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"You smell particularly ripe this evening."
"Let's play a game: Which body part do you need the least?"
"This isn't happening to you for a reason. Well, one reason. I enjoy it."
"I'm told that you're a man that can't be broken. I've decided to come and see for myself."
"My babies are desperate to meet you! I haven't fed them in seven days... they must be ravenous! I wonder which parts they'll try first. Your eyes? Your balls? We'll find out soon enough."


La Novia (花嫁, Hanayome, "The Bride"), La Reina Araña (蜘蛛女王, Kumo-joō, "The Spider Queen")

Character Name: Ysabelle Cervantes
(願い事, "my God is an oath") - (使用人, "servant")
Ysabelle Cervantes (セルバンテス・イサベル, Isaberu Serubantesu) is an Arrancar and is the Segunda (2nd) Espada under the God-King of Hueco Mundo.Actual Age: 535 years old
Physical Age: Early 20s
Race: Arrancar (Natural)
Hollow Type: Adjuchas
Aspect of Death: Obsession
February 14
Gender: Female

Height: 167.6 cm (5'6)
Weight: 59.4 kg (131 lbs.)
Blood Type: O negative

Affiliation: Las Noches
(ラス・ノーチェス), Rasu Nōchesu; Spanish for "The Nights", Japanese for "Hollow Night Palace")

Title: Espada
Number: Segunda (2nd)Partner(s): N/A
Fracción: N/A
Base of Operations: Hueco Mundo, Las Noches



Notable Features:
Ysabelle is a very attractive pale-skinned girl with silky, black hair that reaches her butt. Her bangs are styled in a hime-cut and cover her eyebrows, along with two curved streaks that rest on either side of her face. A red heart is visible on her right cheek, just underneath her eyes. Ysabelle's clothing is pretty simple consisting of a white, low cut top with a matching skirt and thigh-high jet black boots. However, her large bust and noticeable curves are more than enough to make her stand out in a crowd despite her relatively plain outfit. Like other Arrancar, a fragment of her time as a Hollow still resides with her, taking the form of an intricate, bone-piece hairpin. Aside from her heart-stopping beauty, Ysabelle's most noticeable features are her often displayed wide, toothy smile and her captivating crimson eyes, capable of making a man fall in an uncontrollable lust or run straight home.Hollow Void Location: Her hollow hole is located directly in the center of her sternum, just above her breasts.


What most see when first encountering Ysabelle Cervantes is a cheerful young woman, oddly out of tune with the very nature of what Hollows are perceived to be. She's extremely giddy and loves meeting new people, often complimenting strangers with her frequent catch phrase "Que lindo/a!" ("How cute!") and is an avid fan of invading people's personal space. To an extent, she can be quite vain and judgmental of others' appearances and is very fixated on her own physical appearance, always wanting to look her best in case she happens to meet the love of her life. It only takes a few minutes of conversing with her to tell that she's quite the romantic, as all she's ever truly looking for is "a dashing prince to sweep me off my feet!" On the surface, Ysabelle seems to be just an overall bubbly person with a good heart and seemingly innocent nature. However, in reality...
Ysabelle is a genuinely, vile bitch.
Her true intentions and mindset appear to be the personification of pure evil, with no redeemable features. She is dishonorable, manipulative, ruthless, extremely sadistic, sexually depraved, wild, and completely capable of committing unspeakable atrocities without remorse, simply for pure amusement. Ysabelle fully admits and indeed revels in the fact that she enjoys killing innocents for no reason whatsoever, and that she is aware they don't deserve what she does to them– She simply enjoys inflicting horrific torture on people. Her sadism far surpasses those of typical Arrancar; she doesn't find pain to be only enjoyable but relishes at even the mere thought of inflicting as much pain and degradation as possible. As such Ysabelle rejoices when people support her or encourage her in battle, especially those close to her, greatly valuing their friendship, albeit in her own ways.
Whenever Ysabelle has the advantage in a skirmish, the girl is fearless, almost like a beast in human skin, reveling in the violence of personal combat. It's clear and equally bone-chilling to her opponents when they witness her perverse, playful, childlike giddiness as she inflicts pain on others, from flaying men alive to hunting and killing for sport.
Quote:"I win the game if you start begging me to kill you!" –– Ysabelle
In her own twisted way, Ysabelle is actually quite intelligent, possessing a certain low cunning which she is able to use to trick her enemies. She is particularly good at thinking on her feet, but reckless when it comes to long-term consequences. The Espada deeply enjoys playing mind games with her enemies using psychological torture and her specialized hypnosis, often tricking them into trusting her only to then break her empty promises. Due to having played said games, torturing helpless victims, and getting away with it all her life, Ysabelle is not used to the possibility of losing a confrontation. In the very rare cases where she is defeated is where her true personality shines, as the mere fact of their dominance over her is more than enough to drive her into a deep infatuation. The most tell-tale sign of this is how quick her expression and her body language shift, becoming a squirming mess of uncontrollable excitement and verbalizing her diseased delight through expressive moans and touching herself. It's unknown if this quick growing obsession is fueled by her want to come out victorious or if she is genuinely excited by established dominance over her. Regardless the results are all the same, as Ysabelle will sacrifice anything– even her own life for those she finds herself obsessed with.


Reiryoku Level
Hierro Strength:
Immense Spiritual Power
For a petite, pretty and (seemingly) young thing as Ysabelle, her potential and vast pools of reiryoku are startling when noticed. She rarely boasts her full capacity right off the bat as she enjoys being underestimated, but when she finally liberates herself in the heat of combat, her spiritual power is explosive and overwhelming to those unfortunate enough to exhilarate her.
A testament as well to her Reiryoku Control and her shifting temperament: Unique to other Arrancar's Hierro, Ysabelle's armored skin in its standard form is extremely malleable– more comparable to a synthetic rubber than iron at all. Because of this, she is able to withstand hits regardless of its strength as her body can fold and contort to absorb the incoming force without risk of severe injury. Her battle style especially reflects this as she is able to throw herself in front of physical attacks willingly and show little to any signs of slowing down. Ysabelle's recklessness is further emphasized with her form-shifting hierro as she is able to crash into large structures and freefall from great heights while landing without the use of Sonido and without harm. However as a result, her physical capabilities suffer greatly as their impact is reduced due to her attacks being equally as malleable, like striking a building with a pillow.
This isn't to say she's only able to remain rubbery forever– When on the offensive, Ysabelle has also shown the capability to harden her hierro at will whether it be her entire body in an instant or a specific limb. While it's nothing impressive, she doesn't greatly rely on her hardened hierro too much and instead capitalizes on her fluidity in switching forms, hardening her limbs at the last second to deal a critical and unsuspecting blow.


Sensing Reiryoku: Master
Unlike the animalistic sensing techniques of some Arrancar, Ysabelle doesn't rely on any of her five senses at all– instead relying on the information fed to her through her webs. With the assistance of her spiderlings and her indistinguishable reiryoku webs, Ysabelle is able to receive bountiful amounts of information in a very short period of time. From the slightest shift in the wind to the most discrete spikes of reiatsu, the Espada's sixth sense is extremely honed and virtually perfect for espionage. She has also shown the ability to use both her spiders and her silk webs as mediums for Pesquisa and Indice Radar, extending her sensing range immensely. As a result of the sudden decline of available Hollows to devour, Ysabelle has found it greatly necessary to hone her sensing and tracking ability and because of this, her range can extend for miles and miles further in comparison to other Espada and Captain-level Shinigami.

(解読, Kaidoku; Spanish for "Decipherment", Japanese for "Decryption")
Similar in appearance to when her Hypnosis technique is in effect, when perceiving things in a heightened state, Ysabelle's eyes glow their familiar shade of red. When focused on a set target(s), her perception becomes greatly enhanced, allowing her to discern the manner in which all things around a set area connect—akin to threads connecting and interlacing together to form a metaphysical web. (terrain, habits, weapons, personalities, emotions, assumed weak points, etc). Because of this vital information being so easy to distinguish, Ysabelle is able to accurately judge very specific outcomes that even the most hardcore of strategists couldn't see with a single glance. With every shift and subtle variation, Ysabelle is able to adjust to even the smallest and most intricate changes, helping her to weave fate in her own right. This also allows for accurate deduction of opponents' strategies, as well as more skillful decision-making on how to better manipulate both people and events in the Espada's favor. However, she is limited to using this skill only in small increments at a time as continuous feeding of such information is extremely overbearing on one's mind, no matter how stable or unstable.


Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control
A necessity for an Arrancar of her skillset, Ysabelle's reiryoku control is an essential ability to master for her techniques. Requiring maximal concentration to spin her signature reiryoku webs, the Espada has found the perfect formula with her control mastered, able to spin thread that is simultaneously sticky, strong yet flexible, and thin enough to be undistinguishable by the naked eye. At first, it would take her quite awhile to create her webs, something not ideal and virtually useless in the heat of combat. With greater training in reducing web creation and minimizing spent reiryoku, Ysabelle is now able to create entire webbed structures in the blink of an eye, a testament to her power. This time spent training her control in the dark desert of Hueco Mundo also spilled over into other aspects, like Bala creation and firing cero. As a result, she is able to fire both considerably quicker than most and without drastically draining herself of reiryoku despite their impressive force.


Reiatsu: Master
True to her initial impression made on people, Ysabelle's reiatsu is not threatening in the slightest nor aggressive or intimidating as most Arrancars' tend to be. Hers provides more elation than anything, a type of weightlessness that is thought to only come from dreams, as if one is daydreaming themselves. This only allows her prey to further lower their guard and underestimate her, assuming the only type of deadly reiatsu are those that afflict direct harm. While no such effect is present in her reiatsu, Ysabelle's reiatsu is a potent enough medium for her hypnotic abilities, easily capable of entrancing anyone shell-shocked by her beauty and refreshing aura. While this is true in her own mind, the Arrancar is genuinely unaware sometimes of the horror she can afflict, unknowingly intimidating weaker enemies, to the point where they are frozen in fear. Where she sees those bewitched by her beauty, in reality, most are merely terrified by her crimson gaze and her maniacal smile alone.
Reiatsu Color
Reiatsu Shape: Glowing red eyes
Ysabelle's reiatsu when felt by those around her is perceived to be a pair of giant, crimson eyes floating behind her and staring intensely at the one sensing her.



Reiatsu Effect(s): Fear, Infatuation
Almost continuously oozing off her, her reiatsu's passive effect is rather pleasant. Often those meeting Ysabelle for the first time are shocked by her seemingly charming reiatsu in every aspect: from the initial feel, the way it visually appears, to the taste, down to even the rosy smell. The infatuation is akin to a "love at first sight" feeling, as her presence is definitely scarce among those in Hueco Mundo. That isn't to say her reiatsu is all sunshine and roses as she is able to corrupt it on the fly, the initial feel evolving into something haunting, the air around them thickening, and the rosy smell dissipating into that of cold iron.
Reiatsu Type: Dual Type


Zanjutsu Level: Master
Highly skilled in her own style of zanjutsu, Ysabelle's technique is formidable in its own right. She doesn't draw her blade to kill– she draws it solely to have herself a good time. She purposefully brandishes a dull blade, making her cuts uneven, jagged, and all the more brutal to experience; In fact, she almost likens her zanpakuto to her own personal butcher knife, preparing her adversaries for their inevitable slaughter by her hand. Just like her state of mind, her movements are wild and unpredictable, making them hard to counter and even harder to endure. Despite how unpredictable her movements are, every slice and every single step she takes is deliberate– where one opponent might think they are one step ahead, in reality, Ysabelle is already three steps ahead. Ysabelle has mastered the art of the blade so well, she is able to simultaneously recognize both non-vital spots to lengthen her games while still inflicting wounds that cause profuse bleeding and unimaginable amounts of pain.
Sonido Level: Expert
Perhaps her weakest discipline, Ysabelle rarely utilizes Sonido during battle. Not because she is unable to outpace most of her adversaries but because... she doesn't need to. Boasting an absolute defense and capable of taking the most devastating of hits without slowing down, Ysabelle has little reason to dodge assaults that would otherwise deter her from the one thing she craves the most: the inevitable kill. Only outside of combat does she display her speed, instantly materializing in a new location a short distance away as if teleporting and clearing large distances in an incredibly short amount of time.

Hand to hand Combat Level: Master
Quote:"Is it alright if I take that? That thing beating in your chest?"
Unexpected due to her otherwise demure appearance and the lingering stereotype that pretty girls can't throw a mean punch, Ysabelle thrives the most when left with solely what she was born with. Able of ripping a man in half with just her bare hands, the Espada truly is a monster in the flesh, holding unbelievable strength in her small frame. She is able to upend the earth beneath her with a single step and with reiryoku for reinforcement, is able to send a man flying through several structures with a mere strike.
However what sets her apart from other Arrancar is not her superhuman strength, but her equally superhuman durability, capable of taking blows from souls many times her size with little to no significant damage taken. Because of her evershifting hierro, Ysabelle can be sent flying and make direct impact with surfaces that would otherwise gravely injure or kill other souls and come out as if she had landed on a bed of feathers. It is because of her remarkable resilience that she is able to pursue ferociously strong individuals relentlessly without fear of retaliation, because to this day even the brawniest of the brawn have been unable to permanently injure her.

Skills and Techniques:

Seda Hierro
(鉄絹, Tetsukinu; Spanish for "Iron Silk", Japanese for "Steel Silk")
Similar to her own hierro and the threads her reiryoku spiders create, Ysabelle is able to produce her special type of webbing; However, while her spiders' webs aren't tangible, Ysabelle's threads are very much real. As her reiryoku constantly flows through each thread she makes, each individual tendril's strength far surpasses steel while still holding impressive elasticity, and is extremely sticky, comparable to an instant and robust adhesive. These threads also cannot be cut by conventional means and are impossible to slice through with a plain zanpakutō. A characteristic also shared between her own webbing and her spiders' is their resistance to reiryoku, able to stall kidō up to #70 in mid-air as well as most fired Cero from Espada beneath her in rank. In her resurrección form, this resistance grows greater, able to entrap virtually all offensive kido as well as possibly even a Gran Rey Cero.
These threads flow acting as extensions of her being and as such share the same passionate hunger for their target even without actively being aware. Instead of waiting for their prey, Ysabelle's webs equally carry their weight and actively hunt for their prey, shooting at great speeds to entrap those in its path. These webs are strategically and more often than not, inconspicuously placed on the battlefield. From here, the webs become responsive to any sign of reiryoku; Thick strands of silk and webbing spring and jut out, ensnaring people, and attacks alike that trigger its response. The unique webbing serves to also distort and bewilder the minds of those that come within millimeters of it, serving as a medium for Ysabelle's hypnotizing abilities and from that point on, stuck right in the Espada's hand.


Arañas de Poder Espiritual
(霊力具も, Reiryokugumo; Spanish for "Spiritual Power Spiders", Japanese for "Reiryoku Spiders", VIZ. "Spiritual Equipment")
Although not composed of reiryoku, their bodies seem more spectral than corporeal and can only be physically seen by those who are spiritually aware. Their numbers are immeasurable, the reiryoku spiders being both small and numerous. A single cluster of spiders can hold tens of thousands, producing spiderlings by the thousands with each and every egg sac. Due to their size and unique bodies they are almost impossible to feel even with several of them crawling over one's flesh. Because of their weightlessness, they can also stealthily attach their threads to intended victims without them noticing.
The spiders' main source of nourishment is reiryoku, able to easily feast on any foreign reiryoku without any harmful adverse affects to themselves. A single bite from these spiders can paralyze the reiryoku of their prey making them incapable of properly utilizing their reiryoku or cast kidō. At the same time the bites do not naturally heal, causing hemorrhaging of their reiryoku. Due to the very nature of their prey, (reiryoku) these spiders make for excellent sensors. Similar to Ysabelle, this unique species of spider can produce their own special webs that entrap any and all reiryoku that comes into contact with it. The web's strength is undeniable, indiscriminately ensnaring reiryoku outside of those of the spider's master. However, the web cannot interact with anything tangible, and is impossible to see without the aid of spiritual awareness that allows one to perceive reiryoku in the first place. Any reiryoku that becomes ensnared in the web remains suspended in place, causing kido to seemingly stall in mid-air, and the reiryoku flowed and imbued in weapons and items to remain trapped. Once trapped, the spiders immediately swarm the reiryoku to feast upon it and are able to transfer said absorbed reiryoku to their master or others.


Quote:"It's alright... look straight at me. You can let yourself go... but you can’t escape from me."
(優艶, Yūtsuya; Spanish for "Fascinating", Japanese for "Spellbound", VIZ. "Hypnosis")The first feature of Ysabelle's aspect of death; Fascinante is the power to alter the focus of her victims with illusions centered around herself. These illusions in nature are quite seductive and can provoke a range of given emotions, which may manifest differently in each person but generally carries the ability to affect the minds of those it is used on greatly in some way. While a simple glance into her eyes is sufficient enough, Ysabelle is able to entrance souls in various ways, whether they glance at something as insignificant as her fingertips or merely a feeling of her reiatsu. Assumedly, most who don't find themselves attracted to Ysabelle would find this hypnotism to prove futile but the technique itself does not rely on them falling for her- they simply are unable to avoid her.
In essence, Fascinante projects her obsessive tendencies on her opponents, forcing them to depict everything as the second Espada. Comrades that fight with them take the form of Ysabelle, not at all appearing hostile but still an unsettling sight all the same. It also becomes increasingly irritating as opponents begin to realize they are unable to shake her presence, appearing in their line of sight at all times. This is further amplified in larger groups; While weaker groups would find it much easier to overpower the second Espada in sheer numbers, this ability destroys the mere concept of teamwork, as the only perceptible presence whether it be through the five senses or even more frightening, sensing reiryoku, is Ysabelle. This inherently compels those who have chosen her as their enemy to also be coerced into having her as not only a comrade, but to be their everything– anything they would ever need.
She has even shown the ability to hypnotize those with more potency through a bite, (Mordedura Esclavizante; Spanish for "Enslaving Bite") effectively mutating their reiryoku to forever hold a portion of her own within them. While this is more difficult to achieve, the end result ensures her role as more of a parasite, forever siphoning from the target's reiryoku whenever she pleases and having unhindered access to their mind and body, forever plaguing them with invasive thoughts and uncharacteristic physical urges. In an extreme case such as this, this also allows Ysabellle to take complete control of her victim's body, forcing them to do exactly as she wishes. This loss of self sense is visually indicated by similarly glowing red eyes that radiate from her victim.
In its weakest state, Ysabelle is able to simultaneously sense and quell the killing intent within those against her as well as flare the emotional rage of her comrades and cowardly opponents alike to inspire them into battle. Her abilities don't just involve rage though, as she can cycle through virtually every emotion and bestow the hypnotized with said feeling. On a deeper level, Ysabelle has also shown the capability of inserting subliminal messages into the subconsciousness of those that find themselves lost in her gaze, manipulating them into believing that those were their own thoughts. This is especially noticeable in action when she has lost her edge in the battle, effectively allowing her opponent to pull their punches and not deal any fatal blows while she recovers. This also is effective when she wants to avoid a battle entirely, convincing said adversary to walk away for good.


Quote:"You show promise... but promise won't save you from what comes next."
La Diana
(執着対象, Shūchakutaishō; Spanish for "Bullseye", Japanese for "Target of Obsession", VIZ. "Object of Obsession")

An ability said to be the greatest within the arsenal and the true embodiment of the stalker Espada; La Diana grants Ysabelle the ability to never lose sight of her prize. Like her signature hypnotic spell, it merely takes a single glance to lock on to her target- the only thing she'll focus on.
Caught in her web, Ysabelle's tracking skills of her mark are enhanced tenfold no matter how slippery or speedy her victims claim to be; It's due to this ability that she's able to keep up with the fastest and most elusive despite lacking in speed herself. This troublesome grasp is also passed on to anything that is considered an extension of herself; Whether it be her unbending sword changing direction mid-jab, her threads traveling through the air like snakes, or a fired cero wildly pivoting to seek out its prey. Defying the laws of physics, her attacks seem to bend and contort wildly in mid-air in hot pursuit of her target. This ability is also applicable to her own body, mimicking flight by making herself the weapon and her opponent the target. With La Diana, dodging her attacks and approaches are merely a dream, and making any sort of attempt to fool her is useless- her focus unbreaking.
Combined with the potent Fascinante, Ysabelle's aspect of death at its' highest power essentially allows her to control all focus, redirecting her adversaries' assaults away from herself while simultaneously landing her own strikes with deathly precision... or so it seems. While she is physically unable to literally control that which is not part of her own essence, by manifesting objects in her surroundings to take her likeness, opponents instead find themselves attacking objects as mundane as a tree which they have mistaken as the Espada herself. This fatal mistake is even more amplified when their own comrades are confused for Ysabelle, able to easily trick a group of individuals to fight against each other with a mere glance. It's easy to assume one may find an advantage of attacking her as a group, yet opponents soon find that this only makes their job that much harder, instead having their plans effectively turn against them and in the Espada's favor. Layering her deception even more, with her illusions she is able to even feign injuries, appearing to be struck from attacks that were miles away from actually threatening her for as long as he pleases. This allows her opponents to assume they have the upper hand until the very last moment, only to be utterly crushed by an upsettingly, healthy Ysabelle.




(流した, Nagashita; Spanish for "Molt", Japanese for "Shedding")
An ability that far surpasses the standard Arrancar High-Speed Regeneration Technique; Used primarily after sustaining massive injury or as a means to elude a seemingly inescapable attack, this technique allows Ysabelle to form an entirely new body, typically emerging from her cracked skin like an insect leaving its shell. She has even shown the ability of reforming herself from separated limbs– meaning essentially any part of her body can be used as a catalyst for regeneration. After emerging, her clothing and injuries are completely restored, with even amputated limbs being regenerated. Whilst the technique has the additional advantage of potentially being extremely difficult to detect, its use consumes a great amount of reiryoku. However, the great benefit is that this technique can seemingly be used no matter how serious the injury so long as she has reiryoku, as Ysabelle has displayed the ability to use it to materialize a new and more durable body even after having her hovering on the brink of death. Her mastery in her molting method has made her seemingly invincible, turning what would be short skirmishes into days-long battles.



Zanpakuto Name: Egoísta
(肉食手 (エゴイスタ), Egoisuta; Spanish for "Selfish", Japanese for "Flesh Epicure"; Viz. "Self Flesh Devour")

Release Phrase:

"Kiss, Egoísta."


Activated with a single kiss upon her blade's hilt, Egoísta melts into a crimson light and from her lips spreads outward, initiating her transformation. The light travels downwards, altering her otherwise plain outfit into a tattered mid-length white dress, mocking the appearance of a trashed wedding gown. While the dress is sleeveless, she also adorns matching shoulder-length white gloves with her mask fragment expanding into a glorious tiara. However the most drastic feature of her metamorphosis is the additional limbs that now sprout out from her back. In this form, Ysabelle now has six additional black spider-like limbs she is able to control, either individually or as a unit. These new appendages grant her more fluidity in movement, as she is now able to scale large structures with relative ease as well as travel extremely faster.
Resurrección Abilities:
In her released form, Ysabelle's already formidable hierro is buffed innumerable times over, able to sustain insane amounts of damage and shed her exoskeleton even quicker than before. Already showing the ability to regenerate at a moments' notice, she's virtually immune in this form as injuries sustained no longer draw blood, instead leaking out the black matter that makes up her molting technique and a white substance that can only be assumed to be her thread silk. She's able to quickly shoot this sticky silk from her mouth as well as excrete it from virtually everywhere else such as her fingertips or her pores, which she can use to quickly weave various web designs with her extra appendages. Her extra appendages are also extremely durable in their own right, physically able to deflect zanpakutō even in their Bankai state and despite their sharpness or weight. Unlike in her sealed form, her webs now are able to be coated in a special produced venom, able to eat away at both reiryoku and flesh. This venom also isn't limited to just her threads, as she is able to leak out this poisonous substance herself, either through her mouth or through her pores, making physical contact with her even more dangerous.Esputo Venenoso (毒たん, Dokutan; Spanish for "Venomous Sputum", Japanese for "Poison Spit") – A simple spitting venom attack, that is capable of dissolving everything it touches.

Capullo de Ablandamiento (軟化繭, Nankamayu; Spanish for "Softening Cocoon", Japanese for "Softening Wrap" VIZ. "Flesh Softening Cocoon") – The technique works by entangling her target in a web-cocoon filled with acidic fluids which are capable of dissolving the clothes of the victim. The acid will then move on to the target's flesh, making their body soft and ready for her to consume.

Quote:"If you won't love me, I'll make you love me... and only me." ––– Ysabelle
Segunda Etapa:
At first glance, it looks as if Ysabelle herself is consumed by her own reiryoku, effectively crippling her and leaving her as nothing but a dried husk. But from the husk is where Ysabelle emerges, crawling out limb by limb from her former body. At first, one leg protrudes from what used to be her mouth, now forcefully split open as the other legs and her head exit. Her once heart-stopping beauty is now replaced by dry, cracked skin and the appearance of a gigantic spider, many times larger than the average man; The only features recognizable about the Espada being her tongue tattoo, her sharp-cut bangs, and her entrancing, crimson eyes.

Segunda Etapa Abilities:
While it is formally known as Segunda Etapa, Ysabelle likens it more to her final stage, addressing this transformation as her Última Etapa. (究極形, Kyūkyokukatachi; Spanish for "Ultimate Stage", Japanese for "Final Stage", VIZ. "Ultima Form") Resembling its namesake, Ysabelle reaches the pinnacle of her power, becoming both the ultimate sword and the ultimate shield in all of her monstrous glory. Her already superb strength is multiplied tenfold, able to skewer through several men with one piercing strike from one of her many legs. Ysabelle's numerous appendages as well as her entire body can withstand the brunt of the most ferocious of physical strikes and can greatly hinder the greatest of ceros and kidos alike. Her threading skills are also further heightened, able of weaving amazingly intricate and large constructs to ensnare foolhardy opponents and ripen them for consumption.
Perhaps the greatest transformation however, even more drastic than her outward appearance and her practically invulnerable state, is her dastardly reiatsu. There is no glimpse of pleasantries when her reiatsu is emitted now, only emitting utter anguish and suffering. The lightness and comforting aspects of her reiatsu are forsaken, instead replaced by an unshakeable heaviness– as if said target has suddenly befallen a tragedy or a severe heartbreak. Along with sensing her reiatsu also come auditory cues– a haunting, almost torturous wailing coming from her being, as if being released from her own mouth. In truth, it is an ability only available for use in her Última Etapa, and is likened to a personalized Vagido.
Lamento de La Viuda (未亡人嘆き, Mibōjinageki, Spanish for "Widow's Wail", Japanese for "Widow's Mourning") – A product of Ysabelle's aspect of death; With the mourning of a fantasy that she knows will never be realized, in her Última Etapa, she is capable of releasing a deafening and distress-filled wail. This cry of pain discharges a dastardly wicked shockwave from her mouth, capable of simultaneously negating and obliterating virtually everything surrounding her.


Cero: (虚閃, Sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", VIZ "Doom Blast") – As formidable as other Arrancar's ceros appear, Ysabelle's is definitely ranked among the more tame looking adaptations. With its small physical form, her Cero is likened more to be the size of a Bala and is oftentimes mistaken for one when initially formed due to its modest size and remarkable speed; However, it's when Ysabelle's cero is fired into an alarmingly large beam and then makes impact with a surface that its true power is revealed. While it can be ignoranty mistaken for something as small as a bullet, its ferocity is more likened to a nuke, instantly obliterating every thing in between it and its target– even the very air it soars through. Upon impact, the explosion caused from this supposedly sad excuse of a Cero is magnificent, capable of annihilating an impressively large area and emitting enough force to send individuals and obstacles alike flying a great distance. Due to its extreme compression upon creation, when released, even the residual energy and force from her Cero is potent enough to completely disintegrate nearby stone and bone alike from merely the shockwave. This power only amplifies in her resurrección and becomes virtually unstoppable when her Última Etapa is achieved.

♡ Ysabelle's spider motif is heavily inspired by existing characters like Arachne Gorgon from Soul Eater and Jorogumo from Dororo.
♡ Ysabelle's lustful advances are not limited to men. However, she greatly dislikes competing for those she vies for, and as a result, easily grows jealous of good-looking women.
♡ While she is one of the few Espada without a fracción, it's rumored that at one point she had up to 3 at once sometime ago. It is said as a result of extreme boredom, Ysabelle released them all from under her servitude and after three days, began to hunt for them as a grim form of entertainment. Unhappily, it took her less than 24 hours to locate all three– and their punishment for not hiding better? Consumption.

Likes: Dancing, Cats, The tormented screams of the damned, Muscles, Compliments
Dislikes: Being hungry, Competition
Hobbies: Skipping, Daydreaming
Favorite Food(s): Anything bloody

Theme: Spider Lily
Battle Theme 1: Resurrection
Battle Theme 2: Ultima

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“You're a filthy mongrel.
“Surely there must be limits to which one may sink.
“Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right, and you are not at the top.
“I will reclaim everything that I desire.



Rey (Lit.偽王;"King", King), Rey Farsante (Lit.偽王;"Giō", False King) Encarnación de la Avaricia (Lit.欲望の化身;"Yokubō no Keshin" The Incarnation of Avarice)

Character Name: Enrico (Lit. Ruler of the House), Echeverría (Lit. New House)
Actual Age: 866
Physical Age: 25
Race: Arrancar (Natural)
Hollow Type Before his transition into an Arrancar, Enrico was an Adjucha.
Aspect of Death: Avarice
August 18th
Gender: Male

Height: 5’7” (170cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59kg)
Blood Type: O+

Affiliation: Hueco Mundo, Las Noches, Forest Of Menos
Number: Cuarto (4th)
Occupation: Treasure and Fortune Collector
Base of Operations: Hueco Mundo, Las Noches, Forest of Menos, Catacombs, Human World.

Notable Features:
Enrico is a rather young looking man of medium height, with a not too slender yet not too muscular build. His hair has been described as golden like a blazing flame. It is neither too long nor too short nor is it arranged in any specific way; he's quite the ordinary-looking man, despite his firm belief that his beauty outclasses others by leaps and founds. His face does not bear any particularly notable features. He has honeycomb eyes that do not particularly shine, except when he starts rambling about the things he deems important or that which he claims as his own. When rambling, his eyes have been distinguished as “visibly not human” given their mysterious radiance that makes people wither.
There is an amber earring hanging from his right ear. He's usually seen wearing a white suit that perfectly contrasts his hair, making it stand out to those that lay their eyes on him. The “suit” as he calls it - is white on the outside and black on the inside, with the buttons and the sleeve edges being that of an amber hue to match the color of his Reiryoku. Perhaps the most striking detail of appearance is the “collar”, which has an intricate design. This collar is actually Enrico’s mask.
Hollow Void Location: Enrico’s Void is covered by his clothing intentionally, as it is something that he feels bears no significance and takes away from his beauty. His void is located on his lower abdomen.
Numero Location: Enrico’s Numero is located on the right side of his chest beneath his apparel.


Enrico is talkative and tends to describe himself as "unselfish" despite representing the aspect of Avarice. He often goes on and on about plausible theories regarding the hierarchy of the world and why he reigns supreme, while in actuality he forces his own selfishness on others and tries to justify it. If his opponents or even those deemed “allies” say something that goes against his opinions and beliefs, he finds unreasonable faults in them, becoming angry while accusing them of "violating his rights" or “claiming what is his.”
The man is extremely prideful and views himself as a deity or "the most satisfying existence in the world to lay eyes on," which greatly hinders his assessment of people, no matter if they are his enemies or allies, to the point he would make light of the God-King, mocking him and calling him "a self-proclaimed father to children that can surpass him at any moment.” He often points out his dislike for needlessly involving himself with others. Despite this, his hot-tempered personality often results in unneeded fights; however, due to his overwhelmingly powerful aspect of Avarice, he always comes out victorious and unharmed. Due to his long life as an Arrancar, he has grown arrogant.
Behind closed doors, Enrico revealed how he hated being looked down upon or laughed at, going even as far as saying he evolved into an Arrancar just so he could protect himself and his kingdom – that being Hueco Mundo in his eyes - from such people. Whoever offends him or his proclaimed love Elliora has ended up getting killed, no matter their acquaintanceship with him. Despite his aspect, the numero never acknowledges his actions as greedy. His view of the world was corrupt and distorted from the beginning of his life and has remained as such.

Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength: Immense Spiritual Power
Vast like the oceans of sand dyed white within Las Noches, Enrico's spiritual pools are not to be discounted. His spiritual energy teeters on vast levels but remains within the realm of immense. Since his time as an Adjucha, his spiritual pools were always ridiculously large and often allowed for his Reiatsu to have its way with others as a result of him tapping into the potential of his energy. It goes without saying that this spiritual energy can be attributed to his natural birth and evolution from an Adjucha into a natural Arrancar.
Although there are those who've kept their regeneration abilities, Enrico finds the idea of regeneration to be a last-ditch effort, and utterly useless. Before his ascension, he rarely ever needed to make use of the ability, so parting with it was of no consequence for him. Given his immense spiritual pressure and control, it goes without saying that his Hierro is able to sustain attacks repeatedly, even if the enemy attempts to make an opening at a specified location, his skin will not give in. Strengthening such skin isn't necessary unless the man is facing someone who he deems worthy of "reclaiming" their abilities, or if his attitude and words get him into a scuffle. Blades have been met with his skin - those released and unreleased, and yet he has found himself unscathed. While his Hierro makes up for what he lacks in regeneration, it's not to be mistaken for his sole defense or something that he relies on unless he's mocking the enemy, or electing to come up with a plan while one begins to attack him. In his mind, there's no need to counter-attack when your Hierro can break the enemy's weapons and their body, should they attempt to utilize hand-to-hand combat against the man. Like the strongest material on Earth, striking the man can send a shock through the foe's body, one that throws off their equilibrium and breaks whatever part of their body that they electing to strike him with. When facing the King, one must first attempt to break through the "walls" of his castle, which are impenetrable to Kido up to level 90 before enhancement becomes necessary.

Sensing Reiryoku: Master
When a King seeks to reclaim their treasure, it's only natural for them to know exactly what it looks like. With this idea in mind, it is no surprise that Enrico's Pesquisa has been mastered to a frightening degree. When paired with his eyesight and reflexes that allow him to spot even the most minuscule of insects - that being foes - from across the sands of Las Noches, he becomes truly frightening. Having adapted and assimilated many spiritual pools to his own while combatting multiple foes at once, the mastery of his sensory came with the mastery of his Reiryoku. Given that he is on a consistent quest to reclaim his treasure, Enrico is able to send out a pulse with his Pesquisa that can span for many miles, and just like sonar, when his pulse is sent out, everything with a spiritual pool is pinged. As if he were looking at a radar, his eyes lock in on the position of the Reiryoku or Reiatsu that he senses, allowing for the man to predict the movements of his foes and allies should he wish. Interestingly enough, his mastery of this pulse accompanied by his Pesquisa has led to a unique form a sensory that allows him to see images of the next actions as if they were lines. These "lines" are the opponent's Reiryoku, Reitasu, and general attacks. One attack or many can form an image within his mind. When this is done, it allows for him to dodge attacks - no matter their number - with relative ease, and even leads others to believe that he can see into the future. Since the man is passively sensing at all times, he can easily determine what kind of attack is thrown his way based on how large of a "line" it creates within his mental field of vision.

Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control
It goes without saying that the man is more than capable of controlling his Reiryoku to serve him in multiple ways. After all, it is yet another tool that he has in his arsenal and should be wielded to nothing less than perfection. If one were to guess that his mastery came with his age, they would be sorely mistaken. While age factored in, his mastery stems from reclaiming that which is his — everything from pools of Reiryoku and Reiatsu to the most cherished of memories and innate abilities. Hueco Mundo is a place where one will die if they are not prepared at all times, and that is especially true for one that would proclaim himself as King. From projecting his Reiatsu to assimilating the memories or other items such as unique Reiatsu and Reiryoku, the man is nothing short of a prodigy and it shows in his control. Something that is reclaimed by Enrico is immediately mastered, with or without the memories that typically accompany the abilities. Although he holds much pride, the King is not above suppressing his own Reiryoku and Reiatsu to erase his spiritual presence. Coupled with his ability to act stealthily, Enrico can assassinate an enemy if he so chooses.
Given the fact that his Hierro's effectiveness is directly dependent upon his spiritual pools, it is not unreasonable to assume that Enrico is able to bolster not only his Hierro but every aspect of his being that can be infused with Reiryoku. As such, the man can harden his Hierro even further than its innate durability and break an enemy's weapon, or even take a Cero point-blank from an opponent on par or equal to an Espada above the rank of 0 without flinching. When it comes to his physical strength, even without bolstering it, the man was capable of breaking multiple bones within one's body through a single punch. When enhancing his strength with his Reiryoku, even a simple flick can shatter foes that are not of the same caliber as the Arrancar. Considering the lethal effects of Enrico's Reiatsu, he firmly believes that he is being a benevolent King to all of his people by keeping his control over his spiritual energy constant, meaning that he can enact and react accordingly without any lag-time due to a prior buildup.
Control has its benefits. Enrico is not only capable of firing a Cero or Bala towards a foe with little startup time, but he has ascended passed what one would consider a "normal" Cero. Of course, this means that he has mastered all forms of the Cero, including his Cero Oscuras which he becomes capable of releasing and modifying when allowing his Resurrección to come forth. To speak to his mastery, Enrico has developed two Cero variants that achieve the same goal, but in different ways.


Reiatsu: Master
Enrico's Reiatsu is not something that one should attempt to come into proximity with. In fact, it'd be best if they decided to do everything they could to circumvent it, or at least keep it at bay if they can manage that. It has been said that the man's presence is best known and understood through his Reiatsu when he decides to emit it. However, the emission of this spiritual pressure is something that one should be wary of. If the man knows himself to be powerful, why must he flex an invisible muscle? A simple answer to this is that the man can be as imposing or unimposing as he pleases. Alongside his inherent mastery of his Reiryoku came the mastery of Reiatsu; it wasn't hard to understand that it is the application of Reiryoku.
It is not unordinary for one to find themselves enveloped in the King's Reiatsu, which can span for many miles if he so pleases. The pressure that the man emits allows for others to feel a plethora of things, Avarice being one of them. Unlike the King, however, this Avarice is so strong that others don't "reclaim" what is theirs, they simply seek to steal and ensure that what they have coveted will not be stolen. Such a demanding and unique type of Reiatsu has been known to drive lesser beings into a daze that makes them stop at nothing to secure what they truly desire. An eerie feeling always follows the emission of Enrico's Reiatsu. Like a King that watches over his territory, the application of his Reiatsu makes others feel as if they are being watched by a prying eye — a feeling they cannot shake so long as they are in contact with the presence. Weaponizing his spiritual pressure came as second nature, especially given the fact that the man will often project it to throw off an enemy, or simply weaponize masses of spiritual pressure in a similar manner to the way that Shinigami form Kido. As a result, Enrico is capable of morphing his spiritual pressure into many shapes, mainly a hand or a projection of himself. He can also envelop himself with it in order to further enhance his already capable Hierro. It's not uncommon for entire environments and people to fall victim to the sheer pressure the King emits. Like ants, those beneath him are crushed by the superior being that Enrico has deemed himself to be.

Reiatsu Effect(s): Avarice, Crushing, ParalysisReiatsu Colors: Amber, Honeycomb.
Reiatsu Type: Given the man's unique existence as an Arrancar — an Espada at that — those that sense him will identify the man as an Espada or a Captain-level Shinigami due to his dual-type Reiatsu
Quote:"You went ahead and devoured your own arm to make sure no one steals it. You're quite the greedy pig."​
Effect of Avarice:
Enrico's Reiatsu is as foul as the Espada himself. For those that come into contact with his Reiatsu, they find it best to ensure that they are consistently thwarting the temptation that is forced upon them. Like his aspect, those who feel Enrico's spiritual pressure when exerted an extreme sense of Avarice. They will stop at nothing in order to sate their greed, going as far as to rip off their own limbs so that others cannot have them. Following the limb, many that have succumb try and mop up the blood from their wounds in order to ensure that not a single ounce of it can be taken by anyone else. Prolonged periods of exposure to this Reiatsu make one suicidal, but this is no surprise given that if one is dead, there is nothing that another can steal from them. When weighed down by this spiritual pressure, one cannot think of anything but themselves and their "property;" that which they've owned — their own bodies. The thought of self-preservation drives one to the point of extremes because the veil of avarice placed on them doesn't allow for their mind to think of anything but themselves. The King reclaims and those who would dare to lay their eyes on him will attempt to reaffirm what is their own, through the most costly of means. Paired with the man's unique spiritual pressure are rather standard effects — crushing and paralysis. Typically, these two are utilized in tandem, one suspends the target while the other continues to exert so much pressure onto the foe that their body gives in. Enrico will often layer the effects of his Reiatsu to make it harder for his opponents to alleviate the effects through sheer fortification with their own Reiatsu.

Zanjutsu Level: Master
(斬術, Swordsmanship; Viz "Art of the Sword")
Given that the man's katana is an extension of himself and thereby an extension of his aspect, being an expert with his blade is something that isn't out of the ordinary, especially given the fact that the man intentionally seeks to clash blades with a foe, or simply graze them; anything that can give him enough contact in order to reclaim what is rightfully his. With Zanjutsu, Enrico has seen many Arrancar and Shinigami alike practice various styles, although he himself lacks a particular one. What one shouldn't risk, however, is making the man draw his second blade. Unlike most Arrancar, Enrico's nucleus is within two blades, not a singular one. Given the way that he fights, electing to only draw one blade while assessing an enemy's strength, many would believe his blades to be for show when they both serve a purpose. Intermingling his hands that seek to grasp his enemy alongside his style of swordsmanship that is reminiscent of a mix of Kenjutsu and Fencing, Enrico is a foe that many would find themselves in danger should they engage in anything other than hand to hand combat with the man.
Known Techniques: Senmaioroshi, Suikawari, Ryōdan
Quote:"You didn't notice me, right? That makes sense, after all, a King will always ascend beyond a peasant's comprehension."​
Sonído Level: Master
Enrico is likely the fastest individual within Hueco Mundo. He can cross the vast distances of Hueco Mundo within less than a second and in a singular motion, disrupting the sound barrier at times depending on the velocity that he chooses to accelerate at. He can maintain this level of speed when in battle and elects to do so because he weaponizes his speed through the use of Gemelos Sonído, leaving quite the lethal after-images in place of his limbs, or his entire body depending on what he wishes to accomplish. The Espada's use of the aforementioned technique has surpassed that of his predecessors, allowing him to create up to six after-images that remain corporeal enough to trick his opponents into believing that he is falling victim to their attacks, as their blood can be drawn and limbs can disappear. It goes without saying that bypassing the sensory of other races is something that has become second nature to the man, allowing for him to strike precisely and fast when he so chooses to do so. In fact, Enrico believes that any space he occupies is rightfully his, and as a result, those who cannot visually keep up with him or attempt to track him via mere sensory are playing a fool's game in his kingdom. Needless to say, he is aware of those that would attempt to rival his own speeds and is fully capable of reacting to other users of the Sonído or similar techniques with relative ease.
What is terrifying about the man's Sonído is nor simply the sheer expedition at which he travels or the mileage he gets out of Gemelos Sonído, but a technique that he has generated from these after-images. Instead of simply leaving a minor opening, Enrico moves with such expedition that he is able to "detonate" his clones when they fall victim to his foe's attack. When an after-image dispurses, the loud "glitch" like noise produced by the Sonído technique is amplified to a point in which it makes his foes feel as if they are striking at thunder, which reverberates through their body. This never fails to burst the eardrums of those that are not aware of his technique, causing them to lose one of their vital senses during a battle with him.
Known Techniques: Gemelos Sonído
Hand to hand Combat Level: Expert
One may think that Enrico isn't making the best use of his rather average hand-to-hand combat abilities and that he should refine them. He would be quick to disagree, as he believes that despite his current level of hand-to-hand combat, he has achieved perfection. There is no set style for the Espada's brawls, rather; he is rather proud of his lack of a style. His intent is to always lay his hands on his enemies and as a result, he fights extremely scrappy and is very unpredictable. A succession of punches can turn into kicks within the same second, a fist into two fingers ready to gouge his opponent's eyes out, and a kick into a knee to the abdomen. With Enrico, there's no telling what his next move will be. And while he is a combatant and not that large in size, he has no issues taking on a foe many times his size, or multiple foes at once. If anything, his monstrous strength before enhancing it with his Reiryoku is more than enough for him, as he enjoys ripping enemies in half and crushing their heads with a simple flick when possible. The man is not one to draw his blades that often, as he prefers his hands given his aspect.

Skills and Abilities:

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Arrancar lies within his eyesight. The man is capable of seeing even the smallest of creatures and foes that are miles away with extreme precision. The man can pinpoint an enemy's location without looking in their direction and has been known to have "eyes on the back of his head," as he is capable of viewing a person's location and describing the most minute thing about them, no matter the distance between him and them. Typically, one would refer to this as an enhanced eagle's eye view, which the man possesses. When hunting his prey, this makes the game even more fun, as the man will often describe the way that they moved and how they did so to make them feel as if his prying eyes never neglected them, which they never do.
Monstrous Strength:
Not unlike other Arrancar, the man displays a level of strength that allows him to render foes unable to continue fighting, let alone breathing or living with the simplest of motions such as a flick of his fingers. The man makes it a habit to hold back his strength when toying with his opponents, but will also utilize this strategically in order to make a foe prepare themselves for an attack that is much weaker than the strength he outputs, which typically results in their demise. With such strength, the man can create winds and even destroy the pillars within Las Noches with ease.
Master Tactician:
It goes without saying that living for as long as the man has grants one quite a large sum of wisdom. This wisdom paired with the man's ability to assimilate that which he reclaims has made him quick on his feet, and even quicker to come up with a plan of action when necessary.

Aspecto de la Avaricia: (Lit."Aspect of Avarice")
Many have laid claim to that which rightfully Enrico's. It is his birthright that that which he sets his eyes on is his. He does not have to "steal" anything, as he is merely reclaiming that which has been taken from him. Despite emanating pride, the man's control resides within Avarice. While in a sealed state, Enrico cannot reclaim anything from a foe without touching it. Given the level of power that reclaiming takes, it makes sense that he utilizes his expertise in hand-to-hand combat with his aspect, electing to utilize his expertise with his Zanpakuto to give him a couple more feet to not only harm his foe but to extend his range for reclaiming. Be it his foe's reiryoku, vigor, or strength, nothing is out of reach for the King, for it is his. Unique to this "reclaiming" is the ability to steal the memories of his foes and assimilate them with his own, but this is done on the condition that he grabs a foe by their skull, first.
Utilizing his Hierro allows the man to get close to his opponent's without a shred of hesitation, which often leads to him making physical contact with them in one way or another. The best option when facing Enrico is to dodge as much as one possibly can, but when this is paired with his unmatched skill in the art of Sonido, such a feat becomes near impossible. Even parrying his Zanpakuto will create an opening for the man to reclaim what he wishes from his foes. For that which is not an opponent, but rather an object, the ability to "reclaim" is especially useful. From reclaiming the space between him and a foe to negate the distance between the two to reclaiming the energy within a Kido with physical contact, Enrico is truly a terrifying opponent for many. This terror that comes with his aspect is reaffirmed when the Arrancar allows for one to lay their eyes upon his Resurrección, as the medium that once existed — physical contact — is amplified, allowing for him to expedite the process of reclaiming via Reiryoku. While Reiryoku could be viewed as another medium when one finds themselves a victim of Enrico's aspect while in his Resurrección, they are often confused, given that he no longer has to make physical contact; it simply becomes an option.
Descorrer, Garganta Broadcast, Negación

Equipment: Caja de Negación

Zanpakuto Name: Tesoro (Lit."Treasure")


Zanpakuto Appearance:
Tesoro is a unique Zanpakuto that rests on Enrico's right and left hip. It is unique in the sense that he has two Zanpakuto that come together to make one nucleus that contains his true powers. The blades are not anything special, really, at least not to Enrico, despite their gold and amber colors. Their simplicity is what makes them true to their name, the Espada believes. Decorated with a white and amber scabbard that houses a 30-inch blade, Tesoro is a Zanpakuto that stands out quite a bit amongst other variants.

Quote:"Rejoice, mongrel. You have earned the honor of witnessing my glory before your death."​

Release Word: Reclama (Lit."Reclaim")
Enrico's Resurrección can be activated by two methods. The first is for the man's blades to be sheathed and for him to utter his release phrase. This often takes an enemy by surprise, as they assume that there is some grand ritual, when, in fact, he can enter his Resurrección rather expeditiously. The second, more ceremonial way is for the man to cross his arms while the serrated edges are pointed outward, his right katana pointing outward from his left shoulder while his left points outward from the right, and he utters his release phrase.
Resurrección Appearance:
Unlike others within Hueco Mundo, Enrico's release state does not change him into an animalistic state. If anything, it furthers his humanoid appearance, but still allows for one to perceive that the man is indeed an Arrancar. The neckpiece that formerly covered his entire neck opens up, exposing the middle of his neck, while his "mask" shifts to the top of his collarbone alongside the right and left of his neck. His outfit changed entirely, gold and jewelry adorn his body from a piece that covers his waist to straps that appear similar to bandages on his right and left calves, as well as one that adorns his left wrist. These are for decoration, while starfish-like creatures begin to surround the man. These starfish act as the primary antagonist against Enrico's foes, latching themselves onto his opponent's while being able to perform auxiliary abilities such as a cero or Sonído in the same fashion as Enrico. As the King he claims to be, Enrico is dressed in the finest of clothing, whilst being aided by his "knights." Without failure, every time that the man releases his Resurrección, the environment is flooded with his Reiatsu, so much so that those weaker fall victim to its effects and the environment suffers as a result, often being flattened.
Resurrección Abilities:
Enrico's Resurrection revolves around his aspect entirely. As a result, the summoning of his starfish-like disembodied heads, the man is able to reclaim that which is his over Reiryoku, undoing the limiter placed upon him when he is in his sealed state. Should a head be destroyed, it can simply be crafted again; they all act as an extension of his body. In his released state, his enemies often find themselves pressed as they have to not only avoid him and his disembodied heads, but they also must consistently fight his Reiryoku's presence and Reiatsu's allure. As a result of his Resurrección, Enrico gains the following:
Enhanced Speed:
Despite his already astonishing speeds, Enrico manages to take his Sonído a step further when entering his released state, allotting him the ability to create 8 Gemelos Sonído instead of his usual six without any difficulty.
Enhanced Hierro:
While in his released form, Enrico's Hierro becomes even harder to pierce through than it was in his sealed state. Considering the fact that he holds Hierro strong enough to take multiple attacks from the most lethal of methods and opponents without flinching in his sealed form, within his released form, the man becomes capable of taking even more lethal attacks, brushing them off and jumping on the opening this typically creates.
Enhanced Strength:
In his sealed form, Enrico already boasts strength that makes him capable of destroying the pillars within Las Noches with a simple flick of his wrist as well as unique abilities such as producing gales of wind due to the sheer strength behind each strike. His Resurrección enhances his strength even further, allowing the man to send shockwaves and level entire environments for miles at a time with a single punch or kick.

Mano del Rey: (Lit."The Hand of the King")
A forceful projection that comes forth from the King's Reiryoku reserves. Much like a Kido spell utilized by a Shinigami, this spell draws from Enrico's Reiryoku but can be utilized in tandem or just with Reiatsu alone. This is a technique that shows how powerful it is when in his Resurrección, but similar methods have been employed within his sealed state as well. Enrico projects an image of his hand in varying lengths, either visible or invisible depending on how secretive he wants to be, which allows him to protect himself or others from foes with this barrier. On the flip side, this technique can and has been utilized to crush enemies with its sheer force. The range of this technique when utilized in tandem with the man's otherworldly eyesight knows no bounds.
Expresión de Clase (Lit."Expression of Class")
When employing this technique, Enrico's jewelry from any part of his body that is a part of his Resurrección begins to glow bright enough to blind foes. It is only right for those unworthy to be blinded — never allowed to feast their eyes upon the King. Enrico's jewelry or mask begins to glow brightly, blinding his enemies for the duration that it glows. This can be utilized to create a light source, as well. This can also be utilized with his disembodied heads without jewelry, they act as a pseudo-sun of sorts, allowing for the man to divert the enemy's attention as he pleases.
Destello de Elegancia: (Lit."Flash of Elegance")
The difference between the King and his foes is not simply class, but it is also intelligence. The Hierro of opponents is something that the Arrancar is not ignorant too. Knowing that this could prove to be challenging in a battle of long-distance, the man elected to show how his "elegance" can indeed inflict punishment upon his enemies. By tapping his jewelry or throwing it with enough force, the man becomes capable of causing his Jewelry to reverberate without end, attacking the enemy's insides without fail, rupturing everything that it touches. It is not uncommon for foes to throw up blood or to attack to close the gap between themselves and the man when this technique is put into play. This reverberation starts by bursting the enemy's eardrums in a similar manner to the man's method of movement, going on to cause internal damage that circumvents a foe's armor or Hierro as a result. It can be used in tandem with Destello de Elegancia
Bella Durmiente: (Lit."Sleeping Beauty")
Allowing the King to touch one's skull is a mistake that one should hope they never make. Physical contact with the King where he doesn't simply crush one's skill in an instant is a grand honor. In his sealed or released state, Enrico can effectively reclaim the memories of his opponents by placing his hand on their skull, focusing his Reiryoku around their skull, or allowing for a disembodied head to latch onto a foe's skull. The loss of one's memories can result in three things, the third being a combination of the first two. If the Espada decides that he wants to make the person no more than a husk, he can latch onto their skull and take every single memory from them, effectively learning their techniques to the fullest as well as their past while instantly assimilating this information. The first method allows for the man to temporarily master that which his opponent has mastered, as well as their style, but only for five minutes. The second effect is quite lethal, as it has no time limit. When stealing the memories of a person, Enrico can hone in on the opponent's basic memories such as walking, talking, or something as simple and necessary as swinging their weapon. If this type of memory reclaiming process goes on, the man can effectively make a person a vegetable, as they are not able to even remember their basic motor functions, let alone their name.

Enrico is accustomed to firing his Cero from anywhere he pleases. Typically, it is done with the index finger of either hand, but the man is uniquely capable of firing it from any point on his body. Amber in color, the man can also fire this cero from the location of his void, which is hidden by his clothing. As a master of control and creativity, Enrico has developed two Cero variants. The first is completed by firing his chosen Cero as a sphere — either in the air or towards an opponent. After doing so, Enrico decides when to activate the unique ability of this Cero. When activated, the sphere releases a volley of smaller, faster Cero that can skewer an enemy, even if they believe they are prepared to intercept such an attack. Similar to the Cero Metralleta, these smaller Cero fire in a similar manner to a Gatling gun and are extremely difficult to avoid. The second version of this Cero variant comes in the form of the typical Cero that one would expect. Enrico fires his Cero as he normally would, deceiving his foe into thinking he's going to resort to such a barbaric tactic. While it is on its way to its destination, the Cero beam then splits off mid-flight into multiple faster and thinner Cero, sometimes becoming so thin yet remaining so potent that they can slip past a foe's eyes while destroying their body.
Known Techniques: Cero, Cero Córnea, Gran Rey Cero, Cero Sincrético,
Cero Oscuras, Bala

⦿ Enrico is heavily inspired by Gilgamesh.
⦿ When Enrico met Elliora, he murdered the 135 wives he had at the time.
⦿ The moniker of False King was bestowed to him by Elliora!

Personal Relationships:

Elliora: Enrico's one, true Queen. He obeys her every word — even if that means being her footstool.
Likes: Toying with prey, Monologuing, Elliora
Dislikes: Everything that is not himself or Elliora
Hobbies: Dialoging with himself, giving speeches.
Favorite Food(s): Souls that are aged like a fine wine.

Character Appearance:

(Biography Format by Taichou and Thanatus)
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"You sure you can keep up?"
"What do you taste like? I want to know."
"I don't wanna do that... sounds not fun at all."
"What is chaos for the fly, is normal for the spider."
“How long exactly do you think you can resist my song?”
“You have to agree with me. The cold steel of the metal against your warm insides is just the best, isn't it?!”

La Urraca (Lit. "The Crow"), Ama (Lit. "Mistress"),La Bruja Plumada (Lit. The Feathered Witch), Hechicera de la Noche (Lit. "Night Enchantress"), Diosa de Las Noches (Lit. "Goddess of Las Noches"), La Reyna de las Tinieblas (Lit "The Queen of Darkness"), La Reyna Olvidada (Lit "The Forgotten Queen"), La Bailarina Sangrienta (Lit "The Bloodied Dancer"),

Character Name: Elliora (Lit. God is my Light) Lillit (Lit. Storm Goddess, Spirit of the Night)
Actual Age: Unknown
Physical Age: 29
Race: Arrancar - Natural
Hollow Type Adjuchas
Aspect of Death: Indulgence
Birthday: November 10
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 815

Affiliation: Las Noches - Forest Of Menos
Title: Espada
Number: 0
Base of Operations: Las Noches - Forest of Menos - Hueco Mundo Desert - Catacombs

Notable Features: Elliora is easily distinguished by her petite stature, standing at only 4'10", she's smaller than most around her, with her wide hips protruding from the side slits of her white gown. Her dark violet hair frames her face, while the rest of it's length, which reaches past her hips, is kept in a loose braid. She's described as stunningly beautiful, as her tan skin glistens under the light, irresistibly supple, with a blush usually on her cheeks. As if she'd never suffered a scratch or scrape, her skin is only adorned with a beauty mark below her left eye. She has a white flower adorning her hair, which never falters from it's position.
Hollow Void Location Between her clavicles.

Personality: Like a force of nature, she's unpredictable as they come, calm as the surface of a lake, or tempestuous as a violent cyclone, she can be friendly, loving, or completely cold and detached. It all depends on what will bring her the most pleasure in the moment, because that's all she truly wishes for. She goes where she wants, does what she wants without regard to anyone's feelings or desires but her own. Despite this purely chaotic energy of hers, she has a strange sense of loyalty and respect to those she deems worthy of it, regardless of their title or number. She's aggravatingly unreasonable, unreadable, and incorrigible. She lives unapologetically and to the fullest, seeking that final pleasure that awaits everyone. If this wasn’t enough, she’s terribly forgetful, as she has a tendency to purge from her mind anything she seems useless from her memory, be it faces, names, locations, and even memories. This can be exasperating to those around her, as she may forget what to call them, and will end up renaming them or leaving them nicknames that only she addresses them as. She has extremely obsessive tendencies when she finds something or someone that peaks her interest, and will do anything in her power to bring them pleasure.


Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength: Immense Spiritual Power: A creature of old, despite her youthful appearance, and her refusal to admit a numbered age, she is irrefutably powerful. Living through many apocalyptic occurrences through her life and through the cannibalism of her fellow hollows, like the final survivor in a Gu, she ultimately came out on top, having feasted on every single ounce of reiryoku of her victims, adding to her already overwhelming power. Elliora has lived comfortably in Hueco Mundo for millennia, as very few had dared come to challenge her. While seeking the ultimate pleasures in life, she cannot deny the pleasure she feels when she exerts even the smallest amounts of her reiryoku all to see those under its effects squirming by newfound sensations. After having feasted on the liquified remains of Aragon, and the remnants of the previous Godking, Vincent, Elliora's prowess increased drastically. Waves of her energy feel vast... downright infinite. This change in physiology did not alter the strength of her hierro, but instead accelerated the speed and prowess of her regenerative abilities. Even during her time as an adjuchas, her uncontrolled strength resulted in anyone in the vicinity to follow her blindly, and bend to her every whim, allowing her to feast on those allegedly "stronger". Despite having these gargantuan pools of spiritual power, she does not allow it to reign rampant, as she is often one to see how others will act
Plumaje Escalado (規模 羽, [Rom. Kibo Hane] Lit. "Scaled Plumage"): After devouring the former Tres Espada, Aragon Larggarto, Elliora's immeasurable power spike manifests itself in a new type of protective layer for the manic arrancar. While her true hierro remans relatively brittle, and easy to bypass, this newformed outer layer takes the form of scaled feathers, which leads many to believe her hierro. This is not permanent on the arrancar's body, but a technique she's able to employ even outside of her resurrección. This armor like layered plumage is practically invisible, if not for the iridescence at certain angles, and when struck by an attack. Elliora is able to disperse energy based attacks that come in contact with this by ruffling these scaled feathers at high velocities, causing the vibrations mixed with her reiryoku to break the energy attack apart on contact. This ability shines especially when physical objects strike these hardened feathers, as it's capable of snapping a zanpakuto on impact. When focusing this on a part of her body, when she strikes, she is able to crush through even the most dense and alleged indestructible hierro like brittle glass.


Sensing Reiryoku: Master: A lifetime of constant searching, and hunting, and fighting, Elliora has unparalleled, extraordinary capabilities when it comes to pesquia. She is able to detect miniscule amounts of reiryoku, even at great distances. Through many years of using and training this technique, Elliora is able to discern different signatures, even when clustered together for safety, zeroing in on her number of prey, as well as properly gauging their strength by accurately reading their reiryoku and reiatsu prowess. If this wasn't enough, granted by The Witch's zanpakuto and by extension, her resurrección, the wind itself reveals to her the exact whereabouts of her targets, making them easy pickings for the temperamental huntress. Ever muttering so much as a single word, a gasp, or the mere the clicking of one's teeth is enough for her pinpoint someone's location, because after all, all sounds are carried by the wind. Yet, not only sound is the only dead giveaway that makes this so dangerous, as she is quite capable of finding someone by their fragrance alone, no matter the distance. Even when targets are merely standing idly, attempting to suppress their reiryoku does little to nothing to hamper her ungodly ability to find anyone, anywhere, as it goes beyond simply controlling one's reiryoku when attempting to hide from The Feathered Witch.


Reiryoku Control: Mastered Control: Elliora’s control of her spiritual power is unnaturally precise, after all, as a huntress, in a world full of predators and prey, not only has she had to adapt and survive those who were at one point were stronger than her, she had to become completely undetectable to her prey. Her ability to suppress her own reiryoku and by extension, her presence, is second nature to her, and instead has to actively release her reiatsu to make her herself known. After several millennia of training and tempering her skills to sharpen her abilities, she’s able to augment her own physical abilities, such as her hierro, sonido, as well as Cero, and it’s variants. Not only this, but thanks to her dominion over wind, and by enveloping wind around her blades, her opponents become shredded from the inside out as the tempestuous winds under her control burst out violently in miniature tornadoes, incapacitating her opponents, making easy pickings for her to devour and bolster her strength.


Reiatsu: Master
Reiatsu Colors:
Purple with iridescence
Reiatsu Shape: Demon Crow
Reiatsu Effect(s): Pleasure - Indulgence - Fearlessness - Scorching
Reiatsu Type: Element Type: Wind - Fire
With a masterful control of her reiryoku, it's a given that Elliora is equally adept at controlling her spiritual pressure. In its initial stages of exposure to her reiatsu, a victim will be subjected to a feeling of pleasure throughout their mind and body, causing difficulty in gathering their thoughts, as their mind becomes increasingly foggy with each passing second, making it difficult not only to move, but to even think and formulate plans. As these effects continue, those trapped in her reiatsu begin to spiraling into the abyss of pleasure, seeking to indulge not only themselves, but Elliora and her whims, as the source of delight they currently experience. These particular effects seem to linger well past her stopping the output of her reiatsu, often resulting in a new addition to her following. With these effects stacking atop one another, the fearlessness seeps in, and victims lose their inhibitions and will act with no regard to their own wellbeing, desiring only to seek what brings them even a modicum of pleasure to the point of self harm or even death, especially if it will bring a smile to the devilish beauty that is Elliora. Due to the former effects on their person, they instead feel gratification as opposed to the natural responses of pain and fear. While the pressure alone is enough to hurt and kill her prey, The Witch seldom uses this method flat out, as it is a quick and rather joyless method of killing in her eyes.
A newfound effect after the digestion of the former espada, the Night Enchantress's winds can now scorch those they touch. It begins as warmth, mixed in with the indulgence and pleasure, this effect can be mistaken as fiery passion, when in actuality, it is heat emanating from her spiritual pressure. While she does not seem to control flames outright, heat builds and increases over time, eventually causing things to catch aflame. Even those lit aflame do not process the reality of being burned alive, as their bodies come to feel pleasure from this, and see the delight in Elliora's face as they do so, furthering their desire to indulge her. A powerful burst from the witch is capable of immediately incinerating anything in it's wake in the blink of an eye.


Zanjutsu Level: Expert: Elliora holds no discernable style of combat, instead she hacks and slashes violently, stabbing any which way she so desires to disembowel her prey. She holds no regard for her own body during these attacks and will even accidentally become collateral damage to her own attacks, though it does nothing to deter her relentless onslaught. Her wild and rather brutish "form" of swordsmanship often causes blood splatter to paint her and her once pristine clothing red, which caused some to eventually dub her La Bailarina Sangrienta, or The Bloodied Dancer.


Sonido Level: Master: It's rumored that her speed is unparalleled and unmatched by those who claim mastery, as she often leaves them scattered in the wind. She moves as swiftly, carried and aided by the currents of wind, as it does not pose any resistance to her, instead guides her path, launching her effortlessly to her destination. She does not tire, nor does she waver in her journey. It's as if the wind itself carries Elliora gracefully through the air until she wills it to stop, moving any which way she so desires. A force of nature at her beck and call, the only give away is the initial sound of her take off from the ground, in a loud booming sound, with the force of a explosion, those nearby are thrust off their feet by the sheer pressure behind Elliora's take off. Speed is never an obstacle for her aim, even in battles, an opponent will be slashed to pieces in the blink of an eye, unable to follow her movements until it is far too late. She even has a devastating technique called Meteorito Devastador, which combines not only her speed, but also her regeneration capabilities.
Known Techniques: Sonido Gemelo.
Meteorito Devastador (壊滅的な流星 [Rom. Kaimetsu-tekina ryūsei] Lit. "Devastating Meteorite"): In tandem with her regeneration capabilities, Elliora launches herself at top speeds, accelerated by the tremendous force of her Sonido and wind thrusting her forward, she builds enough momentum to crash down against the ground or an opponent, causing irreparable damage to the impact site, a sonic boom on impact, earthquakes felt miles away, and a crippling burst of her own reiatsu that incapacitates those within ground zero. While one may be inclined to believe her to be dead, this is where her incredibly rapid regenerative capabilities truly shine. Elliora's hierro and skin will reconstruct in an instant, even as the flames surrounding her burn her small body. Such are the capabilities of her regeneration that the moments after the impact, she speeds more time crawling back to the surface level from the crater, than she does repairing the damage sustained by her kamikaze attack.


Hand to hand Combat Level:
While not her preferred method of combat, should Elliora ever become disarmed, she's not entirely defenseless, thanks to her evasiveness, durability, hierro, and agility, her small frame is not hindered by her lack of reach, and instead continuously outmaneuvers her opponents to land rapid blows to their bodies, often striking pressure points to incapacitate them.


Skills and Abilities: Decorrer. Cero. Bala. Vagido. High speed regeneration.
Unmatched maneuverability and agility. Heightened instincts and reflexes.
Much like a toxic bird taking on the deadly properties of its diet, The Feathered Witch is able to take on certain properties of her meals, while this does not seem to happen with her prey much weaker than she, but only those in proximity of strength. These manifestations of increased power will reform in her image, albeit changing the color of her feathers and reiatsu. She does not entirely assimilate all the abilities and techniques, but a handful or so, if at all.
Viento Feroz (猛風 [Rom. Mōfū] Lit. "Fierce Wind"): The element of freedom, and the most fitting attribute to the Feathered Witch. Elliora Lillit is able to manipulate the very wind itself to her very whim, while she does not create it, she is never in short supply as it is abundant in any world she decides to visit. She rides the air currents like a fish swims through water, effortlessly. This also helps Elliora lift objects far beyond her physical prowess, as she will manipulate the wind to lift and move it as she pleases, which causes those that witness this to miscalculate her actual strength and become wary of coming near her. She can send condensed currents of wind, reinforced with her reiryoku, towards her opponents that are capable of slicing through hierro, skin, and bone. In actuality, the full extent of her powers with wind manipulation are unknown, as she can fabricate tempestuous winds and tornadoes that engulf and trap whoever she so desires to ensnare. The turbulence of this wind is so powerful in itself that the sheer force slashes their bodies and tears them apart like ragdolls.
Canto de Ave (鳥のさえずり [Rom. Tori no saezuri] Lit. "Birdsong"): Elliora's voice is as charming and alluring as the beautiful song of a bird. This ability truly takes effect after Elliora comes in contact with someone, causing them to become captivated by her voice, urging them to do anything that will bring pleasure or joy to La Diosa De las Noches. While those with true strength may be able to resist the call of her song, something within them strangely, and selfishly, keeps them from landing the killing blow on The Forgotten Queen, as if her mere presence is such a delight to those under her spell that they do not wish to end her existence. This itself is both a gift and a curse to Elliora, as her true goal is to achieve that final pleasure those granted life get to experience. An additional effect of this is how tempting she can be in drawing their darkest desires and pleasures, as per her aspect of death, indulgence, as she presses further on verbally, those enraptured by her willingly divulge to her what they truly desire, initially only going so far as the moment in time, but as she continues on, what they truly long for for themselves.
Fuego Fénix (鳳凰 [Rom. Hō-ō] Lit. "Phoenix Fire"): A recently discovered ability for Elliora, developed after feasting on Aragon, whom once tried to lay claim to her very skies, she now possesses the ability to breathe fire. Unlike the Dragoon's explosive blast, this ability came to manifest by coating her body in flames instead, furthering the image of a phoenix taking flight, claiming domain of the skies. She does not burn when encased in her own flames, but anything that touches her or these flames will burn until nothing but ashes remain. Because of this fiery encasing, which is able to transcend even to her resurrección, her feathers will also take on these burning properties, setting fire to anything they strike. With the addition of her wind, these fires can quickly burst out of control, multiplying infinitely in size in a matter of seconds.

Equipment: Capa Tenebrosa (闇上着[Rom. Yamiuwagi ] Lit. "Dark Cloak"): Despite it's name, this long cape is white in color, with a purple feathery collar. This heavily weighted cape is meant to hinder movement, while also training and strengthening the muscles of the wearer. Due to it's composition, having been made with hollow physiology, it grants the wearer resistance to damaging energy attacks, like Hado and cero. Additionally, this garments is highly effective in cloaking the reiryoku of the wearer.

Cristal Sangriento (血の結晶 [Rom. Chi no kesshō] Lit. "Bloody Crystal"): A special and unique crystal composed of concentrated hollows, vile and grotesque energy circulates within it and emanates from this small gem. This gem has the potential to turn hollows to arrancar, once the final component is fused into it, of course. This small and highly dangerous item is currently in the "safe" hands of Elliora... more accurately, it's residing in her body. The item itself is something she's had in her possession for many, many years, carefully honing it and feeding it, by not only traveling through worlds in search of strong hollows to add to the mix, but going so far as to even decapitate herself and feeding parts of her into this hellish item. Thanks to this, she's able to house it safely within herself.

Millians: Originating from Gillians, these miniature fragments are separated souls from the oversized hollows at the beck and call of Elliora. She has a telepathic connection with these, whether she likes it or not. Because of this, she's able to see and hear anything they do, giving her already unbelievable sensing capabilities an even bigger boost, as it previously did not include such a perceptive sight. As seen during Aragon's demonstration in the first arrancar meeting, eating one of these grants a boost of power, replenishing any expensed reiryoku, as well as regenerating any damage. These however, are a double-edged sword, as she can turn these hollows deadly by causing them to burst explosively. These small hollows are also surprisingly fast, as if they were capable of using sonido themselves, but not quite. They travel through the use of their owner's wind, and move as fast as she allows them to. They are also capable of transmitting messages between them, allowing for quick broadcasts or transfer of information between them. Because of their bond with Elliora, as if extensions of her, so long as a single of these creatures exists, she is able to return, even if her "main" body is to be lost, she will regrow from these again and again endlessly, furthering the claim of a phoenix rising form its ashes. While the process may take weeks, or months, eventually she takes the the skies once again. The signature of these fragmented gillians is a blend of traces of hers and their own individual signature. Because they are scattered throughout the entirety of Hueco Mundo, Elliora's presence is felt throughout, making it nigh impossible to pinpoint her actual location.

Zanpakuto Name: Talones (かかと [Rom. Kakato] Lit. "Talons")

Zanpakuto Appearance: In its sealed state, Talones takes the form of two modified kukri knives with a silver spine, an ornate line throughout it's length, and dark purple edges. Incredibly sharp, these blades can slice clean through with no resistance, even through bone. They lack sheaths and are usually hidden by her cloak when they are stored against Elliora's back.

Release Word: Vuela
Resurrección: The Feathered Witch releases Talones by stabbing them simultaneously into her back. She does not bleed from this, instead, her spiritual energy bursts from both incisions violently like a pair of wings, before engulfing her and revealing her resurrección.
Resurrección Appearance:

Resurrección Abilities:
High Speed Regeneration increase: As if she wasn't difficult enough to kill, La Urraca's regeneration only becomes exponentially faster in her resurrección. Any damage caused to her hierro, despite it often being a slow process to restore, for Elliora, this is child's play, she purposely neglects it's impenetrability, instead focusing her energy on it's restoration, making it to where her hierro, and by extension any damaged skin, is repaired just as quick as the wound was sustained, going so fast as to be entirely restored as soon as the blade ceases contact with her armored skin, as if nothing ever happened. Though she may delay this while she plays around with her toys, or victims, a sick game for her just to give them a false sense of success, the Feathered Witch seems to always come back from the very brink of death each and every time, like a cursed phoenix. Though she doesn't mind it, as she seems to enjoy her brief dances with death, Elliora will seek out those who make it a possibility for her to experience these sensations. After the ingestion of the remnants of Vincent, her regeneration capabilities skyrocketed drastically, allowing the woman to mend herself from the very brink of death, even when parts of her body are disintegrated, the cells in her body regenerate just as quickly as they are damaged, which makes opponent's devastating blasts appear harmless against her, even when they actively harm her body. This boost in her regenerative abilities is poses a bigger danger during her resurrección as she immediately regrows any feathers plucked from her wings, giving her an endless supply of weapons which she will undoubtedly use to her advantage.
Heightened maneuverability and agility: The wings on her back are not for show, as they supply her with endless weapons and shields. Not only that, these wings work to increase her maneuverability midair, something she already is highly skilled in. These appendages her to easily dodge and evade projectiles sent her way. Even as she rides the currents of wind in one direction, she's quickly able to redirect her trajectory without a second though, to easily outmaneuver any projectiles or enemies following her, thus reappearing behind them and turning the tables on them. In addition to this, her speed also receives a significant boost making her impossible to track via sight as she disappears easily without a trace, though she may purposely leave a feather or two in her wake.
Desplumaje (摘採 [Rom. Tekisai] Lit. "Plucked Feathers"): This resurreccion ability allows Elliora to manipulate her feathers, from shooting them as projectiles, to combining them in hardenable knives or swords. Thanks to her enhanced high speed regeneration, she is never short of feathers for any form of attack, and can make them rain down endlessly on her opponents, as well as manipulate every single feather omnidirectionally. She can even attach these loose feathers to others and grant them their own set of wings. These feathers are as durable as her own hierro and can sustain high amounts of damage and remain unscathed, making them optimal for both offence and defense against her enemies. The sharpness of these feathers is only augmented by the speed in which they travel, making them difficult to evade or catch, thus allowing them to easily slice through hierro, flesh, bones, and any constructs of those beneath her.
Aire Oculto (隠された空気 [Rom. Kakusareta kūki] Lit. "Occult Air"): The Goddess's ace up her sleeve, and pinnacle display of her wind manipulating abilities. She focuses the air around her, encasing herself, not only does this protect her body from projectiles, the wind circulating her is powerful enough to cause blades to bounce off. Yet, this is only a single part of the actual purpose of this technique created by her. The true purpose of the this ability is to force the humidity in the air against her hierro, circulating it endlessly around her. This results in the light to reflect against her, causing her to disappear from sight. Elliora becomes invisible. While she does not maintain this for a prolonged period of time, whether she chooses to or simply cannot is unknown, regardless, this does not hinder her capabilities, and will swiftly put an end to whoever is unfortunate to cross her, as she becomes impossible to find. The difficulty of this technique is enough for Elliora to not employ it without her resurreccion, as it takes quite a bit of concentration to sustain, and the power increase facilitates this.

Cero: Elliora's cero is violet with an iridescent shine, and while she can interchangeably fire it from two locations, she has only been seen to fire one at a time. It is unknown if she's only able to fire one at a time, or can fire both simultaneously. The energy generates over her pelvic bones, and is released upon Elliora's "armed" hip thrusting forward. The cero shoots off at high speeds, leaving behind a trail of destruction in it's wake. The power of this blast is capable of easily killing off lowly hollows, like gillians, but will gravely damage stronger hollow, or even kill them if caught off guard.
Cero Variants: Cerito (小さなゼロ [Rom. Chīsana zero] Lit, "Little Cero"): Fired from the tip of her index finger like a gun, Elliora condenses her cero down to the thinness of a strand of hair, while this does diminish the overall strength, in comparison to her standar cero, the thinness of this mini cero doesn't make it any less dangerous, in fact, with the help of her wind affinity, spiraling gusts of air add to its destructiveness, especially when it perforates bodies, as the wind spirals around it lacerates the body further, stacking over the damaging reiyoku blast.
Cero Plumado (羽毛なし[Rom. Umō nashi] Lit. "Feathered Cero): In resurreccion, Elliora's wings expand wide, where a murder of crows emerges from the dark abyss of her feathers. This murder of crows takes to the skies in a relentless pursuit of their target. These crows are no larger than those found in the world of the living, but as they are composed of Elliora's reiryoku, they will devastate anything in their path, should their target attempt to dodge and evade, they will alter course, the wind itself acting like a guiding system controlled by the Feathered Witch, albeit exponentially dangerous. These individual ceros may also be fused into a single giant crow that will chase it's target until it has been completely obliterated by the sheer power of this attack.


Facts & Trivia: She likes to touch things and is quite handsy.
She's able to mimic any voice she hears.
Elliora's Feather Manipulation is inspired by Hawks from My Hero Academia.
Her hand to hand combat is fashioned after Ty Lee, from the show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Likes: Pleasure. Mind games. Feeling good. Shiny things.
Dislikes: Anyone that interrupts her good time.
Personal Relationships:

Elliseo: One of her most loyal followers, even after her abandonment of the throne, she does not forsake him and will occasionally seek him out to play. Despite his temperament, she will urge him enough until he caves to her whims, insisting they'll have fun. She has a soft spot for him, after all, she was the very one to name him.

Enrico: Someone from her past whom she continues to follow her faithfully despite her wanton ways. Elliora is fascinated by his subservience to her, and will even seek to push the limits in what she tells him to do, going so far as to humiliating him by using him as a footstool. Strangely enough, she trusts him unconditionally.

Abraam: A polar opposite to Elliora's hyperactivity, she constantly leaves him behind during their outings as soon as she finds something new to play with, but is never far off from him, and enjoys his disdain at her antics. She's quite fond of him, and will find new ways to torment him.

Character Appearance:

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"I am both the beginning and the ending of the story that has yet to be written."
"Time flows constantly, it doesn't care about the people struggling."
"Every weak person can change into the strongest monster."
"To deceive someone, you must understand their feelings and tailor your words accordingly."
“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.”
“Winning is everything in this world. The victors write history and the losers are wiped from it.”

Character Name: Izeel Camaxtli
Actual Age: 1,091
Physical Age: 27
Race: Arrancar (Natural)
Hollow Type Adjuchas
Aspect of Death: Shame
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Male

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 134 lbs
Blood Type: AB

Affiliation: Hueco Mundo
Title: N/A
Number: N/A
Occupation: Medic & Historian
Espada: 7th
Former Espada: N/A
Partner(s): Alfa/Mudo
Fracción: Artificial hollow
Base of Operations: Las Noches/Los Perdidos/Forest of Menos/Catacombs/Hueco Mundo Desert

Notable Features: Izeel appears as a handsome male with purple hair, large and round glasses, and hollow mask fragments that resemble clawed versions of kenseikan on the side of his head. Izeel's most notable trait is likely the large screw-in bolt going through his head. He often turns this screw, a means to focus his thoughts and refine his reiatsu output.
Another notable detail about his body, as well as his clothes, are their zig-zag stitches. He has sewn stitches all over his body and clothing. His most notable piece of clothing is his doctor's lab coat. He has a turtleneck shirt underneath his coat. It is 2 different shade patterns. With the dark one on top and lighter in the middle, with the same dark under the lighter one. The shirt also has stitches in zig-zags on the lines on the shirt. His Arrancar mask appears as two fangs on his lower jaw.
Hollow Void Location Naval
Personality: Izeel is much known for his analytical skills and ruthless mindset. Despite his ruthless and vicious personality out of fairness, he will always give his opponents the choice to just walk away from the confrontation. He is knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics, endowed with prodigious intuition and analytical skills, who first gauges his opponent's abilities and strength level before going all out. To match all of these impressive intellectual capacities, he is also an extremely quick thinker, who is capable of adapting to completely unforeseen, absurd scenarios, and able to understand the basics behind his opponent's techniques even under severe mental stress. Izeel sees everything in the world, including himself, as an experiment. Even as a human, he often wanted to dissect the people around him. This personality trait made all those around him afraid of him. This strange hobby of wanting to dissect anything he thinks is interesting was still present in him as hollow, and his search for learning the inner workings that drive the things around him. Because of his photographic memory, he tends to often mention things related to memory in his dialogues, such as noting things he recalls or advising others to remember given facts, as well as stating that he'll memorize someone's name when he considers doing so worthy.
Relatives: None

Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength: Immense Spiritual Power
As a low-level hollow Izeel was known to possess a soul that was stronger than average hollow. In his quest for knowledge he came across many interesting souls of different delicacies; hollow, shinigami, substitute shinigami, Quincy, and the very savoring desserts Fullbringers. At first, it started with Izeel targeting the academy shinigami or humans rich in spiritual power, but then this became like eating the same bland meal for weeks. Eventually, Izeel required more nutrients no longer settling for the less developed souls, and found himself targeting more challenging prey. This even made him experiment with being the catalyst to create Fullbringers just to see if something he created would have a different effect on him upon consumption. So far this experiment has yet to be bare its fruit but he believes it gives the soul a sweeter taste. Not long after reaching the adjuchas evolution, he set his sights on eating Menos Grande viewing them as nothing more than walking all you can eat buffet. In more recent times Izeel takes advantage of freshly evolved adjuchas helping them to an extent playing off their fear of reverting back or not being able to evolve any further to help them get strong enough to provide more nutrients and power to him. After achieving the evolution to Arrancar Izeel’s reiryoku increased along with it. His diligence to uncover how each environment caused evolution to happen for the races differently, will play a key role in helping to further boost the Arrancar’s reiryoku to greater capacity or next evolution beyond this. Izeel is known to not have hierro at all, with it all focused on his healing capabilities backed by his body modifications to help him face different threats with high versatility.
Sensing Reiryoku: Master
Pesquisa / Índice Radar
His ability to sense other spiritual beings has improved with his evolutionary transformation into Arrancar. Valuing the importance of gathering as much information you can on an opponent, being a more strategic fighter he uses his spirit sensing to help gauge his target power level and plan accordingly on a proper course to take down his prey. Using his talent to perceive patterns he can use this to help discern one’s mental state at the time after spending a minute remembering their reiatsu. A unique trait that sets Izeel, Reikaku, and Reiatsu Chikaku apart from anybody else is that he works through the condition of synesthesia; which makes him detect reiatsu through the sense of taste and sight. He perceives how strong it is by how potent the taste is, or those with weaker reiatsu being close to bland. Each race all having a distinct taste to their soul though varying in different types of flavor, he has learned to track people by tasting the air and picking up on the lingering energy left behind.
Izeel's capabilities in discerning the patterns of people's spiritual energy have become so impressive when allotted the appropriate time he can make it seem like he is reading one's mind. This is done by picking up on the very slightest change in their patterns and uses this to tailor his words to manipulate their emotional state or by just simply playing off how their mood changes with pinpoint accuracy where it makes them believe that he is reading their mind. In combat, his abilities to detect and track these patterns through both taste and sight have increased as Arrancar were combined with reading his opponent's emotional states, and memorizing how their patterns alter even by a minuscule amount, with the information gathered from scanning their spiritual energy; his analytical skills can easily be mistaken for precognitive abilities. The more knowledge he learns about his opponent and understands allows him to apply this to how their reiatsu changes or gets channeled to predict the given attack or the next move they might attempt.
Reiryoku Control: Master Control
Izeel's control over his spiritual power was something he had to learn the moment his hollow powers started into something unique. At first, this caused unfathomable damage to the environment around them and definitely to any hollow that was near him when he lost control. Many saw Izeel like a plague because of the lack of his power of control and eventually stayed away from him. This forced him to spend a lot of his years doing research and reverted to his days of wiping himself clean from their minds. Although this still never solved the ongoing problem he faced, which was his abilities, effects were controlled by his skill over his reiryoku. Once he took care of those who witnessed his untamed powers either by memory wipe of his existence or death he decided to place himself in exile where he was undisturbed. In his exile, Izeel trained non-stop for years to not just alter the entire landscape but sections of his choosing. However, he is even willing to admit though through testing his powers out on unwilling subjects and gaining master control over his reiryoku, he still needs to be careful not to lose control over his powers. He uses mastery over his spiritual power for espionage and infiltration to obtain secrets along with other crucial information from organizations. With his research into the dimensions creating reishi platforms for them comes as second nature to him now, allowing him to open and close them up at rather a quick pace without any concentration needed.
His training to control his spiritual power didn’t just help him learn how to properly use his special abilities but helped him improve on his cero. Izeel might not be one of the fastest or spiritually strongest hollows out there, but his high intellect and analytical skills make up for it. With his mastery over his spiritual power, he can channel his reiryoku evenly throughout his body in a matter of minutes to turn any part of his body into a focal point for the cero to be fired off instantly and alter its shape to an extent. By altering the shape of his cero he can give sharpness to it allowing it to cut, or by making the tip of the cero blast pointed enhancing its piercing capabilities. His main use of cero is to channel it into his claws or tail then cause the energy to explode at the exact moment of impact allowing him to enhance his physical attacks and hit his opponents with point-blank cero.
Reiatsu: Master
Through the years of increasing his spiritual power by devouring multiple hollows, and sources of reiryoku to fuel his, Izeel reiatsu grew with him. Being somebody who truly believes the ultimate power that exists in the universe is the knowledge he trained his control over his reiatsu to rob those he deems unworthy of this power. With his reiatsu effect to erase his presence from people's minds, he uses this to make it difficult for people to counter his powers when they don’t remember anything about him. With his mastery of control, he can exert this pressure in a given area focal point instead of affecting all around him. When Izeel is fully releasing his spiritual pressure it is capable of causing damage to his surrounding area first starting with hairline cracks that build up into things crumbling apart and being crushed as they eventually give way to the intense pressure placed on them. When in combat or pursuing somebody in the air he uses this to help hinder his opponents' movements and exploiting it with fast aerial attacks bombarding them from different angles until they are subdued by defeat. It is also through his mastery over the spiritual pressure he learned to use it in a more defensive manner by releasing the spiritual pressure but instead of letting it expand outwards compacts that force centered around his body which in turn helps provide a cushion to blows to help mitigate the damage. He can go as far as focusing his reiatsu effects on his attacks which he does for all his cero giving them the added property of phantom pain. Another method he learned to apply his reiatsu for is coating his bala around his hands for medical practices offensively and supportively by giving a strong injection of his reiatsu into that touched location to cause paralysis similar to an anesthetic.

Reiatsu Colors: Silvery-White
Reiatsu Effect(s): Paralysis / Phantom Pain
Those who are exposed to Izeel reiatsu suffer a unique effect where the longer you are exposed to him, the more you end up forgetting about him once he has left their sight for five minutes. This is done by his reiatsu possessing the certain property to remove the presence of oneself from anything and anyone, making Izeel unnoticeable unless permitted by him. This has allowed him to commit experiments on countless people and walk away clean slate to either try again or leave them in a confused state of who did it. In rare instances conflicting facts and memories may cause paradoxes and breakdowns in the target inevitably driving them into hysteria and madness. People who are subjected to Izeel reiatsu will find themselves either feeling like they experienced deja vu or suffered amnesia suffering from small amounts of dizziness once enough time has passed since they encountered Izeel. By physically touching somebody he can hasten this effect by forcefully channeling his reiatsu into them for those he wishes to wipe his existence from, making it so only vague details like his appearance and name are remembered but nothing that causes him to stand out like his powers or any special skill set they learned about him. His reiatsu creates a mosaic shroud of fluctuating pixels that, while people can see and hear him on pictures or recordings, makes it impossible for people to determine his appearance or the sound of his voice.
Reiatsu Type: Dual-type
Zanjutsu Level: Expert
In his sealed state Izeel uses his zanpakuto with control and destructive power behind every blow. Although, he prefers to just rely on deadly kicks and other techniques in fights when it is called for he is equally dangerous wielding his zanpakuto. In his hands, he uses his zanpakuto in tandem with close to long-range attacks, often overwhelming his opponent by striking with sheer power and brutality utterly bulldozing through them. Despite the size of his club he can deliver an onslaught of attacks in rapid succession and goes as far as to use it to double the power of his cero by batting them at his target(s). Defensively he can use it to swat away projectile attacks or with certain attacks and calculated movements bat them right back toward his opponent with stronger force. Izeel is also known to be quite skilled using another weapon he is seen carrying around more often than his zanpakuto being a spear-like scalpel. With the uniqueness of the weapon, he uses both as a bladed weapon cutting down opponents taking advantage of the blade's sharpness, or puncturing them with rapid thrusting motions like a spear. The scalpel weapon is designed to be just as durable as somebody's zanpakuto giving him a wide range of attacks that he can carry out between this and his zanpakuto.
What truly makes Izeel so lethal with this particular weapon though is the blade being as sharp as an actual scalpel, and in his hands, he can quickly carve flesh away like a surgeon in the operating room. It is with this versatility that Izeel can alter his fighting style to best counter that of his opponents which are fitting for the brutal tactics he is known for displaying in battle. Employing his medical knowledge over their anatomy he uses surgical precision to target tendons, muscles, and other vital areas on his opponent. By coating his weapons with lethal poisons or using it as a focal point to perform sharpened cero or bala slashes, he is somebody who can quickly change the tides of battle if he is taken lightly. He normally carries around the scalpel weapon on his person while keeping his zanpakuto stored away in his pocket dimension which often leaves people to think that is his zanpakuto he wields.
Known Techniques:
Sonido Level:
His knack for sonido is not on par with some of the other Arrancar or Espada, but he is highly skilled in it nonetheless. Being somebody who still embraces the primal instincts during his time as a hollow that has gotten him this far, his understanding of how to use sonido came relatively easy to him. He can move fast enough to catch most of his opponents off guard by maneuvering swiftly into his opponent's blind spots striking from multiple angles. His speed is outstanding enough that he can create five-speed clones when traveling at his max speed, and when used in perfect synch with his abilities Izeel can mix in his memories with the speed clones to perform hidden attacks. One of his deadliest combos revolves around creating memories of himself along with after images to make it difficult to predict which attack to guard against. Instead of relying on constant use of sonido to pursue his prey, he prefers decisive bursts of speed to avoid or dodge attack then exploit that opening by striking vital points on his targets to either incapacitate them or try to end the fight quickly. Despite not being the fastest out there he is very talented using what he has in his arsenal to make up for this, but even then when he needs to keep toe to toe with most opponents including some of the fastest he always has something up his sleeves to even the playing field.
Known Techniques:
Gemelos Sonído
Cámara de Muerte Sónica
Hand to hand Combat Level: Master
When it comes to fighting prowess Izeel has learned to turn his entire body into a weapon. Relying more on the enjoyment of fighting and killing his opponents with his bare hands, Izeel is rarely seen using his zanpakuto in battle unless he wishes to use it. This is sole because of his skill in hand-to-hand combat combined with his use of bala and cero to compliment his brute strength while endangering his opponent to suffer two hits with a single strike. He can accumulate Reiatsu around his hands and feet in the form of a visible aura to drastically augment the power of his physical attacks as well. In Izeel more relaxed fighting stance he tends to keep his hands tucked into his pockets or focus on fending off enemy attacks with his arms while he relies on fast footwork and using the legs to counterattack with powerful kicks. Stronger than he was as adjucha, Izeel can deliver bone-shattering blows, or strikes with enough force it can send his opponent(s) flying back leaving them staggered. When he is fighting to finish his opponent off quickly he no longer relies on just kicks to take them out, but a more vicious use of claw slashes and knife hands. Although, when this is used with partial transformation or in his Res form, the lethal of his strikes greatly increase by slashing them with his claws and turning his hands into a bladed weapon using a knife-hand strike. Even when he is fighting like a berserk every move he makes remains deliberate and greatly takes advantage of his high-speed healing to perform unpredictable attacks like twists and breaks his own leg to land a kick. Unlike every other Arrancar who lost certain hollow abilities when they evolved Izeel held on to the acidic touch they possess and takes advantage of it by modifying his body to affect more than just humans with it, making a simple grapple by him lethal.
Combined with his tail used in the fashion of whip or flail he can deliver a deadly assault overpowering his enemy from multiple angles. His primary means of offense and defense involve using his venomous stinger; his proficiency at it allows him to lash out rapidly at blinding speeds. The strength in his tail is equally as strong as the rest of his limbs striking with an incredible concussive force that can rip through and bisect those with a weak defense. With his maw of sharp teeth, Izeel can bite through rock, and using his speed of flight turn himself into a lethal projectile that tears chunks through his prey.
What makes his savage fighting style threatening is just not the brutality he expresses against his opponent, but his analytical skills to perceive and understand all cause and effect relations, deducing the path leading to any effect. Combined with his instinctive savage way of fighting and his alteration of the environment Izeel is easily able to take command of the battlefield to make it into the most favorable outcome for him. Using his knowledge of a certain landscape he can beat his opponent with the environment alone by causing structures to disappear and reappear to damage them or throw off their attacks. When forced to engage in battle he is somebody who would rather end it quickly and go do something better like finding something to experiment and dissect.

Cero: Cero Doble / Bala / Gran Rey Cero / Cero Obscura
He is one of the most adept users of cero in Hueco Mundo, learning how to master the shaping and properties of his energy, and even melding reiatsu effects into them to give them various effects to an amazing degree. It is because of his natural talent with cero he rarely ever draws his zanpakuto in battle and is capable to easily outmatch some shinigami with his usage and creativity of cero against their kido. With this being his main fighting style matched with his skill in close quarters fighting, he has created a wide array of versatile cero techniques to his arsenal which he uses to its maximum potential. Izeel channels a fluctuating silverish blue cero releasing powerful destructive spiraling blast that is sustainable, and can be used as a sweeping beam that can take out more than one target in one pass. The cero itself scorches the earth and hits its targets with a powerful blast of energy with amplified damage. The true danger in his cero is it affects the target's body with phantom pain depending on how much energy he puts into his attacks, either causing them to feel double the pain they experienced, or the sensation of dying slowly at its full charged strength. This can make even the smallest amount of damage received from his cero seem even more damaging than it actually was. His bala is just as lethal being somebody whose mind is his greatest weapon not relying on peer strength or speed to defeat his opponents, but his creativity to harness his skills to their maximum potential. Izeel bala packs enough power to literally punch holes through people or pack a powerful punch twice as hard as he might be able to with his own fist.
Izeel can use a normal version of cero if needed too. He can form this cero at any point on his body, but most noticeably on his claws or tail. When he applies his cero this way. This is a unique practice of cero, Izeel applied his training to increase the effectiveness of his hand-to-hand combat skills. He purposely causes the energy to burst just a few seconds before impact causing them to be hit with point-blank cero while increasing the destructive power of his physical attacks.
Cero & Bala Variations
Cero Lluvia de Meteoros (Zero Meteor Shower)- He charges up multiple cero around his body appearing as twinkling lights at first glance simultaneously before firing a barrage of them at his opponent. They unleash a powerful barrage of Ceros which, because of their density and grouping, appear to fuse into one large Cero blast. This is Izeel variation of Cero Metralleta though his personal touch thrown into it allows him to fire them out in multiple directions indiscriminately laying waste to his surroundings in all directions. By firing them at a faster rate he can overwhelm his opponent with an endless spray of cero at a faster rate at the cost of its power, or by spending time to charge them he can instead increase their destructive power but slows its fire rate down.
Perímetro Absoluto (Absolute Boundary)- This has become one of two signature moves combining extensive amounts of knowledge into one unique technique. Using the methods to create reishi platforms and hardening the spiritual pressure for bala along with how spiritual energy for cero is gathered and charged up to shape and solidify his energy. Izeel shapes his energy in the fashion of lotus flowers forming a barrier but can make simple shapes like walls. The compressed energy in the barrier makes it incredibly durable by hardening it further than usual making it capable of withstanding heavy damage. When used with both hands it allows him not only to increase the size of it but provide a constant flow of energy reinforcing its defensive properties equivalent to the amount of energy concentrated into it.
Cero Asesino de Ogros (Zero Ogre Killer)- One of his strongest uses of cero and by far the most destructive of them is creating a large sphere 36” inches in diameter, and hurls it at his opponent. By choosing to throw it instead of firing it out like most of his cero gives him the ability to amplify its destructive force and momentum when it collides into its mark, and erupts with a devastating explosion equivalent to an artillery shell blast radius. (50 meters kill zone & 100 meters casualty zone.) The resulting aftermath of the explosion leaves a large crater left and destruction of debris for anything that once remained. This cero technique can be used in conjunction with Izeel kicking the cero at his opponents or for maximum damage batting it with his zanpakuto which in turn amplifies its destructive impact.
Cero Pistola Impía (Zero Unholy Pistol)- Focusing the points his index and middle finger into the air or at his enemies (in the form of a peace sign), and emits a powerful flash of light from the charged spiritual, blinding his opponent, or any enemies in the vicinity. The true deadliness in this comes from the bala fired from his fingertips that is smaller and slimmer than his usual one. This way, the bullet travels at a much faster speed capable of breaking the sound barrier and can be fired multiple times in succession. When the bullet hits its target directly, it expands and rapidly explodes causing a great amount of damage similar to a hollow point round. This combined with the blinding flash created each time he fires causes an attack that is extremely difficult to dodge. Using partial transformation to call out his claws he can instead give the bala pointed tip for high piercing capabilities in the fashion of FMJ round.
Cero Doble: Caza Salvaje (Double Zero: Wild Hunt)- Once Izeel manages to properly memorize somebody's reiatsu he can utilize an advanced variation of Cero Doble and swallow kido spells from shinigami too. Due to the body modifications made to himself, he can swallow up hado spells then release it back out at his opponent while blending his own cero with it to turn it into a powerful attack with any other special properties of the cero or hado enhancing it further. The unique power that this advanced technique does is not only allowing for greater firepower and variety but causes the original energy attack swallowed up to hone in on the person’s reiryoku patterns that performed the attack originally and will pursue them into strikes its target or gets dealt with some other way.
Cero León de Nemea (Zero Nemean Lion)- The first step of this technique requires Izeel to encase his zanpakuto in bala which can be used just to increase the power behind his attacks. Charging a cero within the maul of the lion's mouth charges towards his opponent at high speed, swinging his zanpakuto to strike them with devastating force. This not only creates an impact that crushes his opponents or anything that is caught by it but releases the cero in a wave of energy with a sound wave sounding like a ferocious roar and forms the appearance of manticores face. The Cero León de Nemea can also be sent out like a wave of energy for longer ranged attacks with either form of attack dealing heavy amounts of damage, but also temporarily deafening those caught in it.
Hilado Bala (Spinning Bullet)- Izeel rapidly rotates his arm in a clockwise/counter-clockwise position while channeling his energy for bala into his fist. He fires it at his target in the form of a ball of energy, which blows a clean hole in the target by warping its body around itself from the fast spinning motion of the projectile.
Gran Rey Bala: Carmesi Verdugo (Grand King Bullet: Crimson Executioner)- Using the same method Espada does to create the Gran Rey Cero, Izeel has applied this to his use of Bala also. Mixing his blood in with them he creates a powerful version that can cut through multiple buildings and projectile attacks. By drenching his claws in his own blood, Izeel could infuse his energy into his blood then sling it like a barrage of crescent-shaped blades. While he typically used blood from an already open wound, he could draw the necessary blood to use the attack by digging his nails into his palms. He would often use this tactic as a surprise counterattack after being wounded when his opponents would assume he was weakened by his wounds and lower their guard.
Gran Rey Cero: Extinción (Grand King Zero: Extinction)- This is the strongest cero Izeel has in his arsenal but one that can only be used once. The method for using this cero is what makes it more of a last-ditch trump card than anything or extremely situational. When Izeel is heavily injured with wounds all over his body, he uses his entire body as a catalyst for the Gran Rey Cero. Though because this requires him to be bleeding from deep wounds along his body to perform, once he uses the attack he will black out soon after the blast is released. For this reason, Izeel will only ever use this attack when he is on the verge of death, and his sadistic way of making sure he takes as much of the enemies he could with him before his life fully expires.
Skills and Abilities: Descorrer / Garganta Broadcast / Silbido / Gonzui / Negacion
Tomo de Los Olvidados (Tome of the Forgotten)
His unique powers grant him the ability to alter the state of anything that falls under his reiatsu domain to a prior state of being that he memorized. This can allow for Izeel to easily take control of the battlefield around him by making subtle changes to his surroundings, or completely alter the entire terrain to a former state of his liking. He creates highly elaborate physical simulations of false realities over a wide range of influence with his reiatsu by altering reality in said area to whatever he remembered of its prior states of existence. The area or object that has been altered shatters into mosaic fragments with the landscape he recalled suddenly appearing in place or it completely disappearing depending on the memory. The change happens instantly around his person while the further out takes a couple of minutes before shattering away to reveal the landscape, traveling in a rippling wave always with him as the epicenter. When he destroys the recreated memory by choice or force means everything altered by his recreated memory is returned to its original state before it falls under his effects. Because of this, he can undo anything that has been damaged, and thus he has no qualms about being destructive. Izeel can also choose to concentrate the energy into his strikes to return certain attacks to their prior past states he memorized, or by hitting a person he can then make them experience any past healed injuries they suffered in the area of attack that he knows of.
Enhanced Memory & Analytical Skills: Izeel believes he exists to record the detailed, accurate description of the world's history, and even as a human he possessed eidetic memory. Since becoming an adjucha level hollow he has gained amazing memory capacity, being able to memorize the opponent's heartbeats, footsteps and predict patterns to act accordingly in response even going as far as returning it to the user. He has a variety of methods for analyzing an opponent's abilities, such as studying the damage done to their former opponents or processing everything he knows, which allows him to figure out connections in whatever he is investigating extraordinarily fast. Once having done so he is capable of coming up with a countermeasure against said effects or neutralizing it all together. It is also important because for Izeel to restore something from his memory he needs to closely examine it first making it so the more details he deciphers about the object or place of question, the more realistic the recreation of it becomes.
Worldly Knowledge & Dimensional Study: Taking a great interest in the inner workings of the multiple worlds that coexist altogether. It was through his talent in predicting patterns Izeel learned how to determine where the dimension barriers are at their weakest point, making the bridge between travel much easier. Taking the time to experiment and break down the true inner workings of how Kumon and Garganta tear a hole into space where the worlds connect granted him a greater understanding of how their applications can be applied just outside of travel. Through this tedious research, Izeel managed to learn how to create Garganta quickly to be used as short-range portals within the battle to help by flying into one then exiting out just as fast nearby his opponent to catch them off guard. It was also through his dimensional research Izeel learned that the energy permeating the three worlds is known as Reimyaku (霊脈, Spiritual Pulse); this is what certain Kidō spells like Hadō #99. Goryūtenmetsu tap into when forming their energy constructs. Each world's Reimyaku is different, besides, the atmosphere of Hueco Mundo also serves as nourishment for smaller Hollows and acts as a replacement for devouring actual souls. Izeel knows at his current power level he is only able to scratch the surface of unlocking the potential possibilities that exist, and the evolution of Arrancar is going to help him further his research even further. With the notion that true power is knowledge, he aims to learn about the worlds and the secrets they contain. The pinnacle of his research allowed for him to create a special technique unique to him called Sin Sombras Espada. A dangerous technique that should not be taken lightly.
Hollow Research and Development: Always in the pursuit of searching for new breaking discoveries, Izeel dedicated much of his time trying to unravel some of the old secrets of the former Espada and Aizen to advance his own. Through this, in the darkest depths, he came across Aizen & Szayelaporro's research on modifications of hollows and helped him gain a better understanding of the evolution of Arrancars. Using their research he applied this knowledge into the creation of Hooleers experimenting on their bodies to create them to be much more durable than their predecessors along with augmenting their regenerative properties and added the benefit of helping replenish Arrancar who bites into it. A specially designed Hooleer with a different coloration contains a Power Controlling Device originally designed by Szayelaporro implanted into it with the slight modification of it emitting out in a 50-100 yard radius around the Hooleer affecting anything without hollow reiatsu patterns. A secret project of his is trying to develop a virus that forces hollowfication instantly once it enters the victim system in both humans and souls.
Gigai & Reigai Development: Although the retrieval of the Soul King’s blood didn’t pay off how Izeel planned some other opportunities did present themselves. One of them being the subjugation of an unseated shinigami from the 10th division, and retrieval of the shinigami standard tools they carry on their person for missions. Taking his time to analyze and recreate the gigai they use for missions in the world of the living to design special gigai for the Arrancar to use of their own. This special gigai unlike their shinigami counterparts has two special features about them with the first being while inside of them their hollow spiritual power patterns are detected the same as Fullbringers, and hollows can use their ability to possess empty Arrancar gigai vessels. In his spare time, Izeel continues to delve deeper into the mysteries of gigai looking for more ways to advance their technology into a new age that soon surpasses that of the Gotei 13. Seeing the value in the use of these artificial bodies he extended his research out to learn how to make spiritual artificial bodies which opened up the window into Reigai. Knowing how the bodies of souls, Arrancar, and shinigami were all composed of reishi, he used the gigai as a mold to create the reigai. Installing an artificial brain inside it synchronized with the brain waves he can remotely control it as if it was his body, with the exceptions he must remain connected to the relay machine, and prevents access of his Resurreccion. After his last unfortunate demise by the hands of the shinigami, he started using reigai instead of his usual procedure of having all his vital organs surgically removed and replaced with artificial ones which are stored within Hueco Mundo.
High-speed Regeneration: His high-speed regeneration is one of the hollow abilities that fascinates him the most. Somebody who enjoys self-experimentation and the experimentation of others took more value in the ability to heal up after his procedures and battles rapidly. After conducting his body modifications that allowed for him to shift his internal organs around inside of himself making killing him become a challenge on its own. Being built to suffer injury he can heal just as quickly he takes the damage. This topped with his durability to endure the damage he sustains can push his healing to step above by focusing his reiryoku entirely on that. When performing this he is forced on the defensive concentrating his spiritual energy to heal the wounds he is receiving but with his medical knowledge can easily gauge which wounds to focus on first while tanking through the superficial ones waiting for his chance to counter.
Immense Durability: Izeel has shown the ability to take massive amounts of physical and mental punishment but remains conscious and able to fight. Back when he was hollow due to his large size he endured more damage than he was able to avoid and because of this developed a berserk-like fighting style at times just breaking through people's attacks or biding his time for one opening to punish them tenfold. Izeel isn’t known to be the strongest or fastest out of all the other Arrancar and Espada, but the most durable. He can take attacks that would normally render anybody else conscious and takes very little damage from powerful attacks. This can be argued it’s because Izeel's body is built much differently compared to others or might be the fruition of the self-experiments he has conducted on himself. Whatever the reason maybe he is known to have a superhuman pain tolerance due to his body's ability to remember the pain and damage it received. This is enhanced further when he enters into his Resurreccion toughening his body to endure incredible amounts of damage, then adapt and evolve his body as it heals from the wounds to become unable to be harmed by the same damage again. His lack of hierro helped him become a walking tank shrugging off attacks that can be lethal to others and can just power through them to rush his opponent or act as a shield for allies if he chooses to.
url=https://i.ibb.co/kGzJf0D/faust-guilty-gear.jpg]Scalpel Polearm[/url]
Caja Negacion
Holographic projected computer

Radiestesia Bichos (Dowsing Bugs): Through the study of his physical body make-up, and self-experimentation he can sever off his tail or piece of it and hatch special insects from it that responds to his willpower. These insects hatched share a fragment of his reiryoku but are designed to use their antennae as dowsing rods meant to pick up residual memories and store them. This allows Izeel to acquire information about people, locations, or events associated with an object solely by the bugs touching it and spending time recording the memories. It takes an entire day for one of these insects to learn about something history, and ten of them can accomplish it within half a day as long as they remain alive his spiritual power is lowered by 5%. He tends to use his prowess of infiltration and let them burrow into a location to gather the needed information or send multiple into a single area to speed up the process, before having the memories transferred to him via a telepathic link as long they are in the same world and within a mile of each other. Izeel receives the downloaded input from sight, sound, and emotions as if he was there reliving it all in vivid detail. Due to them being a part of him he is always aware of these small caterpillar locations, and when one of them is killed. Implanting one of his bugs into a rich source of reishi or spiritual energy he can allow them to instead feed on that to grow and enter into chrysalis though he can only do this for one at a time. An adult one grows to be the size and length of a snake and can gather memories double to the speed of its larva stage. Unlike its larva counterpart, the fully matured version can probe into the residual memories of sentient beings.

Artificial Surgeon Hollow: An especially made hollow by Izeel that has been programmed with extensive medical knowledge and procedures including some unorthodox ones invented by Izeel. It is equipped with countless medical tools that can be used to provide first aid as well as perform major surgeries. A mortal wound to the stomach can be treated in two to three hours, a severed arm reattached in less than an hour. His patients willingly or by force for experimentation can be kept alive or incapacitated while he conducts his research on them. The healing after injuries are treated is dependent on the person’s own ability to recover, although he can create a drug to speed up their recovery rate. It is capable of defending itself with the use of cero and traveling by Kumon if needed. It will always obey the command of Izeel without question, and only when permitted will listen to others as long it doesn’t contradict any of its master's orders. Just like all of Izeel artificial hollows created it has a self-destruct feature built into it.

Personalized Caja Negacion: After conducting his interest in studying the inner workings of how it replicates the effects of Negacion and banishes them into an alternate dimension. The only way he would be able to truly understand its mechanics, however, was for him to enter inside the alternate dimension himself which he happily did. Using the Caja Negacion on himself he spent time studying the inner workings of what exactly this device did and the pocket dimension it created that could only be broken by Arrancar’s above-average power level. By reverse-engineering it instead of creating a device that was only attended to create an entrance that forcefully trapped them in with no way out except by force, he was easily able to use this to make a pocket space with both an entrance and exit. By creating his own personal pocket dimensional bubble he can open and close it at will so he can store items in it easily. In battle and outside of it this provides a good amount of versatility to summon out items at any given time.

Body Modification Expert: Spending the majority of this time capturing people from different races including fellow hollows. Outside of the extensive research in dimensional studies, he specializes in modifying bodies and creating artificial hollow/Arrancar. Through self-experimentation on himself, he has modified his body to work in various ways. By using his reiryoku he can burn his body mass away causing Izeel form to become less bulky, lighter, and increasing his speed. At any rate, he is much more agile in this form, and harder to hit - as opposed to his hulking normal form in Res. In his Res, the tip of the tail is modified to rapidly rotate turning the stingers blade into a deadly drill. He had additional reiatsu vents added onto his shoulder blades and on the back of his ankles. He is known to make artificial organs he uses within his body while his actual ones are kept safely hidden in Hueco Mundo, and because he prizes his mind so much have backup brains made with his most valuable memories stored in them. Additionally, he can freely relocate any of his internal organs around and inside his body, being able to avoid a lethal blow to his body that would have normally killed him or caused severe damage. One of his most important body modifications Izeel performed on himself is the screw in his head that allows him to use it as a tuner to use his extra reiatsu vents to widen their range, and to pick up the residual reimyaku left in an area where means of dimensional travel was used. (Garganta, Hell Gates, Senkaimon, Shadows, etc) Exploiting his regenerating abilities he is capable of enhancing his strength by utilizing 100% of his muscles power healing any muscle damage or other internal injuries as a result of this. By restructuring his body in a short period of time he can alter his muscular structure compacting them among other strange mutations.

Garganta Bombs: Small bead-looking bombs that have dark energy swirling inside of them he designed after learning how the Caja Negacion works. Inside one of these bombs is a Garganta that will open up consuming whatever it is thrown at and instantly teleporting them to the designated location. While normally these are used for capturing high priority targets quickly they can be used in other ways. He keeps a certain amount of these on his person at all times and is very skilled at throwing them with precision no matter the size of the target. Matched with his calculative minds following the patterns he can easily isolate his chosen victim from a group with the Garganta closing seconds behind them just as fast they opened up. Each Garganta bomb has a programmed location where it opens up to which is why he carries multiple on him for versatile uses.
Modified Gokon Tekko: One of Izeel most prized inventions is a gauntlet designed to replicate their former hollow ability to place souls into inanimate objects that were lost to them upon evolution. While most people thought this was a no longer needed ability Izeel saw otherwise and used this latent technique to develop a lot of his new inventions. However, the gauntlets use some of the knowledge he gathered from studying the Gokon Tekko to be able to rip the souls out of humans which can be devoured on the spot or stuck inside of an object. Using this method Izeel can harvest countless souls from people's bodies then compact them into a single object. He has been using this method to experiment with fresh souls and their composition to make artificial souls, but namely trying to figure out how to recreate the evolving living substance that gives the Hogyoku a will of his own, and the ability to read the heart of others.
Hogyoku Jewel Casing: Taking over 100 years of dedicated research and diving deep into any residual memories he can outside of Soul Society, Izeel soon can scratch the surface of the Hogyoku. While many other facets of this thing remain a deep mystery to him waiting to be unraveled, through endless trial and error he finally was able to create housing for the Hogyoku. Although it is nothing but an empty shell, this was a breakthrough that put him on the first step to the right path to do what Aizen and Kisuke accomplished by creating their own. Using the Soul King’s blood as a catalyst and after witnessing the events of Aizen with the Hogyoku Izeel made sure to learn from past ventures designing his version of the Hogyuko casing with a special property. The Hogyoku Jewel can be broken apart into individual shards to be given to those trusted to hold onto them, but when all pieces are brought together it is easily able to reform back into their whole form. This is a way of creating a check and balance to keep Max from following in the same footsteps of Aizen of immortality because the truth of matter shinigami had the Muken to contain him, but the Arrancar as of yet do not have such a method.
ECH10 Virus: One of Izeel achievements added to his arsenal is the creation of a deadly contagion that is lethal to everybody but himself. Upon entering the body (eyes, wounds, etc) or inhalation results in the contraction of a deadly virus that makes pentagrams appear on the skin, starting at the contraction site before it spreads out, and once the virus reaches the final stage, the victim becomes dry and withered like a mummy. Rather than being killed, victims become like zombies and feel everlasting pain. The disease is also highly contagious, and anyone who comes in contact with a victim will instantly be infected as well. At its mildest, it can result in severe fevers, vertigo, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. This is because the virus is designed to attack anything living that is foreign from Izeel’s reiryoku. The virus causes the infected victim's body to start overworking itself burning up all its energy and makes any use of spiritual energy to be burned at much rapid pace until eventually, they exhausted all of their energy with the virus causing vivid hallucinations making them perceive other foreign reiatsu signatures as a threat they are instinctively drawn too. Izeel can alter the chemicals in his body to create an antibody that can cure his virus and can inject it directly into them by going into partial transformation with his claws. When his virus is exposed to foreign reiatsu it is designed to vaporize into a miasma which makes it hazardous to fight Izeel nearby. He keeps a set amount of this virus on his person stored in vials he could use to coat something or simply throw it at his intended target. These vials can be loaded up into the shaft of his scalpel weapon, and be secreted from the blade.

Zanpakuto Name: Devora Memorias (Devoured Memories)
Zanpakuto Appearance:

Devora Memorias sealed state takes the appearance of a club with a lion's head while its mane forms the handle. The mane slowly shifts into a scorpion's stinger on the pummel representing his manticores hollow form stinger. Just like when he was hollow the venomous stinger on the end of the club is capable of injecting his targets pierced by it with its venom in any amount of dosage that Izeel desires. He can call his Zanpakutō to his hand with a simple gesture if he ever finds himself disarmed.

Release Word: “Desenmarañar…Devora Memorias” (Unravel...Devoured Memories.)
In his released state Izeel takes his true appearance growing to be a 6’7 1/2 ft tall bipedal lion with an extendable scorpion tail. He gains more physical strength in his partial transformation and full manticore forms, and more. His true form is large because it increases Izeel original height and mass by a great degree. In his Resurreccion he is naturally more dangerous and powerful in physical combat and may have useful features, such as claws, to aid in a fight. He can use his claw strikes with the deadly accuracy and precision he does with scalpel shredding a person's tendons and targeting vital spots with pinpoint accuracy. Along with his physical prowess increasing so do his animalistic senses toppled with his enhanced memory making him specialized for close-quarters combats. Through his body modification, Izeel's muscles can shrink and compress, granting him a smaller and slightly more human half-manticore form. In this form, he becomes faster and capable of executing more hits than his normal form. He also becomes a smaller target, especially compared to his true form. However, in exchange for this increase of speed, his brute strength apparently lowers.
Resurrección Appearance:

Resurrección Abilities: Enhanced Cero / Enhanced Bala / Enhance Strength / Superhuman Durability
Augmented Tomo de Los Olvidados (Tome of the Forgotten): The most noticeable change to Izeel powers is that it allows him to recreate the memory of any landscape he knows virtually anywhere. With this, he can alter the atmosphere as far as his reiatsu can reach to replicate Hueco Mundo or bring Las Noches into the World of the Living and Soul Society. His memory creation has also expanded from just landscapes, but he can recreate somebody's last actions or attack for one-time use, although the strength of it relies solely on how much knowledge he has on that replicated attack. With no knowledge of it making it only being a small fraction of Izeel’s power, some knowledge of it putting it at half of the user's power, and full understanding of it allows for Izeel to use it at its full potential.
Regulus Oscuro He channels a highly concentrated amount of his spirit energy into his limb(s) shaping his energy into large guardian lion-shaped shrouds he strikes his target with. This allows him to re-open any wound ever inflicted on someone, no matter how old. This ability extends not only to physical wounds but to mental wounds as well which can leave his victims in a state of mental breakdown. This ability can also open the wounds of non-living objects such as metal or concrete, which can cause roofs and walls to crumble and collapse due to wounds caused in construction or any damage it has endured since.
Nemean Lion’s Coat: Izeel’s body physically memorizes any damage that he takes, either from an opponent or self-inflicted such as remembering the sharpness of one’s blade. Because of this ability, he can't be hurt with the same move more than once. The first time Izeel is subjected to any type of wound he begins to adapt to that type of damage on a molecular level starting with him becoming resistant until he fully adapts to it. The more damage he takes the easier it is for his body to memorize it to fully adapt which he can speed up by focusing his spiritual energy on his high-regenerative abilities. However, this technique is a double-edged sword because it requires him to be subjected to the damage and if not careful can suffer a severe injury or killing blow. One of his favored risky strategies is allowing himself to suffer large amounts of damage while his zanpakuto is still in its seal, then release his full power with all the injuries he sustained healing and adapting to it right away.
Memory Infused Bala: Because his bala is made out of his hardened spiritual pressure he can infuse his powers into them giving them special properties to affect somebody's memories. It allows him to use bala to invade the thoughts and memories of anyone it hits granting him access to subconscious memories. Inducing nightmarish visions by reawakening traumatic memories within an opponent. Should the target awaken snapping out of it, they will be both mentally and physically exhausted. A person hit with a barrage of these can suffer memory overload with each consecutive hit-making that traumatic memory becomes realistic and vivid to them ultimately trapping them in that memory until their mind is destroyed from shock.
Complete Presence Removal: A technique that creates a 30 ft aura around him that can make him unperceivable to the world. This is done by erasing his presence from people's minds the moment they lose their line of sight on him for 10 seconds after being exposed to his aura. The person subjected to this will end up forgetting that he ever existed and thus leaving them confused on who they were even fighting in the first place. If he chooses can shield people of his choice from this effect by making physical contact marking them with a sliver of his energy.
Venomous Stinger: Izeel’s stinger contains a special neurotoxin in it that targets the victim(s) brain-centered around memories and its potency varying on the lethal injection they are subjected to. A small dose of his venom can lead to somebody suffering short-term memory loss of anything that happened within hours, or with medium exposure can forget an entire event that has taken place. Where anybody injected by lethal amounts can range from full amnesia from entire day(s) to being placed in a comatose state from severe damage suffered to the brain.
Flight: Izeel’s wings are just as powerful as the rest of his body allowing him to fly in the skies with great maneuverability. He can make them recede or protrude out at will, and when used in unison with his Sonida can give a great speed boost.

Facts & Trivia: Izeel is a fan of poetry and actually has an incredible singing voice.
Personal Relationships: None
Quiet naps
Knowledge & Research
Dissecting & Experimenting
Being nagged
Being looked down on
Standing out in a crowd
Historically challenged people
Dissecting anything down to its core to learn what makes it unique.
Favorite Food(s):
Souls rich in memories and Fullbringers


Izeel Camaxtli, in his years alive, was a man of knowledge in the medical field. Upon his untimely death, Izeel was not ready to just move on when there was so much more he needed to dissect and learn about. Because of his views on everybody being experimented on when his encroachment phase started to happen, he didn’t panic nor fall into despair but quite the opposite experimenting on what causes it to speed up and learning as much about it as he can. This later led to him targeting lost souls to not eat them but forcing encroachment on them and conducting experiments on their bodies to see how the soul was being morphed, what aided or slowed in the encroachment process that led to the hollow hole being formed, and eventually hollowfication. The more curious became the darker experiments he began to conduct even upon his kind showing no value for their lives and soaked up all the information he could like a sponge. One of his most intriguing experiments was seeing if he could reverse the process of hollowfication but in the end, his results were inconclusive and needed stronger test subjects.
The result was always the same for those who became experiments for Izeel with those who didn’t survive the procedures served him as nourishments to become stronger, and the few who did survive soon end up meeting the same fate when he grew bored of them. With his thirst for dissecting knowledge Izeel, never stops his pursuit to unlock more secrets until he truly believes he has learned everything. This very thirst is what drives Izeel to evolve, studying himself and those around him through each evolutionary step he went, finding the Gillian evolution one of the most fascinating. Now that he achieved the evolutionary step of adjuchas he spent his time furthering his knowledge studying Huecos Mundo to learn about it more with his increased intellect, and while conducting cruel experiments on other adjuchas like chaining them up and leaving them to starve to examine how their body reacts and changes from de-evolution. It was during one of his experiments on a former adjucha that the shattered dimension first took place wisping away one of his more promising experiments. A little later during a thorough search for his missing subject, he happened to come across a hollow who had returned, and after using very persuasive means for him to recall everything he experienced and dealt with.
Since witnessing the shattered dimension event that affected so many Izeel has dedicated a large portion of his research into the different realms that coexist trying to find the cause of such a miraculous event and if somebody was responsible he planned to dissect him for every drop of information. Through his examination he believes there are back doors to every dimension to someday infiltrate Soul Society, but as things stand he needs the power of Arrancar to further his goals. Although, Izeel has survived for so many years as adjuchas some of those who get to truly know him to believe that he is reached the pinnacle needed to transcend into an Arrancar but he chooses to remain adjuchas halting the evolution because he believes until he reaches the true limits as adjuchas. Whether this theory about Izeel is true or not is something he leaves to their speculations leaving it a mystery for their imaginations to play with. Although there have been a few selective hollows he managed to keep Izeel intrigued enough they were better to keep as live specimens to study, one being Alfa/Mudo who he has traveled with for so long.

Character Appearance:
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“So, what do I get out of this exactly?”
“Ah shit, here we go again.”
“I’ve so envied the weak. The weak can always find others to be around. I want to be weak. And if that's impossible, I at least want to find companions who are as strong as I.”
“I never asked to be born a monster or get turned into a hollow, that's just all a matter of circumstance. But when it comes down to the very survival between myself and another, you better believe that I dont give a fuck how you die.”


Señor Nadie (誰もいない, Daremoinai; lit. Mister Nobody) | El Desmotivado (やる気のない, Yaruki no Nai; lit. The Unmotivated | Ese Lagarto (そのトカゲ, Sono Tokage; lit. That Lizard) | El Cinco (五 Go; lit. The Five)

Character Name: Abraam Nessa
群衆の父, (“Father of Multitude”) | 奇跡, (“Miracles”)
Abraam Nessa (ネッサ アブラーム, Aburāmu Nessa) is an Arrancar hailing from Hueco Mundo. He currently is an Arrancar in service to Elliora Lillit, and the Quinto (5th) Espada under the God-King of Hueco Mundo, Maximilliano Zacarias.
Actual Age: Nine Hundred-Seventeen (917)
Physical Age: Twenty-Four (24)
Race: Arrancar
Hollow Type
Aspect of Death: Indifference
October 28th
Gender: Male

Height: 6’ (182.8cm)
Weight: 195lb (88.9 kg)
Blood Type: O-


Affiliation: Las Noches
Title: Espada
Number: Quinto (5)
Former Espada: Elliora Lillit
Partner(s): Elliora Lillit
Fracción: None
Base of Operations: Catacombs, Las Noches, Hueco Mundo


Notable Features: One of the few unimposing Arrancar around Hueco Mundo, Abraam takes very little pride in how he appears to others, and takes little time in wanting to make himself so appealing. With short black hair along with a goatee, he would appear to look like any young adult male in their twenties. He has surprisingly unblemished skin, with zero markings or other identifying scars anywhere on his body. The only notable thing about his appearance would be his bright yellow golden eyes, his hues are so intensely bright they glow neon in dark spaces. The most identifying feature on Abraam is the diamond shaped headpiece that covers his entire forehead, white in color and slightly broad in appearance. This is his mask fragment. Lastly, he has four ear piercings, one on each lobe and one on each upper lobe on both ears, they shine gold when in the right light, nearly matching his eyes.
Hollow Void Location Chest; Direct Center
Personality: Nessa’s overall behaviour comes off as indifferent. A standoff-ish hollow by nature, he actively goes out of his way to pose very little threat to anyone in particular. Fully aware and understanding of the capability and the nature of his racial comrades he repeatedly still chooses to go against the grain by not partaking in any unnecessary or uncomely violence or unnerving behaviour. Abhorrent of such tactics and strategies used by these types of hollows, he prefers to do things alone and without the eyes of those on him. He’ll often act in this manner around most individuals, including enemies, however he holds a small kinship with his direct hollow partners. Very rarely has he gotten along with others of his kind, usually ending with him decimating them, he finds a particular solace in knowing someone has his back. By not revealing this to his allies, he still maintains this level of cool.
Quite dull in his approach to many things, he will come off as near lifeless and listless while actually hiding his true acumen to the scene around him. His key skill is observation and gathering subtle information by blending into the chaos that consumes his surroundings. These are the times that he thrives and succeeds, preferring no eyes on him at any given time he has been known to simply just disappear like a fleeting secret. Despite this, he is fully functioning and capable of intelligent thought, but simply prefers to spend his talents on ”less energetic pursuits”.
In terms of his battle instinct, he is much more calculating than he is powerful. While able to hold his own in a fight, he plays small mind games while he picks and prods at the strengths and weaknesses in his opponent. Highly observant by nature he possesses an eidetic memory and can recount many events that have transpired, spanning back to his very own birth. He has been known not to kill without any true meaning, or without true purpose. He lacks the certain empathy to care whether or not how a violent circumstance will impact the scene around him and thus often lets the defenseless walk away with their lives intact, even those who turn their blade against him he almost couldn’t be bothered killing. The only true time he’d draw his blade out of nothing but unmitigated violence is if they discredit his livelihood as a hollow. Having no temperamental issues however, he rarely gets this angry as it would require direct antagonization.
He is also just generally lazy. Unless the task directly requires him to be actively doing something, he will shrug it off and remain sleeping until he is “needed”. The only person who has a grip it would seem on his sometime-ish attitude would be his comrade Elliora Lillit, who is consistently without fail able to get him to do whatever task she pleases. He does so not out of love or pleasure, but out of respect. Loyal to a fault to her only, he cannot explain why he does so, but it gives him purpose to be her bodyguard. However, his lethargic energy is rather infectious, and can be fairly exhausting for others to be around him for long periods of time. Getting him motivated to do something is also an entirely difficult affair either with no prior good standing or context. He purely works on a barter system basis, meaning he will only do work if favors are owed to him, only that they must outweigh the job in question.

Reiryoku Level/Hierro Strength: Immense Spiritual Power
The most gifted powers are found in the strangest of places in the universe, and this doesn’t stop its extension to the hollows. Through means of his own making, Abraam has developed his innate reserves of Reiryoku and has stoked its growth with many long years of swallowing his own kind down to make sure he continues his growth process. Upon becoming an Arrancar, he reached a new level of power yet to be seen, along with new gifts and abilities he has honed his inner energies to mix and meld with the surroundings around him. This power is equal to match opponents of considerable spiritual prowess. When in effect it does not cause direct damage to the area he is in, but strict and concussive airflows will occur and be directed at whosoever is unlucky to meet him in combat.
His Hierro on another hand, is also equally exceptional. Not proclaiming to be the best fighter around, preferring his skills be up to question until seen in battle. Abraam has a keenly dense Hierro that can withstand the force and edges of any zanpakuto or other bladed weaponry. Easily able to just simply utilize his hands as shields from primitive attacks from experienced warriors and peons alike, making use of his anatomy comes as one of the best perks in his arsenal. Also not known to mark very easily, he particularly values the strength of his hierro as it has allowed him to walk away unscathed and bloodless from many bouts over the course of his long life. In addition, most Kido spells up to near 70 will prove useless against him without prior softening.


Sensing Reiryoku: Master
His powers of observation through the means of his eyes and his psyche are nigh linked in their prowess. Although appearing to be entirely oblivious and uninterested in his surroundings, Abraam during these times is carefully analyzing his whereabouts and the concentration of souls in his immediate vicinity whether friend or foe. Upon this realization, he is able to separate his mind carefully and single out the souls and categorize them between Hollow, Plus, or Shinigami, and even Quincy. Having logged and experienced battle with each race over the course of his existence, the Arrancar has taken measures to never be caught off guard.
While using his pesquisa, he can easily visualize and locate the exact coordinates of the person he is looking for. Even without massive flares or even any spikes in special or certain reiatsu or reiryoku around his vicinity, he can hone in on and ”mark” his target as they appear. While using his various abilities to his advantage, these skills make him far more deadly as he can locate his enemies but they cannot do the same. In addition, he can also simply look at a person and get an immediate understanding of their hidden reserves of spiritual prowess. While also using this ability to see any irregularities within the spirit he is engaged with, such as any dual-reiatsu effects. Abraam is so skilled at this, he easily is able to forgo any meditative or significant actions to perform this version of enhanced radar.
Much more, this ability is increased if he has physical grasp onto a surface or substance, as he is able to pass his reiryoku through the substance and relay his spiritual information into the atmosphere and feel out if he has any clashing pressures or above average signatures that could potentially pose a threat to him. It comes on like heat and will get warmer as it either comes closer or grows larger. In addition, he is also able to partially piece together events with strictly energy that he feels and senses over long distances and through lingering signatures. These skills make him a very skilled tracker as his edict memory doesn’t allow him to ever forget an energy signature.
Known Techniques: Pesquisa | Indice Radar


Reiryoku Control: Master
He has been known to be very cool and collected in the face of immediate death and danger, never shaking his ability to exert or hide his own presence. After removing his mask and taking stock of his own inner powers, he has carefully found ways to further his skills of perpetually hiding and distancing his source of power from his personal views on what it should be used for. Over many years he has honed and relaxed the ferocious bane that is his inner reserves, quelled it to the point of it appearing tranquill upon its release into its eventual calming heatwave-esque appearance. His control also extends to his camouflaging ability, being able to sustain it for however long he requires. He can also simultaneously suppress his own reiryoku signature to further avoid detection which is no easy feat in itself.
Furthermore, he has learned to harness his reiryoku in various portions of his body and distribute enough power to not only disarm any violent energy based attacks, but to break down its properties and absorb them along with his High-Speed Regeneration capabilities. By doing so he remains entirely unharmed and adds to his own reserves of reiryoku and replenishes his stamina as well. Reiatsu based attacks afterward will be much more deathly upon concussive impact, even searing off limbs and carrying on through its target solid until it meets its explosive finish.


Reiatsu: Master
By every means treacherous, and truly frightening in physical nature but does possess a certain subtle uneasiness and is capable of affecting the area around him rather quickly, inflating the space around him with a sinister relaxing vibe. He has honed his ability to conjure his reiatsu at a keen level in waves, and appears around him not in large spurts (as he is easily able to produce that), but to stay acutely, sound around his body, concentrating the power to augment and enhance all manner of his techniques and abilities. He’s condensed his reiatsu around him to serve these purposes but to also conserve and balance his energies while mid combat and also during long periods of espionage.
At its full exertion, he can quite easily level landscapes and buildings, as well as rupture the earth in the most devastating of ways. Although not his method, he has resorted to these forceful ways when trying to get something done quickly so as not to expend any more energy than normal or necessary. The power upon release leaving his own body has the concussive force of several large support auto-mobiles ramming full speed into a solid wall, regardless of the ”wall’s” make, it will topple anything down with little abandon. It has been his most reliable and viable tool of offense against the many foes and other hollows he has come across in his lifetime. His reiatsu has also been known to quell other reiatsu in sharing spaces, calming down any ferocious will and soon allowing hypnotic-esque relaxation.
Reiatsu Shape: Flames | Reiatsu Colors: Dark Green
Like most reiatsu, his comes without form, however, unlike most, it seems to carry an essence of ease, but is really the vehicle to drive most to their deaths. It appears to take on a life of its own and has a tranquil, kaleidoscope of a large mass of euphoric thick flames retaining the heat it exudes, gleaming with white speckles that would appear to take on the form of snow but would also be the pure essence of this Arrancars spiritual presence. It is starkly different to the erratic and almost violent auras of typical Arrancars and hollows. Speckles of white light are visible throughout the aura, and appear to be shining as brightly as crystals in the sun. Due to his innate mastery over his inner energies, its form is softer than most exerted reiatsu as opposed to it appearing as a solid construct behind him, but with its distracting nature of a mass of waves that distort the vision of those around the presence of this nihilistic creature. At its peak, it resembles a “good trip” on certain drugs. Its unnatural growth in size can be fairly unnoticeable as the relaxing effects overcome the body to overload the senses, giving away their vision to a boundless journey through the ever green crystal expanse. It should be noted that upon certain exertions over his reiatsu or reiryoku, his eyes flash their native color to devilishly distinguish his growing power. While it can vary in different shades of green, at his highest potential, it takes on the shade of its brightest and most sinister variant.
Reiatsu Effect(s): Lethargy | Indifference | Paralysis
Abraam’ reiatsu upon its release allows one to feel a certain ease within their body, their inhibitions slowly being expunged to the rear-end of the mind, allowing for thoughts of indifference and feelings of lethargy to overwhelm and cripple the psyche of anyone who comes before him. Leaving them as a picture of the bare minimum, a puddle of still water to be unwrinkled by the ripples of their own impending death. Their thoughts if exposed to his reiatsu will become fairly jaded and care-free, often compelling one to be so relaxed that they cease to remember to breathe accordingly. The senses will become blocked and all direction of spiritual sense becomes far below inadequate. He has often employed his reiatsu as the driving force behind most of his attacks and other techniques, so as not to directly or physically get involved himself. He often uses this to control unsavory situations and clear the minds of others on the turn of a dime. In turn, those who fall victim to his crippling reiatsu eventually succumb to the lack of active energy within the body to react to, or care about the outcome of their own folly.
Reiatsu Type: Dual Type


Zanjutsu Level: Master
By no means inept behind the edge of a weapon, namely his own blade, Abraam is a fully functioning swordsman capable of various fluid swordsmanship tactics. His is primarily well versed in a very “vulgar” form of Iaido, being that he is very good at this form of combat while also leaving room for improvement. Nonetheless, he is able to cover up his shortcomings in swift but precise blows and strikes, accompanied by his innate Camouflage technique. All these things together make him very difficult to not only fight, but predict when and where he will strike from without expert swordsmanship experience. Other than this, he is able to fluidly change his battle style quickly to suit his needs based on the opponent he’s fighting to further increase the chances of his victory.
A talented swordsman in his own right, he lacks fear in the face of foes who would otherwise look down on his skill in battle behind the edge of his zanpakuto. Coupled with his natural strength and eerie precision when performing techniques of all variations allow him to be completely versatile. Even mid battle, he studies and accurately adjusts failed maneuvers into powerful and creative counters. Even mirroring movements and certain techniques perfectly to better catch his enemy off guard.

Sonido Level: Master
Innately adept at the high-speed movement technique for most arrancar, he has displayed a deep understanding for shortening his steps while also covering great ground over long distances. These trials of speed are by no means easy feats, as he is able to keep up with most Captain-level opponents and also catch them by surprise with his alarming speed. His reflexes and ingenuity adds to his uncertain movements to throw many opponents off, even while not in combat, he is easily able to escape pursuit with just a few quick moves. He has learned to control various parts of his body individually without releasing the joints and limbs allowing him a wider range or bodily movement and flexibility. In turn, he is able to execute the Sonído with little bodily movements.
After the incident taking place over a century ago, he has trained his body and reflexes further to function as if he possesses no bones or a body structure that is completely devoid of it. His speed has been resoundingly improved upon in recent decades from personal bouts with members of the Espada table and the other Hollows of Hueco Mundo. These exercises have prepared him for more agile bodily movements in avoidance to even the widest ranges and largest techniques. As of now, his speed is now silent to the ear and untraceable to the eye. If not careful when fighting Abraam, it could be a very quick way to die. Much like an experienced Shinigami, it requires him very little steps in getting to point A to B.
Known Techniques: Gemelos Sonído | Speed Clones

Hand to hand Combat Level: Combatant
A keen hand-to-hand fighter, Abraam has been known to effectively trade blows and dish out raw forms of physical punishment. As dense as his hierro is, his physical strikes are to not be taken lightly as he carries lethal force within his attacks. He often uses this as either the tertiary or secondary depending on the difficulty of his opponent as a form of offense. His fighting style, albeit, unpolished as it appears to come across as more street fighting, can also be likened to bare-knuckle brawling, and greco roman wrestling as similar foundations for most other combatants.

Skills and Abilities: Camouflage, High-Speed Regeneration, Multi-Directional Vision, Eidetic Memory, Prehensile Tongue, Exudacion, Descorrer, Garganta Broadcast, Caja Negación
Utilizing his internal reiryoku reserves and by admission, altering his cellular structure and opacity then spreading those changes throughout the entire body to allow the user to visually blend into the surroundings by changing to the coloration of his skin to match the background of his environment. By employing this skill, he can easily avoid optical detection in this way, he also can extend his camouflage ability to his clothing, tools and weaponry to further conceal his actions, and presence. Furthermore, taking his skills to the next level he can also apply this to others by simply transferring his altered reiryoku and cells to an ally and completely hide their physical presence in the same manner but only for a limited time.
High-Speed Regeneration: Like all Arrancar who have undergone transmutation, most seemingly end up with one common trait and skill. High-Speed Regeneration allows for the hollow in question to recover from most any injury and deathly dismemberment at a rapid rate, growing back any limbs and cells while also sealing up the injury completely unblemished from any marking or scarring. As a creature with a partial lizard-like anatomy, he boasts a quicker Regeneration than other Arrancar, potentially including Espada. As a result of this regeneration, he has been able to walk away unscathed in battle, in conjunction with his Hierro. As a testament to his regenerative prowess, he can grow back limbs and even organs in a matter of mere seconds.
Multi-Directional Vision: Through his former life as a vagabond man-eating creature (though that life still hasn't left him behind), he has kept his unique ability to look in opposite or rather completely separate directions. Much like a chameleon, His eyes can move independently of each other allowing for Abraam to scan the environment around him while also observing something else entirely. In turn, his physiology also grants him a certain form of enhanced vision as well, he is able to focus his retina’s and ‘zoom in' on whatever it is that he sees.
Eidetic Memory: Having lived a long life full of debauchery, deceit and far more soul consumption than any average arrancar has led to Abraam possessing many gifts and talents. His more hidden trait but always hyper-active is his memory, a small but powerful hard drive brimming with everlasting information spanning to the very moment he had died and became a hollow some months later. With this skill he can easily recall upon words, and information about any given subject he had been exposed to in any way, shape or form. Although he uses it for more “selfish” purposes, such as remembering minute details of bribes promised to him, and to debate and argue specific topics and points of conversation in any form of past tense. His mind is so giftedly active, he is nigh immune to hypnosis and other forms of persuasion methods, granting him full autonomy over his personal decisions. He can also apply this to combat, even seeing the most skilled and gifted fighter he can mimic their most difficult maneuver with half of the efficiency but still with full effectiveness and execution.
Prehensile Tongue: by utilizing a miniature portion of his reiatsu, through his magnificent control he can stretch or shorten the length of his tongue along with having complete and full autonomy over its control, range and line of travel. Even after being elongated, Abraam still has innate control over the direction in which it follows and also makes use of his muscles to add a layer of strength to not only the grip on items but the strength of his attacks. Abraam’s tongue can easily shatter large rocks and pierce through even the strongest steel, while also allowing him to coat things in a special fluid of his own anatomy which paralyzes and weakens even the most experience of warriors, and the strongest of immune systems all excreted from his tongue.
Exudacion: spanish for “Exuviation”;The lizard has learned a way to ”shed” his skin by releasing a consistent amount of reiatsu to easily slip himself from his body to avoid any permanent battle damage. This is a by product of how fast and efficient his High-Speed regeneration has become, easily able to regrow his limbs and other appendages to the exact moment before he was even injured. This technique saves him from larger wounds inflicted in battle however it does not prevent him from dying but drastically slows the process of it happening. In addition, he also can circumvent poisons and toxins in this manner by simply shedding it from his system but without having to leave the husk he inhabits at the time.
Descorrer | Garganta Broadcast | Caja Negación

Zanpakuto Name:
(”ツイン, Tsuin; lit. Twin”)

Zanpakuto Appearance:

Near bland in appearance just as its master, Gemelo is a zanpakuto with no true identifying features outside of that of a regular katana. Sporting a simple design from the tsuba, with two holes beside the orifice for the blade itself, and long copper lines starting from the tsuba’s epicentre. The hilt is long enough to accommodate two hands and its wrapping is coloured Pale Green with silver accents of the metal pommel. The blade itself is superbly sharp at first glance, having clean, rolled silver metal as its main identifying feature. The sheath is dark brown with gray ornate wrapping with gold accents.

Release Word: Emparejame (”私と一致して, Watashi to itchi shite; lit. Match Me”)
Resurrección: The Lizard would take his blade and begin slitting himself down directly in the middle of himself starting from the tip of his scalp, and ending just below his torso at the end of his crotch. Despite initial appearance, this doesn’t hurt the Arrancar as a burst of violent Reiatsu would soon fill the air and begin the metamorphosis.
Resurrección Appearance:
Upon the end of the pomp and circumstance, the evolution into his more dangerous form, the Resurrección. His facial features become more akin to his true heritage as a lizard, his eyes have grown to twice their normal size and his skull structure has changed dramatically to the point of his jawline becoming elongated and small fangs grow within his mouth. His eyes remain true to their original state, a piercing yellow that would make even the strongest willed men shudder at first glance. His hands and fingers slightly fuse together, leaving him with three and one thumb, but his grip has not changed in strength and attains a certain ‘adhesiveness’ on his evolved limbs. This also extends to his feet which now also have three toes, but this doesn’t seem to limit his maneuverability or overall speed and agility. He grows a long tail which can help him fight as well as balance his body, some small scales also appear on the arms and legs of the Arrancar. His mask reforms and grows longer to frame the side of his face, exposing his eyes, nose and mouth. His body becomes all white, befitting that of a Hollow, and his eyes resemble that of a marble. The pupils narrow when excited, good or bad. In addition, he also grows relatively long talons on both hands and feet to add to an already deadly arsenal of attacks.
Resurrección Abilities: Enhanced Spiritual Power, Enhanced Speed/Reflexes, Enhanced Cero
Enhanced Spiritual Power:
Not only upon initial release but throughout the remainder of the time he spends in his Resurrección, he gains a tremendously large boost in his spiritual prowess, completely capable of never before seen destruction and terror. With every ramp up or collection in energy throughout the course of a bout, Abraam’s Reiryoku reserves can be seen as near bottomless. Accessing what would be the equivalent to knocking upon the door to the rest of his unseen potential, he is now fully capable of utilizing this raw power to strongarm, and devastate his adversaries. His control over his reiatsu however does not seem to falter, furthering his natural body augmentations and other spiritual abilities with his energy he becomes a much more difficult of a combatant to contain. The effect of his aspect has greatly been enhanced within the state of his resurrection, with the expelling of his reiryoku he can easily sedate any soul unsuspecting of its subtleties and dangerously relaxing properties into a quick and silent death. One may find even physical contact with the lizard can prove to be their undoing as their stamina and adrenaline come to a quick and deathly halt.
Enhanced Speed/Reflexes: Disregarding the other bodily augmentations he aquarius due to his inane reserves of Reiryoku, his speed and reflexes become considerably sharper and he requires less steps to advance to his next target or location. Even while using the Sonido the drastic change in his prowess allows for one to be lost with words. He is easily able to enter buildings, and large moving constructs quick enough to find the weak spot from within, and get out far before anything were to even bother collapsing. Making him perfect for picking off multiple opponents one by one. The hollow's reactionary time has also greatly improved, utilizing his keen senses and deep understanding of his body, he is alamo always able to make the right decision to dodge or duck under duress. He can also use this in his favor to counter attack as well, catching many opponents by surprise when they think they have caught him off guard. Projectiles in particular will have a hard time to land on him in itself coupled together with his speed.
Enhanced Cero: As aforementioned, Spiritual based attacks are the bread and butter for this Arrancar mainly as his main form of offense. While in this state he has greater destructive capabilities with the Cero and its many variations. In its base form pre-Resurrección, Abraam can easily loose a wide spread horizontal doom blast with next to no warning at all. After the power up, the firing speed increases tenfold, vaporizing any and everything in its path of destruction, cutting clear through solids without rupturing anything else. In conjunction with his own physical speed, he can round the adversary many times and fire several blasts from different directions leaving them no escape from this onslaught.
Fragmentación Física (”物理的な断片化, Butsuri-tekina Danpen-ka; lit. Physical Fragmentation”)
The primary and cornerstone ability of the Arrancars Resurrección, allowing him to create a copy of himself through means of his overwhelming Reiatsu. This copy represents half of the accumulated power up until its point of creation from its master, Abraam. With this ability, he can produce replicas of himself to provide support in grand numbers based on the amount of reiryoku he has to utilize at the time. Doubles possess the same personality and abilities as the original, making it hard to distinguish them from the real person at a first glance. They appear to be able to move independently from Abraam but ultimately they all follow his lead and commands. They also are entirely solid, but do have a lifeline as they cannot receive repeated physical punishment.
There appears to be no limit to the amount of clones he can create, as they are all halved productions of one another, the only real difference between them is strength and longevity. He even allows for the dopplegangers to create their own versions of themselves to further confuse the enemy. Finally, being so closely linked with them by sharing reiryoku, he can also mentally keep track of the exact number of clones in his head as when they vanish he feels their presence vanish as well, even over long distances.
Detonación Corporal (”身体の爆発, Karada no Bakuhatsu; lit. Body Detonation”)
Regardless of the amount of bodies created whether it be by his own design or another duplicates, he still can coordinate with his other selves to be in the right place at the right time. These commands have extensive range, including the option to detonate one or more bodies to obliterate a target with the same destructive force of a charged cero while in his current form. The coordination of this attack must be precise, but if done correctly, he can very easily trap and lock the adversary in question into the immediate blast radius within an encapsulating circle of destructive spiritual energy leaving very little in its wake after the fact.
Replicación Adversaria (”敵対的な複製, Tekitai-tekina Fukusei; lit. Adversarial Replication”)
A unique ability in itself and one that Abraam is especially proud of, as he makes physical contact with his enemy, he can simply log and remember spiritual energy such as reiryoku and reiatsu, however, using the same information that he has taken from his opponent, he can then create a completely identical copy of that person that he is fighting. The abilities, and personality however are not identical as these doppelgangers still share the same attributes and talents of their creator. They can be utilized in the exact same way as his regular doppelgangers, but with the added touch of throwing their opponent off, tricking them into thinking they must fight themselves. However it should be noted that due to the difference in spiritual energy, i.e. the lack thereof of his own organic matter, they are not nearly as durable as his original model.


Abraam’s Cero generally has no immediate quirks or differences from other Arrancar’s except for color and potentially lethal power. Able to charge and fire it all in the same motion, he is also capable of firing it with little warning and also from any given point upon his own body. This being said, he can simply focus and more in power and form a concentrated stream of cero in this manner than can slice clean through solids from stone to steel akin to a laser. His cero is Dark Green in color and is particularly broad in appearance upon it being fired, covering a wide range. The Arrancar has also developed a cero variation that allows him to make use of his strong spiritual capabilities. By utilizing the reiryoku stored within himself, Abraam can create a cero similar to a Bala in shape but still carrying its enhanced destructive properties and simply allow it to float in the air or his hands.
Named the ”Cero Bloqueado”, Abraam can manipulate the movement of the ball of destruction with mere mental control of his will alone making it appear that it is homing into his adversaries. He can also detonate it at any given point, causing a wide blast that can blow away a third of a regular sized city. The condensation of the cero also condenses the impact within the ball, and as it travels through the air it picks up kinetic energy adding to its tumultuous finish if laced onto a target.
Known Techniques: Cero | Cero Doble | Cero Córnea | Cero Sincrético | Cero Oscuras | Cero Bloqueado | Gran Rey Cero | Bala

Facts & Trivia:
⦿ Abraam’s name is pronounced: aBe-Braah-Mm.
⦿ Abraam’s Resurrección is based off of Twice’s Quirk, from My Hero Academia.
⦿ Abraam is likely to comply to anything so long as the bribe is correctly correlated and catered to his needs only.
⦿ Abraams voice actor is Chuck Huber, who is the voice actor for multiple characters such as Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, Dr. Frankenstein from Soul Eater and Android 17 from Dragon Ball Z. His voice is oddly similar to that of Android 17. His Japanese voice actor is Kazuhiko Inoue, famous for voicing Kakashi Hatake from the "Naruto" series.
⦿ Abraam’s themes are: Close, by J. Cole. His battle themes are Still Unbroken, by Lynard Skynard. His Resurrección theme is Whatever, by Our Lady Peace.
Personal Relationships:

Elliora Lillit:
The one being in the world that he would “serve” till the day that he dies. He silently admires the things that she stands for, although they couldn’t be anymore different. His low energy offsets her high energy at times, often making her laugh with how dull he could be. He has followed alongside her for many years and thus has earned her trust and, his hopes in silence, her own admiration. Safe to say that these two Arrancar bear an easy and respectable relationship with one another.
Likes: Being left alone, Testing limits, Bribes, Elliora
Dislikes: Annoying creatures, Subpar conversations, Bad information, Denial
Hobbies: Nothing.
Favorite Food(s): Souls

Character Appearance:
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