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Joshua Tamashii

New member
“Yua, do you think I'm doing better than I was yesterday?.”
“Do we really have to fight? I know we're on opposite sides, but can't we talk this out.”
“I need to try harder. I need to be able to shine like everyone else does.”
“Yes, I do hate fighting and I will try to avoid it. However, I'm not foolish enough to think I can always avoid fighting. I also won't complain about fighting if it means protecting those I care about.”


Character Name:
Yuuki Munetoshi

Actual Age:

Physical Age:
Early preteens, likely 11 or 12


May 17th

Gender: Male

4' 0.5"


[B]Blood Type:[/B]


Gotei 13/ Seretei/ Soul Society

Academy Student




Previous Division:


Previous Partner(s):

Base of Operations:

Seretei/Soul Society/Shino Academy


Notable Features:
The feature people are likely to notice first when looking at Yuuki are her heterochromatic eyes, with her right eye being a pale blue while her left is a dark green. She also always keeps her hair tied up in a teal ribbon that she seems to value.

Yuuki is a kind and gentle young girl. Generally pacifistic, Yuuki would prefer to spend her days in peace and quiet, helping others without the need for raised voice or violence. If a problem can be solved without conflict, she will endeavor to go down that conflict free route to the best of her ability. That being said, she's not blinded by her desire to avoid conflict and knows that when it's not possible to avoid, she needs to step up and be ready to fight.
During combat, Yuuki prefers to try and hinder her opponents more than to harm them at first, unless her oppoennt if a regular, feral hollow. Her preferred techniques are Bakudo spells unless she knows her opponent is aiming to kill her or those close to her. When such a case is apparent, she will generally try to end things quickly if she's against a regular hollow or try and figure out the opponent's abilities if they are a more intelligent being. Once she gets a grasp on their abilities, she will try to figure out how to counter them with her current abilities, if possible. If she can work out a solution, she will try to end the battle quickly, having no desire to be in conflict more than is necessary.

In social situations, Yuuki is rather shy and generally slow to warm up to others. This is doubly so if she feels the person she is interacting with is hostile or generally more prone to violence. Facing such people, she will generally prefer to hide and avoid them, at least until they show a kinder or more gentle side. When she warms up to people, she can show her brighter and more open personality, being easily amused by the antics of others and quick to offer her help if they have a problem she feels can can help with.

If one were to try and find out what it was that motivated Yuuki to work against her pacifistic nature and take on a job that will involve her in conflict, they would find that the girl is motivated by a sense of responsibility and a desire to prove herself. Yuuki feels a need to thank the family that took her in when they didn't need to and to prove that despite not being a member of family by blood, she is just as worthy to carry the Munetoshi name as much as her older siblings. It is with these attributes that she can push herself to do the kinds of things she would usually detest, within reason.

If anything can possibly hold Yuuki back, it is the two phobias she has, both of which are related to how she died. The first is and foremost is Androphobia, or the fear of men, which makes it hard for her to interact with anyone of the male persuasion. The second is Astraphobia, or the fear of thunder and lightning, though this is not triggered by lightning brought forth by Kido or the abilities of Zanpakuto. Both of these fears used to be very severe but thanks to the support of her family, she is now able to talk to men without completely shutting down and she can make it through any storm without needing anyone else around.

Arisu Munetoshi (grandma), Atsushi Munetoshi (grandpa), Kairyuko Munetoshi (Father), Annaisha Munetoshi (Mother),Ketsu Munetoshi ( older twin brother), Yua Munetoshi (older twin sister), Aiya Munetoshi (older sister)
While Older than some of the Munetoshi, Yuuk is considered the youngest due to being the latest member of the family and also being the youngest in terms of psysical appearance.


Reiryoku Level: Average Spiritual Power
Yuuki possesses simple average levels of Reiryoku for the time being, as would be expected of a student of the Shinigami academy.

Sensing Reiryoku: Basic
Still being just a student, Yuuki is only just learning the basics of Reiryoku sensing. She is picking up on the ability rather quickly due to her own abilities she had before she died.

Reiryoku Control: Average Control
Yuuki is noted for being a natural at controlling her Reiryoku, having picked up and mastered the skill to an average ability rather quickly. While a large part of this is due to natural talent, Yuuki also had a large amount of help at home in training this talent. In particular, she turned to her older sister Yua for help, looking up to Yua as a senior Kidō practitioner and someone Yuuki views as a master at Reiryoku control.


Reiatsu: Novice
Yuuki is noted for being a natural at controlling her Reiryoku, having picked up and mastered the skill to an average ability rather quickly. While a large part of this is due to natural talent, Yuuki also had a large amount of help at home in training this talent. In particular, she turned to her older sister Yua for help, looking up to Yua as a senior Kidō practitioner and someone Yuuki views as a master at Reiryoku control.

Reiatsu Colors:

Reiatsu Effect(s):

Reiatsu Type:
Standard Type


Zanjutsu Level: Practitioner
Yuuki is not a fan of zanjutsu but trains in it in order due to it being a requirement to being a shinigami. That being said, when she does train, she trains hard. Yuuki's main reasons for disliking Zanjutsu come from a dislike for face-to-face confrontation, as well as a lack of belief that someone with her stature would be able to hold their own against others in a physical contest, forget that one's physical appearance does not determine the strength of shinigami.

Hohō Level: Shunpo Practitioner
Yuuki understands and can use the basics of Hohō, allowing her to use Shunpo for traveling as well as dodging and traversal in combat. Of the four main combat styles of the Shinigami, this is the one she practices with the most after Kido, viewing it as essential in order to keep her distance and continue casting spells.

Hakuda Level:Novice
Yuuki understands and can use the basics of Hohō, allowing her to use Shunpo for traveling as well as dodging and traversal in combat. Of the four main combat styles of the Shinigami, this is the one she practices with the most after Kido, viewing it as essential in order to keep her distance and continue casting spells.

Kido Skill Level: Kidō Practitioner
If there is one form of combat Yuuki specializes in, it is Kidō. She was able to pick up on the casting of spells very quickly and it is the combat style she actively puts the most effort in, especially Bakudō and Healing spells, though her ability to use Hadō is not lacking either.

Known Spells:
Yuuki can cast Hadō and Bakudō spells 1 through 49

Skills and Abilities:




Zanpakuto Name:
Hakkō Kiri (luminescent fog, 発光霧)

Zanpakuto Appearance:
Hakkō Kiri take the form of a wakazashi, with an 18 inch/45.72-centimeter blade, diamond shaped guard, and a hilt long enough to accommodate a single hand. The blade of the zanpakuto is solid steel, however, upon closer inspection the blade has a subtle and tiny diamond Damascus pattern worked into it. The guard appears to be made of polish brass, with four diamonds imbedded into the four tips of the diamond shaped guard but is otherwise rather plain. The hilt is made of ash wood and wrapped in a fine, silver colored silk.
The scabbard for the blade is made black painted ash wood, with gold filigree on the bottom and running along the sides of the scabbard. Yuuki is often embarrassed by the more unnecessary parts of her sealed form, wishing her partner would try and look a little simpler like most other zankauto.

Zanpakuto Spirit:
Hakkō Kiri takes the form of a woman in her mid-twenties, with long, glossy black hair and heterochromatic eyes like her owner, though hers are red and purple, and a face Yuuki can only describe as 'refined and beautiful, almost perfect to look at'. The spirit wears a purple kimono, decorated with a golden floral and mountain pattern and has several ōgi bira kanzashi in her hair, almost all of which are gold and feature a small diamond on them somewhere. To protect her feet, she wears the traditional tabi/zori combination.
In terms of personality, Hakkō Kiri is supportive and critical of Yuuki in equal measure. The spirit has expressed a desire to refine her partner and bring out her confidence and potential that she knows if buried deep down, comparing it to cutting a rough diamond until it's surface and smooth and it sparkles for all the world to see and admire. For this reason, she often pulled Yuuki into her inner world while the shinigami is asleep, to go over the day's events and offer advice on how she might've handled situations differently. While she can be stern and exceptionally critical, the spirit knows when to back off in order to not discourage her partner too much. When Yuuki does well though, she will lavish the girl in praise and encourage her to keep it up and possible do better.

Inner World:

Yuuki's inner world takes the form of an underground river, the ceiling of which is is covered in luminescent gem stones, which occasionally fall off and into the dark waters below. Yuuki always appears in her inner world on a boat, usually with Hakkō Kiri sitting on the other end. The boat in question floats down the river without need for giudance, always moving along without colliding into anything. The ride is always slow and peaceful, allowing Yuuki and Hakkō Kiri plenty of time to talk with one another.

Yuuki's mood and mentality has an effect on the crystals on the ceiling of the cave. Like a mood ring, they will change to different colors to reflect her mood and the level of light they emit goes up and down as her mood shifts from positive to negative.

Release Phrase:


When released, the blade of Hakkō Kiri seems to dissolve into dust, leaving her with just the guard and the hilt. It is at this point that it becomes hard to look in Yuuki's direction, as the air around her begins to sparkle and reflect the light in all directions. This is due to the dust that is now floating around her, composed of thousands of small diamonds, which move and swirl around Yuuki like a small swarm of insects. The swarm precious stones never seems to move far from Yuuki, always staying within a certain distance.

Shikai Special Ability:
Hakkō Kiri special ability in the manipulation and molding of the diamonds that the blade creates. At its most basic level, the cloud of diamonds can be used to sweep over an opponent to cut them with the diamonds that compose the cloud, each of with is as sharp as the average blade of a zanpakuto.

The true strength and power of the Zanpakuto comes from Yuuki's ability to mold the diamonds together and form various objects as well as manipulating the structure of the diamonds. Yuuki can form small objects, just as small orbs, a single gauntlet, or to reforge the blade of her zanpakuto. While not impressive on their own, these constructs main strength is the ability to absorb and redirect attacks fueled by Spiritual Energy, such as kido, ceros, certain Zanpakuto abilities, ect. By manipulating the structure of her diamond constructs, Yuuki cause the constructs to redirect the attacks they absorb immediately or store them for a while, fire them out at greater strength at the time of her choosing by causing the energy to 'refract' around inside the diamond until she chooses to let it 'refract' out. Using these abilities, Yuuki can absorb and reflect enemy attacks or the kido and abilities of her allies in order to defend and counterattack or to strike from unexpected angles. The only limit is Yuuki's power in terms of her opponents. While opponents who rely on Spiritual Energy based and are equal to her level might have difficulties against her zanpakuto, opponents who are stronger than her can overwhelm the constructs with effort, with those who are vastly more powerful than her being able to shatter the constructs on contact with their attacks.


Not yet acheived.

Bankai Special Ability:


Personal Relationships:

Munetoshi Clan: The Munetoshi Clan was the clan that found and adopted Yuuki into their family. For this reason, she is especially grateful to them and it is because of this that she has begun training as a Shinigami. Yuuki generally gets along very well with her adoptive family, treating each member with the respect their positions in the family have earned them. Yuuki joined the Shinigami to try and help support the family like her older siblings, always aiming to impress and hopefully gain their approval, even though she most likely already has.
Yua Munetoshi: The sibling Yua is closest to and the one she looks up to the most. It was mostly by watching Yua go through the Academy and become a proper Shinigami that inspired Yuuki to do the same. Yuuki will usually go to Yua first when she has a problem and the one who's advice she usually considers the most.

Peaceful times, being with her adoptive family, and proving her worth.

Violence, Storms, and those who disrespect the Munetoshi.

Drawing, reading, and being with the family.

Favorite Food(s):
Sweets of all kinds.


Will fill out as time goes on


Character Appearance:






Character Name: Zhou Fēng
Actual Age: 274
Physical Age: Late 20’s
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: February 12th
Gender: Male

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 175 lbs
Blood Type: A+

Affiliation: Soul Society / Shino'o Academy / Onmitsukidō
Profession: Shinigami
Title: Seated Member
Position: Third Seat - Shino'o Academy Instructor - WOTL Chaperone
Division: Third Division (三番隊, sanbantai; "Squad 3")

Previous Division: Second Division (二番隊, Nibantai; "Squad 2")

Base of Operations: Soul Society / Seireitei / Third Division Barracks / Shino'o Academy


Notable Features: Zhou is six feet tall. When he was younger, he was unnaturally unnoticed and not paid attention to due to his height alone, not needing to mask himself to the extent that his previous captain does. Upon first glance, though past his greyish blue eyes, lies a vast emptiness that most would find disturbing. Donning a poker face and bearing unapproachable mannerisms, most tend not to engage Zhou in conversation. Dark blue hair, a noticeable trait within the Fēng clan, hangs over his head as his skin has a keen apricot hue. He is generally seen wearing an altered Shinigami uniform to fit his fighting style. His body is rather toned, detailed, and etched with carefully sculpted muscle that is proof of his rigorous training.

Personality: Throughout Zhou’s life, Zhou went through multiple changes that shaped the Shinigami that he is today. As a child, Zhou had multiple expectations from his parents which caused Zhou’s social growth to be heavily stunted. Displaying emotion and being friendly isn’t something that Zhou learned during his youth. Instead, amiable traits were something that he saw but rarely partook in. Needless to say, Zhou was a loner, spending time honing his skills and abilities rather than being around souls his age. Even to this day, Zhou has a poker face and is mostly seen as unreadable. Zhou is rather straight-forward and direct, rarely holding his tongue if he’s asked to give an opinion, no matter how sensitive the situation is. Although Zhou has a strong sense of duty and cares about his family’s honor. Most of what he strives to accomplish has to do with making sure that his clan is not tarnished in the slightest by his actions. Almost like a molded figure, Zhou attempts to be what his clan and his superiors designed for him to be. Zhou is rather intelligent, taking solace in activities like cleaning and cooking as they are straight-forward tasks and have an organized structure about them. Zhou can’t stand being in a place of disarray, and wouldn’t mind taking his off-day cleaning the entire barracks if it meant that filth was nowhere near him.

Growing up, Zhou was awkward, tending to do most tasks by himself, (a way of life that carries on even to this very day), but darkness flooded Zhou once he had begun taking tasks while being in the Onmitsukidō. Rather than seeing himself as an individual, he saw himself as a tool. Sure, previously he knew exactly how important it was for him to obey authority, but at the very least he had some semblance of individuality. With the underlying darkness that dwelled within the Onmitsukidō, one relied on success to a much greater extent and Zhou was not exempt. Even he swiftly learned that treading over fallen comrades was what was expected of him. Still, Zhou felt empathy for his fallen comrades -- even feeling physical sickness in some instances due to their demise. There were days Zhou regretted listening to his mother and father, but the chains of responsibility in the form of his clan, the Gotei 13, and the Onmitsukidō bound him and dragged him from one place to the next. Symptoms of survivor's guilt began to show, and Zhou placed all his efforts into being the tool that everyone he held dear desired him to be. Zhou was hurting, but he did not understand how to display these emotions nor was he allowed to. Just as he performed as a child, he placed his emotions into his craft.

The most dynamic change in Zhou came from his time in the PIT. Here, the trainer brought multiple emotions buried within Zhou to the surface, manipulated them, and continued to twist and contort Zhou's perspective. With the amount of physical, mental, and emotional pain he endured, Zhou was broken after the years of perpetual punishment. After all of the years of struggling to be the model society had designed for him, he was met with this training as his reward. At first, his anger was targeted toward his trainer, then it manifested to the entirety of the Onmitsukidō. Soon enough, the blistering hatred for the entirety of the Seireitei blossomed with the lingering question, “Why should I have to endure this for the sake of people that I will never meet [humans]?” His anger continued to grow, like a disease outstretching to every trainer that entered into the PIT for training. Whether it was jealousy for not having to endure such a struggle, the people who assisted in his decisions towards being in the Onmitsukidō, or for those responsible for his torture, Zhou felt immense hatred. He wanted nothing more than to destroy the very foundation that his life stood on. His anger swelled and swelled until finally, negative emotions were soon directed towards him. Soon, it all boiled down to, just as the other examinees of the PIT, wanting to die.

When Zhou subconsciously activated his Shikai, he also subconsciously locked away those feelings. Sealing them away allowed him to not only pass the intense training regiment, but he was also able to become stronger in some ways. Not being bound to different empathetic weaknesses, for example, survivor's guilt, allowed for him to become a perfect soldier. He no longer felt pain the way it was meant to be perceived. He no longer felt fear. His dreams and aspirations were buried alongside the negativity. In his mind, they were all of the same category -- unnecessary and unwarranted. With these very important parts of him locked away, he was able to be what his parents, trainers, and his leaders wanted him to be. Without being able to empathize with others, Zhou visualized everyone as "sacks of meat." Without a dream or vision, Zhou devoted himself to following commands without question or remorse -- minus the feelings he perceived concerning his training. He was able to attain the ability to torture without any of the side effects a moral person would. Without fear or pain, he had no value for his life and he devalued fun and pleasure. Desensitizing himself led to love, hatred, and concern for others to be watered-down and meaningless. The darkness that flooded within him took reign. At one point, Zhou didn't see the difference between slicing raw beef for dinner and the soul he had killed an hour before that. Zhou didn't know how to feel about the stark difference he had made within his training. With fear and pain subsiding, so did his resentment.

From fighting to discerning situations, Zhou can make decisions leading to beneficial outcomes most of the time. Although he was capable of making sound decisions, following orders led to him doing several things on primitive levels. He is very professional and is rarely seen partaking in immature activities. He displays a high level of maturity and keeps a level, rational head despite what is going on around him. Zhou is also one that would rather do missions by himself rather than having to rely on others. Due to his strict training, he often feels like there are potential factors that would limit him from being able to perform his very best -- those factors being incompetent subordinates. Zhou also doesn’t have trust for anyone, he stakes his claim in the law of the land and will do what is best for the land that he has given up emotions for. With a corrupted moral compass weighing in favor of direction and order, Zhou has a keen dislike for any-and-all things having to do with hollows, disruption of balance within the Seireitei or the human world, and anything of that nature. It is rare for Zhou to get angry or even have a strong opinion on multiple manners. As he’d rather watch and listen, he doesn’t like divulging too much information about himself or his division. Being deemed as cold, straight-forward, and ruthless with his mannerisms, he tended to fit right in along with the second division's dynamic.

Time passed, more specifically, one hundred years. During this time, Zhou’s personality blossomed more, but the weight of his own self-inflicted “blessing” continued to haunt him. Learning a lot from the once lieutenant, now Captain Yasu, Zhou took a lot of his time developing himself, but he still has a long way to go before facing the entirety of his fears and becoming more of a Shinigami rather than a tool. Zhou is still direct, apathetic, and still has his cold demeanor, but now one can see at the very least a smirk from the male now and then. Zhou is more open than he was before, beginning to speak his mind rather than holding his thoughts, passions, and emotions on the inside. He has become more confident and can hold a conversation rather than simply being a one-dimensional stone. Each day, each interaction and each decision affects Zhou differently than the average Shinigami, having an impact on his overall self. Continuing to be shaped and molded, Zhou finds more and more of himself, growing not only in strength but in spirit.

A number of events happened within the passing months. With Zhou growing with event after event, Zhou’s very self began to be more evident. With already being direct, Zhou had more of an aloof nature to him in regards to relationships and what he genuinely meant to people, but he was more prone to engaging with people. He has now shown the ability to have a conversation about something other than work and he’s able to actually display facial emotions. Zhou’s usually more laid back, but has taken a liking to The Clown’s antics. With this, Zhou usually has more of a sadistic nature to him, and derives pleasure from causing some form of mischief – although his mischief is nothing comparable to that of Asahi’s. Usually, Zhou can be found honing his skills when he’s not running errands for Honoka. Despite his respect for authority, Zhou sometimes gives a smart remark when he’s told something he doesn’t want to do – showing just how much he’s blossomed over the given time. Zhou is usually blunt and brutally honest, not sparing one’s feelings in the slightest despite how much he understands how much it might hurt others. Despite how much he has grown, there are times where his automatonic vibe still lingers – but at the very least, one can see those scarred lips crack a smirk.

Relatives: He is a member of the Fēng clan.


Reiryoku Level: Great Spiritual Power ——— Sensing Reiryoku: Expert

Unlike most exceptionally gifted individuals, Zhou’s spiritual power wasn’t menacing from birth. There was absolutely nothing that stood out about his overall power. With this, his mother and father thought that it was best to hone his physical abilities to assure a successful future for their son. With the concept that even a small stream can become a mighty river, Zhou’s power swelled from consistently being placed in predicaments where his life was on the line -- where he had to overcome death time and time again. With his willpower maturing and growing, so did his Reiryoku. Within his time in the Onmitsukidō, his overall spiritual power was way more honed and refined in comparison to his days within the academy. Each time Zhou was placed in a position where he had to make a decision that changed his life, Zhou noticed an incredible inner change within him. As he is a constantly growing and evolving individual, one could say that his current level is merely a tease for his true inner strength.

Due to Zhou’s time in Onmitsukidō, one of the various training methods he was taught was sensing Reiryoku. Being aware of the subtle differences in his surroundings as well as picking up even the smallest of hints that there is someone in his midst is something that he was forced to hone even when taking the test to be a part of such a prestigious group. Constantly being tested and driven to tell where an enemy was, even having to give somewhat of a precise location was something done daily to cultivate the Shinigami needed to not only protect their comrades but to ensure that any missions could be completed successfully. With his intelligence, natural ability to perform mundane tasks, and being somewhat of a perfectionist, this came rather easily to Zhou, even though he is not amongst the best sensors in the Seireitei. Zhou can pinpoint most specific locations where spiritual presence is detected, even when the pressure is being subdued.

Reiryoku Control: Great Control

Akin to his training in the Onmitsukidō revolving around the ability to sense Reiryoku, Zhou was forced into learning how to manipulate his Reiryoku to be hidden as well as to emerge when it was ultimately needed. Just like his Zanpakutō, his Reiryoku was indeed a weapon that constantly needed to be trained and polished to survive in the harsh environments he was currently engaged in. Being naturally talented, Zhou was able to have a fine grip on his ability to control his spiritual power to the point where one could even question if Zhou was anything -- if he was even there, but just as quickly, use that same power to defend or increase his overall attack power without any sort of hesitation – as if his reiryoku were another part of his body. One could look at him, and not even know he was around. Although his skills were not honed in areas such as Kido, his abilities blossomed involving the ability to stay hidden and utilize his Zanpakutō’s abilities to a high degree, using minimal spiritual power for worthwhile results. Zhou tends to conserve his reiryoku, but has the ability to continue focusing and building up his power in order to unleash greater attacks – the only drawback being the amount of time needed for a grandiose spiritual technique in order to usually combat those of greater spiritual power than he.


Reiatsu: Expert

Zhou’s reiatsu is symbolic of his personality. From the very hue to its shape, the spiritual pressure is rather dense, dark, and heavy. Due to the number of burdens that he has faced in the previous years, the number of explicit missions where numerous comrades have died, and the expectations that consistently weigh on him can be witnessed through the amount of pressure he exerts when his Reiatsu is seen or used.

Zhou can exert his spiritual pressure for a surplus of uses, rising and falling faster than eyesight can even comprehend. Zhou’s reiatsu is unique as even if it’s displayed, there’s no way to truly tell its intent. There’s no fear, no hatred, or no killing intent whenever his reiatsu is exerted. This is because his will coincides with duty. There’s no malice or intent, making his very power and presence questionable. Even to experienced beings that aren’t Shinigami, one can tell that Zhou’s reiatsu carries no evil or ill-will within it. The pure resolve to solely keep organization and order is the feeling his spiritual pressure generates. With this, Zhou’s reiatsu, even though it can be blatantly exerted, one would more than likely not feel threatened even if their reiatsu isn’t on par with his own. Instead, it’s almost a fickle trick that could ensnare prey to their doom.

Lock Down

At first, Zhou’s reiatsu was simply malleable pressure that fluctuated with uses in ways Reiatsu was previously used for. Being trained and honed as an assassin, his spiritual pressure sharpened to the degree of amplifying lethal attacks, or to be used in some defensive countermeasure. With time passing, and Zhou discovering more of himself, shaking and rattling the very metaphorical chains that ensnared his true self, Zhou’s reiatsu has the ability to affect the environment around him, by literally “locking space.” This concept is a new development, but the overall control with Zhou’s spiritual pressure is not. Since Zhou spent a number of years training and honing his overall control of his reiatsu, utilizing the ability to manipulate the environment instead was an easy task to do. Just like Zhou is able to mask his pressure at a moment’s notice, Zhou’s spiritual pressure is able to span out over vast distances with ease. When this occurs, the space around any given thing can become what one can describe as solidified. There is no visual cue, or anything other than the feeling of Zhou’s reiatsu. With the possibility of this being used as a means for capturing a given thing, this ability also has a means of defense – Zhou able to affect the space around him to form invisible barriers that can be used to halt attacks of any kind.

Reiatsu Colors: Mint Green
Reiatsu Type: Standard



Zanjutsu Level: Expert Swordsman ——— Hohō Level: Shunpo Master

Zhou has a firm grasp on how to utilize his weapon to accommodate his overall fighting style. Within his duration within the second division, he had extensive training which led to experience being one with his weapon. Maturing from a simplistic state of simply seeing the blade as a weapon itself, Zhou is one with his blade. With this knowledge, his abilities are rather formidable. He can utilize his overall natural speed, and even his height to pull off rather quick attacks, building his momentum and kinetic energy for devastating techniques such as rotating himself in a circular motion while reverse gripping his Zanpakutō to attack, defend, and move all in one motion – able to practically become a swirling blur in one’s vision. After significant time and training with his Zanpakuto, Zhou became more adept at using his weapon, with one hundred years to train, his swordsmanship grew to the point of being able to use his weapon to readjust, attack, defend parry, and block in order to perform tasks that he used to only rely on speed for due to his weaker composition. With his older and stronger body, Zhou is able to use his strength and speed to move his weapon with the ability to remove any part of a given body with ease.

Zhou’s speed is probably one of the reasons why he was able to survive as long as he did. With just how naturally fast he is, Zhou can utilize Shunpo to a high degree. Being trained with weights on his body was the first step, consistently bearing down on such a small frame to build muscle and endurance, in turn, Zhou’s speed was consistently improving on a day-to-day basis. Zhou can move great distances utilizing only one leg rather than both and is even hard to detect with the natural or spiritual eye. Even standing still in one instance could mean life or death for an opponent due to just how fast Zhou’s body can move from one point to the other by simply generating an afterimage of him standing in the previous spot. Zhou’s ability to force his body to go from 0 to 100 is what makes his fighting style and his overall lethality wanted by the Second Division.

Zhou’s reaction speed is another ability to take note of. Zhou’s able to consistently move, readjust, and dodge given attacks even when he seems to be in a dire situation. Being able to dodge close calls is something that most would deem as luck, but when it happens repeatedly, especially in the case with someone as small as Zhou, it can be seen as a testament to his ability. With this ability, it tends to trigger a number of his opponents, especially those that tend to use their size against him. Honing his reaction time, Zhou’s able to fool most enemies into believing that they caused some sort of damage to him, only for his true ability to shine that much more.

At a normal pace, Zhou’s able to move from a genuflect, into appearing to fade from existence without even a slight change in demeanor, only to appear in an entirely different area miles away in what would seem to be a blink of an eye. Even when he’s trying to slow down for others to keep an out for him, the very air around his body bends to his will, forcing it into submission as gravity itself cannot restrict him from moving at such uncanny speeds. Zhou can move across the surface of any liquid, and his shadowless movements are simply some of the benefits of being able to access such tremendous speeds. Being able to appear standing in one spot, but already be within striking distance, strike, and appear not even moving to the naked eye is just one of the nifty tricks he can utilize due to his ability with Shunpo.

Zhou can utilize two of the three known Hohō techniques at an elite level, him able to generate multiple speed clones. Being able to move from one clone to the next at speeds incomprehensible to the natural eye, he almost appears to be able to strike an opponent in nine different locations simultaneously -- displaying his overall prowess with only nine copies of himself. With Utusemi, Zhou displays effortlessly how to deceive opponents into believing they had struck the blue-haired individual. The visual is so real that it practically forces someone's senses to fully accept that they had landed whatever attack they originally intended for him, only for them to be blindsided by one of his many attacks.

Known Techniques: Speed Clones, Utsusemi



Hakuda Level: Master Hakuda Combatant

Physically, Zhou was at a tremendous disadvantage when it came down to hand-to-hand combat. With being so short and having a lack of reach, one might assume that Zhou is the typical punching bag or the subject that was bullied for an extended time. In most cases, one would be right about someone appearing so short and potentially defenseless, but in Zhou's case, it is far from the truth. Growing up, Zhou's training consisted of honing his body to a high level, continuously pushing his body to stomach-turning limits for a soul his age. Everything Zhou possessed, he worked for. In this instance, Zhou practiced in a number of different climates, honing a style that he created to perfectly suit him due to his size. This fighting style known as Wave Kata consists of two main points that gave Zhou the advantage in a number of fights, allowing for his small appearance to fool anyone. Practicing in water and on trees, Zhou spent the day in and day out perfecting his overall skill. The full potential Zhou exemplifies comes from dealing with physically stronger opponents.

The fighting style that Zhou created relies on speed, momentum, and the ability to read others to a high degree, causing this methodology of fighting to suit him quite well, especially with his training. Zhou’s fighting style bears no stance, instead, it’s based on being able to rapidly adjust his build to suit the situation at hand. Zhou’s skill extends to using every single part of his body, muscle, and appendage, to fight to the fullest degree. Although waiting to strike is the preferred strategy, and blocking is not what he usually utilizes, Zhou’s fighting style has not been seen and heard of throughout the Soul Society, instead, it’s a rather new, and ever-evolving style due to the different fighting styles that he will face. Having to constantly change and adjust causes this style to not only be difficult but can seem unreliable. Zhou utilizes his Hakuda to not only overcome this challenge, but be able to fight against all types of fighters -- Zanjutsu-based, Kidō-based, and Hakuda based.

Due to the amount of time of rigorous training, Zhou’s physical ability extends to being able to fight while unconscious. His body can naturally react, and utilize his destructive style all while he is unconscious of what is going on around him. This goes in tandem with his ability to sense Reiryoku as well as the overall tenacity Zhou possesses.

With one hundred years passing, Zhou’s body grew to the point where he literally no longer had to only rely on utilizing speed and momentum in order to fight against others. With his growth, Zhou’s own physical strength and durability did too. Regardless of his growth, his Wave Kata only grew from there. With being presented with a challenge from his Elder before, Zhou decided to take the time to truly learn the extent of his body, and what it truly meant to be a Hand-to-Hand combat master. Although his skills were great, there was still room for development and improvement as there always was. Zhou’s solution was to learn Shunkō, pushing his very body to the limit, following the route that Soi Fēng did, but instead went about the processes differently.

Kidō Skill Level: Kidō Expert

Upon graduating from the academy, Zhou’s ability to use Kidō was not trained and honed as much as his other abilities. This was due to the route in life that was carefully crafted for him – etched out and ordained by his clan. With notable users of Kidō amongst his persons now, Zhou was encouraged how to use Kidō as a weapon and no longer as a mere tool to meet an end. With Zhou having enough reiryoku control to perform a number of lower-level Kidō techniques with ease, there was one technique that he consistently trained and honed to a degree that the seireitei hasn’t seen in a number of years – decades upon decades. In order to have a firm grip on this ability, Zhou’s training in Kidō wasn’t to learn multiple techniques in order to become better in Kidō as a whole. In fact, it was the opposite. Zhou’s continuous training in Kidō was to simply learn a single technique. With the help of Shujin Kagi, Zhou was able to reach unprecedented levels in a short amount of time.With this consistent, almost mind-numbing training for nearly a year, forced Zhou’s understanding and overall ability in kidou to heighten to a degree of better control, and immense strength. Zhou’s ability to alter the Kidō that he already knew did not wane. For instance, Hainawa’s bright, robust usual look can be more slender or even be altered to be as thin as strings on a violin.

Known Techniques: Wave Kata (See Below)

Known Spells: Kyokkō, Hōrin, Hainawa, Shunkō

Skills and Abilities:

Poison Aversion

During his training within the PIT along with other training in the Onmitsukidō, Zhou was forced to ingest and was injected with different poison. Overtime, Zhou grew an immunity for most known poisons within the Seireitei.

Interrogation Master

Being a subject of torture for a number of years in practically every way imaginable with the basis of physical, mental, and emotional torture being the lessons he was taught first hand. As someone from a somewhat disguised clan, (due to their notable reputation, pride, and even the distinguished legend Sui Fēng herself) Zhou was chosen to undergo training that every other trainee chosen for the training was unable to endure. With his experience being tortured, with time honing different techniques torturing others, and sealing away certain emotions hindering him from fully empathizing and sympathizing with others, he can fully utilize his explicit training to benefit the Seireitei.

Master of the Human Anatomy

Being taught to torture and being tortured others did have some merits. Upon learning more about his own body, Zhou learned every aspect of the spiritual body from mere subjects as pressure points, generic weak spots, bone structure, and generic density, where one bleeds out the fastest, what parts of the body triggers the most pain, the structure of the nervous system -- all of it.

High Perception

Zhou’s time in the torture division, as well as his time in his youth, allowed for him to read people to the utmost degree. He can see past the exterior shells and into their minds based on even minimal actions. Almost akin to his captain’s ability to read reiatsu, but a washed-down version thereof, Zhou can read people’s intentions, tell if one is lying, and point out and even predict character attributes just from appearance and spending less than one minute with that given character with near 100 percent accuracy. This also assists in fighting bouts as Zhou can predict different moves that may arise from a given opponent.

Flexibility and Master Acrobat

Zhou’s body can bend, contort, alter, and move, unlike most normal bodies. He can do simple tricks like lift either one of his legs above his head, and slam his heel down at immense speeds in the form of a guillotine kick, but just as simple as he’s able to do that, Zhou’s able to wiggle, and writhe out of the tightest of spaces, and perform a variety of speedy vaults, back-flips, and entertaining motions that assists him in normal experiences.

High-Level of Intelligence

Zhou’s ability to naturally adapt to his surroundings, come up with solutions to the most stressful of problems, and have keen insight into the world around him is proof of his intelligence. If speed is his left hand, his intelligence is his right hand. Although he tends to be rather silent and reclusive, he always has some sort of plan or idea. Zhou’s ability to retain and mentally process information is at genius levels, hence why he can learn different techniques and adjust quickly to situations. He is a master at chess, shogi, and counting cards, but will never brag about it.


This powerful technique is rumored to be the pinnacle of Hakuda – the envious power in which even the strongest combatants have had difficulty in mastering. With each user having somewhat of a different application to Shunkō, Zhou’s elementless Shunkō has been honed to a degree of utilizing the basic concept of driving Kidō into his arms and legs in order to increase his overall physical abilities. Despite his Zanpakutō’s ability, Zhou still is not amongst those that have mastered this technique, however, Zhou has demonstrated the ability to utilize this technique without flaw.

When Zhou utilizes Shunkō, Zhou can move his arms and legs with speed and power that distorts space itself. When combining this with the Hakuda he perfected, airwaves of vibrations can be emitted within the air that are strong enough to tear terrains asunder, combat or even potentially destroy high level Kidō based applications, and even go as far as to vehemently decimate reishi constructs with little to no hesitation. It is not unfounded that a reiryoku protected body would be left broken and shattered due to the amount of prowess this technique holds. Zhou’s arms and legs become stronger due to the Kido being pumped within those designated areas along with his overall ability to launch said Kido from his body. Although it bears no concrete element, the Kido that is launched from any one of his limbs has the destructive ability to decimate most substances, even those protected with powerful spiritual energy.


Denreishinki X


Zhou usually carries around four kunai on his person that holds poison coated on each blade to induce paralysis. These are standard kunai in weight, shape, width, and length.

Smoke Bombs

Zhou carries four smoke bombs on his person that induce coughing and can be rather poisonous to inhale. The poisonous effects include illusions, the inability to breathe due to the inflammation of the throat, and coughing up blood.


Signature Techniques:

Wave Kata
(波形 Lit. Wave Form) : A difficult style of fighting that relies on countering, positioning, speed, and precision. Utilizing Wave Kata is a skill that can't be observed and copied using the natural eye. The user minimizes their movements and focuses on openings and using their opponent's strength and speed against them. Wave Kata can be shown by forcibly using the opponent's momentum against themselves or tricking the opponent into thinking they made a successful attack through other visual or physical methods. Although this makes Wave Kata formidable, the true secret of Wave Kata is the ability to strike past objects, affecting what's inside of something and not the outside. By using powerful vibrations upon physical contact with a given object, the user can send vibrations to the innermost parts of the body, bypassing the outer layer. These vibrations vary in effect, but for the most part, the vibrations can cause contractions in certain areas, break bones, cause internal bleeding, all while the outside of the body remains unaffected. Wave Kata is a physical technique relying on pure skill, speed, and precision; it doesn't need Reiryoku to utilize.


Zanpakutō Name: Shujin Kagi (主人鍵) lit. “Master Key”


Zanpakutō Appearance: In Shujin Kagi's sealed state, Shujin Kagi takes the form of a standard thin Chinese saber. The handle is 35 centimeters while the length of the blade is 55 centimeters. The width of the blade is around 5 centimeters at its widest. The silk wrap has a gray color, securely around the handle of the blade along with a gold butt-cap and guard.

In both instances, Shujin Kagi is worn on Zhou’s back, being diagonal as the sheath is attached to his clothing most of the time and has a blue exterior along with gold designs along the ends of the piece.


Zanpakutō Spirit: Shujin Kagi appears around her early thirties with small, eccentric eyebrows, perfect eyelashes, and a rather domineering look within her piercing eyes. Her hair hangs down the length of her back. She is usually wearing fine garments, but her outfit changes each time Zhou visits her. She has a golden hue that surrounds her as if she's emitting a radiant light. She is a female spirit appearing around the age of her early 30s. She is rather stubborn and is a kleptomaniac. She enjoys taking things away, seeing it as a game more so than anything. Whatever is "sealed", she has a firm grasp on, bounding up and taking hold thereof. She claims it as her own and praises Zhou for giving her a gift. She dislikes having what she took released from her, seeking to gain it back a majority of the time. When it comes to unsealing anything, Shujin Kagi can be upset with Zhou, as it seems as if she's giving something away instead of taking things. Even with her attitude, she abides by Zhou's request. She is a rather uptight, fickle key that has a strong disdain for those she sees as beneath her, but she has a warm spot for Zhou and will do what he requests from her. She does what she can to protect Zhou from hurting and Zhou believes that since he did not have material items growing up, she is a manifestation of his "wants and desires."

Inner World: Currently, Zhou's realm looks akin to a dark hallway bearing dim lighting with a surplus of doors on the left and right side of him. With a narrow passageway, each door reveals an important event or memory to him. At this point, the floor seems to grow longer with each step Zhou takes. There is a longing to go forward to complete a seemingly never-ending journey.

Release Phrase: "Open, Shujin Kagi."


Shikai: When in Shikai form, Shujin Kagi takes the appearance of a unique spear. The length of the pole is around 1.6 meters (~5.2 feet), and the blade is around 0.5 meters (~1.64 feet). The silk, seeming to carefully clothe the pole of the spear, mimics the hue of the sheath. The width of the blade extends to being as far as seven inches. The guard that is once simplistic and gold, changes its hue and form to that of a lock, becoming a little lighter in saturation, yet still retains a powerful appearance. Although the guard is seen on one side, the other side holds a navy blue wrapping akin to the spear’s pole.


Shikai Special Ability:
With Zhou's Shikai active, he holds the ability to seal and unseal the abstract, the physical, and the spiritual by striking (an) object(s) with his zanpakutō. Abstract concepts (such as emotions, potential, and memories) can be locked away or brought to the surface with his ability by pressing the hilt of his zanpakutō against the forehead of an individual. Physical aspects, i.e. the movement or usage of different parts of the body can be sealed by touching the body with his zanpakutō. More specifically, if Zhou's zanpakutō makes contact with a certain place on the body, the joint, muscle, or even limb can be subjected to being "locked"; The respective parts will be unable to move depending on the amount of reiryoku and the amount of concentration Zhou exerts. For instance, a mere finger could be grazed and if not enough reiryoku is placed into the attack, only the finger’s movement would be locked. With enough power, the entire arm or even body itself could be forced to remain stationary. Needless to say, this also depends on the amount of reiatsu exerted by the opponent at a given time or even the overall reiryoku of the opponent. The effects are ever-changing, forcing Zhou to constantly adapt to his unique ability.

Spiritual aspects, such as spiritual abilities (everything and all things revolving around reiryoku, reishi, or reiatsu) can be "sealed" if Zhou's zanpakutō connects with the given spiritual aspect. Although no one has lived to witness the feat, Zhou's ability with his Shikai can be assumed to lock away zanpakutō spirits themselves, thus halting their connection with their respective owners. This feat can be done by either continuously connecting with another zanpakutō, or by placing a seal on the zanpakutō.

All that is locked away bears a sealed marking in the shape of a lock. Invisible to all, but Zhou initially, Zhou can will the visibility for his victims. While his Shikai is active, he can seal and/or keep a given thing unsealed for as long as he wills it so, unless the individual(s) breaks through his seal(s) or forces whatever he unseals closed by exerting enough spiritual pressure, willing the lock or unlock to be released, or by sealing his zanpakutō.


Personal Relationships:

Honoka Oki:
With Honoka rising the ranks and becoming captain, Zhou tends to look after her, making sure that not only her work is properly done, but making sure the affairs of the Academy are in order. This is due to how laid back Honoka is concerning affairs at different points in time.

Asahi Kujiyashiki: Just as much of a problem as he’s a solution, Asahi is someone that Zhou has spent enough time with to understand that there may be something this gremlin is up to and keeps a keen eye on him from time to time. Zhou recognizes Asahi as an asset as both a teacher and a formidable seated member of the 3rd division.

Nana Nokoribi: One of his old teachers back at the Academy. With Nana fixated more towards Zanjutsu, there are times where the two bicker about which fighting style is better.

Likes: Secretly enjoys detective and romance novels to predict the ending before he gets to said ending, clean environments

Dislikes: Being called short, Having the ending of any given thing ruined

Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Sightseeing, Meditation

Favorite Food(s): Rice, Bean cakes, Chicken

Voice Actors: Japanese: Tomokazu Seki English: Kaiji Tang

Theme Song: Switched: True Colors


Born to emotionally devoid parents, Zhou grew up devoted to duty. The honor came from following instructions directly, with not an ounce of creativity. Even within his early youth, discipline was instilled in him. His mother's touch was as firm as his father's. Each directive given to Zhou was to be performed with the utmost perfection. There was no such thing as "going above and beyond." This concept brought about potentially destructive results. The command was either fulfilled or unfulfilled. With such black and white principles, there was no room for having a voice or opinion. Instead, his morality was morphed into what his superiors deemed to be moral. The "gut" feeling that one might have about a given instance was foreign. Even picking out casual attire was not in his arsenal. A soldier as such operated as a capable body, and his unique discipline was exemplified during his duration in the Shin'ō academy.

Despite being somewhat talented, nothing struck out in particular with Zhou. He made sure to always follow directives with the intent of perfection. Because of his ingrained obedience, he never displayed much of his personality. Due to his lack of enthusiasm and following orders as commanded, he never showed what kind of person blossomed underneath the stoic exterior. Displaying high levels of skills throughout his time at the academy brought Zhou to graduate right at the fifty-year mark. Upon graduation, though, he immediately was sent to face a challenge that his father and mother had trained him forever since he could remember -- The entrance exam for the Onmitsukidō.

When Zhou was a young soul, most endearing parents cared about the emotional side of raising their youth by giving their young affection. Instead of warm hugs, inspiring words, or even an ounce of concern for his well-being, Zhou repeatedly heard the words "Again”, “Faster”, or “I expect more tomorrow." With each passing day, Zhou's father made sure his body was honed, whereas Zhou's mother concerned herself with Zhou's mind. The two of them nurtured a warrior. To Zhou, their treatment was affection. When he was sent to take the test to be a member of the Onmitsukidō, Zhou too saw this as affection. The test was no easy feat, but regardless, Zhou was expected to pass the test. Trying did not exist. Both of his parents drilled into Zhou that failure was not an option. Being fully aware of what it meant to fail the test, Zhou passed, but in his mind only by sheer luck. As a member of a clan bearing a lower hierarchy, Zhou witnessed numerous members of clans of the same ranking as the Fēng clan fail the test. Instead of having pride in passing this test, he simply measured the feat as a responsibility he was created to do.

As a member of Onmitsukidō, Zhou was tasked with various missions. Some missions required simple surveillance. Others required heads to fly and blood to be shed. Nonetheless, Zhou completed every task that was required of him, without a single question or seemingly any regard. Years passed until finally Zhou was transferred to the Interrogation unit. Word had been spoken about the Fēng clan member who never failed a mission and survived even the harshest of trials. One higher-ranking member within the unit wanted to see Zhou's abilities for himself. Upon testing Zhou's physical, mental, and spiritual abilities, he decided to train Zhou himself on how to be a member of the interrogation unit, and he only took Zhou under his wing.

During three years, Zhou experienced every physical, mental, and emotional torture method known to the Seireitei. Zhou's day-to-day experiences altered during his duration within the PIT. The PIT stood for "Private Interrogator Training." Within those walls, no one could hear the vile screams, the pleas for help, or the cries for mercy. Instead, most found solace in potential death. Every single one of the Interrogator's subjects in the past did not survive the PIT. Either they needed to be killed due to their minds being lost, or they had managed to kill themselves. Of course, Zhou was not told this information. Instead, he was subjected to torture every single day for three years. The first-year - physical. The second-year - psychological. The third-year - emotional. The PIT was designed to keep subjects alive no matter what sort of pain they faced. Consistently healing his body, but not relieving the pain was how Zhou was able to live through the first year. For the second and third years, the PIT mesmerized Zhou. For different periods, he was forced to watch loved ones die in a plethora of ways, he was forced to witness betrayal from any angle of his life, he was forced to watch everything he did fail, he was forced to be nothing. In short, he was broken. Zhou had gone through lifetimes of suffering. Each fear Zhou had discovered and hadn't was exposed to him repeatedly. Zhou was mentally destroyed by the middle of the third year. Although lost, Zhou did have his Asuchi alongside him, and that was his "key." In the middle of the third year, the broken Zhou was taken away from the abuse and appeared in a world unfamiliar to him. Inside of a place absent of color, structure, or being, Zhou momentarily escaped from the pain, the torture, and the horror the PIT had on him. Moments after wondering exactly where he was, a voice akin to a child called out to him. Zhou could barely make out what was being said, but mid-sentence, Zhou finally did hear the voice offering to take away his pain. At first, Zhou believed it to be yet another illusion. Willing to give his very life at this point, Zhou accepted the offering, at the cost of who he truly was. Sealing away his dreams, ambitions, pain, fear, and in ways, parts of his will, Zhou had reawakened, displaying a contrast to himself previously. All of the pain, resentment, and anguish he had felt subsided. All that remained was his clear head, his devotion to his duty, and what was left of his personality. Zhou became the first successful experiment, and also was the first step in discovering his Shikai.

Harboring no resentment, Zhou gained the art of torture within his arsenal, perfecting his newfound talent. Lacking emotional pain, he felt no empathy for those he tortured. Although he never explored beyond the scope of his instructions, he displayed a promising future in the field. Part of the need for PIT was to cultivate one emotionally strong enough to torture any subjects without any discrimination. As part of the interrogation division, Zhou became a shoo-in for his ability and was sought after by a number of those who were rather tough to break. Despite the number of people he tortured, showing no bias to age, sex, or beliefs, Zhou seemed to be the same as he was the day he passed the PIT exam.

It wasn't until his later years that Zhou was able to consciously activate his Shikai. After a number of missions, tribulations, and assignments, Zhou finally was in tune with his Zanpakutō to the point where he was finally able to access his world. The layout looked akin to a dim hallway, structured with doors on both sides of him. Zhou walked through the hallway, opening different doors. Each door held a different memory. Each room was carefully constructed, organized to the letter. There was nothing out of place. Zhou saw the place as a sanctuary where he was able to relate to -- a feeling he forgot. Despite exploring as many doors as he could, he found that he could never reach the end of the hallway. Zhou examined endless doors, but it felt like none of them mattered. There was a door beyond his reach. It seemed as if no matter how many steps he took, he could never reach the door that mattered most. Finally, someone exited one of the doors appearing behind Zhou. Zhou took the opportunity to question the familiar being and found out numerous things, such as their name and where exactly he was. Zhou then described the feeling that he experienced about there being more. The spirit explained that the place was ever-growing and ever-changing. Each experience added to the structure of the world. That's when Zhou noticed that the hallway was getting longer. Zhou wondered if he could ever reach the place that called to him the most, but he settled with exploring the world, with Shujin Kagi, the spirit, as his guide. Throughout Zhou's time within his realm, Shujin Kagi always referred to him as the Gatekeeper. It wasn't long before Zhou was able to manifest Shujin Kagi, activating his Shikai.

With numerous experiences, during the time within the Onmitsukidō, Zhou was finally drafted into the second division as the fourth seat and the one in charge of the interrogation team.

Time passes and with time, so does the placement of responsibilities. With first being in charge of the Interrogation team, Zhou’s desires became to leave the morbid scene of breaking someone’s will into oblivion via torturing, harming, and all-around destruction. Although he doesn’t lament his time in this position, Zhou began to grow more concerned with his growth, with his development as a Shinigami. With full loyalty towards the Gotei 13, he simply began questioning his overall place in the Soul Society – if being the lead interrogator would have been the best in the long run. That job in itself turned Zhou into what he was – cold, cruel, and direct. Despite the strength it gave him, the lingering weakness of not truly being able to progress was something that weighed heavily on his being. He remembered the stark differences between Kyomu and Yasu – both being strong in their own right. Both powerful Shinigami grew not because of where they started, but because of the paths they took. Zhou decided to grow stronger on another path, not the one specifically carved for him to take. Although this decision was not a light one, being a Fēng, he was so grounded into the following instruction, that his path was not carved for him, it was paved by someone else – inspiring to be a perfected tool for someone else’s gain. With this, he was limited just as any weapon would be – to the ideas, purposes, and aspirations made by someone else. With this, Zhou aspired to become an instructor. With Zhou being able to examine someone from the top-down, able to determine if someone was lying, and practically force the truth out of someone, there was something he lacked more than anyone he felt like – being able to genuinely socialize and have a personality. Even his reiatsu reflected on being a bland development. With this, Zhou opted to take his life on another path, submitting a formal request to be in the third division.

Once granted, he became the most awkward Hakuda teacher one could ever fathom, at first that is. He tended to be rather strict, blunt, and heartless within his sessions, refusing to remotely think of allowing someone to pass if they didn't display a certain level of aptitude. It wasn't until he began talking to a number of students and feeling the pride that came with being a teacher that he began to blossom. He learned more about himself, gaining a sense of what made him happy -- assisting others and pushing them forward. Even though he has a harsh teaching method, Zhou continues to push those he can to their limits but not to the degree he was pushed. Learning the difference between breaking one down to be a tool, and building one up to be of great strength, Zhou's intense teaching methodologies are used to create powerful Hakuda combatants for the Soul Society.

Becoming acclimated in the 3rd Division was not without its issues, but there blossomed a number of relationships that Zhou ultimately would have not had. From training with Asahi Kajiyashiki, becoming acquainted with Honoka Oki, and consistently training with students, Zhou’s very self became more cultivated and grew significantly. With nine months of growth, there was a lot he learned and aspired to do. Not only teaching students, Zhou began training himself. With the world of the living being in shambles due to the recent events and with him being someone that eventually would take the students out into the world of the living, training was paramount. Something that would have normally taken decades to train and perform, took Zhou months. This was because of Zhou’s Zanpakutō. With Zhou’s ability to unlock his body’s potential, a conceptual ability specifically attributed to Shujin Kagi, Zhou was able to literally force his body’s abilities to planes of ability that most couldn’t fathom and force his body to heal itself at a rapid rate. With this methodology of training, Zhou’s progression wasn’t a miracle by any means. Instead, it was simply the byproduct of what his Zanpakutō could do for him – utilizing the supplementary applications thereof. With his body’s potential naturally adjusting to being in a consistent state of being unlocked while training day in and day out, Zhou began to be able to tap into his trained state without needing to utilize Shujin Kagi. Not only did this boost Zhou’s connection with Shujin Kagi, but it also bolstered his ability in Hakuda, Kidō, and his overall control with Reiryoku. With the inspiration from the games that Zhou watched at a later time, he studied various techniques and abilities from its participants. With this inspiration paired with the brutal beat-down from his clan, Zhou became stronger than before for those around him.


Character Appearance:




New member

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“Don’t you have something interesting to say?”

“You talk to much.”

“I think you look beautiful.”


Character Name: Takahashi (高橋 - High Bridge) Misaki (美咲 - Beautiful Flower)

Actual Age: 94

Physical Age: 24

Race: Deceased

Birthday: 04.04


Height: 174cm / 5.7ft

Weight: 72kg / 144lb

Blood Type: 0


Affiliation: Gotei 13/ Seretei/ Soul Society/

Profession: Shinigami

Title: Seated Member – Seat ?

Position: Blacksmith

Division: Hachibantai – Squad 8

Previous Division: -

Partner(s): -

Previous Partner(s): -

Base of Operations: Seretei/Soul Society, Eighth Division Barracks, Eighth Division Forge


Notable Features:
Misaki has only one notable feature. A small red Gem is embedded in her forehead.

Misaki is most of the time a very focused no bullshit person. She does not like idle chatter or pointless bickering. How she handles the Person that tries these things regardless is up to how Misaki perceives them. Misaki has a huge weakness for everything that she considers beautiful. So she may endure hours of small talk if she can be in the presence of something that catches her eye. No matter if male, female or object. Should there be nothing that captivates her than she will try to get rid of the nuisance.

There are 3 Main options in this case:
She tells the Person to shut up. (If the Person is of similar standing.)
She tries to throw the person out by force. (If the Person is of similar standing and she believes this is feasible. Especially if she is in her Workshop.)
She tries to run away. (If this Person has a higher standing than her or she doesn’t believe that she can force the Person to shut up.)

Should no Option be available to her she will glare at the culprit with distain no matter the standing.

That said Misakis demeanour is normally cool and collected. Trying to be a calm centre for herself and others in the Whirlwind of her more eccentric Superiors.

If one does not annoy her than she likes to converse over Zanpakotu, or recent political developments in Seiretei. However, if the talk comes down to her own Zanpakotu she gets a bit more reserved. She is very diligent in her Training and with her work. She doesn’t like drinking because she gets wasted very easily.

While in the forge Misaki prefers to slip out of the top part of her yukata and work with a free upper body safe for her Sarashi.

Relatives: Misaki has no known relatives.


Reiryoku Level:
High Spiritual Power

It could be said that Misakis Spiritual Power, her Reiryoku, is average for the Position she has. At first, she thought that she was an outstanding talent, and that may have been true if only viewed from the perspective of a person that lives on the edges of Seiretei. But she was in for a rude awakening as she laid eyes on the Monsters that roam the Gotei 13. Nonetheless is her Power high enough that she could claim a seat and be compared to even some of the lieutenants of the Gotei 13.

Misaki trains hard to expand her Reiryoku because she believes it is one of the keys to create better Asauchi and therefore later stronger Zanpakuto.

Sensing Reiryoku:

When it comes to the sensing of Reiryoku it is to say Misaki has much to learn. Like every other Shinigami in her position, she can sense Pluses, Jibakurei, Tsukirei, standard Hollows, basic Souls and low seated Shinigami. However, she has problems as soon as someone erases their presence to find them. She understands this is one of her weak points and wishes to improve that aspect of herself but finds seldom the time to do so.

Because of this weakness Misaki prefers to travel with another, in this regard more experienced, Shinigami on Missions that lead her into the field.

Reiryoku Control:
Mastered Control

While having difficulty to detect others, she is very hard to detect herself. Misaki has mastered the control over her Reiryoku. Something she achieved after years in the forge. Each of her Hammer blows carefully adjusted with just the right amount of Spiritual Power. She is able, because of this mastery, to forgo most of her Kido incantations and even some Captains find it hard to track her down if she doesn’t want to be found. That said Misaki is in constant catch up mode. Raising her Reiryoku and then adjusting to have perfect control over the new amount again.



Misaki graduated the Academy and joined the Gotei 13. She poses the ability to release spiritual pressure on a specialist level befitting of her rank as a seated member. Compared to other Shinigami of her standing she doesn’t stand out being somewhere in midfield. However, her pressure can be felt much further than normal Reiatsu of her Power. While still at the same intensity, it seems that her Reiatsu loses its effect slower than others when unleashed. Till now she could not find out if that also affects her Kido spells.

Misaki herself is not happy with the state of her Reiatsu and puts much effort into increasing her output next to increasing her Reiryoku.

Reiatsu Colors:
Misakis Reiatsu is a Fire Element Type. Therefore it takes on the colours of a flame. Mostly orange, red and yellow.

Reiatsu Shape: -

Reiatsu Effect(s):
If released at full force her Reiatsu becomes a beacon than can be easily sensed over long distances that exceed the normal capabilities from Reiatsu of this strength. This however is a two-edged blade. It can get the attention of allies as well as from powerful enemies.

Reiatsu Type: -

Element Type-
Fire Type


Zanjutsu Level:

Misaki is at the Swordsman-level when it comes to Zanjutsu. Mainly because she does not like to use it. Her relationship with her own Zanpakotu is strained and she herself likes creating Asauchi much more than fighting with their evolved form. Nonetheless she trains regularly to keep in shape. Knowing well that it could be the difference between life and another death. That said she also has the aspiration to raise the ranks which makes it a necessity for her to further improve her swordsmanship. The evaluation of her Zanjutsu was rather on the lower side of things even on the Swordman-level. An indicator that she has her work cut out for her.

Known Techniques:
Misaki does not know any special Zanjutsu-technics.

Hohō Level:
Shunpo Practitioner

Misaki is by far not the fastest Hoho or Shunpo user in Seiretei. Some of it steers from the fact that she spends days looked up in the Workshop forging. The other is that she is not fond of it. She is the first to admit that it is a useful technique. However, in her opinion some Shinigami, especially youngsters, just use it to look cool and make a huge mess out of things while passing others by. While Misaki mastered the Shunpo-technique so that she could use it, she gets winded fast if she tries to travel long distances with it. That is a reason she only uses short burst in fights and training. But even this puts a strain on her body.

Known Techniques:

Hakuda Level:
Expert Hakuda Combatant

Misuki grew up on the Outskirts of Seiretei. She learnt fast that you have to defend yourself by any means necessary when food went scarce, or a new gang started a turf-war. So she had no inhibitions to beat other trainees to a pulp as she joined the Academy. Something that led to a few grudges with others Shinigami. But her absolute readiness to inflict maximal violence and damage, mixed with the guidance of the Academy teachers, forged her into a Hakuda User that can hang with nearly everyone. Only true Masters are still out of reach for Misuki. But most of them wear the white mantle of a Captain anyway.

If not compared to true master’s it can be said that Misaki is in the upper echelons of the Expert rank. She can easily defeat even groups of armed enemies if they are below her skill and can exchange blows on even ground even with armed opponents of the same level.

Known Techniques:

Ikkotsu (single Bone) – Link

Oni Dekopin (Demon Headpoke) – Link

Rioken (Thunder King Fist) – Link

Sandobaggu Bito (Sandbag Beat) – Link

Torunedo (Tornado) – Link
She gets really angry if her male colleagues call it Panchira Torunedo (Panty-Flash Tornado)

Tessho (Iron Palm) – Link


Kido Skill Level:
Kidō Specialist

Knowing that she is not the strongest Swordsman, nor the fastest Shinigami she came to the conclusion that she needs something to even the odds. Hakuda was one such thing but even fists of steel would do nothing if she could not hit her opponent. So she decided to invest her time into Kido. Versatile in use and even effective to train her Reiryoku she dug her teeth into this subject. Misaki is now a very experienced Kido user on the Specialist-level and on the brink to break through to the next tier. This means that her lower Kido spells are strong and that she can use midlevel spells as well. Both even without incantation.

She also invented her own Barrier Spell. A Level 50 Bakudo. She prefers to use Bakudo but doesn’t shy away from Hado. She created one Hado spell on her own that channels fire Reiatsu into her hands to further her damage potential using Hakuda.

Known Spells:


#08Seki#50 (self invented)Kame no Kora
#30Shitotsu Sansen#61 (not mastered)Rikojokoro


#25 (self invented)Hi no Ken

Skills and Abilities:

Blacksmith: Misaki is very proficient in repairing Zanpakuto and forging Asauchi. She researches a way to repair a broken Bankai.


Zanpakuto, Sword maintenance kit.
If send on a Mission in the Human World she also takes a Gigai as well as a Denreishiki with her.


Bakudo #50 – Kame no Kora (Tortoise Shell)
Build a domelike barrier around the Caster and chosen allies. If it only protects the Caster, it can block Hado spells up to Level 59. For every other person in this barrier this level drops by one. The Spell also builds a strong defence against physical attacks, but can be broken through if the enemy is strong enough.

Hado #25 – Hi no Ken (Flame Fist)
This Technique is inspired from ancient records of an Ex-Captain by the Name of Yoruichi Shihoin. In an attempt to recreate a Technique called Shunko, Misaki channels Kido with the fireattribute into her Hands, boosting their power with Punches and leaving nasty burns on Enemies. This technique is inperfect and a long way from the power of Shunko. But it is Misakis first step.


Zanpakuto Name:
Idaina-hono no kogo (偉大な炎の皇后 – Great Flame Empress)

Zanpakuto Appearance:
Idaina-hono no kogo is a wakazashi. It does not poses a tsuba (Handguard) but the Hiraji is richly engraved. Black string is used for the Tsukamaki. The saya consists of a dark brown polished wood. She carries her blade attached to her obi behind her back.

Zanpakuto Spirit:
Misaki has her problems with her Zanpakuto. Proud, powerful, judgemental. All of these and more could be used to describe Idaina-hono no kogo the great flame empress. Humanlike in appearance is she a woman of fair skin with long fiery red hair hold together in a high ponytail. She has a very athletic body build and wears no real Armor except for a shoulder guard and grieves. However she has two massive gauntlets that spit out flames from time to time. If she is mad or exited the interval of this eruptions shortens drastically. She does not use Misakis name, just calling her little girl.

Inner World:
Misaki knows very little of her own inner world for sure. Appearance wise her inner world is a giant cavern of stone and magma. Everywhere a forges that work on their own without pause. In the middle 4 giant statues holding up a huge magma pit that spills over and feeds the magma rivers below. Misaki believes that Idaina-hono no kogo resides up there. However, till now the immense heat, that builds up the closer one gets to the centre, was too much to bear for Misaki. Meaning that the empress comes down to her every time, mocking her about her weakness.

Release Phrase:
Idaina-hono no kogo o moyasu – burn great flame empress

In its Shikai state her Zanpakotu turn into a Priests staff. Spawning a solid flame in form of a hammerhead in the centre of its ornamental Ring.

Shikai Special Ability:
What is worse than being hit by a hammer? Being hit by a burning hammer made of a solid flame. The flame is hot enough to leave very nasty burn marks on enemies if it doesn’t turn them to cinders. It can also shoot flame waves if swung in wide arks. The range of these however is limited.


not yet achieved.

Bankai Special Ability:
not yet achieved



Personal Relationships:

Suiyo Kusotare – Hachibantai Taicho

To say Misaki doesn’t like her Captain would not be entirely true. She despises his appearance that she only can describe as a vagabond look. His “scent” doesn’t help either. Add his constant state of alcohol intoxication and you have a Person that is 100% on the “top 5 people to avoid” list of Misaki.
However, even with all this flaws the Captain shows sparks of brilliance from time to time. As if a bright mind slumbers beneath the facade of an utterly embarrassment for the name of all Shinigami. Unfortunately this bright mind is put to sleep by immense amounts of alcohol as soon as it shows up.
That leads to Misaki respecting her Captain for his few Moments of Brilliance, but wishing him to enjoy the hospitality of the 2nd Squad in the Maggots Nest to sober the fuck up.
In Misakis view he is the first Member and highest seat of a group she calls “The Chaos Square”.

Mosou Kyoraku – Hachibantai Vice Captain

In Misakis mental Book where she judges people, the Vice Captain is slightly less infuriating than his superior. While also cultivating a kind of Vagabond Style with his looks, the absence of tobacco and alcohol stench his a huge plus in Misakis view. The Vice Captain has however unfortunately a similar work ethos as the Captain of the 8th Squad.
Mostly trying to find an excuse to sleep. Nonetheless his Mind shows the same sharpness as the Captains if he chooses to use it.
Mosou Kyoraku is the 2nd Member but only the 4th seat of “The Chaos Square”.

Kōri Shiba – Hachibantai 3rd Seat

Kori Shiba is the Foreman of the Soulforge and therefore the boss of Misaki. Loud, boisterous and blessed with a fiery temper, the 3rd Seat is the exact opposite of her Superiors regarding her Work ethic. Always busy with something to do. While Misaki really appreciate this trade of the Foreman and can tolerate the personality issues because she finds her quite beautiful it is, as ever again, unfortunately not all there is to the 3rd seat.
Kori Shiba is addicted to gambling and everything that makes her heart pump. This includes pulling pranks on others, joining the Captain in his drinking habit, and great flashy explosions. Add a sadistic streak to it and you have a bundle of chaotic energy in form of a Shinigami.
Kori Shiba is the 3rd Member of “The Chaos Square”. And as in real life she holds the 3rd seat in Misakis view.

Fumetsu Maro – Hachibantai 4th Seat

The 4th Seat of the Hachibantai is the bane of Misakis personal existence. While his Catlike behaviour bears a certain Charm to Misaki, it’s the other things that drive her mad. Well more like one thing. She could cope with his flirty nature. She could endure his hedonistic streak. But Fumetsu Maro just had to be a kleptomaniac. Not only a normal kleptomaniac but kleptomaniac that gets his fix from stealing things that others value. Because Misaki values everything she herself considers beautiful, it is the special ability of the 4th seat to trigger the normally very calm and collected, sometimes easily annoyed, Shinigami into an absolute rage. That said because of his catlike habits Misaki is unable to not forgive him. Telling him every time it will be the last time she does so.
Fumetsu Maro is the 4th Member of “The Chaos Square” and holds the 2nd seat in this exclusive Club. However only because Captain Suiyo is a bad example in a high position in Misakis book. And because she doesn’t want to give a first place to Maro no matter what.

Likes: Everything she considers beautiful, forging, Zanpakuto, Hakuda

Dislikes: Everything she considers ugly, idle chatter, alcohol.

Hobbies: Hakudo, forging, Ikebana.

Favorite Food(s): Steerfried rice with chicken.

Seretei Communication Column: -


Mighty Shinigami leave their footprints in history and die. Catastrophe befalls the City of Seiretei and the Gotei 13 and is overcome. Decades of strife pass but the life in the outskirts of Seiretei mostly stays the same. Hunger, fear, struggling to stay alive. Far away from the beautiful mansions of the nobles or the great fortress of the Shinigami live is everything but easy. Misaki was thrown into this new unknown world after her death. A world where you have to submit, to die, or to adapt. The young woman decided that she would belong to the ones who adapt. To those that strived for a better tomorrow. To achieve this she knew she had to steal, to fight and even to kill. While she never got anywhere with the first profession of these three she showed quiet the aptitude for the last two of them. She tried her best to stay out of any gangs and avoided conflict with the bigshots in her area. But she was not above to kill a Thug in a dark alley and take his stuff. However this part of life should come to an end after about 5 years.

The Shinigami mostly stayed out of the outskirts of Seiretei. But as a particular gruesome Gang-war erupted, threatening to spill over into the districts, even the Shinigami could not stay idle anymore. What followed was swift and brutal. The streets ran red with the blood of the gang-members. Trying to stay hidden and not get into the crossfire Misaki was discovered by a Shinigami named Nanase Kira. At first Misaki thought that this Shinigami was here to kill her too and got ready to defend herself. She didn’t even notice what happened before she hit the ground. However instead of killing her the Shinigami explained that she possessed an amount of Reiryoku that enabled her to become a Shinigami herself. Because she had no training in it her Raitsu was easily to find for them. And this was also the reason for the offer. Misaki did not need to think long before accepting the offer. It was a ticket to get out of this place. And also the arguments of a Person that holds a sword to your neck are quiet compelling. So she left her former home to join the Academy.

Again Misaki entered a whole new world. Where mud and filth formerly dominated the scene now streets of white stone with beautiful houses and gardens filled the scenery. It most likely was this Moment she decided that she will never lose something beautiful again. Even in her Academy days she was described as calm and maybe even a bit cold by her peers. But she absorbed the knowledge she could get rapidly. However there were also incidents. While other Students tried to learn and perfect their skill in the Hakuda-Trainings sessions, she used this Session to absolutely pummel her opponents into the ground. Even when asked to hold back by the instructors she just replied that she did, because her opponent is still alive. That led to her only sparring with higher classes or with the instructors themselves. Another subject Misaki excelled at was Kido. Letting her finish as third of her class. Over the years of training in the Academy her Asauchi began to form. Leading to its awakening as a full-fledged Zanpakuto in the end.

After leaving the Academy she was send to the 8th Squad where she really felt in love with forging. She enjoyed to give form to something beautiful with her own two hands and quickly became very good at it. In this time she also was able to enjoy the company of her fellow Shinigami. Unfortunately for her all of her higher ups where rather eccentric leading to Misaki questioning her own sanity from time to time. However she tried her best to stay calm and try to clean up behind the group, she would soon call “The Chaos Square” in her head, if needed.


Character Appearance:
Misaki is a young woman of slightly above average height. She possesses very pale skin and has long straight black hair. Her face is on the thin side which is matched by a thin, sharp nose and sharp brown eyes. She has a fit body without being muscular. Normally she abides the Dress code very strictly. One of the only exceptions is when she works in the forge. A small red Gem is embedded in her Forehead.





New member



“I carry too much weight on my shoulders, I can't afford to lose"
“Higen-sama.... guide me”
”It’s my duty as Captain of 10th Division…. The STRONGEST division, to end this here and now!”

”Let me show you, what true power is”


Namakemono (懶け者; “Lazy Person”), Taida (怠惰; “Sloth”), Rai-Ken (雷劍; “Thunder-Blade"), Inazuma no Kami (稲妻の神; “Lightning-God”), Hoshā Kishi Deshi (放射騎士弟子; "Shining Knight’s Disciple")

Character Name: Shizuka Hyouzoku

(静か; “Quiet”) - (ヒョウ属; “Pantera”)
Shizuka Hyouzoku (静かヒョウ属) is the Captain of 10th Division (十番隊; Jūbantai, “Squad Ten”). As one of the Gotei 13’s most battle-tested warriors, he has faced immeasurable adversity that has honed him into the perfect soldier. Formerly under the tutelage of his predecessor–Commander Higen Kagayaki–there is no foe that strikes fear into the renowned shinigami, and there is nothing he wouldn’t do to save the lives of those around him.



Actual Age: 326
Physical Age: Mid 20s
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: March 6th
Gender: Male

Height: 6"7'
Weight: 220 lbs.
Blood Type: A




Affiliation: Soul Society; Seiritei; Gotei 13; 10th Division, Living Task Force

Profession: Shinigami
Title: Captain
Position: Captain of the 10th Division
Division: Tenth Division (十番隊; Jūbantai, “Squad Ten”)

Partner(s): Shoumetsu Takahiro, Izanagi Kiyoshi, Tosu Shohei
Base of Operations: Soul Society; Seiritei - 10th Division Barracks




Notable Features

Shizuka is a noticeably built and tall individual, dwarfing everyone in his division by far with the exception of his lazy subordinate Sango. Over the years he has grown considerably taller, even growing bulkier as a result of his training. Complemented with his medium brown skin complexion, Shizuka also has a vivid shade of Sea Green hair that hangs short, just reaching past his ears. Inherited strongly from his father. Along with Steel Blue eyes that shine radiantly, which he inherited from his mother. Due to the stress of abruptly becoming a Vice-Captain, his hair has become even more unkept than before, spiking out in all different directions, showing the signs of his increasing responsibility. Upon becoming a Captain, Shizuka became brandished with a white haori, slightly differing from the normal cloak, Shizuka’s sports an outwards collar. Making the color on the inside of his cloak more visible, accompanied by a jet black inner jacket as well. Besides this, Shizuka wears a normal Shinigami attire under the cloak, a jet-black shihakusho tied together by a crystalline white obi sash. Under the shihakusho he sports a navy blue compression shirt, wrapping tightly around his body, the only parts showing being the sleeves that extend to his arms, and the neck area. He also adorns the standard issue geta sandals to protect his feet along with a pair of vibrant white socks. His Zanpakuto’s tsuba instead of being wrapped inside of his obi sash like in the past, is now encased horizontally behind his Captain’s cloak.



Shizuka WAS mostly known as a lazy, lethargic, and lackadaisical individual within his Division, and for those who knew him closely, these qualities shined even worse. Ever since becoming Lieutenant, Shizuka has been working non-stop protecting his jurisdiction and controlling his division in lieu of a Captain. He took on a commanding role for everyone under him and he tried his best to unify his squad together while maintaining his regular duties as the highest ranking officer in his division. Even through all of the changes, Shizuka still dreads any form of work and will constantly complain about a situation that he deems unfitting for him. Sadly though, his efficient work even in the midst of his reluctancy granted him a seat amongst the Captains. This in turn now extends his work beyond his own division, now erasing the stigma that was once placed on him as being apart of the lazy fellows around 10th Division. Though he tries to avoid being exactly like Higen in his tenure in 10th, Shizuka will constantly make his presence known when he arrives near his comrades, yelling loudly on his arrival and uplifting his subordinates. Showing truly that he has been growing into his leadership role despite hundreds of years avoiding this said role. Shizuka, beneath all the turmoil that shows in his appearance, is still a very relaxed soul. Not hesitating to joke around and revert back to his chilled days when he was simply a seated member. Sometimes making his members or even others around him feel like there’s no rank differential between them. Showing that it’s impossible to completely change or destroy the Shizuka of old.

Through constant battles, the personality he tries to keep hidden slowly creeps out and manifests occasionally when no one is around him. This unholy feeling, a feeling of insanity on Shizuka’s part is the excitement of death. A combination of fear, invigoration, and the drive to win. Shizuka relishes a fight to the absolute limits of death, the grander the fight is, the more excited he becomes, and the more he welcomes the feeling of fighting to the death. This in turn will change his motives, one of a protector, one of justice, into that of a mindless bloodlusted weapon. This masked nature of his secretly drives his ongoing progression as he becomes motivated after every fight/encounter where he feels he was not a match. He tends to hide this part of him due to it being undoubtedly conflicting with his primary nature, even though he has shown this once in a serious match with his former Captain and as much as he hates to admit it, he speculates his inner hollow took advantage of this feeling when he matched up against the God-King. Being the sole reason his initial hollowfication lasted so long. Besides this small infliction, Shizuka has an unparalleled sense of justice and commitment to his division. He understands despite all odds the Captain Commander entrusted him with the well-being of 10th, because he knew he was the most capable Shinigami for the role.




Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Power 🗲

Over 100 years, Shizuka's spiritual power has expanded exponentially. Through rigorous training and surviving deadly battles, the Captain’s power has increased immensely. Just the raw amount of energy within him is a burden to carry. The sheer level of his Reiryoku is elite, and over time has become the perfect suitor for his extremely volatile zanpakuto Hirameku Hitouchi. Just a natural flex of reiatsu is deafening to those around him. Anyone sensing his reiryoku would sense the endless and vast amount of it he contains, and would be cautious about it even before its release. His power is so vast it has received praise from the current Captain Commander many times over. Describing the boy's latent power as - "A raging storm, with unbridled potency." - Just his presence within the vicinity of his own barracks commands unparalleled respect from those under him. A dominant influence, cascading down all the way onto even the lowest depths of his division. Commanding attention to his presence no matter who is in the vicinity. All of these qualities take an entirely different step ever since his abrupt Hollowfication. Now upon hollowfying the depth of his reiryoku expands even further, resembling a bottomless, infinite well of potential energy. Becoming unquantifiable by almost anyone’s standards. The dual-layered reiryoku bouncing between Shinigami and Hollow serves as a catalyst to create a level of power that’s beyond appropriate to sit amongst the Captains.


Sensing Reiryoku: Master Sensing Ability🗲

Despite his lazy aptitude, Shizuka is very aware of his surroundings and things abroad from his vicinity. Which was once just a myth procured by the former Captain of 10th Division, that Shizuka had some form of "lightning sense" that enhanced his perception about the things around him. Shizuka made it become a reality, an unnatural phenom when it comes to Reikaku in general. It has developed beyond just a natural combat sense, any and everything within his range is in his grasp of understanding. The reiryoku itself, its potential, location, nothing will get past Shizuka's ridiculous ability. Combined with his lightning quick reflexes, it's almost as if Shizuka can perceive and maneuver around any spiritual attack that comes his way. In the Captain’s mind visually, is a spectrum of energy. The way it moves, shifts, and maneuvers directionally, all becomes displayed within his mind as a lone bolt of lightning traveling through an endless abyss, moving at lightning speeds. A visual he has become all too used to, to the point where it’s subconscious. In battle, his actual vision is rarely a factor, for this spectrum allows him to sync with all of his surroundings. Even besides this, Shizuka has always kept a stiff guard and uncanny sense of perceiving targets from longer distances. In any situation, his natural Reikaku proficiency is extraordinary to the point where one would perceive that there is no point hiding from his view, due to his perception abilities rarely faltering. It was also even hinted to once more by the Captain Commander Kagayaki, that these skills actually became amplified to a dangerous extent with his Hollowfication. The black lightning that encompasses his body while hollowfied, out of the many amplifications it bestows upon Shizuka’s body, one of them that stood out was being able to detect and seek signatures relentlessly. Functioning almost identical to an Arrancar’s Pesquisa. In the past, these skills were greatly on display against the Togabito attack in Naruki City where he was able to read and react to invisible attacks that many had succumbed to before him. This amazing ability of his makes him stand out from his peers, and allows him to never be caught off guard.


Reiryoku Control: Mastered Reiryoku Control🗲

In the early days of his shinigami practice, Shizuka was unable to fully control the ferocious power of his Zanpakuto. In response, he made it a priority to practice rigorously in an attempt to master kido techniques of a similar nature in order to improve in both areas simultaneously. As time went on his control became more and more advanced; whether it be from sparring intensely with Higen and/or Fuyuko, or from the many personal trips he made to the Kido Corps for visual instruction. Shizuka’s Reiryoku Control became truly elite, which now allows him to express his power in a completely different manner from most Shinigami. Now over 100 Years and a near complete mastery over his Zanpakuto, Shizuka's control could be labeled as impeccable. His ability to cast kido is on par with the elites in 5th Division, along with him being able to cast spells beyond anything he could do in the past with complete ease. In his Bankai where everything in his entire body is sped up, he is consistently known to be able to cast two high-level spells near simultaneously with little to no effort. The culmination of all his efforts over the years puts him in leagues with even the most skilled shinigami in the Soul Society in terms of control. Additionally, the training he took to even maintain his Bankai for more than 5 minutes, increased his proficiency even more, to the point where maintaining the form for a complete day with no activity is child's play to him. All of this training and effort before was one of his strongest payouts when it came to him controlling his Hollowfied state. While still a novice in experience when it comes to comparison of someone like Captain Oda or Yugure, he still displays a formidable aptitude to emit new-found abilities like his Cero with regularity, even able to form three of these high powered attacks all at once. Even displaying the ability to focus the Cero with pristine control into his Zanpakuto. To emit the beam in a wave or even combine with his Zanpakuto’s ability Raimei Yoshiki. His voracious reiryoku controlled to an unparalleled peak, he can administer any ability within his grasp to its max potential with relatively zero effort. Putting him in the ranks of even the greatest masters of control to ever touch the Soul Society.


Reiatsu: Masterful Reiatsu Emission🗲

Shizuka's reiatsu is in a sense, the broad visualization of an apocalyptic thunderstorm, decimating the earth with every passing second. Scorching the land in its benevolence, annihilating everything in the vicinity. Upon releasing his spiritual pressure a loud thunderous noise bellows from the sky and immediately within the blink of an eye Shizuka is enveloped within a stream of continuous lightning, its strength and force seamlessly breaking through the environment around it creating multiple jagged crevices in its wake. Due to his impeccable control he can easily circumvent these effects for a smaller display, but at his utmost power he can be seen as a walking calamity, incinerating almost any and everything at the mere shift in his reiatsu. Even before becoming a Captain, Shizuka’s reiatsu was an entirely different force. The vastness of his potent reiryoku combined with the effortless control of his spiritual power, allows him to exert his powers to levels unimaginable. Once again becoming severely amplified in his hollowfied state. The trademark blue lightning that courses through his body, turns black completely. The mere size and voraciousness of his reiatsu amplify tenfold. Staring into the deep abyss that is his power, only a few would be able to stand a chance with the power the Captain holds within. In his perfected Bankai that he gained through constant rigorous training, the outwards effects of activating said form, are akin to a natural disaster. Just upon activating his Bankai, he'd have the potential to level an area like Karakura Town in an instant. His reiatsu so potent it was able to fuel the Captain Commander's hidden sanctuary, during his absence as the 10th's Captain. A feat that was only capable by the few elites who know of its existence.​


Reiatsu Shape: Panther

Reiatsu Colors:
Blue; Black with a Blue outline (When Hollowfied)

Reiatsu Effects):
Heat, Damage, Destruction, Charging

Those without the spiritual power to combat his Reiatsu will easily suffer at the hands of its devastating effects. An unsuspecting opponent far below Shizuka’s reach of power could find themselves incinerated upon a quick release of said pressure. The environment has no refuge from his power, as his Reiatsu often scars the land with marks of char, all while uprooting the terra beneath him. At the very least, those at or around the same level as him will feel a continuous spell of heat emanating from his body at distances both close and far.

Reiatsu Type: Elemental - Lightning
Shizuka’s reiryoku is its own potent and controlled electrical current that courses through his bloodstream. When exerted, it can generate scorching heats, blinding lights, and even tamper with technology and charge electrical equipment around him.

Dual Type
Shizuka's reiryoku becoming intertwined with a Hollow's makes the Captain's reiatsu feel mixed as a whole, similar to an Arrancar's. While still retaining a more prominent Shinigami signature as opposed to a Arrancar, while in his normal state. His Hollowfied reiatsu reverses the situation, making the Captain's presence feel more Hollow-like than Shinigami. Emanating a caustic black lightning that strictly destroys everything in it's path.


Zanjutsu Level: Master Swordsman🗲

Zanjutsu (斬術, Swordsmanship; Viz "Art of the Sword")

Shizuka has been preached to, for the entirety of his long shinigami stint:​
”The Zanpakuto and the soul are one
It remains one of the core values that he maintains in his mind throughout everything he goes through. His Zanpakuto spirit Hirameku-Hitouchi, takes pride in its own true capabilities, and upon every meeting with his partner, chastises him about his fighting technique. Even the former Captain of Shizuka’s division, preaches strength through the way of the sword, despite being paltry in the art compared to Shizuka. Testing his mettle in the field multiple times has allowed him to be an active threat amongst even the greatest Zanjutsu wielders in the Soul Society. Constantly using fuel from other great fighters he has met in the past within the Soul Society, such as the now Captain Murakami, who is a threat to even the masters themselves. All of these lessons and values have been transferred into Shizuka, allowing him to hone his Zanjutsu skills to the utmost limit becoming one with his blade over the course of history. Transforming him to become one of the most dangerous sword fighters in the Seireitei, between creating unique techniques, mastering advanced stances, and utilizing his surroundings Shizuka’s zanpakuto mastery is paralleled by very few swordsman in the Seireitei unbeknownst to most. Using his knowledge and skills and enacts these feats at an alarming rate. Being proficient in the ways of Zanjutsu since entering the academy. Only taking it steps further upon receiving rank within his division. He has sparred with the likes of many capable Shinigami, and has also used his blade against ridiculously strong enemies. Never faltering in his teachings, his mentality. He will always find a way to strike down his enemy with his blade, even disregarding his body when it comes to a surefire way to dice his opponent into shreds. While his shikai is in its released state, Shizuka obtains an ability called “Raimei Yoshiki”. Upon activating this stance he unironically takes ahold of a different physical stance to compensate for the effect of his Zanpakuto. This physical stance change affects his entire arsenal and all of his attacks become near unrecognizable for those who would compare to his original style.

Known Techniques: Senmaioroshi, Hitotsume: Nadegiri, Agitowari, Ryodan, Onibi


Hohō Level: Shunpo Master🗲

Knowing that Hirameku-Hitouchi's Shikai attacks require up close and personal combat, Shizuka has become proficient in Shunpo to further increase the efficiency of his Zanpakuto. Throughout the years from perfecting his craft, Shizuka's shunpo skills were average at best, though he has honed his body to assist him in keeping up. His knowledge of shunpo and its appearance remains astute, able to react appropriately to the movements of high-level users and keep them on their toes. Over the time of Higen's incapacitated state and even after his arrival, Shizuka has been training rigorously in his downtime effectively enhancing many of his Hoho techniques. Increasing his speed exponentially to help with his combat tactics in Shikai. With the latest mastery of his Bankai, Shizuka has taken his studies even further beyond his capabilities. Mastering Shunpo was one of his primary goals coming out of his scramble with the Togabito incident. Constant repetition in his personal training, mindlessly using the technique at different speeds to make it second nature. He also became a bookworm, studying the various nuances and specifications written down by Shunpo masters in the past and present. Making himself completely synonymous with the technique in general, similar to the fastest shinigami’s in existence. To the point where it becomes subjective to most on his usage of Shunpo. His natural speed supercharged to the point where his frame completely bleeds out. Becoming nothing but the fleeting image of lightning. Constantly flashing, like an endless current. In his own eyes Shizuka's mastery excels anyone, and these thoughts become reinforced when he's in his Bankai. With everything in his body speeding up, adjusting to his major jump in speed was the biggest challenge he had to face. Coming out of it, he became even more astute at using the technique flawlessly priding himself on his usage to eventually gain renown for his technique.


Known Techniques: Shunpo


Hakuda Level: Expert Hakuda Combatant🗲

Hakuda (白打, White Hits; Viz "Hand-to-Hand Combat")
Even though one would say the spirit and the zanpakuto are one, Shizuka is a reluctant expert when it comes to hand to hand combat. Years upon years training on and off with Higen Kagayaki has made Shizuka dependable in the art of Hakuda, learning a multitude of movements that synergize his body without or without his zanpakuto to deliver powerful blows. Those looking from the outside would consider the former Captain of the 10th Division a heavy hitter who does not need to learn the true technique of damaging the body due to his immense physical and spiritual power, but to those who've truly witnessed and/or been educated on his power know this is not all true. That one needs to learn the intricacies and nuances of the human body to become even more effective. Train in the art of Hakuda religiously. Master techniques that bring out more power than a normal strike. All of these lessons became embedded into him, and when combatting without his blade, he allows his body to become his blade. Striking his opponents with extreme precision and power. Now becoming a Captain in his own right, along with obtaining Hollowfication, Shizuka has become even more deadly in these arts. Every single kick or blow from his body, generates an immense gust of power and force. Combined with the stinging technicality of his fighting, turns the Captain of 10th into one of the most dangerous combatants in the Soul Society. Able to imbue his god-like speed and power with every movement of his body.

Known Techniques: Tsukiyubi, Kazaguruma, Ikkotsu, Oni Dekopin, Sokotsu


Kido Skill Level: Kidō Expert🗲

Shizuka's Kido skills are a force to be reckoned with, his ability to be able to cast mid to low-level spell with little to no effort are truly awed within his Division. Before advancing his art in Kido, Shizuka studied the use and applications of many low-level kido to grasp the true concept of the arts themselves. The motivation in learning high-level kido was mostly brought upon by his hidden goal to once again challenge a certain man within the Seireitei. This path led him to continue exercising his mind and skills to add such a deadly art into his arsenal. Most Bakudo and Hado Shizuka cast in the lower levels have increased efficacy, to the point where their strength could be undeniably stronger when cast from an average shinigami. For example, one of his most commonly used and favorite spells of all time Hado #11 Tsuzuri Raiden, carries the full power of its incantation without its recital needed. Not all spells are the same as the latter, but most garner additional power when Shizuka cast them. Spells in a higher tier require slightly more effort for Shizuka, while still not requiring an incantation to use most of them, he still takes time and preparation, even adding in incantations from time to time just to ensure the full intended effects of the used spell.

Hadō (破道, 'Way of Destruction')

Sho, Byakurai, Tsuzuri Raiden, Shakkoho, Oukasen, Sokatsui,
Haien, Raikoho, Sōren Sōkatsui, Zangerin

Bakudō (縛道, 'Way of Binding')

Hainawa, Seki, Geki, Shitotsu Sansen, Rikujokoro, Hyapporankan, Sajo Sabaku, Gochutekkan, Kuyo Shibari


Skills and Abilities:

Master Stealth Tactician - When not wanting to be bothered Shizuka has mastered the art of stealth picking exactly the right place and right time to be within a person’s view or range of detection. In serious matters this skill is less effective due to stronger enemies being extremely vigilant, but in the casual setting if Shizuka chooses not to be found he will make it his priority to make sure he is undetected.

Titanic Strength - Rigorously training with the Shining Commander himself for over many decades, Shizuka has developed an abnormal quality of strength. Not through extensive physical training and workouts, but from honing his exceptional reiryoku control throughout all of his actions to combat and defend against the gargantuan blows from the strongest in the Soul Society. Through this this severe punishment, he gained an outlandish amount of strength capable of shattering even the largest of structures just minimal exertions of his power. Over the years this undefined strength has been trained over and over again. Shizuka’s battle with the God-King reawakening his drive to increase his physical strength even further than he has possibly imagined. The core of his body being the key foundation of his strength, he imbues his core within all of his actions, along with reinforcing his Hakuda techniques with his Reiryoku. Even without the assistance of his Bankai, he has obtained pinnacle levels of strength, rivaling absolute monsters such as Omoni Hageshi, and Higen Kagayaki. However though, all of this becomes elevated to the next level when Shizuka hollowfies. His strength in general becomes unrealistic, outclassing the realm he was once in. His body becoming a walking calamity, able to cause literal maelstroms at his pleasure. Anyone able to witness the spectacle of his Hollowfied strength would then begin to question…. Who is truly the strongest within the Soul Society?


Equipment: Denreishinki (伝令神機, Divine Messenger Machine; Viz "Soul Pager")

The Denreishinki (伝令神機, Divine Messenger Machine; Viz "Soul Pager") is an electronic inter-dimensional communications device used by Shinigami while on an assignment in the Human World. The Denreishinki looks nearly identical to the cellphones found throughout the Human World, and comes in many different designs. Most members of the LTF often have one of these on their person, and Shizuka is no exception. He often uses this to communicate with his Captain or other division members when on missions in the field. Usually, he is never caught without it.


Zanpakuto Name: Hirameku-Hitouchi

(陰閃く一打破壊的な 嘆く); Shadow Flash Fang)

Zanpakuto Appearance: Hirameku-Hitouchi's sealed form resembles a basic katana. It has a rectangular bronze tsuba with a smooth design and a navy blue handle and sheath, upon its reforging, it garners several golden adornments along the sheath.


Zanpakuto Spirit

Hirameku-Hitouchi takes the form of a fully grown Wolf-esque creature, drawing multiple features from most animals in the genus. In addition, Hirameku-Hitouchi has 3 tails, 2 which are mechanized and act as efficient conductors for his aggressive veil of lightning that surrounds his body. He garners 2 golden crest under both of his ears and luminescent glow from his eyes. Coated in a deep jet black fur, Hirameku-Hitouchi's attitude is wild, deranged, and unforgiving. Which is the sadly the complete opposite of his fated user. This is because he is supposed to represent the rough, violent, and the erratic nature of lightning. He is very belligerent when it comes to speaking, never hesitating to speak his mind to Shizuka as he constantly tries to enforce the meaning of his presence and abilities.

- Hirameku-Hitouchi as depicted in Bankai -




Inner World

Hitouchi’s Realm consists of a singular island isolated in the core of a heated desert. An endless storm consumes this land, causing dust tornados and hurricanes of inconceivable ferocity to bombard the terrain during each visit. One may find shelter within the many caves that are formed within the land in which Hirameku-Hitouchi often hides. In its center is a clearing with a single cobblestone tower. Shizuka has attempted to enter this building on multiple occasions and the door remains locked. Forceful attempts have also failed, often compelling Hirameku-Hitouchi to deem Shizuka “Unworthy” of its confines.


Release Phrase

The release phrase for Hirameku-Hitouchi has been heard as "Fulminate”.

Upon releasing Hirameku Hitouchi, the zanpakuto as a whole; blade and hilt become enveloped in a quick maelstrom of wind and sparks of electricity to signify the brewing of the storm. Upon its unveiling Hirameku Hitouchi transforms from a katana in sealed to a hollowed straight sword. The special lightning that was coursing through the blade in it’s previous form. Broken apart, restructured, and repurposed. Now so refined and pure, it becomes something beyond just lightning. Approaching a new category… energy. It’s new form now resembling a current of energy that swims throughout the hollowed part of the blade. The base of the blade originally being black, transforms into a solid gold hue. The bases arching upwards in a diagonal position.

Shikai Special Ability
Kakii Yōshiki (活気様式, Energy Style; Energy Stance)
Hirameku Hitouchi's presence is the embodiment of lightning itself, being constantly generated through it’s blade. Everything about lightning: its conductive and magnetic properties, the blistering heat it creates, and its destructive force, are all of the things this Zanpakuto encompasses. "Utilizing the aspects of magnetism, heat, and electricity of his previous shikai, Shizuka's new Shikai combines these into a single refined form:


The lightning that is generated by his shikai is propelled through the blade using magnetism, back and forth at such speed, generating such heat, that it refines into energy itself. This can serve to heat Hirameku Hitouchi as before, but now the confined energy can be released from the blade's tip in the form of a beam of pure energy, in essence, a superheated laser. This beam, capable of incinerating anything along its path, can be as massive as a mountain, or as condensed as an ant, depending on how focused Shizuka wants it to be. Equally, the range of the laser seems to be without end, extending into the horizon beyond sight without dropping or wavering in its path. Just as the size of the beam can be focused, so too can the amount it fires off, able to split into multiple volleys that can then converge on a target.

Raimei Yōshiki (雷鳴様式 , Thunder Style; Thunder Stance)
Hirameku Hitouchi’s blade becomes a solid white notifying the activation of this technique. After activation when this blade is met with a physical resistance or upon the striking of any surface, the energy that caresses the inside of the blade detonates prematurely. Now producing that repels in the area of the strike. This force is accompanied with the sound of a deafening thunderclap and added with the forceful swing of a sword, this almost always keeps the user ahead in a battle of strength, most of the time keeping their opponents off their feet by being continuously pushed back by the strength and destructive nature of this stance.






Hirameku Hitouchi Hakai Na Nageku
(陰閃く一打破壊的な 嘆く 破壊的な; Lit."Shadow Flash Fang’s Destructive Lamentation | Tempered )

| After years of reluctance to access Hirameku Hitouchi’s true power, due to its harmful drawbacks. Shizuka through grievous training manifests the Zanpakuto’s unbridled power in it’s full entirety. Instead of trying to harness the entity of lightning itself throughout his entire body, the coalition and bond between Hirameku-Hitouchi and Shizuka work as a catalyst to carry the burden of the power together |

Bankai Appearance
Drastic changes come about when Shizuka is in his tempered Bankai. His entire essence lights up in a fluorescent glow effect. His skin and hair, his crystalline blue eyes, along with his jet black shihakusho garnering the same effect. Along with this small change, Hirameku Hitouchi makes no changes to the Zanpakuto itself from its shikai. The biggest change throughout, is the acquiring of lightning ornaments detailed across his entire shihakusho. His upper torso area gains pauldrons on each shoulder. The pauldrons extended all the way down to his elbow area. The two identical shoulder ornaments are connected together loosely by a string of lightning reiatsu that lapses over his chest area. His forearm gains bracers of the same style that constantly emit dangerously high amounts of lightning reiatsu from their being. Finally his waist area develops a thick sash replicating the obi sash on a shihakusho, but also accompanying the sash is the ends of a coat that flows seamlessly around his lower body over his original attire. Throughout his bankai’s armor lightning streaks endlessly like a volatile power substance. Even his body acquiring the same effects, signifying that he’s truly become “one with lightning”. So much so, that not only can he wield the Bankai without any heinous effects. He’s now able to the wield the Bankai for extended periods of times, with no activity being able to stay in it for as long as a day.

Bankai Special Ability
Shizuka, now becoming a living conduit of "Lightning" itself, has ingrained its entire essence throughout his entire body. In correspondence to the Zanpakuto in Shikai, his body now exudes an extreme amount of prominence. The heat generated being volatile itself, capable of instantly melting any surface near Shizuka and vaporizing it instantly on touch. Along with having complete control over the phenomenon of lightning itself, Shizuka can now discharge not only lightning from his own body, but his new refined energy as well. This enhanced lightning’s presence, being reinforced by Shizuka’s reiatsu, can be controlled on a whim. Perfectly capable of being morphed into any angle, direction, or form he needs. Overall, his existence being so dangerous, that he has to passively contain himself in a thin veil of reiatsu to contain his vehemence to his immediate area. Naturally, with the passive intake of lightning, his senses, synapses, muscles, brain, and everything throughout his entire body is accelerated to outstanding speeds. He can effortlessly move at speeds faster than light itself, being able to inherently react and move his body at unrealistic times. To the point where anything slower than Shizuka at the time, is visually represented to him as if it’s moving in slow-motion. On top of this, with the manifestation of his Zanpakuto coinciding with him, the blade only physically manifests itself on Shizuka’s whim. Being able to reform the Zanpakuto in his hands within mere milliseconds. The blade is completely synonymous with Shizuka’s being, acting as a mere extension of his body. While the blade remains an extension of his body, Shizuka’s body itself manifests as a living weapon— at every extremity a cannon waiting to be fired. Through the application of his reiryoku at different magnitudes, Shizuka can imbue his punches, kicks, and nearly any other form of physical stroke with volatile lightning, creating cataclysmic blasts with each display of hand-to-hand combat if he wills it.

Rokusutoraiki no Hantei (六攻撃判断の; Lit. Six Strikes of Judgement)
Upon the Bankai’s activation, six orbs of energy will manifest behind Shizuka. All connected together in a ring of electricity seamlessly, forming a circle behind his back. These orbs are the very core of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s bankai, each one existing is capable of eroding the surroundings around them simply due to the energy they contain within them. At Shizuka’s whim, these projectiles can break apart individually from the ring. Their pathing, being anything the controller wishes, these orbs can travel through endless distances while still under perfect control. At any time upon their inception, they can launch devastating laser projectiles, akin to the ones fired from the blade itself. These laser projectiles being capable of electrocution, paralysis, and burning effects so detrimental, that they could permanently damage the nerves in one’s body. On Shizuka’s command the orbs can also detonate individually, ceasing them permanently. The detonation of one of them is capable of impregnable destruction, causing an outburst of reiatsu to flood the area for miles on end. Incinerating every and anything in the vicinity. These orbs being the “core” of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s Bankai, they also represent its stability as well. With every orb that detonates, Shizuka begins to slowly lose control of the Bankai. When everything is exhausted, he will no longer be able to maintain the state as a whole and be forced out of Bankai within minutes.

Inazuma Doriaku (稲妻悪魔踊り; Lit."Lightning Devil's Judgement")
From a simple hand gesture, Shizuka can conjure pillars of lightning Reiatsu from the heavens themselves. Using the cumulonimbus clouds formed from the activation of his Bankai, an indistinguishable ring of lightning falls to the ground instantaneously. Once touching the ground, Shizuka can expand this ring to whatever size he deems fit. The bigger the radius, the longer the channel time of this ability. With smaller radii being channeled within milliseconds, and larger ones taking multiple seconds. Once channeled, a pillar of lightning reiatsu will strike directly onto the ground. Causing unbridled destruction, leaving everything in its path to be incinerated on touch. This ability can be fired consecutively.


Hirameku-Hitouchi Hakai Na Nageku: Saishū no Toppa (陰閃く一打破壊的な 嘆く 破壊的な: 突破最終の; Lit. "Shadow Flash Fang's Destructive Lamentation: Final Breakthrough")

This advanced state of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s Bankai, is activated through the phrase of “Saishu no Toppa”. At that moment, Hirameku-Hitouchi breaks through the limit of reiatsu given by a conventional bankai, to bring an unfathomable boost of strength to Shizuka. By simply being in this form, Shizuka is subjecting himself to advanced bodily decay. When everything becomes faster, it encompasses EVERYTHING, all the way to the very cells that make up his body. Making simple minutes become years to his body. Even with this drawback, the strength attained in this form has no equal. The power from the original bankai paling in comparison, to every aspect of this form.

Saishu no Toppa
Upon activation, the orbs on Shizuka’s back refresh completely. Any wound experienced becomes scarred, due to every second he spends in the form, which advances his physiology by years. Shizuka also gains access to complete electro kinesis, with near-infinite range. With feats capable of channeling electricity through and from even the greater reaches of Soul Society. There is no electricity that is out of his control, this form is the pinnacle of Hirameku-Hitouchi’s power. This electro kinesis can be used to constantly regenerate the orbs behind his back, should they cease. Subjugation of nature and the gods themselves, is all that falls within the whims of his power. This electro kinesis can be used to constantly regenerate the orbs behind his back, should they cease.

Fukushu (復讐;Lit."Vengeance")
Shizuka channels electricity from his surroundings. From the clouds, his own power, and anything that emits electricity from a nearly infinite range. Siphoning everything completely until he forges a singularity of energy in his palm. The power of this singularity having a set limit of energy, provided there is enough. If there is no sustenance for this, the ability will cease the Bankai and take all energy that’s left of it. On completion, the singularity will explode on Shizuka’s whim, immediately creating an unprecedented disaster on its explosion. The blast completely erasing everything in the blink of an eye, with no trace of its existence. The casual force of the blast, creating multiple maelstroms of havoc along hurricanes and tornadoes of lightning reiatsu charring the very earth. The effects of this blast reaching miles high into the sky, creating a cloudburst whose size could cover the entirety of the area. The range of this technique is so expansive, that it could potentially destroy half of the Seireitei with unmitigated devastation. Leaving streams of fire and char marks scattered across the areas of impact. This technique, while boasting unrealistic destructive capabilities, is usable more than once if there is enough sustenance from the area and Bankai itself. The power being so extreme, Shizuka has to be in this form to nullify it’s effects on him. If not in Bankai, Shizuka would cease to exist on its detonation.


Inner Hollow:


The Inner Hollow of Shizuka could be described as simply, the worst aspects of the Captain multiplied by tenfold. Feeding off of anger and negativity, Shizuka’s inner hollow knows no bounds when it comes to projecting these qualities of it’s host. Going as far to demean his host’s personal life and feelings to the point of no return. It’s remarks are snarky and to Shizuka it seems like there is an answer, a comeback, for every single possible thing that could be said to the Hollow in retaliation. With his sole goal being the demoralization of Shizuka, he accomplishes this well with precision based comments and jokes about Shizuka’s constant failures as a Shinigami. Hoping to eventually break his spirit in an effort to subjugate Shizuka’s soul and zanpakuto once more. Above all things else, this inner hollow relinquishes Shizuka’s humble beginnings, and goes for a extremely cocky attitude with everything he does. Only taking mere seconds with Shizuka’s body to completely master his power, the inner hollow makes it constantly known that his understanding over Shizuka’s power makes him the superior version, but will never allow the Captain to feel like he is inferior to any opponent that stands in his path. For he is constantly begging, salivating at the moment Shizuka will falter in his control, so he can show why he is the single most powerful thing to ever exist.


Hollow Mask: The most notable feature of this mask, is the lion’s face protruding from the front of the mask. It’s mane covering the outer shell of the mask, in a rigid pattern. The lion’s face is also covered with three navy blue markings under the eyes near the cheek area and one at the forehead of the mask.


Cero Color: Teal
With a masterful display of control Shizuka has become proficient in his usage of Cero. Being able to fire the ability from his sword, with either of his hands, or his mouth. Even able to create up to three normal Cero all at once.​

Hollow Augmentations
🗲 Enhanced Speed: Shizuka’s speed reaches ridiculous heights. Turning a Shinigami who was already classified as a speed demon, and a Mastered user of Shunpo. Into a being who temporarily eclipses all of this overwhelming me.
🗲 Enhanced Strength: His strength already being cultivated by constant years of training, his every step, every movement becoming a cataclysm by his own will.
🗲 Power Augmentation: With the acquisition of the mask through the subjugation of one's inner Hollow, Visored gain access to an additional and separate source of power - aside from the Shinigami powers they already possess - Hollow powers. The accumulation of both powers greatly augments their powers beyond what a Shinigami and/or Hollow alone would be capable of.
🗲 Enhanced Endurance: A durable fighter in his own right, with his hollowfication. It’s almost as if Shizuka begins to negate damage as a whole. All the while his tolerance for pain has just increased beyond measure.
🗲 Reiryoku Enhancement: Visored have dual spiritual power of both Shinigami and Hollow, which enhances their abilities. For Shizuka the main signifier for this change shows in his reiatsu. His classic trademark blue lightning, shifting and transforming into a caustic and corrupted black lightning. His Zanpakuto abilities and Kido, all become elevated to a ridiculous degree. Completely shelving the previous Shizuka in power.​

Vasto Lordes (Full Transformation) Appearance:
While still an enigma, this state is the result of Shizuka’s falter in strength, resolve, and control. When pushed to the limits of his power, and dragged down into a hole. This is when this transformation appears. What IS known when this form comes out, is that it far eclipses the power of even his own Bankai.


Shizuka upon fully succumbing to the hollow’s influence, his entire body becomes completely shelled. His mass and frame, all condensing inwards into the white encasing. The middle of his chest opens up with a hollow hole and from that opening, navy blue markings creep out, stretching thinly across his entire upper body area. That area then becomes infested with a mossy Sea Green fur, covering the hollow hole in its entirety. Wrapping around all the way around his shoulders and even across his back. His hands becoming more beast-like, his nails sharpening into claws. His legs transforming into hind legs, along with him gaining access to a tail.​

Cero Color: Teal

Unknown Cero:

Obsidian with a Teal outline


While this form does gain access to normal Cero’s well beyond the capabilities of the normal Hollowfication. It also has access to a unique Cero, one that capitalizes on the deadly black lightning that emanates from this form. The effects of this Cero are unknown, or what even activates it. Something only the full transformation of Shizuka can harness, in its entirety.


Personal Relationships:

Higen Kagayaki


To Shizuka, Higen Kagayaki transcended more than the simple Captain role in their relationship. Shizuka sees Higen as a powerful figure, a role model, and an outstanding mentor as he’s seen him perform countless amazing feats in his servitude under him. In their first meeting which was at the Shin'ō Academy in Shizuka’s 5th year of attendance. Higen, simply upon making eye contact with Shizuka requested out loud that he wanted the young man in his division. The academy made the accommodations happen within months and Shizuka was officially part of the 10th Division being initially placed in the 7th Seat from the start. Since then, Shizuka has been ever grateful to the man, but as times have passed he has become more and more irritated with the berating Captain, due to him moving him up constantly among the ranks of their division. As such, Higen has made Shizuka the leader of the reconnaissance team, along with sending him off on daunting task to kill strong Hollows wreaking havoc. Shizuka constantly tries to dodge Higen’s orders to prevent further any further praise or merit, but through Higen’s intimidation factor the orders usually end up complete. This tendency still sticks even now that Higen has been promoted to Captain Commander, though it's much harder to ignore him in the current situation

Fuyuko Kasumi
Shizuka has known Fuyuko since the beginning of the induction to the division. At first glance he thought nothing of the Lieutenant only seeing her as Higen’s lap dog. Through further evaluation and fighting with her on multiple occasions Shizuka began to see her in a new light. When she was in his division, if needed to talk to someone in a serious conversation he knows he can contact her. Although now since her move to 1st Division, he mainly teases her anytime he visits.

Kuro Yakimono
Albeit once being in the same Division, Shizuka hadn't had any contact with Kuro prior to the Bount encounter in Naruki. Shizuka respected Kuro's power and constantly kept asking every time they met for him to return to the Soul Society. Even though Kuro constantly declined, he still kept in contact with the young male for anytime he was in need of assistance. Shizuka was greatly affected by the death Kuro in Naruki City. Vowing to himself to never be that weak again, to the point where he couldn't save his own subbordinate.

Blume Diamante


With a small glance, Shizuka became immediately entranced by this female Quincy he met in Naruki City. Although he does not know much about her, he made an effort keep in contact with her over the months due to his simple infatuation with her, hoping it will eventually develop into something more. They talk through Shizuka's Denreishiki almost everyday. Over the years their relationship developed into something more romantic, a forbidden love he constantly keeps hidden from his peers. Even in the midst of all of this, Shizuka and Blume’s love had progressed so much over the years. To the point where Shizuka upon visiting Blume once more at Diamante Manor, learned that the Quincy Empress was carrying his child. Deepening his love for her and his eventual child to be. Vowing to himself silently to never let anything happen to either of them.

Arashi Suta
One of Shizuka's main competitors in strength with in the Soul Society, with them once both being non-captains who wield the power of Bankai. Shizuka in the past tried to invoke a rivalry with Arashi to cheer him up after his defeat to Sword Eater, and ever since then Arashi would climb to heights even further establishing a position as a Lieutenant and even gaining a new power. Sadly this would not last for Shizuka’s thrive for power would not only grant him a higher rank than Arashi, but a seat within the Captain’s themselves. Along with reluctantly obtaining the same hollowfied power Arashi contain’s himself. While anxious to ask the fellow Vizard for advice and assistance in controlling his power, he is not above flexing his newfound rank.

Nao Murakami

A fateful encounter with the then seated officer of the 7th Division, Nao Murakami, would culminate into an unshakeable bond lasting beyond the lifetime of even the oldest Shinigami. During the beginnings of his tenure in 10th Division, Shizuka, realizing in order to escape Higen’s watchful eye, he needed to venture beyond 10th Division. This drive to do absolutely zero work, made him embarkon his own personal escapades, to see this hypothesis would become true. While in some of these moments, he was sleeping the day away or quietly honing his skills. There was one day that stood out in particular. The moment where he had came to meet the, then 7th Seat, Nao.

Although dutiful and always beholden to her responsibilities, Nao would surprisingly welcome the company, of this stranger. Initially, this connection only came about as he was looking for an easy excuse in case he did get caught. He realized as he talked to her more. The more he resonated with her, and just like that which was just a singular fateful meeting, turned into a consistent meaningful friendship.

Multiple meetings occurred, over centuries. To Shizuka, Nao became one of the very few souls outside of his division he could vent and relay information to. Sharing habitual problems within their divisional roles, along with sparring on occasion to compare and analyze Zanjutsu techniques. Not only did he respect her ambition, but he slowly began to acknowledge the amount of power she held, constantly being reminded of his own Zanpakuto when it came to the regards of her own Umomaru.

Sadly these meetings eventually came to a stunning halt. Shizuka being promoted to Lieutenant, in lieu of Higen and Fuyuko’s presence effectively put more on his plate than he had envisioned. Topping all of this with the strive to obtain new power, and hide the forbidden situation he was in. Nao had simply become an afterthought in his mind. Never truly forgetting the time they shared, but was forced to leave it behind.

It was only after Nao’s promotion to Captain, and Shizuka’s thereafter, that their relationship rekindled. Both of them now at the helms of their respective Divisions, the two have become prominent within each others’ lives, their fateful and never broken bond, surpassing that which came before

Haruki Kagayaki
To Shizuka, he sees the young shining knight as the little brother he never had. The nephew he always wanted. He makes it a goal of his everytime he sees Haruki, to tease the young one and also tells him stories about his adventures in 10th Division. Making sure to establish a sense of wonder to the future Shinigami Cadet. Shizuka knows Higen will employ his son into the field one day, and Shizuka will make sure he stays alive to see the day where Haruki’s greatness could shine under the Gotei 13

Izanagi Kiyoshi
Izanagi’s relationship to Shizuka is akin to a true brotherly bond. Shizuka considers the man family, willing to go through anything and anyone to protect Izanagi. Since their former Captain, entrusted the young unrefined soul under the care of Shizuka. They’ve been through hell and back and grown together as an incredible duo, in their tenures in 10th Division. Even bonding tightly, over the death of Ryuga. Whom they both loved and respected as a man himself. Though feeling fearful for the man’s well being and safety, he enforces tough love onto Izanagi. Hoping he can one day become the powerful 2nd in command soldier Shizuka knows he can be.

Tosu Shohei
Back during his lazy escapades as a 3rd Seat, Tosu was one of the unseated members within the squad that resonated with Shizuka’s lifestyle. Both beings avoided work and responsibility for the majority of their time, and formed a bond solely off of the strength of their passion to avoid work. Being similar in terms of aptitude in every fashion, the only difference between the two, was the personal connection Shizuka held with the Captain of 10th at the time. Which caused Shizuka’s elevation to a seat so high in the first place. Now with the scenario completely changed Shizuka now forces Tosu to come out of the shadows of obscurity, and show his real strength. Making one of his first decisions post his Hollowfication, to appoint Tosu to 3rd Seat of 10th Division.

Hashidearu Kanojo
One of the shyer members of 10th Division. Shizuka acknowledges the young woman’s rise to the tops of the division. Taking even more interest into her Zanpakuto that got her this far initially. While not interacting with her too much. The Captain can tell Hashidearu’s strength and potential is still untapped, and she could go further.

Sango Tsutsui
To Shizuka, Sango is one of his most “exhausting” members. The lack of intelligence, her extremely lazy tendencies, along with her sense of willingness to explore and disappear. All combine to annoy Shizuka more than he thought he could ever be. Making sure to not only harass the giant woman, but to reprimand her physically with forceful chops to the head when she disobeys direct orders. Deep within though, Shizuka understands and respects Sango’s unrelenting drive for her comrades and 10th Division as a whole, making her energy shine brightly throughout 10th as a whole. Which also sparked Shizuka’s decision to promote her to 6th Seat as well.


Biography: TBD


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"My mind is sharper than any blade you wield.”
“Deception is an easy thing to do and those who seek power do it best.”
“Everything I do has a purpose.”
“I will lay down my life to exterminate any great evil that threatens the Soul Society.”
"Disputing intentions invites discourse, a Form must be true to its nature."​


Tenzen of the Many Faces (十数面, Jū sū-men), The Mad Buddha (狂仏, Kyō-botoke), The Asura (アスラ, Asura), Marishiten (摩利支天, Buddhist god of war)

Character Name: Tenzen Oda
= "sky, heaven"; = "good, right, or virtue" –– 織田 = "woven rice paddy"​

Actual Age: 588
Physical Age: Early 30's
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: June 23

Height: 6'2 (188 cm)
Weight: 220 lbs
Blood Type: AB

Affiliation: Gotei 13, Seireitei, Soul Society
Profession: Shinigami

(五番隊隊長, Gobantaichō; "Captain of the 5th Division")
(機動隊長, Kidōsōtaichō; "Kido Corps Commander ")
(鬼道衆の大機動頭目, Kidōshū no Daikidōtaichō; "Grand Kidō Chief of the Kidō Corps')
Position:Captain, Kidō Corps Commander​

Division: Fifth Division, (五番隊, Goban-tai; "Squad 5")
Previous Division: N/A
Partner(s): Yua Munetoshi, Hajime Tsunayashiro, Musou Kyōraku
Previous Partner(s): Arashi Suta, Eizoku Yugameru
Base of Operations: Seireitei, Soul Society, Fifth Division Barracks, Kido Corps HQ



Personality: Tenzen possesses a statuesque demeanor, he wears no real expression on his face as it is in a constant neutral state. His emotions are kept in a harmonious balance until speaking with another individual; this is when this living breathing Buddha statue comes to life. Topics related to Shinigami's duties will see the man pep up to speak loud and clear with precise authority. His voice carries weight and significance for those in his Division as they hang onto every word he says out of respect, admiration, and fear. Outside of giving orders, the man finds himself quite adept at handling social situations. He knows how to play his cards close to his chest while casually speaking to another but most tend to run off after exchanging a few words with the Buddha. His barbaric bloodline shows itself as his tone becomes more aggressive, the intensity in his eyes piercing into the heart of the person he is speaking with. What was once a casual chat about the weather now feels like the cusp of a fight about to break out at any moment. This is where his balanced soul comes into play because despite all this his facial expression remains relaxed enough to convey he means them no harm, at least those who are observant enough can notice this.

Tenzen Oda can also be considered a bit of a nihilist as he believes everyone to be empty. His beliefs aren't to be taken as sinister or to offend those around him; it's just how he views other living beings, animals not included. His analytical nature can and will strip a person down to their bare being, mentally at least, removing bits of their personality, categorizing each bit of their personality into separate sections to ultimately conclude what sort of person they are. He does this as he views them as empty beings who took on these traits from others around them, influenced by the things they see or hear when in truth, his perspective of truth, all beings, himself included, are empty. But just because he believes they are empty he does not devalue them in any way shape or form as he also believes emptiness can have form, shape. The things that fill that form are the things he mentally strips from others to see said form, to see that person for who/what they truly are. This viewpoint can be taken as nihilistic in some regard but what stops him from being a full-on nihilist is the fact that he believes everything has some meaning, no matter how small it is. The things the empty forms do in their daily lives have meaning to them.

Since reaching enlightenment he has become a vessel of living balance and harmony. His wild chaotic nature, that is a result of his Oda blood, can now be flipped on and off like a light switch. This controlled chaos lets Tenzen reach deep within himself and pull forth a level of violence and wrath that most would think he is incapable of. While he is manifesting this torrent of violence he still remains calm and in control, despite what his facial expressions may portray. With a level head, he can still execute complex strategies all while bearing down on them with the full weight of his chaos. With this sort of mind, it is seldom that he misses anything be it sly wording in a conversation or subtle details in a battle. The only time he misses something is if he is told a poor joke, yes, Tenzen does have a good sense of humor albeit sometimes dry. A poorly executed joke could go over his head and will just leave himself and the would-be jokester in awkward silence.

Relatives: Katsuo Oda

"Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Form is not other than emptiness, emptiness is not other than form."
–– The Heart Sutra

Reiryoku Level: Vast Spiritual Power
Tenzen's Reiryoku can be considered a void similar to that of outer space, something it is so massive and vast, yet empty and full at the same time. Like that void in the sky, it seems to reach on without end both within himself and outward and like meteors falling into the atmosphere from the void, his Reiryoku can prove to be equally as dangerous. With constant meditation and self-control, he can keep his Reiryoku in check but when the need arises he can let this control slip, like a rope holding a boulder by a single strand it can happen instantly and unsuspectingly. When released it still maintains that ever stalwart control that is able to cut down lesser foes from a distance with it like a blade. For most Shinigami, their own Reiryoku is their first taste of power and Tenzen is no exception other than the fact he saw it as a weapon to be used against his enemies. This void of Reiryoku lends to his mastery over Kido and the uncanny strength they have when launched with or without incantations and on the opposite side, it lends to his ability to overpower Kido used by other Shinigami, especially those who are mere practitioners or experts.

Tenzen never lets his Reiryoku flood out wildly, without purpose at least, if it does he secludes himself for hours on end meditating on why it happened and working on a way to resolve it. This is how Tenzen managed to control his Reiryoku so masterfully without the aid of gadgets, seeking a solution to the problem and fixing it himself. However, there are times when the void must make its presence known and so Tenzen will willingly let it flood out. During this moment he seems more relaxed than normal as he lets go of the strict control he has on it and in short, he feels at peace. The void of Reiryoku within Tenzen is something he works on controlling daily, it brings him great joy to do this as he enjoys the fact that he is constantly working on self-improvement and self-betterment things he has ingrained into his very being.​


Sensing Reiryoku: Master
Tenzen dedicated himself to mastering his senses and referred back to his self teachings to further enhance this trait. Seeing people as empty forms allows him to pick up on unique quirks within each person and as such being able to distinguish each person from one another. Almost like a detective, he uses this trait to recreate a scene of a battle or even a simple exchange of words between two spiritual beings, although he can't exactly tell what they are saying so he resorts to reading their body language. When he does this he sees their silhouettes filled with the color of their Reiryoku, from there it plays out like a PowerPoint. When he wants to find someone specific, granted he has a face/name to put with the Reiryoku, he hones in on their unique "form" to track them down while the "tracks" reveal themselves to him as a stream of energy in the color of that person's Reiryoku.

In battle, Tenzen uses this trait to somewhat predict an opponent's next move, but not to an extreme degree. It has to do with how their Reiryoku shifts within them before they strike, with that said Tenzen is sensing this in real-time and must decide on his next move within that moment. Because of this, surprise attacks with Kido or Cero can often fail against him due to how the Reiryoku will focus on the area it is being concentrated. Tenzen will usually call this out to his opponent and use it to put them off balance, even in a duel with blades he will do the same to force the person into believing he has foresight. His sense of Reiryoku is one of his greatest tools and weapons, once again displaying his nature to waste nothing.


Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control
He views control over his Reiryoku as control over himself. This control ranges from releasing it in a massive flood to bottling it up entirely allowing himself to vanish into thin air. This is the trait that allows him to wield his Reiryoku like a blade and allows him to use it with pinpoint precision. This control was gained through his mediation and beliefs as he refused to be a man with such calm and controlled thoughts let his Reiryoku run wild like an untamed beast. Furthermore, he saw it as a viable weapon to use and so he trained, used meditation, and purged himself of wild fanatical thoughts to garner the control he sought. With this control in hand, he felt at peace with himself and has felt this peace ever since. This unwavering peace in his being is the core of his control over himself which allows him to perform Kido spells without fail, enhance his speed, strength and is what gave birth to his own unique Hakuda style.


Reiatsu: Master
The Reiatsu exerted by Tenzen has an unsettling calm to it, an unsettling calm that can be compared to a tide quietly receding from the shore only to return as a massive tsunami or tidal wave. While he has a healthy pool of Reiryoku to work with he tends to let it seep out slowly and steadily, like a receding tide. Once those around him feel comfortable with this slow release is when he lets it crash down upon them like a tsunami, depending on the situation he'll continue to bear it down without pause. When observing this it can be noted that the space around Tenzen begins to warp and skew almost like a void is being formed around his very being. To say that is forming wouldn't do it justice as that would be a basic observation, beings who can withstand his Reiatsu will have a different observation entirely, that the space around Tenzen is being erased. Whether this is an optical illusion or actually happening is unknown due to the surrealism of it and when he settles the release all seems to return to normal. Tenzen can focus on multiple targets when it comes to baring down his Reiatsu, using this as a way to immobilize foes while his allies, who would be unaffected by his Reiatsu, use that opportunity to take them down.​

Reiatsu Colors: Gold

Reiatsu Shape: Avalokiteśvara
Tenzen's Reiatsu takes the shape of a Thousand Arm Buddha, symbolizing his inner peace and balance of his soul. This shape has no facial features as its face is a black void with white specs swirling within it, like looking at clouds, what every person visualizes is different so the face of this manifestation is different from person to person almost like an inner reflection.​


Reiatsu Effect(s): The Void: The void is a word that is used to describe outer space, it can also be used to describe a vast realm of nothingness. The effects of Tenzen's Reiatsu encompass attributes of both when brought down upon enemies. With the duality of his Reiatsu and the amount of Reiryoku, he possesses the ability to release it in waves the first wave paralyzes a foe halting their movements as if they were suspended in weightless animation. The next wave begins to crush them with the oppressing emptiness that is "The Void". Targets are driven into the ground and are damaged at this point and if Tenzen continues to crush them with this oppressing weight it will lead to the final wave which is merely just the result of being exposed to it for too long, death. Tenzen's control over his Reiatsu allows him to switch between these effects at will; if he wishes to paralyze a group of people he will only focus on paralyzation. If he wishes to damage his targets or destroy the environment he will use the crushing weight of his Reiatsu to do it. Those who are not braced or strong enough to embrace this void may find themselves instantly crushed and on the verge of death.

Reiatsu Type: Dual Type
Tenzen's Shinigami Reiatsu imparts the feeling of emptiness in those who are engulfed by it. The feeling can be related to being thrown into the vastness of space, alone, and without hope as the Earth slowly becomes another star in the void. His Hollow Reiatsu, on the other hand, gives off the feeling of some gargantuan beast lurking in the dark. Submerging into the depths of the ocean with nothing but a small spotlight in complete and utter darkness. What was once thought to be mere darkness just outside turns out to be a massive beast that defies logic and drains one of their sanity. When combined the two impart the feeling of being cast adrift in the void of space while some cosmic horror inches ever so closer.


Zanjutsu Level: Master Swordsman
With Tenzen's Zanpakuto being dual swords in its sealed state, a standard katana, and a wakizashi, he took extra care in honing his skills. Able to hold off most foes with his wakizashi alone he seldom needs to draw both blades, only drawing them when the opponent can't be taken lightly. Because of this two-sword style, he has built up considerable strength in each arm able to hold back an opponent's blade with one arm alone whilst they may have two hands on their blade. When his Shikai has activated the two blades consolidate into a single katana, specifically an Odachi, a style of katana that has a longer blade and hilt than the standard style. This double grip blade shows its power in the hands of Tenzen and this is his preferred stance as he can still wield the blade with one hand, once again displaying the pay off from mastering his two-sword style and can still output similar strength but when he uses two hands the strength is magnified along with the speed and grace of his strokes.

Lastly, Tenzen favors a quick draw technique when cutting down lesser foes a technique that had him unsheathe his wakizashi and sheathe it again before one can even blink slashing with enough strength to cut towering foes in half, vertically. This technique can be used if the blade is sheathed or unsheathed, as he demonstrated during the Kenpachi Games.
Known Techniques: Onibi, Senmaioroshi, Ryodan

Hohō Level: Shunpo Expert
Shunpo is something Tenzen never tried to master, often saying "I'm fast enough to do what I need to do." when being pressed on the subject. However, this doesn't mean he is a complete novice; he is fast enough to toy with opponents by constantly moving behind them or remaining in the blind spot indefinitely, depending on their skill level. When closing a gap between him and an opponent the foe can visibly see him take a single step before seeing him standing face to face with them. Not one for a head-on confrontation this is typically done as an intimidation technique or as a way to throw an opponent off balance and make them strike first, which he will often avoid and reposition himself at an angle favoring the opening his foe created on themselves. Aside from that Tenzen's speed is nothing extremely noteworthy, although do not expect to outrun him with ease.

Known Techniques: Utsusemi


Hakuda Level: Master Hakuda Combatant-
Tenzen prides himself on his Hakuda skills considering he created his own form of Hakuda and mastered it. By no means is Tenzen a heavy-handed person, while he isn't delicate either he isn't exactly one to just punch a hole through someone's stomach. Tenzen has his own unique way of using Hakuda, combining it with his Reiryoku and concentrating it he can drag his fingers in the air or make a swiping motion to literally cut his target at range, the limit being 5 meters (about 16 feet and some change) before the concentrated Reiryoku dissipates. Each finger acting as a blade, the effect of this is magnified when his hand is held as a solid open palm as the swiping motion can cut targets in half.

While not named, a signature move of his is a knife-edge chop that he often connects with directly while sending his Reiryoku into the target, cutting them in the direction the edge of his palm is facing. This effect extends to his legs as well as throwing multiple kicks into the air will send out condensed waves of his Reiryoku that carry that slashing effect with it. His most deadly technique is called Butsuon (Lit. Grace of Buddha) making his Reiryoku volatile he will strike opponents and cause the spots he struck to burst. The result is the foe is left with a gaping wound in their body, depending on the level of an opponent this could be a trivial injury or a fatal one. This technique truly shines when Tenzen can impale a finger into his opponent and flood their body with Volatile Reiryoku, quite literally causing them to inflate before exploding. Again, depending on the level of the opponent they can neutralize this with their own Reiryoku or regret the life choices that led them to this end.

Known Techniques:

Itsutsu no yama (五山; Five Mountains): A Hakuda Technique with a simple gesture, the clasping of hands in prayer. With a mighty hand clasp Tenzen is able to generate a shockwave that slows or knocks away close range attackers. A gesture that has been ingrained in muscle memory can be used in a blink of an eye. Like his quick draw technique a person will find his hand movements nigh impossible to follow. Should an unfortunate soul find an arm or leg between his hands during this moment they will find that limb obliterated. Needless to say if a head was caught between them, they will only find death.

Tsukiyubi, Raioken, Sokotsu


Kido Skill Level: Kidō Master
The first thing Tenzen mastered, his standard form of attack, and the very thing he is known and feared for, Kido. Tenzen's use of Kido is a feast for the eyes, like a bird flying naturally through the sky because it comes to them naturally the same thing can be said for Tenzen. The spells he casts, from 1-99 be it Bakudo or Hado each one hits with an uncanny impact, this is without incantations. He weaves them together with such elegance it's as if watching a performance take place, as he ensnares foes with Bakudo before calling down their demise in the form of Hado. Tenzen will use Kido long before he uses his Zanpakuto and with his knowledge on the subject, his foes are often long dead before he needs to use his Zanpakuto ability.

With such mastery over Kido Tenzen developed a technique akin to throwing one's voice, but instead with Kido. He starts by channeling the Kido into a part of his body, into his blade or into another spell altogether. If he, his blade or the spell fired at the target makes contact the channeled spell will hide within the target, laying dormant until Tenzen activates it by pointing at them and saying the name of the spell. The spell will trigger from within the target, giving them little to no room to avoid it. If the spell is channeled within his body it moves freely to whichever appendage is needed to release it, should said appendage be destroyed the channeled spell is not simply gone or dispersed into the air. The energy of the Kido remains channeled within him and will remain with him until he finds a way to transfer it to his opponent.

While the technique has a simple name, Kido Displacement, he does have a combo with a more traditional name he calls Sōgi (Lit. Grand Funeral) where he fills his opponent to the brim with restraining and sealing Bakudo, namely Rikujokoro, Sajo Sabaku, Geki, and Kuyo Shibari all of which sprout from within the target. Once they are fully immobalized he finishes them off with a full incantation of Hado 90. If the target is considerably stronger he will swap Hado 90 for Hado 88 due to its instant cast and high level of damage which is even further amplified due to his mastery over Kido.

During his station as Kido Corps Grandmaster, he acquired knowledge about particular Kido spells that are not normally seen by Shinigami who do not dwell within the Royal Palace. Ura Hadō and the Bakudo equivalent are hidden spells that even other Kido masters in the Gotei 13 have no knowledge of. With his position as Grandmaster, he was able to learn of these spells, practice, and perfect them. However, due to their secretive nature, they are not spells that are casually used in training or battle. This is to maintain their secrecy and even though seeing the spell once isn't enough to learn it there are geniuses within the Seireitei who may pick up on how such prestigious spells work. While they are not forbidden by any means, Tenzen still treats them with similar tact and respect only showing them while there are no witnesses.

Known Spells: Whilst he does have mastery over all Kido spells he does have his favorites which are: Senju Koten Taiho, Kurohitsugi, and lastly, although it is forbidden he will use it if the situation becomes too dire, Jikanteishi

Skills and Abilities:

Petal Blade Series (花弁刃叢書, Hanabiraha Sōsho)

Master Strategist & Tactician

What was once believed to be paranoia was discovered to be a very keen intuition. With this intuition, he can craft plans so intricate and deceptive that his actions seem more like reading the future rather than strategizing. Through a single meeting, he can slowly and methodically craft a plan of defeat, and the more he encounters a foe the more assured their defeat becomes. Tenzen can read the flow of a battle and if he catches onto this flow he will snag onto the said flow and take control of it himself. Not only does he possess foresight like planning but also can use deceptive actions to change the thought process of an enemy as a battle is progressing. He will fully charge a Hado #90 as a distraction only to finish them off with a Hado #4 through the head. Attempting to out-think or out plan Tenzen is not impossible but he keeps himself five steps ahead of his opponent and will continue to increase that gap the longer they lag behind.

Enhanced Durability/Endurance

With his mind being tempered by Buddhist teachings it was only logical that his body followed suit. He managed to enhance his body's resilience with a combination of physical training and Reiryoku control to withstand more damage and to ignore pain to a certain degree. Tenzen can charge through explosions, take multiple lacerations, cuts, or puncture wounds and continue to charge forward. He seems to be unphased physically, spiritually, and endurance wise after taking such wounds, this is for higher-level opponents. Low-tier opponents will find themselves faltering even more so against this Steel Buddha. Blades will glide off of his flesh leaving small cuts that will only amount to a trickle of blood, blasts from Cero or Kido from those not versed in the territory will only dirty his clothes and scuff his skin. This enhancement goes as far as allowing him to catch blades barehanded with the damage ranging from a trickle of blood to a full-on gash but never results in his hand being severed.

Menimienai kaishū (目に見えない会衆: Invisible Congregation)
Despite the grandeur name this is no technique but rather an invisible group that follows Tenzen at all times. Consisting of a single Priestess and five top ranking Kido Corps members who not only guard her but Tenzen as well. They act as an extension of him, an extra set of eyes and ears that relay information to their Chief while also providing defense when needed. Cloaked using a full incantation Bakudo 26, Kyokkō they are essentially nonexistent to all but other Kido Masters or masters of stealth.


Equipment: Denreishinki X

God Hand
(神の手, Kami no Te)

Honzon (本尊:, 'principal image of Buddha)

Bukkyō no Tenohira (仏教の手のひら, Sundering Buddhist Palm)

Futsu no Shisen (仏の視線, The Gaze of The Buddha)

The Kido Spells listed below are free to be used by anyone.

Uncategorized Spell: Ichiji-teki Maisō (一時的埋葬, Temporary Burial)

Hado #98: Yaezakura Taihō (八重桜大砲, 'Double-flowered Cherry Tree Cannon)

Hado #83: Fuyū-wa Kōzan (浮遊羽鉱山, Floating Feathers Mine)

Bakudo #76: Bonshō (梵鐘, Buddhist bells)

Bakudo #90: Sanjuroku Kaigisho: Yonjuuhachi Kaiten (三十六会議所: よんじゅうはち 回転, 36 chambers: 48 rotations)

Hado #79. Heikō: Nikumubeki Setsuri (平衡:憎むべき摂理; Equilibrium: Hateful Providence)

Bakudo #80. Heikō: Shifuku no Setsuri (平衡:至福の摂理; Equilibrium: Blissful Providence)

Bakudo #99. Jiyū no kusari (自由の鎖; Chains of Freedom)


Zanpakuto Name: Kokūzō (空, 'space', 蔵, 'repository')


Zanpakuto Appearance:
Kokūzō, sealed, is a standard length Katana and a Wakizashi with the handguard being in the shape of a circle, the design on it is a spiral. The grip on the hilt is black and gold. The scabbards are rather plain, being a standard black color with no other defining features to them and the blades are worn on his left-hand side.


Zanpakuto Spirit:
Kokūzō, in appearance, looks vaguely similar to Tenzen in some ways, if not for his more expressive nature he could be confused as Tenzen's twin. Wanting to partake in all human vices he constantly tries to urge Tenzen to break his strict ways and open his heart to humanity and all it has to offer all while maintaining a rather smug expression on its face and speaking in a mocking tone. With enlightenment reached and having an acceptance of himself Tenzen can converse with Kokūzō without getting irritated towards him. As a condescending spirit, he will belittle the people Tenzen holds in high regard such as the Captains. He will also say rude things about the people his wielder knows or interacts with all to get a rise out of him, which these days, doesn't amount to much. In truth this Zanpakuto has a passive nature and could care less about the world outside of Tenzen. So long as his master lives on he is content.


Inner World:


The inner world reflects Tenzen's being much better than his Zanpakuto spirit, rolling hills of green grass, trees, and mountains that line the horizon accompanied by a peaceful breeze that would make anyone pause to enjoy it. Serenity and peace rule here and just when one thinks everything is perfect they come face to face with an endless ocean of blood. What rests at the bottom of this ocean are the corpses of beings Tenzen has killed in his life. What's worse is that a horrible monster patrols these waters, his inner Hollow. Below the ever still surface of the blood is a raging monster who endlessly maims, kills, and annihilates the ceaselessly reanimating corpses of his host's victims. When bored or tired he treads up to the surface, staining the beautiful green grass with bloodied footprints.

Release Phrase: Open sky falls mute and the empty sky screams, closed void stands to speak and the full void is silent.

The Shikai transforms his katana into a Nodachi that maintains the same characteristics as Kokūzō's sealed form. Golden flame-like energy flows from the blade without end with the Wakazashi transforming into a thick golden chain that wraps around his left arm and connects to the Nodachi.

Shikai Special Ability:
Kokūzō's special ability in Shikai is simple, the erasure of matter through the use of a golden mist that flows from the blade. While in Shikai it can erase Inanimate objects instantly. Armor, that isn't Zanpakuto related, can be swiped away instantly along with rocks, boulders, etc. This also extends to Reiryoku as well, if one's Reiryoku is wild and not controlled Kokūzō can erase it from existence. Tenzen usually has no need to do this so he will often form the mist into a bubble around himself to shield himself from any adverse effects from the Reiryoku or Reiatsu targeting him or that may be in the area.

Tenzen controls the mist by altering its shape depending on what is needed, a bubble for defense, condensing it and firing it from the tip of his blade like a beam, slashing and sending out a crescent wave of golden energy, or letting it flow out from the blade like a fast moving fog.

The erasure also acts like a virus, once it begins to erase something it won't stop until its target is gone. That said, whatever is erased by Kokūzō can never return, similar to the saying "if it's not broken, don't fix it" but instead it is "If it doesn't exist, you can't fix it".

Bankai: Kokūzō Chakravartin (空蔵 転輪王; 空蔵, 'space repositor', 転輪王, 'whose wheels are moving [in the sense of "whose chariot is rolling everywhere without obstruction"])


The Bankai of Tenzen Oda manifests itself into a physical representation of his beliefs, a giant golden Buddha with many arms. The Statue is fixed in the place that it is summoned and cannot move unless deactivated then reactivated by Tenzen. From the moment it is activated the statue emits a golden mist that erases all be it organic or inorganic. The many hands of this Buddha move at Tenzen’s whim, they will punch, chop, crush, slap and clasp anything Tenzen is targeting at that moment.


What was originally thought to be a plume of mist are actually the hands of the Buddha. This mist can not alter its shape and always remains in the shape of hands. These too are controlled at will by Tenzen, erasing all that they touch.

Bankai Special Ability:

Bussou (物騒, 'Buddhist Funeral')
This passive ability is triggered the moment he activates Bankai. While being a singular ability it is quite powerful. This enables him to erase matter in all its forms, inorganic and organic. Once the erasure has begun it cannot be stopped unless the afflicted victim removes that part of their body before it is fully erased. Just like his Shikai, whatever is erased by Kokūzō can never return. That being said, if a limb or even part of a limb is erased it can never be regenerated.


Inner Hollow:

Over the course of 100 years Tenzen and his Inner Hollow have learned to coexist with one another. This is due in part with the Captain learning to embrace his violent habits and release his own restrictions on himself. It should still be known that this Hollow remains the antithesis to Tenzen. Where Tenzen is more reserved in his hostility, letting it passively seep out his Hollow does not hide any of it, he is upfront about what he wants and if he wants to kill he will bluntly state it. He has even managed to establish a positive relationship with Kokūzō, the two will chat often in the Inner World and will stand side by side when Tenzen begins fighting. This does not mean that the Hollow is done fighting for control. He recognizes that his host is strong, but he also gave him a very stern warning.

”If you ever die, I’m taking the reins.”

Hollow Mask:


As he gathers Reiryoku into his palms, Tenzen clasps his hands together in front of his face as if he were to begin a prayer. He slowly, or quickly, separates his hands with the mask coating his face.
Tenzen's Cero is gold in color, a bright brilliant color that can never be mistaken for a shade of yellow or orange. Tenzen fires the spell in one of two ways, the first is from the tip of his middle finger and the second is by charging it along the length of his blade. When charged along the blade it can be launched out in the shape of a crescent moon, a full 360-degree circle, or if he has locked blades with a foe the Cero will fire off point-blank from the blade. With Cero having a similar nature to Kido it should be no surprise that Tenzen can manipulate the way it is fired.
Hollow Augmentations:
Five Minutes, this is how long he can don the mask. In a battle five minutes can feel like an eternity and against a man who tends to end fights quickly expect an all out assault of raw power. Tenzen’s speed and strength are significantly magnified and while donning the mask his Hakuda style changes. Where he once used finesse and grace with his Hakuda to cut and butcher opponents he now uses a closed fist to pummel and brutalize them. His Shunpo, which is nothing to scoff at, reaches blinding speeds meaning that everytime that it is used an after image is left behind. Whether he wants to or not an after image will be made the moment he uses Shunpo. Then there is Kido, something that, quite possibly. He alone stands at the pinnacle without the mask but with it there is no debate. His lowest level Kido jumps tremendously in power being equal to his strongest spell when in base form.

Lastly, should Tenzen receive a fatal injury but remain conscious the Inner Hollow, in an attempt to preserve its own existence, will take control. Once in control his fighting style becomes more barbaric and straightforward. Gone are the tactics and planning as the mindless beast seeks to overwhelm its opponent with sheer strength alone. Should someone survive this onslaught and shatter its mask, control will return to Tenzen, however, he will be rendered heavily exhausted and unable to fight further. It seems like a strange middle ground was made between host and parasite as they now inhabit this body on equal footing.


Augmented Strength

Augmented Speed

Augmented Kido


Personal Relationships:

Musou Kyōraku

This is a man who once rivaled his knowledge in Kido during the Academy years, but instead of shunning him and trying to outdo him they inadvertently became good friends. Their love for Kido is what created the bridge between them to form a powerful friendship and it is thanks to this bridge that trust was formed. Tenzen has always found it easy to speak to Musou as their conversations on Kido would stray into completely unrelated subjects. Conversations ranging from debates, laughter, arguments and then back to laughter. Tenzen placed the highest level of trust in this man as he was the first soul, outside of his family, who was told about his daughter and made her God-Father. Still, to this day, the two are good friends as not even status or rank could place a wedge between them. Even as Musou works to hone his Kido craft to outdo his rival so does Tenzen do the same as to not disappoint. At the end of it all Musou Kyōraku is the one person Tenzen can call a best friend.

Higen Kagayaki

Spending one hundred years training with the man he fought to earn his Haori has given Tenzen an even greater level of respect for the Emerald Knight. More than respect he views the man as more than just an acquaintance but more of a mentor. His senior in terms of his tenure as a Shinigami and his elder in terms of age the Buddha learned much from the man. Knowledge and wisdom that carried the Shining Knight to the title of Commander were readily absorbed by Tenzen. He did not learn any secret combat techniques through this knowledge and wisdom but what he instead gained was another perspective on life, another way to understand the world around him and a more in depth knowledge of the history he was taught in the academy, things that were glossed over or perhaps removed entirely. Mostly things such as over exaggerations or perhaps retailing events how they actually went down rather than the fluff given to them by the texts. Due to Higen’s resentment of Hollows it is hard to say if Tenzen can call the man a friend but he will most certainly view him as a teacher for years to come. The passing of wisdom and knowledge was but one of the factors that led to Tenzen’s enlightenment.

Yasu Yugure

Yasu is a chaotic oddity in the eyes of Tenzen, he learned that no matter how hard he tried he could never ignore her pestering questions. The wall he places between himself and others was slowly worn down over the course of one hundred years of nauseating pestering. The first time she got a peak at the real Tenzen is when she was told to shut up, a mistake on Tenzen’s part as this showed signs that her constant verbal and social torture were working. About Fifty years or so into their training, during a brief break which found the group of Vizards and Commander sharing a light snack together Tenzen revealed to them that he had a family. He blurted this out without pressure from anyone asking. The bubblegum haired girl’s annoyance paid off as he, for the first time on his own, opened up to those around him, granted it was a group of people he began to trust. From there on he began to open up a bit more, his true nature showing itself from time to time but he was always quick to catch himself. He will never admit it openly but he views the girl as a sibling, perhaps it is due to their bond as Vizards or how he had to constantly run her off from being annoying. In some way Yasu’s pestering that tore down his wall helped him reach the enlightenment he never knew he was seeking.

Arashi Suta

A young soul he took into his division after the calamitous events at the Kuchiki Manor and aside from the typical Captain and subordinate relationship he did not not see himself getting too close to him. After a century of training together he began to understand the young man bit by bit and with Yasu in the vicinity tearing down his “social wall of separation” he began to open up to Arashi more as well. The two found out they both enjoyed violence when it comes to combat and because of this Tenzen was able to let his blood flow and boil freely when facing off against him. Aside from that his friendly nature was rubbing off on him as well, eventually culminating in Tenzen learning how to speak with people on a social level rather than over analyzing what they and himself are saying. Arashi’s calm nature and the way he hides his violent tendencies played a role in helping Tenzen understand and control his own urges and because of this his Lieutenant helped play a role in aiding him to reach enlightenment.

Yua Ayako Munetoshi

His personal student whom he hand picked from the Academy personally. What Tenzen saw in her was a wealth of talent in the Kido arts along with the ability to grow beyond just the usage of Kido alone. Unlike most others in his Division he is much more strict with her as he expects a lot from her. While divulging his teachings to her he also plays his cards close to his chest as his last student turned into a source of ire for him. He watches and makes sure that those signs do not appear and should they appear the teachings will come to an end. However, so far she has proven to be a diligent student and her drive to become stronger and reach new heights motivates him to continue teaching her.

Hajime Tsunayashiro

With someone from the Tsunayashiro clan being so close, most would break out in a cold sweat if they even inhaled incorrectly. For Tenzen he treats this man the same as all his other soldiers, his last name, and his heritage mean nothing to him as the royal blood in his veins can be spilled and drained like anyone else's. With that said Tenzen does garner some respect for the man as he does not throw his last name around like a weapon, he listens to orders and follows through with them and that's all Tenzen ever asks for. That does not mean Tenzen ignores the man completely, as the head of the Oda he understands the political implications of this man being placed so close to him. However, beyond those petty issues, Tenzen values Hajime as a warrior and so long as he continues to perform well as one he will overlook the political nuance of his existence.​


Likes: Despite his demeanor he enjoys loud music. Purple is his favorite color. He won't openly admit it but he thinks some Hollows look rather "cool".
Dislikes: Crustaceans, he's allergic to them. People invading his personal space unnecessarily. People who speak with a country accent.
Notable Features: He has multiple scars on his torso that he kept as mementos and a reminder. These scars were inflicted on him by Kyomu Mukuro, Higen Kagayaki, Maho Kojima, and his uncle Yurui Oda.
Hobbies: He has his own garden that he tends to with a vast array of different flowers, Tiger striped Roses are his favorite.
Favorite Food(s): Spicy, BBQ, Boiled and steamed foods
Seireitei Communication Column: He used to be the author of Walking the Empty Path, a piece where he gives spiritual advice for those who may be conflicted in their feelings or feeling unsure about themselves. His Column has since shifted focus into more combat oriented pieces to aid readers on a written level on things they can practice to improve their mindset for battle.


Theme: Tenzen's Main Theme
God Hand Theme: The Strongest Man
Battle Theme 1: Buddhist Warrior
Battle Theme 2: One Who Spins Samsara
Bankai Theme: Avalokiteśvara Rush

He does not speak about his past or his upbringing too often. His career as a Shinigami is public information while his life within his Clan is information he keeps closer to himself. While he isn't exactly an open book he has no issue sharing bits and pieces about his upbringing since this information can't exactly be used against him in battle.


Character Appearance: