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“W-Why is your forehead so big?”
“Is it all right to not hold it in anymore? This anger, this rage.”
“The scars that you can’t see are the hardest to heal.”
“No idea who my parents were, I grew up in the Rukongai alone.”


Character Name: Yamazaki, Seiji (山崎 'mountain promontory'.), (政治 'lawful')
Actual Age: 150
Physical Age: 15
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: December 25th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 137lbs

Affiliation: Gotei 13/ Seretei/ Soul Society/Shin'ō Academy
Profession: Shinigami
Title: Student
Position: 6th Year
Division: TBA
Base of Operations: Shino Academy

Notable Features: Above average height for someone his age, Yamazaki is otherwise atypical of a masculine teenager, he adorns Hanafuda earrings due to his obsession with a past Shinigami he encountered in his youth before the academy, One who also grew up in the same Rukongai District; 77, Sōshō (創傷, lit. Wound).
Personality: Timid and a bit of a recluse, Yamazaki strives to learn as much as he can and become a great shinigami in his own right. He obsessed over someone most considered a devil, yet to Yamazaki, he was a hero. A savior that rose from the Rukongai and became a beacon of hope and pillar of strength. Any time he feels scared or like running away, Yamazaki remembers Jinnosuke of the Eleventh Division and asks himself what he would do. This can often land Yamazaki in trouble or danger however and is often scolded for his actions.

Reiryoku Level:
Immense Spiritual Power- Being born a soul with such a large spiritual power left Yamazaki with a harder than usual time learning to harness and control its full usage. Training in the academy and being able to cast full incantation low-level kido with max power was almost second nature to Yamazaki, although not his forte It took him half as long as students of the same year as him. This level of power gave him a much easier time enduring longer and more difficult training and lessons in the academy.
Being able to form his Spiritual power and have it manifest was the reason he was taken into the Shino Academy. Used it as a defense mechanism, to scare others as he was able to send shock waves of it out, Later refining it and learning it to the full extent by completing multiple lessons in the said academy.

Sensing Reiryoku:
Basic-- Not one to over-accomplish or fall behind, Seiji would often find himself completing silly games to work on his sense of reiryoku. Feeling a signature and giving it, its name and story. This often got him in trouble as he would daydream and fantasize about becoming a great shinigami. He was able to pick out signatures from an average distance and always passed exams with average marks.

Reiryoku Control:
Average Control- Seiji was able to form platforms to use Flash step on and often be able to boost his speed a decent amount, however, he often has trouble pushing it too far and almost passing out while overexerting. Due to this, it is difficult for him to suppress his Reiryoku. Training in this aspect is an ongoing task for Seiji, as he feels he hasn't reached his true potential at picking up other spiritually aware beings. Often while exerting his reiryoku outward he starts to freeze things around him due to his Reiatsu.


Specialist- Upon exerting his reiatsu outward, Seiji starts to freeze the reshi fabric around him. Ice forming and encapsulating everything around him, sometimes even himself. This frozen reiatsu is fickle and depends on his control over it, when pushing it too hard Seiji is at risk of cooling himself off to the point of passing out. It has been a difficult journey attempting to focus this and use it to his advantage, over the years in the academy he has finally started to show features of specialist control by working the ability into his defenses and attacks.

Reiatsu Colors: Ice Blue

Reiatsu Type:
Element Type- Ice

Zanjutsu Level:
Practitioner- Able to show proper form and utilize novice techniques, Seiji is not a master of the blade in any aspect. Instead, he focuses on deflecting and then counter-attacking with Hakuda or simply gaining distance to perform basic kido. He has a long way to come into his own when it comes to Zanjutsu. Even though he isn't as good as he wishes to be, Zanjutsu is one of his favorite forms of combat, due to his idol.
Therefore he will never abandon the practice and wishes to continue growing in this aspect daily.
Known Techniques:
Hōzuri, Hōzan Kenbu
Hohō Level:
Shunpo Practitioner- Able to instead of taking vast leaps with his Shunpo, Seiji is able to perform many short-distance movements and relies on his endurance to keep this up for a while longer than the average practitioner, however, this is not a very elegant method of Shunpo. Making him seem skittish and timid even while dashing around. He often has to make three or four more leaps compared to his peers before reaching the destination they do, even when leaving at the same time. Often finding himself scolded for being late or tardy.

Hakuda Level:
Hakuda Combatant- Seiji would otherwise be a nonfactor when it comes to hand-to-hand combat if it wasn't for his attacks freezing those he trained with. It was a crutch he had to use many times over in the academy to win bouts and spars against his peers. Even if it wasn't intentional, Seiji was often an outcast and mocked for this and called childish names for accidentally ending a match before it could be graded because he either froze his own limbs to the training mats or his opponents.

Known Techniques:
Sakadachi Dasshu, Tesshō, Seiji Kikku, Chōhigezutsuki
Kido Skill Level:

Kidō Practitioner- Having decent control, and a better pool to draw from, Kido had never been an issue to Seiji. He refused to get as good as he could have gotten at it in the academy simply because he never knew his idol to use kido. It was a coward's weapon and he allows the bravado to speak louder than logic when it comes to it. To pass his exams he did however master the few they allowed them to use and continued to perform as expected to pass and graduate. Able to focus and use full incantations while moving or blocking attacks.

Known Spells:
Sai, Hainawa, Seki, Geki, Hōrin, Sekienton, Kyokkō, Shitotsu Sansen
Shō, Byakurai, Tsuzuri Raiden, Fushibi

Equipment: Denreishinki X, Hanafuda earrings


Zanpakuto Name: Hyōga Kodoku 氷河孤独 (Lone Glacier)

Zanpakuto Appearance: Regular-sized Katana with a white Yakiba (The sharpened cutting edge of the blade) and ice blue Mune (The back or spine of the blade). The Tsuba (guard) resembles a half snowflake.

Zanpakuto Spirit: Yamazaki's Zanpakuto spirit is unconventional and takes the form of a small ice sprite, that is white in color with small bits of 'frozen' cloth covering its shoulders and back.

Inner World:
This world of ice seems to be glowing, reflecting, and shattering light from distant sources. With temperatures close to -250° celsius this frozen landscape of volatiles such as water and methane and with lakes that seems to be made out of liquid nitrogen. These caves appear to be vast and endless as the caverns go further down, and so do the temperatures. When occupied by Yamazaki and his Zanpakuto spirit, their reflection refracts and becomes many versions of themselves.

Release Phrase:
Kotta Kiba O Hirogete (凍った牙を広げて 'Expand your frozen fangs')


Seiji's Zanpakuto suddenly snap freezes over, the blade turning into crystal blue ice, which now gives him the ability to lengthen, sharpen, and manipulate his Zanpakuto into endless structures of powerful Ice. The Ice can vary in both size and shape. Seiji can manipulate the length and direction of the ice at will. The ice is powerful enough to break through solid structures and even Zanpakuto but can be shattered with enough force.
The number of branches relies on the amount of reiatsu Seiji is able to emit, and will only stop being able to produce ice branches once he reaches his limit and is rendered useless due to exhaustion, in which case the Zanpakuto will return to its sealed state. These branches are able to pierce into spiritual beings and start to freeze them as well, much like his reiatsu effect; The more they are able to pierce into opponents the quicker they are frozen on a level that renders healing and regeneration useless. Limbs often have to be removed and replaced.
The speed these branches of ice are able to extend and spread from his Zanpakuto is faster than Shunpo and reinforced by reiatsu to pierce most blockades. Slipping through matter by freezing what they touch on their way to their target, and are controlled by his conscious will, so the only way to stop them is by making Seiji use enough reiatsu to enter exhaustion or by knocking him out.


Likes: Zanjutsu training, Meeting new people, Learning interesting stories, Eating interesting food with Captain Yugure.
Dislikes: Kido Masters, Bitter snacks
Hobbies: Swinging his sword many times per day in the essence of getting as strong as his idol. Reading magazines and interviews with other Shinigami.
Favorite Food(s): Desert and chips


Character Appearance:

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“Humility is not the lack of passion. Humility is passion, disciplined by the reality of things.”
“Slackers like you are better off being pancaked on the bottom of someone’s foot!”
“The world stops for him, but it continues to turn for us. Get up, else we get left behind.”
“You’re a Quincy; you don’t have the hunger and yearning of Hollows and Arrancars, or the mortal fallibility of Fullbringers and Humans. You are merely evil, and for that, you will die by my blade.”



Character Name: Kyura Shigaisen
Actual Age: 271 years old
Physical Age: 23 years old
Race: Soul-Born
Birthday: February 23
Height: 5’10” (177.8 cm)
Weight: 164 lbs (80.74 kg)
Blood Type: O-


Affiliation: Gotei 13/Sereitei/Soul Society
Profession: Shinigami
Title: 5th Seat
Division: 6th
Base of Operations:[/B] Seireitei/Soul Society


Notable Features:
Compared to the majority of the Gotei’s more prominent members, Kyura appears to be plainer in both appearance and demeanor–yet, she can still draw a double-take out of others in her own ways. Her sharp-yellow hair is perhaps the most striking, usually left unbound and subtly curled down to the bottoms of her shoulder blades. Many of the strands roll over a second notable attribute: an all-white jacket of ankle length, complete with a chin-height collar, narrow sleeves, and inside fabric colored the same dark teal as her Reiatsu. This has been a staple of her uniform since graduating from the Shin’o Academy, having obtained it as a gift from a close friend in her hometown.

Pragmatic. Decisive. Solution-oriented. Kyura is best defined by her seriousness within her work ethic and discipline, commonly being one to take the initiative on anything from the most vital of missions to the most menial of day-to-day tasks. Of course, not only can she go a little too far–to the point where certain critical actions could be taken without approval from a superior–but she remains the target of any squadmate feeling particularly lazy or unmotivated. This latter problem, at least, is often solved with verbal face-punches. Beyond this, her subscription to personal responsibility drives her hands-off approach when faced with a struggling squad-mate. At most, she’ll point them in the direction they should take for themselves, but if the issue is trivial enough, she’s been known to ignore the situation outright.

These tendencies have otherwise intruded on her ability to properly connect with the standard 6th Division soldier, however; there’s a prevailing undertone of apprehension at each interaction, and though it’s crystal clear to her that the “workaholism” isn’t doing her any favors, she remains unsure of what to do beyond hoping that they shift their perspectives on their own. She wants to remain headstrong in light of this, but she worries that the tension could start to wear herself down. She’s recently begun the habit of tapping on her desk or other hard surface in moments of pensiveness and stress.

Not everything is dour, fortunately. Kyura is much more amicable with her superiors and holds genuine loyalty and compassion for them, as well as other squadmates who she either bonded with early enough or share her hard-working mindset. While she tries to keep her seriousness up for the sake of formality, one can notice the liking she takes to her friends and honest acquaintances.

Sorushi (Father), Kiyuri (Mother), plus her grandparents and multiple aunts, uncles, and cousins; Dosei Misuta Shigaisen, great-great-grandfather, founder of Shigaisen Lumber and Woodworks, and responsible for ascending the Shigaisen clan to Vassal status for the Oki


Reiryoku Level:
High Spiritual Power
In the decades since graduation from Shin'o, Kyura has employed the techniques and experience she's garnered to steadily grow her pool of spiritual power. As such, not only has she learned her Zanpakuto's name and tailored her Shikai since obtaining it in her final months at the Academy, but she contains the potential--and the capability, in some disciplines--to punch considerably above her pay-grade. This is particularly evident in the fields of Hoho and her physical power, her areas of specialization alongside Zanjutsu that have molded her fighting style. Examining Kyura's combat capabilities in a void separated from her as a person, many would say her spiritual power is on par with the average Third Seat to the occasional weak Lieutenant. This is not without merit; due to her rare circumstance of encountering her already-developed Zanpakuto Spirit as a Soul in the Rukongai, Kyura has found no difficulty in garnering the power needed to support her advanced knowledge in the areas of Hoho, Zanjutsu, and executing upon her Zanpakuto's power. Furthermore, with passion being a cornerstone of her character, it is hard-wired into her neurons to leverage her willpower--and thus her spiritual power--as necessary.

Sensing Reiryoku:
To Kyura, it’s been the more passive abilities that she’s found the greatest success with so far, and Reiryoku Sensing is no different. She is well on her way towards mastering this art, being capable of sensing all beings with little issue except those Captain-class and above, or those who possess sensing-inhibiting abilities as spiritually powerful as or stronger than Kyura's own output. Beyond this, Kyura is also adept at detecting patterns in Reiryoku levels, to the point where she has devised for herself a technique she has named Shingou ("Stoplight"). In essence, when sensing for one's Reiryoku, she imagines a traffic light from the Human World. The shapes of the red, yellow, and green lights adapt based on the race of whomever she's sensing; everything is steady and normal with the subject if the green light shines, some volatility or irregularities are appearing in the subject if there is a yellow light, and a catastrophic event (i.e. a grave wound or intense fighting) represents a red light. This allows her to take swift action and maximize her high-speed ethos.

Reiryoku Control:
Great Control
Of the many subjects Kyura studied in the Shin’o, one of the first she found necessary to develop was control over her Reiryoku, given her developing relationship with her Zanpakuto and the speed at which they'd first encountered each other. This early focus has allowed her a great grip on the reins of her own output: she can reel it in almost completely or flood it out as Reiatsu without breaking much of a sweat at all. Furthermore, like the "Stoplight" technique she utilizes when sensing others' Reiryoku, Kyura utilizes a second technique she calls Myakudou ("Pulsate") that requires ample control of her own Reiryoku. To execute Myakudou, Kyura repeatedly and in rapid succession flares out her Reiryoku as Reiatsu before pulling it all back in. To others sensing for her spirit energy, this technique works as a sort of beacon or sonar signal that purposely amplifies her presence. Because the signals of Myakudou act as omnidirectional "ripples" while also acting as "waves" of Reiatsu, individuals that are weak enough against her can even sustain minor damage over sustained contact. In her current 5th Seat role, this includes beings of Average Reiryoku Power and weaker.

Kyura's Reiatsu output itself matches quite well with her Reiryoku composition and abilities. Alongside harnessing Myakudou as a weapon of Reiatsu on those of lower Reiryoku standing than her, she can utilize her Reiatsu through the near-effortless control over her energy to help in holding her own against those of considerably greater strength--namely, those of strong Lieutenant-class to weak Captain-class. As of her Fifth Seat role, however, Kyura can by no means best opponents of this caliber and greater while relying on Reiatsu output; it simply gives her a few extra minutes to retreat or find someone who can square up to them.

Reiatsu Color:
Dark Teal

Reiatsu Shape:
Reaching the upper limits of her output causes Kyura’s Reiatsu to take the vague form of a shark bursting from the ground and enveloping her person.

Reiatsu Effect(s):
Paralysis - Through either a stare or a sharp increase in Reiatsu, Kyura can make those weaker than her feel as though they are being physically suspended.

Reiatsu Type:
Elemental - Water

Zanjutsu Level:
Expert Swordsman- Kyura’s swordsmanship is perhaps her best trait in battle, having cemented it as a cornerstone of her fighting style. Indeed, she has internalized her sword to be a physical extension of herself, allowing for ambidextrous, omni-directional usage of the blade and its associated techniques. Her lithe and nimble physique only augment the weapon and her Zanjutsu’s capabilities further, both in its Sealed state and in its unique Shikai form, through the utilization of her entire body when delivering strikes. On top of this, Kyura is able to mix her fluid, almost gymnast-like movements with the established techniques she'd learned at Shin'o to turn them into even deadlier maneuvers that vastly enhances her physical power, if only for the moment that her strike makes contact. In combination with Hoho, a typical attack Kyura delivers using Ryodan involves her spinning either vertically or horizontally before making the two-handed cut. Deep gashes can be realized upon opponents as skilled or less so in Zanjutsu with this one example, and even if the opponent blocks, they could realistically be flung back anywhere from a few feet to hundreds of yards depending on their physical strength and Reiatsu/Reiryoku levels.

Known Techniques: Ryōdan, Agitowari, Senmaioroshi

Hohō Level:
Shunpo Expert
Hohō as a fully-nuanced discipline could be seen as one of Kyura’s weaker aspects—yet, in truth, she has focused her energy exclusively upon the art of Shunpo in order to fulfill her high-speed, hard-hitting style. While not nearly as fast as the Sixth Division’s leaders yet, her Zanjutsu-Hohō synergy is a hallmark of its seated officers, and her Hohō on its own can best all but the Masters. Even when performing a standard Shunpo, Kyura's velocity of movement is great enough leave behind a wispy after-image of herself that doubles as a trick to elicit a compromising reaction from her foe(s). Combined with her lithe physique, Kyura is further capable of appearing stationary in one instant to delivering an attack in the next while being at a potentially-unexpected angle, such as above or below the opponent, and while that stationary after-image still exists. Additionally, she is capable of performing extended, highly-complex movements utilizing Shunpo, such as blitzing in any manner of random directions and nearly any manner of random distances around a target, or activating Shunpo mid-attack to disorient the enemy and make the trajectory of said attack unpredictable.

Known Techniques: Speed Clones, Utsusemi

Hakuda Level:
Hakuda Practitioner-
With so much emphasis placed upon armed combat, it is to be expected for Kyura’s unarmed fighting skills to be notably lacking. In fact, this could be considered her weakest aspect, for she had placed physical strength and unarmed training by the wayside for the aforementioned Zanjutsu and Hohō.

Known Techniques: Tsukiyubi

Kido Skill Level:
Kidō Practicioner- It’s one thing to possess the Reiryoku needed for Kido, and another thing to execute upon it. Thus, with spell-casting being a vital but complex cornerstone of any Shinigami’s arsenal, it’s no surprise that Kyura is still trying to wrap her head around it all. She can only cast spells as high as Number 20 without needing an incantation and as high as Number 40 with the full incantation.

Known Spells: Sekienton (Bakudo 21), Seki (Bakudo 8), Shakkahō (Hado 31), Byakurai (Hado 4)


Skills and Abilities: For as irrelevant as Kyura’s upbringing was where it concerned the Shigaisen clan’s logging business, it did prove indispensable in one key area: Kyura’s swinging technique. Beyond utilizing everything in her shoulders and below, her experience with the handaxe has allowed for the application of her entire upper body—and even her whole body, on occasion—whenever appropriate in her attacks. This not only adds to the strength of her blows, whether blade- or Reiatsu-based, but can make her exact movements rather difficult to read to the unprepared.


Zanpakuto Name:
Shakunetsu no Daikuzui (“Scorching Deluge”)
Zanpakuto Appearance: Shakunetsu in its sealed state takes the form of a standard katana, but with a few notable aspects. The hilt is wrapped in a traditional array of navy blue and aquamarine cloth, though the butt and a sliver adjacent to the crossguard reveal its bronze-colored metallic composition. The blade itself is a pale silver from tip to base, while the crossguard itself features Shakunetsu’s most striking characteristic: six protrusions, all bearing the likeness of aged whale teeth, point up towards the sword’s tip as if the blade is protruding from a sort of mouth. These same tooth-like peculiarities rest over the sword’s sheath when stowed away. Said sheath is of note as well; colored a steel blue, it depicts etches of crashing waves in a traditional Japanese style that are painted a bright white. The Zanpakuto is always tucked into the left hip of Kyura’s standard-issue obi sash.

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Shakunetsu no Daikuzui as he initially appeared to Kyura bore a strong likeness to an Isonade, a shark-like beast of traditional Japanese folklore known for its elusiveness and speed. Lined with spikes down his back, outer fins, and atop his brows, his gargantuan form reached over fifty feet (15.24 meters) in height and spanned nearly eighty feet (24.38 meters) from nose to tail-fins. Beyond proportions, he featured fins from the middle of his back and on the outsides of both front legs, spikes of increasing size traveling up said front legs and down his spine, and two malleable, white, horn-like appendages that grew for approximately five feet from the outer corners of his eyes. His skin coloration resembled a shark’s as well, with pale blue, leathery skin contrasted by a white underbelly; however, much of that pale blue was adorned with glossy white “tattoos” resembling fire and a variety of indigenous Japanese markings.

In his present humanoid form which manifested following his transition to Zanpakuto, Shakunetsu’s cosmetic appearance changes considerably; the hue of his skin shifts to a blue-purple and grows marginally more saturated, but his “horns” and spikes disappear. His leg-fins, shark tail, and “tattoos” remain, however. Beyond this and his newly-bipedal stance that reaches an impressive 7’4” (223.52 cm), he gains a head of thick and curled bone-white hair; similarly-colored sideburns and eyebrows that resemble ocean waves; an overbite exposing two large, pointed teeth; and a pair of appropriately-placed gills. His outfit, meanwhile, consists of a slate gray and deep purple kimono tied by a deep purple sash, a pair of white traditional Japanese sandals, and a deep purple hooded coat that he lets hang from his shoulders.

Personality-wise, Shakunetsu is most noticeably quite passionate about Kyura—not in what he says, but in the forcefulness he brings to how he says things; he relays a sureness that could convince some of the most ardent skeptics. In this way, he could be thought of as a stern father or grandfather, being that steady platform upon which Shigaisen can steady herself in times of indecisiveness or heavy emotion. Yet he is often selfish for herself and Kyura as well, generally holding below-average opinions of those around Shigaisen. Moments of indecision on Shigaisen’s part have only been pronounced on more than one occasion because of this, given Kyura’s positive outlook on those in her Division and the rest of the Gotei 13.

Inner World:
Kyura’s inner world is set during dusk within a lake-sized hot spring. Said spring is located at the base of a steep-faced volcano thousands of feet in height, its silhouette looming but partially obscured by a thick layer of fog that extends from the spring to about ten feet into the air. Near the center of the hot spring is an island shaped like a crescent moon that grows what can only be called smoldering grass—each blade possesses a small flame synonymous with a candle-light. Amongst the burning turf stands a wooden cottage, modeled after an ancient Japanese home, that occupies half the island’s available space. It is this island that Kyura always finds herself when traveling to her World; her first arrival within it also involved her first meeting with her eventual Zanpakuto, Shakunetsu no Daikuzui.

Release Phrase: “Scald, Shakunetsu.”



Upon speaking the release command, Kyura’s sword is rapidly engulfed by a vortex of boiling water circulating tight around the weapon. Once fully enshrouded, she must bring her other hand up and “pull” the length of water apart; the resulting spray from such a movement reforms itself into a pair of elegant, bladed tonfas, with each section she’d been holding being formed into leather-padded grips perpendicular to the outward-facing blades.

These weapons measure out at four feet (~1.22 meters) from tip to tip, with each grip located about two-thirds down their respective blades; this creates “shorter” sections that extend for about a foot (0.3 meters) beyond Kyura’s hands, as well as “longer” sections that run beyond her elbows for about another two feet (0.61 meters).

Shikai Special Ability:
("Humidity") - With the activation of her Shikai, Kyura gains access to manipulation of not only the heat within the air’s moisture, but the volume and location of moisture. This effect can do anything from making the air feel a bit balmy and sultry to pushing Kyura’s adversaries towards overheating and heat-stroke, to even forming enough droplets in the air to have her enemies drown from the water accumulation in their lungs. All of these effects, however, are limited by Shimeri's maximum fifteen-foot (4.57 meter) area of influence, a restraint that has grown from its original five-foot (1.52 meter) maximum through training and growing her Zanpakuto-based powers.

Within the 15-foot/4.57-meter area of effect, the natural behavior of the air's moisture remains unchanged--it still condenses when cooled, carries other particles/micro-organisms, etc.--but Kyura, as explained above, is able to manipulate those behaviors to serve her needs via an aural "attachment" between the water particles and her spiritual energy. For example, over the course of one to two minutes of an opponent's continuous presence within the area of influence, Kyura can utilize that vapor to slowly fill the lungs of that opponent with moisture that she condenses into liquid water. The foe at first feels nothing, as not enough moisture/water has collected for their body to react. However, as more moisture gathers and condenses into liquid water, the foe will start to feel an itching in their chest that gradually shifts into a burning-like sensation. From there, the adversary would find it more and more difficult to take full breaths until, assuming they still have not left the AOE, their lungs are flooded and air no longer flows through their body. Unless measures by another party are taken to remove the water--up to and including Kyura extracting it herself--the foe will die. At any time, if this foe exits the area of influence while being dry-suffocated, they need only cough to remove the water from their lungs.


Personal Relationships:

Spicy foods; classic rock from the WotL; making wood trinkets for others (except for people she outright dislikes, and all others still need to ask); collecting antique books from the WotL that are passed around/otherwise find themselves in the 6th division
Overly sweet foods; individuals who cannot be self-accountable; doing absolutely nothing for more than fifteen minutes (she times/estimates it however she can); inappropriate immaturity; dancing and singing
Reading, wood-carving, watching wildlife documentaries from the WotL (particularly about cute animals)
Favorite Food(s):
Kare Raisu w/ spicy curry sauce and fried pork strips; Vegetable Tempura (especially zucchini slices) w/ teriyaki sauce



The official logo of Shigaisen Lumber and Woodworks that appears on all materials and goods they sell.

Kyura was born as the only child of Sorushi and Kiyuri Shigaisen in East Rukongai’s 23rd District, the result of the latter finding difficulty in carrying fetuses to maturity. Nevertheless, from the moment her crying form entered Soul Society, a substantial portion of her existence was all but predetermined; she and Sorushi, among hundreds of others in the family tree, are direct descendants of Dosei Misuta Shigaisen, the late progenitor of the clan responsible for the creation of Shigaisen Lumber and Woodworks. Utilizing his experience as a low-seated Officer of the 7th Division and trusted friend of the Oki Clan’s progenitor, he was not only able to obtain significant growth early on, but his principled approach and their priceless bond had led to the Oki ancestor naming the Shigaisen clan a Vassal of their own. Such humble beginnings and the principles Dosei abided by therein shaped Kyura’s early childhood, all practiced and taught by her parents; conscientiousness imparted by thorough cleanliness and organization, respect for others by habitualized manners, and moderation to balance the demands of life with rest and play. Indeed, though Kyura would consider Sorushi and Kiyuri to be on the stricter side, they were still fair—doing their best to prepare their daughter for her future in the family enterprise while trying not to compromise her childhood innocence.

For the most part, Kyura’s parents had succeeded. Kyura proved to be headstrong and self-determined throughout her younger years. She can still remember it: never afraid of leading an entourage of the other kids in her Ward through a “deadly” area by their standards—typically a river of decent berth, or a particularly dark but harmless forest. She was by no means fearless, but for the sake of duty (and, of course, to show one up on her comrades), she persevered through everything her childhood mind saw as a challenge. Nevertheless, her occasional obstination did not detract from her potential in the family business; as she aged into adolescence, she showed an adept eye for detail and a high degree of studiousness in the fields of finance and operation, both skills she applied to the business by assisting her accountant mother and supply chain father whenever needed. This dedication of Kyura’s did result in a few debates and arguments over certain calculations and projections, however—arguments that, on occasion, spilled over and scorched the fringes of their familial relationship, leaving it difficult for the trio to speak to each other for the day’s remainder. The bonds she shared with her friends in the area fared little better; the frequency of hangouts and happenings shrank in startling proportions with her growing roles in the family business, to the point where her circle shrank to only those closest few. Yet despite the challenges, the family figured that by her early 170s, Kyura would be well on her way towards occupying an official and permanent position within the higher echelons of Shigaisen Lumber and Woodworks.


The first encounter was a blindsiding one. At first, it was no different from any other dream; Kyura had awoken upon a bed of trimmed grass, a quilt of misty fog masking a bespangled night sky. Sitting up, the silhouette of a traditional Japanese cottage stared back at her. Boiling water brushed onto her fingers, though after gazing out to the expansive lake surrounding her, she realized that not one digit so much as tingled. Past the blue-gray expanse, the blackness of a monolithic mountain could just be made out beyond the mist. Kyura had risen to her feet as she took it all in.

Yet it still didn’t feel right. There were no whimsical sensations, no capacity for omnipotence like in any other dreamscape. She felt at home, but out of place. Then the voice flooded both mind and ear—yet neither so much as rang.

“At last, you have arrived.”

The baritone voice shuddered Kyura’s surroundings, and as she squinted beyond the haze, she could make out a titanic, shark-like creature snaking through the air around and around the mountain. Wasn’t that there the first time she looked?

“What…what’s going on?! Who are you? What is this place?!” Kyura shouted. But the voice did not seem interested in her questioning.

”Your passion has finally produced its fruit. I’m gratified. However, now is not the right moment to converse.”


The water spelunked behind Kyura. Glancing for the sound’s culprit, however, revealed a set of radial ripples and nothing more.

”Drink from the lake, and you will return to the world you know. We will be able to speak soon enough. Before you leave, though, heed me well: do not indulge yourself into your parent’s wants any longer. None of it is appropriate—not for you.”

“Huh…? What’re you talking about? What makes you think I’d listen to a word you’re saying?” Kyura said, a glare of offense settling into her face. No response.

“Answer me! Or—“

”Why do you hesitate? As I said, we will not speak now. Drink!”

As the voice bellowed, a rush of heat simultaneously overwhelming and comforting washed over Kyura that was nearly as fast as the water that splashed up and soaked her. Her vision was blind to the liquid, and for a moment, instinct reigned Queen over her erupting panic. She thrashed about, trying to gasp, but her throat was filled with freshwater in an instant. All she could do was swallow.

Kyura’s eyes flicked open in a fever pitch. The silence of her modest bedroom surrounded her—alongside a cloud of humidity that coated her in a filmic blend of vapor and sweat. Her heart threatened to break the bars of her ribcage; calm down, she needed to calm down. It was only a strange dream, she said to herself.

Even as its pace slowed and the vapor began lifting away, her heart could still detect the lie she’d just told. She did her best not to pay attention despite a scolding sensation at the back of her head.

This first encounter was only the first of several in the following year. Each instance was much the same; she awoke on that island surrounded by that lake at the base of that mountain and blanketed by that fog—which, curiously, seemed a little bit thinner with each visit—before speaking with that shark creature as it flew around and around. The humidity spikes after awakening continued as well, though they too changed following each visit; by the fourth or fifth encounter, the air was moisturized enough to form clouds and soak into every surface once its temperatures decreased. Nevertheless, she sauntered on with her life, learning more and more about every aspect of Shigaisen Lumber and of the different worlds in general.

Every stressful situation has a silver lining, however. Although the creature refused to provide her with a name and remained unable to hear her in each of their meetings, she came to fully understand the fact that she had the makings of a Shinigami within the first few. The signs were all there: the dreamscape was her Inner World, the creature her potential Zanpakuto, and the humid after-effects a product of her Reiatsu. She knew all of this, yet she did not let a peep of these experiences find their way to her parents. There was no telling how they—and the rest of the clan, by extension—would take it. The business would never stop expanding, and with their workforce only including those with blood or direct marital relation to the family, they needed all hands on deck. Not to mention, of all the members of the clan tree, only a handful had ever developed enough spiritual energy to feasibly become Shinigami (though no one opted for it), and none had exhibited phenomena like she had since Dosei’s spirit manifested during his time at Shin’o.

“What…steam? It’s hot! Kyura—what’s going on?! Yuri, come here!”

Grogginess pulled against her eyelids as they lifted to the sound of Sorushi’s fright. It had occurred again, about thirteen months after the first. The same environment, the same conversations that always produced more questions than answers, the same outpouring of humidity after the fact. Sitting up, however, the brevity behind her father’s presence only then revealed itself: her secret was actively billowing out of her room as a cloud of dense mist. She could see nothing, and in her half-awake state, she balked.

“It-It’s nothing to worry about, dad!” Kyura responded as she stumbled to her feet. The mist found no effect upon her, but she paid the fact no mind. “I’m here!”

Kyura burst from the blooming vapor and into the hallway, coming face-to-face with her parents. The adrenaline rush had bestowed alertness against the stupor in her eyes, enough to blow them wide open and absorb the verdict on her secret.

Indeed, on Sorushi and Kiyuri’s faces was shock—blended with differing degrees of bewilderment and dawning awe. They rushed forward at once and pulled Kyura in for a hug.

A full hour had passed before the trio could fully dip into the contents of what had occurred. They had moved to their estate’s ornate living room, a cup of green tea before each of them. If anything, Kyura assuaged, the drink’s calming effects would help reduce the chance of an argument. Locking eyes with them told a different narrative: while not disappointed or detesting, they were unabashedly conflicted on the implications of what they’d just seen, evident by the grimaces both were wearing.

Sorushi scanned her features with a scrutiny only fathers could demonstrate.

“You’ve gotten the energy of a Shinigami,” Sorushi started. “I could feel it in the air, beyond the humidity. How long has this been going on, Ky?”

Kyura stared at her reflection in her tea. Heat swirled up from the liquid, obscuring her image somewhat.

“Thirteen months.”

She laid out everything as neatly as she could after that—the Inner World and its environment, the spirit that inhabited that World, and the advice it doled out with each meeting. She was never able to respond, merely listen and consider. It had led her down the proverbial rabbit hole, she explained, to the point where a career as a Shinigami made the most sense. Her parents remained still as she spoke, their initial expressions frozen in place, and neither responded until she exhausted all that she experienced and understood. Their tea sat unconsumed and cold.

“Well, honey…wow, I’m not sure what to say exactly,” Kiyuri admitted. “I never thought there’d be another one of us so clearly capable of becoming a Shinigami, and it’s you, no less. I’m just…what should we do?”

Kiyuri lowered her head and pondered for a moment. Sorushi glanced at his wife, sprouted a small grin, and rested a hand upon hers. While she looked to her husband, he turned back to Kyura, a momentous response loaded upon his tongue as father and daughter locked eyes.

“It’s true that this is unprecedented, and that we weren’t exactly planning for it. In fact, to tell the truth, part of me wants to deny that this is even happening. You know how much stock we’ve put into raising you well, and it’s not like you’ve gone on many adventures before!” Sorushi chuckled.

“But reality is immutable; my own two eyes know what they saw. That’s why the answer for what we should do is clear–” Sorushi said as he laid a tender hand upon Kyura’s shoulder– “Ky, the best decision would be for you to go to the Shin’o Academy. Go there and take that entrance exam. If you don’t manage to get in the first time, take it however many times you need until you do. And when you do, study all you can–both from the instructors and from those around you, and that includes your cohorts once you eventually join a Division. Train all you can so you can master that power of yours. Then you can be like Old Man Dosei and use all that knowledge to help all of us prosper!”

Kyura’s eyes had progressively widened until they seemed ready to bulge from her sockets. Her trepidations were no more, washed away by her father’s vitalizing blessing. Her mouth quivered without prompt, and her vision was blurred with the mist of tears–before she slid in and wrapped Sorushi into an airtight hug.

“Thanks, Dad…and Mom?” Kyura glanced at Kiyuri with her head still on Sorushi’s shoulder. Yuri looked on with an approving, if slightly resigned expression.

“You know I’ll be worried all the time; it’s what I do as your mother. But your father is right on all fronts, Kyura. That power of yours would just end up becoming a liability for us if we kept you here. I’d like to make one request for you, though: it would benefit all of us if you made further connections with Honoka Oki and other nobles involved in Shinigami affairs. If that means joining Oki’s Division when your training is finished, then go for it, but I won’t try to force you; you’re mature and capable enough to know where you could best slot in, I’m sure.”

Kiyuri pulled both her hands into her lap. A new confidence, wispy like steam, rolled off her form, and like many a mother before, that all-too-familiar pride swelled her heavy heart. Kyura, blinking the tears away, gleamed and pulled her mother by the forearm into the embrace.

“I’ll make sure to do that, Mom. I’m relieved, I didn’t think you guys would be this receptive.” Kyura detached from the group embrace and returned to her seat, resolution brimming from her very pores. Rising beyond a tree-line impregnable, the dawn’s sun casted its first rays upon a family reformed.


The weeks surrounding that initial entrance exam were some of the most sauntering for Kyura. Preparing could only soothe by so much, and it certainly did not help that she possessed no experience with the sword. Nevertheless, with a mere few weeks separating the family’s decision and the upcoming round of Shin’o exams, Kyura had made her tearful farewells and set off for the Academy.

In Kyura’s own view, there was not much to say about the exam. She performed how she expected she would—she was only saved from complete dismissal in swordsmanship due to her application of wood-cutting techniques, and though her spiritual pressure was higher than most other test-takers, she struggled to formulate even the most basic of Kido. The disappointing performance in her eyes was made all the more shocking, however, when the proctors notified her of her passing and registration into the Academy as a member of Class Three. She was to begin the start of the following week.

But as Kyura stepped into her living quarters for the first time, the sour sting of recognition undeserved persisted on her tongue.


Kyura would have glossed over the greeting were it not for its piping pitch—and the hushed hum of an electric machine that accompanied it. Behind a simple wooden desk at the far end of the dormitory sat a young woman of roughly Kyura’s age-appearance. A pleasant smile stretched her smooth, dainty features until dimples indented themselves, but that was not what Shigaisen noticed first. Her eyes were drawn further towards what looked to be a sewing machine, colored lavender and rather small in size. The roommate had several dark-skinned fingers on a piece of bright yellow fabric that sat awaiting a final stretch of thread; evidently, Kyura had interrupted.

The fact wrought a grimace out of Kyura that she carried as she looked back to her apparent roommate. Her hair complimented her small features in spades, its short frizziness complemented by a low ponytail that wrapped around her left and down her upper torso. Peculiarly, classes were not starting until the next day, yet she sat wearing the full Shin’o uniform.

“Uh, hi there. Sorry if you were focusing on that,” Kyura said, motioning to the yellow fabric. The woman giggled and expanded her smile as Kyura stepped fully inside, slid the door shut behind her, and strode for her half of the room.

“Don’t worry about it! To be real, I’m just trying to occupy myself. There’s not much to do besides talking to other students or getting to know the teachers, and we’ll be doing that anyways once classes start.” She lifted her fingers from the machine. “And that all can begin by chit-chatting with you. So, the name’s Higure Harito. Who’re you?”

Kyura pulled an armful of undergarments and socks out and let it all drop into a dresser drawer. “Kyura Shigaisen.”

She shut the drawer, but upon looking back to Higure, she raised an eyebrow. The woman was staring at her, visibly taken aback.

“Shigaisen? Like, of Shigaisen the family company?”


“Wow…color me intrigued. I didn’t think any of your family had any inclinations towards becoming Shinigami, no offense. It’s an honor to meet you.”

Kyura felt her face swelter. She averted her gaze. “That’s really not necessary. We’re just doing what we’ve always been. And as for me, I’m here to learn about my power and bring it under control.”

“Really?” A glint of understanding and a touch of sympathy entered Higure’s face. “Well, good luck with that. Maybe in the future, we could help each other out. Work out each others’ weaknesses, you know?”

“That would probably help. If we can find the time.”

Higeru snickered. “Trust me, unless you’re gonna work yourself to the bone, we’ll be able to.”

As she finished laying out her things to be put away, Kyura wondered how much exhaustion it would take to see her own bones.


The days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Kyura was, in no uncertain terms, relentless throughout: always the earliest to arrive in classes and one of the most willing to learn and experience her instructors’ wisdom, she picked up anything and everything she could that approached her as interesting or useful. However, as those months turned into her first two years, the Academy had realized its functional purpose; utilizing Jinzen to communicate with her Spirit, though still nameless, she gained a sizable bundle of insights. She would never attain a great deal of physical strength, but she was decisive and perceptive to innovation. She still could not shake her workaholicism, but it was no matter, she assured herself; she could realize her aspirations, her family’s aspirations. In these ways, Kyura figured, her focus should shift—away from all-around goodness and towards specialized excellence. Thus, following several spiritual conversations, she had settled the debate: Hoho and Zanjutsu were her calling. The ladder loomed from her spot a few rungs from the very bottom, but she was to dig into the next four years without quarrel—or forever regret her own cowardice.

Every moment prior to Kyura’s sixth and final year was an endless toil in the fields, an endurance marathon while sprinting the hardest she could. She studied and practiced and beamed and sulked through all that she was learning, and slowly, her modest beginnings had sprouted into progress made in leaps and bounds. Higure had noticed as much first-hand, but there seemed a further development that she and several other members of their cohort spied: Kyura’s entire demeanor had shifted by the midpoint of their fifth year. No longer was she the amicable, if slightly restrained woman Higure had met on that first day. It was as if their relationship, like those of Kyura’s other acquaintances, had become transactional—as if all her emotional energy was being fed into growing and learning as a Shinigami, but not as a person.

The signs were revealing themselves to Kyura as well, the worst and most blatant of which being her inability to connect with her Spirit. Their conversations were cordial and insightful in improving herself as a Shinigami…yet she felt no closer to the supposed mirror-image of her soul and conviction. Indeed, she deduced, it was like the Spirit was keeping her at arm’s length: deflating, yes, but not unordinary. But she did not know how to break the spell, per se—and she didn’t dare burden Higure with a concern she knew she could only face alone. She hunkered back down and trudged on towards graduation.


The door to the dormitory closed without a hand to assist it. Kyura all but dragged herself to her desk, letting herself drop into the seat as a thick sigh billowed from her lips. Slumped, limp, her body was suspended; the whirlwind in her head captured the whole of her attention. Numbers, incantations, bodily movements, and the relentless strain of concentrating on all three had brought her nerves to a fever pitch. Interspersed throughout the thicket were hairs of doubt, only budded from the ground but growing steadily.

While staring at the ceiling, she felt a familiar pair of eyes spritzing her with pity.

“Let me guess, yet another day of breaking yourself,” Higure asked of a question she already knew how to answer. Kyura dug the exhaustion from her eyes with a thumb and index.

“I’m not even going to continue this discussion…”

Higure scoffed. “Why not? I’ve been watching you whittle yourself down to the bone, Kyura. I’ve offered my help. But right now you’re sitting there and probably wondering what you’re gonna do for yourself, huh?”

Kyura didn’t respond.

“You’re gonna die under a pile of paperwork long before any Hollow or Quincy can get their hands on you, you know that? You’re gonna be face-down there, and guess what—no one here’s gonna wanna dig through the paper and pull you out because no one’s gonna care! Because you pushed them all away!”

The hand that had been rubbing Kyura’s eyes now lay motionless and palm down over her vision. Footsteps approached.

“Come on, Kyura. I’m telling you this because I still want to help. I know who you were and what you’re capable of. But you have to listen to me for once, you can’t challenge everything in the world and expect to learn much from it all! I mean, look at you! You’re paralyzed over not being able to ace the Zanjutsu classes—even though you’re already considered one of the best in the class!”

Motionless. Silent. Higure’s hands clenched after several seconds. The de facto gavel struck down.

“I still want to help, but if you’re gonna continue being so adamant, then I won’t offer anything. Just know that when your righteousness gets the better of you, your family’s gonna have to deal with someone who couldn’t last in Shin’o, or worse. Is that really what—“

“Just shut UP!”

Higure raised her eyebrows, more stunned by the sudden rise in Kyura’s voice rather than the nature of the outburst. Kyura pressed white-knuckled fists into the table before her; the look she bore into Higure was brimmed with conflicted anguish, yet it was anguished nonetheless. If anything, it–and the vague encroachment of volatile Reiatsu in the air–washed a wave of humidity over her body that felt her skin grow clammy to the touch.

“You don’t get to talk about my family, or legacy, or whatever drivel you’re spouting off about! Not when you got everything all prim and proper set up for you to succeed! Look at you! When you’re not working on our classes, you just frolic about with our classmates, like these aren’t some of the most important years of our lives!”

The abruptness of Kyura shooting from her chair was accentuated by that same chair toppling onto its back. Higure’s shock fully set in as she took a step back towards the dormitory entrance.

“This isn’t just some school! This is our future. That’s something most of the other students here don’t get, and if they don’t like me for it, then fine! If you don’t like me for it, then fine! If I get crushed by the work I’m doing, or make a mistake in a fight against a Hollow, or get shunned by my family for any sort of disgrace, then FINE! All I know is that I’ll be doing the right thing, the dutiful thing, while you and all of your entitled brat companions act like this is some game and die with childish regrets!”

Kyura rushed in Higure’s direction, and for a second, Higure’s heart froze in time. She raised her arms and hunched forward in defense of her head–only to be met by the light breeze of Kyura storming past and out the dorm. The door slammed with a ferocity that shook their entire section of living quarters, and only then did Higure exit her shielding stance. She glanced towards the door, listless, timorous, aimless.

Shigaisen had departed, but as Higure realized, her skin still suffered with a sticky sweat wrought by that persisting humidity.


The following three days saw Kyura deserted from the dormitory, including one with two of her classes; she was not present for either. Both cohorts seemed surprised, but after curt explanations by Higure, most of each class found the bombshell to be nothing more than a dud. A girl like Kyura, they reasoned, only had a matter of time before her endless endeavoring caught the better of her. For Kyura, those three days were the still of contemplation before the typhoon of an ultimatum: that is, she was to either figure it all out or sulk home as a failure. Day in and day out, she spent her time as far from the Academy as possible, wandering, rationalizing, conferring with herself. She attempted to question the Spirit on several occasions, but each time, his baritone voice did not reply. Reaching him via Jinzen had occurred to her early on, but she had left her Asauchi half-baked in the dormitory, and the thought of committing to the act felt strangely demotivating.

However, on the fourth day and for the next few weeks, Kyura had surprised Higure by returning to their living quarters. Upon first arriving, how haggard she was was apparent to Higure almost immediately; her blonde hair was dull and wildly unkempt, her eyes sodden with dogged, dreary acceptance, her clothes wrinkled and caked in soot, and her lips were parched from a lack of abundant water. Even so, Kyura had trudged inside without speaking a word–she merely collapsed into her bed and allowed the first adequate sleep all week to take hold.
Returning home now was a slight against Kyura’s very instinct and purpose. Yet she could not find the resolution to her qualms.

Kyura was present for all her classes as normal, too, but a distinct air of rigidity followed like a fog around her entire form that was all but palpable by her peers. Her performance in each class, however, slumped–no matter how she tried to prepare herself each morning, a persisting hole in her gut drained her of all energy and incentive that pulled on her until she shut her eyes each night. She was not spared in unconsciousness, either, for nightmares of many colors plagued her senses; her Spirit’s silence continued, but with each day, she could not dispose of her hesitations.

Was Higure right?

Was she self-righteous?

Was she simply meant to live with this power uncultivated and unrefined?

Was she going to become a disgrace?

All the signs had proclaimed in unison. “OF COURSE.”

There was no point, then, in ever speaking with the enigmatic Spirit again.


Only two days separated Kyura from the start of her Year 5 examinations when she awoke before dawn on one silent morning. Void of anything, she stared at the ceiling for about five minutes; with hopeless pallor exhuming, she sat up and stared at the opposite wall for about another ten. The only sound beyond the regular clicking of an analog wall clock was the occasional nasality of Higure as she slept. Kyura’s throat felt numb while she listened. Failure was an oncoming train in the distance, its single white eye burning like the sun as a signal of certain ruination.

Kyura’s gaze eventually fell to her Asauchi, its unremarkable simplicity obscured by early-morning’s blackness. It was laid in its sheath at a gentle angle upon her desk, unassuming. Silent. For a split second, an impulse told her to try and snap the blade in half; maybe it would make things right. Maybe she was just given the wrong blade–the wrong tools. She couldn’t be blamed for it, either. What use could the weapon be if her Spirit actively refused to speak to her?

Rationale swung back within the same second. The Spirit did not talk, but as Kyura’s instructors had lectured, he did not have to. He was but an extension of her–her greatest tool.

Kyura blinked at the Asauchi. Her greatest tool.

A tool as great as its wielder.

Kyura was already mid-leap out the dorm’s opened window with sword in hand before she could fully process a subsequent thought. Open fields collapsed to arboreal walls of green and black, and for a moment, she was forced to avoid a head-on collision as she dodged and weaved through trees large and small. But just as quickly, the forest parted its hands, bringing Kyura to a stop at the fringes of the sanctuary. It was a mundane clearing, a few rocks and organic debris littered about under the departing moon, yet a perfectly suitable site for Kyura’s ultimatum nonetheless.

Shigaisen pulled her sword from its sheath. The cloth-wrapped hilt was cold to the touch and somewhat foreign to the muscles in her arm. She stepped forth, foot by foot, until she stood in the clearing’s very center; a modest boulder with the diameter and height of a bicycle was there to greet her. She swallowed, then kneeled, resting the scabbard to her left side and staring at the ground between her and the boulder.

With a muffled shifting noise, she pierced her blade into the soil, placed her hands into her lap, and shut her eyes. Conscious thoughts ran dry, active emotions tapered off, and the light bulb of the outside world went dark.

Kyura’s eyes reopened to a sight instantly alarming. There was no mountain, no island, no cottage, no foliage. No Spirit. There was only the murky blackness that matched the outside world, and she was floating—no, she wasn’t, she realized. There was a surface at her back; loose, shifty, grainy like sand. There was the turbulence of water ahead, just out of arm’s reach, and there were the air bubbles that escaped her exhaling mouth.

Everything clicked the following instant. Kyura lurched up and shattered the water’s surface with an elapsed gasp that swelled her lungs with air. She pulled her feet underneath her until she stood in a shoulder-height pool of water, but the alarm bells still rang her ears. One glance at her surroundings explained why: the parts of her that poked into open air were drenched and water-logged, but beyond that, she could still see very little—a suffocating and sweltering fog all but blinded Kyura to everything save her arms and the water within a foot of her.

The mountain was invisible. The Spirit was nonexistent. Kyura thought she could perceive the island and the cottage about a dozen yards to her east, but something wasn’t right there, either. The island’s black silhouette appeared half its original size, and the cottage was no longer present. She squinted; she thought she could notice a disheveled shape in its place.

”You return.”

Kyura perked up at the all-too-familiar voice—before physically recoiling upon the Spirit’s noticeably distant, echoing words.

”Though you will not find the answers you seek here. Not in this state.”

Shigaisen stared up at nothing in particular and shouted back. “What’re you talking about? And—and what happened here? Where are you?!”

Silence hung for but a second before the Spirit’s baritone condescension drilled into Kyura.

”Naive girl. You believe you possess the right to appear here, as blasted as this world is now, and expect the answers to our trepidations to drop into your hands? Nonsense! For as long as you persist in this way, you are undeserving of any more support!”

Abject terror lanced through Kyura’s heart and mind, which catalyzed into unfettered desperation that quaked her very soul.

“But I’ve done everything I needed to do! I’ve poured everything into becoming the best Shinigami I can be! Isn’t that enough for you, Spirit?!” Kyura staggered through water like molasses towards the shadow of an island. Her eyes were burning, but she could not distinguish her own tears amongst her soaked face. Once enough of the water gave way to damp soil, she collapsed to her hands and knees.

“What about the past month?! My Reiatsu never wavered–you kept on giving me strength, yet you didn’t say anything when I tried to call for you! I tried figuring it out on my own, but I can’t! I don’t know what I should do! Tell me what I should–”

Kyura found her sentence replaced by a shriek as an incredible blunt force pulverized her left side, its power and velocity enough to launch her into what she interpreted as a disheveled mass. The nighttime realm spun as a blend of nonsensical colors and shapes around and around and this way and that way until she crashed back-first into a sheer rock face, tumbling until her body found level ground amongst the midnight forest. Rolling onto her back, dust and earthen chips from the apparent impact she’d created rained upon her after a short delay. Kyura could not find it within her to care, however; her body was already numb, and the presence of two brilliant lights of gold beyond the opaque fog had caught her attention. Both lowered towards her, and as they neared, a dark, shark-like form accompanied them. The Spirit’s voice shook Kyura and her surroundings with a great violence, as if she was amidst a catastrophic storm out at sea.

”Coming to you is what I have tried to do all this time. I continued to lend you my strength despite your silence. I continued to believe that you would understand, or at the very least, comprehend what was happening. I reached for you in your slumbering hours every night. But you did not answer, and in my naivete, I persisted while attempting to understand why. Now that you are here, I believe that I have reached that conclusion.”

The Spirit was close enough for a flooring humidity to overwhelm Kyura beyond measure, keeping her suspended against the ground. Wide-eyed, she stared back.

”You did not answer because you did not listen. You could not listen. You focused only on what was directly in front of you. When you slept, you could only perceive the most gregariously abysmal outcomes of those sights. When you were awake, you could only perceive ways to become that Shinigami you seek to be.”

The Spirit shifted as close as he could without crushing Kyura and the trees underneath him. He shifted his head so as to more directly watch her with one glassy eye.

“But you cannot begin to understand a world you yourself cannot see. That is why I refuse to lend further assistance, and that is why I have not sought to strengthen our bond. You have used that support thus far to grow your lake and mechanical understandings, yes. But you witnessed for yourself what that passion has led to–destructive obsession.”

The revelations came like ocean tides at a beach, lapping back and forth across her. Each added a piece to the puzzle that, while distant and small, brought a picture resembling reality to the light. With the solution came a certain peace, one that permeated through the forest’s gloom with ease.

“Destructive obsession…” Kyura murmured.

Without prompt, her mind’s eye lurched back to the disheveled shape she’d witnessed on the island. Of course that was the cottage, reduced to rubble with no chance of resurrection—not without outside intervention.

Conscientiousness. Respect. Moderation. The three pillars of lifelong success, all staring her in the face. They were constructed of plain, rickety wood, and though they scraped the sky, they could only support a single home: Kyura’s.

A weightless sensation overtook her while the Spirit, lifting from the fog and the trees, casted her a knowing glance. She exhaled, sitting up first, then taking her stand within the ocean of mist.

“I’m…sorry, Spirit. I’ve let you down, and the same goes for everyone else at Shin’o.”

Kyura looked up at where the Spirit had been.

“I think I’m starting to get it now. I can’t properly control my power—which is your power—without knowing what it is first. I…need to understand you, an extension of myself, before I try to understand what Shin’o is teaching me.” She curled her hands into resolute fists.

For the couple-second pause that followed, Kyura gained the sense that she was being inspected and evaluated, but the Spirit’s booming response laid to rest many stressors at once.

”I appreciate being able to meet you at last, Kyura Shigaisen. Your logic remains flawed, but you have taken your first step. I am warily optimistic; you are still only two steps from failure. Do not let this moment cloud your lenses. Simultaneously, do not rest on your laurels. Allowing either to occur shall make this night succinctly worthless.”

Kyura pursed her lips a little at the hard truth of things, though she nodded with affirmation.

”I have pointed out the correct path, and it is your responsibility to tread it. Go. Drink from the lake as you always have, Kyura, and return newly-equipped to face your challenges. I await the realization of this investment, as well as our upcoming conversations.”

For a second Kyura knitted her brows together at the Spirit’s choice of words, but remembering his stubborn insistence in prior meetings, she tossed the thought aside and began her trek back to the lake. All throughout, she could physically feel the thinning of the fog until her arrival at the body’s crystal-blue shores, where her visibility had returned towards past levels she only now noticed.

Kneeling at the shoreline, she shut her eyes and cupped a handful of water, downing it all. In a blink she felt her surroundings shift from her humid Realm to the temperate forest near Shin’o. Opening her eyes, she bore witness to the approaching dawn beyond the treeline; everbright in oranges and violets, the sun had begun casting a new day upon Soul Society.


The rest, as they say, was history. Kyura spent the whole first day reorienting to her new perspective while beginning to mend her relationships at the Academy, starting with Higure. Hearing this complete about-face was quite unnerving for her, but after learning of the context behind Kyura’s reconsiderations, she readily accepted the change. “Uh-huh, so I was right,” Higure had said. Kyura did not retort, instead shining Higure a bemused grin.

Conversely, Kyura had hit the ground running in her studies, her revitalization powering much of her push forward. No longer did she want to merely learn the aspects of being a Shinigami–she was hungry to learn of the Shinigami itself and apply that to her education. She managed to save her Year Five marks as a result, thus setting her up for a smooth-sailing final year. In that time and the months following, Kyura’s cohorts discerned the changes for the better; she remained conscientiousness, but moderation of her desire for success not only provided a much more manageable balance between work and leisure, but her freed mind allowed Kyura to place much more respect into those around her–and for others to place similar respect unto her. Little by little, throughout her class’s final year, she was able to shave away their apprehensions and forge those worthwhile bonds.

The steady improvements continued until two months prior to graduation. Kyura had been bonding with her Spirit regularly by this time, having learned many of his likes, dislikes, beliefs, and assumptions about the world and vice versa. However, one unassuming meeting on one uneventful day off from training had soon made every struggle over the past six years worth it.

”You are ready.”

Kyura stared up at the shark-like Spirit with an intensely-quizzical look on her face. She had been discussing current events with the Spirit, herself sitting barefoot at the edge of the island with her feet submerged, when he had remarked those simple words without warrant.


”I have returned my faith in you over the preceding year. You have learned and grown, and I feel that I am able to call you not only my ally, but my companion. You are young, yet you have been earning your right to call yourself my Master. For these reasons, it is time for you to learn my name.”

It took Kyura a second to process, but the weight behind the Spirit’s words whipped her onto her feet. He gazed upon her, an ant dwarfed by his monolithic size–and spread his lips into something resembling a proud grin.

”I am Shakunetsu. Shakunetsu no Daikuzui.”

The words seemed almost magical in nature as they imbued themselves into Kyura. Alongside the elation that coursed through her, the raw power each component of the name possessed burgeoned in her soul. In the brief process, a fourth word entered the fray as one of a particular note. Her Kaigo.

”Scald.” Kyura grinned. “Shakunetsu’s a great name. I hope I can put it into practice well.”


The remainder of Kyura’s career at Shin’o came and went, and before long, she found herself graduated into an imminent Shinigami, complete with a fully imprinted Zanpakuto. Before saying farewell to the Academy, however, Higure presented her with a final parting gift: an ocean-blue overcoat hand-crafted using some of the highest-quality linen she could find. With tears in her eyes, Kyura had accepted such a surprise; to the present day, she considers it as mandatory to wear as her Shihakusho.

Her final challenge, then, was the decision on which Division to join. Ruminating on that choice had mostly been performed in earlier years, though, making cementing her choice relatively simple. To best serve the Shigaisen clan and further nurture its connections with others in the Seireitei, a position in the Sixth Division was the best option apparent to her.

Over 80 years on, at age 271, Kyura has certainly made a name for herself. She rapidly showed herself as distinct amongst her new Division compatriots, allowing her to climb with relative expediency up the seated officer ladder. Now a Fifth Seat, she may still struggle at times in connecting with her cohorts, but every day is a learning opportunity to her–with that passion, she’s sure she could make a breadwinner out of herself yet.


Character Appearance:


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“Deadlines, people! Deadlines!”
"It seems that you don't understand the difference between us. Then allow me the courtesy to show you why."
“Blood does not mean loyalty. Loyalty means loyalty.”



Gaki (ガキ, "Brat") | Yakkaimono ( 厄介者, "Troublemaker") | Kenka-ya (喧嘩屋, "The Brawler")

From one of the farthest reaches of the Rukongai emerges one of the strongest souls to hold the title of a Captain, Yasu Yūgure leads the Shinigami of the Ninth Division to greatness with strength and loyalty to the Gotei Thirteen. The young captain's skill in hakuda is renowned throughout the Soul Society, harnessing the respect and awe of her peers and subordinates to hold and protect those around her. An anomaly amongst the crowd, the bright, bubblegum-haired brat's hair is hard to miss and ignore, much like her child-like antics and wily attitude that truly accents her individualism among all soldiers.​

Character Name: Yasu Yūgure
Name Translation: Yasu (, "Peaceful") | Yūgure (夕暮れ, "Evening")
Actual Age: 213
Physical Age: 20s
Race: Deceased
Birthday: August 24th
Height: 5’7” (170.18cm)
Weight: 210 lbs (95.2kg)



Affiliation: Gotei Thirteen | Vizards | Soul Society | Ninth Division
Profession: Shinigami
Title: Captain (隊長, Taichō; lit. “Unit Commander”)
Position: Captain of the Ninth Division
Ninth Division (九番隊, Kyūbantai; "Squad 9")
Previous Division:
Second Division (二番隊, Nibantai; "Squad 2"),
Partner(s): Hiroka Ikari, Kazumi Fujioka, Jatiri Yabuki
Previous Partner(s): Kyomu Mukuro, Zhou Feng, Ochitsuki Oda
Base of Operations: Sereitei | Soul Society | Ninth Division


Notable Features:
Yasu has always been seen in garments altered to fit her style of fighting and need to feel free. She finds the baggy clothes of the traditional Shihakushō to be too loose and gets in the way when she fights. Not to mention the mop of bubblegum-pink hair that catches anyone's eye. However as time has passed, the once-childlike captain seems to have grown into her role indefinitely with the boundless responsibilities bestowed upon her Captaincy. The young girl has blossomed from a troublemaker in her youth during her time in the Second Division as The Phantom's lieutenant. She seems plenty tamer, but the mischievousness that dwells within her has yet to have truly been done away with.


Naturally, Yasu is a peaceful one, always wanting to solve things with a slightly less assertive approach, which is something strange for someone who'd spent just over half of her career within the Second Division. She's very wordy, talking her way out of her problems, and it works on all but one. However, this doesn't exactly mean that she's carefree all of the time. Yasu's attitude changes indefinitely depending on who and what type of environment she's around, or the contents of her assignments. While wanting to be a peacekeeper, Yasu has realized that not all individuals deserve to be taken care of in a gentle manner, and with nothing but absolute assertive nature. In one of these moods, Yasu becomes a bit unapproachable and aggressive, much more than what you would expect from someone usually so lighthearted. With that said, if pushed to the limit, Yasu takes on a darker approach when it comes to assignments. If things can not go along smoothly, Yasu has no choice but to do what must be done. After the events of the Kotōtsu and the indirect trial against the Second Division, Yasu has concluded that the majority of those around her don't deserve the kindness and air of ignorance. Those suppressed feelings that only come out during desperate times are now in full volume, much to several's chagrins.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and, regardless of those around her, speaks freely, both in grace and disdain. The happy-go-lucky airhead still shows face; however, being forced to grow up much quicker reveals it less and less. Once having respect for all of those around her, Yasu has been forced to show her hand many times, soon becoming less talkative, cocky, and quite serious at times. These sudden changes frighteningly clash with her kindness, humility, and boisterousness. Becoming a Vizard was not in the plans, but Yasu has no other choice but to adapt. As she steps further into the cruel shinigami world, Yasu can do no more than to match that same ferocity. As she proceeds with her daily life, the air around Yasu has once again shifted. Still the occasional airhead, Captain Yūgure has been rather abject in her emotions, tossing them around, but that may be due to her inner influences. While she recognizes her faults, Yasu ultimately finds herself in the right of all things, seeing as that she performs things without a thought. Against her peers' better judgments, she has a large problem holding her tongue.

Yasu, like a handful of souls, was born at the short end of the Rukongai stick. Settled in the 64th District, Sabitsura (錆面, "Rusted Face"), East Rukongai, Yasu waved her flimsy ticket around and found herself a family of outcasts, varying from several ethnicities, whom she loved very much, and they loved her in return. There were five children in total and two adults who acted as their caretakers. Uekibachi Eri, and her sister, Uekibachi Mei, housed and fed five children from all walks of life. From oldest to youngest, there were Kusagi Rin, Souichiro Toru, Yasu Yūgure, Watanabe Hotaru, and Fujimoto Aoi. The seven of them lived peacefully more or less in one of the impoverished districts. Yasu was the only one to have gone to the Academy and become a proper Shinigami and provides them financial help whenever she gets the chance.

After her Captaincy exam, Honoka Oki had extended an offer to join the Oki Clan, to which Yasu denied, perfectly enjoying making a name for herself, but she still held respect for the Clan Head. Likewise, Honoka had bestowed upon Yasu the Oki Seal to use in dire need. In any case that she is denied something, Yasu is very quick to use the Oki Crest to do as she pleases, something that Honoka scolds her about any time she does, but the topic is usually over snacks or the likeness.



Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Power | Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control
Because of the incident when she was younger, Yasu has forced herself to balance the amount of reiryoku in her body at all times. There have been plenty of times in which Yasu has been physically exhausted. For this reason, Yasu would instead take her opponents in close range by hand-to-hand combat or zanjutsu. From former teachings and special items, she was in a state where consistent release matters, Yasu has come to terms with asking for help and has sought others to advance herself all around. With her prior encounters, she has come close to falling ill from over-exerting herself several times. During those times, her control is excellent, it is yet not enough for her to release less than what is necessary. The need to rush things to a quick end has proven to hurt her more than help, but her stubborn nature has yet to recede.

Since the events of the Kotōtsu, Yasu has confided in Kyomu Mukuro's training and equipment to better herself, and as such received the full treatment, much to the disagreement from her body and spirit. Regardless, it is thanks to him that she had ultimately come to master the control of her own Reiryoku due to his clan's secret training techniques and equipment consisting of Jūreijō (呪霊錠, "Spirit Cuffs"; lit. Cursed Spirit Shackles), Ginjōtan (銀条反, "Stripe of Inverted Silver"), and Seitoushin (Coursing Pain Adjustment Needles). Each had served a purpose, requiring large amounts of her reiryoku to be exerted to move even a single digit. Forbidden from releasing the restraints, Yasu has yet to completely relieve herself of her shackles despite her advancement in rank. Cherishing the teachings of her former captain, Yasu does well not to sully his advisement. Such drastic methods have completely turned Yasu into a monster during her rite. Every wrong move made resulted in pain due to the needles, and her restraints drained her any chance they got. For over a century she's possessed these restraints and has no intent on removing them unless the situation requires it to be done.

As a result, Yasu's actual limits are unknown to even those closest to her and quite possibly herself.
Yasu has possessed an incredible amount of reiryoku since she first became a part of the Soul Society. With no ability to control it, she could have accidentally ended the life of those around her without so much as lifting a finger. Upon that realization, she had gone to Shino'o Academy to hone her abilities properly. As of now, the amount of spiritual prowess the young captain possesses is incredulous. Due to her usual airheaded ways, Yasu had limited herself unconsciously, preventing herself from advancing in any way up until this point. Yasu has concluded that she is no longer satisfied with where she stands. And seeing as that those beneath her ranking have tried to exude a sense of superiority because of their massive containers, she has made it clear that meaningless strength could prove little against honed skills. Even so, tired of the indirect glances in that regard, Yasu has given herself an ultimatum: stay where she was and be challenged, or rise and become a challenger. Choosing the latter, she is currently in the process of moving toward an enormous container to keep herself moving. Success after success, Yasu has shown time and time again the amount of spiritual power that resides within her, her back-to-back ferociousness constantly shown with every move made. As such the amount of power within her body is further exemplified, especially through the usage of her armor.

Because of the incident when she was younger, Yasu has forced herself to balance the amount of reiryoku in her body at all times. There have been plenty of times in which Yasu has been physically exhausted. For this reason, Yasu would instead take her opponents in close range by hand-to-hand combat or zanjutsu. From former teachings and special items, she was in a state where consistent release matters, Yasu has come to terms with asking for help and has sought others to advance herself all around. With her prior encounters, she has come close to falling ill from over-exerting herself several times. During those times, her control is excellent, it is yet not enough for her to release less than what is necessary. The need to rush things to a quick end has proven to hurt her more than help, but her stubborn nature has yet to recede.

Since the events of the Kotōtsu, Yasu has confided in Kyomu Mukuro's training and equipment to better herself, and as such received the full treatment, much to the disagreement from her body and spirit. Regardless, it is thanks to him that she had ultimately come to master the control of her own Reiryoku due to his clan's secret training techniques and equipment consisting of Jūreijō (呪霊錠, "Spirit Cuffs"; lit. Cursed Spirit Shackles), Ginjōtan (銀条反, "Stripe of Inverted Silver"), and Seitoushin (Coursing Pain Adjustment Needles). Each had served a purpose, requiring large amounts of her reiryoku to be exerted to move even a single digit. Forbidden from releasing the restraints, Yasu has yet to completely relieve herself of her shackles despite her advancement in rank. Cherishing the teachings of her former captain, Yasu does well not to sully his advisement. Such drastic methods have completely turned Yasu into a monster during her rite. Every wrong move made resulted in pain due to the needles, and her restraints drained her any chance they got. For over a century she's possessed these restraints and has no intent on removing them unless the situation requires it to be done.

As a result, Yasu's actual limits are unknown to even those closest to her and quite possibly herself.


Sensing Reiryoku: Expert
Yasu holds no candle to any other captain when it comes to this field, but she has enough knowledge and skill to keep her and her subordinates out of harm's way. Having a now greater aptitude in this line of work than before, the things that proved to be difficult for her have lessened, outside of those who can dull or completely erase their presence. However, unnaturally, Yasu's five senses are pushed to the highest limits of perfection. This advancement shows that she is capable of seeing further, acutely touching ink on a page, hearing small sounds, having a smell capability similar to an animal's, and tasting more accurately than a normal shinigami. Such examples would include the way that she can easily find Kyomu when he is hiding snacks from her because he doesn't wish to share, or when her lieutenant decides to hide from her. Yasu possesses the capability far clearer to distinguish the number of individuals within a set vicinity. Still using the ability to differentiate persons by scent will always be much easier for her. While also able to discern between enemy and ally, this is where the natural scents of those she's encountered will come into play for aid. With limited movement, Yasu concluded takedowns first and asked questions later.


After nearly two centuries of training in the Shinigami arts, Yasu has come full circle in mastering her spiritual prowess with enough experience to emphasize her skill. Before, Yasu had been quick to fall ill from over-usage. At some point in time, her reiryoku level had proven to be too much for her to handle in the past. The overuse of her stunning release or consistent use of kido could prove too much for the small stature of her person. Only in dire circumstances can Yasu be forced to break her chains and instill a severe chill down her opponents' spines, or when she requires voluntary exposure therapy to compensate for the large pool that resides within her body. In times like those, Yasu won't be seen for at least days, but those with even acute sensory would be able to feel the overwhelming strength that dwells within her body.

Now with an overwhelming sense of power swelling within her body, Yasu needs constant exertion; otherwise, the quelling prowess would become far more damaging to her lithe frame. Those around the area can see the ominous violet glow that exudes off of her when in total concentration in times of training, privately or publically. Yasu's gained mastery regarding her reiryoku control has proven to bode well for her. The Brawler is not one to release her newfound strength so wily and without restraint at the risk of harming her allies with the effects of her reiatsu. The physical aspect of Yasu's reiryoku is haunting to those who are unknowledgeable outside of her inner circle.

The phenomenal energy that cascades around her person contrast with her personality, allowing for a subtle false sense of security to those that may deem her a threat. Painting herself as one that may be fodder compared to her peers would serve as a rude awakening to those subjected to the gravity of her release. While her emotions hold no immediate reaction to her release, the influence of anger reveals the barbarous nature that rests deep within her soul, manifesting so well that her reiatsu obscures her bodice in an opaque violet tower of power.

Reiatsu: Master | Reiatsu Colors: Violet


Reiatsu Effect(s): Crippling | Reiatsu Type: Dual-Type
High-level spiritual power can cause those of lower power to be stunned by simply being in the presence of a high-level spiritual being. Yasu possessing such a feat is amazing in consideration of her child-like demeanor. Though when not amid something life-threatening, the easy-going lieutenant has enough prowess and pressure to bring those of her level and below to their knees from sheer presence alone. There have been many experts and masters that have had their interests piqued by the strange sensation. Those near and far have all either heard the tales or experienced its horrors first hand. Exposure of all ranges induces a sense of distortion and finds themselves feeling suffocated and disturbed in her line of sight. The unnerving smile never wavers and only strengthens the longer they stay. Weak-willed individuals often find themselves stuck in one place and unable to properly flee, succumbing to the crippling of the mind. Without much of a need to lift a finger, Yasu has found it more entertaining to watch as they tear themselves apart. Her reiatsu holds an effect similar to fear inducement, paralysis, or even killing all in one despite her just simply sitting still. Simply put, it's just paving the way to her opponent's self-destruction.



Zanjutsu Level: Expert Swordsmen | Hohō Level: Shunpo Master
Yasu possesses a small tanto, so traditional bouts with a longer blade are out of the question. Being a close-quarters combatant, Yasu is both quick and agile enough to close in and take down an opponent with ease. However, when on the defensive, and in need of an extension of herself, Yasu can defend herself with her released zanpakutō. Concealing such a small weapon, sometimes it would seem as if she bore no zanpakutō in the first place. While her Shikai is adept at all ranges, Yasu prefers not to abuse her abilities unless necessary.

Her confidence in zanjutsu stems from the multiple bouts of those demanding a spar from her to take her seat as a lieutenant. Yasu, never wanting to disappoint, proceeds in battle using her sealed form and hakuda, the two of the most basic fighting styles of a Shinigami. Yet Yasu's mastery in wielding her Shikai should not be overlooked, the young brawler is adept at conforming to the extension of herself in any way, shape, or form to assist her in gaining victory. The malleability of her techniques can create long-ranged weapons that she uses all the same in a quite extreme form of zanjutsu in combination with hakuda.

Compared to her predecessors, Yasu Yūgure has deemed that they are in a league of their own, but being behind these esteemed masters does not diminish her mastery in terms of Hohō. Compared to her current mastery, she once held only a certain amount of skill in this despite being the former lieutenant to the Second Division. Not as dependent on evasion from opponents, even if she knew better, Yasu uses both speed and precision for a quick takedown during a spar or battle or otherwise stated. Nowhere near the level of her former captain, Yasu uses the daily bouts with him as an extent of her training, and with every passing day since her admittance to the Second Division, her Hohō skills are beginning to become polished.

Her confidence in her strength and hand-to-hand combat had overpowered her need for speed, though she has come to terms that both speed and power can become a great asset to her body. While she isn't as small as others nor as large, her lithe frame gives her special adaptivity to continually break down and build up skills and other assets that could aid her in the line of duty. Now with a fire burning inside of her, Yasu has all the capability to match her captain in this range eventually, but this distance to close it is quite trying. Self-restriction makes it even more difficult due to limited movement. However, it is necessary to execute any action without wasting energy properly.

During these passing years, Yasu has groomed herself in the arts to the point of becoming an overwhelming force in close-quarters-combat, her movements can hardly be deciphered, let alone acknowledged when it comes to the number of times one has been hit in a single breath. Admittedly, Yasu wishes that she would have taken her training a bit more seriously before her promotion, but in her eyes, it was better late than never.

Known Zanjutsu Techniques: Hōzuri | Suikawari
Known Hoho Techniques: Senka | Utsusemi | Speed Clones


Hakuda Level: Master Hakuda Combatant | Kidō Skill Level: Specialist
Since her admittance into the Shino'o Academy, Yasu quickly learned of her proficiency in Hakuda over the other three Shinigami arts and excelled in it far more than any of her peers in her graduating class. If anything, Yasu would be deemed a sort of prodigious child that had come from dirt. The natural strength that Yasu possessed and was capable of using at the drop of a pin overwhelmed even her instructors.

Yasu takes pride in her ability to disarm and take down an opponent, regardless of size, by just hand-to-hand combat alone. A former head of the Detention Unit would further accent her prowess in the aforementioned subject. With unnatural berserker-like strength and the precision of a struggling artist, Yasu has trained her skills in this specific area only because it's the thing that she knows how to do best in both the human realm and back in the 64th District, Sabitsura, against the other children. Having a nimble and agile body like hers, Yasu practically moves around like a viper, slithering and sliding as she moves with fluidity. Along with her secret strength training with the Head Lieutenant, Honoka Oki, Yasu could quickly become a powerhouse in her rite.

Despite having a small setback after her exam, Yasu has proven time after time that nothing had changed when it came to showcasing her power and skill against any opponents. Her anatomical intellect also plays well for her preferred style of combat, revealing the care and precision that she is capable of holding outside of her berserker-type persona. A natural brawler like herself only advances with every punch thrown, regardless of the consequences. Yet what should make her deemed a threat would not be the amount of power she is capable of, but the impeccable knowledge of her opponent's anatomy. Having been seen as nothing more but a fanatic for snacks that cared little for work ethic always made others doubt her knowledge and skill despite her quick advancements, rank after rank. Even now as a captain, Yasu is not foreign to the passing glances that hold uncertainty.

She has no qualms in proving them wrong once more.

Her kidō mastery could, however, use a little work. Not adept in this line of fighting, Yasu has taken the liberty of learning little to nothing about kidō. If needing to put distance between herself and an opponent, or cause a small delay in things, Yasu performs one of the easiest - and only - offensive she knows, Shō. Yasu does feel compelled to advance herself in the other fields of the basic shinigami fighting styles. Yet to balance the unproportionate skillset of possessing a large amount of reiryoku within her body and having an ample amount of control over it, she tends to fire off a series of kidō unintentionally. Because of her incompetence, Yasu has found herself taking lessons from several masters to improve on control, release, and several spells to advance.

Yasu has shown more favor in leaning towards the uses of bakudō rather than hadō seeing as that her main force of offensive maneuvers related more towards Hakuda. While this may not be her best-suited Shinigami, Yasu has used her unusual craftiness to use a combination of the arts, including with her Shikai to hide her true intentions. Often downplayed because of her limit of mastery, the young captain proves to be capable even in her weakest subject.

Known Hakuda Techniques: Simple Kick | Takigoi | Kagamibiraki | Raiōken | Ikkotsu | Sōkotsu

Known Kidō Techniques:


Skills and Abilities:
Berserker Strength:
During her younger years, Yasu has always proved herself to be stronger than the average female in life and death. After creating Shizen na Soukou, Yasu has used her armored skin to deal out deathly blows. Without the buff, Yasu can easily shatter solid stone pillars and burst through walls on a quest for snacks. Her opponent's bones can easily shatter, and depending on how she executes it, she can tear holes straight through skin, muscle, and bone. In between training with both Kyomu and Honoka, Yasu's body has been honed to where she sits soft and squishy when she isn't threatened but can turn as hard as a rock and shatter someone's skull with a headbutt.

Mastered Athleticism and Flexibility: Yasu's body can bend and sway every which way with ease and little resistance. A fan of gymnastics since her human years, Yasu has been able to twist and turn her body into rather diabolical contortions that seemed as if had just come out of a circus freak show. And to be completely honest, her less-than-endearing smile just sends a chill down your spine. Useful in combat situations, Yasu tends to hop around more than most to get herself pumped or to deter the opponent with an unnatural look before she strikes. Her stamina on regular terms can go for long distances when on foot, and even longer when swinging from rooftop to rooftop using her Shikai.


Advanced Senses: Yasu's senses have been proven to be more potent than any other individual. Her sense of smell allows her to discern individuals apart from one another easily. She can hear a pin drop as far as fifty meters away from her current location. As for sight, she can also reach about fifty meters away. However, while taste and touch do little in a battle situation unless she's going to eat them, her sense of touch allows her to navigate properly through the majority of the Gotei Thirteen during her nightly snack raids so she doesn't stop anywhere that would make a sound. Her tastebuds are just amplified so she can enjoy the food she eats to the fullest, though it isn't very sensitive.

Anatomical Intellect: The bodies of Shinigami, Quincy, Arrancar, and other extremities alike all have the same infrastructure more or less. Because of this, Yasu's extensive knowledge of anatomy is used to calculate just where and how hard she must hit to get the outcome she desires. With this skill, the use of her hakuda and control can be accentuated in the decimation of those that stand in her way.

Akuma no Sashi ———————————— Sōryū no Kata ———————————— Dokuja no Musibime

Shizen na Soukou (自然な装甲, "Natural Armor"): A primarily defensive technique that works by tightening all the muscles in the body at once to prepare for impact, drastically increasing the Yasu's durability. Stemming off of an ability similar to that of an Arrancar's Hierro, Yasu has branched off with an ability that has or can generate a natural armor as a part of her body, which is resistant to physical attacks and extreme temperatures. As such, Yasu can take on a heavy blow of a blade with nothing more than a jagged cut that splits apart her clothes. A blade may not cleave through her, maybe cause a slight incision similar to that of a papercut. As for direct blows from kido, the pressure and sear may destroy her clothes, but her skin may state completely unblemished or slightly scorched as if she had been left outside for too long.

Meager hand-to-hand combat wouldn't deter her as she returned blows, the impact feeling as if breezes simply brushed against her. Offensively, Yasu has used the same form of muscle definition and hardening in addition to the monstrous strength that she possesses to deal out overwhelming blows, capable of tearing holes through bodies without much resistance. While this is something that she tries to stray away from as it does cause stress on her body, her performance doesn't lack in the fierceness of her attacks even after multiple blows capable of leveling the landscape into a pile of rubble and destruction. This would still provide her body with an extensive protective shell that leaves her virtually unharmed.



Gigai (義骸, “Faux Body”) | Denreishinki (伝令神機, “Divine Messenger Machine”) | Spirit Cuffs (呪霊錠, Jūreijō; lit. Cursed Spirit Shackles) | Ginjōtan (銀条反, "Stripe of Inverted Silver"): A steel sash is worn under armor, its contributing weight makes it harder for the wearer to move fast. The one which Yasu bears is around her abdomen. The total combined weight of the Ginjōtan is eight hundred times that of Yasu's normal weight. While most Shinigami would have their bones turned to dust even just under a pressure three times their mass, Yasu's durability has been honed and put through Hell and back as she can move swiftly and light on her feet just as she has done. Anytime she finds herself becoming accustomed to the weights, she will adjust them to become heavier with each exchange. Her current weighted gear surmounts to just about 160,000 pounds of pressure constantly constricting her body on a daily basis.


Zanpakutō Name: Kurosawa (黒澤, "Black Marsh")


Zanpakutō Appearance:
Dressed in black, laced in purple, and guarded by gold, Yasu’s zanpakuto is a tantō (短刀, "short sword"). It is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords that were worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan. The tantō dates to the Heian period, when it was used as a weapon but evolved in design over the years to become more ornate, designed for piercing or stabbing. Yasu easily conceals her blade within the sleeve of her right arm, its small and sleek design making it much easier to whip out in a flash or release it in tandem with her attacks.

Zanpakutō Spirit:


Yasu's zanpakutō spirit refers to herself as Kurosawa's Odei (汚泥, "Sludge"). With a completely black silhouette, Odei's physical appearance completely contrasts against the usual bubbly dunce that Yasu is. As dark and malicious as she looks, Odei's personality is rather quiet and reserved. During Spirit gatherings, Odei lingers in the back, away from the others. When addressing Yasu, it is usually in a friendly demeanor. The relationship between Yasu and Odei is as if the two grew up as childhood friends. The two are very close and work well to bring out the best in one another in a fight. Yasu becomes more fierce, focused, and breathtakingly intense. Odei turns into a sinister being, quick and ruthless with her attacks and follow-ups.

Inner World:

Yasu's inner world resembles that of a swamp. It was a supposed absolute reflection of her mind and the way it works. The water is never clear, always dark, thus her jumbled thoughts and usual blanks. There is little light that peeks through the extensive and overwhelming trees. Yasu usually finds herself stuck in the deep marshes and consistently held down during her first of many attempts. Her inner world is suffocating when under extreme stress and pressure. The feeling of being enclosed so tightly has caused Yasu to become claustrophobic in both her Inner World and in reality. With Odei's first experience with her wielder, their exchange was destructive and damping on both of their moods. However, as Yasu's moods shift from one to another, could vary the clearness of the water or the light that flows in through the tops of the trees.


Release Phrase: Shōhi Suru, Kurosawa (消費する, 黒澤, "Consume, Black Marsh") A simple verbal command, but Yasu is capable of releasing her Shikai without so much of a sound. This, including the visual lack of her blade, often makes her opponents think that her weapon is something along the lines of a constant-release type.


Shikai Special Ability:
Kōzō Nashi (構造なし, "No Structure"). Now, most zanpakutō possess some form of a weapon to wield within Shikai, however, once released, Kurosawa's form is diminished, and it is almost as if it becomes nonexistent, however, while the handle of her zanpakuto stays, the short blade begins to melt into the slippery black sludge and becomes this formless thing that doesn't stop pooling around her. Upon release, black tendrils of sludge can shoot out and either pierce or grasp the target. With no form to predict, Kurosawa can harden or liquefy completely by Yasu's command. Yasu's control over this ability exemplifies the quick adaptability in maneuvering between opponents at any given time. A perfected form is hidden in plain sight, Yasu's zanpakuto in Shikai has the ability to conjure another handle for a formal dual-wielding execution that can be used to the best of its ability.

Kōsoku (拘束, "Restraint") is a sub technique of Kurosawa's unique ability. Taking a child's rope game and conforming it into a confinement move, in its full glory, Kurosawa spreads around and creates a heavy net that damages the target and by attaching sludge to their bodies and stretching itself across the canvas until the sound structure and containment halt their movements. With that, should the captured persons move, the sludge around their bodies would only grow thicker and constrict the chest cavity to lower the ability to circulate air in and out of the passageways properly. Those subject to the effects of Shikai can also be restrained by pulling apart their limbs and holding them down soundly and firmly to lock them in place.

Hōi-tai (包囲体, "Enclosure") is yet another sub-technique available and executed by the young captain. In this ability, Odei's dark mass begins to shield Yasu's body with the substance of her likeness, acting as a second skin similar to that of Yasu's Natural Armor. However, in this form, Yasu can manipulate the slimy masses at her beck and call, giving her complete control of her second skin. This second skin can extend, retract, soften, harden, expand, and consume all while being linked to her body. Bot Odei and Yasu are linked in both physical and mental means, thus driving the extent of this sub-ability to be the bane of her opponents. Even her former captain finds her Shikai to prove quite difficult to deal with.

Saiken (再建, "Reconstruction") After the loss of her left arm during her captaincy exam against Yū Nakamoto, Yasu was forced to create a makeshift arm out of her element. Regardless, Yasu functions pretty well without her left arm despite protests of the Head Lieutenant's concern to heal and replace it. Yasu feels as though a weight has been lifted as it serves as a reminder of her limitations. Yasu can reconstruct her arm at a whim but chooses not to unless the situation is dire or if she finds herself in need of a helping hand. She isn't limited to creating a single limb either, and can even go so far as to create puppets in her same likeness in tandem with Hōi-tai, each figure containing a portion of her reiryoku that can often misguide her enemies as to which one of her is the real her.

Ningyō Ga Nai (人形がない, "Absent Doll") Demonstrated by having an extensive part of her Shikai become attached to a body, the silhouette of said person becomes immersed as extensively as deemed worthy to gain control of the victim's motor functions. Gathering itself around the fabric of one's clothes is enough to begin the pursuit of bodily subjugation. However, the closer to skin-to-skin contact that the sludge is capable of getting strengthens the density and pressure of the substance and its performance. Gaining control of either a specific limb or the body as a whole allows Yasu to manipulate it to move as she wishes through a mental command or even by the movement of her own body.


Bankai: Hasasaku Kurosawa (蓮咲く黒澤, "Black Marsh Where Lotus Blooms")


Yasu holds her zanpakutō out in a fashion where the blade is pointing down, and from the edge of the golden guard, black slime begins to drip down the path of the blade and onto the ground. For the size of her blade, it creates a small puddle yet gradually expands out into a wide range, spreading across the field around both her and her opponent. Around the field consists of lily pads, budding, and fully bloomed lotuses. However, if already in a Shikai, the simple release phrase is enough. Once spoken, tendrils spill from her hands and begin whipping around her to follow suit, covering the large area around them

Bankai Special Ability:
The coverage of her Bankai seems almost limitless. Unlike Yasu, who can stand on top of the marsh's surface, staying stagnant for too long would allow the marsh to swallow the opponent whole if they didn't move fast enough. If already caught by the marsh, expect to have one's moments slowed down indefinitely. The essence of the marsh would begin to claw up one's body unless properly rid of it in one way or another, and this is as offensive as the marsh could get without Yasu's direct involvement. In defense, the marsh would create a flurry of tendrils to form a protective shield that could take on most physical attacks from harming her. However, the only way to rid of the Bankai itself is to get rid of Yasu. The ever-elusive Captain is a complete wildcard, completely unpredictable, and a master of surprise. Using the constricting prowess of her Shikai, the wide range of marsh allows Yasu to conjure up a larger variety of tendrils that empower the mesh and put heavier pressure on the opponent. The pressure of the mesh possesses the ability to shatter limbs and compress down on their bodies to suffocate them.

Han'ei Suru Kajo (繁栄する花序, "Prosperous Inflorescence"): A bubbly, air-headed girl surely would never be paired with such killing intent. Fortunately, Yasu is by no means an ordinary shinigami. With a knack for quick adaptivity, her usual one-minded thinking comes to aid her as she becomes a simple-mission kind of girl. So long as she has a goal in mind, she would finish it, regardless of the damages that follow. As a close-range combatant, Yasu's Shikai ability is amplified when in use during her Bankai. The significance of a bloomed lotus means that an opponent from before had been consumed. As a close-range combatant, if Yasu gets close enough to touch her opponent and force the essence of the marsh into an open orifice, the fallen will become consumed by the mass and materialize into another lotus in her collection.

Tensō (転送, "Transfer") Yasu's Bankai also can transfer her body through the marsh and find her emerging from budding lotuses that she can transfer to and from at any time. In her transfers, a lotus appears in her former position and the captain is capable of springing from an already bloomed flower or a budding lotus.


Kuro ni Ochiru (黒に落ちる, "Fall into Black") In a massive sea of darkness, waves of lanky tendrils rise from the depths of the black marsh, taking on the forms of hands. These multiple hands grab and take anything they get their hands on in an attempt to pull things into the marsh. The longer in which one stays within the range of the marsh the more viable it to be captured in one way or another. The second that one latches onto a part of the body, the rest follow suit with no time wasted. The form of these hands has been rumored to be those who have formerly been consumed by the marsh of years past, wanting for those who managed to bring them out to suffer as they did.


Kuronuma Hashi (黒沼橋, "Black Swamp Bridge") Displayed only once, this form of travel is accented through these tendrils crashing against one another as they follow the path of their direct target in a chase. Yasu is capable of running atop these large tendrils that tower over her nearly twenty times in size, as well as sinking into the marsh for a more covert pursuit. The "bridge" aspect comes from being able to cross each tendril at any point in time, the unpredictability proving it difficult to target her directly so long as she has the option to recede into the murky depths while trying to defend from being caught by a massive tendril.


Inner Hollow: Similar to the true Yasu and yet slightly different in appearance. This familiar woman also appears to be made of inverted colors. Yasu's Inner Hollow is more aggressive, potty-mouthed, and unnaturally mature, clashing against Yasu in every way.​


Hollow Mask: Skeletal in appearance, her Hollow mask sports a forever-smile, curved slits for her eyes to peek through cut down the middle. Upon donning her Hollow mask, the sclera of her eyes turns black, though her irises become a golden brown color.​


Cero: Yasu gathers energy that is displayed beginning as a small spark from her mouth. Unlike her brethren, Yasu is capable of releasing her cero in two ways. Both have been seen only once, the first building up in a spherical shape that dwarves anyone in its massive build that expands quite quickly with fierce heat and devastating force, leveling the playing field in a ground-zero fashion. The severity of its release has even demanded the release of the renowned Former Captain-Commander Murasaki's Shikai to be destroyed. The second and used in quick succession, Yasu can create a piercing stream that leaves a wake of thunderous explosions in its path, its size also massive, but smaller in comparison to the spherical counterpart. The heat from the cero is powerful enough to melt sound structures and send the ground caving into itself by stories. Yasu also has the ability to perform Cero Doble.​


Hollow Augmentations: Possessing enough strength to shatter solid stone in her base form, Yasu's hollowfication has practically made the young lieutenant into an unmatched powerhouse. Training and honing with the other two victims of the Kuchiki Incident, she, Captain Tenzen Oda, and Lieutenant Arashi Suta have been able to let loose against them more than her other sparring partners. While wearing her Hollow mask, Yasu can move much faster, which she uses to overwhelm her opponents. With the acquisition of the mask through the subjugation of one's inner Hollow, Vizards gain access to an additional and separate source of power - aside from the Shinigami powers they already possess - Hollow powers. The accumulation of both powers greatly augments their powers beyond what a Shinigami and/or Hollow alone would be capable of. Members of the Vizards drastically increase their combat abilities by donning their masks and Hollowfying. The length of time they can remain Hollowfied varies with each person. As such, the amount of damage obtained in her hollow form is very minuscule if anything at all. Vizards also have the dual spiritual power of both Shinigami and Hollow, which enhances their abilities, this type of power was once recorded as possessing the same properties as that of an Espada. Yasu also has a particular screech that is capable of shaking the foundation on which she stands, sending violent vibrations to rattle on for hundreds of miles. This sound, if heard in close quarters, can shatter one's eardrums if not protected properly.


Personal Relationships:
Hiroka Ikari - A longtime friend and now her lieutenant, Yasu have seen Hiroka grow from their school years as his upperclassman. The two often exchanged gifts and food during her visits to the Eleventh Division alongside Shoumetsu. After the events of the Kenpachi Games, Yasu had taken a while before making the decision to offer the position as her lieutenant to the Suneater after releasing her former lieutenant to the Tenth Division. The captain-lieutenant duo is amongst the youngest of all of their peers. but their growth has indefinitely been shown over the last century, let alone just under nine months. Yasu trusts Hiroka, and she can safely say that he is able to put his absolute trust in her as well.​
Kyomu Mukuro - A troublesome captain in her youth, but there are times at which she misses the day-to-day banter between the two. The Mukuro Clan Lord watched as this piece of coal had turned into a diamond under pressure and his tutelage. Since her ascension to captaincy, the two have had limited and conflicting work-life balances. As a former member of the Second Division, Yasu is more than aware of what the services of the Onmitsukido are entitled to, and what befalls her former Captain. Despite the distance, the unspoken bond between these two entities still exists even in the silence that lingers.​
Honoka Oki - The former Head Lieutenant and now Third Division captain, Yasu has always looked up to Honoka as a mother figure. Despite the setbacks the Oki woman had acquired, from the loss of her clansmen to the loss of her son from her actions, Yasu still admires the shinigami that is Honoka Oki, and has quietly longed for the type of air that encapsulates the new captain; an air of elegance and beauty, something that was the complete opposite of what Yasu has been. Since her sentencing to the Third Division, Yasu often visits in order to get both her reports and snacks.​
Zhou Feng - A fellow former unit commander of the Second Division during her time as a lieutenant, the two had only exchanged words scarcely. So reclusive, even to his ever-talkative lieutenant, the former detention unit commander was always business and never play despite her best efforts. However, in passing glances upon visiting the Third Division, Yasu manages to find him catching her eye in more ways than one. An odd feeling befalls the young captain, a feeling unfamiliar to her. He's grown plenty taller... and much more.​
Yū Nakamoto - The oldest of the quad to have graduated within their class, and the first to have become a captain, Yasu would be lying if she say she wasn't envious of her blond-haired friend. One of the only few to call him Yuna, the relationship between the two is considerably strong, Yasu having made many trips to the Fourth Division for treatment and to raid his fridges. She actively attends his yoga classes and often participates, showing off her extreme flexibility.​
Kiku Shunkan - Friends of old, the contact between the two shinigami has been limited since his departure from the Second Division. Although the second oldest, Yasu considers him the youngest due to his lackadaisical attitude and lazy demeanor, even after having been in the First Division, only to join under her fellow vizard, Tenzen Oda.​
Fuyuko Kasumi - The former Tenth Division Lieutenant and now current Head Lieutenant, the friendship between both Fuyuko and Yasu is extremely intertwined and strong. Coming home from her trips to the World of the Living, Yasu often received snacks and gifts from Fuyuko, spoiling the girl like no other. But much like Honoka, Fuyuko was a woman of order, and Yasu knew not to go too far when her friend was at work.​
Shoumetsu Takahiro - A strangely violent man with culinary skills like no other, especially in baking. Like Hiroka, Shoumetsu was one of her underclassmen. A literal hardass with a rather weak exterior when it came to Yasu, the pink-haired girl managed to have a taste or two of his sweet delicacies despite having been told that nothing he made was ever for her during her trips to Eleventh. Much similar to their friend, Shoumetsu has gained his own promotion, gaining the title of Lieutenant of the Tenth Division.​
Ochitsuki Oda - Another anomaly that Yasu managed to magnetize too. Honestly, these hard-exterior and quiet types were probably what Yasu was more than willing to befriend, only because she imagined they deserved friends too. Quiet, strange, and goal-oriented. Ochitsuki Oda hardly uttered a word, simply listening to the rampant ramblings of the young Yasu. Even after joining her in the Second Division, it seemed as though this had been the perfect place for him, and she, the outlier. The eerie similarities between Kyomu Mukuro and Ochitsuki Oda would go unspoken but silence can be a lot louder than words.​
Tenzen Oda - Maybe it was an Oda thing to keep to themselves and be the most awkward person in the room. Their first meeting hadn't been the best, ending in the hollow affliction that plagues them and Arashi Suta. For well over a century, the two captains have spent more time with one another, training day in and day out, on top of their captainly duties to their respective divisions. Her extreme invasive nature has broken down the walls of the Buddhist, eventually getting the older shinigami to speak a lot more freely without her pestering. She takes a lot of pride in breaking down the most hard-to-talk to people, and Tenzen was no exception.​
Arashi Suta - These two shinigami have a relationship that mimics that of his captain since the Kuchiki Incident. The former lieutenants often shared tea together during the lieutenants' meetings or when she had decided to invade the Fifth Division barracks for her snacks. However, with his demotion and her promotion, the two have seen lesser and lesser of one another, and she can only imagine that it is due to Tenzen's influence and expectations.​
Signy Hoshi - One of the newest established relationships that Yasu has made. Although directly having gone to the Hoshi Candy Store and dealing more with her brother, during the Kenpachi Games, she'd gifted the candy-hoarding captain with plenty, only further the relationship between the Ninth and Thirteenth Division. Since the games, Yasu has made many trips to the Thirteenth and the Candy Store, often leaving their store nearly empty after her overhauls.​

Likes: Gymnastics | Carousels
Dislikes: Paperwork | Crowded areas
Favorite Food(s): Nikuman | Lollipops
Seretei Communication Column: Yakkaimono on SoulTube | Shinigami Women's Association​

Theme 1: Bubblegum Bitch Theme 2: EAT SPIT! Theme 3: Bad Girl Theme 4: Cold-Blooded

⦿ Yasu enjoys raiding the other division's fridges and is often found passed out next to one if not her own. Some say that she has a refrigerator in each division's barracks.
⦿ Among her earthly possessions, her stuffed animals, food, and carousel all rank high among the things she enjoys the most.
⦿ Yasu goes by the F.O.E. rule: Food Over Everything.
⦿ On Soultube, Yasu, also known as Yakkaimono, is one of the trending vloggers for her pranks, interviews, and food runs that more or less capture the scene of discovery and chaos.
⦿ Yasu's Japanese VA is Haruka Tomatsu, the voice of Zero Two in Darling in the Franxx along with the corresponding English VA.
⦿ Much like Kyomu Mukuro, since the Kototsu incident, Yasu is bound in equipment consisting of Jūreijō (呪霊錠, "Spirit Cuffs"; lit. Cursed Spirit Shackles), Ginjōtan (銀条反, "Stripe of Inverted Silver"), and Seitoushin (Coursing Pain Adjustment Needles). In lieu of her teachings, Yasu has never rid herself of the cuffs or the weighted gear, constantly putting herself under the stress of balancing herself and limiting her movement for well over a century's worth of time.



Yasu spent most of her life in the 64th District, Sabitsura, with four other children as siblings around her age, and two elder sisters that took care of them all. Given a semi-short end of the stick after she had passed in the human world, Yasu made the best out of a bad situation and lived as peacefully as possible with her family. However, Yasu felt estranged from the lot of them. She knew that she was strange. She heard things whisper and call out to her. Most nights, she wouldn't sleep because she was trying to communicate with this foreign being despite not knowing where it came from. Soon enough, word got around of her odd behavior, and it caused the other children around Sabitsura to avoid her at all costs. When Eri or Mei came to find her, they always found her by water. Eventually, her siblings began to follow in the footsteps of the other children, and Yasu was left alone. "I don't know who you are, but one day I'll find you, whoever you are!" Yasu called out into the open, particularly to no one, but she knew that no one might be listening.

The days grew longer, and Yasu found herself wandering further and further from Sabitsura and deeper into the depths of East Rukongai, pushing past the limits of each district, passing the 65th until her feet stopped at the 79th District border. Yasu didn't exactly know how she got there, or how long she had been roaming, but when she became more alert to her exact circumstances, Yasu began the trek back home but stopped after just a couple of strides. Looking around frantically, Yasu began to hyperventilate, the darkness seeming to wrap around her and consuming her whole. She panicked and took off running into the night, the stones cutting into the soles of her bare feet, leaving bloody footprints behind her.

She didn't stop, but she wished that she had, finding herself on solid ground and then down into the depths of a nearby river. Clawing around for something to grab, Yasu could only see the distorted ripples of the surface above her as she sunk deeper into the depths of the water as it rushed her down its body and into a large lake. Her consciousness slowly faded, but she could feel something pressing against her back, and she began to drift back up towards the sky. It almost felt as if she were floating before she finally succumbed to this hazy sleep. What lifted her from the water was a black, oddly formed figure that moved at a snail's pace. It settled her down gently back on the bank of the river's edge. The sopping black mass pressed gently on Yasu's stomach and chest several times before the water that had seeped into her lungs came sputtering out like a clogged faucet. Yasu blinked rapidly as her consciousness came back to her, seeing the looming silhouette looking over her.

The figure above her continued to observe the girl and looked alarmed with its glowing red orbs when a soft and gargled "I found you," came from the girl, and she was out once more. The being could only stare in awe before its eyes squinted in a way that revealed a joyous expression. "You did find me, you odd little soul..." And it sunk back into the dark depths.

Once morning broke, Eri and Mei had nearly reached the end of the 78th District with the other children in search of Yasu. It was Toru that found Yasu, muddied and cold from the earlier fiasco. Taking Yasu up into her arms, Mei made her way back home first, and Eri and the other children were hot on her heels. They cleaned her up and buried her in warm blankets just so a little color would come back to her. From what she was told, Yasu had been asleep for nearly four days. Unsteadily making her way out the door, Yasu was met with massive impact from Hotaru and Aoi. Not recalling what had happened at the river, Yasu was just confused and lost. Rin and Toru looked at one another, but remembering their promise to Eri and Mei to keep quiet about that day's events just gave Yasu a small pat on the head and went about the rest of their days as if nothing had changed at all.

Several years had passed since that incident, and Yasu had grown into a boisterous young woman. Rin was seventeen, Toru was fifteen, Yasu was thirteen, and Hotaru and Aoi had both just turned nine. However, Yasu was the only one out of the five to age physically. Yasu didn't know or think about how her life worked now that she was dead. She didn't know there was anything else to it other than being dead. However, when brought to her attention, Yasu didn't know how to respond other than a shrug. It wasn't much of her problem, or so she thought. Yasu didn't know a thing about her reiatsu, nor how to control it in the slightest. Because of this, Yasu had found herself shaken awake to find her younger siblings clawing at their throats because of how constricting her powers were overwhelming them. Rin dragged her away, and Toru stayed with Eri and Mei as they tried to help the younger two.

She spent days outside of the house, and out of Hotaru and Aoi's sight, in fear of what she could do to them without even being aware of it. "You know, if you don't get yourself under control, you'll kill them." Rin had told her. It was straightforward and crude, but it was the truth. Toru was much softer with his tone, but it still hurt nonetheless. "You're different than all of us, Yasu. You need people who can help you, and staying here won't do that." Soon enough, she concluded to enroll herself in the academy. If there were anyone that could explain to her what exactly was happening, it would be them. Leaving in the night, Yasu bid farewell to Eri and Mei. No words, but just a look of determination. When she came back, she would be able to stand with them without fear of hurting any of them.

Yasu was accepted into the academy with little trouble. Never having an aptitude for learning, even though placed high in her classes, her studies were terrible when it came to academics, but the area in which she excelled the most was Hakuda. Being in Class One, Yasu's survived on her prestigious aptitude for Hakuda alone. However, an unexpected turn of events played out during a lunch period where Yasu minded her own business, casually filling up her mouth as full as it could get with pocky when she felt eyes on her and met the eyes of the Second Division Captain, Kyomu Mukuro. Behind him were subordinates of the second division. She blinked. One second, he was there, and then the next, him standing before her, and a rough hand against her head. "You. You will do." He had said to her, and Yasu could only look at him quite stupidly, wondering just exactly what was happening. Not long after that, Yasu was recruited into the Second Division after graduation, and quickly worked her way up in rank from unseated to lieutenant, which was a feat for the young bubblegum-haired dunce. Still having a lot of life left to live, Yasu tends to her duties as diligently as possible, or as much as she can before having to find her captain.

Yasu Yūgure has been through Hell and back, from her former Captain's hellish training to being a part of an alleged coup to being subjected to an unlawful disaster that changed her genetic make, publicly deeming her as a potential threat to losing those close to her to being dismembered in her attempt at Captaincy. Despite all of the hardships, Yasu has prevailed and survived to the surprise of many. She's fought valiantly and will continue to do so in the name of the Gotei Thirteen as Captain of the Ninth Division.


Character Appearance:
Arc One
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Mizu Sayuri

New member




“One does not simply gaze upon happiness”
“Being one with the Water does have its benefits”
“Uhhh.. I just don't get it?”
“The needle is the way to the healing heart”


Character Name: Mizu Sayuri
Mizu 水 "Water" / Rirī さゆり "Small Lily"
Actual Age: 150
Physical Age: Mid 20s
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: September 20th
Gender: Male

Height: 6'1'' / 182 cm
Weight: 175lb / 79kg
Blood Type: O+


Affiliation: Gotei 13, Squad 9, Seretei, Soul Society
Title: NA
Position: 9th Seat of 9th Division
Division: Ninth Division (九番隊, kyūbantai; Squad 9)


Notable Features: Mizu is a man of wisdom more than the ordinary person. Normally Mizu will give off the look like nothing is troubling him unless in time of battle. Being that Mizu loves to meditate usually outside he has been graced with caramel-tanned skin. Standing at six foot one people know when Mizu is either around or near. From the upper left side of his forehead to just barely below his cheekbone Mizu has a slit where he was once sliced. Since Mizu is always calm-natured. He tends to hold bells dear to himself. Hanging from his neck and left wrist he has two smaller bells that are noticeable once close by their lovely colors. (Wrist: Smoky Purple / Neck: Rose Gold with accents of Marble) Mizu has short black hair parted to one side with a purple/pink streak in it. Since Mizu does not like to get hot easily he has been known to have his head shaved around the rest of his head. Both Mizu's eyes are a lovely Sandesh Purple color. Attached from the right nostril going over to his ear lobe Mizu has a chain with a hoop on both sides.

Personality: Mizu is known to be one like the ocean. He flows with the changing of situations at any given moment. When having time to himself to just meditate, he normally doesn't show anger enough for others to see it. Mizu usually hangs around with the other Squad 4 members as well as his Lt and Captain. Since Mizu has a "Calming" nature to himself he usually is perceived by others as someone they can go to when they need to feel a sense of serenity in the world.


Makoto Sayuri - Mother
Takahiro Sayuri - Father

Nyoi Gakuya - Aunt
Higasa Gakuya - Uncle
Hiroka Ikari - Adoptive Cousin

Main Theme
Battle Theme 1
Battle Theme 2
Meditation Music 1
Meditation Music 2



Reiryoku Level: High Spiritual Power

Reiryoku: Even though Mizu has learned to inner his ability to understand his Reiryoku. With long hours of meditation and learning to keep his anger low. When his Reiryoku does appear it comes from his chest like a Water Lily emerging, But when he fully releases it it looks like waves splashing against walls.

But, after each use of releasing his Reiryoku Mizu tends to need to reattune himself to his Spiritual self by meditation or relaxation of some sort. As a child, Mizu never really knew the meaning of "Slow down and relax". Mizu was always running around with friends or helping the local shop merchants with things. But one sunny afternoon Mizu finally took a walk and sat down against a tall tree overlooking a field and just took a deep breath, where he knew at that moment it was time to slow down and keep a calm mind and life.



Sensing Reiryoku: Expert

Ever since graduation Mizu has dedicated much of his free time working on making his Reiryoku even stronger. Normally within a medium sized area Mizu can sense medium to higher levels of spiritual energy even though senseing is not all part of it Mizu has learned that within meditation he can extend his spiritual energy to sense further out from his initial area of sensing.

While meditating Mizu can picture more of the surrounding areas to better understand the location pinpoints such as turns, towers, corners. So within his meditated state Mizu can push himself further to grow his area of spiritual energy.


Reiryoku Control: Great Control

Having grown a lot since learning about his spiritual ability, Mizu has grown very fond of his Reiryoku and being able to have great control over it. Mizu has learned that by meditation he can control how far his Reiryoku can be felt by others as well as that energy from others onto himself. Mizu knew that since meditation takes a lot of patience and time that he was going to be able to push his Reiryoku to a point where he would be able to have great control over it. Even when Mizu is in this state he does block his energy from being felt by any others not near him because he wants to see how far he can push it where he can sense other spiritual beings.


Reiatsu: Specialist

Throughout the Academy controlling his Reiatsu was difficult and very hard for Mizu. But by graduation he was able to finally have a decent control over when and how much of his Reiatsu seeps out to those around him. Normally when he is all calm you can not tell any of his Reiatsu is seeping from his body. The minute he becomes extremely angry which is not that often those around Mizu can sense that he is not one to be around since they feel a huge disturbance. Normally this is seen as a galaxy purple haze coming from his limbs.

Reiatsu Color: Galaxy Purple


Reiatsu Shape: Mizu’s Reiatsu once released appears to be in the shape of a Fairy with wings that are blackned in color. The Fairy’s body is completely see through but once gazed upon you see a complete galaxy with nothing but colors of purple.

Reiatsu Type: Standard Type

With meditation being the center stone for Mizu’s Reiatsu this is something more unique than normal Shinigami.


Zanjutsu Level: Swordsman
Growing up in the Soul Society, Mizu has always had a love for swords and the art of battle. Once in the Academy Mizu was able to learn more and train to the point where he became proficient in using swords. He knew that one day he wanted something more than just being able to use a sword and being able to fight, So everyday Mizu would practice from sun up to sun down in between his classes. When he was even too tired to get up he would still make himself get up and clean his sword since Mizu always believed “A swords cleanliness is the users heart”. Meaning, the more time and effort you trained with the sword the more you become it.

Known Techniques:
Shitonegaeshi (褥返し)
Agitowari (顎割)
Ryōdan (両断)


Hoho Level: Shunpo Practitioner
In normal battles, Mizu has been known to flash around quickly. Since Mizu still is not a full master at Shunpo he will frequently stop from maintaining his fast movements during his battles to regain strength and his speed. But you will know when he is about to use his Shunpo because he will wipe his forehead and push his one foot back.


Hakuda Level: Novice
Although Mizu loves using his Kido more than anything during his time at the Academy he has learned something completely new. Hakuda was something that Mizu was not really into wanting to learn since he wanted to be further away from combat instead of close in quarters.

But shortly after joining the Academy all that changed when he started to enjoy it, seeing that there was more than a way to fight other than just being further away. He was able to see the reasoning behind needing to know Hakuda. Even though Mizu is still not the best at this he is training as much as he can to better his experience with this.


Kaido Level: Kaido Specialist
Kido has been something easy for Mizu to learn while within the Academy. He grew really in love with this because it was a way for him to stay a little behind while in combat instead of needing to be close up. Although Mizu still isn't a “Master” at Kido he hopes one day he becomes one. Within learning Kido, Mizu has grown more love for Bakudo and Hado. Upon joining the 4th Division Mizu has grown will vers in knowing Kaido. Time has passed and Mizu has learned to become better at using Kaido more than he thought. Since being promoted to the 5th seat of the 4th Division Mizu is able to stop heavy bleeding, heal deep wounds and restore limbs (That takes time and a lot of energy out of myself).

Known Kaido:
Bakudō # 1. Sai
Bakudō #9. Hōrin
Bakudō #21. Sekienton
Bakudō #30. Shitotsu Sansen
Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō
Bakudō #62. Hyapporankan
Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku
Bakudō #77. Tenteikūra

Seimeikasseihō (生命活性法, 'Purify by expiatory sacrifice' VIZ. Life Refreshing Method) ––– A healing spell that uses the practitioner's own reiryoku to heal the target, which takes the form of a green-colored light. The healing is facilitated through physical touch and requires no incantation to use. Its' effectiveness is based on the practitioner's own control as it is capable of treating the most severe wounds and purifying even the most foreign of poisons.

Known Hado:
Hadō #4. Byakurai
Hadō #58. Tenran
Hadō #11. Tsuzuri Raiden
Hadō #33. Sōkatsui




The Denreishinki (伝令神機, Divine Messenger Machine; Viz "Soul Pager") is an electronic inter-dimensional communications device used by Shinigami while on an assignment in the Human World.


A Gigai (義骸, Faux Body) is an artificial body that allows Shinigami to remain in the Human World and interact with Humans.



Zanpakuto Name: Shidare Kankoshi しだれ看護師 "Weeping Nurse"
Zanpakuto Appearance:

Mizu's Zanpakuto does appear in a normal “Samurai Sword” style look. Upon the bottom of the hilt, there is a blackened chained bell that expels purple mist when unscathed. The blade itself is still made from typical spiritual metal but does have a purple hue to it when Mizu's hand is placed on it, As well as it's more, darkened to the eye making it seem like black metal. The holder itself is wrapped in black, purple, and blue coloring. But the rest of the color is black.



Zanpakuto Spirit: Mizu’s Zanpakuto spirit may look extremely terrifying to the eye but deep down the spirit is extremely loving and caring. All the Spirit wants to do is see people healed. When released the Nurse always floats in the air with a Black nurse's robe and a purple lily on the left portion of the best plate. Since the nurse is known to be blind she does have an eye covering.
Inner World: Tekika 滴下 "Drip"
Release Phrase: Tekika Shidare Kankoshi!


1st Slash - Hearing
Shortly after getting hit with the first slash the opponent will start to have his/her Hearing become completely unbearable. Meaning, the opponent will be able to hear ever single conversation from two feet away to 5 miles away. They will be able to even hear whispers making it so hard for them to focus on hearing what is happening around them.

2nd Slash - Sight
With the second slash the opponent will start to feel like their sight is being enhanced to a complete ten. This means since their eyesight will be so focused on everything around them from the small little water droplets on the grass to the hairlines of people around. This will make it extremely hard for the opponent to be able to focus on the battle and being able to defend themselves.

3rd Slash - Touch
When the third slash hits the opponent everything will start to feel like its on fire. At this point in the slashes the opponents sense of Touch will become so unbearable that everything they touch will be so amplified that to the opponent will feel like its a life threatening wound. To others the only way they can explain this is that its a mixture of feeling like their touching something extremely on fire or something extremely cold to the point of frostbite.


Bankai: TBD


Personal Relationships: Yu Nakamoto, Omoni Hageshi, Emi Kurochi, Junko Izumi, Hiroka Ikari, Yasu Yūgure
Likes: Tranquility, Peace, Food, Ramen, Sleep, Ocean
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Liars, Spicy Things, Color Yellow
Hobbies: Swimming, Training, Sleeping, Electronic Communication, History
Favorite Food(s): Ramen, Mochi, Bubble Tea
Favorite Instrument: Violin, Harp, Flute, Chinese Violin




Mizu always had a rough childhood being an only child. Since he was Soul born he never really knew about the “Human World”. His parents would try to explain this to him but for Mizu's child-like mind it was always difficult to comprehend what his parents were trying to teach him. As young as he could remember he was always interested in being a Shinigami. He would wake up early each day to go out to see the squads walk around and even sometimes train. This led him to join the Academy.

Mizu, finally able to join the Academy, he's always done well with his classes. His grades would reflect the time he spent studying and training. Being more than above average he was looked at by his professors as someone who would go far not only in the Academy but in life itself. Some professors had even told Mizu that he would become a great soul reaper one day. For days and days, Mizu continued to train and study as best as he could till the day came when he graduated the Academy was able to become a Shinigami.

Although Mizu was proficient with his Shunpo, he had a very special way to activate it. Seeing Mizu wipe his forehead and push one foot back was the way he learned. He believed that everything came from within so if you touch your body before doing something you'd have a better outcome.

Shortly after graduation, he came across Yu from the 4th Division of the Soul Society. Soon after he knew that he wanted to look up to Yu and become just like him to lead a great division. He reached out to join the 4th Division and was formally invited to join, Mizu eager he agreed so quickly that it took his breath away. Now being a new shinigami within the 4th Division Mizu's plan is to become the best Shinigami there is and work his way up the ranks. Also with Mizu's love for Electronic Communications he wants to build something to help better communication between everyone within the Seireitei.

Months have progressed and it seemed as if the progression of himself was lackluster. Even though Junko and Yu both his current Captain and Lt were there helping Mizu progress and giving him what seemed to be harder work.. There was just something missing. During the time right after the Kenpachi games Mizu sought out his cousin Hiroka and sought some advice and insight on what or how he should proceed to become a better and stronger Shinigami. Upon some talking and advice sharing from his Cousin it was agreed that Mizu would transfer over to the 9th division and work on becoming Stronger as a Shinigami from help from his Cousin and his newly founded Captain Yasu Yugure.​


New member
"There's nothing I hate more...than wasting time.”
"Everything is subject to time, and time is subject to me. In a sense, I control it all.”
"If this does not apply to my research or aid me deeper in my studies, I would genuinely appreciate not being disturbed."
"The flow of time is an absolute law whether we are in the World of the Living, the Seireitei, or Hueco Mundo. Even gods of death like the Soul Reapers follow it naturally. None are immune to its influence."


Osoroshi-atama (恐ろしい頭, "Dreadhead") | U~okinguraiburari (ウォーキングライブラリー, "Walking Library") | Kuronomansa (クロノマンサー, "Chronomancer) | Kido Hakkajiten (木戸百科事典, "Kido Encyclopedia")​

Character Name: Eizoku Yugameru
Eizoku Yugameru (永続歪める), is the current standing Lieutenant of the Sixth Division (六番隊, Rokubantai; "Squad 6"), within the Thirteen Court Guard Companies. He is currently the youngest seated member of all the current companies, as well as the youngest enrolled within the history of the Guard Companies overall. Despite his age however, his prowess in kido in particular, and the exponential increase in the rate of his understanding, development, and execution of his spells, are unparalleled. Managing to rival even Captains of several divisions in regard to his knowledge, execution, and power.

Name Translation: Eizoku (永続, "Permanence") Yugameru (歪める, "Distort")
Actual Age: 151
*Eizoku's excursion into the Dangai and his encounter with the Vasto Lorde known as Kassius, which had taken occupancy within, resulted in the man being actively displaced through time upon the activation of his Bankai within the unrestricted maw of the Precipice World.
Physical Age: 22
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: February 18th
Gender: Male

Height: 177 cm (5'10)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs.)
Blood Type: AB

Affiliation: Gotei 13 | Seretei | Soul Society
| Division 6
Profession: Shinigami
Title: Lieutenant | Ex-Kido Corps Member
Position: Lieutenant
Division: Sixth Division

Previous Division: 5th Division

Partner(s): Michi Kiyoshi | Kyura Shigaisen
Previous Partner(s): Tenzen Oda | Arashi Suta | Jizakai Ametsuchi | Kiku Shunkan | Himari Suta
Base of Operations: Seretei | Soul Society| Sixth Division Headquarters​




Notable Features: With an air of strict professionalism aided by a natural confidence and poise that demands respect, the first thing typically noticed by those who interact with the young shinigami is his presence itself. Once bypassing the somewhat stifling atmosphere, his most noticeable feature that typically draws the full attention of the onlooker, is his waist length amber-brown dreadlocks traced in gold. The older the man gets, the more gold clippings he seemingly attaches to his hair, currently adorning himself with a total of three. The largest of the three serving to keep his dreads bundled into a ponytail, while the other two remain attached to two individual dreadlocks - each serving as a limiter and suppressant of his own Reiryoku. He currently adorns his crown in six thickened dreadlocks held into a ponytail, with the sides of his head shaved low after an encounter with the flames of Genryusai Yamamoto which singed off the majority of the dreads on his left side.​


Personality: Eizoku is a relatively formal young man, being notably decisive in his speech, and intentional in every action he takes. Despite a rather rough and unfavorable upbringing within the outer-most districts of the Rukongai, he is naturally nothing less than graceful and dignified in everything he says and does. Rarely committing to anything without absolute purposeful intent, as his biggest vexation is wasting time or being continuously ineffective or inefficient. He is a highly impatient man and finds absolutely no delight in lingering or wasting time idling in activities that don't promote continuous growth or progress in some way, shape or form. Because of this unbalanced quirk, when not on duty or assigned with any major tasks, he is often found busying himself training within the recesses of the Sixth Division quarters or increasing his knowledge elsewhere within the public library archives of the Seireitei. Eizoku is known to utilize his Shikai in the privacy of his living quarters while reading, in order to drastically increase the number of books he is able to complete in one sitting, estimated to be around no less than fifty per hour. With his genius intellect, and an insatiable drive for knowledge, Eizoku is able to not only remember every word of a piece of literature he has read but is also able to recite it back word for word without error. Because of this factor in general, the young male has always excelled in all his studies and has memorized the standardized textbooks and laws of Soul Society from cover to cover.

Obdurate in his beliefs, standards, and morals, he is unwavering in the face of pressures and stress when it pertains to his values of morality, justice, and honor instilled into him. Because of this factor, he is able to maintain a professional, yet refreshingly genuine and serene air about himself - while also holding a heavy influence on those he chooses to associate with. Although, his manner of speech aided with a prolonged presence has been known to inevitably create a rather stifling atmosphere amongst the livelier members of his division or those within his immediate company.

Despite being an active soldier, Eizoku isn't fond of violence in itself, and often takes preventative measures to both warn and avert his opposer from taking a course of action that could potentially lead to fatal altercations. However, despite being against the acts of brutality, he is far from being a pacifist, and rather enjoys the thrill and exhilaration that battle brings because of the knowledge that can be obtained from participation. He views every battle as a means for of obtaining more knowledge. Allowing him to truly test the extents of his analytical and strategical prowess, while executing his own series of traps and techniques.


Development Through a Zanpakto:
Eizoku's development is heavily do to both the connection and ability of his Zanpakto. With the ability to absorb and freely manipulate and utilize time overall, Eizoku has ingeniously used this as a way to significantly speed up his training processes - developing and perfecting a multitude of styles in the process. While also inadvertently challenging and improving his overall base stats as well. The ability to do so has earned Eizoku the alias of being a "prodigy". However, in actuality, his development as far as the rate in which he achieves and masters disciplines and arts, is completely due to the ability of his blade. When in an active Shikai state, the world outside of his domain, passes by at an extremely slow pace, nearly stagnant, and remains as such so long as he has his blade within his grasp. When in this state, his development and improvement to him, appear to be going at the same rate as the typical Shinigami around him, however in actuality, Eizoku's improvement is nearly ten times that of what a typical training of the sorts would do to him or any other Shinigami. This however does have extreme repercussions on Eizoku's body after the effects of continuous use weigh in. Typically causing physical damage across the board unto his body. This drawback initially impeded his progress, resulting in him initially avoiding such training methods for quite an extensive period of time. Over time however, after mastering the use of his ability even further, he found it possible to key in on smaller more notable aspects to apply the ability of his Shikai to, eventually discovering that it could be used as a healing method, significantly expediting the natural recovery rate and process of his wounds, both internal and external. His proficiency of this ability is so masterful that enemies will often find should they not inflict a debilitating blow in a decisive strike, the wounds, however shallow, would seem to heal instantaneously. Having found such a counter to the extreme fatigue and heavy physical toll that his initial training inflicted, he again began his training regimen once more, and continuously improved at an astounding rate, focusing in mainly on the aspects of Kido and Zanjutsu, whilst the fatigues experienced raised his stamina and other relative base stats all around.

Failure presents the greatest opportunities for growth. One can only ascend when rock bottom is their current destination, and so has been the case with Eizoku over the course of the recent arc. After his previous failure to achieve Captaincy, coupled with his previous encounters both within the Dangai and his own division, the man fully dedicated the last portions of the year completely to physical training. Being displaced after his unexpected exiling from Fifth Division granted him the rare opportunity to step back, reflect, and progress. Utilizing his Zanpakto as a way to significantly expedite his progress ten-fold, Eizoku has been able to achieve roughly a seven-year proficiency in the short span of roughly 275 days, greatly improving in his parameters all around into a notable soldier of the Sixth Division, where he now holds the title of Lieutenant.​


Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Power
Reiryoku Control: Mastered
Since well within his youth, Eizoku's Reiryoku levels have always been significantly higher than the overall standardized norm and has been the primary factor in which separates his overall standing and capabilities apart from the other Shinigami in both his skill, range, and age group. Born with an unnaturally high reserve of Reiryoku, Eizoku, although already believing to have fully tapped into what he believed to be the full availability of his Spiritual Power, has unknowingly been blessed with untapped pools of Reiryoku which seemingly lie dormant inside of him, gradually releasing and pooling into his main confines and reserves as he ages and his overall proficiency and skill level increases in the various arts. This is typically bought on by overexertion of himself or near-death experiences while on the border of exhaustion - two situations which seemingly occur far too often in the boy's profession. Eizoku's reserves allow him to both effectively and efficiently cast back-to-back spells of considerate potency and tremendous magnitudes without immediately fatiguing or losing power or efficiency in the overall effect of his castings as they continue.

Shortly after his enrollment period into the academy, Eizoku found himself growing at an exponential rate in skill, in rather short intervals of time. Because of this, he quickly surpassed his peers in nearly every aspect and category the academy had to offer, gaining him the title of a "Child Prodigy" shortly after his start. He particularly excelled in the field of controlling his Reiryoku, something in which he already held an absurd natural proficiency in before he had even enrolled to receive proper instruction. His surgical like control and precision during his enrollment period, allowed him to both create and execute unique feats unheard of to the Soul Society until a couple years down the line from once he debuted as an official Shinigami, also drawing the attention of the Kido Corps. With his heightened level of control and aided development within the Fifth Division, he became capable of casting multiple high-level Kido spells in succession without experiencing any form of lethargy, often not requiring an incantation to do so.​


Unbeknownst initially to the boy, the golden clips gifted to the boy during his advent into the ranks of a Shinigami, had in fact been spiritual suppressants that had been both restraining his current reserves, while also upholding the "untapped" pools within lying dormant within. With such restrictions and limitations present, over the course of 142 years, it has allowed the boy to develop an extreme control of both his utilization and exertion of his spiritual pressure. After discovering the effects of the golden hair accessories during his removal of them when engaged in battle with his former Captain, the young boy visited the scientific research and development branch of the 12th division, allowing them to both study and tweak the suppressed output. As a result, Eizoku, who had come to terms previously that he had reached the peak of his Spiritual powers, was surprised to both learn and experience the true extents of his powers - including his new-found physical strength.

Sensing Reiryoku: Master

In line with Eizoku's calm disposition, and insatiable thirst for knowledge, the young Shinigami naturally utilizes his sensory capabilities as yet another factor of analytical data collection. Being skilled enough in the art to not only distinguish, but also isolate and make quick differentiation between a multitude of individuals by means of their Reiryoku patterns. Through this, he is able to discern their overall capability and actively gauge their approximate strengths, defenses, and Reiatsu levels. Eizoku is able to utilize his sensory to go beyond the mere scope of basic pattern analysis, being proficient enough to actively perceive emotions, intentions, and the intended movements of his subject with relative ease and fluidity.

In alignment with his natural astuteness and overly precautious approach to all things under the scope of his focus, Eizoku's natural prowess in the field of sensory would continue to grow uniformly at the expedited pace of the rest of his primary skill sets. Under the initial impression that his reliance upon his Zanpakto and the amount of time allotted to him to observe his surroundings would suffice, the young boy became complacent and ignorant to the fact of the many "outliers" prevalent in Soul Society. During both his Captaincy Exam with Captain Kyomu Mukuro, along with plentiful bouts against Captain Tenzen Oda, the then inexperienced prodigy had been unaware of the aspect of concealment and suppression by means of equipment and Zanpakto abilities. Albeit able to still hold his own against the two unscathed, from his perspective the entire ordeal had been a data bank of nothing more than low-level success rates with an unbalanced high-risk aspect prevalent. In order to circumvent these factors, Eizoku has developed a form of sensory so advanced that one could almost confuse his actions and responses when utilizing his Reikaku, to clairvoyance or precognition. By keeping his senses continuously attuned to his surroundings on a massive scale at all times, and pairing it with his internal time-intuition, continuous analysis, and unworldly genius intellect, Eizoku is able to create pin-point accurate mental visuals and mappings within his own mind, displaying any and all present aspects both spiritual and physical in something synonymous to a mental radar. Each and every action or movement, regardless of how minor, slight, or fast is immediately calculated and adjusted to perceive and predict all logical outcomes and potential actions hence forth.

When paired with his genius intellect and the abilities his Shikai allots, Eizoku is able to dominate the battlefield and force control over nearly any situation which comes his way. This typically results in the man's lust of knowledge and his drive to promulgate the information to overflow, resulting in him actively calling out the expected technique or strategy his opponent desires to carry out before they are able to do so in completion - creating an immediate intimidation and pressuring on the battlefield. As arrogant and reckless as it may seem to some, when utilized effectively in this capacity, Eizoku is able to drive his opponents into taking last second high-risk strategies and actions, without properly thinking of the outcome. This grants him the opportunity to not only force the tide of the battle into his own desirable direction, but also prevents any new effective strategies from formulating while also allowing him to incorporate his own, so long as he continues pressuring.​



Reiatsu: Master | Reiatsu Colors: Honey Gold
Eizoku is not an individual to simply utilize his spiritual pressure as a means of showing domination or superiority, but rather uses it in order to gauge the response of the one made subject to it before taking note if he should seemingly increase or decrease the amount he releases respectively. He believes in conservative fighting, never utilizing or expending more energy than necessary. Despite his Reiatsu not holding the capabilities to tear the immediate environment around him asunder, his extreme control over both exerting and withstanding both his spiritual pressure, along with that of others, stands noteworthy. He is capable of competing and withstanding the pressures exuded by even most captains with relative ease.​


Reiatsu Shape: When released and the full brunt of his Reiatsu leaks out in mass volume, it takes on the shape of various glimmering, near translucent, roman numerals, causing them to appear and fade away at random. Imagery synonymous to his control and manipulation of time and the components that are defined by it.
Reiatsu Effect(s): Hinderance, Paralysis
The effects of Eizoku's Reiatsu is similar to his Zanpakto's ability, in the sense that it tends to affect an individual's sense of time and reaction. Those made subject to the effects of his Spiritual Pressure will find themselves having difficulty maintaining control of their body, not only in the physical sense of simply impeded movement, but also in the sense that their perception of time is severely misconstrued. Consequently, resulting in them believing they are moving perhaps at their regular or relatively notable speeds, yet in actuality they are simply creeping, inching onward at an almost stagnant pace. Their bodily functions are also made subject to this, resulting in some systems lagging and moving out of sync in irregular intervals falling behind, such as the extreme slowing of the circulation in an individual's body with a lagging of the respiratory system, potentially resulting in an individual's own body working against them without Eizoku so much as having to lift a finger.
Reiatsu Type: Standard


Zanjutsu Level: Master Swordsman

Eizoku's proficiency with blades have always proved exceptionally high, even during his youth and time at the academy. He had always held the innate understanding that weapons should be used as if they were further extensions of one's body. Every aspect mattered, from the wielding, the grip, the drawing, the executions of various swings; everything has a purpose and set place. Anyone could grab a blade and swing, however without the correct fundamentals and foundations it proves the same as not having a weapon at all. This ideology, in accord with the fact of Eizoku's extremely close connection with his Zanpakto, makes him an expertise in the field of swordsmanship in his own right. In addition, with his main forms of fighting revolving around Kido, and Zanjutsu, Eizoku has successfully created and perfected multiple styles and forms of combat which tend to deviate from the structured normality found in most linear swordplay tactics. His rather fluid, flexible, and adaptable fighting styles allow for him to challenge and confuse even the most accomplished and well-founded of swordsmen.​

*Chien Burēdo: (遅延ブレード, "Delayed Blade")
A style created by Eizoku, founded upon the natural effects of his Reiatsu. By embedding and shrouding his blade in his own form of compressed cloaking, Eizoku is able to achieve a blade with Reiatsu so potent, that it affects the sight and perception of any individual who looks upon it, creating false after-images after even the most subtle of movements, giving the appearance and belief that the blade is moving either slower or faster than the actual movements of the wielded weapon. These after images are created due to altered perception of time and last for a total of five seconds before completely fading. With enough exposure to the effects of time perception by means of Eizoku's Reiatsu, the cerebellum portion of the afflicted individual’s brain becomes directly affected and temporarily damaged from extensive periods of strain and confusion, resulting in the inability to judge distance, when to stop, along with loss of coordination.

This style is further enhanced with the activation of his Shikai, placing the same effect that was originally unique only to the blade, onto his actual body; making him a walking illusion in a sense, and likely leaving any opponents, regardless of their range, in complete discombobulation or disarray, unable to completely grasp the situation before they become subject to the effects of having a strained cerebellum. When utilized with his released Zanpakto, Eizoku becomes able to release ranged physical crescent slices into the atmosphere that take a linear approach proceeding directly ahead, however these slices, being that they are released directly from his blade, have the capabilities of speeding up, slowing down, or not moving altogether presenting Eizoku with an extremely flexible fighting style that could be used in a direct assault or something synonymous to a set up.​


*Nagabiku Hakai: (長引く破壊, Lingering Destruction
Once his Shikai has been activated, similar to his Delayed Blade style, Eizoku's physical techniques, with Kido included, are able to be released and linger upon the battlefield for prolonged periods of time whilst maintaining their full power and force in a constant state. This being made possible by means of temporarily eliminating the dispersion and weakening effects bought about by the passing of time on a particular subject. With this style in play, Eizoku is able to make the most efficient use of any and every technique he puts forth, without waste; capable of using or reusing techniques and physical assaults that were thought to have been dodged, parried, or countered. With such capabilities, along with the ability to render any stagnant techniques unseeable by means of masking, Eizoku is able to completely pressure and control a battle into going into the exact direction he desires with little to no difficulty, even allowing him the capability of pressuring a multitude of opponents controlling the tide of battle.​


*Kawahagi no Chien: (皮剥ぎの遅延, Delayed Flaying)
Perhaps his most utilized form of fighting, Eizoku utilizes the maximum speed allotted to him by his active Shikai, in order to guise all of his actions as a singular motion, surpassing the speed at which an individual’s eyes can detect by ordinary means. From the perception of the enemy his movements appear to be one fluid motion, however the reality of the technique is that a singular strike, can just as very well be a flurry of over one thousand strikes in but a moment. Because of this, his opponents typically find their defense against his presumed “strike” to be ineffective and find close quarter combat with the man to be a nigh impossible task without both the discernment to recognize what’s actually occurring, and a means to effectively create a counter. He often imbues these with a stasis kido that causes any and all whom come into contact with the man to be temporarily halted in place by the limb(s) or objects that come into contact with it. This brief moment can cause the relinquishing of one’s weapon in order to free themselves, or completely be the gateway necessary to create an opening for the downfall of an enemy. Once an opponent is halted of trapped, Eizoku generally finishes up by creating a complete stasis spell upon the target at hand, resulting in a full-on immobilization.​

Known Techniques: Hitotsume: Nadegiri, Agitowari

Hohō Level: Shunpo Master

Although initially under the impression of harboring an unimpressive base speed and failing to rival any notable individuals within the Seireitei in regard to it, Eizoku had been the epitome of average in every facet pertaining heightened movement. Despite harboring the perfect set of abilities to enhance this aspect of himself at an expedited rate, due to the properties of his own Zanpakto, he had initially been negligent in doing so. Even in regard to his initial complete dismissal of the practice, Eizoku in his Shikai state alone was able to go head-to-head at evenly uncontested speeds with Captain Kyomu Mukuro, who himself is hailed as one of, if not the current accredited, fastest Shinigami in the Seireitei. He soon, however, came to the realization that his speed only benefitted him while in an active Shikai state. It left him vulnerable both before its activation and during combat, should he ever somehow become separated from his blade, or the abilities allotted by it. This remained in his eyes as an incalculable and inconsistent component within his strategizing, being that that factor would always present a risk of disruption. Because of this, Eiokzu has heavily focused the majority of his development over the previous nine months around the aspect of Shunpo mastery. With the equivalence of seven years (2750 days) of additional training by means of his expedited progress due to his Zanpakto over the course of 275 days, the young boy has now grown to achieve a complete mastery of the art, and to his own surprise naturally excelled within its use.

With an extraordinary physical development over the recent months, they boy's mastery has become so astounding that he has become capable of crossing tremendously exaggerated distances while proving to be nimble and stealthy enough to the point of eluding and avoiding both spiritual and visual detection by means of sensory. With enough intentional effort on his own part, Eizoku is capable of creating notable ripples or shockwaves from his own movements with enough force to repel or redirect airborne projectiles, strikes, and the like. In accord with his heightened speeds, the dexterity and length taken between his steps are surprisingly wide, granting enough coverage to swiftly transverse territories despite their layout. His biggest feat thus far being traversing directly across the entire Seireitei in only a matter of moments.

Upon the activation of the man's Shikai, his already awe-inspiring level of speed is exponentially increased by a near immeasurable extent. By utilizing his properties of time manipulation, Eizoku becomes able to keep up and outpace even the most masterful users of Hohō with little to no effort on his own part. Along with his drastic increase in speed, his perception of the outside world is sped up to such an extent that everything moves at a constant, near stagnant pace. This allows the Lieutenant to not only to greatly outpace and outmaneuver anyone in opposition to him, but also to perceive and react in accord with the happenings, potentially make him the fastest man in the Seireitei once in his Shikai is activated.

The man's speed in this state is so astounding, that his movements when desired, are able to leave behind several tangible afterimages with shadows in his wake. Due to the speed boost granted, Eizoku is also capable of hopping between his created afterimages and delivering individualized attacks from each of them. Because of this, each holds a mass to them, and as such are nearly indistinguishable from the original. The factor setting the man's utilization of afterimages apart from the Speed Clone technique, is that each of these clones are able to deliver a series of different blows rather than simply being a mimic of one individual action.

Known Techniques: Speed Clones, Utsusemi, Senka

* Kuronomansā no shinkirō (クロノマンサーの蜃気楼, Chronomancer's Mirage)
By the complex analysis of an opponent within battle, Eizoku is able to read habitual fighting styles, focal habits, thought pattens, and physical maneuverings of an opponent to the most minute of details. In doing so he is able to construct a generalized perception and prediction as to how the battle will continue at a steady pace. Because of this, he has become able to pair his astute observations, intake, and strategical prowess, with his significant speed and abilities granted to him when in an active Shikai state. After a complete analysis, Eizoku is then able to guide and “react” accordingly in a sense to the assumed techniques which will be utilized and enact a full scenario by leaving an after mirage in his steed, whilst his actual body encroaches from another location. A clear indication of this technique is the presumed failure to correctly respond to an action and receives a hit without reflecting any actual damage. Should the interruptive strike or technique be decisive enough, the after image in itself will immediately disperse trailing back to the actual location of Eizoku​

Hakuda Level: Expert Hakuda Combatant

Although initially utterly despicable at the art, Eizoku's theoretical seven-year training session within primarily the physical arts, has allotted him the time of becoming rather proficient with the integration of hand-to-hand combat within his fighting style. Beyond the notability of his actual skill utilization and efficiency, the physical components of his training have resulted in a massive surging of unearthly strength and durability within the man, despite his apparent slim frame.

Despite gathering greater knowledge and skills within the arts, Eizoku's primary battle-style deters heavily from the simple direct, what he deems, "barbaric", strikes common in Hakuda. Because of this, so as not to completely change the focus of his preferred fighting style, he has utilized his extensive studies, both current and prior, to accentuate and advance his overall understanding of not simply the anatomical structuring of Shinigami, but also Hollows, Fullbringers, Quincy, and the like. By properly utilizing this knowledge, the man has become capable of detecting an enemy's weak points, vitals, and body irregularities that can be used to his advantage both on and off the battlefield, with a singular glance.

In stark comparison to battling any opponent with brute force, Eizoku's diversity is made evident by means of his utilized style of physical assault. Not being one to enjoy lingering battles where his opponent holds the advantage, Eizoku pairs his anatomical mastery with his newfound strength, often using his flatted palms, or the points of his fingers as a means of contact, accompanied with a burst of active Reiryoku to cause an internal shift, disruption, or rupturing within his target. This ensures that even should a solid hit not be landed, significant damage from impact is still a high possibility.

By forcefully sifting and channeling his own Reireyoku throughout his target of contact, with his anatomical understanding, Eizoku is able to temporarily disrupt and reverse the thought and bodily functions of an effected target for a brief momentary period of time. Both of these techniques provide a means of circumventing the need to overcome the hardened exterior defense of a subject.

Despite his obvious improvements in the arts, it still remains his weakest skillset overall, paling greatly in comparison to his competency within the other Shinigami Arts. However, after being placed in multiple scenarios where he had been disarmed and forced to rely solely on his own innate abilities, he deemed it imperative that he be able to actively defend himself should the situation ever arise.​


Kido Skill Level: Kidō Master

Eizoku has dedicated his entire life thus far to that of learning and mastering the art of Kido. His deep obsession for the arts and his natural tendency to achieve a beyond thorough understanding of it, compels him to continuously dive deeper into the arts. He devotes countless hours towards his studies of Kido, examining everything from the most minute detail ranging from the effects of voice inflections and posture on the released spell when casting, to the duration of each spell depending upon the class, branch, and caster. With well over a hundred years' worth of studies, knowledge, application and training; compiled by his Zanpakto's ability which progresses the young man's overall training experience and application nearly five times as fast as the average training session by the manipulation of time, Eizoku has theoretically had the equivalent amount of practice and study application to that of over 1,000 years. Giving him far more than an edge on even the highest ranked Shinigami within soul society, even amongst highest ranking members of the Kido Corps despite his rather young age. As such, he is unrivaled in application, modification, flexibility, and use of Kido, and very well marks the epitome of a true Kido master.

As a result of his vast knowledge and experience pertaining to Kido, it has become his main form of both offense and defense, as he proven himself proficient and skilled enough to not only cast and efficiently utilize high-ranking Kido spells without the need for an incantation with full control, but also the ability to create his own spells and styles in the arts. When incorporating his Shikai, Eizoku's prowess in kido increases at a significant rate as it gives him a nearly limitless amount of time in order to not only cast full incantations which serve to strengthen his spells, but also gave the gateway into a new aspect of enchanting, strengthening, combining and binding his spells both before, during, and after the initiation and release. Resulting in amaranthine-esque spells of fearsome magnitude, speed, strength, and complexity in the likes of which have yet to be seen in the soul society - along with the creation of new subcategories of Kido unique and known only to and by him.​


Unlike most who view Kido as nothing more than techniques that should be used in instances of surprise attacks or when an individual is off guard, Eizoku utilizes it as his main form of combat, creating both his own offensive and defensive style, along with furthering the application of previous spells that have always been established adding some form of unique deviation which simultaneously benefiting him while occasionally catching an opponent off guard due to their familiarity with the average ordinary spells, these being classified as modified spells. His most well-known use of modified Kido spell being Bakudou #81 Dankū, rather than the average appearance of a translucent wall, Eizoku is known to manipulate the shape into a dome like encasement providing him a complete protection from all angles, capable of withstanding up to Kido #90 without complication.​


Eizoku's main specialty within his specialty of Kido, resides in spells of restriction and defense. Around to fifty-year mark in his studies, when paired with his zanpaktos ability this equates to over 500 years of experience and application at the current time, he has created a subbranch of binding Kido which he notes as Seishin Fūin. Unlike most spells with their own independent singular power source and purpose, Eizoku has created his own tier of “dependent” spells which revolve around his conservative and efficient style of fighting. These grouping of spells fall more so under the category of being combination or follow up spells, due to the nature in which they are “formed” and take effect. Utilization of these spell require an intertwined double casting singular word incantation and is completely dependent upon the primary spell(s) layered with it. Unable to be cast in their own right, these spells feed off the residual Reiryoku of the caster, drawn from previous spells or techniques lingering in the atmosphere.

*Zanryū Ketsugō (残留結合, Residual Binding):
When enough residual energy is accumulated, the user holds the ability to form a hexagonal prism like structure, its width, span, and durability revolving around the quantity and potency of the residual spirit energy being utilized. When successfully formed, anything with a Reiryoku pattern differing from that of the caster’s, is contained within the barrier like encasement and made subject to its effects – bound restriction. The barrier, taking the appearance of stray electricity bound by vibrant orbs of Reiryoku, rapidly constrict upon command of the user. This rapid restriction results in all those within the barrier, with exception of the caster due to their Reiryoku Pattern, to be pulled in and bound in together. Once bound, all movement is restricted. The smaller number of individuals contained the stronger the barrier is to break.

*Zanryū Puru (残留プル, Residual Pull)
When enough residual energy is accumulated, the spell activates on command of the caster. Once activated, the solidified footing beneath is shrouded in a vibrant blue hue which holds an affect similar to intense magnetism and gravity. Any individuals with a Reiryoku pattern differing that that of the caster, is forcibly dragged down and held in place by whichever portion of their being makes contact with the lingering lagoon of blue energy pooling upon the ground.

*Zanryū Gard (残留プル, Residual Guard)
When enough residual energy is accumulated, the spell activates on command of the caster. Once activated, all remaining energy on the battlefield is pulled in and pooled around the user in a visually imperceptible, yet tangible flexible barrier-like encasement that acts as a full-body guard. The greater the amount of residual energy utilized, the stronger the barrier becomes. Despite its high potential durability and formidable resilience, the barrier does not restrict the movement of the caster in any manner.



Hōfuku Haaku: (報復の把握, Retribution's Grasp)
Incantation: O power that lies at the root of all creation, O memory inscribed in ages past, hear my call and arise before me. Dance like the damned..."
Eizoku while during his time as a seated member within the Fifth Division managed to develop a highly adaptable duality Kido spell in which allows him to both freely attack and defend simultaneously. By charging and channeling his Reiryoku, partnering with his masterful control of Kido, the Chronomancer creates an array of golden hands that emerge from a solidified medium in mass, often the ground. After emergence, the user is able to actively control the reach and movements of each limb. Contact with the hands of this spell causes the Reiryoku to be expelled and absorbed in mass from the victim's body, into the incorporeal arms themselves. While the spell is still active, after a moderate amount of Reiryoku has been obtained, the stored energy can be used to attribute or cast a separate kido spell utilizing the incorporeal limb as a catalyst. After utilization of a separate spell, the limb responsible for the casting is then dispersed. The spell is ended after the final limb of the technique has been dispersed.

Sunatchi: (スナッチ, Snatch) - The user creates a temporary yet impressively strong gravitational center that lingers for only a moment before abrupt dissipation, causing the surrounding atmosphere to react to the sudden collapse. This creates a brief, yet intense pulling of all physical components within an area. This spell is used primarily to aid Eizoku in rendering airborne projectile strikes futile and assists in drawing in strikes or spells that leave him with an unfavorable reaction time. However, if used incorrectly, this technique is able to drag the user into the pull.

Shimeku: (スナッチ, Glimmer) - Eizoku creates a shimmering glitter effect, typically around the palm of a singular hand. When concentrated enough, translucent roman figure numerals appear circulating within the glimmering area at random. Upon looking upon the display, the victim's sense of time and perception is greatly distorted at randomly alternating intervals of intense lagging and heightened speeds until the user ends the spell.​

Hado #?: Ichiji-teki Maisō: (一時的埋葬, Temporary Burial)​


Hado #83: Fuyū-wa Kōzan (浮遊羽鉱山, Floating Feathers Mine)


Hado #?: Furiwari (憤り, Indignation) -
Incantation: "I stand in the place bathed in heavenly light, thou art where the gate to the Underworld opens, come forth and release thine fury, divine light rain! Sacred powers, cast your purifying light upon these corrupt souls. Rest in peace sinners! Indignation!"
Uncommon to most utilizers of Kido, yet in a style heavily developed and utilized by Eizoku, he utilizes his own body as the medium for casting this particular Hado spell. Veiling himself, a blinding outburst of sheer superheated spiritual energy erupts with enough force to tear the immediate environment asunder and pierce the heavens while completely eradicating everything within an immediate fifteen-foot zone of the boy during its initial activation. After its activation, an innumerable number of compressed superheated rays rain down upon the entirety of the area in the shape of needles, piercing through and charring anything coming into contact without enough durability to negate its effects. Should a victim be pierced by one of the needles, they would find an irreparable charring effect upon the impacted area of their body that continuously spreads outward. At its base level, it holds enough power to cleanly cleave through the Heiro of a rank five and below espada.

Eizoku is also known to utilize this spell to a lesser degree to a more controlled extent by building the energy inside of his own body before releasing singular stray needles from any external point on his body he desires. Although the effects of the needles hold the same effect, when produced in this manner, they are only capable of piercing through a Lieutenant level of durability level or below.

Known Spells:
Bakudō (縛道, Way of Binding)

Sai, Hainawa, Seki, Geki, Hōrin, Sekienton, Kyokkō, Shitotsu Sansen, Tsuriboshi, Enkōsen, Kakushitsuijaku, Rikujōkōrō, Hyapporankan, Sajō Sabaku, Tozanshō, Gochūtekkan, Tenteikūra, Kuyō Shibar, Dankū, Kin, Bankin, Hakufuku, Inemuri, Shibireyubi, Goyōgai

Hadō (破道, Way of Destruction)

Shō, Byakurai, Tsuzuri Raiden, Fushibi, Shakkahō, Ōkasen, Sōkatsui, Haien, Daichi_Tenyō,Tenran, Raikōhō, Sōren_Sōkatsui, Zangerin, Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, Kurohitsugi, Senjū Kōten Taihō, Goryūtenmetsu, Gaki Rekkō, Hyōga Seiran, Ura Hado: Sannodō — Teppūsatsu

Skills and Abilities:
Genius Intellect:
Eizoku possesses a heightened form of intelligence and perception which pairs perfectly with his talent of strategizing. He is able to quickly analyze an object or technique after simply seeing it once and come to a near complete understanding of its workings and complexities. Normally after seeing a technique in action and making a quick analysis, the same technique or strategy will not work against him a second time. It is because of this that he is able to quickly adapt to nearly anything thrown his way no matter how senseless or off the wall a technique or fighting style may seem. It is through this intelligence that he progresses so quickly throughout any field of study he participates in, grasping a beyond thorough understanding of it in little to no time at all.

Master Strategist: Complimented by his intelligence, Eizoku is unmatched in strategizing. He has an undeniable talent for thinking things through well in advance, and making decisive and accurate decisions quickly in battle, and is seemingly perceptive to any situation at hand. When paired with the use of his Shikai, he states that he has what feels like an "infinite" amount of time to think things through and create a multitude of plans and outline a plethora of tactics on the spot. When peering through the vicinity effected by his Shikai, all actions outside appear to be happening in "slow-motion", despite the actuality of the speeds occurring. This gives the young man the opportunity to not only effectively counter and avoid whatever comes his way with extreme confidence, but also the ability to calmly think things through without pressure or haste.​


Temporal Intuition: Eizoku holds an internal timeclock in a sense, granting him the innate ability to distinguish and determine the exact time and date, at is at all times regardless of location, perceptional lagging, or properties an environment may hold. Using his perfectly attuned internal clock, he is able to analyze and calculate time, easily keeping track of anything down to the nanosecond. With this ability, he has become easily able to pick up, thoroughly analyze, and time all tactics, techniques, and abilities - regardless of the speed or lifeline of the technique or skill utilized. Providing him even further data to add to into his strategies and knowledge bank. With such an innate ability, opponents who manipulate perceptional components of time often find their attempts to be futile and completely ineffective.​



Equipment: Denreishinki X, Gigai

Despite never going to the world of the living, Eizoku has always had hopes of one day being allowed or given a reason to step out of the only world he knows, and into something outside of his own norms. He holds a Gigai in hopes of being assigned one day.​



Zanpakuto Name: Kuronosu:(クロノス, "God of Time")
Zanpakuto Appearance:


When in its sealed state, Eizoku's blade takes on the form of a typical katana blade wrapped in a magenta cloth - its habaki, seppa, suka, and kashira being coated in pure gold. The weighted sheath being black. Eizoku carries his Zanpakto upon the left side of his waist secured firmly by the wrappings of his belt. Eizoku is rarely if ever seen without his zanpakto by his side.​

Zanpakuto Spirit:

"A true bond with one's Zanpakto doesn't revolve simply upon reliance when deemed necessary, but rather an absolute harmony, understanding, and trust. Just like how every individual is unique, so is the same for developing the relationships with your Zanpakto. Albeit hard work is indeed essential, not every bond requires a forging through brimstone and fire to progress. The hardest individual to learn is yourself, understanding that, will save you all the time in the world when striving to develop a true bond with your blade - with yourself. As for me and mine, we are one in the same.

Despite Kuronosu being a dual wielded blade in its released form, it seemingly when manifested only takes on the form of a single humanoid like male figure. It's appearance similar to Eizoku's own, the only difference being the lengthy straight black, gold tipped hair upon the spirit's head, which winds down into a ponytail that extends pass his waist. The piercing gold eyes of the brown skinned figure, matching the illuminating tattoos and writings that seed to be carved onto his skin. The most prevalent markings being the six slit like incisions that cover his face beneath his eyes, and striking symbols upon his darker colored arms. His zanpakto spirit is noted as having multiple personalities in one. The most prevalent being calm, patient, understanding, and in no hurry to accomplish any specific tasks - encouraging Eizoku to often do the same. This side of his personality serves to strike Eizoku's balance with his work and recreational endeavors. The alternate personality unexpectedly being the exact opposite. There is no set pattern to when the personalities shift or arise, and as such, a stable understanding with his Zanpakto was never truly easy to achieve. Both personalities tend to be extremely blunt when speaking towards Eizoku, bordering on the line of disrespect occasionally but doing so only when necessary out of his love, respect, and appreciation for the boy. The relationship shared between the three is extremely close, and the love shared, and bonds present are evident, this continuously flourishing relationship aids in their fluidity in battle, fast discovery and development of skills, and their overall constant progression​


Inner World: Eizoku's inner world is a space devoid of any temperature, life, or organic matter. A world coated in pitch black darkness, symbolizing Eizoku's constant state and desire to isolate himself, yet being illuminated by a multitude of semi-transparent gears and clocks that tick and spiral downwards to no end. Each clock rotating at varying speeds, some stagnant whilst others rotate so fast, they appear to be stagnant, the difference between the two nearly undetectable. Representing his sense of being in absolute control of both him and the situation at hand despite the happenings. The deeper one progresses into the void of darkness, the more clocks that they find that seem to be busted or out of commission, as if they were destroyed from wear and tear usage. This factor of the world represents Eizoku's over-reliance upon the skills that his Zanpakto provides him, often using it to achieve feats that without it would prove to be unobtainable and impossible such as his awe-inspiring mastering of Kido and refining of his swordsmanship to the degree that it is at a relatively young age.​

Release Phrase: "Warp time, Kuronosu..."


"My blades are not designed to pierce or draw blood. Nor do they take no delight in prolonged senseless violence. They're made for decapitation. After all...there's nothing that we hate more, than wasting time.

Upon releasing Kuronosu, the hilt of Eizoku's katana glows vaguely before releasing an intense, yet brief, wave of distortion around his body, respectively resulting in a secondary blade appearing from what appears to be thin air. The blades take on the appearance of two straight blade swords with a square tip, not ideal for penetrating or cutting, with a golden tuner-fork like spacer stemming from the hilt securing the blade in place. The hilt turns completely black with a yellow strike down the middle, falling into a hole near the end. Within these openings resides two orbs of light that radiate the colors of yellow and blue. In his right hand, he wields a blade with the capabilities of speeding up time, whereas the blade in his left hand respectively slows it down.

Shikai Special Ability: Ichiji-Tekina Fukujū - Tōnan ( 一時的な服従-盗難, Temporal Subjection - Theft)
Eizoku's Shikai is often overlooked and marked off in brief oversight as a blade which simply slows down anything that comes within a specific vicinity of him, whilst applying the same effect to whomever or whatever his weapon makes direct contact with thereafter. The actuality of the Zanpakto's ability, however, is that this is only made possible by means of the blades stealing and storing the time of the individual or object under the influence of the ability. When entering the specified vicinity, items regardless of their original speed or composition, are immediately subjected to his ability and begin traveling at an unaltering constant near stagnant pace from all angles.


The Chronomancer is actively able to cause his zone of influence to expand or contract from anywhere from 5 to 50 feet at will. While active, Eizoku's field of vision becomes altered in a sense, causing everything within his sight to appear as if it is leaden, painstakingly slow – to the point where even masterful Shunpo steps become visible, readable, predictable, walking targets. His actions in this state appear from an outside perspective to be abnormally fast, blurred, and often unreadable. This storage of time once compiled, is capable of being reissued or reused after its release, in turn providing the ability to significantly speed other subjects up, similar to the way it was used to slow them down.​


Jikan no Han'i: (時間の範囲; Reach of Time) - By utilizing his blades as a medium to materialize the absorbed time itself into a visible malleable incorporeal figure or shape, Eizoku is able to directly emit or transfer the effects of each of his respective blades upon the subject of contact across notable distances, typically done so in beams or streams. With time itself being an intangible aspect, the notion of physical obstruction is ineffective, making one of the only natural work arounds being actual avoidance. The drawback to this technique, however, is during the period of time this technique is utilized, the vicinity of his domain of influence is shrunken respectively to a mere five feet.​


Jikan no Tatchi: (時間のタッチ: Touch of Time) By coating the edge of his blades or the palms of his hands in an incorporeal coating of materialized time, Eizoku is able to drastically increase the advancement of time pertaining to the aging of any individual or tangible entity he comes into contact with. This is typically utilized in order to drastically decrease the lifeline of oncoming kido spells, and blade assaults rendering them essentially useless and allowing Eizoku to counter or shatter the blades of those who dare come into contact with him.

Bankai: Kanzen'na Ichiji-Tekina Fukujū - Kuronosutashisu (完全な一時的な服従-クロノスタシス, Complete Temporal Subjection - Chronostasis)


Bankai Special Ability: Upon the activation of Eizoku's Bankai, a Temporal Replica of everything, *including himself, in a set specified five-mile radius is created on an alternate plane, unable to be seen by anyone not actively making contact with his blade. Constant access for interaction within this temporal world is made possible by means of a single connecting or grasping of Eizoku's blade or body. Wherever the position of an individual was upon the activation of the Bankai, is where their respective Temporal Replica will be created and stand until the Bankai ends or is disrupted. Any damage or tampering done to the replica, rather it be an individual or an object, has a direct impact on the actual present time subject(s). For instance, if Eizoku were to decapitate a temporal replica, the actual individual whomst the replica belongs to will be decapitated in real time. These replicas once established, despite the original capabilities of the owner, prove to be extremely frail, and devoid of any boosts or capabilities that the owner may possess pertaining to defense, evasion, or pseudo immunity – only serving as time stamps in a sense, or as Eizoku references them as, "Imprints within Time". Meaning that even the most noted and revered of individuals despite their speed, strength, or durability, can become subject or defeated by such an ability with minimal difficulty. The risk to this technique however, being that this ability tampers with time itself, successful interaction with this real will result in one's health and status will be restored or depleted to the point it originally was once the replica was created. Meaning even if an individual happens to be at death's door, if he successfully slashes a temporal replica within the vicinity, his health will be restored or reduced to what it was at the point of the replica creation, which could become an overwhelming advantage or a debilitating disadvantage. This Bankai is one of the only known abilities in the Soul Society which can be "shared" should Eizoku make contact at least once with his allies or foes. However, with more access comes greater risk, particularly to his own self, hence why this has never been done.​



Personal Relationships: -

Arashi Suta – Despite his current status as the Lieutenant of the Fifth Division, Eizoku has never truly seen eye to eye with the shut eyed man. After an unexpected excursion into the Rukongai district, researching the presence of the Soul King’s blood without the official directive of his Captain to do so, Eizoku met formally with his superior for the first time as an active Third Seat. Upon the discovery of a culmination of mutilated corpses of members from the Second Division, and the retrieval of the only living survivor, a volcanic eruption overtook the entirety of the area. This resulted in an all-out desperate self-preservation escape. After the rather chaotic series of events had come to a presumable end, Eizoku witnessed the presence of a hollow overtaking the man before being restrained and kept under guise by means of his own Captain. Because of his unwarranted presence, Eizoku was imprisoned for a series of days, the only thing imprinted upon his mind being the sight of Arashi Suta he had witnessed in the prior days. Upon his release, Eizoku agreed to an excursion into the Dangai under the direct order of Captain Oda of Fifth, in which he was promised by his soon to be mentor an explanation pertaining to exactly what he had witnessed pertaining to Arashi and the Hollow that attempted to consume him. After an unexpected incident within the Dangai, Eizoku was displaced for well over 100 years before his defeating of the Hollow which occupied the Precipice world, a battle which certainly both nearly killed and traumatized the man. Upon his recovery, he was escorted to his division under extreme guard, where he was once again forced to be face to face with the shut eyed stranger. Because of his horrific encounter prior and the creature that dwelled within him, Eizoku responded with violence, downing the entirety of the Fifth Division and completely placing his superior into a stasis. The relationship of the two afterwards never seemed to be able to mend into anything beneficial or friendly. Instead, the two continuously bump heads due to Arashi’s own underlying sneaky and underhanded methods he uses to accomplish his tasks. Along with Eizoku’s own stubbornness and disdain towards the man. They have been in a total of two physical altercations, Eizoku proving to be the victor in both. It was due to the actions of Arashi paired with an idealistic scolding received from his mentor, which actually drove Eizoku to push for a transfer into another division, which unironically resulting in him testing for Captaincy of the Sixth Division.​


Tenzen Oda:
From idolization to disdain, the short-termed student-mentor dynamic between the two abruptly ended in tragedy. After being handpicked by the Captain of Fifth, as the youngest member ever to enroll into the Thirteen Court Guard Companies at the age of 8, Eizoku consistently thrived and vied for the attention and recognition from the Oda to no avail. Despite his expedited progression, notable achievements, and continual success throughout the Division, he hadn't caught the eye of the man until 142 years later. During an unauthorized excursion into the outer districts of the Rukongai, where he witnessed several classified events unfold at once. The blood of the Soul King, the mass massacre of 2nd Division, along with the hollow contained inside his then Lieutenant Arashi Suta. After a massive explosion cleared the area, upon his survival and onlooking of a berserking Arashi, Tenzen for the first time in centuries laid eyes upon the boy once more, before imprisoning him within the confinement of Fifth. It was here that the two Kido Masters eventually reconvened, and where Tenzen wagered Eizoku's freedom, in exchange for his exploration of the Dangai. Upon his agreement, he was declared Third Seat of the Fifth Division before being sent off to his presumable death.

After some situations and presences within the Dangai went awry, Eizoku found himself displaced through time by activating his Zanpakto amidst a battle against an unexpected Vasto Lorde whom had taken occupancy within the Precipice World. Combatting the effects of the Dangai by utilization of his Bankai, the man had been displaced centuries into the past, only to be brought back by the very same entity that drove him away during the initial outset. After presumably defeating the beast, Eizoku was rescued from the Dangai after broadcasting his return via Tenteikura before blacking out. When he came to his senses once more and had received treatment, the boy encountered his then Lieutenant once more. The meetup between the two quickly evolved into a battle of Eizoku against the entirety of his division after his Zanpakto had been confiscated. When the battle had reached its conclusion, Eizoku had been the only one left standing, the entirety of his division, High Priestesses and all, incapacitated, with Arashi placed into a stasis by means of a barrier. Tenzen, who had arrived at the conclusion of the battle, had been pleased with the scenario, impressed that his Division had advanced for a consistent century and still had been taken down by a single boy.

As time progressed, Eizoku's relationship with Arashi progressed matters from bad to worse, Tenzen became aware of this discord and attempted a teamwork battle session between his seated officers, only for it to fall apart at the seams. The ending result leaving the other seated members mauled and dismembered, with Eizoku surprisingly spared. Following with a scolding of all three men, they were immediately dispatched once more into the Dangai. Things once again took a turn for the worse as Eizoku had been the only one to both enter the Dangai and complete the mission. This unknowingly caused an even greater rift between the trio. Yet, deciding to push pass all obstacles for the sake of teamwork, Eizoku arranged to ignore their negligence to assist on the mission, and offered to discuss his discoveries and theories over tea. Yet, upon their return Arashi Suta attempted to forcefully retrieve his discovery in a joint union attack with Two High Priestess, as well as confine both he and Jizakai into the training room with no form of warning or communication. Despite his completion of the mission and being the only individual to abide by the direct orders of the captain. He had been exiled from the Division he had been raised in, whereas Arashi was demoted to his former position. (To be continued...)​

Likes: Studying, Research, Isolation
Dislikes: Big Crowds, Unnecessary Conflict
Hobbies: Kido Training and Development
Favorite Food(s): Sweets, Rice Cakes, Black Tea with Milk
Theme Song: "Architect of Time"

Biography: ~Writing in progress~


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