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Character Name:
Matias (Lit.神の贈り物: Gift of God) | Ezztli (Lit.血液: Blood) | Zuma (Lit.怒りに眉をひそめる: Frowns in Anger)
Literal Translation: "The Gift of God's Blood Bestows his Anger"

Actual Age: 1280
Physical Age: 26
Race: Arrancar (Natural)
Hollow Type Vasto Lorde
Aspect of Death: Cruelty
Birthday: April 3rd
Gender: Male

Height: 190.5 cm (6'3")
Weight: 481.6kg (180lbs)
Blood Type: O-

Affiliation: Las Noches
Title: Vasto Lorde
Occupation: Nomad
Base of Operations: Hueco Mundo, Forest of Menos, Las Noches

Notable Features:

Vasto Lorde Form: Matias' hollow form is reminiscent of a humanoid figured beetle with eight blade like protrusions extending from its upper back, four of them serving as wings granting the ability of flight and enhanced mobility. The creature is known to utilize these wings in aided airborne evisceration and ranged wind blade like strikes when engaging in combat. Each protrusion capable of withstanding a captain level Shinigami's blade with little to no difficulty in regard to durability. With the mass majority of his body being coated in black, the white boned structure is a striking standout color that coat coats his feet, upper torso, head area, along with a small portion being mixed throughout the structure of its wings as well. The creature wears a shredded loin cloth upon its lower body with no other clothing or concealment being present upon or over its body.​


Arrancar Humanoid Form: Obnoxiously vain and prideful, Matias has absolutely no reserve about himself - holding not an ounce of humility about his abilities nor appearance. The man sports his hair in a locked fashion with shaved sides, a notable dark streak of red locks hanging towards the front - a full connecting beard to boot. He proudly flaunts a shirtless attire, purposely revealing his perfectly lean muscular physique which he accentuates with self-created articles of jewelry. The placement of his jewelry being synonymous to the protective coverings of a scarab. Matias' jewelry, despite taking the appearance of solidified gold, is in fact created from compressed and pressurized sand and sediment in which he often utilizes in battle. Due to its frequent use, the sand in itself has been tainted and imbued with the blood of his victims. This has resulted in Matias holding a lingering strong signature scent of blood upon him.

Upon his lower body he adorns himself in a traditional all white Egyptian Schenti wrapped around the hips with the ends hanging down in folds with an overlaying loin cloth to the front. Both held in place by a black sash around his waist. Despite having his legs covered, he keeps his feet uncovered to remain grounded to the earth beneath his feet. Situated atop of his head like the self-proclaimed king that he so deigns to be, resides two symmetrical horn likes structures protruding upward at both his left and right temple. This fragment is reminiscent of a horned scarab.​

Hollow Void Location: Matias' void is located below his navel.​


Falling into the typical categorization of the Arrancar, Matias is a complete and utter stereotype. Bombastic, vain, and blood thirsty in every sense of the word. The man is outspoken, vulgar, egotistical, and enjoys provoking any who will fall prey to his tactics. He derives a sense of satisfaction in disrupting the flow or mood of an individual, feeling that it grants him a measure of control or power over them. Always upfront, desiring the spotlight Matias refuses to be a background character in any situation that arises, despite the danger or unfavorable circumstances that it may present. When it comes to interaction with others, Matias is purposefully rude and spiteful, only changing up his pace when encountering someone he finds to be equally as perfect and attractive as himself. In situations as such, he becomes very assertive, believing that he can and should quite literally have whatever it is that he desires.

Being well-versed in combat in every sense of the word, when paired with his confidence leaves the man in a constant desire to engage in bloodshed - a lethal opponent. Yet, when in combat the true nature of Matias overflows in abundance, as his sadistic ways take him by the leash guiding him until every bit of morality is lost, as he becomes completely inhumane. Every battle, without exception, becomes unnecessarily brutal and drawn out in overkill, until his foe is left on the brink of death. It is at this point that he begins deriving complete ecstasy from his opponent as he tortures them slowly, often utilizing his sand to cause internal rupturing or crushing them whole slowly but surely until their remains become crushed and compressed merging into the very sands which killed them.

Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength: Vast Spiritual Power
Standing atop of the class of all hollows as the pinnacle of the race, are Vasto Lordes - a title that can be labeled as nothing more than rare and as Matias describes it, destiny. "Some individuals are simply chosen for greatness, to rise at the pinnacle and look down upon the rest who were unable to receive the blessing of the "gods". To lead and oppress freely. As the world clearly belongs to us." With such a title and class, it is only natural that one such as Matias would have far more potential to become far more powerful and capable than his other kin and counterparts. As vast and deep as the sands which shroud the desserts of Hueco Mundo, anyone with even the most basic of sensory capabilities would find themselves spiraling into an abyss of nothingness, unable to detect where it begins or ends - boundless in every sense of the word. Attempting to accurately assess the true depth and vastness of the man's Spiritual Pressure would prove useless and near impossible for any who try, as the variable in itself is truly unknown. The sheer latent potential Matias possessed since his inception, when paired with his centuries of consumption and absorption of hundreds of thousands of not only hollows, but Arrancar, Shinigami, along with a slew of other powerful living organisms he considered worthy taking into himself, have led him to become something simply defined as incomparable. His reserves, albeit massive, consistently fluctuate dependent completely upon his own instinct, enjoyment, and situation - seeming to peak when enjoying the desecration of a near deceased opponent. Despite being unstable in volume and intensity, Matias is still able to be actively reign in or and lift his spiritual pressure when consciously focusing on the matter - an event which due to his rash and impulsive nature, is beyond rare.


His Heirro partners hand in hand with his instinctual and unstable fluctuations of his Spiritual Power, and as such can only be defined as unreliable and inconsistent, completely out of his own control. When in the heat of battle and exhilarated, the Arrancar's Iron Skin seems to become completely inactive, leaving him open and susceptible to any wounds naturally inflicted during that time period. However, it is noted that when pressured and backed into a corner, he goes into an innate instinctive self-preservation "fight or flight" mentality, and his pride and ego are the main components which subconsciously creates a Heirro that becomes near impenetrable, with no conscious or purposeful will on his part.

Due to the ability of his constant release, Matias has no dire need of honing his Heirro or refining it into something consistently reliable, and as such decided instead to improve his defense and resistance by utilizing his sand manipulation abilities to bolster his defenses, while directing the majority of his attention elsewhere. By coating the entirety of his body in a compressed overlaying veiling of his own sand, he is able to emulate his own rendition of the Iron Skin. Capable of easily withstanding and deflecting the swordsmanship of a minimum of five full power physical strikes of Espada ranking 5 and below before having to recreate his protective barrier like encasing. Due to the rather unique Reiryoku subjection and absorption properties of his sand, Matias is also easily able to deflect and absorb Cero Blasts, Kido, and the like without so much as a scratch.​

Sensing Reiryoku: Novice
In his own right, Matias' sensory is fairly inadequate, as he isn't one to actively take the time to assess a situation and patiently seek out his opponent. In fact, the only reason he has any capabilities of sensory whatsoever, is due to the effects of his constant release. By utilizing the sands he controls, he is capable of passively sensing and noting the exact locations and movements of anyone and everyone moving through the field of his vision and throughout the grains of sand he expels and circulates within his vicinity. Although he can read the location of those around him, he is unable to accurately analyze how strong or threatening those said individuals are. In fact, he wouldn't be one to care, as it would be his first nature to jump head in without thought or reservation.

Reiryoku Control: Great Control
Despite having no desire for restraint in any way, shape, or form, Matias actually holds the capability of rather proficient control over his Reiryoku when he deems necessary or feels as if controlled intimidation would bring about more entertainment for him and suffering for his counterpart. When deciding to utilize his energy, he is capable of doing so with speed and relative ease. However, in regard to complete suppression and concealment of his own Spiritual Pressure, he is incapable. In comparison, when emitting his energy in the form of Reiatsu, he has no difficulty in doing so. From holding the capabilities of firing repeated simultaneous multiple Cero, to enhancing his own Cero to matching a Gran Rey Cero - Matias is truly a force to be reckoned with, and the epitome of a true Vasto Lorde.

Reiatsu: Master
With an overabundance of something synonymous to an endless supply of Reiatsu in possession of the Vasto Lorde, comes an equally overwhelmingly terrifying display of power. Matias' Reiatsu can only be described as an inordinate, searing, cascading, concussive force with its only purpose being sheer destruction and lingering torture to all whom reside within its wake. Due to the nature of his person, mass torment and agony are not always fulfilling occurrences if one cannot truly indulge and savor the anguish of his victims through and through. This very reasoning became the gateway to a masterful control of the creature's exertion of Reiatsu. After numerous centuries of altercation and unbridled barbaric utilization of his Reiatsu, the beast had gradually grown disenchanted with the prosaic conducting of mass murders, and monotonous scenes of torture he had been responsible for. Unable to enjoy the individualized prolonged distress of his victims, the brute became aware of his own power, reeling it in and establishing a greater control over time. Albeit requiring quite a notable number of centuries to reel his control in, Matias has become proficient and masterful enough in the art as to where he is capable of individually choosing whom all fall victim to his exertion of Reiatsu despite a massive coverage of the area in his domain.


Reiatsu Colors: Sandy Brown / Blinding White
Reiatsu Effect(s): .
Blinding, Suffocation, Crushing
Reiatsu Type:
Dual Type

Sonido Level: Expert
Matias possesses no critical need to outpace or keep up physically with an individual during battle, and generally controls the tide of battle from a single location. However, should the situation deem it necessary, he is more than capable of displaying a well refined speed, agility, and necessary dexterity required to keep his opponents on edge. Despite holding the capabilities of enhanced movement speeds, Matias typically utilizes pseudo sand mirages or sand figures to outpace and outmaneuver his opponents.
Known Techniques: Chōkasoku

Hand to hand Combat Level: Master

With a seemingly impenetrable exoskeleton and numerous wing like bladed protrusions, any form of close combat with the beast is beyond lethal to say the least, and almost without fail a guaranteed evisceration. The forceful strikes and movements of the creature's external limbs in themselves give rise to sandstorms and innumerable blades of sheer force that both repel and attack anyone careless enough to encroach upon its territory. With its retractable additional external limbs, Matias is capable of utilizing a number of six additional and extendable blade like appendages, Matias is more than capable of engaging and pressuring multiple opponents at once.

Matias' Cero is the same color as his energy—Sandy Brown. Through the proper use of his Reiryoku control, the Vasto Lorde can fire his Cero just as any other being would. The key difference, however, is the strength of this Cero. When Matias intentionally charges his Cero instead of employing his primary methods, the power of his Cero can rival that of a Gran Rey Cero.

Arrancar Form: In opposition to his general bombastic and destructive nature, Matias' signature variation of his Cero is rather unique and composed. Instead of simply emitting a concentrated beam of spiritual energy based on raw devastation, Matias causes the stream of energy to disperse after covering a certain distance, causing the concentrated buildup of compressed particles to scatter like sand instead of creating a blast. This dispersion, although easily mistaken for a failed or weakened Cero, as harmless as it may appear, rapidly erodes those caught in the zone of its coverage both inside and out.

Known Techniques: Cero

Character Appearance(s):


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"Let's dance!"
"What do you taste like? I want to know."
"I don't wanna do that... sounds not fun at all."
"What is chaos for the fly, is normal for the spider."
“How long exactly do you think you can resist my song?”
“You have to agree with me. The cold steel of the metal against your warm insides is just the best, isn't it?!”

La Urraca (Lit. "The Crow"), Gremlin, La Bruja Plumada (Lit. The Feathered Witch), Hechicera de la Noche (Lit. "Night Enchantress"), Diosa de Las Noches (Lit. "Goddess of Las Noches"), La Reyna de las Tinieblas (Lit "The Queen of Darkness"), La Reyna Olvidada (Lit "The Forgotten Queen"), La Bailarina Sangrienta (Lit "The Bloodied Dancer"),

Character Name: Elliora (Lit. God is my Light) Lillit (Lit. Storm Goddess, Spirit of the Night)
Actual Age: Unknown
Physical Age: 4 • 29
Race: Arrancar - Natural
Hollow Type Adjuchas
Aspect of Death: Indulgence
Birthday: November 10
Height: 3'0" • 4'10"
Weight: 365 lbs. • 815 lbs.

Affiliation: Las Noches - Forest Of Menos
Title: Espada
Number: 4 • On the back of her neck.
Fracción: Or De Blas
Base of Operations: Las Noches - Forest of Menos - Hueco Mundo Desert - Catacombs

Notable Features: After her regressive transformation to a more diminutive version of herself, Elliora now stands even smaller than ever before at a stature no taller than a four year old child, her mask has regressed as well, in full display with a broken horn and a large crack down the center. Her violet hair ends at her shoulders in this form, and the "child" dresses herself in a white dress that ends at her knees.
Once the girl transforms to her true form, her petite form grows to 4'10", while smaller than most around her, her wide hips protrude from the side slits of her white gown. Her dark violet hair frames her face and the rest of its length is kept in a loose braid which reaches past her hips. She's described as stunningly beautiful, as her tan skin glistens under the light, irresistibly supple, with a blush on her cheeks. As if she'd never suffered a scratch or scrape, her skin is only adorned with a beauty mark below her left eye.
Hollow Void Location Between her clavicles.

Personality: Like a force of nature, she's unpredictable as they come, calm as the surface of a lake, or tempestuous as a violent cyclone, she can be friendly, approachable, demanding and detached. It all depends on what will bring her the most pleasure in the moment, because that's all she truly wishes for. She goes where she wants, does what she wants without regard to anyone's feelings or desires but her own. Despite this purely chaotic energy of hers, she has a strange sense of loyalty and respect to those she deems worthy of it, regardless of their title or number. She's aggravatingly unreasonable, unreadable, and incorrigible. She lives unapologetically and to the fullest, seeking that final pleasure that awaits everyone. If this wasn’t enough, she’s terribly forgetful, as she has a tendency to purge from her mind anything she seems useless from her memory, be it faces, names, locations, and even memories. This can be exasperating to those around her, as she may forget what to call them, and will end up renaming them or leaving them nicknames that only she addresses them as. She has extremely obsessive tendencies when she finds something or someone that peaks her interest, and will do anything in her power to bring them pleasure.



Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength: Immense Spiritual Power: Being a creature of old, despite her youthful appearance and her refusal to admit a numbered age, she is irrefutably powerful. A power mostly sealed away in her childish form, which limits not only her ability to exert her reiatsu to it's usual mastery, as well as her access to cero, and the normal potency of her wind and fire abilities. Still, due to her craftiness, this does not pose an obstacle as she's still able to deal damage and inconvenience others.

Having lived through many apocalyptic occurrences through her life and through the cannibalism of her fellow hollows, like the final survivor in a Gu, she ultimately came out on top, having feasted on every single ounce of reiryoku of her victims, adding to her already overwhelming power. Elliora has lived comfortably in Hueco Mundo for millennia, as very few had dared come to challenge her. While seeking the ultimate pleasures in life, she cannot deny the pleasure she feels when she exerts even the smallest amounts of her reiryoku for all to see those under its effects squirming by newfound sensations. After having feasted on the liquified remains of several arrancar, Elliora's prowess increased drastically. Waves of her energy feel vast... downright infinite. This change in physiology did not alter the strength of her hierro, but instead accelerated the speed of her regenerative abilities. Even during her time as an adjuchas, her uncontrolled strength resulted in anyone in the vicinity to follow her blindly, and bend to her every whim, allowing her to feast on those allegedly "stronger". Despite having these gargantuan pools of spiritual power, she does not allow it to reign rampant, as she is often one to see how others will act before reacting.

Following the activation of the egg, having been its host for many, many years, eventually becoming a living catalyst to the Cristal Sangriento the moment the Soul King's blood reached the mysterious item and lit her aflame, the woman became a whole other monster. As if though impurities were burned away from her being, like a phoenix turned to ashes before it's rebirth, Elliora emerged stronger and stronger with each time the egg did away with every impurity. This violent and gruesome metamorphosis expanded the woman's abilities to new endless heights.

Plumaje Escalado (規模 羽, [Rom. Kibo Hane] Lit. "Scaled Plumage"): After devouring the former Tres Espada, Aragon Larggarto, Elliora's immeasurable power spike manifests itself in a new type of protective layer for the manic arrancar. While her true hierro remans relatively brittle, and easy to bypass, this newformed outer layer takes the form of scaled feathers, which leads many to believe her hierro. This is not permanent on the arrancar's body, but a technique she's able to employ even outside of her resurrección. This armor like layered plumage is practically invisible, if not for the iridescence at certain angles, and when struck by an attack. Elliora is able to disperse energy based attacks that come in contact with this by ruffling these scaled feathers at high velocities, causing the vibrations mixed with her reiryoku to break the energy attack apart on contact. This ability shines especially when physical objects strike these hardened feathers, as it's capable of snapping a zanpakuto on impact. When focusing this on a part of her body, when she strikes, she is able to crush through even the most dense and alleged indestructible hierro like brittle glass.


Sensing Reiryoku: Master: A lifetime of constant searching, and hunting, and fighting, Elliora has unparalleled, extraordinary capabilities when it comes to pesquia. She is able to detect miniscule amounts of reiryoku, even at great distances. Through many years of using and training this technique, Elliora is able to discern different signatures, even when clustered together for safety, zeroing in on her number of prey, as well as properly gauging their strength by accurately reading their reiryoku and reiatsu prowess. If this wasn't enough, granted by The Witch's zanpakuto and by extension, her resurrección, the wind itself reveals to her the exact whereabouts of her targets, making them easy pickings for the temperamental huntress. Ever muttering so much as a single word, a gasp, or the mere the clicking of one's teeth is enough for her pinpoint someone's location, because after all, all sounds are carried by the wind. Yet, not only sound is the only dead giveaway that makes this so dangerous, as she is quite capable of finding someone by their fragrance alone, no matter the distance. Even when targets are merely standing idly, attempting to suppress their reiryoku does little to nothing to hamper her ungodly ability to find anyone, anywhere, as it goes beyond simply controlling one's reiryoku when attempting to hide from The Feathered Witch.


Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control: Elliora’s control of her spiritual power is unnaturally precise, after all, as a huntress, in a world full of predators and prey, not only has she had to adapt and survive those who were at one point were stronger than her, she had to become completely undetectable to her prey. Her ability to suppress her own reiryoku and by extension, her presence, is second nature to her, and instead has to actively release her reiatsu to make her herself known. After several millennia of training and tempering her skills to sharpen her abilities, she’s able to augment her own physical abilities, such as her hierro, sonido, as well as Cero, and it’s variants. Not only this, but thanks to her dominion over wind, and by enveloping wind around her blades, her opponents become shredded from the inside out as the tempestuous winds under her control burst out violently in miniature tornadoes, incapacitating her opponents, making easy pickings for her to devour and bolster her strength.


Reiatsu: Master
Reiatsu Colors: Purple with iridescence
Reiatsu Shape: Demon Crow
Reiatsu Effect(s): Pleasure - Indulgence - Fearlessness - Scorching
Reiatsu Type: Element Type: Wind - Fire
With a masterful control of her reiryoku, it's a given that Elliora is equally adept at controlling her spiritual pressure. In its initial stages of exposure to her reiatsu, a victim will be subjected to a feeling of pleasure throughout their mind and body, causing difficulty in gathering their thoughts, as their mind becomes increasingly foggy with each passing second, making it difficult not only to move, but to even think and formulate plans. As these effects continue, those trapped in her reiatsu begin to spiraling into the abyss of pleasure, seeking to indulge not only themselves, but Elliora and her whims, as the source of delight they currently experience. These particular effects seem to linger well past her stopping the output of her reiatsu, often resulting in a new addition to her following. With these effects stacking atop one another, the fearlessness seeps in, and victims lose their inhibitions and will act with no regard to their own wellbeing, desiring only to seek what brings them even a modicum of pleasure to the point of self harm or even death, especially if it will bring a smile to the devilish beauty that is Elliora. Due to the former effects on their person, they instead feel gratification as opposed to the natural responses of pain and fear. While the pressure alone is enough to hurt and kill her prey, The Witch seldom uses this method flat out, as it is a quick and rather joyless method of killing in her eyes.

A newfound effect after the digestion of the former espada, the Night Enchantress's winds can now scorch those they touch. It begins as warmth, mixed in with the indulgence and pleasure, this effect can be mistaken as fiery passion, when in actuality, it is heat emanating from her spiritual pressure. While she does not seem to control flames outright, heat builds and increases over time, eventually causing things to catch aflame. Even those lit aflame do not process the reality of being burned alive, as their bodies come to feel pleasure from this, and see the delight in Elliora's face as they do so, furthering their desire to indulge her. A powerful burst from the witch is capable of immediately incinerating anything in it's wake in the blink of an eye.



Zanjutsu Level: Expert: Elliora holds no discernable style of combat, instead she hacks and slashes violently, stabbing any which way she so desires to disembowel her prey. She holds no regard for her own body during these attacks and will even accidentally become collateral damage to her own attacks, though it does nothing to deter her relentless onslaught. Her wild and rather brutish "form" of swordsmanship often causes blood splatter to paint her and her once pristine clothing red, which caused some to eventually dub her La Bailarina Sangrienta, or The Bloodied Dancer.


Sonido Level: Master: It's rumored that her speed is unparalleled and unmatched by those who claim mastery, as she often leaves them scattered in the wind. She moves as swiftly, carried and aided by the currents of wind, as it does not pose any resistance to her, instead guides her path, launching her effortlessly to her destination. She does not tire, nor does she waver in her journey. It's as if the wind itself carries Elliora gracefully through the air until she wills it to stop, moving any which way she so desires. A force of nature at her beck and call, the only give away is the initial sound of her take off from the ground, in a loud booming sound, with the force of a explosion, those nearby are thrust off their feet by the sheer pressure behind Elliora's take off. Speed is never an obstacle for her aim, even in battles, an opponent will be slashed to pieces in the blink of an eye, unable to follow her movements until it is far too late. She even has a devastating technique called Meteorito Devastador, which combines not only her speed, but also her regeneration capabilities.

Known Techniques: Sonido Gemelo.
Meteorito Devastador (壊滅的な流星 [Rom. Kaimetsu-tekina ryūsei] Lit. "Devastating Meteorite"): In tandem with her regeneration capabilities, Elliora launches herself at top speeds, accelerated by the tremendous force of her Sonido and wind thrusting her forward, she builds enough momentum to crash down against the ground or an opponent, causing irreparable damage to the impact site, a sonic boom on impact, earthquakes felt miles away, and a crippling burst of her own reiatsu that incapacitates those within ground zero. While one may be inclined to believe her to be dead, this is where her incredibly rapid regenerative capabilities truly shine. Elliora's hierro and skin will reconstruct in an instant, even as the flames surrounding her burn her small body. Such are the capabilities of her regeneration that the moments after the impact, she speeds more time crawling back to the surface level from the crater, than she does repairing the damage sustained by her kamikaze attack.
Vacío Aéreo(空気 真空, [Rom. Kūki Shinkū] Lit. "Wind Vacuum"): Transcending the speed with which sonido utilizes, Elliora is able to form vacuums of space in the locations she departs, the pull of these, when in close proximity of each other becomes so strong that they are able to tear limb from limb, and even absorb and colapse energy attacks that are caught in these death traps. Having got the idea from Izeel's technology in his attempt to purge his lab from air and sound, the monstorous woman has replicated it and honed it to achieve new levels of damage against any opponents caught in these voids.


Hand to hand Combat Level:
Expert: While not her preferred method of combat, should Elliora ever become disarmed, she's not entirely defenseless, thanks to her evasiveness, durability, hierro, and agility, her small frame is not hindered by her lack of reach, and instead continuously outmaneuvers her opponents to land rapid blows to their bodies, often striking pressure points to incapacitate them.


Skills and Abilities: Decorrer. Cero. Bala. Vagido. High speed regeneration.
Unmatched maneuverability and agility. Heightened instincts and reflexes.
Much like a toxic bird taking on the deadly properties of its diet, The Feathered Witch is able to take on certain properties of her meals, while this does not seem to happen with her prey much weaker than she, but only those in proximity of strength. These manifestations of increased power will reform in her image, albeit changing the color of her feathers and reiatsu. She does not entirely assimilate all the abilities and techniques, but a handful or so, if at all.
Viento Feroz (猛風 [Rom. Mōfū] Lit. "Fierce Wind"): The element of freedom, and the most fitting attribute to the Feathered Witch. Elliora Lillit is able to manipulate the very wind itself to her very whim, while she does not create it, she is never in short supply as it is abundant in any world she decides to visit. She rides the air currents like a fish swims through water, effortlessly. This also helps Elliora lift objects far beyond her physical prowess, as she will manipulate the wind to lift and move it as she pleases, which causes those that witness this to miscalculate her actual strength and become wary of coming near her. She can send condensed currents of wind, reinforced with her reiryoku, towards her opponents that are capable of slicing through hierro, skin, and bone. In actuality, the full extent of her powers with wind manipulation are unknown, as she can fabricate tempestuous winds and tornadoes that engulf and trap whoever she so desires to ensnare. The turbulence of this wind is so powerful in itself that the sheer force slashes their bodies and tears them apart like ragdolls.

Canto de Ave (鳥のさえずり [Rom. Tori no saezuri] Lit. "Birdsong"): Elliora's voice is as charming and alluring as the beautiful song of a bird. This ability truly takes effect after Elliora comes in contact with someone, causing them to become captivated by her voice, urging them to do anything that will bring pleasure or joy to La Diosa De las Noches. While those with true strength may be able to resist the call of her song, something within them strangely, and selfishly, keeps them from landing the killing blow on The Forgotten Queen, as if her mere presence is such a delight to those under her spell that they do not wish to end her existence. This itself is both a gift and a curse to Elliora, as her true goal is to achieve that final pleasure those granted life get to experience. An additional effect of this is how tempting she can be in drawing their darkest desires and pleasures, as per her aspect of death, indulgence, as she presses further on verbally, those enraptured by her willingly divulge to her what they truly desire, initially only going so far as the moment in time, but as she continues on, what they truly long for for themselves.
Fuego Fénix (鳳凰 [Rom. Hō-ō] Lit. "Phoenix Fire"): A recently discovered ability for Elliora, developed after feasting on Aragon, whom once tried to lay claim to her very skies, she now possesses the ability to breathe fire. Unlike the Dragoon's explosive blast, this ability came to manifest by coating her body in flames instead, furthering the image of a phoenix taking flight, claiming domain of the skies. She does not burn when encased in her own flames, but anything that touches her or these flames will burn until nothing but ashes remain. Because of this fiery encasing, which is able to transcend even to her resurrección, her feathers will also take on these burning properties, setting fire to anything they strike. With the addition of her wind, these fires can quickly burst out of control, multiplying infinitely in size in a matter of seconds. While the tiny monster does not have the ability to use her flames in her child form, she does retain the ability to be heat resistant.
Baile Terrestre (土 舞踊, [Rom. Tsuchi Buyō] Lit. "Earthen Dance"): A new gift acquired from a meal of hers, which allows her to phase into solid objects as if she were swimming through them. Bey they stone, glass, wood etc., it matter's not and the creature can insert herself there, even when her power is diminished. This allows her to hide in plain sight, as she is able to completely smother her presence, even able to hide her scent from the area until she resurfaces. There is no limit to this, allowing her to remain hidden in a surface indefinitely.

Equipment: Capa Tenebrosa (闇上着[Rom. Yamiuwagi ] Lit. "Dark Cloak"): Despite it's name, this long cape is white in color, with a purple feathery collar. This heavily weighted cape is meant to hinder movement, while also training and strengthening the muscles of the wearer. Due to it's composition, having been made with hollow physiology, it grants the wearer resistance to damaging energy attacks, like Hado and cero. Additionally, this garments is highly effective in cloaking the reiryoku of the wearer.
Cristal Sangriento (血の結晶 [Rom. Chi no kesshō] Lit. "Bloody Crystal")]: A special and unique crystal composed of concentrated hollows, vile and grotesque energy circulates within it and emanates from this small gem. This gem has proven it's ability not onlyturn hollows to arrancar, but shinigami to vizored, after Elliora ingested the blood of the Soul King, successfully awakening the abilities of this gem. This small and highly dangerous item is currently in the possession of the God King, Maximiliano, after taking it during his encounter with Kassius. While the item was something she had in her possession for many, many years, carefully honing it and feeding it, by not only traveling through worlds in search of strong hollows to add to the mix, going so far as to even decapitate herself and feeding parts of her into this hellish item, any time the item is activated within the dimension she inhabits, she is able to feel it's power awaken, as though it calls to her. She has agreen to leave it in Maximiliano's hands, no longer demanding it's return, having deemed him a worthy protector to this dangerous artifact.

Millians: Originating from Gillians, these miniature fragments are separated souls from the oversized hollows at the beck and call of Elliora. She has a telepathic connection with these, whether she likes it or not. Because of this, she's able to see and hear anything they do, giving her already unbelievable sensing capabilities an even bigger boost, as it previously did not include such a perceptive sight. As seen during Aragon's demonstration in the first arrancar meeting, eating one of these grants a boost of power, replenishing any expensed reiryoku, as well as regenerating any damage. These however, are a double-edged sword, as she can turn these hollows deadly by causing them to burst explosively. These small hollows are also surprisingly fast, as if they were capable of using sonido themselves, but not quite. They travel through the use of their owner's wind, and move as fast as she allows them to. They are also capable of transmitting messages between them, allowing for quick broadcasts or transfer of information between them. The signature of these fragmented gillians is a blend of traces of hers and their own individual signature. Because they are scattered throughout the entirety of Hueco Mundo, Elliora's presence is felt throughout, making it nigh impossible to pinpoint her actual location.

Zanpakuto Name: Talones (かかと [Rom. Kakato] Lit. "Talons")

Zanpakuto Appearance: In its sealed state, Talones takes the form of two modified kukri knives with a silver spine, an ornate line throughout it's length, and dark purple edges. Incredibly sharp, these blades can slice clean through with no resistance, even through bone. They lack sheaths and are usually hidden by her cloak when they are stored against Elliora's back.


Release Word: Vuela
Resurrección: The Feathered Witch releases Talones by stabbing them simultaneously into her back. She does not bleed from this, instead, her spiritual energy bursts from both incisions violently like a pair of wings, before engulfing her and revealing her resurrección.
Resurrección Appearance:

Resurrección Abilities:
High Speed Regeneration increase: As if she wasn't difficult enough to kill, La Urraca's regeneration only becomes exponentially faster in her resurrección. Any damage caused to her hierro, despite it often being a slow process to restore, for Elliora, this is child's play, she purposely neglects it's impenetrability, instead focusing her energy on it's restoration, making it to where her hierro, and by extension any damaged skin, is repaired just as quick as the wound was sustained, going so fast as to be entirely restored as soon as the blade ceases contact with her armored skin, as if nothing ever happened. Though she may delay this while she plays around with her toys, or victims, a sick game for her just to give them a false sense of success, the Feathered Witch seems to always come back from the very brink of death each and every time, like a cursed phoenix. Though she doesn't mind it, as she seems to enjoy her brief dances with death, Elliora will seek out those who make it a possibility for her to experience these sensations. After the ingestion of the remnants of Vincent, her regeneration capabilities skyrocketed drastically, allowing the woman to mend herself from the very brink of death, even when parts of her body are disintegrated, the cells in her body regenerate just as quickly as they are damaged, which makes opponent's devastating blasts appear harmless against her, even when they actively harm her body. This boost in her regenerative abilities is poses a bigger danger during her resurrección as she immediately regrows any feathers plucked from her wings, giving her an endless supply of weapons which she will undoubtedly use to her advantage.

Heightened maneuverability and agility: The wings on her back are not for show, as they supply her with endless weapons and shields. Not only that, these wings work to increase her maneuverability midair, something she already is highly skilled in. These appendages her to easily dodge and evade projectiles sent her way. Even as she rides the currents of wind in one direction, she's quickly able to redirect her trajectory without a second though, to easily outmaneuver any projectiles or enemies following her, thus reappearing behind them and turning the tables on them. In addition to this, her speed also receives a significant boost making her impossible to track via sight as she disappears easily without a trace, though she may purposely leave a feather or two in her wake.

Desplumaje (摘採 [Rom. Tekisai] Lit. "Plucked Feathers"): This resurreccion ability allows Elliora to manipulate her feathers, from shooting them as projectiles, to combining them in hardenable knives or swords. Thanks to her enhanced high speed regeneration, she is never short of feathers for any form of attack, and can make them rain down endlessly on her opponents, as well as manipulate every single feather omnidirectionally. She can even attach these loose feathers to others and grant them their own set of wings. These feathers are as durable as her own hierro and can sustain high amounts of damage and remain unscathed, making them optimal for both offence and defense against her enemies. The sharpness of these feathers is only augmented by the speed in which they travel, making them difficult to evade or catch, thus allowing them to easily slice through hierro, flesh, bones, and any constructs of those beneath her.

Aire Oculto (隠された空気 [Rom. Kakusareta kūki] Lit. "Occult Air"): The Goddess's ace up her sleeve, and pinnacle display of her wind manipulating abilities. She focuses the air around her, encasing herself, not only does this protect her body from projectiles, the wind circulating her is powerful enough to cause blades to bounce off. Yet, this is only a single part of the actual purpose of this technique created by her. The true purpose of the this ability is to force the humidity in the air against her hierro, circulating it endlessly around her. This results in the light to reflect against her, causing her to disappear from sight. Elliora becomes invisible. While she does not maintain this for a prolonged period of time, whether she chooses to or simply cannot is unknown, regardless, this does not hinder her capabilities, and will swiftly put an end to whoever is unfortunate to cross her, as she becomes impossible to find. The difficulty of this technique is enough for Elliora to not employ it without her resurreccion, as it takes quite a bit of concentration to sustain, and the power increase facilitates this.


Cero: Elliora's cero is violet with an iridescent shine, and while she can interchangeably fire it from two locations, she has only been seen to fire one at a time. It is unknown if she's only able to fire one at a time, or can fire both simultaneously. The energy generates over her pelvic bones, and is released upon Elliora's "armed" hip thrusting forward. The cero shoots off at high speeds, leaving behind a trail of destruction in it's wake. The power of this blast is capable of easily killing off lowly hollows, like gillians, but will gravely damage stronger hollow, or even kill them if caught off guard.
Cero Variants: Cerito (小さなゼロ [Rom. Chīsana zero] Lit, "Little Cero"): Fired from the tip of her index finger like a gun, Elliora condenses her cero down to the thinness of a strand of hair, while this does diminish the overall strength, in comparison to her standard cero, the thinness of this mini cero doesn't make it any less dangerous, in fact, with the help of her wind affinity, spiraling gusts of air add to its destructiveness, especially when it perforates bodies, as the wind spirals around it lacerates the body further, stacking over the damaging reiyoku blast.
Cero Plumado (羽毛なし[Rom. Umō nashi] Lit. "Feathered Cero): In resurreccion, Elliora's wings expand wide, where a murder of crows emerges from the dark abyss of her feathers. This murder of crows takes to the skies in a relentless pursuit of their target. These crows are no larger than those found in the world of the living, but as they are composed of Elliora's reiryoku, they will devastate anything in their path, should their target attempt to dodge and evade, they will alter course, the wind itself acting like a guiding system controlled by the Feathered Witch, albeit exponentially dangerous. These individual ceros may also be fused into a single giant crow that will chase it's target until it has been completely obliterated by the sheer power of this attack.


Facts & Trivia: She likes to touch things and is quite handsy.
She's able to mimic any voice she hears.
Elliora's Feather Manipulation is inspired by Hawks from My Hero Academia.
Her hand to hand combat is fashioned after Ty Lee, from the show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Likes: Pleasure. Mind games. Feeling good. Shiny things.
Dislikes: Anyone that interrupts her good time.
Personal Relationships:
Maximiliano Having fought him herself to reestablish herself amongst the strongest, Elliora has accepted his claim to the throne, even so, she will not let him truly rest and will try anything to get under his skin. This is done in an effort to feel the crushing reiatsu again and again, even if it will one day cost the woman her life. One of the few, if not the only person in existence, who she will blindly lead, into battle, something the self preserving woman never did. In offering her a place amongst the Espada, he has given her a new family to replace the old one she has lost. Protective of those she deems strong, she will even cut down anyone who would dare look at the man the wrong way, reactive as if though it is a slight on her person as well.
Or Her first official fraccion upon her return to the table of the Espada, Elliora has a sweet spot for him, as the two are alike in the way that they are often overlooked or underestimated due to their short stature, as well as being unbelievable dumb at first glance. Having witnessed the squirrely boy shove things into his cheeks for storage not only amazed her but also wishes to test the limits of this, so much so that she pursued him until he accepted becoming her fraccion. She will randomly request he fills his cheeks with questionable objects, often resulting in constant bickering between the two when protests her orders. This gives the power dynamic a strange appearance as she appears to be the weaker of the two, causing some to confuse him as the Espada, rather than her.
Elliseo Once one of her most loyal followers, after he went his separate way, choosing to no longer follow her as he always did, Elliora has taken a somewhat bitter approach as he now also sits among the Espada, something she has yet to decide if she truly desires to go after. In a way, she is proud of his desire to sit among the Espada, as it showcases the man's desire for power, rather than simply succumbing to the whims of others, namely her own. Still, should anyone do anything to hurt him, she will aim to end their lives on the spot, no matter how trivial the offense.
Izeel A new "friend" of hers, that while he only seeks to study her and the effects of the crystal on her body, as well as the dead defying survival and her strange transformation to a miniscule version of herself, Elliora thinks of this mad scientists as a friend, and will often make her way to his lab in search of him to play games, or simply to annoy the man as he works by berating him questions or comments, or mixing liquids, in her stomach.

Character Appearance:

(Biography Format by Taichou and Thanatus)
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“I don’t like this…”

“W-we don’t have to fight.”

“Hmph, What’s this called? Willpower?”

“Can your eyes keep up?”


Character Name: Kuvello (Coo-Vey-Oh) Placidé (Plah-See-Day)

Actual Age: Unknown

Physical Age: 14

Race: Arrancar (Natural)

Hollow Type: Adjuchas

Aspect of Death: Fear

Birthday: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 96 lbs

Blood Type: B-


Affiliation: Hueco Mundo

Title: Espada

Number: TBD

Occupation: Spy/Guard

Espada: TBD

Fracción: TBD

Base of Operations: Las Noches/Forest of Menos/Hueco Mundo Desert


Notable Features:

Kuvello’s most notable feature would be his eyes, cat-like in shape, the pupils' slit, and the irises possess a lime-green hue with a white ring around the circumference of each; which seem to possess their own luminosity. This short, young in appearance, Arrancar, with incredibly pale skin possesses ashed brown hair with bright blue tips that are worn swept back but fluffed out on either side of his head and neck. He wears a meager black crop-top that exposes his torso, paired with a plain white haori with sleeves that encompasses the length of his arms and hands.

Hollow Void Location:

Solar Plexus

Numero Location:

On his back, above his hip


Kuvello is a very on-edge individual who constantly wears a scared expression, which is perceived by others to be the reason that he feels weak and yielding as a lower-ranking member of Espada. However, this primal fear is the leading force and drive of his desire to become the strongest and possess a faster reaction time and has always been present since his earliest memories of being a “matured” hollow. Previous to this evolution, Kuvello has no recollection of his life prior to his current stage of development. Despite being ranked as Espada, Kuvello prefers not to engage in battle unless all other options have been explored, however that is not to say he is not capable in the slightest, as he will often guile his opponents into thinking his outward expressions are genuine when in reality he is indifferent or even callous.

When his Resureccion is released, the former personality of Kuvello has stripped away, leaving only a bloodthirsty animal, which relies only on instinct and destruction in its wake. In exchange for power and a dominating presence, Kuvello loses his ability to formulate words, and any auditory that is exuded is limited to screams and grunts.


Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength: Immense Spiritual Power | Reiryoku Control: Master Control

As a being whose gone through the natural evolution of what it means to be a Hollow and achieve the status of Adjuchas, prior to his conversion into an Arrancar, Kuvello is by no means a greenhorn when it comes to controlling his immense reserves of reiryoku down to the most minute of influx. Unbeknownst to even himself, being a seemingly mindless hollow, consuming what ever happened to pass his path, Kuvello's abundance of Spiritual reserves has only grown through the passing centuries, and perhaps millenia. This being said, it should bare no surprise that Kuvello's tenacity, while aguile at service value, is truely a formidable feat in of itself. Able to keep himself going for longer than most of his colleagues in terms of long drawn-out brawls, as rare as they come. This being said, Kuvello’s meek temperament can be attributed to the level of control and level of reiryoku he possesses as unlike other lesser hollows who go on rampage binges to satiate their own hunger, Kuvello can seemingly go decades or even centuries before he gets the primal hunger to slaughter for sustenance. This trait is perhaps a direct influence that can be traced back to his days as a hollow who simply waited for its meals to arrive, much like a carnivorous plant, rather than waste sustenance hunting for prey. In tandem with his knack for control, as well as his strength reserves, Kuvello possesses one of the denser hierros of any fraccion-leveled Arrancar, and unsurprisingly has never seen his own blood as of yet, nor his body been cut from any blade.

Sensing Reiryoku: Mastered Control-

As an absolute means to stay alive, Kuvello’s focus has been to keep tabs on any and all beings around him, weak or strong, in order to keep an edge when it comes to knowing who or what is around as to avoid being jumped. This being said, Kuvello possesses the most potent sensory ability among his peers. Being able to map out a vast region of Hueco Mundo’s Desert, keeping a mental log down to the centimeter of every soul or hollow that exists within the desolate expanse, and in doing so, generating coordinates of “safe areas” in which he can dwell until he is able to move to a more suitable location.

Pesquisa / Índice Radar

Reiatsu Colors: Black and Pink

Reiatsu: Mastered Control-

With being more honed with ranged combat, and boasting the level of control with his reiryoku, it would only make sense that his ability to control, conceal, and manipulate his own reiatsu would follow suit. As well as being able to form cero in his mouth, Kuvello can fire cero from both of his hands simultaneously and release them in accordance with whatever strategy his will for survival would depend on whether it be all at once for one big blast, or in individual “guided” bursts. Kuvello’s level of reiatsu concealment is able to not only camouflage his existence from stronger foes, but also complete erasure should the need arise. In his early days of memory, with the fear of the world around him instilled into his very core, Kuvello would have to quickly adapt and evolve, this meant honing his reiatsu. Notoriously, with his vastly larger than average spiritual prowess reservoir, Kuvello would use his mastery of reiatsu to appear much larger than he really was, this not only neutralized the weaker hollows, but also kept the more developed hollows at bay, causing them to fear Kuvello's bluff in strength to, at the time, appear much stronger than he was. Nowadays, such practises aren't necessarily as common, though to not continue to hone his skills in manipulating his presence would be foolish.

Reiatsu Effect(s): Asphyxia

Much like diving headfirst into a tidal wave, that can be perceived through Kuvello’s reiatsu, the worst begins with the sudden inability to draw in a breath, or even exhale as the sheer density of the Arrancar’s output bears down upon you, many fraccion are unable to even maintain their composure at the slightest expression of his immense measure, and inevitably collapse to their knees before passing out.

Reiatsu Type: Dual-type

Zanjutsu Level: Expert

While possessing what can only be described as an unorthodox weapon, Kuvello’s skill with this zanpakuto is unparalleled in terms of creativity. Because the fishing pole possesses a kido-like line that is capable of extending and shrinking, as well as strengthening at will so long as he remains in contact with its rod, Kuvello uses this weapon like a whip or even a projectile which grants him a larger lethal range, unlike traditional sword users. While keeping his opponents guessing, and sometimes dumbfounded, at first glace, Kuvello's strength in weilding a weapon ultimately stems from his fear of being out played, and while an illogical fear, Kuvello has made it his mission to become strong in hopes of one day becoming a full-fledged master "swordsman".

Sonido Level: Master

While boasting a mastery for sensory as stated prior, as well as being one of the more cowardly, at least in terms of first impression, what better emotion than fear is to drive his once strenuous need for escape than mastering Sonido. Kuvello relies heavily on his ability to cloak his own reiatsu signature and generate up to six after-image clones as a means to distract any threats that mean to cut him down, while he either makes a beeline to save himself or perhaps use the opportunity to kill the threat before they are able to kill him. While fighting honorably is a virtue, Kuvello is no stranger in terms of guerrila fighting. In Kuvello's mind, surviving to fight another day is far better than dying at the hands of an enemy in valor. As one can surmise, being able to retreat is one such way one can avoid death, and in retreating one can only master the ability to move, thus Kuvello's innate ability in what seperates him from other Arrancar would most definately be his masterful and deicieftul usage of Sonido and hopes to one day be unparralelled to anyone in terms of this skill.

Known Techniques:

Gemelos Sonído

Hand-to-Hand Combat Level: Expert

While generally being more of an observer than a fighter persay, Kuvello’s utility in terms of hand-to-hand combat is no more lackluster than his ability in zanjutsu. However, focusing more on ranged combat than up-close and personal brawling, Kuvello’s strength in hand-to-hand, at least outside of resurreccion, is primarily to deliver the final or fatal blow; or to block and parry oncoming barrages of zanpakuto or punches. It is rumored that in combination with Kuvello’s Hierro, as well as his Reiryoku that he is able to fight hoardes upon hordes of hollows and lower-seated shinigami without so much as breaking a sweat.

Cero: Cero Doble / Bala / Gran Rey Cero / Cero Obscura

Color: Pink

Dígitos de Perforación: Kuvello’s own signature move is his ability to charge individual Bala on his fingertips and fire them off like drilling bullets which are able to pierce even the most reinforced of Hierro.

Skills and Abilities: Descorrer | Garganta Broadcast | Gonzui | Negación | High-Speed Regeneration


Immense Durability: With his Hierro and Reirokyu being the main facets of his strength as well as the main factors of his Ressureccion, it could be assumed Kuvello is able to go toe-to-toe with anyone for a duration, even if they may outrank him in battle experience.

Advanced Awareness: Because of his paranoia as well as his masterful ability to sense out beings in a vast area, it would only make sense that Kuvello would possess an awareness for battle senses. Able to read his opponents' moves and sense them out to counter or dodge outright. This isn’t just limited to his need to sense out potential threats, as it allows him to read a room and evaluate the most intelligent move to make next or avoid.


Zanpakuto Name: Corralius

(宝石サンゴ), Corralius; Spanish for "Coral", Japanese for "Precious Stone"; Viz."Ocean Jewel")

Zanpakuto Appearance:


Release Word: “Pegarse, Corralius.” (Adhere Coral.)

Resurrección Appearance:

Kuvello is enveloped in a black and pink sphere of dense reiatsu, similarly in construct to that of a hado 90, before the shell of energy cracks away revealing a dark gray and white anthropoid, possessing a featureless face, with branching outgrowths resembling that of coral stalks and white tendrils that resemble an armored skirt and pants

Resurrección Abilities:


Desove de Coral (珊瑚の産卵[Sango no Sanran] Lit. “Coral Spawning”): In his ressureccion, Kuvello possesses the ability to generate coral spores through contact, in which when adhering to the opponent, begin to drain away the opponent’s Reiryoku at a steady and rapid pace and transfer it to Kuvello. While contact is the main, and in most cases the prefered means of coral generation, once adhered to a host, the coral can also begin to generate airborne spores that can also cling to the opponent in other locations.


Doble Coral (代役珊瑚[Sango no Daiyaku] Lit. “Coral Replication”): What makes his ressureccion so deadly, is not just his ability to drain his opponents dry of their will and strength, but his ability to generate copies of himself that grow much like parasitic infections from the coral, which are able to not only share their energy with Kuvello but also act as their own sustainable energy source having stolen it from the host. These clones are capable of their own thoughts though generally behave much like a hivemind, but are otherwise exact copies of Kuvello.

Reimpresión de coral (翻刻の珊瑚[Sango no Honkoku] Lit. “Coral Reprint”) Through the absorption of one or more of his copies, Kuvello possesses a level of regeneration which is arguably sought after by others of his race, not because of its speed, but because he is able to regenerate internal organs unlike others of his race, so long as his brain remains intact he is able to regenerate any limb, and any organ that may be irreversibly damaged/destroyed. That isn’t to say the speed of his healing is less than average, though it isn't as instantaneous as the common High-Speed Regeneration. This being said, any damage that said copie(s) sustained would also be reflected onto Kuvello, in other words, if both the copy and Kuvello have lost their stomachs, that organ would not be restored, and instead a clone without such damage would need to be absorbed to fully regain the lost or damaged organ.


Facts & Trivia: Kuvello was created with heavy influences from Suzaku from Yu-Yu Hakusho, as well as Zetsu from Naruto Shippuden.

Personal Relationships: None

Likes: Observing, Exploring

Dislikes: Fighting, Killing

Hobbies: Minding his own Business

Favorite Food(s):


Biography: TBA

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