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“Pathetic- is that really your maximum output?”

“Legends never die, don’t believe me? Come and find out!”

"I'm shifting discs like it's tectonic!"

“God has never played his role, 'cause I'm the one who saves my soul.”



Ōgoe-de (大声で; “Loud Mouth), Yarite (やり手; “Hot Shot”), Gōman (傲慢; “Arrogant”), Battōsai (抜刀斎; The word "Battou" is the act of unsheathing the sword and "sai" is part of a name which is usually assigned to a samurai)

Character Name: Ketsu (勝利 “Victorious”) Munetoshi (宗寿, 宗 means "ancestor" 寿 means "long life")
Actual Age: 289 years
Physical Age: Late teens, early twenties
Race: Soul
Birthday: February 1st
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1
Weight: 156 pounds
Blood Type: AB+


Affiliation: Seretei/ Soul Society
Profession: Shinigami
Title: 11th; Unseated
Position: Unseated; 11th Division
Division: 11th
Base of Operations: Seretei/ Soul Society/ Division HQ (11th)




Notable Features: Ketsu is known to always be styled in his Shinigami robes with his own added flair to the outfit, the kimono being sleeveless, the pants being baggy and a white sash around his waist to hold his sword in place. He sports white hair with a few cotton candy pink streaks at its crown that lays disheveled around his head, hanging low over his eyes, which are thin, purple in colour, and heavily lidded. Ketsu is nothing short of a pretty-boy. His skin is flawless and fair, though his back is covered in various tattoo's. He is quite tall and somewhat lanky, standing just below 6'2 and weighing around 156 pounds.

Personality: To sum up Ketsu in one word, "Arrogant" is usually what comes to mind. Having been gifted with natural talent and skill, Ketsu already knew he was better than everyone before he'd even reached the Academy. He doesn't think much of anyone outside of his division. No one had peaked his interest and those who did usually reaffirmed their existence as failures in his eyes, soon or later. Ketsu is a prideful and haughty creature, always looking down at others and taking curt, deep-cutting jabs at those who dare waste his time. He makes a habit out of being cynical and pessimistic of others he doesn't see as equals. Having done this most of his life, pessimism has been ground into Ketsu’s bones. His eyes maintain a skeptical glare and his mouth find relief in a conceited smile almost as if it was natural, to begin with. It takes a lot to catch Ketsu’s attention, more so to keep it. However, when this does happen, rare as it is, Ketsu becomes obsessed. What will they do next? How will they deal with this? What type of person are they? Who can they become? How can I meddle? These questions and plenty more float around in Ketsu’s enthralled mind and sometimes it become unhealthy, almost to the point of stalker-esque fascination. Finding someone who can match his wavelength, someone who he can never take his eyes off of, someone who wows him at every turn and keeps him on his toes, someone who will forever engage him, that's Ketsu’s dream, along with a few others.


Relatives: The Munetoshi: The Munetoshi is known for the Numbers of Shinigami they assist from the Rukongai into proper training within the family compound only to head off to the academy to join the ranks of the Shinigami in the name of the seiritei. The Family has a knack for finding and breeding just the right Shinigami and souls to benefit the Shinigami in numbers and set of powers, many past family members raising to rank of captains and lieutenants and have played significant roles in the seiritei in the past, which has raised the family to their status.

Ketsu has several siblings both older and younger. He is the twin brother of Yua Munetoshi. His father is Kairyuko and his mother is Annaisha. He has several siblings the most notable being Aiya, one of his younger siblings, and Yuki his adopted younger sister.


Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Power Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control

As a powerful member in 11th Division, Ketsu possesses immense amounts of Spiritual Power. His presence can be felt throughout the entire Seretei when he actually releases his immense concentration of spiritual power. His spiritual power in the league of Captains in its immensity, but different in the effects it casts once moulded into Reiatsu. He has a high degree of spiritual power and a good understanding of how to utilize it. He is able to reinforce and coat his blade enough to obliterate hollows in a single slash and can infuse his power into other Shinigami Arts. For defence, he can also apply a coating of Spiritual power to his body to protect himself from attacks. He possesses enough Spiritual Power that he can use various techniques, even high-level ones, consecutively without exhausting his energy reserves that he can utilize alongside reinforced physical applications. He understands the essence of spiritual power and possesses masterful control over it. He understands the nature of how to make it flow throughout his entire body, allowing him to freely manipulate it as a part of his close combat arsenal. He has a high understanding of how spiritual power and techniques work to a complex level. Ketsu is capable of manipulating it to hide his residuals or imbuing power into his Zanpakuto among other applications. He's also able to read the flow of spiritual power of other Spiritually Aware beings without any difficulty. He is famous for being able to battle for extended periods of time with his high reserves of spiritual power.

He grew to such a level to simply aid his goals in wanting to be a Captain someday. He wanted to passively know the location of those around his radius, expanding the width of his reach ever further the more he trained. He did just that, getting so well with it in fact he could detect if two completely separate signatures were related. He additionally wanted a mastered control so as to aid in his combative arsenal; needing to land explosive, ground shattering attacks on foes; whilst also maintaining it for an extended period of time; yet still being able to effectively defend himself even in the middle of an attack.

His ever-growing fascination accumulated the day he started the academy, instantly knowing it would be a key tool within his repertoire and trained relentlessly, even in some harsh, and possible dangerous circumstances, just to increase his cutting power to absurd levels, maintain a heavily defence, and continuously fight over a vast amount of time. He grew and fed his ambitions and power to such an extent that his control became second nature to Ketsu, always imbuing his physical attacks with spiritual power while constantly keeping a veil of defence. This is probably why he’s so moody, always having to constantly use his insanely mastered level during combat until eventually exhausting himself.

Sensing Reiryoku: Master

Ketsu is able to hone in and read the spiritual power signatures of other spiritually aware beings without any difficulty or concentration. He freely knows where those who aren’t concealing their power are, and can pin point their exact whereabouts in short spaces of time. He can track said spiritually aware beings; Visoreds; Hollows; Arrancar; Fellow Shinigami; Quincy; Fullbringers; Pluses; Jibakurei; Tsukirei; standard to high level Hollows as well as basic Souls. Ketsu can also read and differentiate between the various Reiryoku Patterns of Spiritual Beings and analysing their strength and Reiatsu level with refined practise. He can able to capitalize on this ability during combat, detecting attacks from enemies faster and with much more ease than those beneath the Master rank.

Ketsu can also notice small, vague differences in spiritual power in addition to its overall amount. Such as non-Shinigami beings. He can effectively observe how spiritual power fluctuates as someone fights, an effective tool he uses to judge someone's overall strength and skill level.

He wanted to know everyone's exact whereabouts all of the time, getting to such a degree he passively tracked their signatures and could even still follow them during times he was sleeping. If he focuses on specific signatures or individuals, it can feel as if he was standing right beside them. It freaks him out sometimes in fact, his own mastery taking him aback.

During his Academy days he made sure to train rigorously in this area, wanting expertise control and mastery over his senses. He got to a level where he started attending late to practical lessons or missions during both his academy days, and Division missions, yet still managed to find them even after they left the designated meeting spot. It often freaked others out, but he couldn’t care less. He uses his mastery to find those in need and get there pronto to fight the enemies in a jiffy.


Reiatsu: Master

Rattling around within Ketsu, like a Mountain having an avalanche, his Reiatsu bursts around him, enveloping the figure within a thick veil of the dark purple power. It is similar to how an avalanche happens, with waves of his incredible power washing over and shrouding him, thrashing and tearing at his surroundings.

When utilizing his dangerous power, Ketsu’s presence can be felt throughout the entire Seretei when he actually releases his immense concentrated and dense amount of Spiritual Pressure. It thrashes around the vicinity that Ketsu stands within, eating at the surface and surrounding area along with anyone within it almost like an earthquake. He is a Captain level opponent with his Reiatsu alone, thus anyone with weaker Reiatsu than him easily fall under his concussive power and are eaten away by the sheer force of his own Reiatsu. He wields three effects thanks to his mastery over Reiatsu, although most that come into contact with a Reiatsu releasing Ketsu barely manage to survive long enough to actually be inflicted with said effects.

Reiatsu Colors: Black w/ Dark Purple Outline

Reiatsu Shape: A looming ghost that towards over Ketsu and holds him within its left palm.

(Picture something like this)

Reiatsu Effect(s):

Ketsu’s Reiatsu has been known to knock the wind out of lesser Shinigami than himself when he flexes. Even on someone that is the same, or even higher, level as himself he can shake said person to their core.

Damage: If Ketsu releases enough Reiatsu, it can cause powerful shockwaves to those under his Reiatsu, ripping them apart on the spot.

Paralysis: When Ketsu chooses, he can paralyze and stun an enemy just by focusing his absurdly powerful pressure through his presence alone. When paired with his ‘Shocking’ and ‘Damage’ effects, Ketsu can certainly become an unstoppable force to those beneath his level of Reiatsu wielding prowess.

Reiatsu Type: Standard


Zanjutsu Level: Master Swordsman

An intimidating Master Swordsman with formidable strength, considered an artist with his blade, Ketsu has ensured his powerful status in the 11th with his incredible might. He had dedicated hundreds of years to his training of Zanjustu, probably training for more than half the time he’s existed in fact. Ketsu, being associated with the 11th Division, is one of strongest swordsman in the Seireitei, having almost unparalleled skill with his Zanpakuto compared to anyone outside of his division. His supreme mastery of swordsmanship allows him to precisely manoeuvre his blade even mid swing, able to stop and alter the course of his attacks with little to no conscious effort on his end. Each slash, strike, and jab Ketsu performs is undoubtfully baleful and precise, always lined up to the vitals points and weaknesses of whatever falls under the explosive, mighty swipe of his blade, cutting down all obstacles with absolute certainty.

Ketsu has demonstrated immense skill as a swordsman with his Zanpakuto. His swordsmanship is extremely versatile, from destroying entire dozens of Menos Grande at once and giant blockades with immense power, using Iaidō (居合道) Conjoined with Kendō (剣道, lit. "Way of the Sword"), to being able to deflect the course of Kidō spells with masterful and graceful precision using Iaijutsu (居合術). He is also able to cut through steel with immense ease and swiftness like it’s a sheet of paper. He’s so masterfully versed with his blade, that a target could perceive him either drawing or sheathing his blade, and then a mere moment later has already quickly delivered dozens of lethal attacks, lacerations slowly spreading across the foes’ body before they finally collapse and explode in a puddle of blood and body parts, the unregistered attack finally catching up to them, as if it had since moved quicker than the brain could perceive.

The focus-point of his style is enabling him to move at "Godspeed" to its fullest, striking and running about at speeds so immense and suddenly that he routinely outpaces the human eye and even dodges gatling Kidō fire. His signature skill in battle is the Battōjutsu, where his mastery of this skill and reputation for defeating his foes in a single blow earned him the moniker, Battōsai. In the unlikely event his first strike misses his enemies, Ketsu is equally adapt in Iaijutsu (居合術), fending off attacks his opponents may launch, able to use his swordplay to instantly unleash a devastating blow, making it almost impossible to beat him once he takes the battojutsu stance.

Should Battōjutsu fail, Ketsu is able to engage in prolonged battles, using a variety of techniques, enabling him to fight practically assault. With his slim and light frame, he is noticeably agile, able to use his environment to his advantage, flipping about and jumping off the terrain to confuse his foe and find an opening, even running across walls.

Known Techniques: Shitonegaeshi, Hitotsume: Nadegirii, Hōzan Kenbui

Hohō Level:

Ketsu is capable of performing fast movements, able to maintain this technique for a good duration of time. He can seemingly take only a few moments to bridge what would normally be considered a large distance. Ketsu usually uses this technique whilst in combat, or even for mobility purposes. He practised Hoho to such an extent because, well, he believed it would help with his Zanjutsu usage, and boy did it! He’s able to quickly maneuver around a target and slash at them quickly, ending fights in a “flash”.

He became inspired by watching others using Shunpo to traverse areas and slay opponents with such quickness, and he too wanted to be able to enact this. He dedicated himself for hundreds of years just to get to the Expert level, and constantly paired it with Zanjustu, making various combos with both his Shikai; its special abilities, and Zanjutsu art style. He sees Hoho as a key aspect in the art of the sword, and as such makes it a requirement that he regularly trains in this area until obtaining master.

Known Techniques:
Speed Clones

Hakuda Level: Hakuda Combatant

Ketsu isn’t the most proficient in Hakuda, tending to wield his blade more than his fists. Though, he still maintains an average level at the art. He generally employs a mix of direct and crushing blows such as punches, forearm smashes, stomps and other brutal strikes in toe with his sword slashes. He usually executes these against those much bigger than himself, and only usually if for whatever unarmed. He is known to use kicks within his arsenal, though rarely actually punches his targets unless extreme circumstances are met. A Spiritual Power infused strike from Ketsu is capable of obliterating a Hollow completely.

Known Techniques: Super Harisen Slipper, Kazaguruma, Mashiro Kick, Mashiro Super Kick

Kido Skill Level: Kidō Specialist

Ketsu is surprisingly a Specialist when it comes to Kido Skill, mainly opting to powerful spells in combination with his swordsmanship and even Shunpo from time to time. He trained hundreds of years in this skill, wanting to get each spell he learnt correct and even made it his priority to regularly maintain his spells accuracy by going out on missions and using purely spells to take on Hollows and other opponents!

He viewed his comrades' skills and tweaked them to his own liking, picking and choosing what Kido Spells would be useful to him and making various combos with each spell and his blade, heck even a few combos with Shunpo.

Known Spells: Hakufuku, Aoi hi no dansu– This one in particular is his favorite. He also knows Bakudo 1-49 and Hado 1-49


Equipment: Their Zanpakuto


Zanpakuto Name: Shōgekiha (衝撃波 “Shock Wave”)

Zanpakuto Appearance:


Ketsu’s Zanpankuto is seen to be a moderately curved Shobu Zukuri-style katana with a cotton candy pink and silver colour scheme. It's tsuka is cotton candy pink, and its hamon is silver, as well as a dark sheath with a pink tip. Engraved onto the handle, are a few Kanji that are very similar to the talisman earrings his Zanpakuto Spirit wears. He tucks the sheath into the side of the white sash he wears around his waist. The overall fantasy-like sword slides smoothly into a black wooden scabbard with pink metal accents.

Inner World Name: Kōryō to shita mizūmi (荒涼とした湖 “Desolate Lake”)

Inner World:

Ketsu's inner world resembles an underground complex, with pipes running along the ceiling and various hallways. The floor is flooded with a shallow layer of water; Shōgekiha's growing influence over Ketsu being depicted as the water level rising. Shōgekiha itself is separated from the rest of this complex by a large cage; the bars of the cage are far enough apart for Ketsu to walk between them, but Shōgekiha can only fit part of its claws through. The cage's doors are secured by a sheet of parchment with "seal" (封) written on it, behind which is the cage's lock.

Zanpakuto Spirit Name: Shōgekiha (衝撃波 “Shock Wave”)

Zanpakuto Spirit: Shōgekiha is a white coloured kitsune with black fur around its cotton-candy pink eyes that stretch up to its ears, and nine long swiping tails that end with cotton-candy coloured-coloured tips. It also has an upper-body structure of a human, complete with opposable thumbs on its clawed hands. Shōgekiha's size is roughly equaling to a large apartment complex. Its pupil alone is bigger than a tall human. Shōgekiha is characterized as a snarky and shrewd individual. It uses "washi" (ワシ) when referring to itself, which is generally used by older men. Shōgekiha expresses great pride in its power, believing itself to be the strongest of the Zanpakuto spirits. It does react out of jealously whenever Ketsu uses a power other than its own; such as other Shinigami skills like Kido. However, when Ketsu seeks higher power from the beast, Shōgekiha challenges him to a battle by breaking out of its cage. If Ketsu wins, he is granted the higher power. This is how he first unlocked Shikai, and porbably how he will end up getting his Bankai.

Release Phrase: "Rumble and Quake, Shōgekiha!"


Shikai: Ketsu’s Shikai the appearance of a giant pair of scissors. The scissor blades can be disconnected at the joint, becoming two inverted swords for Ketsu to wield. When the blades are disconnected, he can use his Shikai special ability within each of them, using the same one simultaneously.

(Picture something like this)


Shikai Special Ability: Essentially, Ketsu is able to launch an initial, explosion and alarming shockwave attack and then a second bone crushing shockwave of striking force is unleashed a few moments afterward, effectively creating two impacts with one attack. Each striking force and impact generate titanic tremors capable of tearing down buildings. If this initial attack is avoided by the opponent, the attack would instead bounce of the initial one as a sort of ricochet effect to create a directional ranged attack or to catch an opponent off guard, but thats the extent of the "redirection". It’s something that knocks them off their feet, shakes them to their core, disrupts senses, shatter bone, crush opponents under a powerful shockwaves weight and knock someone out with a devastating blow. The sheer strength and ferocity of the shockwaves are nothing to scoff at, their formidability being great and mighty, a single concussion shockwave being devastating. Each time his blade(s) come into physical contact with something it generates these twin impact shockwaves, so Ketsu can even make use of them outside of combat.


Personal Relationships: Other than the 11th Division, no one really comes to mind to Ketsu.

Likes: He likes training up his weaker skills and refinery his already great ones. He enjoys spending time relaxing in the shade and cool night air, finding the bright moon and twinkling stars soothing. He also thrives in the loathing of others, loving the 'thrill' of throwing shade at them.

Dislikes: He dislikes having to relearn the basics of skills, even if it's required in training.

Hobbies: Literally just training and watching the stars at night, reading them a book.

Favorite Food(s): Soba, Ramen, Beef Stew


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