[BSD-RP] Soul Society: Northeast Seireitei

Joshua Tamashii

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Yuuki followed Shiori as the older looking girl made her way through the streets of the Seireitei. Unlike her companion though, Yuuki wasn't very vocal as they traveled through the walled streets, focusing more on avoiding those they came across and making it to the Fourth Division as quickly as she could. Shiori's yelling would clear the streets and hopefully word would spread, keeping them clear for when Nagahiro-Sensei was transported to the Fourth Division.

While they ran, Yuuki found herself thinking back on what had led to this little 'mission' if one could call it that. The sight of Nagahiro-Sensei laying in a growing pool of her own blood, her body covered in wounds. She didn't understand why a simple spar would go that far. Did this mean that all spars between Shinigami were fought at that level of lethality? Did that mean that if she wanted to train once she got in a squad that it would always be a life-or-death situation?
No. If that was the case, there would never be enough Shinigami to take care of things here and in the World of the Living. That had to be an exception. It just... It just has to be.

Her thoughts so wrapped up in in the image and trying to push the terror it caused her to the back of her head, she almost ran into a group of officers, just barely managing to avoid them with the aid of Shunpo. Shaking her head, she quickly focused on following Shiori again, arriving at the Fourth Division's barracks shortly after her classmate. Again, unlike Shiori, Yuuki took a quieter approach, moving over to someone who looked like a more senior member of the Division.
Nagahiro-Sensei has been serious injured in a sparring match. We have someone bringing her here, but she'll be in need of medical attention as quickly as possible once she arrives. She suffered several serious lacerations all over her body and possibly several broken bones. I didn't get a good look at her condition"
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