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Application: Nao Murakami


On the heels of the Mad Dog’s oversight and untimely end, numerous rebel groups have popped up throughout the Rukongai, wreaking havoc throughout many districts. Bandits in large waves have spread terror over each village they come across- looting, pillaging, and killing all those that dare defy them. Their sheer numbers at one point were overwhelming, but as of recently, with the Captain-Commander and the Head Lieutenant putting in overtime, the Soul Society has been successful in returning order to the Rukongai— mostly.

There remains one last remaining faction of these rebel groups and they have now resorted to a new tactic, having kidnapped a nobleman the night before and holding him for ransom. In exchange, they ask for an ungodly amount of kan, enough to buy over the nobleman’s entire family three times over. Failure to pay by the next night will result in the nobleman’s death and a promise to follow through with the rest of his family. Other villagers in this district and even aristocrats in surrounding districts refuse to lend a helping hand, whether financially or verbally, in fear of their own lives and families’ lives becoming a target.

The insurgents' actions are successful at increasing their notoriety, drawing more to their cause and perhaps, issuing a new era of Rukongai rebellion if not soon put to rest. As a result, the kidnapped nobleman’s family has come to the Soul Society to ask for assistance, and as a Rukongai matter, the mission has fallen down the totem pole to one of the few capable Shinigami left in the 7th Division- Nao Murakami.


Nao Murakami

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“This is a matter too important to leave to anyone else,” Lieutenant Ise had said during their one-on-one discussion, not long after their meeting with both the delegation from the First and the family of that poor nobleman. Nao had been invited to participate in the official brief at the request of her superior, knowing the seated officer’s deductive capabilities, so that she may get a better grasp on the circumstances surrounding this tragic situation. Nao was thankful for the opportunity, and also appreciative to have found herself under the authority of such a thoughtful, and might she add, intelligent, woman.

It was not a surprise that the Rukongai, to which her Division, the Seventh, was the glue that kept it all together, had gone to absolute shit; a reality that began during the tenure of her previous Captain, the Mad Dog Asakura, and for reasons obvious, persisted after his untimely demise. Though she may have not always agreed with the methods of the now deceased Captain, she held no ill-thought against him, for she respected his authority during the time she’d been bound to it. With his death a dichotomy befell the 7th, and in extension, Nao; the finality of death was a concern to which she gave deep thought, especially in the case of the ex-Captain of the Seventh, an unsettling affair that someone of his strength could fall under such mysterious circumstances. It is said that the night is darkest before dawn, something that Nao has found to be true time and again. The Division was ripe for the turning of a new leaf, a foundation sprouted by the efforts of the Captain Commander and Head Lieutenant Kasumi, a mission to which both Lieutenant Ise and Nao pledged to see through. It was time to rebuild the Seventh, and by doing so, to bring peace to the Rukongai.

The intelligence provided to her regarding the whereabouts of this kidnapped noble proved accurate, confirmed by her immediately as she came out of Shunpo, her frame materializing from nothing. Sabitsura (錆面, Rusted Face), District 64 of the Eastern Rukongai, as marked. It was a faraway place from the Gotei 13, though nothing Nao couldn’t reach within a few steps. She stood before a large complex, multi-storied, her single-eyed gaze taking note of everything present. The degenerates’ nest, the final hive to which Nao’s orders were to exterminate; it had been years since she last had drawn her blade in matters to which she was given license to kill…but was the edge of Umōmaru what the Rukongai needed? An idea yet balancing on the scales of contemplation in Nao’s mind. The sun had begun to set, dulled rays painting the land a lazy orange.

The building’s windows were sealed shut, the immediate area barren, with not a single Soul in sight. The residences nearby at initial glance seemed abandoned, their windows also shuttered, though Nao’s spiritual senses spoke to her a different tale. The people here were scared, living in perpetual fear of those who took to crime. It was a corruption that Nao knew could never be fully eradicated, though she would try none-theless until she could no more. Looking beyond the physical walls of the insurgents’ hideout came just as easy, the spiritual signatures of those within, no matter how faint, painted a colorful and exceedingly informative picture. The inside of the building came into view, one foundational pillar after the next, room after room, until the entire structure became her sight, hundreds of criminals littered throughout. The greatest of the signatures were paired; the room in which they resided formulated in her mind, the walls coming into view as they were painted, the chairs and tables, shelves and weapons, all illuminated. This was where the noble was being kept, alongside the ring-leader, and so this was where Nao needed to be.

Finally, the two signatures she’d sensed from miles away arrived some ways behind her. Their intentions were ever so clear, like reading an open book; they were simply two deprived souls, born into the harsh realities of the Rukongai. She listened to their hearts speak, their souls resonating the youthful desire to become a part of something greater, something thrilling and full of adventure. Ah, poor things…

“Oi, lady, what’re ya doing here?! Are you…a Shinigami?!” One of them muttered.

“Yea Kato, she’s a Shinigami alright…no one said anything about no Shinigami. All’s we heard was about a kidnapping,” the other replied.

Nao stayed put, her back still to the two young ruffians, the large sack of kan still draping over her Shihakusho. She peered up high into the sun-blazed sky, the tail of her ginger hair swept by the oncoming breeze.

“A good beginning makes a good ending.”

Her voice had been soft yet resounding, loud enough for the two to hear, the point driven home.

The two delinquents looked to one another with bewilderment, Nao’s words obviously running way past their understanding. They shrugged and began their ill-intentioned advance towards her.

Nao bowed her head.


Just as the word came crashing down on them, in that fleeting moment, for a mere second, the world around the two brats was lit ablaze; Nao grew into a giant, peering down upon their feebleness just as everything turned into an inferno.


Just like that, reality was returned to them, the two buffoons reeling from the shock of what had happened. Teary eyed and traumatized, they turned tail and ran back from whence they came. Two lives saved, two less corpses to deal with.

Nao took a deep breath, exhaled, a close-lipped, jovial smile forming as her gaze came to meet the barred door leading into the complex…

Listen While You Read

Kyo, the leader of the D-70 Muggers Gang, sat carelessly at the center table of the large space known to be the third and highest floor of their current hideout. In the corner, tied to his seat and blindfolded, the nobleman was slumped over in dehydration. Guarding the door was Kyo’s right-hand man.

“Going to be a big day for us, yea, yea,” Kyo said through bouts of laughter, “Can’t believe they’re going to be paying up a fortune for you.”

The noble groaned, which was all he could muster up.

“You hear that, Jun?! He agrees!!!! Hahaha!!!!”

A long stretch of silence.

“Jun?! Hello?! I’m talking to you?!?!”

No response.

Annoyed, Kyo got up violently, knocking his chair over, and made it across to the sliding white doors. He wasn’t expecting to be pulled by a force he couldn’t see as the door slid open, first backwards and then down, the jarring movements causing the contents of his stomach to rise up into his throat. The seat on which he found himself twirled round and round, skidding across the wooden floor, making its way toward somebody. Every revolution he would catch a glimpse of a red-haired woman seated at the end of the room, legs crossed. As his turns slowed, more of her came to recognize: a Shinigami, one-eyed, smiling, kinda hot, a Zanpakutō at her side…and what was that, a large bag? The kan? His heart was pumping with all kinds of dizziness. His chair came to a screeching halt just shy of the seated Shinigami, face-to face.

Nao watched the unshaven and rather stinking man regain his senses, peering at him in both the physical and spiritual. He was speaking to her on so many levels, she was learning so much about him, the kind smile on her face never leaving. When she thought he was ready, she finally spoke.

“So, we’re here to negotiate the ransom of this poor nobleman behind me.”

The criminal attempted to move, and finally came to realize that he couldn’t. Nao’s eyebrows rose with compassion.

“Yea? There’s no negotiation. You pay, and he goes free!”

Nao shook her head, giving him a heartfelt no.

“Fuck you! Jun! Boys!? HELP ME! COME GET THIS BITCH!!!”

The only response to his outburst was Nao sighing. She let the man come to terms with his circumstances, a puzzle even someone of his caliber could piece together. “Sir…what should I call you?”

Through gritted teeth he responded begrudgingly. “Kyo.”

“Ah, wonderful, Mister Kyo, please let me explain the terms. The nobleman will be set free, and no money will be paid.”

She gave him an opportunity to respond, of which he opted to not.

“Furthermore, you will disband this criminal enterprise, and look to assimilate into a more productive…and less degenerate work.” Nao pondered for a moment that a man of his conviction could make an excellent Shinigami, a thought pulled from her ears as his spit struck the left side of her face. She could feel it dripping down her cheeks, but it didn’t bother her, so she continued to smile. She cleaned up with a handkerchief, and nodded in acknowledgement. It seemed she was going to get to wet her blade after all. She leaned forward, tapped his knee, and said “It was your decision, my dear.”

Just as the words left her mouth, she was already making her way out of the complex, the noble freed and slunk over one shoulder, the ransom money over the other, and the immobilized Kyo dragging in her grasp. When they all made it out, it would come to view that no blood had been spilled; the hundreds of delinquents in Kyo’s employ had been seized and tied up through the use of Bakudō #4. Hainawa (這縄, Crawling Rope; Viz "Slithering Rope"). From his face, it seemed Kyo couldn’t believe it. Oh, this was as real as it got.

Nao tossed the ring-leader, his paralyzed body slamming dead center for all to see. She laid the weakened noble by a nearby tree, and the bag full of kan alongside him, and then calmly made her way back to where she had left Kyo. Some of the neighboring citizens began to make their way out of their homes, weary eyes watching the events unfolding. She gazed down at the grunting man with pity, but alas, the fire of change needed a spark.

“One life to save a thousand.”

The hundreds of gang members watched in silence, an occasional angry outburst heard as she put Kyo on his knees. Nao stepped back behind the black-haired man, ready to take a life. Umōmaru came unsheathed on its own, as if an invisible force had yanked it free of its scabbard. The Zanpakutō glided across the air, over Kyo, and then down to his level, the handle stopping inches from his neck. Nao studied the bewildered crowd as her blade did her bidding.

“Let this be a warning to those who look upon the Gotei, and see a weakened ladder of chaos to climb. There will be no place for crime in the Soul Society; seek to build where you once cared to destroy, seek to help where you once cared to harm. At this moment, many of you may not understand how, and that’s okay. That is why we’re here, the Seventh Division of the Gotei 13, to help you in this endeavor back to a functional path. We will help you…”

Nao gestured at Kyo with a gentle hand.

“...Mister Kyo was given a choice, much like I am giving you now. He chose to remain a criminal, and as such, he will die a criminal.”

Umōmaru glided across Kyo’s neck, slowly, deliberately, the edge of its blade cutting into his throat, red blood gushing out onto the dirt. When the blade’s edge finished its deed, Kyo’s spiritual restraints dissipated, and he fell face first into the ground.

Womp. Womp. Womp.

Umōmaru twirled in the air to rid itself of the criminal's blood, eventually flying back and sheathing itself at Nao’s side with a resounding clank. Gazing upon them with a sympathetic smile, Nao released their restraints, hundreds at a time. Slowly they got up, initially in singles and then dozens, gulps and nods following. Heads began to bow in understanding, whispered words exchanged, eventually the crowds dissipating. It seemed the message had been heard.

With that, Nao grabbed the money, picked up the noble in her arms, and started back toward the center of the Soul Society.

“Hadō #31. Shakkahō.”

Behind her, in the backdrop where Kyo’s lifeless body lay, an explosion of red fire rang. It would be inhumane to leave a corpse lying around. Nao looked down at the young noble in her arms, and smiled warmly.​
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Application: Eizoku Yugameru


The Captain's have made a decision...

Congratulations Eizoku! You advance to round two!

The Captains have unanimously voted for you to skip the scenario portion of the test! Your solo excursions into the Precipice world, have served as adequate proof of your roleplay abilities and demonstrated your thought process clearly. As such, when it becomes available, you will report to the Valley of Screams below.

There you will begin the first post against your opponent Captain Kyomu Mukuro. This fight will take place in-character, and be canon to the Group’s overall story. This means any actions you take may potentially have in-story consequences. Should you fail, it will become in character knowledge that Eizoku attempted and failed to become a Captain. There will be no time limit, but the amount of time you take between posts may factor into the Captain Council’s final evaluation. It is highly encouraged that you showcase the majority of your abilities, including Bankai. That said, you are free to use any means, and take any action, you deem necessary. The fight can be stopped at any point, but is permitted to continue up until the brink of death of either party.
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Application: Nao Murakami


The Captains have reviewed your scenario and reached their verdict...

Congratulations Nao! You advance to the next round!

Your post has demonstrated enough of your roleplay ability to advance you to the second portion of the Captaincy Application. you are to advance to the combat portion of the test. Following Eizoku's test, you will report to the Valley of screams by clicking the portal below.

There you will begin the first post against your opponent Captain Yasu Yugure. This fight will take place in-character, and be canon to the group’s overall story. This means any actions you take may potentially have in-story consequences. Should you fail, it will be common knowledge that Nao attempted and failed to become a Captain. There will be no time limit, but the amount of time you take between posts may factor into the Captain Council’s final evaluation. It is encouraged for you to showcase the majority of your abilities, including Bankai. That said, you are free to use any means, and take any action, you deem necessary. The fight can be stopped at any point, but is permitted to continue up until the brink of death of either party.
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As the storm clouds gathered off the coast of Japan, Signy Hoshi stood resolute in the air above Karakura, acting as both sentinel and defense against the nearing threat. Had it been nothing more than a natural meteorological phenomenon she wouldn’t have batted an eyelash, but the biggest abnormality of the storm was a being that Signy could sense before the storm that housed it even made landfall, while it continued to leave the mortal meteorologists baffled. A hollow dwelled within the eye of the storm, and it was rapidly approaching. While many of Karakura had already evacuated, a large portion of the population was still making preparations, believing themselves to have more time than they truly did. Many plans had already sped through her mind, ranging from creating an obsidian dome around the city to forming lava vents under the ground for the people to seek shelter in. The former would take time and even then, there was no promise that the storm wouldn’t just rip it apart and impale residents with massive shards, while the latter ran the risk of remaining too hot for human life as the lava would need to continue to flow to form a path out of the city and the force of the tornado was more than strong enough to rip them out through the mouths of the vents.

”We can do this, sister. They are counting on us.”

As Shori’s voice filled their mind, a strike of lightning streaked by, so close that Signy could feel the electricity ripple through the air. She had to act now but any action she was to take had to be meticulously thought out. Too much added heat from her lava would only fuel the storm, making it more violent and volatile. She would also have to find a way to the hollow causing this havoc. Though her reiatsu was enough to keep her alive if she were to step into the twister, she was certain her speed lacked just enough for her to get caught up in the wind funnel. Going in from the top would probably get her closer to the hollow, but she required a surface to create her lava so she would still have to land before returning to the skies with her lava. The simpler option would be to go up from the bottom.

With the tornado only mere minutes away from Karakura, Signy pushed off in a shunpo, vanishing from her perch in the air, only to reappear on the outskirts of the city. With her zanpakuto in hand, she gazed upon the spiraling wall of wind before her. Not a word was said, for none were needed as Signy had been both blessed and cursed with a constant release zanpakuto, as she slammed the left head of her ax into the ground below her. Only a guttural battle cry escaped her lips as the ground beneath her feet erupted and churned with molten lava.

”It’s time, girls. Let’s slay this beast.”

The vermilion glow of the lava danced across her bronze bracer, neckpiece, and grieves. The dull flicker giving her amber eyes a hellish appearance as the lava chewed into the soul forming an underground pit, which she quickly sank down into, sealing off the opening with hardened magma, creating a false crust that would hold just long enough for her build up pressure within her makeshift magma chamber. She had to be precise with this for she was walking a very fine line of just enough to propel her up to the hollow and destabilizing the storm as a whole with the heat. Drawing in a deep breath, Signy fully submerged in the lava, the chamber was now entirely full. The deafening sound of the rushing air was just barely audible to her, but still it was enough to know when the funnel itself was positioned over where she lay in wait.


The roar had subsided just enough to signify that she was now under the eye of the storm. Even with the resistance of the lava, Signy had no problem slamming her fist into the crust she’d formed and shattering it, releasing the pressure upward at the same moment she released her reiatsu in a burst of lavender. She’d created an eruption within the circumference of the tornado, making sure to keep the erupting lava tight to her own body. Stray globs of lava threatened to be pulled away by the air speeding around them, but Signy condensed it down to just enough to encase her hands and forearms as she rapidly approached the hollow above her, her right hand outstretched to grab a hold of it.


Her hand just barely caught the creature’s leg, searing the flesh beneath her molten grasp as she pulled it further into the air. As she positioned her feet to come to a full stop, she swung the hollow, sending it flying outside of the city limits of Karakura. This was by no means her solution to the problem though. However, as the hollow skidded to a halt in the air, the storm began to falter without the hollow in the center. A pained howl erupted from the beast as it noticed that some of her lava remained on its being and was burning through the flesh on its leg.

The beast snarled as it lunged at Signy, its claws extended for her throat. Just as it was about to grab her, she swung her right fist around, connecting with its jaw while its claws only managed to mar the turquoise on her neckpiece. As the frightened cries of the humans filled the air, she could feel the hollow’s power growing as they neared Karakura once more and the tornado appeared to expand. The longer she took to defeat this thing, the stronger it would become. She had to get it out of the world of the living fast. The hollow attempted to capitalize on the slight lapse in her attention and lunged at her again. The tips of her fingers solidified into sharp obsidian claws as she impaled the creature on her hand. A wild fury flickered across her eyes as she expanded the obsidian within it, holding it in place as she raised her zanpakuto, opening an entrance to the Dangai.

The beast squirmed and writhed as Signy snapped the obsidian spikes off of her hand, essentially freeing the hollow but only long enough for her to head-butt it with enough force to send it into the opening. As she followed suit, her fingers closed around the Jigokuchō fluttering nearby, effectively severing her quick pass out of the Dangai. The opening promptly closed behind them, cutting the hollow off from its feast of souls and the use of its powers. It sputtered and stumbled, its body stiff from the stone rods that now inhabited it. However that didn’t last long as the creature appeared to crumple in on itself when in reality it was compressing and snapping the obsidian into small enough chunks that it could now move freely. Signy growled at the beast, provoking it as it stood, clenching her right hand that was now bare of lava into a fist.

The hollow lunged at Signy, its claws outstretched once more. This time it managed to grab hold of her right arm as she moved to dodge the attack, its razor sharp claws biting into her flesh. She held back a cry of pain as she gripped its arm with her lava coated left hand. While the beast shrieked it refused to release her. It lashed out at her face; she retaliated by hardening the lava on her hand into obsidian and clamping her hand down, slicing clean through its arm just in time for her to stumble backwards just enough to avoid the brunt of the attack. Signy jumped backwards away from it, shaking the dismembered hand from her forearm. Once free of the limb, the warm trickle of blood forced her to swipe at her face, smearing it across her cheek.

”Almost got me there, heh.”

The hollow charged at her, faster than she would have expected it to be, its remaining fist poised for a strike. Its speed caught Signy off guard and before she could react, its fist made contact with her face. The crunch of her nose under the force seemed to echo in her skull. The lava on her left arm dripped to the ground, spreading exponentially before forming into an obsidian spire aimed directly at its arm. The snap of its bones was music to her ears. An eye for an eye. As it reared back, Signy snapped the spire off of the pool of lava feeding into it and slammed her fist into it, sending it flying at the hollow. As it made contact with the hollow, she shifted its shape to form around the hollow, holding it in place. Taking slow, steady steps, she approached the snarling beast and spat blood out on the ground at its feet.

”I’ll make sure you never step foot in the world of the living ever again.”

Retrieving her zanpakuto from her back, Signy hooked the left head of the ax over the edge of the obsidian trap, turning the inner layer into molten lava that slowly flowed into any open space. Its screams of pain resonated through the Dangai, filling Signy with childlike glee as she walked away from it. However, once only a few meters away, she quickly turned and sprinted at it, jumping into the air with her zanpakuto gripped tightly in both hands. With one final battle cry, she brought her axe down on the hollow’s head with enough force to cleave the beast in two and shatter its mask. Dispersing the lava, the deceased body crumpled to the ground and Signy replaced her zanpakuto on her back.



Suppressing her reiatsu, Signy began her walk out of the Dangai. It didn’t take her as long as she’d actually suspected it would, but it felt like it went on for an eternity due to the pain radiating from her broken nose. As blood poured down her face, she removed her kosode and ripped off the bottom hem, rolling it up and stuffing it in her nose. She involuntarily winced as it pressed against the snapped cartilage. Her eyes squinted as an opening formed before her and the light of the seireitei filtered through.

”I’m so proud of you, sister.”

As Signy stepped onto seireitei ground, the sensation of someone holding her hand washed over her. Deep inside she had felt that she was facing that ordeal alone, but that was never and will never be the case. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and turned her face to the sky.

”We need a freezing cold bath.”