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Character Name: Kagura Madarame
Actual Age: 191
Physical Age: 19
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: 27th December
Height: 5’3
Weight: 130 IBs
Blood Type: 0+


Affiliation: Gotei 13 ll Soul Society: Seireitei ll Onmitsukido ll Detention Unit
Profession: Shinigami
Title: Warden ll Corps Commander
Position: Third Seat
Division: Second Division
Previous Division: Eleventh Division
Partner(s): Himari Shimizu, Kyomu Mukuro
Base of Operations: Soul Society:Seireitei ll Nest of Maggots


Notable Features:
Kagura appears as a young tanned woman, with pink-red tattoos above her eyes, similar to her Ancestor, Ikkaku Madarame. Her lips are plump and covered in a dark dusty pink lipstick, guaranteed with those lips hers will show all kinds of emotions from anger to happiness. These traits hugely compliment her sky blue eyes, which often capture people’s attention. Her hair is often tied back in a messy ponytail most of the time, a red band that can contain her wild hair used to help tame it. However, one shouldn’t let her blonde hair fool them. Underneath all that blonde is a brunette, the reason why her hair is dyed is due to her admiration for her Captain, Captain Kyomu Mukuro. Her muscles on her arms and legs are nicely toned up, complimenting her as a person. Underneath her shinigami uniform, she has a training waist corset, which helps her to keep in shape even when she is a glutton at heart.

Hakudaqithout background.png

Kagura is a Prideful woman, who tends to come across to those around her as an arrogant and obnoxious individual who does not stray away from conflict by any means. She is visibly short-tempered, lashing out at those who aggravate her as a way to vent her frustrations. Having some decency, she does not resort to violence towards her peers - unless agreed..well, normally at least. She can be very demotivated to her work, only showing optimism in herself to get the task done at hand, and her peers should it require effort. Kagura never shies away from her thoughts, be it about a person or a situation at hand. This stems from her partial inherited personality from her family, a namesake she’s very proud of. Once a member of the Eleventh Division, her lust for battle, and keen battle instinct allowed her to prevail in battles that followed. Her lust for the thrill of battle has a tendency to drive her overboard to the point where she displays merciless intent to her victims, showing no remorse for them or their loved ones . Aside from her arrogance and barbaric nature, she has great respect for those who prevail through sheer will. She often gives crude remarks to those that can tolerate and befriend her. Her open mindedness sometimes disregards her as anything appealing; she’ll eat as if she had no home training or any self awareness to do personal care.

Despite her condescending personality, she knows at the right time to remain very quiet, when need be, especially when it comes to private missions given to her from Kyomu himself, she needs to be as stealthy as she can be after all. Kagura takes her job in the Second division very seriously. If the prisoners of the Nest become disobedient she will more often than not end up brutally beating them into submission for daring to embarrass her in the assignment entrusted to her by her Captain.



Reiryoku Level: Great Spiritual Power
Reiryoku Control: Great Control

As expected from descending from the line of Madrame, she holds an impressive amount of powerful Spiritual power. What she lacks in volume, she more than makes up for in density. Like the muscles in her arms, there is a sense of strength and flexibility in her spiritual power. In turn, she uses this power to her advantage to strike fear and establish dominance sometimes instinctually at other times on purpose, that is, towards people who often mock her which soon cowardly hide as they feel her presence. Way before she became a shinigami and an academy student in general, she possessed rather great spiritual power as a very young soul. From an early age she trained to hone the abilities of her Reiryoku which ultimately didn’t truly begin to mature until the start of her Journey in the 2nd division where this control truly began to flower.

To be frank, though she trained from an early age she didn’t start actually learning to control her strength until the latter years of the academy, then explored and trained further when joining the Second Division. Once able to finally get a good grasp on controlling her Spiritual powers, she became able to suppress the Reiryoku with relative ease, rarely having it ever to be leaked out. The number of those who can actually detect her when suppressed, incredibly small.

Due to being able to control the Reiryoku exceptionally well, she tends to use this to her advantage, most particularly in her Hakuda. Her spiritual power coursing through her limbs, her body like blood, adding to the already brute-like strength that she hoards. .


Sensing Reiryoku: Expert


As expected from a spy and an excellent assassin, Kagura has great capabilities in locating and detecting her targets easily with little to no failure over extensively vast distances from herself. She is so spiritually in tune that she is able to sense and determine around what level the spiritual being she is detecting is. She is able to gauge their distance, and not only track their path of travel, but somewhat predict as well. She hasn’t always been the best at sensing reiryoku, in fact, she only became extremely good once she joined the 2nd division. Observing her higher-ups like her Captain, Kyomu, training herself every chance she got outside of her duties. While seeking weaker individuals or those doing nothing to conceal themselves is easier, when sensing those stronger and more skilled than herself or those with a “concealed presence” she tends to kneel on the ground and place both hands on the surface, feeling for the opponent as she expands her spiritual eyes. When performing this ritual which bears a remarkable semblance to the Arrancar, its determined she has the best results than using her eyes to scan the area, the range she is able to detect doubling or tripling.


Color: Faded Red
Effect: Damaging

Exerting the reiatsu is easy enough to do, however keeping up on that exertion is the main challenge on which many young shinigami’s problems lay. However, not for Kagura. Kagura can exert her reiatsu and is able to maintain its strength and force for a long period of time. It is noted that her presence certainly has a loud and terrifying demeanor to it, often coming off as rough, and overbearing. It often leaves those who have witnessed it upfront to be frightened of her, leaving a lasting impression of the woman. Often noted, she uses her sheer Reiatsu alone to intimidate and suppress the prisoners who take residency in the maggot's Nest.

It's not just how the aura feels which makes people crumble down to their knees in fear of her presence once released, but also the destructive force which accompanies it. Upon releasing even a portion of her reiatsu causes potential collateral damage around Kagura. She's notorious for damaging the ground each time she spikes her spiritual pressure rapidly.

The shape is also said to be equally as terrifying as the sheer destructiveness of reiatsu. It takes the shape of a towering dragon with 5 horns on its head. As well the outside of the shape has darker faded red hue then the belly and horns which is a lighter shade of Faded Red, almost in dark pink color.


Reiatsu Type: Standard

Zanjutsu Level: Swordsman

Even though Kagura is far behind on being called a Master in swordsmanship, she is not the worst either. She is skilled in swordsmanship to a degree, knowing how to wield her blade properly as well as understanding how to beat those weaker than her with relative ease. However this isn’t particularly her favorite method of fighting, her most preferred way is to use her bare fists.

Kagura is slowly improving on her Zanjutsu skills, as a shinigami they are pretty much an important part of their skill set. Training day and night in her spare time, as well connecting to her Zanpakuto spirit, who has a bit of an attitude problem.



Hohō Level: Shunpo Expert

Saying Kagura is slow is a grave underestimation of her abilities to say the least. Despite her Brute like method of fighting, she has good agility, reflexes and momentum once she gets started she is incredibly fast. Her ability to relocate to various parts of the Seireitei in minimal steps is far faster than an average Shinigami, able to cross greater distances than a number of her peers of equal ability.. Kagura rarely gets tired from maintaining her shunpo. Having an expertise at Hoho has certainly given Kagura no doubt a gift to her skill set, As she mainly combines speed and agility with her Hakuda. Due to these high speeds she can walk past her opponent and strike them down with multiple sharp, heavy and rapid blows within mere seconds.

Known Techniques: Shunpo // Senka



Hakuda Level: Master Hakuda Combatant

Kagura makes up for her lack of knowledge in Kido and Swordsmanship with her skill in close-quarter combat. Hakuda is her most preferred method of fighting. Kagura has worked hard to be one of the best in her class at the time she was in the Academy. She also researched and gained knowledge by reading up on different martial arts books in the library, often imitating and putting into practice what she was perceiving and picturing in her head based on her reading. In turn, She has incorporated the usage of martial arts into her skillset, much of her style resembling Muay Thai, Boxing, and Taekwondo, evolving her bare fists and feet into weapons of harm and destruction.

Her main style tends to come off as brutish and primitive, mostly relying on her brute strength and her overwhelming speed in close quarters. Despite this, she can hone her brute strength and her speed; using them to apply pressure points to any kind of being, Shinigami, Arrancars/Hollows, Humans. This often leaves them to be Paralysed for short to long periods depending on their own physique and spiritual power. She mainly targets her opponents' pressure points when she needs to be silent while on a covert mission. However, applying pressure points isn’t exactly her preferred method in hand-to-hand combat.

By building up and channeling her spiritual power in her fists and sometimes her feet, further amplifying her already tremendous strength, she can devastate her immediate surroundings with ease, able to also destroy weaker opponents in one blow, leaving nothing left of them. It is said her weakest blow can still be deadly from injuring a person’s vital organs, to fracturing bones, or even leaving them half-dead at times if they’re unlucky enough.

Known Techniques: Tessho,Takigoi,Sandbag Beat.Kazaguruma,Kagamibiraki,Taketonbo,Tsukiyubi,Sokotsu,I kkotsu, Chi Blocking



Kido Skill Level: Specialist

In all honesty, Kagura doesn’t have that much talent in kido or rather that much care to use it, knowing only some basic spells that she doesn’t particularly care to even use. She thinks using kido is pretty bland and far too tedious. During the academy days she was known to be slacking in her studies and her practice, dismissing the instructors who tried to instruct her. However, having been encouraged by her peers on the importance of Kido, she got to know more about the ability within itself and learned more about its practice and usage. Kido comes in handy to Kagura if she is in dire need of a brief distraction or a window of opportunity. Though not an expert or master of this art, she certainly does know a few spells up her sleeve to exploit, keeping enemies at bay even if the spells are basic. However She still does very much prefer the other methods of fighting which are all her best assets during fights.

Known Spells:
Geki, Sai, Sekienton


Skills and Abilities:

An art which is a combination of Kido and Hakuda discovered by only a few shinigami. It is unknown if it was due to a fluke or because of the sturdiness of her body and the stubbornness of her mind that led to her usage. Known to have a disinterest in Kido, Kagura still desired to improve and be of use. As a Hakuda user she preferred using her body as a weapon. Frustrated with the many complications of Kido in the form of incantations, rather than using words to chant and make the spells happen she felt it would be easier and better if she made them happen with her fists. Using what she knew and understood of Kido, the bullheaded woman attempted just that, the power of Kido running rampant within her body each time she attempted to cast a spell by way of a punch or kick instead of chanting a long winded phrase or saying a name. With each attempt to exert kido in this manner, the kido would become wilder as it traveled through her body, through her arms, her feet, her fists until the signature jagged aura surrounded the battered woman. While she had not succeeded in casting a spell with a punch she felt empowered, stronger, faster. Kagura continues to be oblivious to the fact she has stepped into the door of shunko, stubbornly continuing her pursuit in firing off spells with her punches and kicks, unknowingly honing her crude and immature shunko at the same time.



Waist Trainer - This keeps Kagura in shape during her working hours, however despite how it may look, it doesn’t restrict her eating habits or her breathing pattern. Inside the waist trainer is lined with Ginjōtan (銀条反, Stripe of Inverted Silver), giving an extra challenge to her day to day life. The only time she will take the trainer off is when the It's for the onsen or to sleep.




Zanpakuto Name:


(手の目; “Eyes on Hands”)

Zanpakuto Appearance:

The normal appearance for Tenome is the appearance of a dagger style blade with a unique top, like fancy scissors having to be joined together at the top and being in a rose gold hue. Complementing the rose gold half is red tape and going along with the red theme is in the scabbard. Without the scabbard, it appears as a standard Pointed Dagger.



Zanpakuto Spirit:

The spirit presents herself as a giantess woman, with muscles in tight clothing on her body, showing her physique. Usually having a crooked smile on the left side of her face, which appears to be unsymmetric. Tenome has a short strawberry pixie haircut that often compliments her emerald green eyes. With her rough looking appearance, she has tattoos on her face. One on the forehead and the other completely covers her left side of the body.

Tenome is very much like Kagura, oftentimes their personalities clash due to them being a lot alike. Tenome is a very proud spirit oftentimes very rude and crude but also loves to nickname Kagura as a “pig” due to her huge eating habit. Which often leads Kagura to bite back on her Spirit’s name by commenting on her teeth. Despite all the rudeness and cockiness to the side, Tenome can be determined to protect those who are close to her, more specifically Kagura, who despite their arguments she secretly does care for the Madarame woman. She loves to joke around as well, being a small prankster, whenever she laughs she snorts as a pig would do. Tenome speaks with a heavy lisp, which can lead Kagura to say “Huh? Or “Ey?” a lot.


Inner World:

In the inner world, it appears to be a maze. Of course, it is rather confusing since there are so many dead ends. Which often makes it very difficult to find Tenome, who often loves to play around, selecting different locations. Which often annoys Kagura greatly, leaving them to argue for about a few minutes.


Release Phrase: “Derange, Tenome”





Shikai Special Ability:
With every strike from Tenome, her Zanpakuto the signals traveling through her opponent’s body get rearranged. This causes their body to do everything but what they intend to do, blinking instead of clenching their fists, kicking instead of swinging their arm, fingers flexing instead of feet carrying them forward. With every strike the signals jumble up the signals again, and again leaving her opponent unable to truly decipher how to move their body and thus, at the mercy of Kagura.


Personal Relationships:
Kyomu Mukuro

Kagura has deep respect for Captain Mukuro, and some admiration towards him. She views him as the greatest mentor she has had in her life. However, being entrusted with being the warden and the 3rd seat of the division, led her to strive to be the best she can at impressing the Captain, who is known to be hard to please.

Himari Shimizu
The two young females met in the academy, despite them being two polar opposites of each other they often compliment personalities to each other. Himari has been the only woman to have been able to calm Kagura all the years. She has deep respect towards the blue haired woman and oftentimes as well admires how calm and collected she is with situations.

-> Alcohol
-> Partying
-> Food
-> Giving nicknames to others
-> Crude and Dark humor.

-> Disrespectful prisoners
-> Quincies, Hollows/Arrancar.
-> Tomatoes. Yuck!

Training, Partying, Onsens.
Favorite Food(s):
BBQs of all kinds.

⦿ Kagura’s Battle theme is One Piece - Katakuri Theme However her normal theme is Raining Blood

⦿ English VA is Colleen Clickenbeard, Whos most famous roles include: Hibana,Luffy,Erza and Momo The Voices of Colleen Clinkenbeard

⦿ However, Her Japanese VA is Atsuko Tanaka Who’s famous roles include: Bayonetta, Motoko Kusanagi Video Game Voice Comparison- Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

⦿While Kagura has succeeded in performing Shunko once or twice briefly, she cannot willingly activate or control it and to this day, doesn’t know what it actually is.




New member

Shinjō Matsunaga
(心情, “Feelings”), (松永, “Pine Tree, Long Time”)​

Shinjō Matsunaga is an Academy Student at Shin'ō Academy. While he would like to say that he was raised by his father and mother, that isn’t truly the case. After his birth father had passed away, his mother remarried someone from the Kouken Family and they had relocated to a large aristocratic home located in District 1 of the Rokungai. He was introduced to their families deeper background and the Kouken Shinkou (‘規約信仰’, “Guardian Creed”), which was meant to teach nobility and a more spiritual and compassionate life, but ultimately he refused to follow such a way out of spite.

Unlike his brother, Kiyobu Kouken, Shinjō Matsunaga lives a much more casual lifestyle in comparison to his brother’s dutiful methods. They are also on opposite ends of the spectrum. While the Kouken Clan focuses on a more spiritual lifestyle, ingrained in his blood are the Matsunaga Clan’s principles of a more present lifestyle, more physical, even in combat. The majority of his free time is assumed to be lazing around, but the reality is that the title of the Bastard Child, enrages him to train privately while creating a façade of doing nothing.​

Actual Age: 155 years old
Physical Age: 25 years old
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: July 3rd
Gender: Male

Height: 192 cm (6’3”)
Weight: 102 kg (225 lbs)
Blood Type: AB+

Affiliation: Soul Society, Seireitei, Shin'ō Academy
Profession: Academy Student
Title: N/A
Position: N/A
Division: Spiritual Arts Academy—(真央霊術院, “Shinōreijutsuin”)
Partner(s): N/A
Base of Operations: Seireitei, Soul Society

Notable Features: Shimmering emerald eyes with beautiful, long white hair—it’s challenging for one’s eyes to not fall onto Shinjō. He’s quite the stunning individual and paired with his height and casual, calming personality women tend to be captivated over the air of mystery surrounding him.

There are many things that could be said about the eccentric Shinjō Matsunaga. Immoral yet just, unyielding yet understanding, cruel yet kind — and ambiguous no matter the setting. Shinjō Matsunaga is an odd individual to say the least. His mannerism in comparison to most is considered to be very relaxed and laid back, but he does seem to operate on some sort of sense of purpose. Yet even then, most times you’ll find Shinjō aimlessly walking around or taking a peaceful nap under the shade of a tree, which only adds to the belief that Shinjō is simply lazing around. Shinjō is nonchalant around mostly everyone, even enemies. He prefers to enjoy the little things in life which adds to his calming distinctive ambiance. Shinjō is someone that does not enjoy any strenuous activity. This is shown as often the charming, silver-tongued man will try to talk his way out of things by engaging anyone in idle conversation. It can be annoying for most as each word is tainted with a dash of sarcasm. Figuring out who or what exactly Shinjō is up to is an arduous task.

However, when he was younger, he was much different. Shinjō originally was similar to any kid, full of energy and filled with spirit, but after the birth of his younger brother, many things changed. He began to not receive as much attention or love from his mother anymore. This was mainly due to his mother being remarried into another clan and he became seen as the bastard child. All the attention and love was pushed toward Kiyobu Kouken. This in turn angered Shinjō to the point where he began to resent the Kouken Clan, his brother, and even his mother. This led to him deciding on living a more pragmatic lifestyle which was the direct antithesis of the Kouken Creed. Around this time, he began to drift away from the creed because it felt as if it were a weakness and he focussed solely on being present versus the spiritual side of the creed. This was also symbolic of him drifting away from his family as well and creating a path of his own. Yet deep down, even now, he only wanted to be recognized by the Kouken Clan as their own.

As he grew older, the rage seemed to simmer down. It still exists, but he’s much more controlled now with conservation or instances regarding any of the Kouken Clan members. Most of the time, Shinjō is friendly, but there is a feeling of ambiguity behind the conversations. Shinjō is also known to be goofy and somewhat touchy. Being someone that speaks with his hands, he moves around a lot and touches whoever he is talking to and constantly breaks into just about anyone's personal space. There is a touch of drama as well within him, sighing heavily when he wants or craves attention, or even when he’s bored. He’s very calculated and resourceful. As someone that is very pragmatic, his combat style revolves around such a principle as well.

Despite being laid back and jovial, Shinjō is insanely confident in his abilities and believes that one day he will be one of the strongest Shinigami ever. This is one of the reasons he seems to be care-free and most importantly, himself in every instance, regardless of who he is talking to. While he is one to follow rules laid down by the superiors, he is someone that would bend the rules into the gray area if he so chooses. Shinjō strongly believes himself to be the one of the strongest, not because of his raw strength, but intelligence and resourcefulness. Peeling back the façade, Shinjō has that switch that he can flip which brings out his deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation requires such.

Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual PowerReiryoku Control: Average Control
Ever since he was a child, Shinjō Matsunaga has had what felt like an endless sea of spiritual energy at the tips of his fingertips. The only problem was this was never recognized until he had entered into the Academy where he had learned to control his spiritual energy. After an accident when he was younger, he had subconsciously limited himself in terms of spiritual energy so that he would never hurt anyone or anything. A kind spirit he was as a child, but that all changed when his brother came into the picture. This anger unleashed all that he had been holding back and with it all the potential had been realized. After it was noticed, he was enrolled into the Shin'ō Academy only to teach him to control his spiritual energy and nothing more. Fortunately, that did not go as planned as during his training at the academy it was realized that the boy had innate talent that only needed direction.

When he was younger, he had no control over his spiritual energy. This much was evident as during times he would experience strong emotions, he’d change the immediate surroundings unknowingly with relative ease. Only when he had joined the academy had he learned how to control his spiritual energy. But even then, he still continues to learn. His hope is that one day he’ll have enough control over his spiritual energy so he can learn high-level Kidō.

Sensing Reiryoku: Expert
As someone who was constantly and consciously monitoring their own spiritual energy, and even is now, Shinjō has gained a hypersensitivity to spiritual energy. From this, he has become sort of an expert in being able to detect and track the spiritual energy of others over great distances with uncanny precision. Shinjō is able to decipher between various spiritual patterns and gauge strength and reiatsu levels.

Reiatsu: Expert
Even when Shinjō Matsunaga was a child, he was able to release his reiatsu and cause devastating damage to the environment and to the people near him. Of course at this age, it was not controllable and was only released through powerful emotions. Later, as he honed his abilities at Shin'ō Academy, he became in much more control of his reiatsu. However, he rarely ever employs this method or approach in combat as his personality is too laid-back and calm.
Reiatsu Colors: Jade
Reiatsu Shape: WIP
Reiatsu Effect(s): WIP
Reiatsu Type: Standard

Zanjutsu Level: Expert Swordsman
The art of the sword is considered to be an important art to master especially if one hopes to serve as a tenured Shinigami. Not placing efforts in this still form of combat would essentially be setting yourself up for failure. Shinjō understood this from a young age and would spend hours upon hours perfecting this craft. He wanted his sword to be an extension of him and for his movement to be effortless and graceful. What motivated him even further was that his brother, Kiyobu Kouken, also trained hard in improving his swordsmanship. The want, or rather need, to become better than him and be recognized was all that was needed to become infatuated with this form of combat, which in turn led him down the path of focusing heavily on close-quarter combat.

By the time Shinjō has entered into the academy, he had experience in Kendō (剣道), Nitōjutsu (二刀術), and Iaijutsu (居合術). His training included sparring anyone he could and incorporating repetitive form training to make him even quicker, his blades leaving after images and his attacks so swift and precise they would not even be registered by opponents until after. Shinjō’s training regime was intense. It included hours of fierce sword training, balancing on thin wires, and repetitive tameshigiri practice. From it, Shinjō was able to deflect and redirect any projectile, varying from arrows, bullets, gusts of wind, and objects as heavy as boulders.

In the academy, there came a point in time that he had lost some inspiration in this form of fighting. Being someone who wanted to primarily focus on this form of combat, or so he thought, it was getting to a point where all the styles were merely inspirations of one another. During sparring sessions with peers, he could identify styles and techniques being utilized by them which subconsciously influenced him to change his stancing to where it would appear odd and unusual so no one could predict his movements. A formless fighting style you could say. Even then, he felt he was missing something. The thrill of it was disappearing until at some point in the academy, Shinjō began to incorporate a deceptive fighting style. He had always been fighting with one hand, but with his free hand now he began to hold hidden blades that could shoot out like a projectile or simply come forth so he could wield it in his hands. Even then, he’ll use just about anything from sheathe to pommel as a weapon, sometimes even other weaponry.​

Hohō Level: Shunpo ExpertHakuda Level: Expert Hakuda Combatant
Shinjō has been blessed with unusually powerful physical capabilities which are showcased by his incredible speed, ferocious strength, and indomitable durability. How or why this came to be is relatively unknown, but ever since he was a child he had always been physically superior in comparison to the other children and surprisingly, competitive with even some of the people in the academy despite not having formal training.

This gap between him and his peers only grew the older he became and resulted in Shinjō becoming an absolutely devastating opponent in close-quarter combat. His expertise in these skills, as well as his Zanjutsu capabilities, in combination are a beauty to witness. His movements of Shunpo are so inexplicably effortless that it is as graceful as watching a dance. Shinjō has swift footwork and unruly stamina, in unison with his physical capabilities, he produces monstrous force allowing him to cover massive distances in less steps. He’s also able to get to his top speed faster than others because of this. All of this, only to be paired with unyielding strength capable of turning bone into fine dust or even bursting internal organs. It’s not maintaining high speed movements for an incredible duration that makes Shinjō dangerous in close quarter combat, it's exceptional agility and maneuverability.

Abiding by a set of principles, a doctrine per say, Shinjō follows three principles when engaging in close-quarter combat: Pursuit, Cornering, and Relentlessness. In close-quarter combat, one must be in constant pursuit of the opponent aiming to corner them as best he can. It’s important that with his attacks he is relentless and does not allow for them to have a chance to think or set their own plans in motion. Following these three principles, oftentimes the opponent will make a mistake and that is when they will pay the price.

His insane durability also should be taken into account as he sometimes will tank blows if he sees that he has an opportunity for an attack. These instances only occur when he believes the outcome is greater than the consequence. It’s somewhat ironic given that Shinjō’s appearance seems so frail, yet he has supernatural physical capabilities. It should be noteworthy to say that Kyomu Mukuro is someone that Shinjō admires. He hopes that one day he’ll be able to reenact the blinding movements of Mujin and incorporate it with his cataclysmic strength.​

Kido Skill Level: Kidō Practitioner
Shinjō’s least practiced and utilized art is Kidō. He spent so much time mastering the other forms of combat, that he neglected Kidō all together. It is something that he heavily regrets and has only understood the pure potential of the art in his last year at the Academy. He now constantly throws himself into Kidō classes to better learn.

Skills and Abilities: Uncanny Resourcefulness and Creativity, Unnatural Physical Capabilities

Equipment: Asauchi, Denreishiki
Inventions: N/A

Zanpakuto Name: N/A
Zanpakuto Appearance: N/A
Zanpakuto Spirit: N/A
Inner World: N/A
Release Phrase: N/A

Shikai: N/A
Shikai Special Ability: N/A


Character Appearance:​
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Character Name: Naruhito Sabitsura
Actual Age: 164
Physical Age: 16
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: Feb 7th
Gender: Male

Height: 172.72 cm (5'8)
Weight: 70.3068174kg (155lbs)
Blood Type: O-

Affiliation: Gotei 13 / Seretei / Soul Society / Rukongai
Profession: Shinigami
Title: TBD (or whatever title people wanna give him)
Position: Ninth Seat
Division: Division Thirteen
Partner(s): TBD IC
Base of Operations: Seretei/Soul Society/Human World - (Karakura Town)

Notable Features:
Naruhito appears as a young teenaged looking male. His eyes are deep dark green almost moss colored like which he typically gets made fun of due to his silver hair, people expect him to have piercing blue eyes. He wears the standard issue shuhaksho, and sports silver framed glasses, his zanpkuto which has a beige colored scabbard rests on his left hip tucked into his Obi sash.

Soft-spoken, serene and humble, Naruhito’s usual demeanor suits his effeminate appearance perfectly. Always willing to put others before himself, both in terms of well-being and social standing. He carries himself with an air of amicable temperance, politely conversing with the people he encounters and freely giving his meager services to those who need a hand. Naruhito doesn't hesitate to put himself in the path of harm to shield those around him and often attempts to diffuse contentious situations with soft, calming words and a somewhat clownish personality involving feigned clumsiness most times. These traits lead those unfamiliar with Naruhito to see him as easily exploitable, but more perceptive individuals are likely to become aware that his gift for placatory eloquence and veiled redirection of disagreeable situations suggest a deep wisdom despite his youthful, unassuming visage.
Having lived his own life carrying heavy regrets, Naruhito is reluctant to judge others for their personal actions, beliefs or mistakes and always offers hopeful encouragement so that those who have stumbled onto the wrong path might redeem themselves in the future. However, when forced to draw his sword against those who abuse their power and undervalue the lives of others, Naruhito’s calm temperament gives way to a marked intensity capable of intimidating even other skilled Shinigami and can go so far as to become a powerful fury, despite his compulsion toward diplomacy.
The closest thing to a relative would be the Old Bat who he just stuck with calling Obbassan who took care of him in the Sabitsura district of Rukongai.

Reiryoku Level:
High Spiritual Power-

Despite his young appearance, Naruhito exudes an impressive amount of spiritual power. Thought this shouldn't come as surprise with the battles he has lived, and the power of his Zanpakuto being in adirect correlation with his own. The limit of his power feels as if one is walking through a void cold and dark without an end in sight, as if time doesn’t pass and they are stuck in a stasis for all time. Such is the expression one gets from the seemingly never-endless rage of power swelled inside him. In more modest terms, Naruhito's Reiryoku levels would be more comparable to that of a seasoned 5th seat maybe even a junior to mildly experienced 4th seat.

Sensing Reiryoku:
In the greater aspect of one's ability to sense and feel out Reiryoku as a whole, Naruhito is at a basic junior Shinigami level when it comes to this art. The primary reason for this is simply because most of his life despite being in multiple fights and battles before becoming a Shinigami, is that those whom he fought typically did not have large pools of Reiryoku, so rather than sensing their power, he was able to sense intent/emotions to a limited extent and only those who overtly let their bloodlust show. He has much room to grow overall when it comes to sensing Reiryoku but feels as if he can apply the similar concept of feeling out ones bloodlust/intentions to how he could potentially feel out ones Reiryoku.

Reiryoku Control:
Average Control-
Controlling ones Reiryoku is something that has come frustratingly difficult to Naruhito than many of the other skills a Shinigami needs in order to function properly as a member of the Gotei 13. The reasoning for this is simply because his Shikais power was at least in the beginning a bit more than he could handle, it took him many hours of practicing, training, and painstaking hard work to be able to control and adapt to the power that lies dormant within his Zanpakuto. However, due to this dedication he has reached a respectable level of control but there is evidently much room for growth.

Releasing ones Reiatsu as an intimidationary act, is something Naruhito does not do often. It primarily happens when he becomes tempered, angry, or irritated. But generally, when it is done without being under these circumstances its simply when he wants to present a show of force.
Reiatsu Colors: Gold Reiatsu Type: Standard


Zanjutsu Level:
Expert Swordsman-
With his past being spent revolved around living by the sword, the countless battles, and the mini three year long internal gang civil war in the Sabitsura district, as well as his entirety of time receiving a formal education/training of Zanjutsu skills, Naruhito despite being a ninth seat has shown Zanjutsu capabilities that are well above his seated ranking.
In the beginning he simply focused on doing whatever it took to slay his opponent and get rid of the threats before him, over time he became more adept at this and was able to dispatch most of his enemies in the Sabitsura district relatively quickly. However, once attending the academy and receiving his formalized training, Naruhito began to develop his own style of swordsmanship based off of his own personal experiences.
While still following primarily the techniques and forms he was taught at the academy he developed most of his attacks to be founded based on the principle ichi no tachi, meaning to strike in a single blow, he also saw that this form of combat suited him best especially when it came to combating hollows. Rather than waste time fighting them and hacking off limbs or trying to find the perfect opening. Naruhito developed a series of counter-stances that he could use depending on his own positioning and his opponents designed solely to efficiently dispose of hollows with a single strike.

Hohō Level:
Shunpo Practitioner-
While being a practitioner, Naruhito has shown some degree of talent in this field. Primarily due to his hard work ethic and the fact that he has undergone special training with his Zanpkutos power when released in his Shikai state though he still ha snot yet mastered his training regiment. Naruhito has spent hundreds upon hundreds of long hours in his six long years at the academy working to build up to this level. Naruhito's Flashstep or Shunpo, is a cut above the average academy student, but in the eyes of a truly blessed genius or someone with exceptional raw talent he is seemingly just as slow as a normal practitioner.
Known Techniques: Shunpo


Hakuda Level:
Hakuda Practitioner-
Naruhito has some base knowledge of Hakuda, but since his upbringing has already relied more so on the sword rather than utilizing his fists to fight. He knows the basic forms, stances, and motions that he was taught during his time at the academy, and of course the little knowledge of cheap shots he learned from his time in the Sabitsura district but past that has shown no real desire to pursue and expertise in hand to hand combat.

Kido Skill Level:
Kidō Specialist-
With his average control of his Reiryoku than most, Naruhito as a byproduct of this stated control is where one would expect him to be when it comes to kido given his ranking and experience as a Shinigami. He is interested more so in Bakudō than Hadō, seeing how he could use it more advantageously in conjunction with his Hoho and Zanjutsu skills, but has taken to learn a few offensive Kidos.
Known Spells: Bakudō: Sai, Horin, Sekienton, Shitotsu Sansen. Hadō: Byakurai, Shakkahō.

Skills and Abilities:
Increased Stamina / Muscular Endurance / Physical Strength:
Using his Zanpakutos special ability as a medium, Naruhito has undergone at least in rudimentary levels an increased and intensified training regiment than probably most people would ever experience in their life. Despite only having recently begun this training regime he has seen incredible results leading to a vast increase in his stamina, muscular endurance, and the sheer power and strength within his physiology as a whole. In the future he plans ot perfect this training regiment to push his body past their peak levels by subjecting him to the harshest of conditions to force his body to adapt and push his limits past their base levels.

Denreishiki X - (伝令神機, Divine Messenger Machine) The Denreishinki is an electronic inter-dimensional communications device used by Shinigami while on an assignment in the Human World. It looks nearly identical to the cellphones found throughout the Human World, and comes in many different designs.

Zanpakuto Name:
Sekai no don'yoku-sha - (世界の貪欲者, Devourer of Worlds)

Zanpakuto Appearance:
In its sealed state, Sekai no don'yoku-sha is a standard Katana. In length, the blade is 31 inches weighing just under 2lbs making it incredibly light. The handguard is traditional styled circular guard that is a golden bronze color. The handle of the blade is entirely black with beige wrapping weaving around it before coiling around the end near the pommel. The scabbard is of a color to the handguard and is a standard lacquered wooden scabbard.

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Sekai no don'yoku-sha takes form of a mass of black goo with black tendrils that ooze off in every single direction. Looking like some type of mutated alien octopus that makes loud guttural and incoherent words/sighs at times. Despite the seemingly incoherence behind his Zanpakuto, Naruhito is able to understand him perfectly which should be obvious given they are one in the same, Sekai no don'yoku-sha regardless of his appearance can actually be quite chatty and doesn’t mind just sitting in the inner world talking to Naruhito about what transpired throughout the day, or just talking about general things, such as his favorite foods and such.
Inner World:

The inner world of Sekai no don'yoku-sha is an expanse-less never-ending pitch-black sky, glistening with bright white stars that illuminate the area. When Naruhito enters this area despite it being in the sky he is able to stand perfectly still mid air using 0 effort or power, he can also simply float and bounce around as if gravity does not exist, primarily due to the fact that Sekai no don'yoku-sha makes it so there is no gravity in the inner world unless he wishes it so. It is here that Naruhito learned to first call out his Zanpakuto and his name. Sekai no don'yoku-sha. Since the founding and understanding of his Zanpakutos name Naruhito spends at least one hour every day, typically at the end of the day to simply talk with Sekai no don'yoku-sha about what happened throughout the day. Not inline with his normal Jinzen training, or anything his division might make him do but rather, just conversing with his Zanpakuto as a friend and teammate.


Shikai Appearance:
Sekai no don'yoku-sha form does not change when being released nor does Naruhito’s appearance change any when being released. His Zanpakuto retains the exact same shape and form as it did in its sealed state which can be used advantageously by those unaware if Naruhito silently releases his Zanpakuto.

Release Phrase:
Crush, Grind, Devour - Sekai no don'yoku-sha

Shikai Special Ability:
Jūryoku sōsa

Jūryoku sōsa – (重力操作, Gravity Manipulation) Is the special ability of Sekai no don'yoku-sha which allows the user to freely control their personal gravity, enabling them to perform various feats; such as levitating in midair, falling sideways, clinging onto walls and ceilings, altering the density of their body, repelling incoming projectiles with a field of anti-gravity among others. This effect can also be applied to any person or object the user makes physical contact with including their Zanpakuto. Furthermore, the strength of the gravitational forces being controlled is in direct proportion with the amount of Reiryoku utilized within the ability.


Personal Relationships:
Obbassan: Never learned her name or if he did he forgot it over time.
Likes: Lolipops, Instant Ramen, Being compassionate to others
Dislikes: Non-compassionate people, Those who bully or injure others for the fun of it, Gnats
Favorite Food(s): Instant Ramen, and lolipops if they count as food

Born and raised by lovely old lady he simply called Obbassan, Naruhito had a relatively normal upbringing as far as the Sabitsura district is concerned. It wasn't the easiest of childhoods, but it wasn't all too bad either. Before long Naruhito became a young adult as quickly entered into a life of thieving, fighting, and other gang-related activity just to survive in the outer edges of the Rukon District where it seemed many Soul Reapers didn’t have a care for what transpired out there as long as it didn’t directly affect them or cause to much trouble.
During his formative years before he entered Shin'ō Academy, Naruhito was a member of the Tetsu no ōkami (鉄のオオカミ, Iron Wolves) Gang. During his time with the gang, he quickly became introduced to a world of violence, He spent most of his time being a debt collector. Collecting the debts owed to the organization by any means necessary. It wasn’t long before Naruhito was forced to take someone life however and in this foundational moment his superiors in the organization realized his lack of “humanity” or rather disregard for life. Unlike others when it came to killing, they might have an initial shock, or overtly obvious expression on their face whether disgust, joy, rage, etc. Naruhito’s face however was completely expressionless as if void of any feelings all together.
Seeing the potential in this attribute Naruhito was thrust into a world of manslaughter. He was only allowed to take breaks from his training, when he was sleeping, eating, or working. Now rather than collecting debts his jobs tended to be more egregious, the gang sent him off to kill rival members of other gangs, and just anyone that posed a potential threat to the organization as whole. Eventually, this sparked a small war in the shadows between the Tetsu no ōkami and every other gang within the Sabitsura district. Despite the fighting being incredibly small in scale, Naruhito was always at the forefront and exposed to combat nearly everyday for 3 years straight until finally all of the gangs were practically destroyed, including the Tetsu no ōkami.
Naruhito had spent three long years murdering anyone who dare opposed him and stood in his way during these gang wars, but since there was virtually no damage to the actual Sabitsura district and very few civilian casualties due to the scale of these fights being small and most of the fighting taking place in rural rather than urban areas, there was very little attention or information even known about the gang-wars. This in turn led to virtually zero reaction from the Gotei 13. The other reason for no reaction would be simply because in the end the gangs destroyed themselves at the apex of the war.
After all this time Naruhito had essentially turned off any humanity or emotions he had as you might call it and he returned to his Obbassan. It took along time and many more years for him to slowly revert away from his inhumane killer mentality. When Naruhito did finally come around, he was stricken with grief and self-loathing for the horrendous acts he had committed. Eventually given time and with a great deal of patience and encouragement from Obbassan, Naruhito decided to walk down a different path in life. One that he could atone for the sins of his past whilst also achieving some semblance of good. Due to this desire to change his life around, Naruhito joined the Shin'ō Academy, There he already showed great skill in Zanjutsu given his years of fighting as a personal slayer for the Tetsu no ōkami gang, and after six long arduous years he had finally graduated with the skills in all other fields of the Shinigami arts necessary to become a Soul Reaper, he was given a rank of Ninth seat and was placed within the Thirteenth Division.


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“Do you know just how much you're worth?”
“There are those who'll tell you you're wrong, they will try to silence your song.”
“Though the world may try to define you, it can't take the light that's inside you.”
“Flow like water, swift as the wind, honor the fallen, even your kin.”

Character Name: Aiya Munetoshi
Actual Age: 180
Physical Age:19
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: May 23
Height: 4,8
Weight: 80 lbs
Blood Type: AB negative

Affiliation:/Gotei 13/ Seireitei/ Soul Society
Profession: Academy student
Base of Operations: Shino Academy

Notable Features: Aiya cares her notable mother's Cotton candy pink hair that tend to plague some of the Munetoshi women and men in the family. She also bears two different colored eyes of her mother's and older siblings lavender purple left eye to her father's amber brown right eye. A smell of cherry blossoms filling the air wherever she goes.
Personality: Aiya is a very quiet pacifist that prefers to keep to herself in most situations. She enjoys friends and getting together, but often she can be found sitting alone somewhere ‘looking ahead’ humming some tone or swaying from side to side to a hidden melody playing around her. Aiya has learned to never get attached to anything as she has learned, everything can be taken or nearly everything can be replaced.

Relatives: Aiya Comes from one of the lesser noble families, The Munetoshi. The Munetoshi is known for the Numbers of Shinigami they assist from the Rukongai into proper training within the family compound only to head off to the academy to join the ranks of the Shinigami in the name of the seiritei. The Family has a knack for finding and breeding just the right Shinigami and souls to benefit the Shinigami in numbers and set of powers, many past family members raising to rank of captains and lieutenants and have play significant roles in the seiritei in the past, which has raised the family to their status.

Aiya herself is one of the younger blood siblings within the Munetoshi, Kairyuko and Annaisha Munetoshi are the current heads of the family and currently runs the lesser noble house. Some of her notable siblings are Yua as well as her younger Adopted Sister Yuuki.

Aiya is in an arranged marriage with Masihiko Kunichi from an arrangement made by their families ages ago. Most would have cut the ties but Aiya has chosen to keep true to the agreement from the morals and knowledge of family she has consulted along with just getting to know Masihiko in general beyond the arrangement.

Reiryoku Level:
Immense Spiritual Power-
Aiya has never been known for her control of her vast spiritual powers. It was one of the reasons she got into the academy. To control and not be scared, coming from one of the lesser nobel houses, She had a reputation to meet. the power girl not control her spiritual power. She learned to hide that intinent well by allowing her vast spiritual power out, as if to attempt to scared others off. Unfortunately she found if not control hers will literally send shock waves farther and farther the more she loses control of the given situation out of her own fear of herself and things around her. Those who had contact with her vast pressure would often feel a pulse of sorts that got stronger and stronger the closer they are.

Sensing Reiryoku:
Aiya learned at a young age to keep track of her surroundings. Being in the Munetoshi house hold is like being in a literal mall. There are so many rooms and halls for the various family members that she learned from Yua that it was best to track based from Reiryoku. She had trained herself to keep watch of her surroundings. To her, each person has a rhythm, a melody of sorts to their movement and to their presence. She has been making mental notes of all she has meet or observed and from this training she has sort of found a commonality to the ones that she can track easily compared to ‘songs’ that were much harder.

Reiryoku Control:
Average Control-
Aiya has worked her heart out learning to control her Reiryoku in nearly every aspect from attempting to hide her presence, which she still greatly struggles with as well as maintaining her Reiryoku in casting her spells and using it to amply her strength and speed when needed for small but short bursts of energy


Aiya had never had much issue exterting her reaistu as it often times helped her get a point across when she was to be left alone or need to use it to get an upper hand in sudden attacks. Most don't take her seriously so using her reaistu every once and awhile tends to assist in getting the point across without causing pain.

Reiatsu Colors:
a deep amber yellow
Reiatsu Effect(s):

Reiatsu Type:
Element Type


Zanjutsu Level: -

Aiya has only thew basic academy understanding of the zanpackuto and its uses, she hasn’t fully found her style of using her sword to the best of hers and its abilities

Known Techniques:

Hohō Level:
Shunpo Practitioner-
Aiya learned quickly at a young age in a massive family that she needed to be quick to keep from getting stepped on or knocked over let alone having what she wanted taken. Often fights tend to break out and if you didn't move fast enough, you just might find yourself within the fight till someone was able to break it up. Being a young Munetoshi sibling also meant the occasional bodyguard. She always found these annoying and unneeded and often found a way to escape her escort. Often getting both them and her in trouble but hey it helped.

Known Techniques: Shunpo

Hakuda Level:
Hakuda Combatant-
Aiya is as basic as they come when it comes to hand to hand. She prefers to wear her opponent down with her sword before using hand to hand but sometimes she is willing to switch it up if it means to get an upper hand

Known Techniques: Tsukiyubi, Flash tornado

Kido Skill Level:

Kidō Practitioner-
Aiya prefers to use kido for support. She has fully learned to control her kido and often find her hado spells backfire more often then succeed. Her defensive ones seem to succeed more but only by a little.
Known Spells: Bakudo 1-20, Hado 1-20

Skills and Abilities:


Equipment: her school uniform, her ausachi, denreishiki

Zanpakuto Name: State the name of your Zanpakuto
Zanpakuto Appearance: Describe the appearance of your Zanpakuto in its sealed state(unless your Zanpakuto is a constantly released type). Include information such as wear and how it is worn, size and blade type. Also state the name of your Zanpakuto here.
Zanpakuto Spirit: Describe the appearance of your Zanpakuto and its personality

Inner World: Describe the appearance of your Inner world and its inner workings

Release Phrase: What is the Incantation used to release your Zanpakuto into its Shikai?


Shikai Special Ability:
Bankai Special Ability:


Character Appearance:
Aiya Academy Uniform.png
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“Maybe I’ll stand tall, sit above the brave...”

“What's the excuse this time?”

“Hello! How may we be of assistance? Wait... What happened to your arm, Sir?”

“I will create a world without War!”



White Fang (白い牙 “Shiroi kiba”), Blue Flash (ブルーフラッシュ “Burūfurasshu”)

Character Name: Yamato (大和 “Great Harmony”) Kotetsu (虎鉄 ”Iron Tiger”)
Actual Age: 568
Physical Age: 19
Race: Soul Born
Birthday: 12th November
Gender: Male
Height: 5‘9 (175.3cm)
Weight: 13.16 Stone (83.6kg)
Blood Type: O-


Affiliation: Gotei 13/ Seretei/ Soul Society
Profession: Shinigami
Title: 4th Unseated
Position: Unseated Member; 4th
Division: Fourth Division –– (四番隊, Yonbantai; "Squad 4")
Base of Operations: Seireitei, Soul Society, Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所, The Coordinated Relief Station)


Notable Features: Yamato is a boy with dishevelled hair and sky-blue eyes. Yamato dons the traditional Shihakushō (死覇装, “Garment of Dead Souls”) but adapts it to his liking, giving the upper half of the garments a short sleeve style and adopting a white medical bag over his torso.


Personality: Yamato is an excitable young man with a boisterous personality. He loves meeting new people, having friendly competitions, and reading up on Manga. Headstrong and often impulsive, it falls to others – such as his squad mates, to be more responsible or realistic about things that Yamato has gotten carried away with. When taken down in this way, or even when simply presented with information that troubles him, Kotetsu could do a near-immediate about-face, going from laughing to sulking. These moping periods are typically brief though, and he's quick to go back to his usual high-spirited nature.

Despite the first impression he may give, Yamato is capable of being serious when it comes to matters that are important to him. He spends the years of his life studying the practice medical Kidō (鬼道, Demon/Spirit Way; Viz "Demon Arts") and dreams of a Shinigami system where War is simply something left in the history books. To that end he has become very devoted to the Seretei, as it's what lead him to his goals. He wants the rest of the Seretei to cherish what the soul society represents just as much as he does, encouraging others to regard everyone as part of one large family that should always look out for each other. As a part of the 4th Division, his job is to protect and rescue every and anyone at all costs, even if that cost was his life.

In fact, he has adopted an entire goal of gaining more power just to be powerful enough to stop violence. He always sees the best in others, either trusting that they act in good faith or they could, through non-violent means, be reasoned with. He is humble, not above lowering his head to his fellow Division heads or claiming inferiority to those he's never met but whose actions he approved of. If nothing else, Kotetsu is kind, placing the needs of others before his own: he is willing to take his own life if it would help create a world where his friends and family wouldn't need to die unnecessarily.


Reiryoku Level: Immense Spiritual Power

Yamato wields a fresh concertation of spiritual power, and it is due to his seemingly mastered refinery that he can finely manipulate his large batch of spiritual power. He’s got such a large amount that he can use multiple wide varieties of high-level Kidō (鬼道, Demon/Spirit Way; Viz "Demon Arts") without any signs of weariness or tension. Having such an overwhelming accumulation of power compacted into his child-like form, he’s very much seen as “talented” to some in the Seireitei and is often envied for the control he maintains. When it comes to having immense and potent amounts, Yamato is certainly one of the most prestige wielders, possessing his seemingly limitless amount of spiritual power since birth and only fully learning to make true use of it during his Academy days.

He has starling experience in manipulating the environment around him with his Reiryoku, using it just a second before an opponent attack to effectively block said attack and catch them off guard. He prioritises the effects mostly to create cover, though, so he can recover a patient in the field in an enclosed area without many distractions. Because of this, he’s usually seen to create domes or walls from the ground.

Sensing Reiryoku: Expert

As a medical professional, it’s highly expected that Yamato has Expert level sensing prowess, using said sensing to lock onto wounded Shinigami in aid without even a morsel of concentration on his part. He’s capable of taking notice of both lesser and higher Shinigami sustaining injuries, and can pin point the whereabouts of said Shinigami with seeming ease. He can simply shut his eyes for a few brief moments and the location of the injured patients pops straight into his brain and can track them like a bat’s echolocation. However, he certainly isn’t as exceptional as others in his division and doesn’t really stand out as anything special. As such, he acts on his sensing almost immediately so as to help those in need in a flash.

Reiryoku Control: Great Control

When it comes to controlling spiritual power, Yamato without a doubt stands tall with his vast control over said power. Guided with surgical precision, his finely manipulated control definitely stands out as impressive, barely wasting a droplet of power and using it strategically, thinking about what attacks or healing techniques to perform Indepth in his own mind before acting casting any spell. His performance with his control is so Great he stands on a level comparable to that of an above 5th seated member, able to block detection from those forementioned as well as spiritually aware humans, individuals with no or poor control, and generally standard Hollows. He can enhance his own physical prowess with little concentration on his part, amping his strength and performing vast techniques in quick succession for weighty lengths of time.


Reiatsu: Expert

Yamato has trained in exerting his spiritual power in the form of pressure over hundreds of years, learning to affect the environment around himself and others. Spiritual beings equivalent to a third seat and lower usually get chills around him, his superior Reiatsu putting them in their place. He can withstand the pressure exerted by most Vice Captains and, to an extent, some Captain level opponents.

He wanted a finer control over than having a superior batch of spiritual pressure, and as such trained extensively, using his Reiatsu multiple times over just to get used to the feeling of having it released almost always constantly. If your unfortunate enough to push your luck around Yamato, and he releases his Reiatsu, it is usually seen as threat. This is because his Reiatsu is so strong he could take on opponents with this skill aloe using the environemnt against them.

Manipulating the environment around him, Yamato can effectively block attacks and catch others off guard by creating domes or walls from the surrounding areas. Altohugh, he prioritises the effects mostly to create cover, so he can recover a patient in the field in an enclosed area without many distractions. However, he can use it offensively by creating spikes from the ground or using it aid him in mobility to become a superior unhittable force to enemies.

Reiatsu Colours:

Sky-blue w/ a snow white outline and purple hint dotted through the blue, almost like lines.

Reiatsu Shape: Hands

Yamato’s Reiatsu appears as two giant white hands cloaked by a fiery sky-blue colour. These hands cone around Yamato’s body and are symbolic of his healer status.

Reiatsu Effect(s): Power Drainage

An interesting affect, Yamato’s is one of the minds. It is more used for combat, although can work for calming patients as well. The effect in question makes those around his vicinity feel like their power is being zapped from their bodies when in fact it is not, they just think it is. Based on the level of opponent or patient, the effect can vary in how quickly it spreads through the targets head. With lesser Shinigami taking a mere few moments to sub come to the ‘power lose’ whilst those of a higher Caliber take longer to come under the effects power. Its most effective in combat, making Yamato’s opponent(s) believe their losing strength just in his presence, giving them a false sense of fear and chills. It can also work in medical situations by forcing the patient to believe their weak could potentially make them for reasonable for treatment rather than struggling, acting as an anaesthetic of sorts. He can do this with a simple glare into his opponents/patients' eyes while releasing his Reiatsu simultaneously.

Reiatsu Type: Standard Type


Zanjutsu Level: Swordsman

Having very little talent in Zanjutsu, Yamato has only attained the rank of ‘Swordsman’. Despite not possessing the physical strength to kill a slash or cut a hollow to death common to that of an average Shinigami, Yamato uses his creativity, ingenuity and other physical abilities to more than make up for it. Instead of the traditional method of killing a hollow with slashes to kill them, Yamato opts to use an abnormally thin blade that acts as a stinger to inject lethal poison that is poisonous to Hollows. Other than his intellect, he’s extremely fast and agile, allowing him to overpower hollows very quickly. The poison he uses was gifted to him by Asahi of the 3rd; See Equipment

Known Techniques:



Senmaioroshi -
He adapted this technique to his fitting to just make it a few rapid slashes that don’t cut through the target but more so slash their flesh open instead of cutting directly through. He uses it to inject his poison mostly.

Hohō Level: Shunpo Master

Lacking in physical prowess and sucking at Zanjutsu, Yamato decided to make up for what he lacked in strength in speed. He learnt to use his speed in conjunction to with what Zanjutsu he knows, but mainly uses it with Kido and varying skills he knows. He surprises most with his speed, being almost faster than the eye can perceive. The reason people are able to see him, though, is because he leaves a Blue Flash as he travels a far distance with just a few minor steps. The ‘flash’ he leaves is created because He releases his Reiatsu in conjunction with flash steps, the dark cloak instead being surrounded by his sky-blue spiritual power and thus appearing as a blue flash. He does this because it allows him to affect opponents with his Reiatsu affect whilst maintaining high speeds and avoiding attacks. He impressed so many people with this he got nicknamed the Blue Flash (ブルーフラッシュ “Burūfurasshu”).

When it comes to his speed, Yamato stands in a league all on his own. His speed is undoubtably powerful and explosive and one should definitely be weary of his extreme agility. Yamato is essentially an unhittable force; his speed being rivalled only by his Captain and the Second Division. He can evade and tunnel through attacks of even the strongest of Shinigami, able to outmatch even some Captains in the speed department. He’s essentially an incomprehensible fast force. He can hit opponents for what seems like a second but the result ends up looking like they have a full-on brawl!

He’s not to be taken lightly in the shunpo area, as his prowess rivals practically everyone apart from a few selective individuals. He beats the limits of speed of those surrounding him, and his opponents tend to realise how utterly screwed they are once they see that faint blue flash pass them... He’s able to travel insane distances in pretty much no time at all, being incredibly fast and barely gets exhausted after it all. He performs all these quick movements without any noticeable side effects like exhaustion or even sweating. He can last for incredible amounts of time with his sheer speed, as he’s basically unhittable.

Despite barely being able to cut open a Hollow, with his explosive and earth-shattering speed, he can relay hundreds of attacks onto an opponent in mere moments, so it doesn’t matter that he can’t behead a basic hollow; because he just slashes multiple times within a few seconds and it’s done already. He uses poison with his Zanpakuto, so he’s capable of easily infecting those against him with said poison.

Known Techniques:



Speed Clones

Hakuda Level: Hakuda Practitioner

Lacking in physical strength, it’s not a surprise Yamato isn’t as proficient in this area. He’s on the level of that of an unseated officer of the Gotei 13. He rarely uses it as it doesn’t give him much of an advantage, but it’s an option in his repertoire nonetheless. He mainly relies on Hakuda for carrying injured allies off of the battlefield or even shunning opponents away from an area. As such, he learned two techniques capable of performing the feat of taking opponents back.

Known Techniques:

Oni Dekopin -
He edited this technique to just send opponents back as he isn’t physically powerful enough to send them through building, well, maybe one building at the most.

Rai%C5%8Dken - He uses this with his high-speed Shunpo.

Kido Skill Level: Kidō Expert

Despite being usually limited to Lt’s., Captain’s and Kido Corp members, Yamato is near flawless in his powerful Kido spell casting, and as such attained being an Expert. He knows no better form of combat more than he knows Kidō and Shunpo. As suck, he combines his Shunpo prowess in combination with his powerful Kidō knowledge. He has the ability to use various high-level Kidō with explosive power and pretty refined control, although almost always uses an incantation to heighten the strength. A surprise to those who cast him aside as just a mere healer, Yamato’s fierce practise of Kidō far surpasses those who usually doubt him. There’s only a select few who prowess goes beyond his own.

Yamato is able to shoot both low-level and high-level kidō respectfully, increasing the damage output with the incantations in pretty quick continuation. Yamato has learnt many techniques over his hundreds of years, Hadō (破道, Way of Destruction; Viz "Path of Destruction"), Bakudō (縛道, Way of Binding; Viz "Binding Spell"), Barriers, Seals (封, Fū), and Healing Kidō (治療用鬼道, chiryōyō kidō; Viz "Healing Spiritual Arts"). His expertise reaches as far as to easily display many techniques in combination, such as using multiple spells in cojunction to make an even stronger, more powerful spell. Using his vast creativity to release his known Kidō effectively, Yamato is certainly considered a frightening individual when it comes to his use of Kidō and its applications.

Known Spells:

Bakudō (縛道, Way of Binding)

Sai, Hainawa, Seki, Geki, Hōrin, Sekienton, Kyokkō, Shitotsu Sansen, Tsuriboshi, Enkōsen, Kakushitsuijaku, Rikujōkōrō, Hyapporankan, Sabaku, Tozanshō, Gochūtekkan, Shibari, Kin, Bankin, Inemuri, Hakufuku

Seals (封, Fū) / Barriers (結界, Kekkai)

Goyōgai, Standing Ovation, Fūsatsu Kakei, Roppō Fūjin, Hako Okuri, Ryūbi no Jōmon, Kokō no Jōmon, Kigai no Jōmon, Hōyoku no Jōmon, Roppō Fūjin

Hadō (破道, Way of Destruction)

Shō, Byakurai, Tsuzuri Raiden, Fushibi, Shakkahō, Ōkasen, Sōkatsui, Haien, Daichi Tenyō, Tenran, Raikōhō

Kaidō (回道, Turn Way)

Seimeikasseihō (生命活性法, 'Purify by expiatory sacrifice', VIZ. Life Refreshing Method) –––
A healing spell that uses the practitioner's own reiryoku to heal the target, which takes the form of a green-colored light. The healing is facilitated through physical touch and requires no incantation to use. Its' effectiveness is based on the practitioner's own control as it is capable of treating the most severe wounds and purifying even the most foreign of poisons.

Shōreikōsō (奨励構想, 'Plan of Inspirational Encouragement' VIZ. Encouragement Plan) ––– A healing spell similar to Seimeikasseihō, however the amount of damage that is restored is also bestowed on the patient as a one-time shield to nullify damage equal to the sustained injury. Upon its initial cast, the spell memorizes the source of damage and further reinforces the afflicted area to prevent similar damage from occurring once more. This ensures an attack of equal force to be rendered ineffective and allows the target less downtime to recover and grants more time to plot a counterstrike. This spell expends more reiryoku and takes longer to cast, due to its increased effectiveness.

Shikikōyōsaku (士気高揚の策, 'Plan of Morale-Lifting', VIZ. Morale Boost) ––– A healing spell that uses the practitioner's own reiryoku to heal multiple targets, which takes the form of a green-colored light. It can be cast as an emerald rain, as a cloud, or as a simple shockwave outward of light. Unlike Seimeikasseihō, physical touch is not required to facilitate the healing, and instead requires greater concentration.

Shinseiji (神聖地, 'Sacred Soil', VIZ. Sacred Earth) ––– A healing spell that uses the practitioner's own reiryoku to create a designated field where multiple targets can receive healing. By allocating a prepared amount of reiryoku into a large, circular field around the user, targets within the field are able to have their reiryoku slowly regenerated without the practitioner's direct attention. This, coupled with Shikikōyōsaku or an erected, healing barrier, allows the user to attend to other situations while the wounded recover untouched.

Chuugi no Tate (忠義の盾, 'Shield of Devotion', VIZ. Shield Oath) ––– A healing spell that can also be classified as a supplementary spell. This spell uses the practitioner's reiryoku to create a Reiryoku Pact (霊力協定, Reiryokukyōtei) with a singular target. As a result, all damage that either party undergoes, is dispersed in half with the other party receiving the other portion of the damage. The reiryoku pact can only be ended by the original caster, and is often used when treatment is unable to be administered for the time being. However, this same concept also applies to any healing received as well, with the other party also receiving half the healing that is administered.

In addition to all these spells, Yamato additionally learnt a spell created by Takashi, who of course taught it to him during some of their interactions.


Skills and Abilities: Human Anatomy Studies

A requirement for all members of the Fourth Division; Shinigami must fully understand the anatomy and physiology of Shinigami, and seated members must as well understand the functions of humans and hollows alike, as if they were their own.


Equipment: Saigo no Odori (最後の踊り, Last Dance), Erikusā no Jōka (エリクサーの浄化, Purifying Elixir),
Company Relief Bag


“Saigo no Odori” (最後の踊り, Last Dance)
is a digestible capsule drug which gives the effect of rapid wound coagulation and also an adrenaline burst. This can prolong the fight for allies by sealing injuries and gifting them with a powerful second wind. The trade-off however is an overdose of this drug can lead to heart failure. He uses it to boost himself in combat or allies. This drug was gifted by Asahi.

“Erikusā no Jōka” (エリクサーの浄化, Purifying Elixir) is a liquid poison which causes Hollow's bodies to attack themselves, rupturing their bodies under the strain of the foreign agent. Lesser Hollows may find a swift death from a single dose of this venom. He stores said poison in the sheath of his blade, so that the stinger is constantly soaked in the nasty poison. This poison was also gifted by Asahi.

"Company Relief Bag" A standard assistance kit that all shinigami of the fourth division possess, it is essentially an advanced first-aid kit stashed with medical supplies, pills, potions, homemade concoctions, antidotes, ointments, and herbs to treat a variety of injuries, afflictions and life-threatening illnesses.


Zanpakuto Name:
Hachidori (ハチドリ, Hummingbird)

Zanpakuto Appearance:

Yamato carries a heavily modified Katana with a thin blade and a needle-like tip that is blue in colour. The design of his sword is such that the blade is relatively thin and has a pointed tip that is exceptionally sharp. Yamato’s raw strength is quite low, and he doesn't have the strength to kill a Hollow with his Zan alone. It’s a pretty sleek and simple design, yet holds a lot of charm in its elegant appearance.

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Hachidori is an intelligent and seemingly all-knowing spirit, constantly quoting Yamato’s own thoughts to his dismay. He’s an interesting individual, being split between a neutral demeanour yet speaks in a passive-aggressive tone. He provides Yamato with riddles so make the boy learn the answer he desires on his own, as he’s against helping his wielder with what he deems ’pointless problems’.

Inner World:
Yamato’s inner world consists are a dark plain on the edge of existence with hardened cobweb bridges connecting large prison cells with trapped souls crying out for mercy. Upon passing the many cages, Yamato becomes presented with a towering stair case that he must climb to reach a decrepit, run-down castle. Once reaching the castle and entering, he is immediately transported into the throne room, where his Zan spirit resides on a throne of skulls and watches over the boy with a blank expression while a growl echoes through the room.

Release Phrase: Inject, Hachidori!





Shikai Special Ability:
Yamato’s Shikai is morphs into a large syringe, which has the special ability to inject people and changing their physical aspects and also steal them by injecting a strong target and then injecting someone weaker to give them the strength he stole prior. The same be done with inanimate objects or energy blasts like kido/cero, he can absorb it and give that property to someone else or even himself. He could aim the syringe at a cero blast and then absorb all that spiritual power by injecting himself, essentially giving him an explosive level of power. The ability, however, does have some drawbacks; the power only lasting during the time his Shikai is unleashed so when he reseals the blade, that power goes away. The same can’t be said for the person having their power drained though, as they have to regenerate the lost power even after the reseal. It also has a sort of limit of what it can absorb. If an opponent is extremely stronger, it'd be less of them being weakened and more so just him getting stronger/being closer to their level. The syringe itself is also physically limited in what it can carry, holding up to one effect at a time and only able to reabsorb another after the latter has been used.


Personal Relationships:
Takashi- a member of the 6th Division that taught Yamato one of his custom-made Kido, Asahi- a member of the 3rd that taught and gave Yamato various poisons and drugs as well as teaching him how to make them, Yū- his Captain who he’s pretty fond of. He believes he’s a great Captain for the 4th and strives to be just like him one day.

Meeting others, Reading Manga, Learning new Spells

Those who take him for granted, those who see him as just a ‘healer’, and those who see the 4th as merely healing tools,

Reading Manga, Training

Favorite Food(s): Chocolate laced strawberries, Soba, Chicken Fried Rice
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