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Sanyu Komamura

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“The Komamura bloodline must survive!”

“You go through a lot of pain in life, the best option is to not let it weigh you down, hold your head high in hopes of a better future..”

“If there is one thing my father did teach me, is people are defined by their actions..”

“Sanyu Komamura is my name! Remember it well!.”



Character Name:
Sanyu Komamura

Actual Age:

Physical Age:

Soul Born

October 9th


7 feet tall

221 lbs

Blood Type:


Gotei 13






Previous Division:


Previous Partner(s):
Atsuko Ise
Signy Hoshi

Base of Operations:



Notable Features:
Like many Komamura Clan members, Sanyu's appearance is an animal shinigami, with unusually darker fur, and a lean, muscular body.



Sanyu is a man that despite his upbringing, sees the world in a brighter state compared to the teachings of his father. Daiki taught his son to be cautious of anyone and everything, people were often power-hungry, hypocritical, egotistical, and cruel in nature. However, Sanyu saw his father's teachings as both a blessing and a curse. If you look at the world the way Daiki did, without a doubt all of those horrible emotions are all you would get from it. So, Sanyu enjoys keeping his mind, and body, out of the darkness that consumes the world. Sanyu is always walking in the light, seeing the silver lining in things and giving some of that light to others, whoever may need it. His gentle, kind nature confuses and baffles those who meet him, but nonetheless, everyone seems to find a way to enjoy his company. Komamura would give people food, even the clothes off his back if they needed it, and dreams of a *True Heaven* for the Rukongai, where Shinigami no longer have to lie about it being a great place in the afterlife.

Due to honesty not being a common thing among his family his entire life, Sanyu has grown to hate beating around the bush. He prefers to tell people the whole truth, often in the bluntest of ways. This can be mistaken for arrogance; However, Sanyu believes the hardest of truths, can't be sweetened by the softest of lies. Sanyu was young when his father was killed, the Komamura covered the truth; they were trying to protect Sanyu as a child from the cruel reality of death. The truth however always comes out, during his years in the Academy, he finally learned the truth. His father was dead. Slain by a hollow, the Komamura had done his duty. This news broke Sanyu's heart, but he was happy the truth had finally reached him but angry at the same time. A family's lies can be so bittersweet after all.

Because of his gracious, almost saintly nature, Sanyu prefers to search for reasonable solutions rather than engage or bear witness to senseless fighting and killing. Often more times than he wants, the Rukongai is struck by Rogue Shinigami, Hollows, and other... more tyrannical people that oppress the unfortunate souls he wishes to protect. He does however consider that sometimes these creatures and beings can't be given a choice and sometimes acts of violence are a necessary evil.

Sanyu is very enthusiastic and prideful in his appearance and honor as a Komamura. He looks upon his beastly appearance as a sign of strength and perseverance. A clan as old as the Komamura pulses through his veins and he's quite optimistic as to where it will lead, as well as where it has been in the past. Inspired by his bloodline and even outward appearance, Sanyu enjoys sharing his family's legacy and historical significance to others, at least those who would listen. He always has a rather gleeful expression when others ask about his appearance or bloodline.

Sanyu has a very active lifestyle; some would even say almost hyperactive; Sanyu has gone so far as to give others lessons in self-defense at a dojo he runs in his off time in Northeast Rukongai, District 73; While he trains others out of a desire to protect them he cannot deny that a part of him does it simply because he loves the activity. Sanyu finds collecting herbs from the mountains to deliver to the 4th Division both tranquil and centering, often though he ends up running into his father's old fishing buddy, Omoni Hageshi. She has been an oddly aunt-like figure in his life, often telling Sanyu stories of adventures she had with his father; in these moments he feels as though he truly knew his father a little bit more.

Depression and anxiety are often things that torment Sanyu's mind when thoughts about his father come across it. The loss of his father weighed hard on his mother and family, including himself. In Komamura standards, Daiki was still young when he died, and Sanyu thinks often about the future he could have had, with Daiki in it, showing him the ropes... teaching him things only a father could have taught a son. When Sanyu is alone, he often finds himself looking to the sky, searching for the answers to the things going through his mind… like "What would his life be like if his father was still alive, teaching him things he knew, being there for his graduation in person, or even getting to see his grandchildren in the future…"

Sanyu despite this tragedy will not let his father's memory weigh him down, however, the blood of Saijn runs through him… but more importantly, so does the blood of Daiki.

Komamura Clan members


Reiryoku Level:
Immense Spiritual Power-
As if showing pride in being a Komamura boosts his latent ability, Sanyu’s Reiryoku is twice that of his ancestors before him; it draws deep from his veins. Many Komamura have said Sanyu could be the inheritor of Saijin’s immense strength, his pool of reiryoku stemming from a swirl of inner demons and emotions the man has. He’s learned to control these and in essence, control what he does with this newfound strength.

Sensing Reiryoku:
By closing his eyes and following his nose, the most sensitive part of his body, Sanyu is capable of following Reiryoku trails left behind; a being’s “Soul Scent” as he calls it. These trails of remnant Reiryoku from those that passed by enabling the Komamura to locate individuals quite easily; even those with illusionary effects are no match for this technique. The nose sees through the illusions; making Sanyu able to see where the true opponent is. Because of the distinct patterns of reiryoku, every race has, each one in Sanyu’s visionary area turns out a different color in his mind as the trail reaches his nose. He is able to tell how far away something is by the colors that fade as the target gets further away. Shinigami trails appear white, or a sky blue; Hollows appear a light pink to a blood-red, Visoreds and Arrancar are prospectively a mix of both colors; However, one color appears more dominant over the other, depending on the race.

Reiryoku Control:
Mastered Control-
Sanyu has learned to control his Reiryoku to the extent he is prepared for any occasion; Oftentimes he is seen using this feat in Reiryoku mastery in his Zanjutsu and Hakuda, his best skill traits. He is capable of centering his being and extending his reiryoku into his blade, where he releases bright blue waves of Reiatsu; these waves act as an extension of his blade, with force capable of ripping anything in its path to shreds. What makes them so special, is that Sanyu can produce many of these blasts at once, one after the other in no particular pattern at all; The same could be said if he infused his reiryoku into a limb during Hakuda. Reiryoku control is a necessity used in conjunction with his Zanpakuto’s Shikai.


Exerting Reiatsu is identical to breathing for Sanyu, it is a skill that is also needed in the release of his Shikai; making up a very important ingredient in his abilities. Its presence feels like a soft breeze towards those who feel it when Sanyu is not hostile towards them; like a warm summer breeze and the smile on Sanyu’s face, the reiatsu feels non-threatening in any way. However without warning, like a tornado whipping through a desolate neighborhood, the reiatsu may come alive; sharp intense pains can be felt all over one’s body as if they’d gotten a paper cut millions of times at once. If one were to be splashed with water or juices after feeling this rush, they’d be affected by even greater pain. This is due in part to the shape of Sanyu’s Reiatsu upon exertion.

Reiatsu Colors:

Reiatsu Shape:
Sanyu’s Reiatsu appears as a cloud of misty blue that almost blends into the sky... The aura flies around Sanyu while his reiatsu is exerted, seemingly creating a sort of non-physical barrier. The clouds of reiatsu move with Sanyu; however, opponents and items can still pass through the illusionary barrier of aura.

Reiatsu Effect(s):
If Exerted towards an enemy, or someone Sanyu intends to fight, the aura rotates faster around Sanyu and then bursts out towards those he intends to harm; they will suddenly feel as though they have been cut all over, by thousands of tiny paper cuts.

Reiatsu Type:
Standard Type


Zanjutsu Level:
Master Swordsman-
Sanyu has dedicated his life to the study of swordplay; he gained inspiration for swordsmanship by watching his father, aunt, uncle, and grandfather all training together in the yard at the Komamura clan home when he was a kid. Each one had their own special techniques, and Sanyu made it his dream to learn at least one style of Zanjutsu from each one; the only one he never had the chance to learn from was his father; however, his grandfather took his place, and taught Sanyu moves that Daiki was very well known for; moves his grandfather watched Daiki perform many times over. The way of the sword runs deep in the culture and honor of the Komamura, and Sanyu wishes to keep that tradition going.

Known Techniques:
Ono-ha Itto-ru/Kenjutsu
The other name of this technique is “One Sword”. The principle of Ono-ha Itto-ru is based on single and heavy blows to overthrow the opponent. According to fighting arts states, the Ono-ha Itto-ru comprises more than 100 skills and most of them are downward cuts along the center of the body.

Iaidō is a sword style that emphasizes being aware and capable of quickly drawing the sword and responding to a sudden attack.

Hohō Level:
Shunpo Expert-
Sanyu knows the basics of shunpo, although not a genius with it, he's always been a dedicated hard worker, having wanting to be a Shinigami like his father and great grandfather. He's trained to be able to flash step to cover long distances and obtain the upperhand against opponents that would try to fight him from a long distance.

Hakuda Level:
Expert Hakuda Combatant-
Sanyu isn’t as fragile-looking as his father provoked, once Sanyu starts fighting with his bare hands, He’s been known to rip even the toughest of Hierro in half, and arms and claws strong and sharp enough to punch holes into hollow’s bodies. Sanyu takes advantage of his brute strength in every situation he can and is empowered with his Reiatsu, his Hakuda techniques become twice as strong. His technique is using the weight of his body, and his sheer overwhelming size to tire the foe before the foe tires him; Similar in fighting style to his father; again, taught by his grandfather.

Known Techniques:

Chōhigezutsuki (超ヒゲ頭突き, Super Stubble Headbutt)


Sōkotsu (双骨, Double Bone)


Kagamibiraki (鏡開, Mirror Opening)


Kido Skill Level:
Kidō Specialist-
Sanyu wanted to learn different styles of Kido and studied many different fields of it. He did want to learn Kaido, to help people in the rukongai when he needed to; or at least help them better than someone who didn’t have such a powerful skill. He found uses for a lot of the kido he learned in his days throughout the academy.

Known Spells:
Kaidō (回道, Turn Way)

Bakudō (縛道, Way of Binding; Viz "Binding Spell")






Shitotsu Sansen

Hadō (破道, Way of Destruction; Viz "Path of Destruction")



Tsuzuri Raiden




Skills and Abilities:
Uncanny tracking ability - Sanyu's sense of smell is much better than a normal Shinigami's, giving him the innate ability to track foes and opponents much quicker and easier, as well as enhance his sensory capabilities.



Danrenshinki X



Zanpakuto Name:

Kami taigun;(Lit.紙大軍) Meaning; “Great Army of Paper”

Zanpakuto Appearance:


A standard blade, with a sheath and hilt carved from the toughest stalks of bamboo. The blade is made for swift, heavy accurate strikes against the opponent due to its near-weightless appearance and feel… the blade is so sharp, if a piece of paper were to flutter about in front of the blade, it would be split in half in one solid strike.

Zanpakuto Spirit:


Kami Taigun, or Kami, as she likes to be called, if a soft-spoken, shy being that barely speaks a word; often to break the ice between her and Sanyu, Sanyu must first make her smile or giggle before she leaps out of her shell every time he visits. It is hard for Sanyu to learn anything about Kami because of her introvert habits; However, through each visit and talk, Sanyu can feel the Zanpakuto spirit of his is slowly learning how to come out of her figurative Turtle shell.

Inner World:


The inner world of Kami Taigun is actually realistic looking, say for the ‘Creatures’ that live there. It is a Shinto shrine, where Kami Taigun resides and governs over the forest that shrouds and encompasses the entirety of the world. To cover her loneliness, Kami Taigun has used her papers in this world to create creatures of all kinds that resemble those in real life; Origami wolves roam the woods; Origami cranes fly the skies… anything the user can think of is found in this magical place.

Release Phrase:

“Fold, Kami Taigun!”




When Kami Taigun is activated, the once ordinary Katana is shifted into a near weightless version of itself; steel becomes paper, but still retains its strength as a weapon forged in fire. A thinner, sharpened edge upon the blade is just as much capable of cutting, as any Zanpakuto. Upon slashing the air, this weapon generates flakes of paper that encircle the user. The blade then becomes a conduit as well as a weapon; These papers retain their user's Reiryoku as a coat that covers their form; then allows them to transform into whatever the master wishes, the coat of Reiryoku protecting the paper from anything that could affect their transformation. Due to the paper being infused with Reiryoku, the strength of the paper could be compared to that of an Arrancar's Hierro; though not completely impenetrable, the paper creations are weaker to those of higher Reiatsu levels.

Shikai Special Ability:

Kami Taigun's ability is simple.
The Zanpakuto is made of individual papers that can scatter off of the Zanpakuto and mold and form into different beings and objects, to adhere to the user's need. Once created and summoned, these creations read the Reiryoku fed into them and start to move, like wonderous paper machinations. The paper that is made from the zanpakuto is durable, similar to that of an Arrancar’s Hierro; this is due in part to every fiber being made with the user’s Reiryoku. Each creation can return as their original individual sheets; it matters not if they succeed or fail in their mission, they can be recycled and created, again and again, drawing from the user’s pool of Reiatsu.


Personal Relationships:

Omoni Hageshi - "Auntie Hageshi", an old buddy of his father's that he sometimes visits for fishing and swimming lessons.

Atsuko Ise- Atsuko-San, Atsuko Sou-Taichou -Sanyu sees Atsuko as the older sister he's never had, often visiting 7th division, his previous Division, to train with Atsuko and Spend time with her.

Signy Hoshi- Signy-San- Signy to Sanyu is like another sister, Sanyu often visiting her home in the Rukongai, to buy sweets and start certain conversations with her.

Likes: Children, the rukongai, botanical plants, medicine, fishing

Dislikes: thieves, liars, sweets, veggies

Hobbies: Fishing, his job, playing with children

Favorite Food(s): Meat



Sanyu Komamura was raised by his mother and father, inside the Komamura clan walls. His father tried his best to teach the boy that once he exited the very gates that kept him safe and isolated from the rest of the world, that everyone out there looked different from those in the gates. Everyone would think him weird and unusual, in terms of outward appearance, some would even make fun of him for it. Sanyu being so young understood anyway, being educated as to why the komamura looked the way that they did. His father was a big inspiration to him, helping the injured and protecting the innocent. If there was anyone Sanyu wanted to be like, it was Daiki. In his youth, the young wolf-child went everywhere with his father. Whenever they went to the pond to fish, Omoni Hageshi showed up, and all of them had a nice time. His mother would bring food and they’d all have picnics for a little while, at least until his father and omomi-san had to go back to work.

As the years passed, Sanyu decided to be like his father, and join the Shino Academy, joining in classes with those about the same age as him. It was there he learned the importance of being proud of who you are and being a shinigami meant more to him than anything. He spent years practicing his craft, and like his father, before him, he became top of his class in Zanjutsu, and one of the top students in Hakuda. However; during his years in the academy the Komamura clan was given grave news; Daiki Komamura was set to join division seven, putting in a transfer, when he and 2 fellow squad mates were Killed in the line of duty.

This news completely devastated the young man, leaving him a shell of what he once was. His grades dwindled; the world in his eyes went dark as if it was shadowed by another planet. It no longer mattered... Good grades, being better than others in class… none of it brought him as much joy and pride as it once did. In this darkness he found nobody to care; who would… Daiki hadn’t made a name as their ancestor, the great Saijin Komamura did… he didn’t make any mark or impression in the world… or so Sanyu thought.

After graduation, Sanyu was assigned to Captain Itsuki Asakura of Division seven, and his first task was to secure and patrol his father’s old prowling grounds... Northeast Rukongai, District 73. There, he was immediately recognized by people, however, it wasn’t him they remembered, it was Daiki. Sanyu was swamped overall, people of all ages telling them about the wonderful things his father had done for them when he was alive. “The Nightwolf is back!” some yelled. When Sanyu explained to the people of the rukon he was not Daiki Komamura, but rather his son, Sanyu, it mattered not. These people believed in him because he was Daiki’s son… Sanyu’s eyes gleamed, and he fought to hold back tears… these people had given him something he’d not felt in a long time; Hope. A hope that one day he would make his father proud; his clan, and his Captain and fellow Squadmates.




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“I'm afraid, you´re out of luck”
“Such adorable creatures.”
““Do not think about other things, there is only one thing you can do. So master that one thing. Do not forget. What you must imagine is always that you, yourself, are the strongest. You do not need outside enemies. For you, the one you have to fight is none other than your own image”
“We are all, in the end… slaves to our families’ wishes”


Character Name:
Asashiro Ishii
Actual Age:
Physical Age:
Soul Born
Mai 02

Blood Type:
Japanese Voice:
Toshiyuki Morikawa
English Voice:
Tyler Hoechlin.

Theme: Asahiro Theme
Battle Theme: Battle Theme
Zanpakuto Theme: Shuurajou Theme


Gotei 13/ Seretei/ Soul Society
4rd seath
Head of the Ishii Clan
六番隊, Rokubantai; Squad 6
Previous Division:
None-has always been in the 6th Division
Previous Partner(s):

Base of Operations:
Seretei/Soul Society/


Notable Features:
The tips of his eyes and lips typically retain the hint of a smile and despite being a male, people often think of him as a female, because he is quite beautiful.
Asashiro has fair, yet very pale skin. He is tall and has a slim build. Although one wouldn't expect it, he's still muscular and has a toned physique.
In his pretty, almost feminine facial features, his eyes stand out. They are golden orange with a slit pupil under long, dark and thick lashes.
He has long black silky hair which drops all the way down to his knees which he keeps mostly loose around him. On the left side of his head he wears a hair ornament decorated with gold and deep blue. His hair has bangs parted to either side of his face which reach all the way down to his chest.

He wears the traditional Shihakushō (lit. "死覇装," Garment of Dead Souls”), but with a golden and blue braided thin Obi around his hips which is a family heirloom. Over his Shihakusho he wears a black open Kimono with a golden pattern and stitches on the open front.


As a child Asashiro was a carefree and mostly lazy individual, as he was considered little more than dead weight to his father during his youth. Standing in the overly large shadow of his older brother who was raised to be the family heir, Asashiro remained mostly at his mothers side reading her poems and helped out in the kitchens of the manor. He cared deeply for his mother and, despite their differences and conflicting ideals, for his brother.
During training he was also seen as a coward, always surrendering after the first strike.
His personality changed after his brother's death. The family blamed him and from there he was heavily abused, but was as well now educated and trained to be the heir of the family.The heavy abuse and torment twisted and changed his personality greatly.
Now he is both polite and flamboyant, bold and if he has to be then he can be manipulative; he remains civil, patronizingly so, even in the face of hostility.
He remains casual and unfazed by the world around him. He has a dark sense of humor, sarcastic wit and an utter lack of empathy, finding cruel ways to taunt others. He may torture people close to the ones he's targeting to force them to pick up pace. Believing only in himself and his desire to get stronger. As the 30th Head of the Ishii Clan, Asashiro acts in an aristocratic manner and has a tendency to speak in a soft voice.

However, in spite of his sometimes cold and ruthless demeanor, he is an honorable warrior who maintains his own set of morals and disciplines. Asashiroe has a great fighting spirit and enjoys fighting against powerful opponents but despises fighting dirty and refuses to do so, deeming people with that fighting style to be unworthy of a "true warrior" It should be noted however that his "code" is more based upon proving his dominance than any sort of underlying morality. As such he is perfectly willing to utilize methods or tactics that may be dishonorable for the sake of becoming stronger, or in situations where he simply has no other choice. His desire for power is a character defining obsession for him.

Two younger brothers
His parents (dead)


Reiryoku Level:

Immense Spiritual Power-
Being a noble, Asashiro was born with immense power and potential. Though it did not show much.His Spiritual Power was fluctuating until his older brother died. Then he was forcefully awakened to his abilities at the age of ten. His Family forged him into a weapon and put him under a very harsh and ruthless training. Although it left him Physically and emotionally scared he is now proficient in controlling his spiritual power properly in order to keep it from affecting others around him.

Sensing Reiryoku:


He developed his Reiryoku sensory abilities in order to keep track of opponents or pinpoint the location of a target.
Through Meditation he has improved this skill even more, so much that he can detect the slightest movements and is now able to detect and track the spiritual power of beings over vast distances, able to follow their movements even if not within his field of vision.

Reiryoku Control:

Great Control-
Due to a lot of difficulty as a child controlling himself he had spent every waking hour to control and Master himself. He can now manipulate it with ease allowing him to temporarily project his spiritual energy to different locations in order to throw off one's perception leading them away from his true location disrupting their Reiryoku Sensory. He is also able to cast Kido with relative ease, however he is not a fan of it.



As a noble Asashiro has by nature more Reiatsu than the common shinigami. Having great power, which is still developing.The physical force/pressure coming from Asashiro, when released can be felt over vast distances, and can easily damage and affect the environment around him and those within its reach. When released, at first it feels like losing your bearings and falling into a dark hole.
Then comes the pain as if thousands of little teeth were biting through the skin and tearing at the flesh.

Reiatsu Colors:
dark blue with golden dots

Reiatsu Shape:
If enough Reiatsu is released from Asashiro it takes the form of a bat

Reiatsu Effect(s):

Asashiros Reiatsu inflicts Fear in his opponents,as the release of his Reiatsu causes the opponent to disorientate greatly.

Phantom Pain-
Asashiros Spiritual Pressure inflicts pain, as if thousands of little teeth are gnawing at the skin and tearing at the flesh

Reiatsu Type:
Standard Type-


Zanjutsu Level:

Expert Swordsman-

Asashiro trained for many years until he became the swordsman he is today.
To make up for the fact that his sword is an Odachi, therefore longer and heavier than a normal katana he trained day and night to master his sword and establish a decent fighting style.
With his skill supplemented by his immense strength. He can perform tremendously powerful and precise strikes and cut through very sturdy targets.

Known Techniques:

Tsubame Gaeshi (燕返し, Swallow Reversal):
First, Asashiro swings his sword downwards with his entire might. Due to the weight of the blade and the sheer power of the attack, most opponents can not block it, forcing them to dodge. However, if they manage to dodge, Asashiro is then able to immediately halt the descent of the blade, reverse it, and switch the direction of his swing, striking upwards at supremely fast speeds while simultaneously targeting the opponent's blind spot

Torakiri (虎切, Tiger Claw):
Asashiro holds his sword with a one-handed reverse grip and delivers a powerful sideways slash. Due to its nature, he can use this technique in order to catch his opponent off-guard by suddenly changing his grip and the position of his sword.

Ryōdan (両断, Bisection)
Grasping his sword with both hands, Asashiro brings it down with enough force to cut an opponent in half down the middle

Hohō Level:

Shunpo Expert-
By his Family Asashiro has been forged into an extremely fast combatant.
He was trained by his father and grandfather as well as other members of his family. Through excessive training and several attempts to assassinate him in the most unexpected circumstances, carried out by his family to accelerate his process and growth, his skill and speed in Shunpo is so great, it seems as though he possesses a form of teleportation, simply appearing solidly instead of shimmering for a second like other users. His proficiency allows him to create multiple after-images of himself to confuse the enemy.

Known Techniques:

Speed Clones:
The practitioner creates at least 15 clones of themselves at once using Shunpo. While they are indistinguishable from the user's true self and mimic their movements, the clones do not last long.

Utsusemi (空蝉, Cast-Off Cicada Shell; Viz "Cicada Shell") i
The practitioner moves at great speed to avoid an attack, leaving an afterimage which can appear to have taken damage

Hakuda Level:


Asashiro is not a practitioner of Hakuda, not because he would be untalented. He just doesn't want to use it because he resents the feeling of flesh and bones being crushed under his hands. This resentment for hurting someone with his bare hands comes from an experience he had to undergo in his training by his family.

Known Techniques:
Kido Skill Level:

Kidō Expert-

Asahiro is well-versed enough in Kido to have an understanding of fairly high-level Kido spells and using them without incantation. Among his known skills are those for binding, healing, and destruction. However, as he himself stated, during the Shino Academy his Kidō skill in terms of sheer power was just average when he joined the 6th Division. Through continuous training, he has greatly developed this skill, able to use higher Kido without incantation to considerable effect. So much so that he can use high-level Kidō in rapid succession without incantations and still retain considerable control and power. However, he requires incantations when using high-level spells simultaneously.

Known Spells:
#1. Sai · #4. Hainawa · #8. Seki · #30. Shitotsu Sansen · #37. Tsuriboshi · #39. Enkōsen · #58. Kakushitsuijaku · #61. Rikujōkōrō #62.Hyapporankan #63.Sajō Sabaku

Hadō Spells
#1. Shō · #4. Byakurai · #11. Tsuzuri Raiden · #31. Shakkahō · #32. Ōkasen · #33. Sōkatsui · #54. Haien · #58. Tenran
73. Sōren Sōkatsui

Skills and Abilities:

He is an excellent flutist, able to play tunes by ear after hearing them once.

Strength and Speed :
Due to him training a lot to make up for his larger and heavier Zanpakuto, Asashiro has trained himself day and night until he could swing his Zanpakuto with ease and is considerably fast with it.


His Zanpakuto, His flute, Gigai (義骸, “Faux Body”) Kikanshinki (記換神機, “Account-Replacing Spirit Device”; Viz "Celestial Text Messenger") Gikon

Nothing at the moment


Zanpakuto Name:

Shuurajou ( a scene of carnage)
Zanpakuto Appearance:
When sealed, Shuurajou is a ōdachi,with a blade length of around 3,5 shaku (106cm)
Assashiro carries his sword around in his left Hand.
The tsuba/handguard is gold and a deep navy blue, shaped like an octagon with two trapezoidal halves, each with gold dot pattern patches and in a grove like motif with gold rings inside The scabbard is black, made of traditional lacquered wood, and features several golden ornaments on its far end.
It also features a Sageo, the cord used to tie the around the body..The Sageo is blue, with gold dot accents.
When drawn the scabbard disappears into red mist.


Zanpakuto Spirit:
Shuurajou gives off an overwhelming presence, causing ceaseless trembling wherever he happens to look due to his cold eyes.
However the personality from the Zanpakuto is according to Asashiro “A pain in the ass”
Shuurajou has a bipolar personality, which causes him to switch between a gentle and cowardly demeanor to a violent and aggressive one.
He both hates and loves to inflict wounds. The child-like personality loves to prank and tease his master and plays games with him however it is also very cowardly.
The impulsive, blood thirsty and violent part of his personality cannot acknowledge the authority of anyone and always considers all those around him as inferior. He believes that all who look upon him, when he honors them with his presence, should be able to recognize him instantly. If anyone so much as looks upon him with a "lowly and filthy" gaze, it is an intolerable disgrace for him. That part of the personality loves to kill and to hurt someone.
He has a habit of laughing maniacally.
His favorite color is red.
He usually refers to Asashiro as "Akago" (Child)
Despite his personality Asashiro and Shuurajou are getting along well.

Inner World:
Shuurajou´s home is a large lake of blood, with massive statues of demons, half sunken in it. Those statues are decorated with blue roses growing out of the blood lake.
The shores of the lake are black and consist of a mix between black sand and ash. The sky appears dark and is starless. A far away full moon spends little light.
Asashiro and Shuurajou can walk on the liquid’s surface if they so desire.

Release Phrase:
Spread your wings and soar in blood Shuurajou




Once in Shikai Shuurajou transforms completely into a two-handed longsword with a heavy double-edged deep crimson red blade, notched on both sides near the tip. The grip has an interwoven pattern to it which extends to the handguard. The blade also has swirling patterns on it, reminiscent of pattern-welded "Damascus" steel. The shikai also effects Asashiros appeareance, his hands grow dark like black ink moving up his arms
Shikai Special Ability:

Akago (deep crimson children)
When released into his shikai the blade releases a large swarm of bats that swarm an enemy of Asashiros indication; when attacking, the bats can strip the target of its blood in seconds by rapidly biting its flesh.
When the effect is over the bats return into the blade.

Yogiri (night fog veil) This is a technique used to defend either Asashiro or one ally.

A defensive technique activated with the command Yogiri. The sword starts to bleed and it wraps the body in a cloak of fog-like blood protecting him from damage. This can however not be used when any bats are released


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Bankai Special Ability:
None at the moment

Personal Relationships:
His Family
Music,storms, thrilling challenges, reading books
He does not like delicate, mild food or any kind of seafood.
Corrupt people, betrayal, lack of challenge, overly sunny days
Reading books mostly poems
Playing the flute
Favorite Food(s):
Grilled meat, mustard, spicy food, wine
Seretei Communication Column:


The great noble Ishii Clan is a family obsessed with power. This is seen in their strong "survival of the fittest" mentality, and their dedication to eradicating the "weak" from their own lineage.
While the Ishii Clan was known for their proficiency in Zanjutsu and Kidō, over the generations they became complacent and weak, relying only on their financial wealth.
It was only a few generations before Asashiros birth that the old family tradition was brought up again, this was mostly because the family had birthed a male heir after generations of females.
Asashiro was born into the noble family along with an older twin brother. Both brothers grew up on the estate. Asashiro's older brother was raised as the head of the family.
Asashiro himself was considered weak by his father, it was only thanks to his mother that he was allowed to survive.
It was one day when the two brothers, despite being on good terms with each other, were playing on a cliff.
When Asashiro went to pick flowers for his mother, his brother decided to go and get those that were growing on the cliff. The boy fell to his death when a stone came loose.
Azashiro was blamed for his brother's death. Both parents blamed him and started to abuse him from then on. At the same time, however, at his grandmother's insistence, he was raised as the next head of the family.
For many years he was ruthlessly trained and taught to fight and kill. For example, his father forced Asashiro to kill his own dog with his hands because he felt the boy was too kind. Asashiro's dislike of Hakuda comes from that.
As the trauma by the mental and physical abuse caused him finally to mentally snap he developed a twisted personality.
After his parents died in a late-night attack by Hollows, he became the next head of the family.

Being curious as to what exactly a normal education was like, Asashiro joined the Shino Academy and was accepted there without any problems. He exaggerated in Zanjutsu and Kido but was extremely bad at Hakuda.
After his graduation he joined the sixth Squad and worked himself up to the 4rd seath.
He takes his responsibilities very seriously


Character Appearance:
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“ Everyone thinks their Zanpakuto is special.”
" I'm busy as hell what do you want?! ”
" Wanna bet? ”
" I'll take that bet. "



Sagi-shi(詐欺師, Cheater) ✹ Surirushīkā (スリルシーカー, Thrill Seeker)

Character Name: Kōri Shiba
(高利, Borrow)
Actual Age: 400
Physical Age: 22
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: September 15th
Gender: Female ♀
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood Type: O


Affiliation: Soul Society ✹ Seireitei
Profession: Shinigami ✹ Head of the Soul Forge
Title: Third Seated Officer
Position: Shiba Clan Lady
Division: 8th

Base of Operations: Seireitei ✹ Soul Society ✹ Soul Forge




Notable Features:
Kori sports the Shiba clan familial black hair although it is the shade mingling with dark blue. Its length reaches to the mid of her thighs and she keeps it tied up into a fluffy tail on the back of her head. Her family’s signature baby blue eyes glimmer at all of those she meets and she has fine fair skin.

It is beautiful, the red ribbon she keeps tied religiously around her neck and outrageous how often she removes the shirt of her uniform to reveal a vibrant bikini top beneath with her only justification for this action being that she finds she is more comfortable that way. In addition to this, there is an intricate black tattoo that stretches from her chest down to her stomach.

" It's not cheating if you don't get caught! "

Kori is loud, often saying crass things rudely to others and her tendency to be blunt and explosive does her no social favors but above all the obsessive clan head is hopelessly addicted to all manner of adrenaline inducing thrills and the most favored among those are competitions by wagering high stakes or otherwise known as gambling. Due to her occupation, Kori is always busy with this or that and on the move searching for her next source of epinephrine. She is a very excitable person amused by a great number of other things but the ones that spark visible joy in Kori’s life flashy explosions as well a good amount of drink.

Due to her volatile nature, She hates having to be patient especially when that interferes with her vice. Kori is not a very forbearing person even when she needs to be. It goes without saying that some situations require a certain level of restraint and she’s capable of having it but that doesn’t mean she has to like it. In addition to this, having a healthy sense of humor, Kori is a regular prankster. Whether it’s by way of horrible puns, tricks or general shenanigans, she loves to make people laugh. At each other or with one another, it doesn’t matter to her as long as everybody is having a good time but beware...the lady has also been known to be quite sadistic.

Relatives: Kazuma & Susato Shiba
Noble in birthright and integrity, Kazuma Shiba had lead the Shiba Clan out of it’s former desolation despite its disgraceful stature by means of extraordinary deeds to the people of the Rukongai and Soul Society alike as an efficient shaman and philanthropist by trade. While he was alive he earned the adoration of his community and was gifted with the love of his life, Susato. While he was a patient man, Susato was excitable and wild and although they were one another’s polar opposites in nature, they worked exceedingly well together. When they had their only child Kori, they would often state that they could not have ended up luckier than they were then. Sadly, they both died in the streets of the Rukongai during an ambush intended to end the life of the clan head.


Reiryoku Level: AverageReriyoku Control: Mastered
Kori’s level of Reiryoku is nothing to behold. From the very beginning it was discovered that she possessed menial spiritual power and she was reminded of it by a few mean cousins whenever they got the chance. In the academy this didn’t change as fledgling soul reapers proved to be just as cruel but thanks to her overly optimistic perspective it was nearly impossible to hurt her feelings. Try as she might she could never muster more than what was considered a standard pressure. Early on, she gave up after coming to terms with this realization.

Instead of training to increase her pool of spiritual power Kori devoted her practice to mastering the complete control of it. Formerly, she had been feeling unbalanced due to relying on manifesting higher levels of Reiryoku but she found that once she had managed to refine the manipulation of her reserves that she became capable of extraordinary measures. Extreme conservation in order to maintain her stamina ensures she is able to stretch out her spiritual energy to immense lengths oftentimes mimicking the appearance of a level far greater than her own. Being able to expertly compartmentalize every ounce of her Reiryoku so that it may be assigned to places that would better improve her odds depending on whatever her circumstances become and precisely commencing spell work with high level kido. All of this and more is achieved by Kori with her influence over her Reiryoku.


Sensing Reiryoku: Master
Kori prefers to spend most of her time in the slums of the Rukongai where she is often found in bars and casinos, drinking and gambling. Her craving for the thrill of the uncertainty of a bet is insatiable and has been said that her wagering skill is rivaled by no other. It didn’t matter the game, the young lady could count on one hand how many times she’s actually lost. Many would swear that this is due to her being a natural prodigy but scores of others refute this and say that she is a talented swindler instead. After all, Kori was always observant even as young as a toddler. Living her days amongst the scum of the Rukongai helped her to develop exceptional sleight of hand as well as pickpocket abilities which aided one nasty streak of cheating here and there not necessarily to ensure a win but simply because it was fun to deceive her opponents. In addition to this, doing so caused her perceptive skills to sharpen further to the point that even the tiniest minute detail cannot escape her scrutiny. Soon she became superbly adept at reading people and taught herself the ways to exploit them.

Later on, it became evident that Kori was endowed with an instinctive grasp of spiritual magic having been born a member of the Shiba clan. In fact, when she showed promise, she undertook intensive training under the watchful guide of the clan head to begin reading other’s spiritual pressure and Kori did so, impeccably. By the time she was a child she could pinpoint the location of anyone within her vicinity. She excelled in the art of Kido due to her being capable of perceiving the spiritual power that makes up a kido spell and this included locating any weak points in the conjuration as well as being able to recite the magic spells with the utmost precision. Eventually, after she graduated from the academy and was accepted into the eighth division, Kori applied this proficiency to her method repairing, honing and forging Zanpakuto for the next two hundred years. She did this by detecting the intricacy of the finest details and some have stated that when witnessing her craft it is as if she is reading the steel like it were a map.


Reiatsu: SpecialistReiatsu Colors: RainbowReiatsu Shape: Fireworks
Kori’s Reiatsu is an explosive experience and when it swells it detonates into an assortment of volatile firecrackers of various sizes and colors. It’s difficult to classify her shade of Reiatsu because there is not a single hue that it adheres to. Akin to fireworks, it has been described to be almost celebratory in nature as it is loudly disorienting and destructive like a series of bombs. It shapes into a mass of combustions of various sizes depending on the amount that is being flexed and color erupting around her.


Reiatsu Effect: Alarming
Her Reiatsu is as destructive and loud as a bomb. It is distracting with blinding light as well as being deafening and can burn with a severe heat. It is also highly combustive.


" You just gonna stand there or you gonna DO something?!"

Zanjutsu Level: Master Swordsman

Kori has always shown an aptitude for Zanjutsu. Her father ensured that she received the highest degree of tutelage available before she began to attend the Shinigami academy. While she was there, Kori excelled in all of her Zanjutsu lessons to the point that she quickly rose to the top of her class. The boisterous girl became quite the bully with a real mean streak when it came to spars, often leaving her opponents unable to return to class for months at a time. Whether it is striking, blocking or parrying, Kori takes steel into her hands like a dancer would their partner and performs her numbers to perfection. However, sword fighting was not the only subject that she was passionate about.

The young lady was proficient in the art of Kido also to the point that she took part in the advanced classes and developed an equal love for both spell casting and sword fighting. This of course, presented a problem. Where would Kori go when she eventually graduated and it would come time for her to choose a division? Those who know her would come to the correct conclusion that she would choose the eighth division because they knew how much she adored swordplay. If someone asked her how she made her choice then she’d tell them the truth which was that she had flipped a coin to decide.

Known Techniques:
Agitowari ✹ Ryōdan ✹ Suikawari ✹ Senmaioroshi


Hohō Level: Shunpo Expert

Kori has always had to be fast. For instance, she escaped her father’s assistants whenever they were sent to collect her for the portions of her studies that she did not want to attend. They’d chase her up and down the streets of the Rukongai to no avail. In the academy, things weren’t much better for her would be pursuers which were many because of the constant taunting she subjected them to. Her sharp tongue encouraged classmates to give chase so almost all of the time she was on the run. These actions along with arduous exercises trained her to develop exceptional Shunpo(瞬歩, Flash Steps) making it so that she is capable of moving faster than the eye can track and she has continued to diligently hone her Hohō for the past three centuries which has helped her to establish significantly finer techniques. Her expertise in this field is imperative so that she is able to react as a moment’s notice should, in the unlikely event, anything pertaining to her job go awry. Not only that, explosives can be dicey to work with and even if she is the most careful that she can be, there exists the possibility that something can always go wrong and she will need to vacate the premises immediately.

Known Techniques:
Senka ✹ Speed Clones

(空蝉, Cast-Off Cicada Shell; Viz "Cicada Shell") is an advanced Shunpo technique that allows Kori a quick escape in the event that she is set upon by an enemy with absurd speed should she find herself with a split second’s time to make an evasive move. Kori will Shunpo to the effect that all that will remain on the end of the enemy’s assault will be the Kosode of her Shihakusho and it will leave her donning only a red bikini top in its stead. She is able to do this because she wears her Kosode loosely so it is not tucked into the traditional uniform’s obi.


Hakuda Level: Expert Combatant
Kori has spent half of her life subjecting her body and soul to the strenuous process of the crafting of Zanpakuto. Commanding a team of hardened forgers is a tough business requiring her to display the utmost amount of faculty and backbone to have earned their respect and admiration. Her tenure as the leader of the soul forge company is the true source of her fortitude. In addition to this, her temper can be explosive and unpredictable and usually results in someone getting punched in the face. There have even been reports of Kori punching a hole into a wall in order to hit a target and just one cold clock has the strength to knock people out for an indiscernible amount of time. Strength training and rounds of boxing with reinforced punching bags was the extent of her Hakuda conditioning and the Shinigami martial art is not her preferred method of fighting but when push comes to shove she will resort to it if she is provoked or if she is left with no other options and you can rest assured that Kori’s got a mean ambidextrous hook.

Known Techniques:
Panty-Flash Tornado ✹ Taketonbo ✹ Sandbag Beat

Kido Skill Level: Master

Kori has always had a natural affinity for magic and some have gone so far as to consider her skill prodigal. This was so true that she adopted her clan’s unique Seppa(石波, Stone Wave) technique with ease. As a Shiba, the art of Kido has been a generational practice aiding them both in life and battle so since the earliest days she can remember Kido has been a crucial circuit of her training.

The superficial aspects of the practice like the vibrant colors of the spells and how they tend to implode if they aren’t cast properly, are among some of Kori’s favorite things. It isn’t uncommon for her to cackle at the sight of those whose magic destructs before her eyes but this has more to do with the fact that she is enamored by pyrotechnics rather than the actual failure of the caster. It is not just the flashiness of the attacks that tickles her fancy, it is the fact that Kido offers substantial support during a fight both offensively and defensively. In addition to that, depending on how creative and skilled the caster is, a lot of spells could be utilized in a cornucopia of ways and Kori finds that sort of versatility very useful and alluring.

If she had to choose a favorite category of spell, she’d choose Bakudō as it is intended to provide assistance in battle. Her confidence in her expertise with her Zanpakuto is unshakeable but when partnered with her savvy spell casting, it’s almost unfair to fight her. The clan head can recite spells with the utmost precision over an enchantment and control of her spiritual power to the point that she does not need to recite an incantation to command most spells.

Known Spells:
Kori is proficient in all manner of spell casting and has learned by heart every category of existing conjurations and their respective incantations, the exception being those of the forbidden variety. Below are some of her personal favorites.
Bakudō # 1 Sai ✹ Bakudō #62. Hyapporankan ✹ Bakudō #8. Seki

Skills and Abilities:

Seppa(石波, Stone Wave):
By moving her hand in the same pattern as the trembling current, the sign of the Shiba clan, Kori can morph transform anything she touches to sand. She's been known to use it as a means to swiftly get out of sticky situations she’s liable to find herself in but it has also been reported that Kori has been seen utilizing it in fights. She can do this with her hands and her feet.

Renkan Seppa San(連環石波扇, Stone Wave Fan of Linked Rings):
Using her earth magic abilities, Kori draws a trembling current, the sign of the Shiba Clan, on a surface with her hand or foot. She can make a number of these symbols over a designated area in a specific pattern before casting this spell which allows her to turn an even larger area to sand.

Soul Forge(魂フォージ, “Tamashī Fōji”)

The Soul Forge is a treasure beyond value that allows the Eighth Division to perform its duty as the craftsmen and smiths of the Gotei Thirteen. Any use of the Forge to repair zanpakuto is accompanied by a large ceremony where members of the Eighth Division gather in a team of twenty supervised by the Foreman. For the past two centuries Kori has dedicated her heart and soul to the management of the forge and answers only to the Captain of the eighth division when he has concerns pertaining to the artifact. Kori acts as the representative of the faction, she is his woman on the ground and her job is to make sure things get done and get done smoothly. If something goes wrong then it’s her responsibility to fix it before the boss finds out.

" Boss needs thirty swords by Tomorrow! Let’s get to work ! ”
“ YES M’AAM! ”

In the unwelcome case that the forge is used by an amateur incapable of controlling it, the cataclysmic damage to the Seireitei would be astronomical and is without question completely unpardonable. In order to avoid this sort of Catastrophe, Kori paces incessantly with the eyes of a hawk glued onto the craftsmen’s actions and if anything isn’t going according to her specific criteria then she does not hesitate to let them know then proceed to correct the course before anything can run awry. The lady Shiba rules with an iron fist along with a take-no-shit attitude that strikes fear into and garners obedience from the very souls of the men she monitors.

Gustavo’s Drift

Gustavo was found by Kori in a restaurant waiting to be butchered when he was five years old. He was distrusting of her but after she won him in a bet and saved his life, he became immensely attached to her. If a man approaches Kori with romantic intention and Gustavo is present he will charge them with the intent to do them harm because he gets very jealous if she shares her attention with another male in front of him.


Gustavo travels with a drove of other pigs just as rough and ready to rumble as he is. Rambo, Jenkins and Benji are their names and they’re all slightly smaller than he is. They have been known to stampede through whatever is in their path at both his and Kori’s call leaving nothing but chaotic ruin in their wake . The Shiba Lady prefers to interact with Gustavo but she can participate in their foolery as well as ride all of them.


Kori is a fireworks expert capable of compiling ingredients in order to build countless kinds of explosives. Some serve as distractions while others cause great destruction and severe injury! Dozens of them are fashioned by her hand for her use and as wares that she pedals when she is out and about. The young lady adores all things involving pyrotechnics and has lived her life blowing up anything that she could get her hands on for little more than the thrill of the boom.



They work as a colorful and loud distraction that can be stuck to any solid surface. Her reiatsu is able to remotely light its fuse. They are various in size and length and can come in bundles or single pieces.
Spicy Bombs:
When this bomb explodes, it releases a cloud of spices that burns the skin, nose and mouth of anyone who are in it’s plume. When inhaled, it inflames the throat making it impossible to speak properly and also causes fits of terrible coughing and makes breathing difficult. Their cherry red smoke also provides a smokescreen for hasty getaways.
Shrapnel Bomb:
A nasty bomb that releases hundreds of razor sharp shrapnel when it explodes. The pieces of metal burrow deeply into what it comes into contact with.
Senpen Banka(旋遍万花, Enveloping Whirl of Myriad Flowers)
While trying to evade her opponents or distract them, Kori uses scorch ball-type fireworks to gain some time for herself to complete another technique. During Senpen Banka she throws several Shakudama (灼玉, Scorch Ball) fireworks at her opponent. This technique can lightly injure an officer-level Shinigami


Shinigami Ointment
Kori keeps a styptic in the bottom of her Zanpakuto that seals average wounds. This paste stops the bleeding and aids with the healing process.



The Reishūkaku: (color=crimson]霊集核[/color], Spirit-Gathering Core; Viz "Spirit Core"), also referred to as the Special Hard Spiritual Partition Penetration Device: (特殊硬化霊子核壁発生装置, Tokushu Kōka Reishi Kakuheki Hassei Sōchi)
is a device created and used by the Shiba Clan.It is is a medium-sized orb composed of a clear material that is inscribed with a red crane insignia. When infused with Reiryoku, the Reishūkaku produces a semi-transparent blue barrier, referred to as a "cannonball" (砲弾, Hōdan), around the one holding it at the time that protects them from outside forces.

The Kakaku Taihō: (花鶴大砲, Flower Crane Cannon)
is a massive cannon created and employed by the Shiba Clan. The Kakaku Taihō is a tall and slender black cannon, dwarfing the central house of the Shiba Clan. When not in use, it is concealed by a tan mold of roughly the same size with its opening wrapped up. When a situation calls for the Kakaku Taihō to be used, Two Shiba Clan members begin rapidly turning a crank near the base of the mold covering the cannon, causing the chamber that the Kakaku Taihō is located in to begin rumbling as it rises upward, breaking through and shattering the mold in the process. The ceiling of the chamber, actually part of the ground outside, splits into two halves that retract in a circular formation, allowing the Kakaku Taihō and its base to be fully raised above ground. The platform containing the Kakaku Taihō is largely composed of wood, with a set of stone steps leading up to the cannon itself.

Zanpakuto Name: Kakeguri(賭け狂い)Gambling Madness

Kakeguri is a solid gold Katana encrusted with six colorful jewels on both sides. It’s hilt is a dark crimson and also adorned with gold. The blade itself is exceptionally valuable and draws the attention of others due to it’s illustriousness wherever Kori bares it.

Zanpakuto Spirit:
If you are not careful, Kakeguri can be mistaken for a tower of cards that looms above all in its presence and she is alone swaying from side to side. Listless long black hair and a rancid kimono are the only things differentiating her from what she appears to be and her head often hangs completely devoid of anything stimulating enough to motivate her to raise it. Kakeguri is a shaky hag that’s a seasoned shyster whom has been entranced by an eternal addiction to the thrill of playing the odds. Hopelessly lost in the debilitating disease, Kakeguri must face every challenge against her and there are no exceptions. The fickle Zanpakuto paces neurotically due to the incessant manifesting of various games before her eyes which she must play until she is victorious. However, they are not just any contests. They are contests of wagers. Although, not even the young Shiba lady is aware of what goods Kakeguri bets or against whom when Kori is not there.

In her presence, Kakeguri comes to life twitching and snickering beneath her mask of cards. She can hardly contain her excitement that Kori is there because she is only there for one reason. To gamble. Utterly depraved, the two play a gaggle of high stakes games for what can feel like years neither yielding to the other but both indulging in the best of their toxic desires. Kakeguri's dependency on her need for her fix has gone so far as to cause her to deny Kori her support in the unlikely event that Kori refuses to participate.

" I need your help.”
" You know the rules. ”

Furthermore, Kakeguri becomes aggressive and irrational if Kori wants to discuss something other than the gamble or if she attempts to leave a match unsettled. In fact, Kakeguri can become so unhinged that she resembles a vicious banshee writhing in agony at the mere mention of straying away from the round. In addition to this, neither one is above cheating and contrarily encourages it of each other and half of the sport is in catching the other in an act of deception.

“ Hey! You cheated! ”
" Prove it.”


Inner World:
Hōki Sareta Kajino
(放棄されたカジノ, Abandoned Casino)

Kakeguri paces alone in an empty establishment where thousands of others once came to play their luck and skill against the games. Once everyone has gone home for the night, she remains because she is unable to leave. Kakeguri has no memory if their presence was real or a figment of her deranged imagination but when her senses return to her, she finds that she is always alone. The unkempt hag is utterly deserted by all except for Kori who visits her every day to take part in high stakes contests. In the beginning of their relationship, Kakeguri would refuse to allow Kori to utilize her Shikai until she bested her in one of these risky matches but now, the two have developed a mutual understanding so long as Kori never forgets to visit her and play with her. As a fellow adrenaline junkie herself, Kakeguri feels that Kori is the only person capable of understanding her.
This place is their paradise.

Release Phrase:
" Put it all on the line! Kakeguri! "



Shikai: Golden Deck of CardsShikai Ability:

Everything is a game to Kori or more specifically, a card game. This is especially true where it concerns her Zanpakuto’s Shikai ability. When Kakeguri is released, the golden blade separates into ten individual razor sharp cards which Kori uses when she needs to fight. The cards possess the ability to store whatever non-sentient properties they come into contact with. Each card with something that has been captured can be used once and then it is empty. After Shikai has ended, anything left sealed in the cards are wiped from existence effectively resetting them for the next game.

Personal Relationships:
Suiyo Kusotare


Kori met Suiyo as a child when he arrived one night to visit her parents because they had chosen to invite him to their home since they were fond of the drunkard and had befriended him. At this age, she had bested and beaten scores of men out of their wages and had grown confident and proud of her swindling skill so while drinking and feasting Kori challenged Suiyo to a game of gambling. It goes without saying that she lost the entire sum of her saved allowances and previous winnings and she has never forgiven him for it. This is the story that she recites to those who inquire about her decision to have joined the eighth division. “ I’m gonna get him back someday. “
Musou Kyōraku


Kori is the annoying little sister that Musou never wanted. He tries to live his life and tend to the tasks entrusted to him but she spends a lot of her time getting in his way just to upset him although she rarely gets the rise out of him that she wants. Most of the time Kori entertains herself in a variety of ways but he’s one of her favorite people to mess with whenever she gets the chance. Of course, she doesn’t see things that way! If someone asked her how she felt about him then she’d state he was a very special person to her.



Likes: Games, Drinking, Gambling, Sleeping, Animals, Sour things, Dumb people
Dislikes: Boring things, Sweet things, Quiet things, Bugs
Hobbies: Gambling, Drawing, Inventing, Pyrotechnics
Favorite Food(s): Seafood


To some she is a spoiled, oblivious and reckless child but to others she is a nasty piece of work completely aware of her surroundings and doings and a terror in the eyes of those in charge of her. Even as a baby she had made it a point to manipulate other people to suit her needs and this is especially true considering that she was raised to be the head of the Shiba family and in the position to order others around as she pleased. The girl taught herself extraordinary influential skills that she uses to this day to get whatever she wants. Kori Shiba grew up living two separate lives, one of which being under the watchful eyes of her parents in the Shiba clan home and the other roughing it amongst the dirty slums of the Rukongai. Following stupid rules as well as being expected to maintain a sparkling reputation becoming of a lady pushed the young girl out of her homestead often and into the excitement of the unforgivable, where she developed an insatiable taste for risks.

At first, any prospect of uncertainty would do but when that lost its luster Kori searched for something that would sweeten the pot and so she made it her prerogative to discover what made other people tick. In most cases, much to her disappointment, that was money and this disgusted Kori because such a menial back and forth became boring since she neither won nor lost anything she actually cared about. There was nothing exhilarating about losing cash or winning it as far as she was concerned and societal currency was as good as dirt to the lady so it doesn’t serve as a motivator for her.

In order to understand how she thinks, one must then ask the question…
" What does everyone else want and how can I use that to get what I want? ”

The girl had grown into one hell of an adrenaline junkie who’d developed an insatiable craving for especially exhilarating situations and in her experience there was nothing more titillating than having to bet on something big. To ensure that she gets to enjoy that pressure, she developed a slew of detrimental hobbies. The most potent of those being gambling.
The disgraceful young woman frequented some of the dirtiest establishments where ruthless ruffians met to try their luck and skill against one another. More often than not, she made off with their riches but because this is not what she was after, this was never the end. In order to advance to the next round Kori used dishonorable interventions simply because she found it fun especially if she didn’t get away with it as well as the sharpness of her tongue to scorn already disgruntled opponents until they decided to physically retaliate against her thereby marking the beginning of the real game. In Kori’s twisted mind anything could be put on the line. She relished the sight of people squirming at the notion that they could lose something they were unprepared to lose while fighting with her and delighted in proving stubborn beings wrong and that they were not as intelligent or enduring as she was. Having said this, betting is a double edged blade that cuts her as deeply as it would cut her adversary but this is what excited Kori and the amusement was what caused her to make the stakes as high as she did and continues to do.

" If you win, you get to cut my arm off. If I win, I get to cut your leg off.”

Granted, not every one of her requests was life threatening. Sometimes, she would wager a favor or two but very rarely did she involve finances unless she thought it would be the only way to beguile her opponent to act in a way that resulted in her getting her fix. In every case, however, she was a firm believer that she’s a lady of her word and regardless of how the odds turned out to be she honored her end of the bargain.
This vice followed Kori all of her life throughout her time undertaking the clan teachings by her father as well as during her induction into the Shinigami Academy all the way up to her eventual graduation. Soon, she joined the eighth division where overindulgence reigned supreme and where she found her true home.



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“A steady mind is a weapon unto itself.”

“Wield your blade, not before yourself, but as though it were your own body.”

“The spirit of battle is found only when you fight to protect what you hold most precious.”

“Humility and temperance are essential for true strength.”


Character Name: 長弘くるる (Nagahiro Kururu)

Nickname: 鉄姫 (Tetsuhime – Iron Princess); おばさん (Obasan - Auntie)

Actual Age: 1055

Physical Age: 48

Race: Soul Born

Birthday: March 7


Height: 220cm

Weight: 100kg

Blood Type: B+


Affiliation: Gotei 13

Profession: Shinigami

Title: NPC (Current)
Seventh Seat (Previously)
Third Seat (Previously)
Tenth Seat (Previously)

Instructor / Assistant to the Captain.
Formerly: Chief Kidō / Kaidō Instructor
Formerly: Chief Zanjutsu Instructor

Division: Third Division

Previous Division: None

Partner(s): Other Shin'ō Academy instructors; Asahi Kajiyashiki

Previous Partner(s): Jinnosuke Uekū

Base of Operations: Shin'ō Academy


Notable Features: She is an extremely tall woman who wears a complete Shinigami outfit with major alterations to appear more like a shrine priestess (miko).
Kururu wears a black hakui (robe) with white sode-kukuri (cords) through the sleeves and open shoulders. Strings called muna-himo are attached to each lapel and tied in front to keep the garment closed. Her kosode would be very much like a modern Kendo or Naginata Keikogi, with the sleeve-fitting somewhat closely like a modern loose shirt and extending slightly past the wrist. The slits on the side of her hakama, and the openings at the sleeves and shoulders of her hitoe (jacket) showed the black kosode she sports. This is a deliberate fashion effect. She wears a bright red nagabakama (a very long hakama). The rest of the outfit remains unchanged.
She wears a small fascinator which is purely for ornamental purposes. She has purple eyes, medium-length white hair, and a lithe but well-toned body. She will keep in pristine condition and is always as well maintained as possible.
Personality: Kururu is a calm and collected woman, consummately professional and honourable Shinigami. She is primarily a serious person and has an incredible work ethic. Training and discipline are top priorities for her, so maintaining a sharp mind, spirit, and body are essential. However, she isn't stoic and will display deep compassion and empathy for whoever she feels deserves it and fury toward those who incur her wrath.
She is fastidious and will not take shortcuts, completing every task with exhaustive effort. Whether that's laying a trap, studying Kidō, or performing a Soul Burial. She will do it with 100% of her spirit behind it and takes no pride in laziness or half-hearted efforts. Anything she does is of outstanding quality, particularly in art or technique
She believes in self-sacrifice and that the duty of all is to fight with utmost passion to defend all that is precious to them.
One thing that remains absolute is her affection toward her students and anyone that used to be her student, or even any young Shinigami in general. She remembers all of their names, and will check up on them regularly. She takes an active interest in their development as Shinigami. Whatever she can do to become a better mentor and teacher is something she always aspires to do. For her to be the lighthouse that all of the Seireitei can rely upon is essential.
Kururu is perceived as a workaholic, and many are afraid of being pushed too hard. Others enjoy the fact that she holds her subordinates to such high standards.
She is always hopeful for the future and wishes to instil inspiration into her subordinates and even those that are her equals. She is unpretentious even if she first appears that way, and does not condescend to anybody. She can see the value and merit in anything.
She fears being unable to protect her friends and allies.

Relatives: One grandaunt, aunt, uncle, and two nephews. All live within the Rukongai District 4.


Reiryoku Level:
Vast Spiritual Power - Reiryoku Control:
Mastered Control

Kururu is a true wellspring of reiyoku and its enormity of it is nearly beyond measure. She never felt the need to find ways to increase her reiyoku as she was scarcely tired at any task, particularly when utilising her reiryoku. She was constantly targeted by strong souls in the Rukongai, even some who would come as far as the Eighties Districts just to get a taste of the woman who had such tremendous power. During her academy days, her instructors would always push her farther than anyone else and she would do so. She hit harder, her Kidō was flashier, bigger, faster, and more explosive than the rest. Throughout her career, she kept up with Shinigami at much higher ranks than her in sparring, training, and tests.
Before she learned how to properly control her reiyoku, she would frequently find whole buildings demolished from a simple bad dream. The first time she activated her Shikai she flooded the whole of Shino'ō Academy and cleft it in twain. Her mentors stressed the pivotal importance of her keeping her power under control and ensuring that it doesn't cause collateral damage.
Anyone that knows Kururu will almost certainly question why she isn't a member of a combat-oriented Division with the neigh-limitless and overwhelming reiyoku she possesses.
As a result of her virtually limitless reiyoku, she has found it absolutely essential to keep it under control. Once volatile and prone to disaster, she now is able to even fill a thimble with water from her reiyoku. While it isn't impossible for her to truly mask her reiryoku, she doesn't bother with keeping hidden in the first place instead, she rather sprawl out and magnify her presence so that she can both inspire allies with her arrival and draw enemies toward her and away from her comrades. She has spent countless days meditating to keep her powers under control and now it breathes when she breaths. She can manifest it with her reiatsu in the form of rain which differs depending on her mood.
Her reiryoku is a crucial element of her abilities and as such, it demands her complete mastery to manipulate properly. From the slightest droplet of water to the force of a tidal wave, or the pressure of a steel cutting machine and beyond - to shape and affect water in the way she does is simple for her, but requires the ability to control what is normally an uncontrollable force of nature. She can take a Kidō and render it almost harmless or make something like Shō devastate buildings.

Sensing Reiryoku:

Kururu wholeheartedly believes in the ability to defend her allies as much as the necessity to identify the strengths and weaknesses in her pupils. Moreover, she found it crucial to be able to discern everything about an enemy from the slightest glance as she knew a true warrior would have no time to prepare for most battles and if she were to be a true protector of anything she must be able to determine what, where, and how an assailant would fight at any given moment.
She is able to draw upon her monumental reiyoku into her own senses, but beyond that Kururu has trained for almost one millennium to hone her sensing abilities to be as sharp as inhumanly possible. She began with the basics - sensing someone just in front of her with her eyes closed - and she would practice that until she could do such even literally in her sleep. Never one to stop climbing the mountain she forced herself to greater challenges on a continuous basis.
On missions to the World of the Living, this was essential as she was often in charge of groups of unrefined students or unseated Shinigami and she always needed to be aware of her surroundings. Ever vigilant over her charge, she would often detect Hollows in other cities, or before anyone else did.
Throughout her centuries of going onto field trips, travelling the realms, the occasional battle and general exploration, she has been exposed to Quincies, Arrancar, Fullbringers, and Visored. She has since been able to determine the subtle differences between the reiryoku of each.



With her genuinely massive reiryoku comes with it unbearably dense reiatsu. Her unbeatable drive to protect others and crush those that would harm her friends and allies led her to have a monstrous spiritual pressure. She can even annihilate lesser Hollow by standing near them. She easily manifests her pressure when she's serious about something, and will often do so to avoid a fight. When she was young, she would constantly practice fine-tuning her reiatsu; she had to figure out a way to exert her spiritual pressure at extremely specific levels so as to not accidentally harm her allies nearby or cause collateral damage. But when she has nothing to worry about she is easily able to crush even advanced Bakudō, or level whole towns. If she flexes her reiatsu, one can feel it from any single point along with the Seireitei itself.
Kururu's reiatsu feels as though one is being enveloped by the sea itself. Its waves caress the body when she is calm and happy, like one sitting on the beach or putting one's feet in a quiet stream. But when she is angered and begins to show a desire to kill to protect her friends, it is as though a typhoon is erupting from her body - wild disaster striking from her body zealously smashing anything it encounters and drawing in anything that gets close and repulsing anything far away, everything that it cannot affect being battered by the storm until it gives in and is swept away.
If an opponent is not of particular physical strength they will find themselves in a precarious position.

Reiatsu Colour:

Reiatsu Effect(s):
Hope and Rain.

Allies fighting with her will feel their spirits lifted into levels of stalwart ferocity never seen before. With her reiatsu, nothing is impossible, no battle unwinnable, no death unwelcome, nothing that they will stop for. The more ferocity that she fights with instils in her allies their own sense of power. As her reiatsu flows throughout the battlefield, so too does it rain. Beginning with a gentle sunshower, her reiatsu will gain in power particularly if she is enranged where it can become a veritable monsoon storm. It has been known to rain if she is sad as well.

Reiatsu Type:
Element Type - Water.

Her reiatsu has the look and feel of water which can be both still and silent, or coursing and rushing like a waterfall or a tsunami, or somewhere in between. It depends on her intent and emotional state.


Zanjutsu Level:
Master Swordsman

Kururu has taught Zanjutsu to thousands of Shinigami, many of whom were talented fighters who would become respected warriors in their own right. She instructed Nao Murakami; Sanya Komamura; Shusuke Kiyoshi; and Shizuka Hyozoku. Nurturing young Shinigami in the art of the sword is one thing, however, she knew how to wield her blade with both indisputable strength and surgical precision.
She most frequently fought in the World of the Living, or with large teams of inexperienced Shinigami that did not have strong unit tactics. As such, she always had to be very careful how she used her weapons, especially as her ōdachi was much longer than any other Zanpakutō. But she also needed to be able to wield such a large weapon with devastating force.
Through her centuries of training, she has sparred with Shinigami of great strength, reflex, and even genius, but also tens of thousands of different Hollow and Quincy. Being the person that she is, Kururu never permitted even one scratch on any of her students and always rushed to their guard to fight anything that would threaten them. She would almost invariably be beset on all sides and outnumbered, forcing her to be very creative and deft with her blades. Whether it's a Quincy's swift ranged attacks a Hollow's enormous fangs, or another Zanpakutō, she had to be ready to deal with them all.
She practised and trained constantly with her blades, ensuring that she had utter mastery over both a dual-wield style and two-handed weapon styles. She trained until she could carve portraits into flowers and bisect Hollow with the flick of her wrist.
She did not simply seek out anyone who would give her the time of day as a mentor, but Shinigami who were the embodiment of Zanjutsu. She even returned to some of her former students as they grew in strength and skill to reverse roles because she understood humility and never thought of anyone as lesser than her regardless of age, status, or race.
Her tantō was usually used defensively, but she also used it for fast and close-ranged attacks, or sometimes just to embarrass a particular student or enemy by defeating them with what is essentially a pocket knife to her. Wielding her ōdachi is as easy for her as blinking, and its tremendous size and weight is something she knows with every fibre of her being. Although she prefers to only brandish both blades when prepared to slay an enemy, she does not hesitate to fight at full force when necessary. She makes it be known to her students that they can only pass her Zanjutsu courses if they can land a hit on her while she has both blades brandished. This high standard ensures she produces only the finest quality of graduates even if they're few in number.
Every day she would commune with her Zanpakutō spirit to ensure that she was deeply attuned to its needs and demands. Seeking out its wisdom and guidance at every turn with regard to using it as efficiently as possible. She tried everything - fighting blindfolded, with cups of sake on her blades, falling in the air, and she even tried using her feet. Most of all, she grew accustomed to fighting underwater, and above ground with unbelievable weight.

Known Techniques: Kendo – she is a master in the art of Kendo and teaches it to anyone who is willing to learn.
Agitowari – Jaw splitting; Suikawari – Watermelon splitting; Ryōdan – Bisection; Senmaioroshi – Thousand-Page Wholesale; Onibi – Oni Fire; Daiichikai: Nadegiri – The First: Killing Stroke; Dainikai: Fushi dageki – The Second: Immortality Crush - Daisankai: Tenken – The Third: Heavenly Sword


Hohō Level: No Shunpo- She has not learned to Flash Step and does not focus her efforts on it. She would rather stand and fight even insurmountable odds than run away, and she has no reason to try to be stealthy. She instead has incredible reflexes to compensate.
When all of her Spirit Weights are removed, it will appear as though she can move with the speed of a Shunpo Expert, but a true Shunpo will still be faster and far better controlled. This also does not last very long as he body and opponent adjusts to the lighter weight.


Hakuda Level:
Expert Combatant

Kururu is a swordswoman first and foremost. She understands, however, the importance of being capable of combat without weapons, and how vital the body is in combat. Complete control over one's body is essential to becoming a legendary master of the blade, and she recognises the many instances where using a Zanpakutō may be impractical or even impossible. She prefers fighting with Hakuda as she believes it has less killing intent behind it and she can more easily avoid hurting others. It's also great for discipline.
She isn't the pinnacle of martial arts prowess, but she is entirely comfortable with it. She has toned her body over centuries and practised with the best Hakuda fighters in the Seireitei. In addition, she knows how to move her huge and cumbersome body in a surprisingly deft fashion; she uses the underestimation of her sheer skill and nimbleness to her advantage to overwhelm opponents with amazingly powerful kicks, punches, throws, slams, flurries, and more. She prefers a more defensive fighting style.
She has exercised her Hakuda thousands of times in battle - she can easily toss a Menos Grande and can take on a dozen combatants without as much as a glancing blow against her.
She can crush stone with ease just by crushing the air with her fist nearby, can chop trees down like paper with her hands, and she can even determine to a slight extent what an opponent's body is going to do prior to them taking action.
She break a wooden practice sword against her neck or even fight blindfolded. She has accomplished this through so much rigorous body training and honing her skill with strong masters, but also by throwing herself into the fray to protect humans or her squadmates. She also grew up being almost constantly fought and duelled because of the enormity of her size; even in the peaceful 4th Rukon District, she found herself challenged, in the Academy the other students wanted to test their mettle or just try to pick on her. Even as a Shinigami she had members of the 11th wanting to see what the giant lady could do. She was forced to practice Hakuda on a constant basis because of this.
She frequently teaches Hakuda to the likes of the Komamura clan with the most recent pupil being Sanya Komamura.
As she essentially lives with thousands of kilograms of weight on her body, she is supremely accustomed to her normally heavy body and if those weights were removed she'd be able to keep up with even masters of Hakuda.
She has mastery in Judo, Kyudo, Sumo, and Taekwondo.

Known Techniques: Raiōken - Thunder King Fist; Kazaguruma – Windmill; Taketonbo – Bamboo Dragonfly; Mizu Ryūjin – Water Dragon God;


Kido Skill Level:
Kidō Master

The Demon Arts. The most feared skill she had to learn as a Shinigami. For her, even the most mundane of Kidō is capable of massive destructive force. It's for that reason that she prefers Bakudō and barrier spells, but she as is her comprehensive approach to learning any technique, she is capable of a wide array of Kidō. While she is not a member of the Kidō Corps, she had to become one of the premier practitioners of Kidō for three reasons: to best conquer and utilise her immense reiryoku, and to become a Shinigami so that all of her allies could truly rely on her to lend aid, and because she wanted to ensure she could teach anyone as much Kidō as possible. Her scholarly nature ensured she would never be content with simply understanding how Kidō worked instead, she certainly had to comprehend it at a fundamental and all-encompassing level, but her innate power made it much easier for her to attain mastery.
She would practice with Kidō over and over to allow it to flow as naturally from her as her own breath. She would practice until she could spark even a fraction of its power or increase it beyond what it was ever designed to do. She would often think about what it would take to destroy a particular object and what is the most ideal to do so, she would see what is the minimum reiryoku necessary to accomplish that task. Seeing what interacted with lighting Hadō or fire Hadō and how to exercise them in ideal environments was another factor she would experiment in.
Using her outstanding reiryoku control she is able to form Kidō that is faster, more precise, wider-reaching, longer-lasting, and more devastating than any ordinary practitioners and upstages most that are considered experts in the Art. A simple Shō is enough to obliterate an entire building for her. But to become a true master, she had to be able to affect granular control over Kidō as well. She can utilise a fraction of a Kidō's power, taking even a Raikōhō and turning it into a minor jolt or being able to power a lightbulb with it. She understands the meaning and intent behind every incantation and has memorised each and everyone she encountered.
She never wished to have anyone get caught up in her spells accidentally so she'd almost exclusively practice alone with special target dummies powered by developed by the Twelfth Division
Only in battle could she go all-out. She would be forced to fight a wide range of enemies, from Adjuchas to high-ranking Quincies and had to be prepared for anything they threw at her.
Kururu has become so comfortable with Kidō that she can wield it without incantation and can cast an incantation post-hoc.

Known Spells:

Hadō #Hadō NameBakudō #Bakudō Name|Barrier/Seal|Other
#1Shō#9Hōrin|Hachigyō Sōgai|Keikagi
#91Senju Koten Taihō#77Tenteikura||
#? Hyōga Seiran#99Kin/Bankin||
#?Jugeki Byakurai#?Inemuri|


Skills and Abilities:

Diligent Scholar

As somebody who leaves no stone unturned and an instructor at the Academy, Kururu has an encyclopaedic knowledge of many subjects including Shinigami history, the World of the Living, Demon Arts, tradition, religion, and more. There are very few things left unknown to her and the thirst to uncover more motivates her regularly.
She will attempt every angle and exhaust any theory or hypothesis until she finds a satisfactory answer. She does give her 100% effort into everything she does, and that includes the pursuit of knowledge. She is very long-lived which has given her a great deal of time to acquire vast amounts of information.

Immense Durability and Strength
Although not as obscenely muscular as some of her colleagues, she is monstrously stronger and more durable than she looks. A careful, diligent and hourly regimen of micro-exercise, diet, and mental fortification and wearing specially-made spirit weights, has given her a slim but unbelievably dense physique. Even her shihakushō is a thousand times heavier than normal. As she fights and her weight decreases, she becomes swifter and when her spirit weights are removed she is able to move at significant speeds. In order to properly wield her Bankai, she requires unfathomable strength to adequately wield such a huge weapon which she can do so with relative ease. The Zanpakutō in bankai is so heavy it can smash stone simply from a gentle tap. She attacks usually with one-handed techniques because if she were to place both hands on the handle, she would obliterate almost anything that stands before her, and that's before applying Kendo. She has been seen lifting Menos Grande with ease and throwing them a hundred feet into the air and not even breaking a sweat.
She can easily stop almost any blade with a single finger, and will often disarm her opponent by grabbing the blade directly and ripping it from them.

Although she certainly feels pain, her threshold is leagues beyond what a sane Shinigami would endure. Broken bones, torn ligaments, lost limbs and the like are inconveniences to her. The nickname 'Iron Princess' was given to her after she survived a Cero from a Vasto Lorde.



Spirit Weights (四肢重封印 Shishi Jūfūin) - designed by the Department of Research and Development. One on each limb and one around her waist. Threads of this material have been woven into her outfit, creating clothes that weigh tremendously. She originally started with small weights until she grew stronger, starting from 50kg to 3000 kilograms.

Denreishinki - As Kururu is an old soul, her Soul Pager is hopelessly outdated. Instead of the usual new smartphones, she still uses the flip phone version from many years prior.

Dainikai: Fushi dageki
A technique that can only be used after the First; once the blade has returned to its sheath, a second iaijutsu strike is performed by spinning the body around at such a speed that it requires a very strong body lest one’s spine snaps from the sheer force of the spin. Everything within a 20-metre radius is cleft in twain horizontally and is about twice as powerful as the First.

Daisankai: Tenken
This technique can only be used after the Second; the wielder positions themselves in a wide stance with their feet spread apart, toes facing each other, and the sword reversed with both hands holding on and pointed upwards behind themselves, the tip as high as it will go. A deep and focused exhale to focus the mind is required, then a sharp inhale to force as much reiatsu into the muscles as possible for the upstroke which is guaranteed to tear some muscles in even extremely strong individuals. The resulting attack is so powerful that a shockwave is sent forward, annihilating anything in its path up to one kilometre away and reaching a height of 100 metres and a depth of 100 metres vertically. The user cannot repeat even either one in this series (First, Second, or Third) for at least a week after this due to the trauma in their body.

Mizu Ryūjin
One of the most powerful martial techniques known to Kururu. The user must perform this while the target is above themselves with the user on the ground, focusing all of their physical strength and their reiatsu into their legs and arms at this exact moment, they are able to thrust their hands open-palm into the torso of their target with such explosive force that the ground beneath them will crater and all of that energy gets released into the target's body such that if they are not durable enough it will positively shatter the majority of their skeleton and rupture many organs. Even in an extremely hardened body, it will at the very minimum wound and wind the target. The exact power is determined by the strength of the user minus the durability of the target. If the user is standing on an indestructible surface then this effect is amplified as the excess energy has nowhere to go, but as a downside, the user is also likely to suffer damage.


Zanpakuto Name:
海洋神 オルカ Kaiyōshin Oruka - Ocean God Orca

Zanpakuto Appearance:

The Zanpakutō is split into two swords. One is a tantō with no handguard, affixed to the left side of the inside of her robe at about chest height with the handle leaning just outside. The blade itself has a shark fin aesthetic and reaches from the handle to the blade tip (creating a triangle shape) and small holes running along the side of the blade edge. The other is an ōdachi at 100cm in length but carried in her obi, and its sheath has an extra long openinig from the top end to allow her to pull out the enormous blade, so it ends up resembling more of a pistol holster than a typical sheath. The blade itself is typical of other Zanpakutō. . The handguard is in the shape of the Pisces symbol.

Zanpakuto Spirit:
A man of indomitable will and immutable presence, Kaiyōshin Oruka is one who believes in perseverance, courage, and willpower above all else. He demands honour among his followers and expects his wielder to behave with dignity and compassion. However, he also does not allow that to become a weakness. An honourable ruler is nothing without the strength to rule as well. As such, he is a relentless force of passion and fervour, driving forward without looking back. Everything deserves your 100% effort. As she never gives up on her students and her comrades, he too will always have faith in Kururu, each having their own immutable conviction. He demands of her the same as any noble leader: Her sheer presence should be enough to stir her men into action even if they were lying in their own blood, and if she were to have to use her very bones to fight then she shall do so but only if it is in service to her men and her realm. Otherwise, he does not see her fit to fight at all. This is particularly why she has taken other forms of combat as he refuses to be called out if he does not believe in the fight. No point in going even 99%, so he will not fight at all. Only by putting one's life before others do you fight at 100%.

Kaiyōshin Oruka is a huge man of about 300 centimetres tall and is half-Orca-half-man, but appears as though he were some kind of god-king with the opulence it deserves. He doesn't have an ego about it, merely having earned the respect through hard work and honed skill. He rules the ocean, and Kururu will do the same.

Inner World: Sealed state: A limitless ocean teeming with life, peaceful and serene. A tiny island floats above where she can speak to her Zanpakutō spirit.
Bankai: A cyclone whirlpool of natural destructive force. Only those with an unstoppable will survive here, the orcas, sharks, whales, and the like. The spirit stands at the epicentre of the whirlpool enjoying the carnage as he knows his kingdom is safe and his subjects are fighting along with him.

Release Phrase:
溺れる Oboreru – Drown.
The two blades are smashed together at the hilt and activate their Shikai form. She can also release with “ほとんど溺” (Hotondo Obore) Almost Drowning as long as she has only one of the two swords brandished. Although it annoys her Zanpakutō spirit, he obliges her so long as he believes in what she is doing (and profusely apologises later). This allows for a partial release that is either the sword or the shield at a slightly weakened state.



The ōdachi turns into blade of water experiencing laminar flow. It's very difficult to determine the shape and size as the water is translucent when undisturbed. The tantō remains in its regular state but the holes now produce a current of water that immediately takes the shape of a kite shield made of water with a similar laminar flow effect.

Shikai Special Ability:
ベールを貫く - Bēru o tsuranuku, Pierce the Veil.

The defensive capability of her shield and the offensive capability of her sword entirely depends on how much reiatsu she applies to each item. She can give as much to one side as she wants but generally keeps it even on each side.
The ōdachi is in fact, it is highly pressurised water that can shift its dimensions (length, width, thickness) considerably. It has the power to cut through anything if given enough reiatsu. The shield behaves as though one is striking the ocean itself - it will sink in and look as though it has been lost to sea if looking within. It can even absorb an unlimited amount of other water. It is possible to absorb whole bodies with this if they're not recovered in time (it takes several seconds to consume something that large) and to retrieve anything that has been left in this water dimension although they can still succumb to drowning/decay.


地球から溢れ出る海 - Chikyū kara afure deru umi - Oceans overflowing from the Earth.

A massive (430cm) double-sided gunlance that is similar to a swordfish made of ivory. Through the lance is a mechanism to compress her reishi by factors of tens of thousands and fire it outward with either vast pressure per square inch or tremendous force and size. The lance is vastly hefty, although nobody but her knows just how much it weighs. The piercing power alone is enough to smash through stone with the slightest stab. She also is enveloped by armour that looks like an aquatic hydra with thick scales covering her body, a helmet that appears to be the head of a water elemental dragon, heavy thigh-length greaves, thick pauldrons, heavy gauntlets, and scale plate mail. Her only exposed areas are her inner thighs, face, and her palms. The colour scheme is a pearlescent aquamarine. The lance is covered in 鮫肌 – Sharkskin, making hundreds of small cuts if brushed against and making it difficult to deliver glancing blows due to the repelling nature of the skin. Reiatsu can be pumped into this sharkskin to make it more deadly if needed.
She can manipulate her insurmountable reishi and reiryoku to ebb and flow between offence and defence.
When she is not attacking anything her armour will take on the form of the vastness of the ocean itself; peering into it is as though one peers into the depths where only darkness thrives. Nothing can escape its grasp -anything that touches her armour will be quickly pulled into its nightmare abyss and progressively crushed under the immeasurable atmospheres worth of water pressure
Kururu will carry the literal weight of the ocean with her every step, causing even the mightiest steel to crumple with her movements. As she has the vastness of the ocean enveloping her, it becomes almost impossible for her to be directly affected by the elements as the ocean cannot be frozen, boiled, blown away, or any such thing. Even electricity will find it impossible to reach her. The only way for her to be affected is by reaching her unprotected skin or getting her to shift her reiatsu to offense.
Even in its base form, her armour is remarkably strong - comparable to any above-average hierro.
Although she cannot move quite as fast as her ordinary form, she is still remarkably agile and can react to Shunpo provided she is stationary. Her speed increases and decreases as she shifts from offensive to defensive stances.
As she is a being that commands water, she is unaffected by liquid-based abilities with her aquatic armour active and can swim or skim over any liquid at speeds hundreds of times her ordinary movement capacity.

Bankai Special Ability:
霧雲を隠す -Kirigumo o kakusu - Hidden by the Fog
Kururu spits out an ultra-dense cloud of reiatsu fog which muffles all sounds to almost zero decibels and reduces visibility to 20 centimetres. Anything outside of the fog cannot be heard from within, and vice versa. Detecting anything with spiritual sensing is ten times as difficult, as such only those with extremely attuned senses could function easily. This also enhances her water-based abilities and dampens flame based-abilities. Simple wind is not enough to move the dense fog, and strong 90's level or higher wind-based Kidō or something similar must be used.

爆発的間欠泉 - Bakuhatsu-teki kanketsusen - Explosive Geyser – Her reiatsu is channelled and concentrated into the tip of her lance and shot out. The pressure and current are determined at a whim, so it can either be a tsunami of millions of tonnes of force, a laser-sharp cutter of millions of PSI, or somewhere in between. She will often use this to fill a given area with water.


Personal Relationships:
Jinnosuke Uekū - Her closest and oldest friend, a man she may have even loved.
Asahi Kajiyashiki - Her most familiar comrade; they're good friends. He is probably the only one that knows Kururu's true capabilities.

Likes: Swimming; reading; tai-chi;

Dislikes: Deserts; the cold; fighting for no reason

Hobbies: Practising the arts (calligraphy, pottery, painting, poetry, origami, etc), meditation, yoga, and bird watching.

Favourite Food(s): Sashimi/sushi.

Seretei Communication Column: Workout techniques and dieting. Overall physical health.

Theme Song: Rise - Yoko Kanno and Origa
Battle Song: Show Me What You Got - Powerman 5000 / Fallback - Spineshank

Voice Actress: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Eng); Megumi Ogata (JP)



Kururu was ‘born’ in the 4th Rukon District as a Plus to a small family who took her in. She lived a happy life full of wealth and luxury. She would find herself exposed to many interesting people many of whom were artists, artisans, craftsmen, and other ‘high-class’ folk. Whenever she had any free time she would hang around these people and learn, eventually trying all sorts of activities for herself. As the 4th was considered a peaceful and opulent area of the Rukongai, it was easy to find people who had ample free time and interest in not only traditional arts, but martial arts too. She would practice with other children in various games and competitions - whatever it was she was eager to try it out and master it as best as she could. She did not always win or set any records, but she would always go farther and push harder than anyone else.
But it was certainly not a stress-free life. The Nagahiro family was not a noble family by any means but were of minor fame thanks in part to their pedigree in keeping a quasi-rule over the district in which they resided. They were remarkable leaders in commerce and entertainment and there were scarce parts of the 4th that they didn’t get involved in helping build and manage. Kururu grew up accustomed to having responsibility and the pressure to keep things moving smoothly, managing deadlines and keeping up with appearances. Even at a young age, it looked as though she were quite capable if it weren’t for one thing: when she lost her temper, anyone around her would find wanton destruction.
Kururu had an incredible spiritual pressure from the very beginning and it was very challenging for her to suppress. She would have to concentrate continuously on remaining level-headed or else her reiatsu would grow out of control. But during stressful times or when dealing with a particularly conniving trader, she would find her grip loosening and whenever she did anyone without a reiryoku of their own would faint or even sometimes get hurt. It all came to a head one day when vagabonds from the 66th District arrived looking to pilfer the coffers of the fat establishments found therein where Kururu snapped. She tried to reason with the bandits but they viciously beat her for trying to stand up for her friends. It was only when one of the miscreants tried to harm her family did she blackout and flexed the full force of her spiritual pressure which resulted in the ne’er do-wells being utterly demolished and turned into reishi.
At that point, both fearing for the safety of the 4th, and all-too impressed with the goliath reiatsu the 7th Division patrols were feeling over time, they had eventually launched a full investigation to determine the source. Once they learned that the young Kururu was the culprit, they took her into custody with her non-noble family being unable to protest, and conscripted her into Shino'ō Academy.

Her six years at Shin’ō academy were similar to the hundreds of thousands before her as it was filled with many sleepless nights, cram sessions and an unfathomable quantity of coffee. Her days were somewhat different - she did not simply seek to pass, she sought to enrich herself at every possible moment. She would partake in every extracurricular activity, workshop, and as many private lessons as she could. Every page of each book in the library was scoured. She wasted not one single moment of her Academy days not being able to practice and learn, sparring with everyone that would have her and generally honing her skills and abilities. Most prudent of all was her determination to steady her mind and spirit. Constant vigilance to not lose control once more was paramount to her and she would partake in anything she felt would help quell her vivid emotions and contain her nearly limitless spiritual power. She had to be given special classes as she would destroy the target range for Hadō, throw her opponent through the walls during Hakuda practice, and break the wooden swords for Zanjutsu class. Kururu was not a prodigy or even a genius. She simply knew she had to go beyond, break herself so she could break only her enemies and nothing else, to break all barriers. She had to give her 100% effort at all times.
Her instructors took note of her innate ability to tackle any challenge and surpass all expectations. It was obvious she was meant to be more than just a student and, naturally, an unseated position was beneath her. They also decided to use her incredible commitment to her studies to good use and had her become a junior instructor. While only a student she would already find herself tutoring talented kohai many of whom would go on to later work with her in the Third Division or move on to other Divisions with their skills praised as being well-developed thanks to her rigorous training regimen.
Her final year was a momentous occasion for her as she was able to imprint upon her asauchi successfully and drew the awe of her classmates at its dual Zanpakutō appearance. Her comrade for eternity and her closest confidant, the Ocean God, his ego was even larger than his wielder, but his sense of honour and selflessness was above reproach.
She was offered to graduate a year early and she happily accepted as she had achieved all she could as a student.

Kururu would graduate at last with a significant gulf between herself in the first place and the second-place student. She humbly admits she was lucky there were no true prodigies in her year or she probably would have had to work even harder to reach the top spot if she could have achieved it at all. But her grades were record-breaking, through the sheer effort she exuded she managed to make it into the top ten graduates of all time. Her lack of Hohō was not a problem as she made up for it in every other way. Almost any Division would try to woo her to their team with the notable exception of the Second and the Fourth. Ultimately she would join the Third Division as a 10th seat where she would remain for the vast majority of her career. She was offered a 5th seat position but she declined, as she believed other Shinigami should be able to reach such a high seat and she felt it unfair for her to occupy such a space, she would rather help her Division prosper in the background and support them quietly while on missions. It also meant she would have more time to continue to hone her own skill and not be bothered too much by her duties which she tried to balance as best as she could.

Ever since she was young she wanted to be someone that other Shinigami could look up to. She cared deeply about their lives and always hoped for the brightest future for her comrades and the Seireitei as a whole.
Her life as a seated officer was eventful and rife with trials and tribulations. An instructor is nothing without experience and wisdom, and so as much as she deigned to do without bloodshed, she ushered herself to every mission to the World of the Living, Hueco Mundo, and elsewhere that she had time for. The Third Division, under former Captain Jury, was different in her youth, and had much more involvement with combat and supporting the other Divisions, teaching as part of the core ethos was not to be for many centuries more. Instead of standing behind a lectern with a class, she would find the time to teach the greenhorn Shinigami as part of field classes, with lessons that would often get deadly. She saw no compromise when it came to the calibre of comrades she wished to see in the Third, and Captain Jury was no different in that regard. Regular outings to the Menos Forest, and even to Hell were part and parcel for whoever was under her tutelage. Each and every time, however, Kururu would ensure the safety of the younger Soul Reapers. Her incredible strength and spiritual pressure kept everyone else away from harm and the Captain never felt as though the 10th seat could not handle herself, often being assigned to Lieutenant-class missions. She typically refused to work alone and wanted every opportunity to help her fellow Division colleagues grow and prosper. She frequently would find an especially skilled protégé that would surpass her in rank much to her joy as it meant she was doing a good job.

In all her years, she had only drawn her Zanpakutō to defend her allies and she did so without hesitation. If she needed to fight or defend herself, she would find Hakuda or Bakudō to fight with. Occasionally, she would call upon her Shikai with a partial name so she could still perform in combat to help protect her friends and allies while getting them away from danger and so that she didn't use her full strength near them.
Any time she would need to train at full strength was where she'd travel to the far frontier of the Rukongai. There are stories of young souls of brilliant explosions, mysterious rainfalls, and even tsunamis appearing in the horizon beyond the final Rukon District. Whether it was Kururu or not is a myth to remain as such, but intrepid children have sworn that they could see her imposing figure walking from such ruckus.

Sometime before the Shattered Dimensions event, Kururu’s luck with bringing her Division into the fold on risky missions would run out. She was dispatched to Hueco Mundo with a select group of senior unseated officers from the Third Division as part of an advanced training mission along with the a few unseated Eleventh Division officers and the 7th and 6th seat of Division Eleven to keep the group safe. The mission was to rescue a large group of humans kidnapped by Adjuchas. Little did she know that it was a trap set by a cunning Vasto Lorde for them to feast on much stronger souls.
A long battle ensued with the result being that the Eleventh and Third Division’s advance troops overwhelmed the Adjuchas. Left with little other option, the Vasto Lorde decided to kill its prey instead of devouring them and launched a full-powered Cero to the group, where Kururu rushed into the path without hesitation and faced the Cero head-on, bracing herself and steeling her spiritual pressure. She bore the complete force of the Cero with only her arms to protect herself and used her spiritual pressure to ensure her allies were unharmed by collateral damage.
Her shihakushō was in tatters, but her friends and the humans all survived. The battle was not over so she released her Shikai and poured all of her power into her blade in order to rend the Vasto Lorde in half.

Her popularity soared. She found that almost everyone wanted her tutelage and so she had to build a clubhouse just for her various lessons. She would be appointed the Chief Zanjutsu Instructor of the entire Shin’ō Academy at this point and has proven herself as a supremely talented and committed scholar and instructor who had the ability to profoundly influence those around her to do better and go beyond.

A few years would pass until the fateful day. The Shattered Dimensions. Her Captain was one of the few chosen to enter the gates of Hell only to never return. Her relationship with Captain Jury was warm and respectful. As a 10th seat, she never was that close with him nor did she spend much time with him. Instead, she was more familiar with the 3rd and 4th seats as they more directly dealt with her. Nevertheless, she deeply respected her Captain and saw that Jury could see the true potential that lies behind her eyes. She was ever grateful that her Captain allowed her to flourish as a mentor.
When Kururu discovered that her Captain was no more, she was crestfallen. Sure, she was not close, but to lose him so suddenly and without even being able to lend aid? Perhaps the inability to take action was truly crushing for her. As a 10th seat, any special investigations were left beyond her reach and the Third Division Lieutenant would be assigned such matters. She begged her Lieutenant, and even the Central 46 to allow her to go to Hell directly to settle this matter, she was willing to find a way to open those doors.
Denied. She was not to act on the matter to any measure. She had to just move on as if the whole Soul Society should just shrug it off and turn their cheek.

She now had to deal with the cleanup - keeping morale up and trying to rebuild. The new Head Captain was ambitious and uncompromising. The Captain of the Third Division would become vacant. Ever since that day, she would seek out answers. Who did this, and why? How did they get away with it? She left no book unread, no scroll untouched, no corner unchecked. In her quest for a conclusion, she would learn many things and secrets. It was clear to her that if she wanted the true answers, she would have to break open those doors herself. But as she was, she was not ready, nor was the Soul Society. Her absolute goal from that day forth was to become the Shinigami that opened Hell and brought her comrades back even if it took a thousand years.
She saw a gap in leadership. With no Lieutenant and no Captain, it was up to her and the other seated officers to keep a hold of things. She stepped up at every chance she could, keeping reports flowing, training sessons scheduled, classes booked, and missions assigned. She also did her best to ensure that the Third wouldn't bleed membership, as many young Shinigami would see the Third as weak without senior leadership.

Kururu would grow tremendously during the century between big events. Learning more Kidō, honing her Hakudō, sharpening her mind, and even developing some techniques of her own, Her already rigorous training regimen would be exponentially improved. Her weights increased, her sparring sessions doubled, and her visits to the archives were more frequent. Her standards for her pupils were even greater too as she wanted to secure the future of the soul society.

She remembers the day that the Tyrant was sent back to the Muken. Was it truly justice? She saw a fellow Shinigami unable to repent, a powerful ally unable to lend aid, and victims unable to attempt vengeance. All of which she saw as truly unfortunate. He had slain so many for such an unknowable purpose. But more importantly: why had he remained unwilling or unable to take action and try and find all of those missing in Hell? If he was truly so great, he would have done so, or so she thought. But now it was over and the reign of a new Head Captain, once again, has begun. And she was still without a Captain. She tried to investigate on her own once more and uncovered little else that the other Divisions did not already learn. The Soul Society must heal from this, and she would work even harder for it.
She was fond of the new Head Captain; she remembered his days in the Academy and saw the enormity of his presence, gusto, and skill. Truly, he alone was fit to lead all Shinigami. She hoped still that he would be the one to find an answer to the Shattered Dimensions.

That time would be delayed even further as the Soul Society and the World of the Living would become under assault. Her efforts were entirely focused on trying to evacuate the 77th District and protect anyone she should from harm. Using her Shikai she would manage to deflect the massive destructive force that was the explosion from the Garganta.

The incident would come to pass and the Soul Society would heal once more. The Kenpachi Games was a cruel joke that the Head Captain concocted she thought. She felt no reason to participate even if it meant becoming a Captain herself. Sure, the thought was tantalising, but to do so through meaningless violence was repugnant. She would wear a haori on her own terms.
She was familiar with everyone participating and, in fact, was happy that Captain Hageshi was there too as she truly saw hope for the future of the Seireitei in her hands. Perhaps more than anyone, she admired Captain Hageshi’s tenacity and willingness to force her way through any obstacle. She had heard of her exploits for centuries and always wondered how long it would be until she became the next Kenpachi. She still had no Captain of her own, but if she did become one it would certainly not be for some other Division.

Kururu was one with the Third. She was to keep it running for the remainder of her days, and to switch Divisions is unthinkable to her. She will realise her passion of becoming one of the best with the blade and with Kidō and a woman that everyone could see as a mother figure and a mentor. She always considers the future of the Soul Society.

Kururu has, over the past several centuries, learned the inner secrets of her closest companion, the Ocean God. She had achieved bankai for quite some time already, and she was confident she was ready. Anyone that knew her had always encouraged her to climb the ranks and she decided that it was time to herald a new era for the Third, and for the Gotei 13.

Personal Relationships:
Asahi Kajiyashiki
Kururu has known Asahi since his Academy days and has watched him flourish to becoming a respected Fifth Seat. The two have a warm relationship within the Third and have worked together many times for training assignments or proper missions alike. Although Asahi was once her student, he has found himself occasionally in charge of his former teacher by circumstance of the mission they're on.
Kururu keeps an open door for the young Shinigami and is always willing to entertain his ideas of amusement, or just to talk about any particular subject. Perhaps more than anyone else in the Third, Kururu is most familiar with Asahi, as few have remained with the Division as long as he has, especially since the Shattered Dimensions rendered the Third without much leadership. She supports Asahi in these matters as he is essentially the most senior ranking member in the Third at this point.
More than anyone in the Seireitei, Asahi knows what Kururu is capable of in battle and knows that she is not anywhere near the rank she should be at.

Jinnosuke Uekū
There are very few people that Kururu can truly call her friend, but Lieutenant Uekū was one of them. She was there for him when he entered the Academy and throughout his life. He was not the brightest student, nor the nicest person, nor even the most ideal Shinigami, but he had true passion and talent - a conviction to his own self that she rarely saw in others. Even though her time with him would be limited because of his constant action seen in the Eleventh Division, she visited him frequently.
Never one to judge a person, Kururu always hoped to peel away the layers and heal his heart. She knew his time was finite but wanted to make the best of his years and turn him into a great Shinigami.
Through many cups of sake, many sparring sessions, and many late night talks, Jinnosuke had become something of a companion to her. She never pitied him, nor saw him as lesser, and was probably the only one in the Seireitei who saw a future for him.
Whenever she could find the time, she'd slowly try to have him focus his incredible power and his aching heart into Kidō. While he learned plenty on his own, she pushed him to practice harder and gave him dozens of lessons between missions as a way to not only become a stronger Shinigami but potentially calm his mind and focus his spiritual power.
The two grew up together and had seen hundreds of Shinigami grow arond them. Many Captains had come and gone and the Seireitei changed dramatically throughout their lifetimes. Niether had a desire to become a Captain themselves.
Always hoping he would find his way away from brutish violence, Kururu never took her eye off of him and would always encourage him to try to do better, even if it wasn't what he wanted to hear.

When Kururu learned of the news of Jinnosuke's death, it was the first time since the Shattered Dimensions event that she felt a hole in her heart and a true melancholy washed over her for some time. It would be a significant contributing factor to her deciding to finally rise up through the ranks to stop any one of her friends from getting killed.

Where he once lived in the 77th District of the Rukongai stands a small, unassuming shrine with the following etched into wood:​
"You're stuck, you can't remember
The light is turning dim
You're trapped although you've been there
A thousand times before

Crestfallen be thy name

This is the only tribute to his legacy. Every week she pours a cup of sake for him and toasts to his honour.



Character Appearance: To be drawn out once approved. A simple description was given earlier.​


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Kanojo Ai

New member


Listen while reading
“Is that..? No.”
“Her eyes, man. Her eyes.”
“I still remember those days with her.”
“One more day. Just one more day.”


Character Name: Ai Kanojo
Actual Age: 104
Physical Age: 30
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: Unknown

Height: 1.70m
Weight: 75kg
Blood Type: A+

Affiliation: Gotei 13
Profession: Student
Title: -
Position: -
Division: -
Previous Division: -
Partner(s): -
Previous Partner(s):
Base of Operations:
Seireitei, Soul Society, Shino Academy

Notable Features: Eyes that show hints of sadness within them and a ponytail alongside bangs.
Personality: Kano-san can be seen as someone who is quite a friendly person—
At least when he is with others. When alone, he is a man who will drown within his very mind, the memory of her hand holding his still being felt deeply. As if she is still alive and holds his hand.
Relatives: None.

Reiryoku Level: Average Spiritual Power- Kano-san was born within the soul society as a soul. Alas, he would not get to meet his parents as they would have left him in front of a run-down house. There, he would survive as all souls do and manage to grow. Until one day where he sensed hunger for the very first time. It is since then that he could sense energy coursing through his body, understanding more and more of it housed within his veins. At least, that happened later down his life in the Academy.

Currently, with him being within the Academy as a student, he is still quite new at this, but his reserves are quite good for one of his stature.

Sensing Reiryoku: Basic-- As with his very own amount of spiritual energy, Kano-san’s sensing of energy is quite, well, average. Having said that though, it is entirely possible that his very sensing is what have allowed him to reach this moment of his life - having showcased plenty of times that he has potential to grow even higher.

Reiryoku Control: Novice Control- As a student, Kano-san’s capabilities in controlling the very energy is still at the very fundamental levels. He has a long road ahead of him, sadly.

Reiatsu: Novice- Alongside his own control over his quite averagely sized Reiryoku pool, Kano-san’s Reiatsu is a direct mirror to his student status. He is weak, especially compared to others but he has potential.
Reiatsu Colors: Mellow Blue #80a4d0

Reiatsu Shape: As of now, unknown. (Will be unlocked later IC)

Reiatsu Effect(s): -

Reiatsu Type: Standard Type- Nothing out of the ordinary.

Zanjutsu Level: Swordsman- Quite unlike many of his academy peers, Kano-san’s attitude had been excellent since the very first moment allowing him to outright manage to be a stronger swordsman having a sort of attunement with the blade. With him having spent quite a lot of time within the training doji, he has reached an understanding of the basics that has actually allowed him to take notice of how someone's body will move giving him a sentiment of how the future will unfold - allowing understanding of the future possibilities one may have in order to allow Kano-san better control over his own swordsman skills themselves. This makes Kano-san's fighting style be extremely reactive, rarely - if ever - taking on the first step into attacking and biding his time to use his brain and waiting for the most opportune time to strike back. After all, an enemy beaten in one attack, is the same thing as an enemy beaten in ten, twenty, or even more attacks.

Known Techniques
稲妻の剣 | Inadzumanoken | Lightning sword - Self made
The user relies on a foothold from above to deliver a fast vertical sword strike. Blocking the attack seems extremely hard due to the force behind the blow.

Hohō Level: Shunpo Practitioner- Quite like many of his peers in the academy, his road is still at the start. While he is able to use Hohō, his capability is quite lacklustre, managing to reach up to 25 meters per step - far from being seen as something above a novice. While that is his capability as of now, he is oddly enough capable of utilizing speed clones at such an early level due to understanding the way they work. Furthermore, he is using them to disorient an opponent, projecting the future outcomes of the battle to ensure their clones don't get hit. Having said that though, he is also unable to generate more than two at the time - a result stemming from his lack of mastery.

Hakuda Level:Hakuda Combatant- Similarly to his usage of the sword, Kano-san has been blessed with substantial understanding and knowledge over the control of one’s body, thus allowing him to actually become stronger than his peers - the past events of his life having taught him quite the many processes of what a body’s needs are, as well as key points for one to strike. His capability has reached a level where he can take in the brunt of force produced by physical attacks and redirect them elsewhere, provided they are physical based ones. Finally, with Kano-san’s knowledge over the body’s needs, he is able to strike at points on the body and potentially seal the energy from passing through those points - a result stemming from his time reading the biology of races, as well as inner structure of the bodies.

Kidō Skill Level: Kidō Practitioner- Kano-san has been quite the studies and talented student of Kidō, allowing him to be one of the better students. Sadly, due to his energy and control being slightly, well, mediocre to say the best, he is not as good as he wishes to be.

Known Spells: Kaidō - Limited repertoire up to the 3rd spell, Bakudō - Up to the 30th, Hadō - up to the 33rd.
Skills and Abilities: Will be unlocked through IC actions

Equipment: 1. Pair of fingerless gloves used for fighting. Varying colors depending on mood and season. 2. A soul glass pendant that houses a singular Sakura petal. It has blood drops on it. Usually hidden in a pocket.

Zanpakuto Name: Will be unlocked through IC actions[/] Kakureru - Hide
Zanpakuto Appearance:
It is a normal Asauchi. It has become slightly smaller than the normal, but far from being seen as a short-sword type.
Zanpakuto Spirit: Do wait for the surprise

Inner World: Do wait for the surprise

Release Phrase: Genjitsu to wa nanika o ōi kakusu! Kakureru! - To veil what is reality! Hide!


Shikai: It takes the shape of pending (Either linen wraps around hands, gauntlets or some kind of easily hidden weapon such as a knife or some kind of iron fist.)

Shikai Thematic: To hide the reality

Shikai Special Ability: Shikai : The ability of Kakureru (Hide) is simple, it allows Ai to hide, masking reality beneath an imperceptible veil. This ability can be applied within the range of up to 25 meters to a multitude of things; movements, objects, the surroundings and even the effects of events.

Shikai specific techniques
This technique allows Ai to hide his intent, be it his words, his actions, or anything he does. For instance he could be attacking another, but his killing intent would outright be nonexistent.

This technique falls under both Hoho and Shikai. It allows Ai to not only hide their own steps, but also the overall movement. When another looks at him, all they see is but a standing and immovable image which would move closer or further away. Apart from that, it would make it nigh impossible to notice anything else.

This technique is actually an expansion of the Step technique, as it allows the user to outright hide his true self within the clones, as well as hide the true clones. He can even potentially hide his very existence and unless physical contact is done he would be able to remain hidden even if he stood in front of one's very eyes.

This technique is one where all the damage dealt to someone or something is an outright lie. This means that the damage, instead of happening in real time, is hidden and will occur at a later time.

It is similar to the Damage technique. It revolves, usually, around damage as it hides the result of a damaging effect. For example, a kido, cero or whatever could hit a wall and the wall would be perceived as still standing and never destroyed. This technique doesn't only work with damage though, as it can make it so that others perceive something different. It does not change the original nature of something though.

This technique allows Ai to hide the effect of something. It is the only technique that does not follow the requirement of being within 25 meters from him, but it is also the weakest. It allows Ai to hide the very spiritual essence that causes an effect. This does not only hide the look of something, but also its spiritual signature. It can only work on spell-like manifestations that are not tethered to anything.


Bankai Special Ability:

Personal Relationships: To be added
Likes: 1. Sakura petals. 2. The moon. 3. Brunettes.
Dislikes: 1. Red heads. 2. Noble clans. 3. Injustice.
Hobbies: 1. Trying to create the perfect tea based around Sakura petals. 2. Painting. 3. Writing in his diary.
Favorite Food(s): 1. Meat. 2. Sakura tasting food and beverages. 3. Heavy alcohol content wine that tastes soft, sweet and/or savory.
Seretei Communication Column: -

And it all began with a single tear
[/center]You know. It’s not easy to grow, especially alone. You are simply seen as a parasite to the world around you, a result stemming from one singular fact.

You are alone.

At least that was the case until you found her. She is the one who managed to stand besides you, don’t forget that. It is for her that you still strive, even after all those years that they killed her.

excerpt from Kano-san’s diary.

Kano-san lived a rough life. He was born within the Zaraki district and was soon left. Only two years he spent with a mother that he would never see again. She died? She survived? Noone knows. The only thing Kano-san remembers is that destruction would lead him to live a solitary life for a bit.

Around his fourth year in life, he found her. Or more correctly, she found him. She appeared to be around eighteen - looks-wise - as he was brought under her. He would then spend his time learning various things, as he was seen as a sort of pet by her. Alas, Kano-san saw her as his benefactor and thus was enamoured. And it is for that reason, the day she decided she was done with him, that he was thrown out.

Days later, he found out that she died from assassins, but he never got to learn of who she truly was. She was of a noble clan and saw Kano-san as her plaything, but… Who killed her?

Having learnt some basics in regards to swordsmanship and hand to hand combat, he decided to go within the Shinigami Academy. Maybe, just maybe, if he rose within the ranks, then just maybe he could learn who she truly was, why was she killed and possibly avenge the red haired person that had attacked him one day out of nowhere accusing Kano-san for killing his beloved.

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