibui’s Reiatsu is just as fine tuned and at that, with just as much necessity. Taking in the full capability granted by the monstrous reserves of his, Nibui over the course of his life has been absolutely required and pressured into controlling his Reiatsu. This control over his Reiatsu is possibly the largest driving factor for his enrollment in the academy. Through hardships and strife, the eventuality of Nibui mastering his control over the pressure exerted by his Spiritual Energy was only hastened. With the incentive so deeply ingrained into his being from a young age, there was no other option.

As is to be expected, the destructive capabilities of this Shinigami’s Reiatsu are beyond obscene. Like an amalgamation of the forces of nature striking down on it’s victims; a tidal wave of unrelenting and pulverising force, a quake of earth shattering magnitude and hurricane of flesh rending might. In this flurry of domination, there are few that could hope to survive. Of course, Nibui could not be considered a master if this was indiscriminate. With a flawless application of his Reiatsu, Nibui is capable of determining where the pressure of his spirit is exerted and dictating the intensity of it’s wrath with pinpoint accuracy.

Furthermore, this Shinigami’s implementation of the outside pressure created by his Reiryoku is not so one dimensional, in fact there are a few more tricks up his sleeve. Akin to a armourclad knight, the excess Reiatsu that does in fact escape his frame acts as an intense barrier of protection. Much like the precise dominion he possesses over the intensity of his Reiatsu, Nibui has displayed the ability to further strengthen the defensive nature of this bulwark of his, at the cost of his Reiatsu being weakened elsewhere.


Reiatsu Colors: Crimson

Reiatsu Shape:

Nibui’s Reiatsu, though masterfully controlled lacks a defined shape to it’s display, instead it takes on the appearance of a raging burst of crimson Reiatsu. Unruly, expansive and merciless. Within this sea of crimson a wild blitz of Jubokko’s petals can be seen, clouding the surroundings without aim or any noticeable aim.

Reiatsu Effect(s): Decimation Reiatsu Type: Standard Type
Crushing weight and slicing blasts. These are the two components present with Nibui’s enforcement of his Reiatsu. As the torrential mass of these leaves course through the air, they give a visual aspect to the cleaving nature of his Reiatsu, ripping flesh, structure and the earth apart as equally as each other. Although, these deep lacerations could perhaps be dismissed visually as the unnatural gravity is simultaneously imposed upon the area. Those without means to combat the abnormally potent Reiatsu of this Shinigami rapidly become no more than an indistinguishable mass of crimson.



Zanjutsu Level: Master Swordsman
With a passion for the art of swordsmanship matched only by the dedicated effort and time, among the Shinigami there are few, if any, that have ever committed their cause so heavily towards the art of Zanjutsu. In the eyes of this Shinigami, there is truly never a peak to swordsmanship, only those self-imposed by the practitioner. As a former member and former Lieutenant of the Eleventh Division, Nibui was always expected to possess above average ability with his Zanpakuto, but above average was never the goal and shall never be the goal.

Once his passion for the art form was found, his body and mind both were rewired and rebuilt from the ground up for its purpose alone. The results are what can be seen today. As though entering a trance the moment in which his hands meet the hilt of his blade, Nibui’s every thought and motion become pinpoint. Without a shred of energy being wasted and without any unnecessary movements. Everything is with purpose. Each and every individual swing of his unruly Zanpakuto shears through steel with no more difficulty than flesh. Every slash of the blade moves with such speed and power that the space around the Zanpakuto seems to distort in reaction. Even with a blade as lengthy as his own, this swordsman’s blade almost appears to extend beyond its natural reach as it severs what stands behind the target.

Of course, to think that going on the offensive is the only strength of a master swordsman would be as foolish as it is a fatal mistake. As stated, when wielding his Zanpakuto, Nibui enters a trance of sorts, his mind entirely focused on the dance of combat and with that, every motion of his opponents and the surroundings is well within his scrutiny. Taking full advantage of what minute openings and faults exist in his opponent’s efforts to advance, Nibui exploits and delivers on what is provided to him by the enemy.

Known Techniques: Hōzuri, Agitowari, Ryōdan, Onibi, Hitotsume Nadegiri, Senmaioroshi, Gurensen, Hibashira, Shuengetsu, Nagisengetsu, En, Dairoku Oni Dankai

Hohō Level: Shunpo Expert
While Nibui is no master in the field of Hohō, there is no reasonable Soul that would discount his ability and its effectiveness in combat. In the line of combat, there are few factors that take precedence over mobility and speed. To be able to traverse the battlefield to the best of one’s ability is paramount to success in most cases.


With the what time Nibui has practiced his Shunpo, he has dedicated himself wholly to it in those moments and in turn he has reaped some bountiful rewards. Showing impressive feats in most regards, the true nature of his efforts are shown in the speed at which this Shinigami can move with his Shunpo. With the ability to match the speed of some masters in this field, he has his own little quirk that may catch some opponents off guard. Of course, if there were no faults to this potential of his, he would be a master, as such it is not the case. Where he may possess great speed, he is incapable of repeatedly putting this velocity on show. He is incapable of keeping this pace for extended periods, often using his Shunpo when the perfect opportunities arise.

Known Techniques: Utsusemi

Hakuda Level: Expert Hakuda Combatant
It is a rare circumstance that would ever lead Nibui to rely on his Hakuda practices over his Zanjutsu, but the possibility is always present. This chance, no matter how miniscule is what drives Nibui to at least bring himself to a rather proficient point in hand to hand combat. Even here, his mastery in the way of the blade is presented.


Finding similarities between Zanjutsu and Hakuda where he can, Nibui’s hand to hand style bears a striking resemblance to the way one would wield a blade. Relying less on multiple consecutive strikes but instead on a single or two strikes in quick succession to deliver as much damage as possible. This form of combat is where the physical boon granted to him by his vast pool of Reiryoku is perfectly displayed. With each blow, bones are left shattered and vital organs ruptured within. The sheer power behind these motions are felt not only by the victim but the surroundings as shockwaves echo out from the impact, battering the landscapes quite noticeably.

Known Techniques: Tesshō, Ikkotsu, Sōkotsu

Skills and Abilities:
•Combat Savant

With his focus on a Zanjutsu and the centuries spent within the ranks of the Eleventh Division, Nibui has realised his ability to function under the pressures of combat and under the watchful eye of death. With such experience, he has trained not only body but his mind to a point of near automation, driven solely by engrained instinct. With an extremely perceptive view of the battlefield, he subconsciously picks apart the defences and offences of those he faces at a glance. With the information gathered on both the strengths and weaknesses of a fighter, Nibui is allowed to exploit such details in a pinpoint fashion. The same can be said for the patterns and tendencies of a combatant. While he cannot perfectly predict how his opponent will act next, he is more than capable of deducing the next step of the dance with extraordinary accuracy.

•Tool Forging
With the century that passed while Nibui has been part of the Eighth Division, he has undergone multiple forms of training that would eventually lead to his ability to work the forge properly. As he developed his ability to sense spiritual energy properly, he found himself overcoming a hurdle that once halted him from progressing at all. Nowaday, Nibui is a capable smith, able to forge the tools required of him without shattering the metal into fragments. Nibui explains that the previously clouded sensory kept him from being able to feel the fragility within the metals.



Denreishinki, Reiryoku Sealing Rings


Reiryoku Sealing Rings
A set of ten black rings that adorn a digit each on the Shinigami. Each of these bands acts as a seal that limits the amount of Reiryoku available to them. In Nibui's case it has become a necessity outside of combat and in peaceful environments so as not to allow any possible damage to bystanders and the surroundings. With each removed, a portion of his Reiryoku is unleashed.

Inventions and Signature Techniques:
Gurensen, Hibashira, Shuengetsu, Nagisengetsu, En, Dairoku Oni Dankai


Zanpakuto Name: Jubokko (樹木子, "Tree Child")

Zanpakuto Appearance:

Zanpakuto Spirit: Lacking your generic humanoid appearance of most Zanpakuto spirits, Jubokko is a sentient tree of a dark wood body and crimson hued leaves. Under most circumstances, the grooves and creases of the bark of Jubokko is tinted with crimson as what can only be blood pours from the tree as sap would from a regular tree. Jubokko is a cause of torment and horror for Nibui, ever since first contact, Jubokko has pleaded and attempted to influence the Shinigami into taking off into a blood crazed frenzy, though this is horrible, Jubokko has also been the cause of Nibui's development in his skills, regardless of what either party believes. Possessing a personality that can only be described as a starved leech given sentience. Nibui and Jubokko share an odd relationship. Jubokko being in a constant state of hunger is quite literally always aggressive and irritable, but, against Nibui's own desires, Jubokko struggles to achieve what it strives for.

Inner World: The Inner world of Jubokko is plain but horrifying once it's truths are discovered. Composed of an endless off-white landscape with a single center piece, Jubokko itself. In combination with the gloomy grey skies and the dull white ground, the crimson of Jubokko is the only colour to be seen. In the center of this landscape, the tree that is Jubokko is rooted deep, nothing else being visible aside from the tree and eerie environment. According to Nibui, during his first visit to this realm, the floor beneath his feet was not normal. There was no earth, no sand, no dust. Bones, that was all that composed the ground beneath his feet. Crushed, shattered, cut and broken. Victims. On that same visit, Nibui would learn the true nature of Jubokko... Without ever moving, Jubokko had made several advances on Nibui's life. Roots from below that attempted to pierce, constrict or break the Shinigami.


Release Phrase: Jubokko's Shikai command is "Fukeru" (ふける, "Indulge") although Nibui is now capable of releasing his Shikai without its release phrase.


In it’s Shikai state, Jubokko not only takes on a wooden appearance but indeed takes a wooden form. In this rough hewn Bokken (木剣, “Wooden Sword”) like state, the blade retains it’s metallic properties along it’s main body. The branches that extend out from the length of the blade however, do in fact act as wood, snapping away if force is applied to them.

Shikai Special Ability:
Jubokko is a being of simple needs and that is reflected in this Shikai’s ability. Once transformed, the wooden blade of this Zanpakuto is empowered with an ability that allows Jubokko to sate its hunger. This abilities name is Kyōen ("饗宴", “Feast”). With every slash and stab inflicted on a foe by this blade, the crimson ichor that would seep and run from the injury is instead drunk by the blade. As the blood is taken by the blade, every drop spilled fills the Zanpakuto. The engraving along the sides of the blade begin to fill with a crimson glow, now counting down the inevitable demise of its victim.

Once Jubokko is ‘sated’, the fate of those who face it becomes sealed. Any who have been or will be wounded by the blade of Jubokko are subjected to a rapid arborification. Spreading outward from each wound, the skin, flesh, bones and organs are all turned to wood within moments.



Bankai: Jubokko Kekkon Hata(樹木子血痕畑, "Tree Child of the Bloodstained Field"; Viz. "Tree Child of the Bloody Plains")

In the moments following the summoning of Nibui’s Bankai, the earth beneath rumbles and is uprooted as enormous roots tear the ground asunder. In a far greater display, the source of these roots, a gargantuan Bonsai tree bearing crimson leaves and a curved, gnarled trunk of dark brown wood and bark rises, dwarfing nearby structures. In these moments as Jubokko sprouts from the earth, Nibui himself becomes wrapped and clad in the same bark that protects Jubokko as it imbeds itself within the Shinigami. In addition, the wood of the Zanpakuto itself seems to unravel before entrenching roots of it’s own within Nibui’s arm.

Bankai Special Ability:
With Jubokko Kekkon Hata active, there are multiple benefits granted to Nibui. The most notable of the lot is the bark that coats Nibui like a living armour. Digging itself into the skin and flesh of the Shinigami, Jubokko offers Nibui a near impenetrable armour of it’s own skin. This defensive layer that now coats the Shinigami renders him almost untouchable as the blades of master swordsman simply clash against the wood before slipping away, leaving no trace of it’s impact. The bodies of those who place themselves in the highest regard among hand to hand combatants also find their efforts without prizes. The same can be said for the spiritual arts and comparable techniques of others.

Alongside this wooden carapace, the blade of Jubokko maintains the same ability it had during its shikai state. However, when entering Bankai, Jubokko evolves beyond the Shikai and so too does Kyōen ("饗宴", “Feast”). With every strike of Nibui’s Zanpakuto, the blade not only consumes the blood of his foes, but it now siphons Reiryoku from whatever it strikes as well. Be it a barrier, an opponent or a Reiryoku based technique. In this Bankai state, the absorbed Reiryoku becomes fuel for Nibui, allowing his body, much like a tree, to recover from grievous wounds with impressive speeds.

During Nibui’s Bankai, Jubokko is present as well and with the trees presence, Nibui is bestowed the ability to manipulate and create the roots of Jubokko as though they were extensions of himself. These roots being composed of the same wood that clads Nibui in his armour are expectedly durable. Being able to withstand unimaginable amounts of punishment without giving way also allows the roots to be used offensively to a great effect. Behind each swing and thrust of these roots, is a brute force that is far beyond what Nibui himself is capable of. Threatening to shatter the greatest of barriers and tear down the mightiest of bulwarks, there is little that can stand before Jubokko.

However, with all these benefits, Nibui is not left without a sense of urgency. As always, Jubokko is a bottomless pit, ever hungry and insatiable by the very literal definition of the word. In the time spent clad by the Bankai’s armour, Nibui is drained of his own blood with time. The armour and Zanpakuto leeching the blood from his system like a parasite. Atop this, there is another flaw to the Bankai, and that is Jubokko itself. While perhaps more resilient than Nibui himself, should someone be able to bring Jubokko down, Nibui is stripped of his Bankai abruptly.


•Nibui is well known for his hobby, gardening, however he is known for being notoriously bad at it.
•On occasion, Nibui has been known to lock himself away for days on end, seemingly depressed about the results of his gardening.
•While he is about as blunt as they come and rarely tells a lie, he will never tell the truth about what he knows of Omoni’s disappearances.
•In spite of being some heavily dedicated to Zanjutsu, Nibui is not very keen on putting to use his Zanpakuto, preferring instead to talk things out where possible.

Personal Relationships
Honoka Oki 一 A close friend.
Omoni Hageshi 一 A mentor and guardian.
Yu Nakamoto 一 A new found friend.
Jinnosuke Ueku 一 A respected peer.

Likes: Gardening, Zanjutsu, Sleeping
Dislikes: Jinzen, Spiders
Hobbies: Gardening and Zanjutsu
Favorite Food(s): Chocolate Filled Pastries.