[BSD-RP] Soul Society: Rukongai




Chaos brewed within the Seireitei and now a Kōtotsu charges through the Rukongai, thanks to Kojima-Taicho's message Tenzen finally had an excuse to stop idling around. With everything that had been going on, he opted to remain neutral and tend to the weakening barriers of the Seireitei with the rest of his squad, however, this only proved to be a moot point as they weren't able to keep up with its rapid decline. Not one to waste his efforts Tenzen had long since stopped and not too long after is when he received a message on his Denreishinki. Answering it he received some rather troubling news.
"My fellow Shinigami. A big ass Kokotsu dun' just crashed our little party here in the Rukongai District. Now if you want to leave the head captain and no-brow to their make-out session that would be nice...I could use the help.."
Without a second thought, Tenzen vanished from his post and made his way to Kojima-Taicho's position with all haste. The closer he got the louder the train horn became, the destruction left in its wake became more apparent, the more he pondered on how no one saw or sensed this coming? Surely Division 12 had some sort of monitoring system in place to sniff this out before it even entered Soul Society. Unless they were too occupied by Omnikitsudo surrounding their barracks much like they did Division 5. Tenzen's paranoia and overthinking were starting to get to him when something white falling from the sky caught his eye, Kojima-Taicho's Haori that he cast aside. He moved towards it and placed it in a small cubed barrier. With the barrier hovering above his palm he looked down below to see the inhabitants of the Rukon scattering away from the area in a panic, surely the Haori would have been trampled in the chaos below and to Tenzen it is too prestigious of a garb to be trampled underfoot.
Whilst pondering how he could slow the Kōtotsu he caught a sense of Kojima-Taicho's Reiatsu. He made his way to his location on the drop of a dime, appearing far enough away from him not to be a distraction, and still holding his Haori in the cubed barrier. He arrived in time to watch the Taicho work, observing he could somewhat understand his line of thought, divert the thing underground. For the time being, he figured it would be best to introduce himself to the Taicho and as he inhaled deeply to announce himself he froze. The Taicho already knows he's there so why announce himself? Would it be rude not to say anything at all? Yelling out loud is really a pain and tiring. What if he gets scolded for just watching and doing anything? What if he gets yelled at for taking the time to save his Haori, something that could be replaced while lives were being lost. His mind began to spin wildly before he settled himself down, these thoughts all happening in a matter of three seconds or so before he was calm again. "Tenzen Oda of Division 5 here and ready to assist in any way you need me to!" Was that too formal, to direct? While waiting on a response from the Taicho Tenzen had nothing but time to wonder if his greeting was too awkward or not, winding up a knot of anxiety in his gut the entire time.




As Rin made her way to the rooftops of the Seireitei’s buildings, with each step she would vanish from the rooftop she was on to the next building. Her shunpo movements were quick and fluid, making it appear as simple steps each time she appeared on a new rooftop. With haste after receiving Captain Kojima’s message, she was making rapid movement from the northwest part of the seireitei, all the way to the southern wall that led to the Rukongai . As the Horizon crested and Rin could see past the walls, her eyes widened at the sight of the massive Kōtotsu, ”I-I’ve never seen on so big…” she whispered to herself as she began taking wider strides as she began to see the path of destruction that was being caused.
In the distance, Rin noticed a Haori waving in the wind about half a mile away from the destruction, ”That must be where Captain Kojima is…” with one more great burst, Rin popped up beside Captain Kojima, ”Rin Takenashi, Squad 11, here to help.” she kept her introduction short as she looked over and saw another Shinigami with the captain. "Tenzen Oda of Division 5 here and ready to assist in any way you need me to!" Rin just gave a half look towards Tenzen with her good eye before turning back towards the destructive path of the Kōtotsu. ”Will driving that underground really work? Or is that just a temporary fix…” Rin gave her gloves a quick tug to make sure they were secure as she started to get excited at the idea of just tearing that thing in half one foot at a time. Respectfully, she awaited Captain Kojima’s orders before making any further actions.





Arrival from Central Seireitei » Rokungai
Despite the fact that the Shinigami should be on the same side, regardless of their division, there was rarely situations in which the entirety of the Seireitei would stand together. There was too much personal ideals and conflicts that would rupture the possibility of a unified Shinigami. Be it exaggerated confidence due to their heritage or a sense of duty that was far too developed. Perhaps it was simply the individual’s own personality that caused conflicts with others, or they knew no better, simply following orders from their superiors, there were countless possibilities for why exactly there was such a division. However, even in the face of all of these issues and differences, should a threat arise that would prove itself dangerous enough to warrant the attention and unification of the Shinigami, that would be a sight to behold. A rarity on it’s own and temporary only.
Nibui himself, as many times before, he couldn’t sense any near him while he made his way to the Rokungai, where the beast had begun it’s path of carnage. Other than the beast itself, the most notable feature of the event was the building sized fist that had been launched from, someone. He couldn’t sense the source, that was his own personal issue but he could see them soon after the departure of the fist. Maho Kojima, Captain of the Ninth division, being a Captain was enough for Nibui to respect the individual, whether he would like them would be determined with their first interaction. Regardless, this was no time to worry about such things. Moments before his arrival, two different bodies had made themselves present, one he was not familiar with but had been spotted around the Seireitei in previous years, the second was of the Eleventh, his own division. It seemed she had not listened to his words either, but it would be forgiven, considering the situation. The same could not be said for the other member of the Eleventh that had been neglectful of his position.
His arrival was abrupt but mostly silent, his image appearing a couple of feet from Maho, the other two Shinigami flanking the Lieutenant of the Eleventh and the Captain of the Ninth at this moment. Beside Maho, the two seemed to be idle, Nibui was not all too acclimated with capabilities of Tenzen Oda, but Rin was a different story, he was more than aware of the woman’s abilities. With his knowledge of her and being her superior, it was his place to leave her with at least some command. Would it be the correct one? He wasn’t confident that it would be but regardless, how would he know without sticking to it?
”Rin, our skill set is not dedicated to dealing with this sort of creature but we have to do something. Take care of those in the surroundings that cannot take care of themselves, pull them from the path of the Kōtotsu..”
Following his command to Rin, his gaze turned toward the other male that had joined Captain Maho. The height difference between the two was quite the sum but by this point, someone like Nibui was by far used to such a sight, most Shinigami stood multiple inches over him and possessed larger frames but still, he held his rank for a reason. Once again, he spoke, his tone was clear, concise, but there was a sense of urgency and unease that could be felt by those more perceptive. There was no point in trying to hide such a fact.
”You too. If you have nothing to contribute at this very moment, I suggest you assist the others in escorting those weaker and incapable of making their own escape. If you are more suited for containing or delaying this creature then do so with your own judgement. And this goes for both of you, do not let your blade or your body come into direct contact with the body of this Kōtotsu.
Whether or not Captain Maho had other ideas was another factor, he could voice them as he wished but at this moment, Nibui had left the two with a task. All that was left was for he himself to take action. What was uttered toward Rin was no lie. Nibui was not suited for such situations, but he would have to make due with what he could. Taking example from what he could perceive of Captain Maho’s own course of action, he planned accordingly, in the hopes of assisting the already in motion idea or by adding atop it.
A moment passed following the orders that were given and without hesitation, a single word was uttered, quietly but completely audible to those that were in his vicinity.
As he spoke, his previously hidden right hand was placed to the centre of the hilt of Jubokko, the blade being drawn from the scabbard that adorned the Lieutenant’s back. The moment in which the blade was completely drawn and the word was finalized in tandem, the entire being of the blade seemed to petrify into a wooden form, lacking of any definition that would set it apart as a blade. Instead, it seemed to become that of a practice sword, a bokken, although it yet resembled a branch as well. Along the body of this supposed bokken, what resembled an artery, or vein, extended from the very base of the hilt to the very tip of the blade, it seemed engraved into the wood rather than painted or burnt into it. Along this vein, it would branch off to the sides in a few sections, where it lead to a leaf of a clear crimson hue along each of these branching paths. Unseen among even the trees during the Autumn seasons.
Concurrently to the change of his blade, the upper half of his Shihakushō had been pried to hang down by his hips by something. Upon closer inspection and eventually, quite obviously, there was a bark that seemed to spread and grow along the short stature of the Lieutenant. This wooden bark, from what was visible, had covered a majority of his torso, arms and neck, even encroaching along his face as tendrils of bark licked up along his jawline and cheeks.

However, there was another aspect to his Bankai that was a little less, discrete. The floor beneath them had completely been altered, as if reality itself had changed it on a whim. Whatever was beneath their feet before, be it a road, dirt or grass, for as far as the eye could see, there was white. Sand? No.. Shells? Again, no.. This was an endless sea of fragmented and shattered bones of various shapes, sizes and origin. The land beneath had changed but the effects of the Captain’s plan had persisted, they were still very much within the same plane. All the buildings remained and for the most part, everything seemed to be the same, except the ground and Nibui himself. For the most part. Behind the group, there was another foreign entity. A tree, roughly twelve feet in height, it’s shape odd and gnarled, resembling that of a bonsai tree than anything else. The leaves, shared the same crimson tint that was presented by those along his blade, the body of the tree, it’s bark and wood in all bore the same tint as the bark that adorned the male’s body and the blade itself. This was Jubokko.
Following his call for his Bankai and it’s realization, Nibui remained motionless, for the most part he could do very little with his own body but Jubokko would be the one capable of taking charge in such a situation. Beneath the group and in the depths of the bonefield, there writhed and thrived roots of vast amounts and abnormal sizes. Despite the composition of the new surroundings, there was an odd stability beneath the surface, the density of the material being mashed together forming a more concrete landmass. Beneath the surface, the roots thrashed and wrought havoc among the surrounding underground. To those that could perceive the happenings beneath, it would seem as though it were random initially, at least until the roots began to converge under the area affected by the impact and further tampering by Maho’s fist. These roots would begin to tear at the land beneath, the already shattered portion, adding to the distance covered by the fist.
He wasn’t all too sure if this would allow for some success but at the moment he would have to stick to the plan. During this effort of his, he had made a conscious effort to keep the roots out of reach of the Kōtotsu, he wasn’t sure how exactly they would interact but the risk at the moment wasn’t worth it, perhaps someone else would discover a method worth utilizing to put an end to the rampage of such a destructive force.




Traveling from Soul Society: Southeast Seireitei -> Rukongai Districts
His image blurred in, Jinnosuke was now here. His reaitsu would immediately be felt by those with a sense for it. From the second he burst into the area, he could see Captain Kojima mid swing, and Lt Nibui was in his Bankai. Really, something called for a Bankai so early, Impressive. However he was not interested in seeing what his Division was doing, He knew Captain Kojima had the right idea. Rather quickly Jinnosuke would start to swell with his own pressure, his muscles now bulging, yet at the same time striations started to form over them crisscrossing the muscle, tripling his physical capabilities now as his entire body circulated with Reaitsu through expanded blood vessels. He was now larger in size as well. His body throbbing and vein covered as it super sized itself in strength.

Yeah why not go all out, This is what is was all about, Shinigami working together to stop threats daring to come between them and a peaceful afterlife. Although it seemed like they had a grasp on the situation. Something bothered Jinnosuke, Why was the Kototsu suddenly attacking like this, or was something even larger plotting against them. No matter, he would help the only way he knew how. He would sanction a custom 11th Division road block, Just in case this thing didn't wanna go down the hole. Jinnosuke would notice a few other 11th Division members showing up behind him. Unseated lads and lasses that were a little awestruck at the enormity of the situation.
He would look at them and immediately tell them to Shunpo around the area and clear out anyone they find, dead or alive. To bring them as far away from the situation as they could and to find them help afterwards. Jinnosuke would then take his heaping pile of steel and swing it around before summoning an even larger amount of Reiatsu. To the point where he and his Zanpakuto's Reiryoku were manifesting as purple and black shock waves around there body. Shattering rocks and crumbling buildings as the lower seated members vanished into the buildings to do as he asked.
It would be here that he took his Zanpakuto into his left hand and tossed it over to his right hand. Laughing a bit as he swung it to the side. The after shock of his right handed swing sent large crack slicing through the direction of the blades massive arch. It shot a cloud of dust into the air that snapped away in a second after he twisted his body around and focused the massive power up into a single attack. Suddenly the unseated members of the 11th Division that he send out rushed passed him, a few carrying shinigami bodies the others carrying regular soul citizen bodies. He thought of all the people in Rukongai that might of met their fate to this thing and all of a sudden the ground underneath him cracked open several feet as he shot into the air.
Jinnosuke saw them all make it well out of the way. As he started to spin and increase his velocity with each rotation, This was a custom spin (no pun intended) on his self proclaimed legendary and very lethal attack. " MAYONAKA NO SUTOROKUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! " The last syllable he howled out into the air. Mayonaka no Sutorōku (Stroke of Midnight) By twisting his entire body and focusing all of his strength into a downward arc, Jinnosuke can create a pummeling blow that is perfect for his sealed Zanpakuto. A bludgeoning strike that has no special indicators or vocal components. This peculiarity is due to a swirling vortex of negative pressure and the Reiatsu that gathers around Ikari during the lightning quick movement, displacing objects around it as if the weapon itself were thicker and blunter than it actually is. Material—living or otherwise—struck by the Mayonaka no Sutorōku is crushed, not cut, and the force of the impact is so strong that it can invert the side of a reinforced bunker in an instant. Shrapnel and debris from such a strike could likely be found miles away.
This in tandem with the other powerful Shinigami's Attacks would surely be enough to halt or slow this creature down right? As his attack smashed into the ground it would increase the depth and radius of the hole Captain Kojima had originally started to make. This along with the unknown help of others would surely create a massive hasty made cage for this beast. Then it would down on Jinnosuke. " Hey! Get those Kido People out here and try and bind this thing with barriers or some other evil magic! " He would shout to the nearby Shinigami of the 11th Division, Who shouted out their reply and vanished off to relay this information to Lt Ueki and to Rin, as well as To Captain Kojima, Tenzen Oda and the other shinigami in the area that Jinnosuke might not be Familiar with.




Many had come, but few had taken action. Moving at the speed of a freight train, the Kototsu would leave any behind who did not spring into action or anticipate the beast’s trajectory. It seemed three particularly powerful Shinigami had come to the same conclusion, and worked to bury the unstoppable. Captain Maho, of Ninth Division, tasked with protecting the Seireitei, finally decided to do his job. As he arrived, the Kototsu did not slow, nor show any sign of recognition or intelligence. Was the creature even Sentient? Or was it simply an organic tool meant to clear the rabble from the Precipice world? If so, what would a mindless tool do now without its function, having broken free of the cogs of its creation?
Gliding across the surface of the soul society, entire towns, buildings, souls, all composed of Reishi, found themselves turning to dust as they are sucked towards the massive Kototsu. As it moves, it buries itself deeper and deeper, a small crater forming as the very earth beneath it is converted to reishi and absorbed. However, the longer it exists, the more it absorbs, and the faster it becomes. Time is of the essence, not only to save lives, but to stop the thing from crashing into the walls of the Seireitei.
Luckily Captain Kojima has a plan.
His massive fist crashes into the earth, tunneling its way through the infinitely deep. Forming a massive canyon beneath the surface of the Soul Society, it is only a matter of time before the creature’s massive weight and ground-absorbing properties cause it to plummet. As it moves, the ground cracks, and weakens. Finally, it gives in, caving inwards, the back of the Kototsu drops, but its momentum keeps it from falling completely. It charges on, its speed allowing it to move as quickly as the ground beneath it falls.
Then arrives Lieutenant Ueki. Wasting no time, the Lieutenant goes Bankai. Thrusting his roots into the cavernous drop, the bloody-thirsty spirals of wood pull and tear, slither their way into crevices and expand. With the Roots further weakening the ground, the area beneath the Kototsu finally crumbles at a rate faster than it can lunge forward. The ground finally collapses, as the mass of Tendrils goes plummeting into the dark.
However, the moment the creature feels its momentum head downwards, it begins to grow. Its girth expands until its body presses up against the sides of the newly formed canyon. While the hole dug appeared to be endlessly deep, its radius was not endlessly wide. The Kototsu, malleable, built to adapt to the size and shape of the ever-changing tunnels of the Dangai, simply grows. With its sides pressed against the walls of the canyon, it continues its path forward, its speed never once faltering, and only continuing to increase. As its body absorbs the sides of the canyon walls, it grows to compensate for what it took. While its body grows however, its speed does not. Showing some form of consciousness, as it has deliberately chosen to allocate the absorbed Reishi to a different purpose. Still, this is hardly a problem for the Kototsu, as even without an increase in speed, its current rate is already such that only those practiced in shunpo can hope to keep up with it. Any hesitation, any chance of stopping, and they would be left in the dust.
Finally, Jinnosuke arrives.
With his mighty blow, he eradicates the walls of the Canyon, and increases in width what Maho developed in depth. The canyon becomes a crater, and the Kototsu has nothing left to clutch to as it plummets into the darkness. For a time, things are silent. No trace of the Kototsu can be found miles deep into the earth as it is. Perhaps the creature died when it hit the imperceivable end of the abyss. Certainly the carnage caused by its travels was gone, the Reishi absorption seemingly ceased.
For a time, that was the case.
Now, six miles closer to the walls of the Seireitei, an earthquake occurs. The earth begins to crack, a sinkhole forming two hundred feet wide. Until, the ground caves in, and anything above falls below. This destruction forms a path, growing and growing in length. Though the Kototsu is out of sight, and now, out of reach, its threat remains. Buildings fall into themselves, people run for help, as a massive crevice cuts through the Rukongai. The Path of the Kototsu so deep below only weakens the foundation of the earth, causing now entire towns to fall inwards and plummet into the abyss.
How deep was the creature now? What was its angle of approach? Would it resurface? Was it deep enough to dig beneath the walls of the Seireitei? How could it now be reached? All questions, with no time to think. Those observant enough would see that the speed in which this path of destruction formed, continues to increase. This could only mean that the Kototsu had stopped growing, and was now absorbing the Reishi of the earth dozens of miles below the Soul Society. Its path unhindered, its consumption unending. It was given an all it can eat buffet, and the safety of seclusion from the Shinigami. What now might the unified forces of the Seireitei do? Not only must they stop the beast, but now they must find a way to reach it.