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“If we're done here, can I leave? Pretty sure I have better things to do."
“Damned headaches...”
“Youre heading in the direction of a good throat punch. Last warning.”
“I guess. Can't say no to tea.”

Character Name: Ashina Shiori
Actual Age: 60
Physical Age: 18
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: July 21
Gender: female

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140
Blood Type: A+

Affiliation: Gotei 13/ Seretei/ Soul Society
Profession: Shinigami
Title: N/A
Position:Shino Academy Student
Division: Unassigned
Previous Division: N/A
Partner(s): N/A
Previous Partner(s): N/A
Base of Operations:
Shino Academy

Notable Features: Dirty blond hair, olive complexion. Eyes glow a pale blue when angered or when exerting lots of effort with Kido.
Personality: Given how she was inducted into Shino Academy in the first place, she holds some degree of resentment for the Gotei. Despite having put most of it aside, she still treats most new unseated members and officers alike with initial distrust and some hostility.

Also due to her upbringing, she feels like an outsider who doesn't belong, and suffers from Imposter syndrome which she struggles to suppress. No matter what posting she acquires upon graduation, she will feel that she's unsuited for it despite putting on a cold and confident demeanor. Keen eyes will likely notice nods to this fact, and extreme pressure causes her facade to crack. Prone to anger and acting out if she feels targeted, or panic if she feels cornered.

Mother: Ashina Suzuka - assumed dead, missing for 20 years.
Father: Ashina Yoshimoto - Rukongai gang leader, killed by shinigami right before Shiori being taken to Shino Academy.


Reiryoku Level: High

Ms. Ashina had always maintained an impressive reserve of Reiryoku, even upon admission to the academy. It should be noted that her body may not have been able to properly contain it, as she often complained of headaches and displayed bouts of anger when frustrated where her reiatsu would spike momentarily before falling back to a meager level.

Since then, she has seemingly grown into it and expanded upon said reserve. This has allowed her to keep up with and even surpass some of her classmates in these terms. For example, after classes had concluded one day, she stayed after to practice one particular Kido spell until she managed to get it down. This took several hours. If not for staff reprimanding her for being out past curfew, she'd likely have kept going with a different spell. She still suffered from constant headaches, these are likely more from the pressure she puts on herself to rise above her upbringing as well as the impossible standards she's put forth for herself.

Sensing Reiryoku: Basic

Student Remarks - Ashina Shiori

Ms. Ashina exhibits the basic level of sensing expected of a shinigami. Improvement from when she started, where she was unable to sense anything that wasn't blatantly obvious or significantly stronger than her. Other than that, nothing remarkable.

Reiryoku Control: Average

Upon her admission to the Academy, Shiori had an impressive pool of Reiryoku but a complete inability to harness it in any meaningful capacity. This is believed to be due to both her temperament and upbringing in the harsher side of the Rukongai. Ms. Ashina could barely muster the simplest of Kido due to this lack of control, as well as fragile concentration due to her lack of ability to take criticism or snide commentary.

The turning point in this regard is due to educators snapping at her during instruction, with one teacher remarking that she was "a terrible waste of Reiryoku and classroom space." Since around that incident, her control has increased exponentially to the point where it currently is. She would like to think that this is entirely due to a newly developed respect for the practice, but it would be foolish to say that pure unadulterated spite was not a factor. Either way her progress is commendable, as she now exceeds the potential of 80% of her classmates.

To be specific, she can now cast Kido consistently with little variation. Hado spells are cast concisely, and incantations are articulate and spoken quickly, which allows her to cask some spells at closer range to melee opponents. Bakudo spells are maintained with little fluctuation regardless of damage repelled by shields or opponents attempts to escape snares or traps. Low levels spells can be cast without incantation with near full efficiency. She has also dabbled in the possibility of helping other concentrate their own Reiryoku, though this has seen mixed results, partially due to her antisocial tendencies.

Reiatsu: Specialist

At the start Ms. Ashina only exhibited measurable reiatsu when enraged, to which it would temporarily spike to modest levels. Approaching graduation, she exhibits the ability to exude an impressive level of reiatsu at all times for a student. Slight fluctuations have been noted, though this is likely due to confidence issues that have yet to be addressed. Still prone to spikes due to rage issues. She is skilled at keeping her reiatsu suppressed, though again this seems to be connected to her insecurities. Possible imposter syndrome.

Therapy sessions are greatly advised.

Reiatsu Colors: Icy/pale blue, contains small metalic droplets
Reiatsu Shape: Misty/smoky aura, fluctuates like a very slow burning flame
Reiatsu Effect(s):

Reiatsu Type:


Zanjutsu Level: Novice

Shiori had learned enough about the way of the sword to sheath and unsheath it without hurting herself/those around her. Her ability to use it in combat however is rudimentary. She knows the blade and tip go towards the enemy and how to swing the weapon, but from a dueling standpoint, she lacks the skill to rely on her ability to wield the weapon. It seems that she has focused her efforts into learning other avenues of offense such as Kido and Hakuda, which she has been repremanded for sneaking in during Zanjutsu drills. The blade is more of a parrying tool to open up for hand to hand or close range spells.

Known Techniques: None

Hohō Level: Practitioner

Shiori has placed enough emphasis on battlefield mobility due to her combat preferences. For her use of kido, it allows her to navigate the battlefield in ways that allow her to reach optimal distance for whatever spell she’s casting at the time, or to get somewhere where he spell wont hit undesired targets like teammates. For her preference for Hakuda, it allows her to get in quick and land as many blows as possible before needing to move or block. For Zanjutsu, it allows her to put the sword back in its sheath and do literally anything else.

Other uses for, she has been known to use it to back out of awkward conversations, catch bugs in her favorite garden, run off with other students’/teachers’ things when shes feeling particularly spicy, and travel along rooftops without making too much noise.

Known Techniques: Shunpo


Hakuda Level: Expert Combatant

From a very young age, Shiori had to learn to defend herself. Growing up in one of the roughest districts in the Rukongai will do that to someone. Her father’s desire to see her capable of defending herself from the dangers of their hometown combined with her mother’s desires that she be kept out of whatever her father did for a living resulted in her never receiving weapon training, but instead hand to hand defense. While it helped her survive after the passing/disappearance of her mother, it wasn’t enough to stop the Gotei from taking her in.

The academy has only strengthened this already existing skill set by adding discipline to temper the rage that lies within and fuels it. Taking what she’s learned here, adding it to her father’s teachings, as well as her own drive to make sure whatever she hits will never get back up or have the number of unbroken bones to properly continue the fight has made her a surprisingly dangerous opponent for a student. Though she still has a long way to go.

Her training has put her on par with most instructors, and while her techniques need a little work, a lot of her success can be found in her unpredictability and feral demeanor in combat. Her preferences are to make sure retaliation is as painful as possible. Stomping ankles, targeted strikes to the ribs, breaking or pulling wrists out of place. She isn't above tearing or destroying her uniform to tear free from being grappled by opponents, utilizing the shock factor of partial nudity to counter. She has also been caught casting Sho from her fists at the moment before she makes contact for extra damage in practice.

Known Techniques: Takigoi, Rokongai Special, Taketonbo, Tessho


Kido Skill Level: Specialist

Kido seems to be something that Shiori has latched onto, both out of it being something she’s naturally skilled at and a desire to have something else to prop her up above the other students in her class. It’s a significant improvement over her previous skill level. Though she started with suboptimal ability to even manifest a single kido spell, she has spent the last few years pouring all of her focus into tempering her focus into the art. Her Skill acts as a point of pride that both acts as a bragging right as well as a crutch to hold onto should her mental state turn to panic.

Perhaps she sees kido as a way to pave over her old self in an effort to present herself as someone that meshes with the Gotei and it’s philosophies, as opposed to the borderline feral problem she started as when first brought to the academy. Her typical lean is towards Hado and the offensive properties of that side of kido. She doesn't have a love for Bakudo, as she prefers to stay on the offensive. To have to resort to defensive techniques means her control over the fight is waning. Such a thing is dishonorable, though some bakudo spells do have the ability to make her opponents much easier to punch or hit with a different kido.

She has basic spells like Sai and Sho down to where she can cast them without the incantations, along with Byakurai and Seki, though the latter one often sees usage in combat to help throw off opponents in battles that aren't sparring or official duels. Otherwise, in spite of still requiring incantations to achieve full power, she can cast them efficiently, and can rattle off incantations quickly.

Further notes: It is likely that she could use other spells as skillful as the two mentioned above, but she seems to have latched onto those to in particular.

Known Spells:

Hado: Sho, Byakurai, Tsuzuri Raiden, Fushibi, Shakkaho, Okasen
Bakudo: Sai, Hainawa, Seki, Geki, Horin, Sekienton.

Skills and Abilities:
Energy Vampire - Drains energy of those around her, albeit at an incredibly slow rate. Unnoticeable without prolonged exposure to Shiori within 15ft. Manifests as headaches, slight fatigue, and with extended exposure, irritability. Currently cannot be directed specifically towards a target and must actively be suppressed.


Equipment: Wakizashi length Asauchi, Danreishinki, ear buds
Inventions: Rukongai Special - Powerful headbutt not meant to be used offensively, but as a defensive technique. Best used as a way to escape sword locks, grapples, and constriction. Occasionally used as a way to surprise opponents, which sometimes involves a running start and a feint for another move.


Personal Relationships: Non-Mandatory
Likes: Raspberries, every kind of tea, Overworking herself, Praise, dancing, drums
Dislikes: Mean-spirited criticism, Banana flavored things, lazy people, and arrogant nobles.
Hobbies: Sparring, learning, overthinking things, pretending she can play an instrument
Favorite Food(s): Cheap ramen, expensive ramen, mochi, mildly seasoned rice with beef, plain raw radishes for some reason.
Seretei Communication Column: Not allowed to due to "colorful" language and lack of tact.

Biography: Yoshimoto and Suzuka Ashina never exactly planned on producing offspring, making Shiori a tad bit of an accident.

Yoshi had originally dedicated his time to taking in the soul that ended up in the district as a way to safeguard them from being devoured by the mad men of District 72. As time went on, he needed to train these souls in some form of physical defense, so he began to train them in the sword techniques he’d learned in life as a samurai. Push came to shove and in order to feed and maintain this family, Yoshi had to resort to the occasional unsavory act. Long story short, what started as a shelter became the base of operations to one of the larger gangs in the district, with recruiting having to do as much with protecting new souls as it did recruiting more soldiers to take more territory.

With Shiori’s birth, Suzuka drew a line with the involvement their daughter would have in the “family business,” with which Yoshi reluctantly agreed. His caveat for this agreement is that he would still teach her something to defend herself. The end result of this was still more towards Yoshi’s liking, as his firecracker of a daughter tended to get into fights more often than he did, leaving a trail of broken bones and black eyes through the district.

Though no one really knows what happened, Suzuka disappeared and hasn't been seen in years. Though many believe that Yoshimoto had something to do with her disappearance, Shiori knew otherwise, watching him fret over her absence and spending what resources he could on trying to either track her down or learn her fate. He would never find out to Shiori’s knowledge, as her father’s gang was wiped out along with another as the Gotei had finally decided that both gangs had reached a point where their existence proved too much of a threat to leave to their own works. Shinigami descended upon the gang war, using the confusion to slaughter both sides. Shiori was captured in part due to her age, and one of the higher ranking shinigami sensed some degree of Reiatsu from her as she charged him like a wild boar. FIguring she had potential, as well as figuring taking her to the academy would be a worse punishment than death to the girl, he dragged her off to the 3rd division for processing. To this day, she does not know if her father died or was captured and imprisoned.

At the academy, Shiori’s standoffish attitude and inherent aggression caused issues early on, including when she bit a teacher. This resulted in her being handcuffed for the first few months of her education. She did eventually calm down once she realized there was no escaping the fate she’d been forced into. So she dedicated herself to finding what she was skilled in, and honing those skills to a razor edge so that she might one day be able to fight and beat down the officer who took her to this cursed place.


Character Appearance: Long dirty blond hair that reaches most of the way down her back, parted in the middle, held out of her face by pure spite. Icy blue eyes, wears a pair of glasses. Has an olive complexion and sharp facial features. By default has a judgmental/aggressive expression. Has a faded scar on her upper lip, only noticeable if you get close.

Doesnt like tight clothing, so she wears a uniform one size up. Keeps sleeves rolled up, or just cuts them off if her teachers get tired of stopping her. Often ties most of her hair into a ponytail, leaving strands in front free. Asauchi is tied horizontally at the back of her waist.

Back covered in tattoos of red spider lilies, wich also extend halfway down her biceps.


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Character Name:
Actual Age:
How old is your character (Shinigami and Spiritual beings can live for hundreds of years)?
Physical Age: How old does your character appear to be?
Race: Soul Born/Deceased/Human/Vizard
Birthday: Timeline will be A.D.
Gender: Male

Blood Type:


Affiliation: Visored/Gotei 13/ Seretei/ Soul Society/Onmitsukido/Human World/ Urahoro Town
Profession: Shinigami/Substitute Shinigami
Title: Captain Commander/Captain/Vice-Captain(Lieutenant)/Seated Member/Kido Corps Commander
Position:Guard/Scientist/Medic/Reporter/Head of Noble Family/Kido Corps Member/President of Research and Development Institution/Head of the Onmitsukido/Head of the Detention Unit/Shino Academy Instructor
Division: What Squad or Division are you in?
Previous Division: If you’ve changed Squads what was your previous Squad?
Partner(s): Who do you mainly work with?
Previous Partner(s):
Base of Operations:
Seretei/Soul Society/Visored Warehouse/Urahoro Town/Human World/ Division HQ/Maggots Nest/Dangai/Shino Academy

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Reiryoku Level:
A power aligned with the spiritual sensitivity and willpower of the user. It is used by Shinigami to provide power for their various feats and to effectively channel the powers of their Zanpakuto. It can also be used to cast Kido, magic spells created by the Shinigami. Reiryoku can even be coalesced into a physical form and thrown or shot as a projectile. As a display of potency, spiritual beings have the ability to incapacitate the opponent's movement and simultaneously frighten them, by means of dispersing Reiryoku into the air. The aforementioned ability is known as Reiatsu (Spiritual Pressure), possessing power that could be literally felt within the atmosphere.

Basic Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing a level of spiritual power that is minimal. This level of power is common among those who may or may not be spiritually aware to a small degree but otherwise have no real spiritual power. This is also a common level of power for a regular human. (Below Average-class)

Average Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an average level of spiritual power. This level of power is common among those of significant spiritual awareness and may even possess powers of their own but the power levels can vary among individuals. This is also a common level of power for a low ranking seated and non seated members of the Gotei 13 or lesser power individuals.

High Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an above average amount of spiritual power, which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is common amongst those of an average lieutenant rank and high ranked seated officers.

Great Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing a large amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is common amongst those of an average Captain rank.

Immense Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees.

Vast Spiritual Power- This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual energy which is wild and untamed. This level of spiritual power has a possible tendency to leak from a person or when released can affect the surrounding area in a destructive way. Those of this level have no actual masterful control over their massive spiritual power, as it can affect those around them unintentionally.

Sensing Reiryoku:
basic ability that beings with higher-than-average levels of Reiryoku possess is the ability to sense other spiritual beings without relying on their five basic senses. This is possible because every spiritual being emits a certain amount of his/her own Reiryoku in the form of Reiatsu, which can be sensed. This ability apparently requires some innate skill, but can be increased with training.

Novice- Refers to one who has little to no ability in sensing or detecting the spiritual power of others. Though sensitive to strong sources of spiritual power they may find themselves unable to locate or track its source.

Basic-- Refers to an individual with rudimentary understanding and talent regarding this skill. Users are able to detect and locate the spiritual powers of beings like Pluses, Jibakurei, Tsukirei, standard Hollows as well as basic Souls and low seated Shinigami.

Expert- Refers to a person able to greater detect and track the spiritual powers of others over greater distance and with much more accuracy, while also being able to read and differentiate between the various Reiryoku Patterns of Spiritual Beings and gauging their strength and reiatsu level. Such individuals are able to capitalize on this ability during combat, detecting attacks from enemies faster and with much more ease than those beneath their skill level.

Master- Refers to the most talented and/or those who have trained and honed their ability, refining it over time. These individuals are able to detect and track the spiritual power of beings over vast distances, able to follow their movements even if not within their field of vision. Masters are also able to detect and categorize the various Reiryoku Patterns, and are even able to detect the subtle nuances of beings such as Visoreds.

Reiryoku Control:
The aforementioned emission of spiritual power is a common and natural phenomenon, but a spiritual being can also control the degree of this emission, this usually requires a certain amount of skill and training. By completely blocking his/her Reiryoku "pouring out", one can completely hide his/her presence from other spiritual beings and spiritually aware humans. On the other hand, amplifying this emission is known as Reiatsu (霊圧, Spiritual Pressure), is considered a show of force, a means of intimidation or can even be an attack in itself. It can indeed paralyze opponents and cause direct damage to the surrounding individuals and inanimate objects alike. Aside from controlling the amount of emitted Reiryoku, most spiritual beings are capable of performing many superhuman feats with the help of their Reiryoku. These feats usually require a certain level of concentration, and they tend to tire the person after some time, or after performing some of them in quick succession. It is also known that after excessive usage of Reiryoku, Shinigami need food to replenish their strength, while on the other hand, the regular souls that dwell in Soul Society that do not use their Reiryoku do not need to eat.

No Control- This refers to those who are incapable of properly controlling their spiritual power. This generally applies to those who have yet to learn to properly harness their abilities, or those with more Reiryoku than they could properly manage. Such individuals are incapable of performing Kidō.

Novice Control- This refers to individuals who, though they have learned to channel their Reiryoku still lack the necessary skill to capitalize upon it for long durations. Such users may find themselves with low success in casting Kidō, the spells having a high chance of exploding or backfiring on them.

Average Control- This refers to those individuals who have learned to harness their Reiryoku with minor concentration. They are able to cast Kidō with slightly higher success, though needing to chant the entirety of the incantation to guarantee a successful execution of the spell, ensuring it does not dwindle in power or backfire. They are skilled practitioners in terms of using their spiritual power to enhance their speed and strength, though may generally require outside aid in properly suppressing their Reiryoku.

Great Control- This refers to those who have trained to properly manage and harness their spiritual powers. Such individuals may find enhancing their abilities demanding less concentration on their part, able to perform them in quick succession for longer durations of time, and may even suppress their Reiryoku from leaking out, blocking it from being detected from spiritually aware humans, individuals with no or poor control, and generally standard Hollows and seated Shinigami beneath 5th seat.

Mastered Control- Refers to individuals who have mastered the control over their Reiryoku. Such individuals are able to enhance their abilities with little to no concentration for prolonged periods of time. Some such individuals may display such control that they are able to cast powerful Kidō Spells, foregoing their incantations while losing very little of the spell’s actual power, and may even suppress their Reiryoku from being detected by Captain/Espada Level individuals.

The physical force/pressure that a person’s Reiryoku creates when released. Most Shinigami and Arrancar, and Quincy can manipulate the release of their reiatsu. The difference between spiritual pressure and spiritual energy is simple: Reiryoku is the amount of energy a being has stored within their body or soul, whereas Reiatsu is the pressure that a person’s Reiryoku exerts. The difference is much like energy and power. Power being the amount of energy exerted per unit of time. Reiryoku is potential while Reiatsu is energy in use. In general, those with high levels of Reiryoku will often have the highest levels of Reiatsu also. A skilled warrior can overcome a person possessing greater Spirit Energy by possessing greater Spiritual Pressure.

Novice- You are more than likely a student still within the academy, having yet to properly harness your spiritual powers, and as a result being unable to resist the spiritual pressure exerted by other spiritual beings such as seated officers from sixth seat and up. You probably have low reiryoku, or at the very least, very low control.

Specialist- You are most likely one who has graduated the academy joined the 13 court guards and/or trained their abilities to the extent that you are able to exert your spiritual powers in the form of pressure. Your pressure is able to restrict the movements of lower spiritual beings and seated officers and has at least one effect to it. You are more capable of resisting the spiritual pressure of others, being pressured by at the very least third seats and up. You more than likely have an impressive pool of reiryoku.

Expert- One with a great pool of reiryoku and who has seen a variety of battles, or trained for many years within the 13 court guards. You are trained in exerting your spiritual power in the form of pressure, affecting the immediate environment around you. Spiritual beings equivalent to a third seat and lower are more likely to be intimidated and affected by your pressure. You are able to resist the pressure exerted by most Vice Captains and, to some extent, some Captain level opponents. Your reiatsu most likely has at least two effects.

Master- You are a veteran with a large pool of reiryoku. You are perhaps a Captain or, at the very least a Captain level shinigami. Your reiatsu when released can be felt over vast distances, and can easily damage and affect the environment around you and those within its reach. No one below Captain level is your opponent, other challengers finding themselves hard pressed in resisting the force of your reiatsu. It is not uncommon to have three or more effects to your reiatsu.

Reiatsu Colors: Different Spirits have different colors of reiatsu, solely determined by the Character's personality.

Reiatsu Shape: Some Characters have a shape or manifestation of their energy whenever they release enough of it.(Only fill this portion out if it applies to you, if not omit this from your bio)

Reiatsu Effect(s):
(These effects are found only in the Reiatsu of Lt. and Captain level Shinigami)
Fear- Reiatsu at its most basic level can instill fear in others when it is very high.
Stunning- High level spiritual power can cause those of lower power to be stunned by simply being in the presence of a high level spiritual being.
Paralysis- When a spiritual being of high reiatsu chooses to they can paralyze an opponent just by focusing pressure through their stare or presence.
Phantom Pain- High Level of Spiritual pressure can make an opponent feel as though they are being attacked though nothing is physically happening to them.
Damage- In some instances releasing enough reiatsu in one burst can cause burns, cuts or shockwaves.
Killing- In high enough quantities, spiritual pressure can be lethal to others, especially those with weak or no reiatsu of their own.

Reiatsu Type:
Standard Type-
The type most spiritual beings have that can hold any of the aforementioned effects, along with its unique color and feeling.
Dual Type- All Visored and Arrancar have this specific reiatsu. For Visored they feel more like Shinigami, while Arrancar feels more like Hollows. When releasing their Hollow powers Visoreds feel more like Hollows.
Element Type- Unique type of reiatsu that holds elemental properties

Zanjutsu Level:
(斬術, Swordsmanship; Viz "Art of the Sword") is the fighting style for the Zanpakutō (i.e. sword fighting) and is one of the four basic fighting styles of the Shinigami. It is shameful for a Shinigami to not master at least this technique. It is the specialty of the 11th Division.

Practitioner- A practitioner holds only a basic understanding of swordsmanship, having little to no skill in the art. These are generally the common academy students upon first entering into the academy, novices at best.

Swordsman- Swordsmanship specialists are those that specialize in the use of swords during combat. Someone of this level has to have basic skills in swordsmanship as well. All seated officers of the Gotei 13 have to possess at the very least this level of skill.

Expert Swordsman- An Expert swordsman is highly skilled using their Zanpakuto while sealed or in its Shikai. Most lieutenants are experts, since they must know Shikai and have mastered it to a degree, so as to be promoted. This applies also to some higher seated officers as well and in some cases to captains who even though possibly having attained their Bankai, don't commonly engage in swordsmanship as their desired form of combat.

Master Swordsman- Master Swordsmanship Specialists vary greatly by power and technique. The criteria for a master is simple; one must have masterful skill in swordsmanship above all else. The attainment of this level of skill is a testament to the wielder's power and determination. Most Shinigami Captains are masters, since as the heads of their divisions, they are the true military power of Soul Society. As use of the Zanpakuto is the Shinigami's primary form of combat, it is preferable to have mastered skill in order to achieve the rank of captain though mastery is not excluded to them or even to Shinigami.

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Hohō Level:
The name given to one of the four combat skills of the Shinigami and relates to footwork. Hohō (歩法, Step Method; Viz "Fast Movement") is a defensive style of fighting which relates to footwork. Hohō is an important skill for most Shinigami, and is one of their four basic fighting styles. The agility and speed of Hohō can be enhanced and improved through mastery of it, concentration, and training. The foremost practitioners of this technique are those assigned to the Onmitsukidō. Shunpo (Flash steps) is the greatest expression of the Hoho technique. However, there are variations even within Shunpo that only master Hoho practitioners can use.

No Shunpo- Those in this category possesses no skill for Hohō and instead rely on walking to get where they need to be or have trained extensively to enhance their natural speed to a level allowing them move considerably fast though decidedly under that of Shunpo.

Shunpo Practitioner- Practitioners of the technique can maintain fast movements for a short period of time, by seemingly taking only a few steps to bridge what would normally be a large distance. Those who are practitioners commonly use their knowledge of Hoho while engaging in combat to close the space between combatants. Those practitioners that maintain these high speeds for too long tend to become winded.

Shunpo Expert- Experts of the technique are considerably fast and are capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time. While not as fast as a master they can keep up quite effectively. Some holding the title are faster than others but nonetheless their application of the technique is highly advanced.

Shunpo Master- Masters of the technique are obviously by far the fastest beings within Soul Society. They are capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time while only using the least amount of steps to achieve those movements. Masters are capable of using Advanced steps which are considerably harder to initiate. A master can possibly create new techniques but it is most likely a rare occurrence.(Note only those who have trained and achieved mastery either stated or shown, outside any advantage they gain from Shikai, Bankai or otherwise are included in this listing).

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Hakuda Level:
Hakuda (白打, White Hits; Viz "Hand-to-Hand Combat") is a close-combat style of fighting in which one is unarmed and uses only ones body, and is one of the four basic fighting styles of the Shinigami. High-speed Taijutsu (Body Skill) attacks are used to overwhelm the opponent. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class. It also seems to be a combination of several martial arts. The foremost practitioners of this technique are those assigned to the Executive Militia of the Onmitsukido.

Novices- Hakuda novices are those that have just begun to learn the basics of the art such as Academy students and those that are not versed in the fighting style.

Hakuda Practitioner- Casual users of this art can take on average armed opponents. Those of this level are among the seated and unseated officers of the Gotei 13. Capable enough in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they are lacking in a weapon or need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle. Practitioners aren't the most likely to engage in hand-to-hand combat on average but they can use it as an option.

Hakuda Combatant- Average users of this art can take on average armed opponents and put up a pretty decent effort against those many times their size. Those of this level are among the seated and unseated officers of the Gotei 13. Well versed in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they are lacking in a weapon or need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle.

Expert Hakuda Combatant- Experts of this art can take on average armed opponents and those many times their size easily, and as mentioned before, the Onmitsukido are the best-trained Shinigami in Hakuda. Those of this level are among the seated officers of the Gotei 13. Well versed in hand-to-hand combat in instances where they are lacking in a weapon or need the use of the skill to give them an edge in battle. While not masters, an Expert is more than capable of handling themselves in a physical altercation.

Master Hakuda Combatant- Masters of this art can take on average armed opponents and those many times their size easily, and as mentioned before, the Onmitsukido are the best-trained Shinigami in Hakuda. The 2nd Division captain and their 3rd seat, or head of the Detention Unit, are most often the premier masters. In particular, the Detention Unit head must prove their mastery of Hakuda to even be considered for the position. This is because the Detention Unit's prison, the Maggots' Nest, is a weapons-free zone. Anyone who enters must be able to, or be under the protection of one able to completely protect themselves with only their bare hands.

Known Techniques: What techniques does your character know?

Kido Skill Level:
Kidō (鬼道, Demon/Spirit Way; Viz "Demon Arts") is a form of Shinigami combat based on advanced spells. These spells are produced with strong Reiryoku and fall into two categories: Hadō for direct attacks, and Bakudō for battle support. It is one of the techniques in the Zankensoki, the group of Shinigami primary combat skills. Kidō spells are triggered by an incantation. Experienced users can trigger them without an incantation, though the effectiveness of the spell may be diminished. The Kidō Corps is a branch of Soul Society's military which excels in the mastery of Kidō.

Novice- Academy students and those not talented in the use of Kido. They generally require absolute focus as well as the repetition of a full incantation in order to produce the desired effect. Those at this level of mastery, or lack thereof, results in as many successful Kido as it does unsuccessful attempts.

Kidō Practitioner- More skilled than a Novice, this is typically an expected level of a lower seated member of most Divisions, the exception being the 11th Division. Failures drop significantly while the concentration needed is less than that of a novice. While the incantation is still needed, some are able to cast severely weakened Kido without one. At this level, only lower ranked Kido are available for use.

Kidō Specialist- One who specializes in the use of Kido, those at this level are able to pull off powerful Kido with incantations as well as cast fairly strong versions without. Generally speaking this level is for higher seated officers of most divisions(11th again being an exception). Lower ranked Kido are stronger while mid ranked kido are able to be used.

Kidō Expert- A Kido expert is one able to near flawlessly cast powerful kido without an incantation. When an incantation is used the power of their kido increases noticeably. Low to mid ranked kido increase in effectiveness while higher ranked Kido become available for use. Usually limited to Lt., Captain and Kido Corp members.

Kidō Master- A true master of Kido is able to shirk off the limits of incantations, able to cast even higher level Kido with little to no effort. All level of Kido are available for use, several times more effective than that of the previous level. When incantations are added to their Kido, a Master is able to perform devastating and awe-inspiring feats. Typically only captain ranked individuals or high ranking members of the Kido Corps are found to be of this caliber.

Known Spells: What Spells does your character know?

Skills and Abilities: Any noteworthy attributes about your Character shall be listed here

Equipment: What does your character carry on them?
Inventions: Have you invented a device or perhaps a unique type of kido or unique kido spell?

Zanpakuto Name: State the name of your Zanpakuto
Zanpakuto Appearance: Describe the appearance of your Zanpakuto in its sealed state(unless your Zanpakuto is a constantly released type). Include information such as wear and how it is worn, size and blade type. Also state the name of your Zanpakuto here.
Zanpakuto Spirit: Describe the appearance of your Zanpakuto and its personality

Inner World: Describe the appearance of your Inner world and its inner workings

Release Phrase: What is the Incantation used to release your Zanpakuto into its Shikai?


Shikai Special Ability:


Bankai Special Ability:


(NOTE: The following portion of the format applies only if your character is a Vizard, if not one omit from your bio)
Inner Hollow: Describe the appearance and personality of the hollow restrained within you.
Hollow Mask: Describe the appearance of your mask and how you don it.
Cero: Describe the color of your cero and how it is fired
Hollow Augmentations:

Personal Relationships: Non-Mandatory
Likes: Non-Mandatory
Dislikes: Non-Mandatory
Hobbies: Non-Mandatory
Favorite Food(s): Non-Mandatory
Seretei Communication Column: Have you Submitted any columns in the SCC? If so what were they about?



Character Appearance:



















































































































































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New member

Character Quotes

"Everything has its season and it would appear that yours has come to a close"

"What an unbecoming creature you've allowed yourself to become"


Character Name: Masahiko Kuchiki

Name Translation: 正 (Masa) meaning "right, proper" combined with 彦 (hiko) meaning "boy, prince" and 朽木 (Kuchiki) meaning "decayed tree"

Actual Age: 180

Physical Age: 16

Race: Soul Born

Birthday: September 20th

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 170Lbs

Blood Type: O-


Affiliation: Gotei 13 | Seireitei | Soul Society

Profession: Shinigami

Position: 7th Seat

Division: 10th Division

Partner(s): Shusuke Kiyoshi

Base Of Operations: Seireitei | Soul Society | 10th Division Barracks


Notable Features: Masahiko possesses ghost-like white skin with piercing blood red eyes, with his left eye afflicted with a bolt shaped scar, and upper back length jet black hair wrapped in a ponytail. He also sports a rather lean but deceptively athletic body with many other old scars ranging from his lower waist and back up to his neck and under the left side of his chin as a direct result of years of hellish treatment since childhood from both his own family members and from his equally hellish training during his tenure in the Shino Academy before entering the Gotei 13. These being covered mostly by a standard Shihakusho kept in pristine condition and worn in its traditional manner by the ever disciplined young noblemen.

Personality: Masahiko can be described as being very reserved in nature along with an outwardly stoic and aloof demeanor. He is someone who places success of the mission above all else, but not at the sake of his comrades. Prideful and diligent he seeks perfection in all things that he does and is his own greatest critic when such a thing escapes his grasp. As his namesake would imply, especially being aware of his name's stigma, he is someone who wishes to maintain order and moreover demonstrate what the ideal Shinigami looks like through his own actions. In battle Masahiko is most akin to a quiet storm constantly but calmly swarming his enemies and overwhelming them with the sheer volume and consistency of his attacks never wishing to concede the initiative to his enemies unless circumstances force him to relinquish it. When amongst his peers Masahiko shows equal respect to all Shinigami irrespective of rank or Division unless given good reason not to be and is often seeking to maintain optimal cohesion amongst those within his own Division by understanding what makes them tick due to the simple fact that any slight mishap, especially those related to the effectiveness of the team's ability to communicate, can be a potential death sentence in the field. And beyond all else Masahiko despite his heritage makes it a point to never look down upon friend or foe as he knows what it feels like to be looked down upon by all those meant to be closest to him.

Relatives: Shuji Tsunayashiro (Father)(Deceased), Airi Kuchiki (Mother)(Deceased), Aiya Munetoshi (Wife), Munetoshi Clan (In Laws)


Reiryoku Level: Vast Spiritual Power

Being born in lineage to not only one but two of the Great Noble Houses, Masahiko by right of birth was always meant to possess great spiritual power. Nonetheless the sheer amount of raw spiritual power even when compared to most Shinigami has always teetered on the realm of incomprehensible. Without question the level of Reiryoku contained within his body has never been able to be completely restrained and when in states of great agitation flows out all at once like the force of a rushing river through a broken dam consuming everything in its path without fail nor regard. Due to this Masahiko is capable of sustaining a constant assault on his enemies while very rarely if ever growing weary and uses this fully to his advantage as oftentimes he can overwhelm his enemies practically through brute force alone.

Sensing Reiryoku: Expert

Because of the fact that Masahiko's body has always contained unimaginable levels of Reiryoku to the point where it's capable of drowning out other people's sometimes even entirely the young noble had to then force himself to become hyper sensitive to any and all minute differences in his own Reiryoku and use that as a means to both identify the position, nature, and intensity of other Reiryoku signatures infringing upon it over considerable distances and home in on most given targets within his range with frightening speed.

Reiryoku Control: Novice

Despite his best efforts Masahiko has merely the capacity to draw back his Reiryoku just enough as to not constantly affect those around him with it but not much more than that as of this current moment.

Reiatsu: Expert

Contrary to his abysmal ability to truly contain and manipulate his power in a more subtle and refined way, Masahiko is innately talented in utilizing his spiritual energy to bear down on his enemies with a sickening amount of force to the point of being able to nearly suppress not only the physical but even the mental faculties of any lower caliber opposition not dissimilar to how a Boa Constrictor would use it's body to coil around and slowly but surely squeeze the very life from its prey until no light remained in it's eyes.

Reiatsu Color: Ocean Blue

Reiatsu Shape: Masahiko's reiatsu often takes the shape of an eight headed & eight tailed Hydra indicative of the monstrous spirit of his Zanpakutou.

Reiatsu Effect(s): Fear & Paralysis

Those with the grave misfortune of ever becoming the target of Masahiko's spiritual pressure immediately come to the realization that they suddenly feel no more than a mere prey item before a ravenous predator actively stalking them, poised, and waiting for the perfect opportunity to seize their life at any given moment with the even more frightful realization that there is no escape and even further still that resistance is futile thus forcing his foes to instinctively remain in place in fear of provoking death itself to come if but only a second faster.

Reiatsu Type: Standard

Zanjutsu Level: Master Swordsman

As per the understanding similar to Humans that no matter what branch or job assigned in the military that all service men and women are first and foremost trained riflemen the same can be said about Shinigami and swordsmanship. Therefore the first and foremost skill Masahiko chose to master was of course the way of the sword. In this form of combat the methodology most stressed by Masahiko is fluidity. As such Masahiko's swordsmanship is not limited by style, stance, form, or discipline for by taking no form at all he could then assume any form at any time. As a byproduct of this he is easily capable of instant adaptation to any slight adjustments of his opponent's guard by altering his range, rhythm, angle, speed, and force. This also means that Masahiko is able to maintain a constant flow of motion at all times allowing him to deliver continuous barrages without being hindered making it near impossible for many an adversary to maintain a proper stance because of the constant pressure and therefore being unable to so much as breathe let alone being able to set their feet to counter him therefore being able to effectively neutralize his opponent's by not allowing them the ability to attack in the first place as he would reason that an opponent that can't attack you is an opponent that can't harm you.

Known Techniques:

Hōzan Kenbu (崩山剣舞, Fallen-Mount Sword Dance; "Crumbling Mountain Sword Dance")

Hitotsume: Nadegiri (一ツ目・撫斬, The First: Killing Stroke; "First Strike: Mow Down")

Sanmaioroshi (千枚卸, Thousand-Page Wholesale)

Hoho Level: Shunpo Expert

This is the second foremost skill in which the young noblemen chose to pursue mastering as the methodology of this form of combat inherently stresses finding the fastest way from Point A to Point B which perfectly compliments his offensive style by allowing Masahiko to efficiently flank his enemies. In fact the young noblemen is particularly efficient with this technique at close range because of his ability to first find the path of least resistance followed by shortening the range of his steps to such an extreme so that his opponents are further pressured by the fact that they often remain at a positional disadvantage because to readjust to face Masahiko properly would usually require a much wider set of steps than typically required at further distances. Applying the basic Shunpo technique in this manner also allows him to drastically increase his speed without taxing his body as much as the typical application because of the lack of distance needed to be closed after making contact making this method much more viable when setting up his follow up attacks. Masahiko is also able to utilize this modified form of Shunpo defensively by moving and rolling with an attack so closely at high speed as to barely escape fatal blows by the smallest possible margins without conceding ground. A skill he would build upon from his time as a child being used as a training tool by the other children of the Tsunayashiro during his stay in the compound

Known Techniques:

Shunpo (瞬歩, Flash Steps)

Hakuda Level: Expert

Though it may be considered a matter of perspective for most, Masahiko personally views the art of hand to hand combat as simply swordplay without the blade as he reasons that the blade in this sense is but an extension of the body. Simply by adapting the range and the particular body mechanics behind his swordplay to bare handed combat instead the young noble finds himself on the cusp of being equally formidable with either skill and will oftentimes utilize his Hakuda with his Zanjutsu in tandem to further disorient his foes as to the next type of attack he will use next. And as with his swordplay Masahiko is almost as naturally gifted in Hakuda in terms of following the path of least resistance on top of being able to guard closer to his body at an even shorter range which for his frame makes him a much more difficult shell to crack for most. Similarly he again finds no need to conform to any particular style as he borrows his techniques from a wide variety of sources like from Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and so on and so forth.

Known Techniques:

Gatling Mad-Stomping (ガトリング地団駄, Gatoringu Jidanda)

Kazaguruma (風車, "Windmill")

Takigoi (滝鯉, Waterfall Carp)

Raiōken (雷王拳, Thunder King Fist)

Kido Level: Novice

Due to the lack of fine control with his own Reiryoku required to excel in this area of combat the young noble is merely able to conjure up spells but has yet to get past the point of detonating them as soon as it's cast and has therefore cast it aside in favor of further strengthening his other skills.

Skills & Abilities:

Reaction Speed
- By way of being born betwixt a clan teetering off the edge of survival and a clan that has always emphasized survival of the fittest with neither giving him any favor by nature of his birth along with the times in which he was raised in it was made clear to Masahiko very early on in life that he would have to fight tooth and nail to score on a moving goal post. Luckily the only thing saving him from being a castaway entirely from the start was his own potential, but unlucky for him at the same time as once he began to have aspirations to become a Shinigami the Tsunayashiro would make every form of 'training' as difficult on him as possible to break his spirit so they'd have an excuse to deem him worthless. Oftentimes he would be forced to spar in gauntlets against both his peers and even his elders for hours on end. As a result he developed devil like reflexes allowing him to make the slightest adjustments in response to his opponent's movements off muscle memory alone near instantaneously.

Perception Of Motion - As a result of being made to constantly fight every waking moment of everyday on top of having to seek out knowledge on his own time Masahiko became very avid in studying, learning, and putting into practice all the possible ways a body can be made to move and in numerous sequences. This makes him extremely proficient in predicting his opponent's next move based solely on the smallest of tells.

Great Durability: A combination of the immense vitality granted by his nigh-endless Reiryoku and being made to receive so many blows Masahiko is very accustomed to taking heavy damage and being able to continue to keep fighting until his body no longer allows him too even to his own detriment in extreme cases.


Gigai - (義骸, Faux Body) is an artificial body which allows Shinigami to remain in the Human World and interact with Humans.

Denreishiki X - (伝令神機, Divine Messenger Machine) The Denreishinki is an electronic inter-dimensional communications device used by Shinigami while on an assignment in the Human World. It looks nearly identical to the cellphones found throughout the Human World, and comes in many different designs.


Zanpakutou Name: Yamata No Orochi (八岐大蛇 (ヤマタノオロチ), "8-Branched Giant Snake")

Zanpakutou Appearance: In a sealed state Yamata No Orochi takes the form of a standard single edged curved Odachi with a brown scabbard and handle and a bronze four leaf patterned guard and a protruding pommel.

Zanpakutou Spirit: Yamata No Orochi takes the shape of an impossibly giant 8 Headed & Eight Tailed Serpent with emerald colored scales and a blood red stomach. The spirit of Yamata No Orochi also sports slit yellows eyes, rows of serrated teeth, forked tongues, a grey wool neck hood, and protruding horns on all eight heads and eight scaled spiked tails.

Inner World: The inner world in which Yamata No Orochi resides is an underwater temple in which there are an infinite number of rooms on either side and Yamata No Orochi rests on a giant royal purple and golden cushion located in the center.

Release Phrase: Brace thy fangs to strike, Yamata No Orochi!


At first glance the only changes Yamata No Orochi takes when released is the gaining of an iron closed guard and a spiked pommel, very few noticing the length of the Odachi blade extending by another ten inches. It isn’t until he begins fighting that its whip like properties are noted.

Shikai Ability:
Holding the firmness and sharpness of a regular sword, though an Urumi whip sword Yamata No Orochi moves and undulates more like a living serpent than a flexible blade controlled by Masahiko. Even without him seemingly moving his arm or hand to direct the sword it appears to coil around him to defend him from attacks up front, and manipulate itself around attacks, and opposing weapons to reach the target that lays beyond those obstructions. Yamata no Orochi appears to be incredibly sharp as there is very little that can defend against it. In reality, its sharpness does not exceed that of its sealed state. What neither opponent or observers realise is that with every strike that connects, that object without losing its rigidity or strength becomes softer and softer and as a result, easier for his blade to cut. A wall or even an Arrancar’s hierro, becoming like paper or fragile fabric beneath the serpent-like blade after a number of strikes, leaving them none the wiser to how he has breached their defences to reach them. The stronger one’s reiatsu the more strikes needed to soften their defences enough for Yamata no Orochi to pierce and sever through it.


Likes: Reading, training, and maintaining peace and harmony

Dislikes: Excessive loud noises and unmannerly people

Hobbies: Observing and studying human interactions and culture whilst in the World Of The Living. Also fond of the occasional leisurely stroll through the Seireitei.

Favorite Foods: Rice Balls, Ramen, Wine (occasionally), and anything spicy


Masahiko Kuchiki was born to his father Shuji Tsunayashiro and his mother Airi Kuchiki within the Kuchiki Manor where Masahiko was originally bestowed the family name of Tsunayashiro and shortly after his mother's recovery, both Masahiko and his mother Airi were then moved into the Tsunayashiro household to join his father and for a time things were well. Rather that was until the now infamous Kuchiki Incident which would later result in the persecution of many main branch Kuchiki family members. It is during this time that Masahiko would tragically lose his mother. Not long after, life in the Tsunayashiro household for Masahiko would drastically change as eventually his father Shuji would become so consumed by grief and shame that he would take his own life. Yet this was not the worst of it as soon the Tsunayashiro would turn on the bastard half breed in their midst assuming his blood to be tainted by his Kuchiki lineage and therefore was stripped of his name and forced to instead assume his mother's clan name of Kuchiki as a means to isolate him from everyone else. Oftentimes whenever he would get into trouble he would be very staunchly reminded that the only reason that he was even allowed to continue to live in their midst was because of the potential of his massive spiritual energy. And not long after that Masahiko began his formal tutelage in the Shinigami Arts though in all actuality this was more or less an excuse for the Tsunayashiro to allow Masahiko to be used as a mere training tool and punching bag for his relatives instead. A hellish existence indeed. As a result Masahiko would develop a deep resentment for his predecessors in the Kuchiki clan for tarnishing a once proud house's name and an even deeper resentment of the Tsunayashiro who thought more of their family reputation then their actual family. So when the time finally came that the young noble was finally shipped off to the Spiritual Arts Academy he swore an oath that day that he would become the ideal of a proper Shinigami and prove everyone wrong about him. He would grow strong so that his fate would never become anyone else's ever again.





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“Blood for the blood gods”
“Strike fast and suddenly. Attack without warning. Secure victory before the foe is aware of his danger. Remember always, a war is easily won if your enemy does not know he is fighting.”

“Nobles… They certainly like to look down upon the common soul.”

“My wings? They were a gift from my Brother-in-law, they mean so much more to me than just a simple little gift.”


Name:Oyama ( Small Mountain) Hoshi (Star)
Actual Age: 175
Physical Age: Early 20s
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: May 22nd
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4 (1.64M)
Weight: 100
Blood Type: AB

Affiliation: Gotei 13
Profession: Shinigami
Title: 5th seat.
Position: Seated officer
Division: 13th
Previous Division: N/A
Previous Partner(s):
Arashi Suta, Katsuo Oda, Shinjitsu Kyo.
Base of Operations: Soul Society, Seireitei 2nd division barracks

Notable Features:


It can be said Oyama is an observant person, she tends to watching events happen from a literal bird’s eye view. As all information gathered to her is useful when events begin to unfold. Based upon the information she gathers she can assess whether or not she needs to be involved, continue to watch, or to move away. Though more often than not her curiosity has her stay for better or for worse.

Oyama sees herself as a logical person, often trying to rely upon that information she gathered. Though this does not make her an emotionless robot. She may disagree with a few things and let them be heard to some degree, like her hatred of the noble family. She sees them as a parasite upon the soul society, where they seek to further enrich their families while pushing the regular souls down. While keeping quite about those who do truly fit in within the Seireitei are to be detained, and ladled dangerous. She has a fear that she might be put into this category and be detained.

She has a bad habit of carrying over her anger, and is easily triggered when she is not on a mission. Oyama has been known to wound those who disrupted her during off time; be it meditating to converse with her zanpakutō or training with her squad mates. She finds training sessions to be valuable, as she can assess herself and others, trying get feed back and improve upon it. Even going as far as to study footage if available.

She does on occasion try to relax, for this she goes off to find a hiding spot. Often content with just spending the whole day doing nothing. This normally comes after feeling like she had been overwhelmed by her tasks, duty and sometimes though very rarely training sessions. If given the opportunity she would continue her loafing state well into a week before feeling finally feeling a sense of guilt, or if she was found.

At the start of her career as a shinigami, Oyama had attempted to hide something. That something was her other half, a personality split, is the best way she can describe it. Her other half calls herself Furia. Furia considers herself the stronger and more daring half. She is known to jump into the fray without any hesitation on her part. She’s been known to also try and take a blow to deliver a blow, to her opponents. While Oyama may hold herself back from killing, Furia has no qualms about killing, even if it is a shinigami. As for other races its simply following the duties of a shinigami, to protect the balance at hand. While at first she was un willing to give up control, she soon realized that Furia is well and truly needed if she wanted to progress as a shinigami.


Elk & Shori Hoshi:
Oyama knew these two since the day she could actually hold memory. Not too surprising since she grew up with the two constantly watching over her. To the young Oyama it was great she was able to spend each waking day with her brother and sister. At the time she knew little as to why a doctor had to come see her; but after each visit she had gotten to spend time with Elk shortly after the visit. Each time she had enjoyed as she was able to get away, she was able to enjoy some “zanpakutō” training mixed in with a bit of Kido.

Shori, at the time was a bit more reserved with Oyama. Rather than train her in the ways of the sword. She had taught Oyama to be observant of her surroundings, and the people around her. She had inspired Oyama through bed time stories, stories of warriors from a far away land. Warriors going up against giants, wolves and dragons. These stories, are what inspired Oyama to become a shinigami, and wanting to follow in her sister’s footsteps in becoming a shinigami.

Great Spiritual Power-

From the start Oyama’s career as a shinigami had been a bit more dangerous than she thought. From nearly getting arrested with a blown hole in her shoulder, a conflict with a Togabito formerly known as Sword eater; To unfortunately being a target in the return the arrancars. All of these events were within the first year as a shinigami. These life-threatening events changed both Oyama and Furia’s reiatsu quite a bit, enough so that it became the platform for her power. With the twin personalities known training had doubled for Oyama’s body, at first it was exhausting as her body was in near constant training that she had little time to rest, however as time passed her stamina and power grew, allowing her to go faster and further with Hohō, reach higher levels of Kidō, strike harder with both her zanpakutō and fists.

Sensing Reiryoku:
The Onmitsukidō Corps Found Oyama and Furia’s sensing capabilities lacking; At first confusion was amongst Oyama and Furia’s mentors as they always felt like she never really advanced, though they soon figured out that the Namanari that changes the flow and feel of her reiatsu. Once the mentors had a firm grasp of who occupied the body, they began to push them both until they could easily memorize the lay out of any room, they find themselves in at first glance. Both personalities can accurately track a target at a few hundred meters, along with tracking foot prints or physical disturbances left behind, with the spiritual trail left behind by any lingering reiatsu. An agreement was made amongst the two personalities, while one maintains control the other watches for signatures that come too close for comfort. Their ability to identify the different reiatsu signature of Shinigami, Quincy or Arrancar came from her short time as 13th division’s 3rd seat, having encountered all three during her short time there.
Reiryoku Control:
Great Control-
The Onmitsukidō Corps heavily relies upon one’s ability to both stealth and anonymity. Something Oyama and Furia had to work upon. Each in both personalities took a bit of time to train their reiryoku to better supress and conceal it. As she began to refine control, she found that she was either putting far to much or little in her other shinigami arts; For Oyama her Kidō took a noticeable change, as she was able to figure out how much was needed per spell. Furia has taken her reiryoku as boost to her physical abilities, most notably in her Zanjutsu and hakuda. While both utilize this control in Hohō to the same degree.

Reiatsu and Reiryoku tend to hand and hand, both Oyama and Furia figured out this one as their reiryoku began to rise their control over their reiatsu became harder to manage and conceal. It came to the point in which she had to take a full year of training to conceal it better. In doing so she can now hide it to where it feels like she still came out from the academy. She can be even more deceptive, her reiatsu signature can change once her personality changes from Oyama to Furia. While it can be said Oyama’s reiatsu signature feels calm and caring the same can not be said about Furia’s; as hers seems to have a more direct intent of causing harm.
Reiatsu Colour:
Blood Red

Reiatsu effect:

Sōhaku (pallor):
The release of her reiatsu has to done with careful consideration. As the effects of her reiatsu cares not for friend of foe. Those who fall within the influence of Sōhaku begin to feel a sense of fatigue, with breathing becoming a difficult task in its own, as with moving. However, Sōhaku is particularly dangerous for those that have wounds, as once her reiatsu enters the wound it quickly goes to the blood stream; degrading their blood, causing their blood cells to carry less and less oxygen across their body. Their once healthy-looking skin begins to change to a sickly gray one, suggesting that their body is failing, as they continue to stay underneath Sōhaku influence.
Reiatsu type:
Standard type

Zanjutsu level:

Expert Swordsman-
What makes Oyama and Furia difficult to go against, is the Namanari. The two personalities take different approaches as always. Oyama chooses a more defensive nature, patience is her goal, waiting on the defense for an opening to counter. She leaves little no markings in her surroundings as her preference for defense and precision style of swordsmanship. The Onmitsukidō training dictates that her blade must be precise, ending her target in as few strikes as possible, with precision she can end an opponent by aiming for vital areas upon the body. While Furia cares not for her surroundings breaking anything that is put in her way, often relying on heavy blows to stagger her targets, to the untrained eye it may seem reckless fighting but each cut aims to make full use of Ketsuryū by inflicting deep wounds or dismembering opponents entirely, often leaving a massacre in her wake. This solidifies her in zanpakutō expertise, as a change in her personality also changes the flow of the battle, making it difficult for most swordsmen accustomed to traditional sword fighting and people below a master’s level of expertise to fight against.


Hohō Level:
Shunpo Expert-
Its no secret that those in second division are some of the fastest and stealthiest shinigami to exist. At the time Oyama and Furia were abysmal in their use of Shunpo, being far below the average standard for anyone seeking to count themselves among the ranks of the Onmitsukidō. It was this same standard that served as great motivation, driving both personalities to catch up. Like the other training sessions Oyama and Furia had to constantly exert themselves, pushing both their body as well as their spiritual power time and time again, an act that aided in honing both their control over their spiritual power as well as the proficiency in their foot work. Regardless of who controls the body, both personalities are more than capable of easily covering 50 meters in single step. It is within this 50-meter scope that she can truly demonstrate her speed, as the closer the target is to her; the faster she appears — suddenly and sporadically vanishing briefly from one's line of sight as she changes directions at the drop of a dime to swiftly target a blind spot or opening exposed to her sight. To those less skilled or competent in Hohō, when viewing Oyama operate within that controlled area they might very well mistaken her for being far faster and skilled than she really is, often cutting down her target before anyone's any the wiser.

Hakuda level:

Expert Hakuda Combatant-
The twin personalities have completely different views on Hakuda. Oyama had a distaste for such a fighting style, always hated the idea that she would come into physical contact with someone, often preferring her zanpakutō or Kidō. Furia’s view is different she loves the idea that she can break someone’s bones with just her hands or have them cough up blood from a hard punch. Oyama’s position on this had to change, in doing so her zanpakutō was forcefully taken away from her, and any Kidō attempt was thwarted. Like their zanpakutō training the twin personalities have two different fighting styles. Oyama heavily favors using her opponent’s momentum against them often gripping onto her opponents arm before tossing them into the ground, Thanks to her flexibility, Oyama can snake around an opponent’s movements to place them into various holds. Surprisingly Oyama is willing to use Dirty tactic’s such as aiming for the groin, eyes, throat, and other exposed or sensitive areas; to Oyama its away to end a fight as fast as possible. Furia doesn’t enjoy such tatics, she prefers a long and drawn outfight with her opponents; though her choice in fighting style suggests other wise, as she aims to break through flesh and bone alike as the feeling of blood flowing across her arms is sensation she enjoys. Her blows are often empowered by her reiryoku. She also uses both knees and Elbows to deliver an even stronger blow; even utilizing grips and pulls to achieve this. The twin personalities like to switch control when they find an opponent is used to their fighting style, allowing them to catch their opponents is easier when the fighting style has changed.
Known Tequichniques:

Kido Skill level:

Kidō Expert-
Even before the her start in the academy Oyama had a fascination with Kidō as a child witnessing a shinigami use Kidō to subdue some vagrants on the street. The very idea that one doesn’t need to use a blade or hand to hand but to cast a spell, to bind someone was a fascinating idea. As her time in the academy, it was no surprise that her favorite class was Kidō. Her understanding of Kidō and usage during the academy had made her stand out amongst her peers, as the majority of her free time was spent training her Kidō. As she graduated and became a seated officer of 13th she still practiced her Kido, over zanpakutō as it was her strongest asset. It was her training with Onmitsukidō that helped her further develop albeit indirectly as her reiryoku control was heavily focused. Even so she was able to dedicate her time to her Kidō, honing what she knew, and learning what she didn't. Oyama’s control over her reiryoku began to refine in her training so did her Kidō, as did her ability to discover how potent her Kidō can be without overblowing it or exhausting herself. So did her fluidity in her spells, as it allowed her rapidly releasing mid level Kidō one after another without incantations; more than making up for the weakened spell. Though this is not the extent of her ability in Kidō, as she is the ability to weave two spells together.
Bakudō #4 Hainawa|Bakudō #8 Geki|Bakudō #9 Seki|B Bakudō #26. Kyokkō|Bakudō #61. Rikujōkōrō Bakudō #62. Hyapporankan| Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku|Bakudō #77. Tenteikūra
Hadō #1|Hadō #11 Tsuzuri Raiden|Hadō #12. Fushibi |Hadō #31. Shakkahō|Hadō #32. Ōkasen |Hadō #33 Sōkatsui| Hadō #54. Haien| Hadō #63. Raikōhō|

Skills and Abilities:

Namanari (生成 "Half-Demon"):
The soul society is filled with mysteries and secrets alike. One such secret is among the Hoshi family. The Namanari, still remains a mystery, most of the elders speculate that it is a curse. They are unsure of when it had happened but records and tales have been destroyed. What is known about the Namanari, plants a seed of a split personality, from birth. As the years progress for the Child the split personality develops. Its unknown how it takes on the personality, as it does not follow a pattern. At first it was believed that it comes off the needs of the host, where the clan member could be shown as weak willed it would come out as one as stubborn as an ox. However, it had been proven wrong several times in the past. As Namanari, sometimes takes the traits of the Clan member and amplifies it. The effects don’t stop at a personality change, as it changes the reiatsu signature to one that’s completely different. The clan member may also go under physical changes, as their eyes colour changes from one to another, hair has also been known to change as well.


The darker half of Oyama that manifested herself at a young age and has been known to take over Oyama’s body from time to time. Upon taking control her reiatsu signature changes from calm to one that is considered violent and crazed. To those that know of Furia know that she likes to keep on the attack; using everything in her power and abilities to close a gap between herself and her target, Be it Kidō or Hakuda though with a preference to Hakuda and Zanjutsu.

One of the things that terrifies Oyama about her other half is her ability to remove pain. With this Furia has been known to shrug off wounds that would be considered extreme just to kill her target. Although Oyama considers herself Brutish, Furia does display the same amount of intelligence as Oyama and often brags that she is the smarter and stronger half.


Onmitsukidō training:
She had found this training quite interesting to say the least, as she believed the training of the Onmitsukidō training only consisted of stealth and espionage. She soon found it was an umbrella term. Both herself and Furia had taken interest in different parts of this type of training. Naturally, Furia, the ever so sadistic half of Oyama chose to indulge herself into torture methods, that the Onmitsukidō had to offer. Both Oyama and Furia had taken interest in stealth portion, while it can be seen as a mixed success between the two, both are well versed in stealth. It came to the point where either personality can walk without making a sound, and both can conceal their reiatsu; though both argue on who is better at stealth. Both are proficient in throwing knives.

Flexible body:
It was initially Furia’s idea to take up yoga, with much protest from Oyama. This however changed with both personalities taking joy in the activity. Its not just for relaxing, her being flexible thanks to yoga allows her to bend and twist her body the way she sees fit in a fight, allowing her to maneuver around opponents with ease, catching them in grapples or escaping one’s grip.




Anken Dirk:

Onmitsukidō outfit:


Zanpakutō name: Blood Panda
Sealed state:

Her zanpakutō depicts the two sides of Oyama, when greeted they are welcomed by an elaborate decoration, of silver and blues. The Krashira, contains decorative silver wings similar to her wings that rest upon her head, while the sheath Saya comes out with a dark blue and silver, decorated once again in various patterns and filled with some gems. Despite her disliking of nobles, she does enjoy the look of her weapon. Once released from its Saya, the blade itself is black with a red edge, this represents the other side of Oyama, one with the intent to kill, or draw blood.
Zanpakutō Spirit:

The Blood Panda, a manifestation of both Oyama and Furia’s identity. The whole identity of the Blood Panda is to deceive those into thinking he is nothing but a small innocent animal in armor. However, he has a thirst for battle. As his name implies, he enjoys the sight and feel of blood, and is often seen with patches of dried blood scattered across his fur and armor. Thanks to his size he never really shows a brutish nature, but rather one that is more cunning. Often taking down Oyama and Furia down through unconventional means, even outwitting the two when they team up to fight against him. He provides wisdom to both Oyama and Furia when they ask for it, though he loves to scold the two in giving his advice and wisdom.
Inner World:


Release Phrase:
relive your thirst Blood Panda

Both the blade and the handle extend outwards creating a balance among the two, if one side is over weighted, it will become difficult and unwieldy. Her shikai release is meant to represent the balance of Oyama and Furia, for either side has far too much control, they won’t be able to work as effectively. Though its only symbolic both Furia and Oyama have yet achieve a take over or a balance.

Shikai Special Ability:
Ketsuryū (Blood flow): When she has sliced into her opponent with her blade, her Zanpakutō will prevent healing while active; While at the same time the opponent’s blood will begin to pour out at a faster rate than normal. Even when cauterized the bleeding will still continue though it will turn to internal bleeding.

Personal Relationships:

Personal Relationships:


Messing with her siblings
Hobbies: Stealth practice, Yoga,
Favorite Food(s) : All kinds, mostly candy.

(coming soon)


Awkward Heals

New member



"Weak hands are calling."

Character Name
Junko Izumi
純洵子 和
Pure Truth, Harmony

Actual Age
Physical Age
September 20th

115 lbs.
Blood Type


Gotei 13; Seretei; Soul Society; Fourth Division

Fourth Division (四番隊, Yonbantai; "Squad 4")
Base of Operations:
Soul Society; Seireitei - Fourth Division Barracks







A kind-hearted soul, although her face betrays that notion. Junko is content with a life helping others. Adjusting to her promotion shifted the way she carries herself. Still light-hearted in nature, a stern face now holds the place where her notorious smile had once been. All the more blunt in her words, Junko has stopped trying to sweeten her words to those she does not feel require it. Her politeness allows her a cushion to not quite come off as rude, though perhaps harsh.


Reiryoku Level
Reiryoku Control

Great Spiritual Power
Mastered Control


Though from meager backgrounds and of a young age, Junko’s small frame has always housed a great amount of Reiryoku. Such a necessity in her mind, she gained great control through much practice and use. Through much training and mastery over her control, she is able to find use for her powers in nearly every aspect of her life while retaining what almost appears to be an inexhaustible supply.
Junko is very in tune with what is happening without and around her. Mastery over every single aspect of her reiryoku, she found, to be easier than mastery over the human body. Control is once more a large portion of her abilities, though this is second nature. As a healer her precision has only grown over time, and in her physical and Zanpakuto training all her movements must be carefully planned. This control not only helps her contain her Reiryoku, but also uses it to increase her strength and stamina.
Though in a natural state her reiatsu has a particular shape, she is able to mold it as she sees fit. Typically as a nearly invisible fog that blankets the hospital while she is working. Junko finds peace in the steady rhythm of healing, a calming state which allows her to maintain such precise control.


Sensing Reiryoku


A vital ability for one of her role, Junko had prepared herself for Fourth Division. Junko finds a calmness in the chaos, making it all the easier for her to focus. As if second nature, she is always seeking out those around her. Each remains unique and memorable in its own way in her mind, everyone’s health and personalities making them notable. Constantly mindful of those around her, she ranks them by friend or foe as well as by their level of health. A simple but useful tool to precisely track how many of both categories are about as well as what souls are in most need. This constant awareness is useful for one that may conceal themselves. The lost signature is immediately noticed and identified.




Without intentionally exerting her reiatsu, those around her generally simply feel more peaceful and content when they are close to her. Her pressure naturally exudes comfort, warping into a harsh sedative if faced with danger. Using her considerable control she can spread her reiatsu further and make the effects stronger. Used in battle or after, it eases the pain of comrades about her or sedates them; allowing them to be treated and transported more easily. With fine-tuned control, Junko has no trouble spreading her reiatsu across a vast area. It is little trouble for her to conceal herself around those with lower levels.

Reiatsu Color


Reiatsu Effects


With precise control the effects of her reiatsu are a simple calming one. As she increases the amount she is releasing the effects can increase to pain relief. Expanded upon more it is a sedative. A calm drift to sleep for comrades or a jarring shock into unconsciousness at full release.


Zanjutsu Level

Expert Swordsman


Junko’s speed and agility greatly increases the effectiveness of her unique weapons. An average swordsman with a typical blade, she excels in her own right. Making use of Tessenjutsu, her benign appearing Zanpakuto is still a lethal weapon. The folded fan can be used to thrust like a sword into an opponent’s throat or solar plexus and open suddenly enough to startle her opponent into creating an opening. It also aids her Hakuda, enhancing the leverage applied to cinching and locking techniques. Weapons can also be caught or trapped within the fan to halt attacks or disarm an opponent.

Nestled inside is her tantō, easily removed from the base. Meant for close quarters, it is useful for finishing blows, parrying, or creating more distance. This is where the knife truly excels: stabbing. That strong piercing tip is excellent for penetrating and piercing. The versatile sealed Zanpakuto is perfect for close-range combat, allowing Junko her best defenses against direct and sneak attacks.

Known Techniques: Hōzuri , Shitonegaeshi , Onibi , Tessenjutsu


Hohō Level

Shunpo Expert


While in Academy Junko discovered the nature of her Zanpakuto. With higher levels in reiatsu control as well as sensing, she is able to easily see and control the amount of reiatsu that is used with each and every movement she makes. Upon her arrival of Fourth further and more intensive training was given.

Her speed increased as she trained for fighting. Her ability to be quick and light on her feet allows her for her many rapid movements. Compensating for weaker attacks with a flurry of them. Years rushing about the hospital and throughout the Seireitei also boosted her speed. The tight spaces of the hospital make working in small spaces and quick reactions natural to her. Her precise motions and acute focus allow her to evade even the most sudden attacks. Her small frame is also helpful to keeping her quick pace. When loosed from the confines of the hospital, she is best able to demonstrate her speed. A necessary trait, achieved through pain-staking extensive training that continues every day. Important in both her ability to fight and hurry to aid others in need, its importance has never been lost on the woman whose training never wavers. Aside from her sheer speed, her stamina is a feat all of its own.

Known Techniques: Senka , Utsusemi


Hakuda Level

Expert Hakuda Combatant


Becoming proficient with most hand-to-hand combat, she is held back by her need to stay fast as well as her size. Through rigorous training she achieved larger muscles than before she had been in Fourth; this was the peak of their growth. Junko was never able to get any larger physically despite her strength growing. Eventually her strength began to match her size more. This leaves her with rapid movement but perhaps not the strongest attacks, usually leaving her to release a flurry all at once to compensate.

Junko's fighting tactics align less with a particular style and more as a mixed martial artist. Finding power and merit in multiple styles instead of one she has not mastered a specific art, though is highly proficient in a wide variety. Her favored and best skills lie with Jujutsu and Muay Thai. In this manner she is able to use the opponent's own force against them rather than confronting it with her own. She is prone to clinching attacks to trap her enemy and release a flurry of strikes or deal a more deadly blow with her weapon. Throws are also very useful for her, allowing her to not have to face an attack fully but rather transfer the energy they have put toward her.

Although she is small this is precisely what makes her fighting effective for her. With the proper understanding of where to place her center of gravity it is no great difficulty to toss an enemy or keep them pinned down. This position is where Muay Thai is useful to her, a combat style that utilizes her feet, fists, knees and elbows to all deal damage. Both are also useful in exploiting her own momentum, able to deal a devastating strike from a further distance with a simple jump or spin to propel her. Quick jabs to target areas such as the throat and joints are also useful. The combined effect of these styles allows her to nearly seamlessly transition from fighting an opponent hand to hand closely to a distance and even to the ground, all the while not having such concern over size differences.

Known Techniques: Tesshō , Tsukiyubi , Taketonbo , Sandbag Beat , Kazaguruma


Kidō Skill Level

Kidō Expert


With her interest in medicine came her interest in Kidō. The uses it had practically as well as for treatment and protection of patients fascinated her. It took little prodding for her to spend much of her spare time from her other focuses to study Kidō. Aside from the Academy and her personal teachings, she learned much working in Fourth as a nurse. Paying close attention to any Kidō spell ever cast before her, she would ask about it as soon as the opportunity arose. This led to a grand arsenal of techniques. Although she knows many, higher level spells require incantations; the exception being spells she studied in particular for being the most used or useful. Able to rapid fire love-level kido in such rapid succession they appear as the same motion. Large reserves of spiritual power aid in allowing her spells more strength.
With a deep understanding of anatomy as well as kaido, Junko is rivaled by few in regards to healing Kidō. With not only a rise in her confidence, years of treating patients grew her knowledge. Having dealt with patients with the most mild of injuries to those on the verge of death, Junko can nearly automatically design a treatment plan just on sight.

Known Techniques: Kyokkō , Kokō no Jōmon , Tsuriboshi , Shibireyubi , Rikujōkōrō , Enkōsen , Tsuzuri Raiden , Seki , Shitotsu Sansen , Tozanshō


Gigai (義骸, “Faux Body”)



Zanpakuto Name


Birds of Interconnected Lives

Zanpakuto Appearance


Zanpakuto Spirit


Inner World



Release Phrase

"Exchange, Gumyōchō."



Shikai Special Ability


While her Zanpakuto boasts great melee power as well as what could be considered a "barrier" with fast enough movements, Junko's Zanpakuto was also meant to heal. Her chakrams large shape as well as easy rotation can surround her with ease, razor sharp spikes adorning the edges and able to cut to the bone if allowed near enough.

Possessed of the goal of returning to the Junko's hand, Gumyōchō is precision guided when thrown. With a course in mind, the Zanpakuto will oblige, following the path Junko has considered before her throw and returning to her immediately after.

Gumyōchō establishes a connection with those who are touched by it. Activation relieves Junko of all afflictions. This includes injuries, illnesses, toxins, poisons, foreign bodies and other afflictions that have been forced upon her.

A simple caress of her weapon against her allies will also contain all such afflictions into Gumyōchō. The removed scourge is then transferred to the enemy. If there are multiple, Junko can disperse the ailments among them, leaving one with the most of it or evenly distributed among them.


Bankai Special Ability

Kyokushukuen Gumyōchō
Karmic Song Birds of Interconnected Lives


Upon activation, all afflictions are removed from Junko and transferred to current connections. Any established during shikai remain. Her chakrams are replaced by multiple rings, typically worn around her wrists. If connected with multiple enemies or allies, Junko can disperse the effect of her bankai as she pleases. This state will automatically release through their connections every injury and affliction Junko has ever received. A touch of the rings or being shot by their energy is used if a connection has not been established as well as to inflict the same effect again. The rings are mobile, worn typically on her wrists as a guard or close range weapon but will also move freely, often blocking attacks upon her.




New member

Eww. I don't have to fight do I? Don't we have people for that?”
“People always underestimate the effect that love has on a soul.”
“I just want you to be happy.”
“I just wish I was happy, y'know?”


Character Name: Sagujisen Tsutsuki
Translation: 三狐神饌 兎々子
"Three Fox God Offering" "Rabbit Girl"
Actual Age: 296
Physical Age: 26
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: March 22nd
Gender: cis woman

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 143
Blood Type: O


Affiliation: Seireitei
Profession: Shinigami
Title: 4th Seated
Position: Head of 2nd Relief Team (Aid Relief)
Division: 4th Division
Base of Operations: Seretei


Notable Features: She wears her hair the same way she has since her mother first showed her. Two loops, resembling bunny ears, are sat upon the top of her head, framed by crowned ornamentation.

Personality: She’s immature. In the way that it runs through the core of her being. It’s easily seen in her expressions, which are worn so fully, so comfortably on her dollish face. She is excitable, wide-eyed, and flippant. She is a girl who’s world (usually, like let’s say 8/10 times) begins and ends with herself. She gets up in the morning and does all the skincare routines humans do, and when she’s going to sleep she does just the same. It's all soft clothes and soothing creams and animal shaped face masks. She always goes “ahhhhhh” as she slips into bed and moans into the covers. This is, perhaps, her most favorite part of the day. And this is because the way she treats her bed is akin to the way a priest might treat his temple. It is layered and padded, and she has at least 3 different blanket combinations for all variations in temperature. Comfort might just be the most important thing to her, except maybe one or two exceptions.

Tsutsuki has a depth to her. She is not all vapidity and soft fluff. She thinks, she’s thoughtful, she’s cautious, she really does put her best foot forward. You see, this is a depth she dug out herself, a curiosity she could not quench. A search for a vacancy she’s not been able to fill. She just wants more, and she wants to know why. She wants to get into the deep dark earth of it, past the top soil and into rich mud. It is what gets her out of bed (that comfy, comfy bed). It is what landed her in the Seireitei in the first place. A girl like herself simply did not start here, she built her way up. And why? Because she was curious, because she wanted to understand, she wanted to belong, because she wanted to know herself and find her strength.

Dominant Traits: spoiled, particular, fickle, cautious, perceptive, maternal, aloof, vivacious.

Relatives: She has a mother and a father, and is the oldest of three sisters. The girls are quite close, however they are often catty with each other.


Reiryoku Level: Great Spiritual Power


Sensing Reiryoku: Master | Reiryoku Control: Great Control

"Why do you always look like that? When you're a born predator, there's no need to behave like prey."

She always rejected her father. Those words a penny forever rattling in her brain.
What is so wrong with the way she behaves?

She was born with fear. A screaming little thing, it was just too loud and all too bright. She clung to the black fabric of her mother's skirt. And she followed each rule so diligently. Out of fear of repercussion, out of fear of anger. Gosh, it seemed all just so scary. It was innate, this sensation, and she never grew out of it. A cursed blessing, she might want to call it. It's held her back, kept her burrowed and hid away. But this caution, it's saved her too. It brought out this need for control, for sensitivity, for a safeguard. It's because of this her reiryoku sensing has reached this level. If she feels unsafe, it's okay because she's fast. If she feels unsafe it's okay because she can see danger coming. If she feels unsafe, it's okay because she can suppress her presence and hide. This is the way she was born, and all she's done is just gone along with it. Finished carving what was already etched in stone.


Reiatsu: Specialist

Her reiatsu has a different texture. It has a different feeling, and because of this it can often times be hard to read. She releases it, and it feels a bit like flirting. It bubbles up in your throat, and butterflies flit about your stomach. In over-exertion, when it pours from her in droves, it gushes and fills you up. It's saccharine. Cloying. Full fat and lots of sugar. Just too much of a good thing, perhaps.

On the battlefield, it reads like a glitch. Should you be allowed to experience something so rich in such a grim circumstance? Do you deserve to know the feeling of love as you scrape the tip of your blade across skin? Does it all distract you so? A means of dulling your blade, the love within you can make a conscience out of none. In a game of life and death, maybe a little bit of love is actually enough.

Reiatsu Colors: Her reiatsu looks as you might expect. A warm peach-pink, fluffy and cloud-like it might feel you can almost grab it.

Reiatsu Effect(s):
Her energy is different from most others. It makes allies comfortable and leaves enemies off put. For a hunter wouldn’t think twice when shooting a lone deer, but would he feel the same if Bambi were by her side? You see this is what her soul is made of. That feeling of love, unconditional, and how it can put leave all off-put and apprehensive in the heat of battle or comforted in their last moments. A mother guiding you by hand, a brother’s familial embrace, a lover’s hand running through your hair. And if you haven’t experienced it before, now you have. It feels good, doesn’t it?

Reiatsu Type: Standard Type


Zanjutsu Level: Swordsman | Hakuda Level: Hakuda Practitioner

She is not a pacifist, she is not so noble. There has been no vow to never harm a single soul, no matter who. She just hates it. It's innate. A weakness born out of repulsion. She hates the feeling of her blade cutting through flesh, her hands so tightly gripped on its tsuka. She detests that feeling (you all should know the one), the one where your bones are punching into another's, hand bruising from impact. She's learned what she had to. For school. For in order to avoid danger, she must know the design of a threat. But, in these styles, she's never been gifted, nor does she particularly wish to be. Though, if push comes to shove, she has been known to sway.


Hohō Level: Shunpo Master

No one uses shunpo like she does. No one else gets it the way she does. Snakes lash and crack the whip-snap of their jaw. Tigers pounce with their strong bones and heavy paws. Orca dart through water, powerful tails propelling them forward. But what happens if they miss? Does the world go black? Do they feel the burning sear of serrated tooth? Do they wish for a quick death? Do they pray for it all to end? No, they just try again. That is their luxury.

Prey aren't so lucky. Little mice choke in snake's coil. Weak bones break under tiger's teeth. Seal skin tears in the jaw of an orca. This is the way of predator and prey. Prey must be fast to live, a truth Tsutsuki has always known. A truth so very well practiced and exercised. She learned it young, but she never stopped. Her feet never stopped moving. She ran from her family, she ran from responsibility, she ran through the Seireitei with a fur-lined duster and a mop.

For years she's been moving, she's been running from a open maw and a growling stomach. Shunpo is for survival, not the hunt. This is why she has surpassed her peers and, in this style of fighting, she is amongst masters.

Known Techniques: Senka | Utsusemi | Speed Clones

She's as quiet as a mouse, a feather footed shinigami who never even rustles a single leaf. She's well-versed in all of Hohō's most well known techniques. Even Senka, a technique she knows but only in practice. Of Utsusemi she might just be the best in all of Seireitei. It's been seen, how she can use this skill flawlessly five times in a row.

She has even developed her own skills. Born out of the need to survive, she wields them with great understanding, for doesn't a rabbit know to run in the presence of a fox?


Kido Skill Level: Kidō Expert

It started as a means to an end. What kind of shinigami would she be if she avoided not only zanjutsu and hakuda, but kido as well? What would she even do on a battlefield? She knew she needed something to bind herself to besides speed, and so she did. And now look at what came of it? A grand passion, a curious mind blossoming under the watch of great teachers. Her wonder got the best of her and she didn't ever stop, really. Not when she graduated, nor 100 years after that. She loved to tinker, to design, to play in this land of demon arts.

She strayed from Hadō, for she found herself profoundly loathsome towards it. Perhaps it shared the same icky traits as zanjutsu and hakuda. However, in bakudō she found great interest. Barriers, indirect skills, little tricks and strings to pull. She was much like a cat in that instant, poking at yarn and watching how it unravelled. Kaido was next, and oh, wow! It came quite easy to her. Tsutsuki became so practiced she's of the Eishōhaki class. Missing one of the 3 aspects of kido greatly weakened her versatility, however it allowed her to accel in the remaining two.

With that, she began to tinker more, to play with the mediums at hand. She combined hohō and kidō for one technique, and is currently working on another.

Bakudo Spells: Geki | Hōrin | Kyokkō | Rikujōkōrō | Kyōmon | Goyōgai | Noren Mekuri

Kaido Spells:


Life Refreshing Method (生命活性法)
A healing spell that uses the practitioner's own reiryoku to heal the target, which takes the form of a green-colored light. The healing is facilitated through physical touch and requires no incantation to use. Its' effectiveness is based on the practitioner's own control as it is capable of treating the most severe wounds and purifying even the most foreign of poisons.

Encouragement Plan (奨励構想)
A healing spell similar to Seimeikasseihō, however the amount of damage that is restored is also bestowed on the patient as a one-time shield to nullify damage equal to the sustained injury. Upon its initial cast, the spell memorizes the source of damage and further reinforces the afflicted area to prevent similar damage from occurring once more. This ensures an attack of equal force to be rendered ineffective and allows the target less downtime to recover and grants more time to plot a counterstrike. This spell expends more reiryoku and takes longer to cast, due to its increased effectiveness.


Skills and Abilities:

Prey Instinct

It has been mentioned a number of times throughout this application, Tsutsuki's inclination for prey-like behavior. A rabbit with wide eyes and a winking nose. It's double-edged, woven into the girl's very core, there from her first moments in this world. But its been honed, too. Expanded upon, given strength, effort poured into. Given strength by life's circumstances and given attention by those who saw potential in it. She has an uncanny knack for self-preservation, for hiding, for safety, for escape artistry, and the art of dodging. A refined intuition for danger and how, if needed, to get away from it. A sixth sense of sorts.


Equipment: Company Relief Bag, Cleaning Supplies.

Inventions & Signature Techniques:

Zetsumyō Dasshutsu

Miraculous Getaway (絶妙脱出)
Zetsumyō Dasshutsu is an advanced shunpo technique. Built off of her proficiency regarding Utsusemi, she has created it's more mature, more advanced elder sister. She accomplishes this skill buy pouring reiryoku into the after image(s) she left behind. Allowing them more standing time, more presence, and more actions. They are capable of very basic actions and, they last so long it can be a minute before dissipation. As the namesake says this is used to escape. Allowing the enemy think she's been preoccupied for that long grants her many opportunities to run far, far away. This is the first ability she created blending both kidō and hohō, though this is not something she shares openly.

Tennyo no Mai: Namaji
Dance of the Heavenly Maiden: Incomplete (天女の舞:憖)
Tennyo no Mai is an advanced shunpo technique, one still currently in development. However, its current state is not useless. Upon certain steps and movements her reiatsu crashes together. As it is a cloud-like energy, they sag and grow dense with the weight. A cotton candy pink fog follows her, over saturated with her reiatsu. This over saturation multiplies the effects of her reiatsu making them extremely potent. Affection and love generally have no place on the battlefield, causing confusion, distraction, and lessening one's own conviction to fight. However at this unrefined stage this effects everyone trapped in this heavy mist, putting all within it at a major disadvantage, and due to its permeated foggy nature, it's effects are far less potent. She has never used this technique on field, as it is incomplete and can easily put her own comrades at a disadvantage.



lit. “Rabbit horns”, “(doing) this or that/(doing) various things.
comes from a Buddhist idiom about things that don’t really exist, think flying pigs.

While unreleased, it is a lighter weight sword, equipt for someone without a lot of physical strength. Thin and easily weld, it is reminiscent of a uchigatana and meant for quick attacks. It is almost a plain blade. It's grip is a rich, dark cherry and has a sheath to match. However, at its guard and pommel, it is gold plated, with a keychain of sorts dangling from a small gold loop. The keychain is gold which accents the two puff balls of peach-pink fur at the end of it.
Zanpakuto Spirit:

Inner World:

Release Phrase: A yawn, a gasp, a sigh. Her release comes from a feeling, from an expression. And her zanpakuto follows the pull of her face. Her release isn’t exactly audible words, but it’s effect is still the same. Upon surprise, sleep depravity, exasperation, joy, Tokaku can be summoned.


She just pulls upon this little key chain, the cap flies off, and it just spills out, as if it couldn’t stand being so cramped in there. Bundles of fur billow onto the ground. It is a living type zanpakuto. A field of rabbit-like creatures, all fur and big ears, flow from her sheath. Their fur is pink sugar spun at high volume, a sakura hue, mimicking the color of her own hair. It points in every direction and seems endless (for some it is). Its form scurries across the floor, but due to their malleable bodies they can combine to change size, towering over all men. Even at that size they are still light weight and buoyant, retaining their speed and whip quick reflexes.

Shikai Special Ability:
Her zanpakuto has essentially split into a field of bunnies. If commanded, they are able to combine to a massive size, roughly the size of an Asian Elephant. Past their fur, there is literally nothing else. They are just fur and big glassy eyes, akin to a stuffed animal. This zanpakuto doesn't have any true techniques, instead all skills are a result of the "species" and their natural abilities.

These are reiryoku eating rabbits. They eat it ferociously, reducing incoming attacks to their brute strength (if any was used at all). The reiatsu they consume reinvigorates them, making them extremely difficult to injure/puncture/etc, and protecting whatever or whoever may be just past their adorable little bodies.

As they consume reiatsu, they naturally emit a reiatsu themselves, one similar to that of their user's. This reiatsu, in the simplest of terms, makes them too cute to kill. It reduces bloodlust and causes confusion. Because of this energy, they are seen as harmless and generally ignored, even as they eat the reiatsu right off of her enemies. Some even fawn over these little menaces. As they eat more and more reiatsu off an individual, the victim tends to become lethargic and confused, eventually losing their entire sense of self to the comfort and happiness these rabbits provide.

If gathered and large enough in size, individuals, up to ten, can be carried in them. While inside them, the victims/wounded are essentially in an ultra plush pocket dimension where the rabbit's reiatsu is roughly 1,000x more potent than the outside of their bodies. This allows them to keep those within them in a stasis of sorts. They cannot take further damage, all negative and positive effects of the ongoing battle come to a halt. While inside it is of the most luxurious, inebriating comfort, causing people to again, lose their sense of self and truly relax. This, plus their speed, makes them excellent transportation vehicles for the wounded. This can also be used offensively in some cases (death by cuddles).

technique name here
romaji words (japanese text)
What will eventually be Tokaku's true form, this is not technically a technique, but a skill she has been building up to, as it requires a rather deep reiatsu pool. At this point she cannot maintain it forever and requires her rabbits to have eaten a fair amount of reiatsu, but she has seen great strides as of recently.

She can wear her shikai as a coat, usually adhering to the outer most layer of her shihakusho. It doesn't matter that she isn't entirely covered by them as long as there is enough reiatsu to feed off of it's all the same. This grants her the majority of her shikai's innate abilities. All, except for the calming, pain numbing effects, which she is immune to. For example, because the rabbits are feeding off of her, they emit the "cuteness defense" making those look at her as harmless, or one could even say adorable. Additionally, while wearing this furried armor, or "coat," her body is in a stasis. This means that if she takes damage, poison, infliction and/or negative effects of any kind, it will not have an effect on her until after the technique has ended. The more damage she takes the more reiatsu this technique costs to maintain, forcing more of her reiatsu pool to focus on the self rather than anything else. At this stage of the technique, if there is enough damage sustained, it can force the technique to end.

She feels she has much more to learn about this technique as she gets stronger.






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